The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1945
Page 10
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r.Man VisHs the s of Farmer Nazi Big Shots Hit G, E. Wiesbaden, Germany. — From Pa'fis I flew to Germany ofi a big 047 U. S. army carrier plane, picked in <with ' alt enormous amount of freight, and a/strange assembly of war correspondents, both men and women, soldiers, government experts, and investigators, and other people, on governmental or military missions. Twenty-two passengers in addition to the freight and baggage. •> , ' It was a clear day and across the beautiful valleys below the marks of war were still visible. Damaged bUildihgs, wrecked bridges, and huge craters marking the spot where a bomb or shell had landed'.. We could trace the progress of armed campaign. It was not, however, until we neared the German border that real destruction came to view. My first stop in Germany was at Mannheim. I thought the damage here was terrific, ib«t by comparison to cities I saw later, this •was mild. Wiesbaden Resort On the plane from Mannheim I talked with Capt. William Pratt of the U. S. army and Catherine Coyne, war correspondent with the Boston Herald. They advised that I stop at Wiesbaden.. I am glad I took this advice. Wiesbaden was the (famous mineral bath resort where wealthy Germans including the Nazi officials came for rest, baths and various kinds of recreation. It was here that Von Ribbentrop married into the Heinkel family, and .began his career as a wine salesman, which association eventually led him into Nazi politics. His wife's father •was a prosperous manufacturer of •champagne and other wines here. Hitler Celebrated During all the days of Nazidom in Germany, Wiesbaden was a Javorite meeting place of Hitler, Goebbels, Von Rundstedt, Himmler and other "big shots" of the party. Gen. Kesselring had his headquarters here, and was once •wounded and his aid killed by bombs in an air attack on the city. It is reliably reported that Hitler, Goerring, Himmler, Von Rundstedt and the other higher-up members of the party held a celebration here last New Years eve in joy over the results of the "battle of the bulge." Bathed In Hitler's Tub I had a mineral bath in Hitler's <ywn bath parlor and probably felt far more secure than he did in spite of the -fact that he had a big red cross painted on the roof. There was no evidence that any •war wounded had ever . been quartered here. Regardless of the •exposure I came out of the bath without getting the "'super-man itch" or the "world conquest eczema."'! am staying here at a U. S. army, PRO headquarters located in a grand old apartment house complete with Nazi literature and German pictures. Most of the palatial homes of the high ranking German officials have fceen wrecked by bombs, as ' great portions of all the city. Displaced Persons Camp Near the city I spent an afternoon at one of the many displaced persons camps that may be found in Germany and -.the occupied territories. In this camp, which is located in a former German army military school, are some 15,000 people. Eight or pine thousand of them are Russians, about two thousand Poles—the 'balance Czechs, Luxembourgers, Y uig o s 1 a v s, Itallians, French, and many erf questionable nationality, lineage, and parentage. They are mostly slave laborers, and of all ages irom infants up. They are being •well fed, but otherwise their living conditions would hardly meet the approval of puritan minded Americans. They are • quartered largely according to nationality, and with little regard to sex or moral turpitude. Nazi Collaborators The. people in these camps, and the others of their kind represent a grave problem, because it is claimed that in most cases they were easy collaborators with the Germans and their own countries will not now receive them. Many of the younger ones do not know who they are or where they belong, and few of them have either the knowledge or the desire to ibuild themselves into useful citizens of any country.'Many thousands of these displaced persons have been confined to camps like the-one at Wiesbaden. There are other thousands rpaming the streets and highways trying to find a' place for' themselves—good looking girls, and others, some of them former mistresses of German officers, personay servants, entertainers, family groups who have been kept together by lull