The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1945 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1945
Page 3
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Iowa, June 14, '} WED At LAKOlA MAY AFTERNOON Lftfcoiu VK&& Softijd, flatten* r of Wtfi andf SJrfl. Ffajftk tiontje, S#6a City, tod John Karels, sofl ofJMfc'A&d Mf&' John elaV of BatfcfdfVWeie married At 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the iPffst Pfe'sfoyieslah church In Lakots with the ftev, E. H. Busch* ' man officiating, theibrlde" Was glv^n 1ft marriage >fay iHeT father 1 . She Wore a floor length gown of white net over silk and Ibhg veil with arm bouquet, and was attended toy hef sister, Eftima,jvh6 wore an aqua colored gown.'Best man was a brother oi the gfbom, William Karels, and ushera were cousins of the bride, . John and Arnold Dotttje. Shirley Breekholi and Janice Ddntje were flower girls., The wedding march was played by Mrs. Frances- Deism, who also accompanied Marian Tlsb, whb sang "I Love You Truly." i Groom Discharged Vet The groom Is a discharged veteran of the Africa and Italy campaigns. , ' : A reception was held Irt the church parlors following the cere- irtony with the women of the church serving the refreshments to 100 guests, The bride's table was arranged in the form of a "T" with a wedding cake ort each table. •Decorations were In aqua and No Insulation Is Expensive at First Cost * ' x •-..-, Some May Be, Later! E A ^* I E Mineral Wool EAI9LE Home Insulation » ' Is • Fireproof at 1400 degrees F. Temperature • Water Repellent even at attic temperatures • Chemically stable _ Will not disintegrate • Lasts a House Time . tS • DON'T GAMBLE WITH YOUR HOME DO NO* ACCEPT LESS ' '••"•• THAN AN -, ' V .' EAGLE ' ' JOB NO DOWN PAYMENT 36 MONTHS TO PAY 1ST PAYMENT NOVEMBER 1 . - - ; . - . FOR FREE SURVEY CALL 275 ' . Cowan Plume 275" Supply Co. Algonn, Iowa and white Candles In datidlebfa. The Other vfisre served a tray lunch, Stresses were Joan and Wanda •etland, Margaret Schroeder, Patricia Mlttlg and Bernadlne Qerzema. , W. D, Ley was a business visitor In Des 'Moines sever M . days last week. Vera Harms, Buffalo Center, spent last w ; eek visiting at • the Will Kienitz home, Orietta Lee, Buffalo Center, spent last week visiting her friend, Verna Wirtjes.. She went home Sunday. , Mr, and Mrs. Henry Patterson, Buffalo Center and Mr; and Mrs. Fi' O. Twine were Sunday dinner guests at the J. O. Warburtons. Mr. ,and Mrs. Tom Wallace, Chicago, left Saturday for their home .folowing a visit at the Francis Adams home. The wromen are sisters. Luverta Heidecker and Betty Lou Miller were confirmed at the Lutheran church in Hcborn township Sunday, The Rev. Kitsman, Elmore, was in charge of the service. The Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Buschman drove to Ft. Dodge Friday to visit Mrs. Chris Asmusson, who Is In a hospital there. They also visited Mrs. Henrietta Aaldreks at the Kossuth hospital in Algona. The Don Sticklers spent several days last week at Osceola where they atended the funeral of Don's maternal grandmother, -Mrs. Reed, who died while on a visit in Cfcli- fornia, and the foody was brought home for 'Burial in Osceola. The Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Darnauer and family attended the Lutheran Mission Feast at Britt, Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. "Darnauer also celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary the same day. Mrs. J. i. Ukena and son, Pfc. Paul Ukena and friend, Meta Perrin drove to Dubuque Saturday, tdking with them Dorothy Ukena, who has''been home for a visit while her brother, Paul, was here on furlough. The Rev. A. C. Kruse, Steamboat Rock, was a guest'of several friends here last week and.preach- ed at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning. The Rev. Kruse was pastor of the local church for several years, <but left here 45 years ago. Mrs. C. C. Gerzema was hostess to the Acorn club Thursday afternoon. Roll call was answered by naming ,a famous , church. The topic was "Churches,!' given by Mrs. Charles Gutknecht and among them was The Little Church Around the Corner in New York city and the Old South Church in, Boston. The Women's Creed was read in unison. This Is the last meeting until September 13 when Mrs. W. P. Pelz will entertain. . Lakota Soldier Now With "Red Arrows" With the 32d Division in Northern Luzon, P. I.