The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1945
Page 9
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ffci tii fott, Algona, Iowa, June 28, 1948 lAiiiii with, of 6wea Barley was elected secretary and" treasurer <5f the county 4-tt clubs at the County Club Rally In, Burt June 20. The Suhftyside 441 dub,girls wrote 100 per cent papers in the picture contest and received as an award a large picture, "Age of innocence." The club gave $2 toward the deyeldpmeht of 4-H Club work in China. Swea's Men In Uniform Reuben Halcomb, son of Philip Halcomb, and Keith Anderson, son of Clifford Ariderson ( have graduated from the. • naval air technical training' Center, Norman, Okla., and flow are awaiting further, assignment for special studies. Pvt, Edward Oodfredson, son of Nels Godfredson, has completed training at Keesler Field, Miss., and now is attending a gunnery school at Fort Meyers, Fla. Sgt. Warren Bfone^, a veteran of the European theatre of war is spending a furlough at the home his parents, Mr. and Brones. Mrs. Jay" Walter (Peterson, Jr., and Merlin Burgeson left'last Thursday irom Algona for induction into the service. Walter Peterson leaves a •wife and small son. They have farmed the Roger Linde fawn. Merlin is a son of. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burgeson and has been farming with his father. Mrs. William Thompson re- •tttfKeli' homS With hfr ? se« f a short visit Thompsbtt ^ . , Tlhbrsbft has eomplet* ed. he? freshman year at GtnstaVUS Adoiphus College, at St. Peter, Minn,, and will spend the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0, L. Thorson, Mrs. John Jongberg was a Fort Dodge visitor Sunday with her friend, Miss Edith Mitchell. Carol Lahdlri, of Omaha, Neb., is visiting at the home of her sister/ Mrs. Chester Farrington. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Carlson are parents of ^a daughter born June 13 at a MankatO hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Haismen are parents for the first time. A son was born June 11 at the Fairmont hospital. The O. A. Jensens, Virgil Jen- sons, 'Maynard Jensens and Claud Faugests, of Gukeen, Minn., attended the Jenson annual reunion at Ringsted Sunday. Mrs. Harry Berggren and Mrs. Hazel Starr, of San Diego, Calif., are 'spending a few weeks here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson, a,t Anderson Oaks> and other relatives. The Joe Kennedys, who moved to Fairmont, Minn,, last March, Were (Saturday evening visitors in Swea City. Joe came to attend the meeting of the (Farmers Elevator Company, of whldh he is a director. Clarence Hovey, M.M.2-C, of Maiives, ftay and itobert £ehf- soil, -iBd his brother, Ardeh Hbvey at Lone JRc-cfc Me is a sow of Ed- ttbyey, Eau Olaife» wis. i<te" tJhr returned tb Seattle Wash., last Thursday* Where she is employed in a war plant. She was called here two weeks ago by the illness of her mother, Mrs. A K. Uhr, who underwent a leg amputation at a Fbrt Dodge hospital and is recovering satisfactorily She is expected home at an early date. AN OftDlNANCtf FOR THE ISSUANCE OP $50,000 SEWER BONDS AND PROVIDING FOR THE LEVY OF TAXES TO PAY THE SAME. Camp Parks, v^aiujL* lE-ttiita, ^HUJ.., is speii part of his leave here With is 'spending his GAMBLE'S POLISH AND CLEANER Cleans, polishes in one operation 'J 49: PINT . v Renew and • preserve i- your car's finish with Gamble's quality cleaners and polishes. ' Grass Sponge ......$ .49 R.I. Wool Sponge :.. .98 12" x 14" Chamois .- V .43 16" x 21'Chamois ,' t' l>''' , 7 POLISH:::Restoresthat "new*f finish. May be .used-on refrigeratotB, etc. Pint s s i a i i i » VV * i ». s 15 ; JOHNSON'S CARNU :1T Nationally accepted | liquid cleaner that cleans and polishes in one operation, Pint ; : ; ; ; 9 : ; •: > i ; si; •; ^O|> Whereas the City of Algona, in the county of Kossuth jand state of Iowa, -heretofore, pursuant to and in strict compliance with all laws applicable, lawfully ordered and provided for building and constructing sewers in and for said city, the cost whereof to the amount of Thirty Thousand Dollars .($30,000) is to be paid by said city as a whole by the Issuance of i bonds; and WihetfeajS it is. necessary and advisable that provisions be made for the issuance of bonds of said city in the sum of $30,000 to defray the cost of building and constructing said sewers; and Whereas notice and hearing on the initiation of proceedings for the issuance of said bonds has heretofore been given in manner and form required by Section 363 of the Code of Iowa and no petition nor protest has been filed; Now therefore, be it ordained by the city council of the city of Algona, as follows: Section 1.' That pursuant to and as authorized by Section 6125 of the Code of Iowa, there shall be and 'there is hereby ordered issued the negotiable sewer bonds of said City of Algona