Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on January 17, 1990 · Page 53
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 53

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1990
Page 53
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ALL EDITIONS Wednesday, January 17, 1990 The Arizona Republic E5 TELEVISION Morning Afternoon 6:00 a.m. 1 6:30 I 7;00 I 7:30 1 8:00 1 8:30 9:00 1 9:30 10:00110:30 If-00 M Q I Newt Good Morning America (CC) Sally Jetty Raphael Home Newt Loving Q Bllwlnkle Comic Fllntttone Bunny Jeannle B'wltched Trapper John Divorce Judge Trial Newt Q Setame Street (CC) Rogert Sq. One Isetame Street (CC) Roger 1 Kangaroo" Setame Street (CC) Rogers Zoobllee CB Newt Newt Thlt Morning F.Feud Wheel The Price It Right Young and Rettlett CB Newt Today (CC) (S) Regit t Kathle Lee Scrabble I C'tratlon Dayt of Our Llvet 03 Underdog Smurft Jettons iG'buttert Thund'cat Yogi Br. Laverne iMork Hlllbllllet AllFamily Hawaii Flvo-0 6D D.Brown LLea Roberta Joy Hlckey Copeland Godwin InShape Sekulow TBNTod. Word ' EBGD CNN Business 1 VPN word The 700 Club Stretch Paid prg. Home Shopping Q82j TeleRadlo Unlvlsldn Unlvltldn Movie: Fiebede Amor Tii o Nadle CB Daisies I Care B, C.0.P,S, FunH'te Maxle't Plnotaur TBA Courtthlp F-Troop Movie: Blame ItNight . STATE CHANNELS C2J 16:15 NewtSunrlte Today (CC) (S) Everyday Twilight I Scrabble C'tratlon Girls Dayt C4D Sunrlte Newt Today (CC)(S) Scrabble C'tratlon 227 Genera t'n Dayt of Our Llvet (g) Off the air 7:15 Llfel Body Setame Street (CC) Rogert Sq.Ono Setame Street (CC) ASSET (9) Newt(CC) 1 1 Newt " Good Morning America (CC) Regit t Kathle Lee Home All My Children CtlJ Woody Smurft Alvln Police G'buttert Scooby The 700 Club Succott-N-Llfo Policewoman 03) Thlt Morning Raphael F.Feud Wheel The Price It Right Young and Restless . : - ' ; . . ; -. : - ); . -w , -. CABLE -A . -r-tf ?fft&; DISN Walt Pitney Presents YouMe Mous'clso Morning! Pooh P. Duck Dumbo Movie: Hockey Night YouMe HBO Movie: Dead Man Out just a Regular Kid Nature Movie: U2: Rattle and Hum 1 10:45 Movie MAX fri.0 Movie: Death Hunt I Movie: Ice Station Zebra Movie: Americanization of Emily SHOW Movie 1 Cornet Mouse Movie: The Sure Thing Movie: Log of the Black Pearl Movie: Sabnna TMC Movie 6:20 Movie: The Day of the Jackal Movie: The M and the Pussycat Movie; Heartbreak,,. A&E Prevln on Concertos Mountbatten The Fugitive Movie: The Last Safaris iChronlcle AMC Off the air : ASPN Off the air CNN Daybreak Paywatch World Day Day watch NewtHour Sonya Live In LA-ESPN Butlnett SptCenter Great Amer.Eventt Skiing Get Fit Workout Motion Shaping Coach't Court FAM Paid prg. 1 LLea Marilyn Roblton Ruxpln I Little Wowser Maplefwn Our House 700 Club Telethon LIFE Paid programming Flguret Workout Attitude Baby Parent HeartBeat NICK Lassie Dennis ICItlet Spartakut Wizard Gadget IHeathcllff Plnwheel Special MayaBee Koala Gnome TBS Gllllgan't B'wltched Little House Movie: Final Jeopardy Perry Maton Movie: RevengeRape TDC 3:00 Off the air Assignment Women I East I Appetite Patquale On the Go: London Field Health! TELE Off the air Movie: DePecado en Pecado Venganza jCoclna CaraaCara LasAmazonat TNN Off the air VldeoMornlng(S) ' - American Mag. (S) Stage (S) V'Country TNT Popeye iFraggfe ImovIq: The Buster Keaton Story Medical Center MovIq: Killer McCoy USA Hitchcock Paldprogrammlng Cartoon Magoo He-Man Cartoon Partridge Lost In Space WGN Bozo(S) Bunny Beaver Theater of the Start Joan Rl vert Geraldo Newt(CC) Noon 12M 1:00 1 1:30 I 2:00 i 2:30 I 3:00 1 3:30 I 4:00 1 4:30 I 