The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
Page 2
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TWO Gmiches Invite Cliildicn •~of Community to Vaca;: lion Schools Tly.BEV. CARROLL 1J. CI.OYU ".'pha 'churches bjue realized for several jc&rs the limited amount of r training possible through I he §undny morning Bible School program aoii uith the best equipment and adequately (mined teach«S' an hour's program ..on Sunday, Jfl.rcclj taken up in preliminaries qrid records, is' not enough to assure aJpiopcr training In Ihc principles »f character fund a me nt ol to Christianity. Many vsays have been tried Je supplement tnts training, ,,The Young people's organizations, Yoiing people's Confciences, Wcclt Day Igiglous Instruction and the Dally .Vscatlati Churc)i Sciieol nrc efforts in this direction !r*rhe Dally Vncullon church •School Iras pioicn its )vorth as Is ^evidenced by the increase boi'n In Cumbers of school and •aitotdniicc. The Vacation School ^ briefly described as a consctouslj ^controlled experience in living. The ^iirrlciilum nnd the methods used ate pupil centered. That is, every «ttluly seeks to develop' the child |8y Inducing It to give exprcssloifto Ms o»u pirtlciilar abilities nnd in- iJeresU. Briefly slated t'nc olijcct- trcs of the Daily Vacation ChurcJ) .School me. J";) To rtc\elop in growing nsi 1 - ISOHS a consciousness of prixonnl ,u?!i'.tion£lil|> U) God. i>-2 To develop nn appreciation o( We, \\ith the teachings of Jcsiis us £ basts foi life's standard, ; ,£,3 To foster the giottth of Ciirls- |tlan Churactcr .= . . '"< To help children tn grow so- |flally by learning to \\ork and piny t^5 To help children • to relate Jthcmselvcs to people' ami conditions jffll <N or the \\orld jKS To help children to have n .deeper appreciation of the church ,£7 To Intioduce children (o Hie X\pcnmccs of the race 'as • a puldc jtj> their present experience. ." iVThc Baptist, Uo Methodist,, Pres- Tiyterwii nnd Clirlsllnn churches of -this town ale preparing for such iffhools One cooperated In by four ,0f Ihese churclics the First aielli- ,«iist r Lake Street Methodist, Prc's- iiytcrlaii and Christian churches JJU1 ha\e It registration day May .2? at the First Methodist. church .'beginning -it 2 In the afternoon •The School will begin the lirst day W June and vUll continue for two (fecks The Bnptist Stnool will bs- •gln the following Monday* June 8 Students foi this school will regis- ,j$r June 5 AH parents hnvhig .cl)1ldrcn _ in any of Ihese Schools ggrc iirp?cl to cooperate by semHhj; Wir children and visiting. ,«io *chool parents of the (own Ylio f*aie children uho arc not allcnrt- ;*g any Bible school are invited to .tjikc advantage of one O t thrsc (Sphoois . jfJThc schools are fostered by Hie .churches In the interest of n more «ffecilvc program of religious cdii- JWtion All the sen ice of tench- gp and helpers Is given volun- itarlij NO CM recdics pay