collaboration, thieves, murderers, ««>Dably\ fcome forttief German soldiers in hiding—all manner and klfld W peottle in a milling seething mass* at Human flotsam. , The tlMKRA ,ofgani2a«6tt has taken ovef the .task of trying to relocate these people, but in truth it is a gigantic problem that only years of time can settle. A Broken ^Wiesbaden Wiesbadeti, 6nce thW pride of Germany-ibeatiful, industrious and .prosperous, Is now a silent city of broken buildings and blast* ed homes. frot entirely flattened like many of the German cities, but its grandeur gone, -Wiesbaden and its people sit silent- .and sullen Waiting the future, and we wonder what the future can hold for a city built largely for .pleasure, when there can be little pleasure recommended for the people of the German nation in. our generation. Lone Rock Marine Home After 34 Months Battling Japs In Pacific Insulate Now! For A Johns-Manville Blown Home Insulation Estimate Call 767 Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. DEL LEANEAQH Local Representative 44tf CALL US FOR FURNACE REPAIRS P«p«nd <m W f W ft* t>*4 M MfMir Mrvicf i* Undtr pMHOt , ifi i NEW FURNACIIT If •M, eod cr beyond UM <v can ttiO bw • war Coloni«L A* V rtfMir, yof Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Podfe St. Algona, jowa _ GREEnCOLOIllflL FUROflCE SERVICE Official U. S. Marine Photo San Diego, Calif.: The "Forgotten Battalion" of the Marine Corps has returned to the United States. The "Forgotten" outfit — self named—is the Second 155 mm Howitzer Battalion .which served overseas 34 months and participated in six major operations— Tulagi, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Sai- pan, Guam and Iwa Jima. Going overseas in July, 1942, the unit supported each of the six Marine divisions in at least one operation, and its members have earned five battle stars and two presidential citations. Soon the men will be scattering across the country for their first furloughs in more than three long years. With them they will carry a banner painted by Marine Cpl. Jimmy Fraricavllla of Los Angeles, following the bloody Iwo Jima campaign. When the last of the "Forgotten Battalion" has reached home the banner will be sent to General Alexander A. Vandegrift, marine corps cpmmandant. Two IpWa tnembers who > have been through all six campaigns together are shown with the famous 'sign.' They both enlisted in the .marine corps on the same date, Noyernber 12, 1941, at the recruiting' office in Des Moines. They are Cpl. Bernard Reilly (left) of Lone Rock and Cpl. Eugene Weiser of Dujsuque. They are both in the stages' now. Cpl. Reilly arrived in-Lone Rock last Thursday for a Sp-day leave at"h8nW 5 with relatives pnd friends. He is the son of t)he late E. W. Reilly, of Lone Rock. He was a visitor at the UDM office Monday and he says that attter 34 months messing around with the damnable Japs and in the most forsaken spots in the world good old Iowa and Kos- suth county looks plenty fine to him. St. Benedict News Joe Kraus, of Morgan, Minn., was a visitor with his sisters, Mrs. J. Rosenmeyer and Mrs. F. Kleigel this week. Tony Eisenbarth and son Joe and wife of Morgan, Minn., visited his 'brother and relatives, Eisador Eisenbarth, Maurice Dailey andiAl Rosenmeyer. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Capesius entertained the followng to a family dinner in honor of Father's Day Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Arndorfer and Bobby and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Siemers and Buss. Last Wednesday, June 13th, a large number of ladies sponsored a surprise on Mrs. John Thill, it being her birthday. She received several nice gifts and a large birthday cake was made and presented by Mrs. Nick Eischen. The afternoon was spent socially. Mrs. George Arndorfer and family had honored house guests the past week, namely her oldest sister, Carroll,- Sister M. Honoria of St. Joseph's hospital, also her companion,' SJster ' -M/-- Imeldia. Sunday a family gathering was held at the ! peorge Arndorfer home witn the following attending: Mr. arid' Mrs. Anthony Venteicher, of Buffalo Center and daughter Marian, Mrs. Harold Berger and family-of Wesley, Rev, John Neppel and Sister Emma, the Syril Venteichers of Algona, the Ray Beckers of Livermore and a lady friend of the Bergers. IWO M E Tsf I N' r :WA'RV the Ray Gsbofns. C, ^v and Fred BfbWfiS 'attended day school class picnic at the Fen* ton park Sunday. That fiVihing the same three families Were present at an official church board meeting held at the JoKn Menz home. . Mrs. Emma Peterson spent from Friday evening until Sunday evening at the Floyd Peterson home at Fort Dodge making the acquaintance of a new grandson, Roger Dean, born last Monday. The Misses Hazel Weisbrod and Earl rsV n f was 'left f6f Monday. MesdafrteS C. C« Crouch, Clirefifte OsborB, free" love Weisbrod, .FJfed fifbwfl, Al Hewitt, Joe Madden -afld , RUsSell Jensen attended a WSCS Circle No. 6 meeting at the Ifratlk Me Fall home kt Fentofl last Thurs 'day. 