—Pvt. Benjamin F. Farrow, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Farrow, rof Lakota, has been assigned to headquarters company, first battalion of the 32d "Red Arrow" 'division's .crack: 126th 'infantry. , Pvt. Farrow entered the army-in October,, 1944, and earns overseas in April, 1945. He is now fighting with the veteran "Had Arrow" division in northern Luzon among the mile-high-ridges of the Caraballo 'mountains. r FOR UP AND 0OING ^OUNGSTERS Va<?ationing v on a f arm or working \ in the backyard Victory Garden calls for sturdy wearables that'can / "take it." Country cottons answer the call to action, Cool, comfortable, and very washable! Dresses slacks, shorts and overalls are right for ambitious little boys and girls looking for fun this summer. Little 3 to Soveralis. Blue Gaberdine— $2.25 Cool rayon and cotton cloth ——I. ____ - $1-49 Blue and white striped seersucker , ---- $J.50 , > Striped basque shirts, sizes 3 to 8 79c - $1.29 Girl's shorts in navy or white cotton twill at 7 to 14, Eayoh gaberdine in pastels at 7tQ 14 baegue plain 14 ilaefcf in, wavy brown' wttoa Royal eleitric t W A* will IOTO lunch 'pEf^r^ws&TLYsr^iS3s?rs?>"i r ^T» $r'T^r^-^V"™?^*^ 5 ^**T . 4 VtS4 l «""*"-i¥ > ^'" J*."-.?-> ^a^s'^ttJ,."^ ?4 t"«sK •?*!^*- -A*,' i/si.-fr.-£-r«-;j«c.tifer •*»•! ACTIVITIES OF LIMNE SOLDIERS ON ALLIED BATTLE FRONTS With the Sixth Ihfantry Division On Luzon—Staff Sgt, Orville W. Kubly, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Kubly of St. James, Minn., to*-) tnerly of Lucerne, < has recently been awarded the bronze star medal toy .the commanding general of the Sixth Infantry division for heroism In action agatttst the Japs at Bay-An-Bay-Anan. oh Luzon in the Phllippine'islands-tm March 1. When his .patrol encountered a group of . Japanese soldiers, Sgt. Ktibly otiened fire and personally accounted for, three enemy dead. Despite an Injured knee, he continued to lead his patrol over extremly difficult terrain. Kubly is a squad leader in a front line rifle company of the 20th infantry regiment of the Sixth infantry division, and Is holder of the continuous combat record in the Pacific theater. Sixth Army Group, Germany- Staff Sgt. Lester C. Hinz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinz of Luverne was among the first, 36th "Texas" division, troops on German soil with doughboys of the 141st Infantry regiment who, in 10 days, battered the wehr- macht from strong positions along the Modor river through ttye Siegfried line. i Engaged in bitter house-to- house fighting in the torn city of Hagenau, these IT. S. Seventh army infantrymen broke out from a small bridgehead across the Modor, clashed with German rearguards and finally knocked out 3S pillboxes and forts in cutting through the Siegfried line. * Among the most veteran infantrymen in Gen. Jacoti ( L. Dover's Sixth army group, they captured more than 6,000 Germans In France alone." Several nazi leaders have been added to their bag In Austria. They were -the first Americans to assault now-crumbled fortress Europe with the Salerno landings and later fought in the Rapido river's famous "battle of guts" below Cassino. The mountain city of Velletri fell to them when they took part in the spectacular 36th division infiltration maneuver that opened the gates to Rome. Sixth Army Group, Germany— Pfc. Neal A. Barton, son of Mrs. Kate Barton, of .Luverne, is one of the medics of the llth medical toattalion, veterans .of combat in Italy,' (France and Germany. This 'battalion recently treated their 46,000th patient when they supported the 36th Texas division and its allied armor and artillery in breaching the Siegfried line facing Gen. Jacob L. ; Dover's Sixth army group. . Litter bearers and ambulance drivers of the lllth .braved intense enemy fire' to transport casualties from the Siegfried battlefield to the battalion's clearing station. Here medical officers administered to wounds and prepared patients