5:00 I 5:30 H All My Children " One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey (CC) Donahue Newt Newt(CC) Q Van Dyke Griffith Lucy Hogan't Simon t Simon Dennis Alvln Mario Brady 3'tCo. KateAllle Q ASSET Studio Sewing Cookln' SitBe Fit Setame Street (CC) Sq.One Anlmalt Butlnett Heritage 03 Newt Bold " At the World Tumt Guiding Light Geraldo Affair Jeopardy! Newt Newt(CC) 09 Newt Generafn. Another World Santa Barbara HlghwayHeaven(CC) Love P. Court Newt(CC) Newt(CC) 03 Perry Maton Lou Grant G't Smart Beaver Woody Muppet D'k Tales ChipDale Spoont Charles H3 Roblton Cherry The 700 Club Life Hlckey Praise the Lord PralsethoLord Praise the Lord GD Home Shopping (Cont'd) Movie: On Approval Paid prg. Hit Video Arizona (g LotRlcotLloran Agua liSeductor TVMujer Carrutel Crittlna CB MovIq: The Lady Takes a Sailor TBA Gumby j Blonlc 6 Police Turtles Batman WKRP Sanford STATE CHANNELS ID Dayt Another World Santa Barbara Generafn Bears Yogi Br. HlghwayHeaven(CC) iNewt Newt(CC) (3D Newt(CC) 1 3 Degree Another World Santa Barbara Joan Rivers Geraldo Newt(CC) Newt(CC) QD ASSET Gourmet Masterpiece Theatre Painting-Rogers Setame Street (CC) I Sq.One Contact Garden QD Newt Loving One Life to Live I General Hospital P. Court Judge I People's F.Feud Newt (ID PoiiceStory Qulncy KnlghtRlder TurtTet Mario P'kTalet wonder Belvedere WhoBott qjp Bold At the World Tunit Guiding Light Newhart Ponahue Oprah Winfrey (CC) Newt Newt(CC) CABLE - . vy:v; -yr:.- DISN Walt Pitney Pretentt Lunch Dumbo Who'sCharge Here? The Fig Tree (S) Pooh 1 Puppies Raccoont jO.Duck HBO (Cont'd) Movie: The Accidental Twist I Movie; Who Is KillingGreat Chefs of Europe? Die IGhott 1 Movie MAX (Cont'd) Movie: Breakout 1 2:15 Movie: Tte Chase Movie: Pelle the Conqueror SHOW (Cont'd) Sabrina Movie: Big Trouble in Little China j MovW The Sure Thing Mouse Movie TMC (Cont'd) Heartbreak.,, Movie: Wise Guys j 1 Movie: The Gypsy Moths Movie: Travelling... A&E Wiidern't Survival The Fugitive Movlo: Dance With a Stranger Chronicle Wlldem't Survival AMC Off the air Movie: Michael ShayneDetective Movie: Tulsa Matters Movie: Iron Major ASPN Off the air Valvano WriterT" CNN Newtday International Hour Newtday Newsw'ch Showbiz The World Today Money Crossfire ESPN Coach't Sportt "Mutcle Digest Golf: Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (Live) Bowl XI SptLook CoL Basketball (Live) FAM 700 Club Telethon Rott Snapthot Paid prg. Cheft Hazel Hazel Fattier father Elte Dlnotau. LIFE Sheriff DayDay e,R, Frugal Jane Wallace Cagney Uacey Attitudes Movie: BreakingRules NICK Elephant Eureeka Penner Noozlet Plnwheel Special Lassie Puckula iDare Heathcllff iP.Duke ; TELE Movie: La Heroina Sabe Adlvlnelo La Ferla de Alegrta ISalvaJe Noticlero Maria, Maria TNN V'Country Kitchen Crook(S) Card(S) Nashville Now (S) Amerlcan Mag.(S) Card(S) VldeoCountry (S) TNT 12:15 Movie: Knockout Movie: Right Cross Fraggie Bugt Bunny USA Diamonds Potatoes Tune Reaction Stumpers Wlpeout Squaret Tic Tac Pyramid Luck I Rollert 4E' in ACE awards isn't for excellence Prime time ; By Tom Shales ! The Washington Post ; HOLLYWOOD More people I may have won ACE awards than ; watched the ACE awards. The ACE awards are given out for excellence in the cable industry. Considering the amount of excellence in the cable ; industry, there should be only six oi seven of these awards given each year. But on 77ie llth Annual ACE Awards, televised simultaneously on 12 cable channels Sunday night, 26 .' awards were given out, in addition to ! a couple dozen more distributed at a