The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1944
Page 3
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; OCTOBER 27, Livestock Show Site Purchased 71 Acres Are Bought At Ljule Rock For Annual State Event LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 27-Pur- chnse of 71 ; acres consist Ing ot the Rlflel anil Rliolon estate mid vn- 1,10115 parcels of adjoining property, Peopfe, C//rriate, tod/ Tb G/'s In Iceland, BAAF Cadet States /H>YtHEVlU,E (ARK.) COUIUKK NKWK BLYTHEV1LLE ARlttY... MR FIELD, Blythev.lle, Ark.—"We ate so much mutton tlitit « - c were re'ri- dy to 'baa' and grow wool,' is avla- lion cadet Joseph N, Hart's opinion of Army chow In Iceland: ... Hurl, a cadet section coi'nihnhcler ol class 44-1, entered service in April, 1941, al Uakersflcld, .Cal. Having worked ns an installer and repairman for a telephone company to be ufecf Hi'li hnrmnn'-fnt'"^'"'"'/ 1 '' ' 3an ' s <* ssl11 ™' 10 " was almost an•I* A^ns" uiS"ot *Z f"* « M <* " 8 '"" ™»>- rttissn^^*^ 'j" 1 rv n tl!e B.vrd nrinoimcca yesterdaf The 1'J't ,,"1 5' Byrt annoum-ed ycslerda'y. The SSh N *«' *--"i> ««« Monmputh, N. J., tlicii south <u Camp.Claiborne, Ln., where he \vern through field maneuvers. From Hint post, he went west again, (his time .to Foil Ord, Cal., assigned as, a member of the Ircops guarding the Pacific co.-ist aficr (lie allack on Pearl Harbor. Again, u wns buck to. the cast const, Uils lime to a port of embarkation, from which he sailed to Iceland. > r ^Vfe steamed along for twelve day?," Ilarl recalls: "Once we came in sight of Scotland, but throughout most-of the voyage we saw Ht- tlc because of the -heavy fog anil mist, a condition which kept (lie Army In- ftom to to , ship's foghorns blowing." --„--. .--..< i^ u j V.-O.U1 \ti\) , i. I1C property, a Jocnleil in the vicinity of the County hospital, just south of Twenty-fifth street. I . The. Little Rock chamber of Commerce contributed $23,500 toward the purchase price ol $51,600, with Ihe show, association borrowing Ihe remainder from a Lllllc Hock bank, Byrd said. He emphasized, however, that the association., is depending on legislative appropriation for Ihe liquidation of Us debt an.l the-construction 'of permanent buildings. \Valter C. Guy,, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce committee in charge of raising funds to buy Ihe' site, said Little Rock will de- - . . rive permanent benefits from the " We disembarked near Reykjavik, purchase. About 50,000 out-of-town ' e cn P'tal of Iceland, in July, with visitors lire-expected lo attend the P° urm £ rain to welcome us. We -'— — - 1 - made our quarters in some little Nisscn huts which British troops and (lie marines before us hud used. • . Conditions Were pretty rugged. We immediately set to work to rebuild the camp." The iroops lived In camps. Each had about 20 hutments, and Us own little PX. The enlisted men built club houses for (lie officers as part of their work. Needless to say, life was rather monotonous. In the summer, unless rain prevented, the men played baseball and Softball. In the winter, they rend, played poker. ,or worked crossword puzzles. Occasionally they were permitted to go >ip to ski "lodges, using the camp skis ami snowshoes. At Ihe time these. American troops landed in Iceland, the fear show each year. Mr. Guy said thai-some of the pledges made by residents of Greater Little Rock, at the time Ihe Chamber of Commerce'was soliciting, funds, have not been paid. Six W/J/Toce Trial Monday For Slaying LIBERTY, Miss., Oct. 27 (U.P.) Six south MisLisdppt white men will go to trial next Monday morning; on charges of having- ^'ss.xr.ars.sBS' «,£,«- s planes would fly over, and would sometimes drop bombs. But at the time Hart returned to the states, tlie Germans had ceased this annoyance; most of the German radios had been located on the island and -silenced. "Passes didn't mean much any- Impossible because of Ihe cold cll- ma(e and the (net thai Iceland