'Mrs. Russell Jensen is a new member of the - Circle , and will act 'as hostess to the group at the July meeting t6 be held in the Fenton park. Classified Ads , CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum, charge 3So for 12 words or less. When paid wjitn ' order, 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word. No a*- enfo* commission allowed., If advertising agents charge • their clients 4c and send cash with order they -receive io commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale •V FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation Installed. For estimate call Dei Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 44tf FOR SALE: Eagle Water prooi home insulation, "blown to." Expert inspection, estimating Serv' ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8U FOR SALE: 8%xll Yellow Railroad Manilla second sheets, 500 sheets, 85c. The Algona tipper Des Moines. 18tf PREINDUCTION SNAPSHOTS The Algona Upper Des Moines has 14 5x7 inch pictures of groups of men who left from Kossuth county since January to take their pre-induction physicals. They are for sale to the first persons who call, for the sum of 50c each. There is only one print of a picture, so get yours now. FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. Huxtable's Fire stone Store. 23tf FOR SALE: 2-16 Oliver Radex plow, used one season, in perfect condition. Ed Otis, Wesley. 24-25* FOR SALE: Strawberries. Bring containers. Gottlieb Hanselman, LuVerne. Phone 4591. 25* FOR SALE: 36 Cedar Poles.-jjAfl and 16 feet long. H. L. Walsb, Lone Rock, Iowa. ... ... 25* FOR SALE: Used 2-16 tractor plow. Algona Implement Go. , . 25 FOR SALE OR TRADE ,.; FARM BARGAINS IN Minnesota • and Wisconsin. — Apartment houses—Hotels. •.—- Restaurants JTTT income property. Let' us •.' know what you want. Write Box 722, Jackson, Minn. '- 25* FOR SALE: Burt Mattress Bldg. 24x36 at Burt. One three-phase. 3 h. p.' General Elec. motor com- 1 ' plete with fuse toox and meter; P. L. Stainbrook, Whittemore, phone 3213. 25* FOR SALE:. One builder's level and transit. 2 sets block and tackle and 300 feet rope. W. T. Kennedy, Burt. 25-26* FOR SALE: 7 Tared Berkshire cross sows to farrow Sept. 12 to 16. Clarence Swedin, 1. mile east and 3-4 south, of Sexton. v25<*j FOR SALE: White chinchilla rabbit. $1.00. Leo Aman, A1-. gpna, phone 32-tF21. 25* FOR SALE: H}gh grade Short-. horn 'b.ulls, ready fQpi service. No, 10 Jphn Deere Hammermill, good condition. Carl Froejlch, phone 3174 Wesley. 25* FOR SALE: Ten Hampshire sows farrow first part of September. Bruno Bruns, phone 8-F13, Bancroft. 25-26* FOR SALE: Black Angus pure bred bull. Joe Besch, Whittemore. 25*A For Pontiac sales and service see Algona Implement Co. 25 Wanted WANTED: Custom baling. Ralph Parsons, LuVerne. Phone Algona, 27-F11. 23-25* WANTED: Soldier's wife to do general house work for room, board and wages on farm near Algona and P. W. camp. Apply at Upper Des Moines office. 25* WANTED: Woman or girls to do general housework on farm. Call Mrs, Art Hagg, 7-F2, Algona. i 25" WANTED: Beauty operator, in well equipped, air conditioned shop. Wednesday afternoons off. Guarantee and commission. Ph. 279 afternoons or write Star Beauty Shop, No. Moore street, Algona. .