Friday night dinner that was, mcrci- fully, not televised. ) '. . "Cable has come a long way," said ; impressionist Fred Travalcna under ; about 3 pounds of makeup intended to ' make him look like George Bush. . Actually, cable hasn't come all that ; far: You may find that your local cable system can't even get a satisfac- tory signal as far as your house. ; Some perspective is in order. In its ; first decade, free network television brought viewers Studio One, Play-house 90, The U.S. Steel Hour, Krafl Television Theater, J Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Omnibus, Wide, I Wide World, The Ed Sullivan Show, '. Tlie Colgate Comedy Hour, Milton ; Bcrle, Dinah Shore, Perry Como, Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca and Kukla, '. Iran and Ollic. ; That's only a tiny smattering from ; the cream of the crop. It doesn't ' include the great news programs of ,' Edward R.- Murrow and others, and ; represents the entertainment output of only three networks. Today, cable has '. 30 networks including HBO, USA, ; TBS, TNN but after a decade of growth, it can't claim anything like the record of free TV's first 10 years. ! Of course, cable docs have its little ; advantages. "The thing I love best about cable '. is, they don't print the ratings in the ; newspaper," joked Garry Shandling, ; accepting the best comedy scries ACE for It 's Garry Shandling 's Show. '. His victory marked one notable ; improvement in the awards process. t Each year, Shandling's show lost the '. comedy award to something called " Blackaddcr, an imported series shown ; by the Arts & Entertainment Net- work. ', Nobody but the ACE judges ; watches blackaddcr. Its yearly wins ; were baffling, particularly because ' Shandling was a genuinely original, '. home-grown cable enterprise the ; kind of thing the industry should have been pointing to with pride. '. New "international" categories this I year covered shows produced abroad or made in partnership with U.S. companies. ". As a production, the ACE awards outdoes all other awards shows on television, but only in terms of I stupefying dullness. A new addition ' this year: little, pretaped mini-inter- (IS Garry Shandling His show wins an overdue ACE award for best comedy series on cable TV. views with nominated actors and actresses. These were included "in order to gain insight into these talented people," said Dinah Shore, one of four co-hosts. And what insights. John Lithgow said he had "an absolutely wonderful time" making Traveling Man for HBO. Julie Harris said it was "a wonderful experience" making The Christmas Wife for HBO. Vanessa Redgrave said she "loved doing" the remake of A Man for All Seasons for TNT. In contrast to the fatuous blather of the interview segments, writer Terry Black, who won for an installment of Talcs From the Crypt, was refreshingly frank: He said he'd gloat about winning to his "snot-nosed" younger brother, an established screenwriter. "The award will show the little bastard that I can do it, too," Black said. A few other wry wags managed to eke a chuckle or two out of the funereal affair. Alan Rafkin, who won for directing Shandling episodes, said, "I'll make it quick, 'cause I have to go to the bathroom." And chief Shandling writer Alan Zwcibel spoofed an awards-show tradition when he thanked not only his own wife and kids but also "the wife and kids of everybody on the writing staff." But here's an irony for you: The funniest and liveliest performer on the ACE awards was another emissary from the free TV