in the principal amount of $30,000, said bonds to be 30 in number, dated July 1, 1945, bearing interest at the rate of one per cent (1%) per annum from the date of said bonds until paid, payable November 1, 1945, and semi-annually thereafter on the first days of May and November in each year; that said bonds be signed by the mayor and attested by the city clerk and the seal of said city affixed, arid be registered as to issuance by the city treasurer and a certificate of such registration endorsed thereon; that interest on said bonds be evidenced by coupons thereto attached and maturing on the several days when such interest matures, which coupons shall be executed with the facsimile signatures of said officials, and said mayor and city clerk, by the execution of said bonds, shall adopt as and for their proper •signatures their respective facsimile signatures appearing on said coupons; and that both principal and interest be payable in lawful money of the United States of America at the office of the city treasurer in and of the city of Algona, Iowa; that said bonds be of the denomination of $1.000 each, be numbered ' consecutively from. 1 to 30, both numbers included, become due and payable in their numerical order: $3,000 on November 1 of each of the years 1946 to 1955. inclusive, ' '.Section' -2; '• J Th&t i 'eacli •O.r's'a'id bonds be subject to registration as to principal in the name of: the holder on the books of the city treasurer, such registration being rioted upon each bond so registered, and after such registration payment of the principal thereof shall be .made only to the registered holder. Any bonds so registered, upon the request in writing of such holder personally or by an. attorney in fact, may be transferred either to a designated transferee or to bearer, and the principal of any bonds so transferred and registered to bearer shall thereupon be and become Attest: payable to bearer, in like manner as if such bond had never been Coupons thereto attached b^ delivery merely. ; . > : Section 3. That sfiid' Bonds Coupons and provisions id* -Ifeg* istration be in substantially tha following forms: . '. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA . COUNTY OF KOSStTH , CITY OF ALGONA SEWER BOND $1.000 registered. Registration of any bonds as to principal' shall not restrain the negotiability of the FOR YOUR CAR TRUMPET HORN : ; ; Air decide type with loud "'' penetrating Wast, Badly mounted; metal • ' t 5 j s s ? 5 s s-'i » i ; ; * $1,98 Insulate Now! '•:' •' ' F r A ' , ' Johns-Manville Blown Home Insulation Estimate Call 767 Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. DEL LEANEAGH Local Representative ;•• -:'•'•;' •'•' > '' '" 44tf No... KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that the city of Al gona, in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, for value ceived, promises to pay to bearer, or if this bond be registered as to principal, to the registered holder hereof, the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) on the first day of November, 19 , . with interest on said sum from the date hereof until paid at the rate of one per cent (\%) per annum,' payable November 1, 1948, and semi*annually thereafter on the first days of May and November in each year, interest to maturity being payable on presentation tod surrender of the interest coupons hereto attached as they severally mature. Both principal and 1 interest of this bond are* payable in lawful money of the United States of Arnerica at the office of the city treasurer in and of the city of Algona, Iowa. This bond is issued by the city of Algona pursuant to and in strict compliance with the provisions of Section 6125 and Chapter 53.1 of the Code of Iowa and all laws amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, and in conformity with an ordinance of the city council of said city duly passed, approved and published, for the purpose of 'building and constructing sewers in and for said city. ' • And it is hereby certified and recited that all acts conditions and things required toy the laws and constitution of the state of Iowa to exist, to be had, to be done, or to be performed precedent to and in the issue of this Dond, were and have been properly existent, had, done and performed in-regular and due form and time; that provision has been made for the levy of a sufficient continuing annual tax on all the ;axable property within said city lor the payment of the principal and interest of this bond as the same will respectively become due; that the faith, credit, revenues arid resources and all the real and personal property of said city are irrevocably pledged for ths prompt payment hereof, both arincipal and interest; and that :he total indebtedness of said city, ncluding this bond, does not exceed any constitutional or statutory limitations. This bond is subject to registra- lon as to principal -in the name of the holder on the books of ths city treasurer of said city, such registration to be evidenced by lotation of said treasurer on the back hereof, and after such reg istration no transfer hereof, ex cept upon. such books and sim: larly, noted hereon, shall be vali unless the last registration sha have been to bearer. Reeistratio hereof shall not affect the nego liability of the coupon hereto at tached, which shall continue ne gotiable by delivery merely. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF said city, by its city council, ha caused this bond to be signed b its mayor and attested by its cit clerk, with the seal of said cit affixed and the coupons heret attached to be executed with th facsimile signatures of said mayo and city clerk, which officials b; the execution of this bond d adopt as and for their proper sig natures their' respective facsimil signatures appearing on said cou pens, all the first day of July 1945. by levied 6ft all the taxable property in said city the following direct annual tax, towit: For the year 1945, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,300.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1946, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,270.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1947, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,240.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1948, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,210.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1949, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,180.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1950, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,150.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1951, a tax ' sufficient to produce the sum of $3,120.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1062, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,090.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1953, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,060.00 for principal and interest; For the year 1954, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $3,030.00 for principal and' interest; Said taxes when collected shall be converted into a special fund for the payment of principal and interest of the bonds hereby authorized and no other purpose whatsoever. That the principal or interest coming due at any time when there are insufficient funds . on land to pay the same be promptly paid when due from current funds on hand, and reimbursement be made to such current funds in the sums thus advanced when the taxes herein provided shall have been collected. In order to meet interest .falling , due on said bonds on November 1» 1945, there is hereby appropriated from funds not otherwise appropriated the sum 6f $100.00 which shall be set aside and use*d solely for that purpose 1 . • Section 6. That a certified CODV of this ordinance be filed With the county auditor of Kossuth county and that said auditor be and he is hereby instructed in and for each of the years 1945 to 1954, inclusive, to enter for collection and assess the tax hereby authorized. Section 7. That all ordinances, resolutions or parts thereof in conflict herewith toe and the same are hereby repealed to the extent of such conflict. Passed and approved June 21, 1945. FRANK KOHLHAAS. 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Phone 74 — Algona Mayor of the City o Algona, Iowa. if>>//*iw«*^^~sy " •»* ; '*f> ; •* private sewage Clerk of,Jhe City of Algona, Iowa (Form 'of Coupon) ' No S On ,.., 19 the treas urer of the city of Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, will paj to bearer Pollar ($ ) at the office of the city treasurer, Algona, Iowa, for interest due that date on its Sewer Bond, dated July 1, 1945, No Mayo Attest: City Clerk (Form for Registration of Ownership) Date of Registration Name of Registered Owner Signature of City Treasurer this fie The of On the back of each bond there shall ,be endorsed a certificate of the city treasurer in the foUow- jng form: City Treasurer's Certificate The issue'of this bond'has, been duly and properly, registered in my office as o{ the first day of July. 1945, .'' :'« S .,.,...,_-,..... :....,... ,' \ EM Treasurer of the City of Alfiooa. iQwa, Sectipn 4, Tftat said bonds executed "as herein provided goon after the a?loptt on & t qrdinance as mfy bf '\ and the wppn; they shell' fee' delixs red to the treei wctr o| sai«i city, who shaU register the last vt . r the }S8U» ajace'PtSimeti^ftcibaQ^ provided jw twit purpose iu4 ghall dejivev - . . f a? ip^y^^^:fii«as •••& ss$j wM WK WHITE '$&$&<£<;& JUMBO ENRICHED SLICED Double- Loaf 3-Ib. 59c| 29c * OUR BREAKFAST COFFEE __ 1 lb. 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