•••••• 25 WANTED -TO RENT: Hayland for cash or bale on shares. Ralph Hurlburt, phone 709, Lone Rock. 25* WANTED: Married hired man. House with lights pnd water $150 per month. Can also us single man for driving trucks and portable feed mills. Ralph Hurl-, burt, Phone 709, Lone Rock. 25* MAN OR WOMAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 1500 fami. lies. Write today. Rawleigh's Dept. 1AF-11-6A, Freeport, WANT TO HIRE 8 strong, careful man for delivering coal and other work in our lumber yard Prefer man versatile enough to help wherever we need him. Will hire lor week or more, but-job permanent if you fill it. Clear through U. S. Employment Office. Raesly Lumber Co., phone 234 Algona. ; 25-26 WANTED TO RENT: 160 or 320 acre faro. FwU W»e of power machinery. i|»<julre this office. Miscellaneous ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular' size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for 35c. S4-U PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tl INLAID LINOLEUM, Unowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf IF YOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines. 40c and up. ' 13-tf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf . Exchange Dept. Basement •/,. Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suite? Breakfast seta, Buffets, Radi6s ' and Washers. BJUSTROWS. FURNITURE FLOOR SANDING and Reflnish- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-8tf SELL your late' model car to us for the highest price. Free information on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House, '" 9At4 ALL DISPLAY advertising copy must be hi the. hands of our printers by Wednesday noon to insure publication in the paper the following Thursday. The Algona Upper 'Des Moines. 2-tf TYPEWRITER RIBBONS: All kinds • i .'pif. .typewriter, and .. adding, machine .' ribboas;'' 'The. . . Upper ' Des Momes, Algona. 6ft WILL THE PARTY who received f the lady's limergreen, wool jer^ sey blouse by mistake r|eurn to Elk Cleaners and receive'reward. '' • • - - • • • Hydraulic manure loaders for H and M tractors. Algona Implement Co. .25 POTATOES No limit. 10 tons finest quality certified seed. EAST END GROCERY Phone 145 25* NOW IS THE TIME to clean your walls,. ,san<i ran'dJ ref inish', floors and 'paint' inside 'and outside/ For expert .wor'lj; 'oftll'/3.(j8-W. ."." ,25 WE SERVIpi f <MB# have been ./treated .swell .jay ^yovj Iowa people^' We are graceful to you for past favors. Our detachment now! needs vn electric" washer J.tjt once. State make and prjcg and when it can 'be seen.' Write Pfc. Jack Barnick, P. W. Camp, Algona. ' . 25 WIDOW WANTS housekeeping, jft ' modern, adult toome. , Permanent. 'Full charge of home. Inquire Upper Des Moines office..— NOTICE: I will not 'be responsible for any debts or bills made by my wife from this date on. Henry L. Ollom, Ptr.-lc, USN. 25* See ad with arrow on this page. " -• • ' ' 25* JUST RECEIVED a limited supply of tractor tire chains. Get yours while they last. Greenberg Auto Supply Co. 25* 20 Good Used Gars 20 For sale at ceiling prices or less, with or without a trade in. We pay cashprices for used cars, trucks and pickups. SEE US TO BUY, SELL O3. TRADE. W. E. Ley. Lakota, Iowa,"" " 25 New and Used Machines— Tower tractor sweep rakes en hand to fit any tractor. Tractor chains. Jayhawk stackers, steel gates, steel and wood wagon boxes, pump jacks, elec^ rie motors. ' Used: R. C. Case tractor and cultivator, cultivator for C. C. Case, power lift. Taylor Imple-> ment Co., Phone 257. Next to Northwestern freight Depot on ;169. .- • :- '"••.. 85* , ong Used Appliances Clean Easy portable and track- line milkers, Perfection pipeline 8 single unit milkers, Iowa Cream separators, electric and hand turn. Prime" electric fencers and battery fencers. Fluorescent light fixtures, $J0.05 and up. ^, >3 and % b. p, electric motors. Used: Gas stove, coal end wood etqve, 9 cream separators ajaytsf and Sriggsi & Stratum engines, electric JROtors, w e repair ail makes of ; washing machines and Frigidaires. Wringer rolls for all wishing machines, Algona Maytag Storf. g§ fpr OF to at my gogd Revival services at the of the Nazarene started Tuelday and will be held until July 8. Pictured are the Denver Duo, composed of Miss Loraine Ripper and Miss Bernice Markey, who are in charge of the revival. Both women are graduates of Pasadena Naza- rene College of Pasadena, Calif,, and haVe spent several years in the .,western tJart of the United ,SteiesKin the lEvangelleal field, but are, ; now making their first &l5^6&f&tlQ6 ill IoVi/flt , Both-are accomplished singers, Triuaiciahs and preachers. All services are open to the, public. Algona Boy Returns to South Pacific, Guam Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson have received word that their son, S-Sgt. Lyle (BUd) Anderson, has arrived' safely overseas and is again with'his squadron after a furlough spent here with his parents and at Baltimore, Mr., with his sister. He left here April 10 to report back to Seattle, Wash. Bud is with the 26th ibomb sqUad- ron at Guam. He has been in the service since October, 1942, and has 'been overseas since! April of 1943. This was his first furlough since entering the service. Mrs, Frances Kleigel and Mrs. Frank Kleigel, 04 New Sharon, Iowa, spent'ki week at .Goodwin, S. D., visitirig'the former's son, Ben Kleigeljyf •'% ' ': ,:..'; FOR SALE: ! : Nice^Hereford heifer calves. 