of 35 years ago, veteran comic Red Buttons. The last words of the Ayatollah Khomeini, Buttons said, were, "Kill Salman Rushdie and whoever wrote Police Academy 6." Buttons called Manuel Noriega "the first man to have the guts to go to Miami without his wife." You might feel that any program whose opening roster of guest stars includes, in this order, Andrea Martin, Tip O'Neill, Marie Osmond, has to have at least novelty value. O'Neill handed a golden ACE to CNN for its China coverage. The award was well-deserved, but it's unseemly to give out news prizes on the same glitzy telecast in which entertainment awards are given. It can be said with some justification that free TV's first decade was its best. With cable, the most charitable view is that things may get better. The ACE awards are terrible because cable is lousy. It's simply as simple as that. I Tune-ins & Turnoffs Hoop-la Solos Making a move Why cowboys? ! ASU meets UA Four musicians Dear John The enduring on the basketball of the New York switches to popularity of the 2 court tonight in Philharmonic are Wednesdays Western is Tempe. featured on Live with a new cast examined on Z 7:30 p.m., From Lincoln member, Susan Hollywood I KTVK-TV Center, and Walters, who Chronicles.. (Channel 3) pianist Alicia de proves a match 8:30 p.m., : andKUTP-TV Larrocha for the TDC. (Channel 45). performs. "womanizing" Bonnie 8 p.m., Kirk. Baker : KAET-TV 8:30 p.m., t (Channel 8). KPNX-TV (Channel 12). 6:00 p.m. I 6:30 :00 I 7:30 I 8:00 8;30 j 9:00 I 9:30 I 10:00 I 10:30 I llflO I 11;30 " Newt Entertainment Growing Paint College Basketball: Arizona at Arizona State. (Live) Poogle Newt Nlghtllne(CC) Hard Copy Entertainment 0 Tonight (S) (CC) Howter,M.P. Tonight (S) I ICChsj Cosby MASH Movie: Play It Again, Sam (72) Woody Allen, Diane Keaton. Newt MASH Newhart Odd Couple The O Hilarious. Woody is a bumbling film fanatic wtiose wife has left him and Hon'ymoonert I who gets tips on life and romance from Humphrey Bogart's ghost, MacNellLehrer NewtHour: Horizon I Frugal Live From Lincoln Center: New York Philharmonic Five-Star Are You Being Alive From Off Movie: Pride of the Marines ('45) ' O Detailed coverage of the day's top Gourmet Dim Evening. (S) Served? Center (CC) (S) John Garfield, Eleanor stories. Sum. (S) Parker, i Newt Wheel of Beauty and the Beatt Vincent JakeandtheFatman:A I Wlseguy: Steetgrave's Newt Inside Edition The Pat Salak Show: Radio CD Fortune surrenders to Gabriel after pedestrian dies after apparently accountant (Dennis Lipscomb) personality Rush Limbaugh; Catherine's son falls ill, (CC) being hit by Derek's car. (CC) seeks revenge on McPike. (CC) comedian Will Durst; Bob Barker, Newt(CC) Family Feud Unsolved Mysteries: Oklahoma Night Court Dear John (CC) Quantum Leap: Sam becomes a Newt(CC) The Tonight Show: Singing Love CD boy searches for his grandfather, (CC)(S) (S) high-school football player. (CC) group The Roches; comedian Jeff Connection missing 40 years. (CC) (S) (J Cesario.(S) Family Tlet Cheert Star Trek: Journey to Babel, Movie: Raising Arizona ('87) Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter. Cheert Taxi Twilight Zone Movie: Crisis at D Speck's father faces charges of A loser and his wife kidnap a quintuplet from an unfinished-furniture Central High murder. magnate. Made by Joel and Ethan Coen. (S) ('81)Hri QJ TBN Today Pino K, Hagln J.Vanlmpe 1 Praise the Lord Praise the Lord " R.W.Schambach TBN Today Bob Hosklns To be CNN Newt Movie: The Perils of Pauline ('47) Betty Hutton, John Lund. USA Tonight