for fnl<= 'J,° rk , Th <>ro will bo no expense lo ;pic children All expense is bclnc AsJcn care O f by Hie churches •Your children »ill be welcome tc -.these schools • *M ' ~ fresbytery Dissolves £ Pastoral Relations J.WYNNE -Pastoral relations, be- rff e ' l K "'1, . Osceola Presbyterian church and the Rc\ M. M calla- R,a) ucre dissolved Monday night at a called meeting of the Arkansas Presbjtery here, the Rev. Roy fiavis announced The group also «ceiypd from the Fort Smith 5 c *X' l ? rJ1 the Rcv W- F - R°sers pi Little Rock. who recently became pastor of the Cotton plant and DCS Arc churches. ;*:Fairy. flies, or Mymaricfac, arc -so small that five can walk abreast through a pintiole. Rescue by L,eecls Lea'ds,,to Altar COUIUEII.NEWS .. CHURCH EXCUSES -• lly Cl. W. Barh»m- Mothor says Joe Is liie most por- Icntljiits perron sh? Im.s ever known, unless il was rllticr In 1 :' wcoud : or third 'hnslmnd nnd she has forgotten which. •• she rays, she recalls that one of them «':w; ;i real t;ood churc'n member but kci>l it inlulily quiet 'and when she Ijtismi lo tcsl hliii-out on his : li!i|>lKmal beliefs, the found Unit he: <lia nut know anything about Ijiijitlsin except \Vhut someone Viad told )iln), nnd he wasn't sure aliout Hint. Rlis 6»l<t Blip'-, had \ioijlcd licrself almost sick Irylnu to llnd 'out If he rcnlly.'had' been-'baptiwd and (he more .Vnc talked, the mom destitute Miller Klrlis Up MilKsd All,IN, n: C. tUl'l-'Ciul Lykke- hls mind seemed lo be. .WJicirini iilly, she .\vii5 'about to efve iij>, ;h<j said so far as he .'was .concerned they could ill) be bnpUiid,Qi'.U'p through will) what Mottle* hail gone through with, then linnelnc they had been baptised. ;r. Dr. Studs The 30 Miiiulp Jtih )T O|ily ';one appilca'tlo'ii ',' No /grease. No ines.v, ''No'" clothing, or bf<l J|ncn$,' . For letc's Foot, loo. ""Al' Good stores ,.o.Ycryjyhcrc.. KOISIN'SON nirtrtj CO,' Hard Mail all but Blvrn up hO])i! of findi KllV , pAY I'lUCES' '- nnfslil is'-iiny size Hx roll finished compile; Me." Post . )i! of j photographs,' 2 foi- 256 or $f per finding :!'|iny. dirt" in Spruce Creek I <'<«<»»•< $ty»IM,, f p .lor.:.10q.,,,, :' ', Baptist Church Will . Hold 'Vacation'School The First lliiplls't, Church will mid -its Vacation lliblc School, beginning: June e. ficgis- rntioii will be Friday, Jime-5..Miss •.Minnie < Foster lius been :hoscni'..principal_,.'wltli ^lie. 'Rev. \lfrcd. Cui-Hcnler.". :is dcn'u of tho school. Sunday, school department j'fyerlntf nitou; pi bfr' hf t-hnrgb oP/lhT't-i-oi-kJ oflliolfi depart mcnU; f.WilU'bc Ai.ssisted- by thu; leaeh- and officers nnd additional vorkcra. The • school will 'conllinic Mintll i.unb 24. at which time (liploinns incl awards will be pro.ieiHcd.' The curriculum will consist of 3iblc studies - and • memorlziitlmis, 'iiuul work for both ulrls and boys, nt, ' diamiUr/jitions, music, . story- cilinp, recreiitloiinl ncUvltl.cs,'' hu- nro