4% miles east on 18. Kedth Strayer, Algona. ? ;25 Beautiful three quarter size piano, and one Baldwin -midget. Completely guaranteed and priced-to sell.- Write Armstrong Piano Co.,. Spencer ,Iowa. • ' •" 25* SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY started White Leghorn pullets while they. last. Nutrena feeds of all kinds. Wellendorf Hatchery, west of fairgrounds. OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION ' TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY: Notice is'hereby given that a petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles; wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits'and other 'fixtures and •< appliances for the purpose of Cohductlnji-elec" tricity for lighting, ; power arid heating purposes has been filed by the Interstate Power Company, •Dubuque,\,low.a, in the office of the ,Iowa State Commerce Commission; that said petition asks the right to construct, operate and 'maintain said electric trahsmis- sion line over, along and across the following described ' public lands, ' highways, streams and private lands,' to-wit: > . (2400 volts) Beginning at the northeast ''corner of Section Thirty-four ; (34), Township One Hundred X100) North, Range Twenty•- eight (-28)-West of the,Fifth ,05th) -F.,'M., Kossuth.County, • Iowa, .thence south'.':bri the v highway on the west .line of said Section Thirty-four (34), V :three-tenths. (3/10) mile. The Iowa State Commerce Commission fixed the tenth (10th) day of July, 1945, at ten (10) o'clock A. M., in its office at-Das Moines, Iowa, as time and place for 'hearing said petition. ,, Any objections to the granting av .. Oarl W, Reedri B-^M, fli<!hafd«6rif ATTEST! G66. fc. Secrestary... Dated at Dei Mtines, Ic-wa, Jufle 4, 1945. E«666e .24-25'.. NOtICK OF PftOttATfi OP VftLL, STATE 0^" IOWA, KOSSUTH • /*f-\tT*fT 1 V • ea -IN THE DISTRICT COURT ' ' ' No. B31S To All Whom-It May Concern! You are hereiby notified. That an instrument of writing purport*, ing to be the Ifl'fit Will and Testa~- ment of Raymond Ricke, Deceas-. ed, dated March fie. 1045, having: been this day filed, opened and read, .Monday the 2nd day 6f JUly» lf)45, Is' fixed (for hearing proof tit same at 1 .the Court House hi Al« gona r .lowaY before .the District Caurf of said County, or the Clerk- of said Court: and at 10 o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned? all persons interested are hereby- notified and required to appear* and show cause, if any, they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as andt for the last Will and Testament of said Deceased. , Dated at Algona, Iowa, June 18, 1945. '.HELEN WHITE, Clerk of District Court. Maher & Mullen, Att'ys. Ft. Dodge, Iowa. ." ": 2S MAN WANTEP ToHandlr SIRMY MOTOI IOITE $6.00 Per Trip •Cool euntlmgt for let* tumnt Pleouml »orU M«k« new rricadf ud cnilomn for ro«r. 'y b«*ln««». " roam npeecMf nllr. KK- ' • ' 'tru gt» andhbM..r«r . • mute wdnu Apply Today To: W. J. PAYNE T18 So. Jones- ' / Plione 355 1 TPIHIIB I 11 Chrischilles © «3T O 3IS. SB Now is the time to check on your hot weather apparel and slip into something • cool and comfortable. .You'll find much of interest at this store—crisp, new cotton " and rayon . and Bemberg dresses in 'A .full range of sizes (12 to 20, 38 to 44 and 16% to; 2|%) ^ ^ prices are so reasonabje~-!ji5,00 to $6.95. .'• ; •;.:.:"."''••'„:.' .; : "..^, We have the -famous LOOMTOG play suits, those perfect fitting washable play garments with two pieces in washable fabrics and dressy rayon jerseys There are hundreds of-moderately priced eluding the famous RorirDpdi^ v and half sizes- There are better dresses too, in both else, ranges Jo, R*H at $17,95 to ISIMIft. Cwws in tMs w$tkjnni m att ttw pyittjr, summit * u4 —""»• , " t - • **• :"• ''K'f'^^Wg&W

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