Prime Time Arizona I Super Arizona Auto Paid UJ announced Cowboy Chargert Week programming enrn. Notlcias 33 Noticlero RuW Rebelde Slmplemente Maria Dulce Desafio Cita con el Noticlero AqulEtU gBga Unlvltldn Amor 1 Unlvltldn Night Court Growing Paint LuteOlsen College Basketball: Arizona at Arizona State. (Live) Arsenlo Hatl: WKRPin iTobe " CD Kevin Bacon-Dick Cincinnati announced' I I I Clark; Peter Frampton, ! STATE CHANNELS ;. - (2) Newt M'A'S'H I Unsolved Mysteries (CC) (S) N. Court (CC) John(CC)(S) Quantum Leap (CC)(S) Newt The Tonight Show (S) Late Nlgtit(S7 ! C4J Newt Cotby Untolved Mytterlet(CC)(S) N, Court (CC) John (CC)(S) Quantum Leap (CC) (S) Newt(CC) The Tonight Show (S) iLoveConn. ; C6) Butlnett Rpt Arlz.lllut. MacNellLehrer NewtHour Live From Lincoln Center (S) ArrauiMutlBeethoven(S) Secretariat of Defense (Jj Wheel Jeopardy! Growing (CC) H'dClatt(CC) I Howser, M.P. Anything (CC) I China Beach (CC)(S) Newt M'A'S'H-Nlghtllne(CC) Fall Guy (31) Night Court Entertain. (S) Lute Olson College Basketball: Arizona at Arizona State (Live)' Twilight After Hourt Paid prog. Movie (j3J Newt Current Affair 1 Beauty and the Beatt (CC) JakeandthoFatman(CC) Wlseguy(CC) Newt Cheert The Pat Sajak Show l : . ' H : : CABLE - , - . - - . ? DISN K'' ln0, MIckeMwse Movie: Unico in the Island of Magic ('84) M Pander Bay Movie: The Time Machine ('60) m Rod Taylor, Alan Young. Movle-JrwndlFiasion ('56) HRn 5:30 Movie: Police Academy 3: Movie: Funny Farm ('88) H Chevy Chase, Madolyn Smith. (CC) (S) Movie: Caddyshack ('80) tit Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield. let l Ten (CC) I Kids In the Hall no" Back in Training ('86) (CC) (JCCJ ; (S) (CC)(S) - ii ay 430 Movie: Pelle the Conqueror Movie: Goodbye, Columbus ('69) m Richard Benjamin, Ali Movie: Love Story (70) Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal. Movie: 9 to 5 ('80) Jane - ('87)iH(S) MacGraw. Fonda, Lily Tomlin, cunui 5:30 Movie: The Little Prince Movie: Can't Buy Me Love ('87) Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Jonathan Winters I Hit Movie: Big Trouble in Little China 86) Kurt Russell, Kim CattralL ' SHOW (74) Richard Kiley.(S) Peterson. (CC) (S) 1 Traveling Roadshow (CC)(S) rue 5:00 Movie: Travelling North Movie: Frenzy (72) Jon Finch, Barry Foster. Movie: Twins ('88) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito. Movie: Throw Momma From the C (l86)LeoMcKmii(S) (S) Train ('87) (CC)(S) A&E World War I 1 20th Century Movie: War Comes to America Living Dangerously Gary Coleman at the Improv World War I 20th Century Movie: War-Comes to America Mr 5:00 Movie: American Movie: The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas Movie Matten Movie: The Iron Major (43) Pat O'Brien, Ruth American Movl The Abominable M The Iron Major Movie Legend ('57) Forrest Tucker, Peter Cushing, Warrick. Movie Legend Snowman of the Himalayas ('57) ASPN 5:30 Writers NBA Basketbal : Phoeni :Suns at Dallas Mavericks (Live) College Basketball: Navy at Richmond (T ape) John Shumate MISL Soccer " CNN Prlmenowt Larry King Llvel Evening Newt Moneyllne Sportt Tonight NewtNlgtit Showbiz - NewsNlght - ESPN 5.