was an .Island of volcanic formation. Neither trees nor vegetation grew, except a mossy substance, upon which doincstb thcep and ponies grazed. "That's why our diet al first wns million,, more million, and slill more," Hurt explained. "Of couise we could get beefsteak,- but WL learned thai Iceland beefsteak was poiiy meat. The stores in town had few vegetables or fruits for sale; apples were 15 and 20 cents apiece We found that one way to make friends, especially will) the glib was to give them hard eiuuiy <im sometimes canned pineapple -from ithc messhnll." Hart's opinion of the girls Is that tliey were pretty enough, Just like American girls. Their leelh weic! bad, however, as bone building foods were so hard to get. The people themselves lived chiefly on fish. A common sight was that of the natives walking down Ihe city streets carrying n two-fish, which would serve both us their 'dinner and supper. The pony meat, mutton, and also eggs imported from Eng- Innd, were the only variations In Hie fish diet. "One thing we did appreciate, said Hurl, "was the aurora borcilib 'this phenomenon was quite common, and always extremely beautiful. It never got dark in Iceland, but twilight in tuc summer lime occurred about two or three o'clock In the morning, in winter lime, twi- liglit fell about eleven o'clock in the forenoon." One of the native customs which Hart observed while in Iceland was lie old funeral processions. Motorized vehicles were scarce, so the people, instead of riding, walked ilong behind (lie hearse, the. older people In formal native dress the younger usually in the more modern attire. 'I'll admit that Iceland was an experience,' Hart admitted, "but it was sure grand news that I was returning t D the slates. Though it took us 12 days aboard ship going, we flew back in eleven hours." "And you can bet," h c added with a grin, "that i never want to see mutton again." LOOKING AHEM fc UNION IttHf. , jjk" 1 '' '."'*)«> technical knowledge' A jujtil: elsewhere would bn IjottlOHcekeii -In'dccd If wfti- \\V.\V> AND HANDS ,.---. I wns nine yours- old, my rather sent me horseback on nu cr- to a nearby farm, oiir neighbor, an elderly man, was hoclu'g In Ills vegetable, uitrdoh when I •dismounted, but. lie came lo tlie faun Bale 19 tnlk with m,.. While we Hood there, a.entile buyer passed In a single-seated vehicle- pulled hy n. spirited horse. Tim siihidl my two wi\s cool' and stilted, ••) - , Childlike. I Inquired with frankness: "Don't ypii like Mr, Moore?" used their hands only. An equipment, manufacturer In n norlliem city lias used wage in ' - I'ciiUvps for ,2fl. years, jjy Ms plan, more pay wheii Ilioy do Then my neighbor Intj' me. He Informed mo In ft low "cdiienl- 1 . lone, implying n gu-at 'deal., that Mooiv iuis 11 rich mmi, Wltliaiit saylnii ll in so numy words, he lilnled Hint the trader was not to John Brown. They were indicted recently by an Amite County grand jury on evidence gathered by Die;pBI. The six are charged with-having shot and killed the aged Negro and then to have ordered his crippled son, Eldridge Simmons, to leave the state. The slaying is said to have occurred following trouble over land lines. Courier News Want Adj. Decorated (Navv photo irom First Navy nurse lo receive the Bronze Star medal—awarded for her meritorious service as chiet nurse of a fleet hospital in New Caledonia—is Lt.-Comdr. Fayej E. .While, above, pictured at; : Washington, D. C., shortly after: .. .her return from the Pacific. I Temperatures ,., , H 'e h i Atlanta >]$ Augusta '.'.'.'. 84 Birmingham \' m '_ j 2 Ninely - seven - year - old John Henry Tilus. Mew V o i |; poet who never satisfactorily settled Ins claim lo authorship of "The face on the Barroom, Floor," recently married Ell'/.a- beth Plliderer, D't, also ol New York, at Elkton, Md. Above, Titus is pictured in a pose during his dispute with followers of Hugh Anloincc D'Arcy over authorship of tlie famous poem.