studies, liandcnift, nnd pro- cct.s in religious education. The school will be open to all oniig people licginliliu/' at i')ic- choo! nge. Study coiirsi-s In cliurch adinln- strnlioji, Sunday school, and raining union work will lie of- cml. Constipated i 30 Years "For thirty years I had chronic "constipation. Sometimes 1 did not go for (our or five days. 1 nls;> had aw ful gas bloal- ---. , !n S. .headaches anrl pain In the Kick Adlerika hclnod right a^ay Now I eat sausage banana'; pic anythme f want nfiti ccvcr felt hctU;r I sleep souiidlv all; night and enjoy life" -Mrs Matel Schott ,.'If sou tvre suffcrlnB from con- ach, and gas bloalnij, there i- «lpatlon, sleeplessness sour r.loni- (juick relief for you In Adlcrllta Many report action In thirty minutes aftei taking just one dose Adlcrlta gives complete action cleaning jour bond tract where ordiuarj laxatncs do not even touch. •Dr H L- Sholib, New York, re- Vatte ' In addition to Intestinal cleansing, Adlcrjkrt. checks (lit growth of Intestinal bacteria and .colon bacilli." , -. . Glie jour etoniach and bowels B- real clcansUig with Aiilcrika ahd see how good >ou feel. Just one spoomul relieves OAS and chronic constipation Sold by all druggists and 4mg departments Klrby Bros Drug Co —Adv. To .William U. Leeds, 'heir lo lin- plale milljoiis, five years ago irscucd piclly Oli\e ll.iiinllon (abo\e) fiom Ilic ,il At- Inntic Cily, where she worked as a hotel desl; clcrlt and telephone' operator. An ainioitnceincnt radioed from his 'yacht s:iitl lie was nbovit-lo plunge her into tin. 1 seas of imitrimony, cxpccliiiK lo mnkc • her' his bride »>IIDII tlm iwirly ''"<li. n Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMETKISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Sloro "WE BIAKK ''EM SEE" Phone 510 RITE PRICE GROCERY SlALS !! iU'l'K 1>1UCKS DAILY - - IJICHT MAIMUOT IN, lit li. Miiln In Old I'. O. Illdft. .Phone 231 :'. We Deliver; CaiHivii or Maxwell' House No. 2 Ciin CR1CAM AIF-AI, 2-1-lib. Siifk." ' SYRUI', White k ' • ' K( ±i* 'Fresh 'Ground: "iiiHJ " ' ' COUN, Sw.«cl.Kicld. .' (MC PICKLKH;' Crcen 1!. N«- ^ Can Ui Sour 'or Dili. Host. Fancy 'Slici'd: ^VAT.i. . . »iii<llcss, 1,1). .•tOc.-.K.iml-On. [,!). t'KACHKS, Fancy 101C Kviil).'; ,^'r-i;ii,i62 PKAS, (ioldcii Dawn .AC Pcitil Poiri.-.No. 2 Can '<>'.;, CQHN, :pHtle or III. lAC No. 2 Can .." f . J,y SALnl()/J, ; : Alaska '', ;()C Chum. i, 1,1). 'Cani'/jJ'.'. i\l;u-;uoni , Cooking Niiv'y. ' l.h. /I SA1/J', -Boiv^c;' 25-.l,b. Sack '.. , I'-LOUK, Good Kilo, H. If. Only. S Ihs LSc; "(J IU.M|«.',32c; 21) Ihs. .SHOUTKNINCij. White'.''• !? ItiWoiij Lliig-h'' (inidc, ;' |j Cmliihy's- Ik'.sl HI,AIR'S I'l- Ccrlilietl, 2<l Ih.s. j.: j.i'¥J? ' . .Creamery. • ;? I^TATO^S, Srtiiilli; ; Ncw. ' ? ""•• '•' '•'>• f Heads. HA'I'S - T. A. Diiviij ISoyr'in Charge ijf nliivkct ',- Fresh, Good. ],h. i . Pkg.. . Iti 1 ; Grade SPARE RIBS Koasl. l.flin or Uound. Lh. HBKF KOAST, Fancy. ' I'RUNKS, I.jje. 40/50 . •I Lbs. -'( PORK .Steak, ;Rbast Lean Slinnlclcr. Lh. 102 i l.'ORK CHOI'S, Fancy Lean Cuts, Ib 23c; Center Culs, J,l). '.lo.wls II) lli'/zc; Sides, Lit. SALT MB AT, Funcy Grades. Plates, |li II 'i/ t THURSDAY,. MAY: 21,: 19S(i. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FRIDAY & SATURDAY'. NECK BONES45° Ji... i)o/,.5 c MATCHK^f VIENNA^ t . /v.'^Cans J' . -' 2', MACARONI i, ti ; sra 5 <; ONIONS :™'r,, l , s .5 t PRUNES s APPLES-^S-iLSV PORK ' & >«EANS Van t-C I UllJtV i',Cjtm|). : Cah3 TOMATOES ^A'lir'P' Sim-ling. >C *yyiM ,»t t ,, e 5 f|HA{'B;F! " ""'';' •",'; /'No. ! Can iT5 c iTOMATO""m5 : If POL1SH : Paste [ .... Hoxf WAX PAPM TISSUE ^"L.-S MFAF Iiest ^ rcnm al£tt\L 2.1-Lh. Sac Stcamhoat Gal. I ARH Vc 8«s«ole' L/rtUU s-l.b. Carl Carlon S Special -\ aC Kach 11-!' JP^.-^SU f ' I7Q Sour, or 1O1C JIM Dill 01. 162 M Peerless .... . !)-oz. Hox i-ALl fo-Lh. Sack 15,. SUGAR .aJIJ Domino C'UUfUlPowd. Jjnv SU6AR Bn J15 mi ^ T VINEGAR. "S. I2i d T"\TT\¥\ r'Hix'f. 11 i KlKli ""Avl'jl, I'VCllClOC DlaU ,, k|r S Hunch PIG LIVER ^ J5 C Cottage '-|(|C Sm. nr :j Lee.- Lard Snow While Compound Wi(h Fresh Meats Pound Tomatoes (2 Limit) Stiiinliird Nir. Z Can Salt Meat Host Sfrcakod Pound Corn Springliine, (2 l.imil) No. 2 C'iin 5c Bacon , Key. Sliced Ktt'ik Pound 27c Texas Green Fine for Slaw Pi! UN (I Ic Salt Meat For l!niliii(j I'otind lOc SpareRjbs__H_12lc PQstToasties .!r 5k tnglish Peas "a Backbone Ib. 5c Greenjeart^^ Kraut i: '*s SA IllUUt 2 l>»i,nds Jt Cucumbers Fresh ••/-W s HC -. Pound icnic Hams Grapefruit Large Scedlesa Each 6c liedRibRoa^^ 15c •I,.vk-We . 2-Lh. Hox Pork Shoulder a-20c Tomatoes Cheese 10c AVisconsin ''nil Cream Pound 18!c 1 U .1-1 . 19c Spring Lamb Forcritr, Lb. !7'/2C Log'Uoiisl, Lb. 21c Butter Process (2 Lb. Limit) Pound. 23k Beef Roast Chuck, Lb. -.- - 15c Thick Hib, I A'. \lVt<- Making Powder 1-Lb. Can 19c Maxwell House Coffee "Good To The Lasf. Pound 23c TEA LiyUon's Orange Pekoe V t Lb. Can 21c APPLES "' lnt Z.. 10 C J urn ho tAC Slaik IV BELL I>81II>BR8 ' IJ , If CATSUP "SUfl c MUSTARD Q , 10 C Gulf I'aklAC Can 111 CHERRIES "c CORN ""'S,.1 S. W Amor. Wonder 1AC No. 2 Can 11! SARDINES A f Sir ^ryslal White 1AC !l Lge. liars IV SOI)A Arm & Iliimmcr 3 lor LUX ' FLAKES liox BON AMI 1>owli riO t; APPLES Evill) i,,>. 10 C ;s Ev "!'.,,io' KARO Klue Lal)Ic 1 }/i Can ,'TC Stokely's int.! •ilO' No. 2V, Can lu '1'OT'ATOKS 1AC 2!/i Can 1U SALMON Ta?'ca, 28-oz. Can CORN K\ ltl 10 c Libby's J\o bby's 1A( o. 1 Can 1U CHANGE J "' C L 16 C GINGER r,s VANILLA : SS.1JF ENS & FftYERS COCONUT I5a Sr 9 e CERTO Hotllc SUGAR Cloth'''!!!,, JELLO A " ^K 5i c i/ 2 LI,. Box I 2 PIMENTOS c r 8 C 'ALAD DRESSING 9QC ) Sterling, Quart PEANUT MARTINI cS; PINTO " KANS ,,, 5 C NAVY BEANS ,,,.4 C P'ffAC Schnnl 1)a >'s 0.^ FH'jfto' Early .June. CanJ? nnn Kooi) vkioi '- v i^ c X^VU Can <^ Shihlcy BcslOHiC 21-Lh. Sntk O/

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