-00 College Basketball (Live) College Basketball: Duke at North Carolina (Live) MotorWeek ISporttCenter U.S. Gymnastics Challenge Figure Skating FAM Batman Batman Hardcastle t McCormlck Scarecrow t Mrs. King " Movie: El Paso ('49) 1 700 Club Telethon LIFE 5KK) Movie: Breaking AllRules MacGruder I Loud She'sSheriff Day by Day Spenten For Hire Movie: The Gladiator ('86) NICK Can't Do Don't Jutt Sit Finders Make Grade 1 Imp. Gadget ILooneyTunet Bewitched I Mr. Ed Green Acret Car 54 Saturday Nt SCTV TBS Movie: The Scalphunters ('68) 8:10 Movie: Last Train From Gun Hill ('59) 10:10 Movie: Return of the Badmen (Colorized) ('48) TDC Wildlife lPredatort Wings Survlvall Hollywood Safarfc Summer in India Beyond 2000 (World Monitor Nature TELE Abigail Movie: Han Vtolado a una Mujer ('85) Noticlero Walter Mercado CaraaCara La Ferla TNN Dlnah(S) Crook (S) Nashville Now (S) 0n Stage(S) Dinah (S) Crook (S) I Nashville Now (S) 1 On Stage (S) TNT NBA Basketball: New York Knicks at San Antonio Spurs (Live) (CC) 8:20 Movie: Convicts Four ('62) 1 10:45 Movie: HouseNumbers ; USA Dance Party JEM He-Man Miami Vice (S) ' Murder, She Wrote Movie: Pride and I Extreme Prejudice ('90) (S) WGN Hogan Heroes Cotlege Basketball: Niagara at DePaul (Live) Newt(CC) USA Tonight Mill Street Bluet Movie: Phantom of the Paradise (74) Late night Midnight 1 12:30 1 1:00 1 1:30 I 2:00 I 2:30 3:00 1 3:30 1 4:00 I 4:30 1 5:00 1 5:30 :;: tl JoanRlvert It'sLiving winLote Newt Jackpot The Fugitive Big Valley Butlnett News(CC) Q Hill Street Bluet Newt Off the air Q (Cont'd) Pride of.., Horizon MacNellLehrer The Growing Yeart ASSET OP ATHourt iNlght Heat l:40Newt 12:15 Nlghtwatch CB LateNlght(S) B.Costas 3 Degree CNN Off thealr I Sunrlte ; CD (Confd) Crisis at Central High Off the air ED Whltaker Christian Praise the Lord Praise the Lord Pralse the Lord TBN Tod. Joy Blizzard :, 6BC) Home Shopping J 03 World Vision CharHe's Angels Te be announced Carton Happen'g Bowery Boy t TBA .' STATE CHANNELS - l (2) L Night iB.Cottas Movie: Shellgame I Off the air Stretch (4J Late Night (S) B.Cottat Off the air Butlnett :' (6J Fall Guy I Paid prg. otfthealr Butlnett ; (11) (Cont'd) Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy USA Ton. Off the air (33) 13'eCo. 0ff thealr . Newt .j - ' " 1 : CABLE - - ': . -. DISN (Confd) Friendly Persuasion Movie: Something WickedComes Movie: Hockey Night Movle: The Time Machine ; HBO Movie: The Blob 1:40 Movie: Screwball Hotel Movie: Creepshow Movie ; MAX (Cont'd) 9 to 5 I Movie: Paternity Movie: An Unmarried Woman Movie: Aria j SHOW Movie: A Man for Sale 1 1:20 Coast to Coatt Movie: Messenger of Death Movie: Walker Movie ' JMC (Confd) Movie: Wise Guys 2:15Flntworkt Movie: Twins 4:50 Movie ; A A i E Living Dangerously Atthe Improv Movle: Dance With a Stranger Preview Animals Creativity j AMC (Confd) Masters Movie: Crashing Hollywood Offthealr I CNN NewsN't Sportt Newt 1:45 Newt Larry King Overnight Crossfire Newt Daybreak Business Daybreak Butlnett ESPN InPGA SptCenter SptLook College Basketball Get Fit Motion Butlnett Today Butlnett" ; FAM HardcattleMcCorm. Movie: El Paso The 700 Club Paid prg. To be announced LIFE Spenser For Hire Evening E.R. Paldprogrammlng NICK Laugh-In 3 Sons p. Reed 1 Daddy B'wltched Mr. Ed Paid prg. Laugh-In 3Sont P. Reed Daddy Sothern ' TBS 12:10 Movie: Dodge City Istooget Pyle Hogan't Pyle Newt Toml, Fl'tstones Tomi, . TELE LaFerS Off the air ! TNT (Cont'd) House of... 12:45 Movie: The Big House I Then Came Bronton Courtthlp Fun Zone Popeye USA Miami Vice Mike Hammer Hitchcock 1 Dragnet WWF Prime Time Wrestling Alfred Hitchcock WGN (Confd) One Day Paid prg. USA Ton, Movie: Abbott t CostelloLegion One Day Copeland Faith 20 Carson M'llonalre . - Ii30 r.M. AOV 12 New night for 'Dear John'!! Now he's after 'Night Court'! Legend: CC (closed captions); S (stereo); R (rerun). Ratings: ExceirentGood: Fair Poor

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