- Charleston Charlotte .. Chattanooga Chicago Cincinnati . Denver Detroit Jacksonville way, explaijiet! the cadet. "The Red Cross held dances once a week but, since the population at that time was hostile to the Americans arid fovoi-able to the Germans, riot mans girls attended. As a matter fact, the .climate and the people were alike to us,-until gradually, after longer acquaintance, the natives thawed out a bit and became far more friendly.'^ | Tne troops didn't have any diffi- ' culty with languages, for tlie English language is a required study in Iceland schools. The native lang. uagc is a combination of Scandinavian and Danish. Rcvkjavik is a modern city, with all conveniences, though the homes are-built of cor- ------ nigated iron. The latest modern Shl 'evep6rt apartments are built of solid concrete. According to Hart, miles of pipe lines .draw water from the innumerable hot geysers into homes and buildings to furnish heat. But the homes outside the city and the huts in which the soldiers live, had stoves similar lo the coal stoves nt BAAF. They burned coal imported from England;, the fires were out except when the stoves required weaning. Wild tihima] life oh the island wns 78 80 54 fll 03 71 53 CO 68 Kr.nsas City lAacon Tallahassee 34 Memphis,. „ '.'. _; , 70 Miami -.......:.;;-..;...;; 7fj Montgomery ..;....'.... : gQ New Orleans ...,' 93 ,-Ncw York .';;_' 53 San Antonio .......... 82 Savannah .........7. . w 'Tampa , : ......:'.'.'.', 82 \Vasliiiigtbn G5 j? al !' ns '.86 Houston (J3 .Jackson '" 8 , ( Little. lipck '.'. .78 87 Test's George Wright's Cafe X liny. 61 and I'ifij Si. IS N0>y OPEN We've remodeled interior and installed new - furniture and fixtures . . . Sandwiches, Lunches and Cold Drinks. Army Russclt Calf AAA io B $5.85 Why bother with laces, straps or buckles? Smartness can be attained without them, says fashion. And strangely enough it's true. You'll marvel at the tailored good looks of this low- heeled polished calf shoe... on the foot. . •-••-.CJir O A, A * IHII-iriE'S ~* ^^ vfl C) Er ^K ' w »HI O 6 I • t=J V 'T O Q/ -•38 60 : 50 G'l 43 53 51 63 41 5.G 58 71 47 55 be trusted nncl that his wenllli proved the point. My next question w::s from tilt' heart; "How much money can a mini have and b(v honesty" All I..BIIITII Out "In these purls," he saldthoUghl- Hilly, "A man can't gel together more limn $io,000 In a lifetime unless I) L , carries on spine -right sluuly business." II t . did no), sny how lie in-lived ul the figure; prob- ilily lio wns speaking from n long life's wealth of observations. I knew lie wns sincere, but many years passed In-fore I knew how wrong he WIIK ills words were » tlgmi'iit ot eluss prejudice. In the United Stales, class prejudice Is nearly harmless by contrast to UK: misery It deals people In other hands. Just.the same, we hnvo some of It aii:l It's a curse. Moreover It is not limited ,to coolness between (jniugers niid stock buyers. Recently n. high executive of the U. s. Treasury Department lot himself say this: "No man who works with Ills hands onii be worth S5,OdO n your." Cliis'i i'rrjiiillrn He mnv be sincere us my vener- )le neighbor of years UKO. but lie dees not know everything about men who work with their hands, 'tlioy think (on. m fact Ilic most effective thinking to achieve military victory In Ihe present war has been done at t lie-workbench and between tlie plow handles. How To Relieve "Bronchitis' Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the scat of tlie trouble to help loosen and expel *i.. i ^,M, J-UAL i...>.,,!, germ laden phlegm, and aid nature Miss Abraham will set j to soothe and hcnl raw T , lender, lii- _. their wedding-as soon flamed bronchial mucous mcm- thc v learn when he will receive i branos. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the un- woi-fcers „ faster nncl •belter work. They "like tlie Idea and so does.lho employee When the men. put (heli- minds O n Increasing volume sti llioy could draw bet(c;r wages, (ho pi-ice O f H K. ,limcM|iii,; (hjii used (6 c}j- -.. f-00 slid down below $_ob. 1-iven, the; buyer ^vas b,eneflUcd, . _-. i ; 'riiiirmijjhlj^ American , tinder pressure, 'of war. demands tin<l v ,hurit-uir 0,1'rfci-s, tiiis sh'iirc- Ihe-prora ))lKn really sliincii. Output In.ionscd, .Users bought new onutpm^K, jio.ncv cent ehfapor. The llrm lowered l!s pe'rcentngc of'prof- it liiul silll upheld carnlni.s-, Aii'i'- age \t-eek.wagc- of .workers climbed abnye $1GO ti wei^k. 'nie,go\'erniuenl itldu'l like II, however, and assessed tliii company 1111 oxlm 1.0 mllllot' dollars a year. n'l'lils Jirm .is.using our only safe pimcrn for post-war .prosperity — - ry wages up and pikes down, riath <|e licnrt on proiluctlnn efficiency, t 1 -! 1 plini means .purchiisInK power''a' iiomo UIK( a!)l|Hy (' 0 compete li foreign nuirkets. Labor mid Indus try. In self defense, both must hoic o this principle. Inefficiency after tlie,warAv!ll bnr.iis from forctsi markets, inake goods (rally n home, Jobs sciu'ce, nn { | pny ] 0 \v. Goes To Gunnery School .. BLYTHEVILLE, ARMY.. AIR FIELD, IJlylhevlllc, Ark.—Althougli Scrgt, IJomcn Mniinlng, a. former ccok at Mess Hall No. 2 ul BAA1-', has gone off to gunnery school, he left his heart behind him. Miss Marie Abraham of nVylhcvlllc, a ei- I vllian employee nt this station, hns j a diamond ring to proyc it. i "Lonnic", as most of his fiiencls I call the sergeant, is taking his aer- 1 ia! gunnery training nt Buckingham Army Air Field, I-'ort Myers Fin. He and the date foi as . .. .. I a furlough. oh airmen show tlint his can be. raised a niiic by m t,;-^° S sugai ' • ! '" st - before the oL'V ? SUS!lr acts ns bra'" f»cl h^hT! i' acts lnck of Oli yscn at n .'Sn altitudes. Appt.oxima.tcly 3,800,CiOp . deistandlng you imisl like the way it | quickly allays the cough or you aro . to hiivc your money back. • o , , .„_; new p - to hiivc your money back. .-. o : ttio sets were sold' In the UnlWd f>RBf\&l'||l CIAWI gl- year prior to flie'-Vrf K CUM U LdlU N : .tor Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Slates in a war. Snndny Scbcol 9:30 A. M. '•' Mn'rnhij; Worship 10:50 A. ,11. ; Welcome''Girl Scouts FIRST. CHRISTIAN CHURCH SUNDAY MOKNING u. s. n Minister 1'IIONKS: Kes. 27811 Church 21IH Use Our CHRISTMAS Layaway Plan! FRITZI 2017 W. Main OHDEIl s tlie Uliaiiclery Court, . ba IJhtrlct, Sllssisslppl County, Arkansas, A , nines H. Hudson, Plaintiff, T _VS. NoV 8B25 Mary Frances Hudson, Defendant. The, defendant, Mary Prances ludson, h licicby waincd to ap- icsir,wlliaiv,thirty days In.the court iiimed in'tlio, caption hereof and UIMCI l)ie complaint of Ilic pJnln- Iff James )l Hudson baled this ll $l»y of October, 1M) HArtyEY MORRIS, Clerk ' By Dor(K ^»ijl r D C," ^ " P. 0 Douglas', Atty,*w <*lft C p Cooper, 'Atty. ad Llu>m, f iO|13-20-21-lli3 i' . t-ig.r ' Ooutm n«w> -COLD. STUFFED NOSE? 12 Jropu in oach r.otUJI b-ODCS Vcij er. Caution. cidirecM flm IPENEfRO NOSE MOPS Notice: Go-Gelfers Membership Drive MEET AT LEGldN HUt SUN.-t:3br\M.-fee Prompt , Cunningham— Crafton— Rice Meronc'y — Edwards JIMMIE TERRELL I'ost Comnintidei' Phone 2637 THE OLD JUDGE SAYS..;. y .= l ^"W<. ' X¥'^"<A-'' - "Thill's rcnllyri great alilpriiilyoiijiisircatl ' moonshine (lint again?" . ,. r "Glad lo, Bill. II says, 'Wocari reraeinbcr , Judge, iiow colild wC disobey such .a.wisli?" Here Are' A Few Just Put Gh Our Shelves! Large Tin Pails tin Bread Pahs '.. 15c Brass Pot Scrubs .,. lOc Large Pie Pans ,-. 19c Smal! Tin Pails ;..,.; 35c TRACTOR FUNNELS 95 C ea. IRON CORDS 5 Gal Ion Oil Cons '$1 trouble Lights (with cord) . 3.95 ^^ Extension Cords 70c jrU 69 Large Gg Ivan i zed Pails .... 75c ^ ^^ ^ffvnm ' t , Large Dairy Pails 7Se '1-2 Bu. Measures, Galv. .. 1.19 Flashlights ..,.;, 1.5J3 Saw or Grinder Mandrels Large Size $ ma |. "Size ', Attachment- Plug Bases — RUBBER Attachment Plug Caps --- 495 Planters Hardware Co. 10c 15c 726 W. Main Incorporated 515

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