for evacuation to. hospitals a few miles, behind where detailed surgical care would ibe given. Men-who received minor wbunds were treated and held for subsequent return to duty. . : '.. • • ; This action marked the U. S. :Seyenth -army unit's 'second arint- /versary overseas with over : 365 days of combat support. Many medics have been wounded and 29 have toeen killed while performing the dangerous tasfe o£ iBattle- field\ evacuation. Over 200 purple hearts have been awarded while heroic action has won for them 20 silver stars and more- than 200 bronze stars. VE-Day London: Daily at W. J. Becker Home Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Becker, 702 S. Thorington, are in receipt of a copy of the Daily Express, published in London, dated May 9, and playing up the VE-day a&" tivities of Londoners. The Express Is a four page paper, headlined and illustrated for PE-day and shows pictures of the thousands who celebrated the surrender. It was mailed to the Beckers 'by a friend of their son, Cpl. Dennis Becker, of the 21st AAA group and which is now located in NUremburg, Germany. Cpl. Becker writes of the horrors he has seen in the German concentration and' prison, camps and especially in the Nur- emburg neighborhood, the -birthplace of Hitler's Nazism: Cpl: Dennis has been in the service since September, 1942, the past year and a half of which has been overseas. Mrs. Ben Dorr and Dennis were at Bancroft several days last week visiting with Mrs. Cletus Dorr. • Rev. John Neppel and Sister Emma, drove to Carroll, Monday, to attend the celebration of first mass, Thursday, of a close friend A private sewage system for Your Farm Think what • this means! The comfort of a modern home brought to every member of the family. Health and , happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND. SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is 'so small. Easy to install, too. Any Firm Horn* M«y Now Have » Batb «nd Inside Toilet ,M»Ke roar ham* modern I Enjoj tb« »m« eomforti th*(' pMpl* 1* tk« iMfw oittw ulojr. F. S. Norton & Son *'*.*•'<-•'..'-..PHONE '229:. -.-:- >: t AUCTION SALE ."'•'.'• . • .... Saturd'yjunel6 . 8:30 p.m. MAIN STR€€T Lone Rock, la. v '' • 3 pair bed pillows 12 bed comforters . Ivory Riverside cook stove, excellent condition army blanket Pictures lace curtains 4 bed blankets 2 pr, lined silk, living room drapes 4 bedspreads, Perfection heating stove Z ball bearing carpet sweepers Floor waxer ' • " | Foot locker 2 Whatnot* small rugs hall tree Hotpoint electric iron 2 alarm clocks 5 Aluminum chicken fryer pr. ice skates wire coat hangers, curtain rods and shades > fruit jar* 3 wash twjj* brass bed and springs < mop wringer upholstered flicking chair J 5-gallon cream cin all-copper boiler Mrs, Harry Montgomery t ^ «t « «.«« • •'.^ •' 1 V" S ' . . f mmF • ^te 1 of their. Mr. and Mrs. Blefle also attended. Quite a number from here were at Wesley for the marriage of Lawrence Youngwirth and Vera Forburger last Tuesday. Among them were the Frank Youngwirths and Leo Youngwirth and Richard Ferstls', all uncles and aunts of the .groom. Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Rahm and family drove to Mason City last Sunday to meet her brother, Florien Neuroth, who cattle here for a short furlough from Indiana and rteurned Wednesday. He is expected to toe released under the point system soon as he has returned from the southwest Pacific cobat area several tnonths ago. Mrs. Harvey Johnson and Larry were visitors at Spirit Lake last week at the Fred Chase home. Mr; .and Mrs, Henry Grandjenet and family were Sunday visitors at the parental Grandjenet home. They stated it rained so hard at Bancroft Saturday night it washed the radishes out of the ground ready to gather up for table use. Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Johnson, Heriry / Arndorfer, Mrs. Fred Erickson, Mrs. Mary Rosemeyer, Mrs. Ben Dorr, Mr. and Mrs. L. Gink and! 'Mr.;, and Mrs. Matt Bormann. attended the memorial service of John Lee Stevens at the gona', Baptist church Sunday. The' first six listed are V. F. W. members and! Mr, Bormann a Legion member. 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