The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1945
Page 9
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. ,;r^W;' ; --' ! ^;ff'-=Kf^ Iowa, Jtttife ?» 1848 VACA1MRSCH m IN LAKOTA CHURCH Lakota: Vacation Bible school was held last Week in the Meth* odist church With the &ev. and Mrs. <B, Cass and Catherine Becker as teachers. A splendid pro* gram was given by the children at ; the morning service, Sunday. Songs, exercises, memory work, etc., was demonstrated to the audience. Of special interest .was an exercise by three girls Consisting of a salute to the U. J§. flBg t the Christian flag and the Bible- The collection by classes to the Crusade of Christ campaign resulted in about $16. The Sunday school picnic was held Wednesday as an annual finale of the Bible school. Bob Hamilton and Bob Beemer are both in service in the Pacific. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beemer received a letter from their son last week SiyMf Bets .f&Mtbfi. statlonM Jn tht fmiitlipl&e'g M€$awft to Me* lieri, wlttate fi&fc Seemer is sta* ti6ftetf and the beys enjoyed a real old. tlmfe visit* MM. Vf, ft fell aftd two sons spent last Week at clear Lake. faye and ,F efne Olthoff were callers at the •Johh Oorenbush last Week Sunday. Patricia 'Mlttag ..came home Sunday from ft week's Visit With her sisters at Emmetsburg. Mr. and (Mrs, Martin Ryken, Ackley, Is., were Visitors at the C/C. oerzema home, Sunday. Lois Johnsoti spent most of last week visiting friends at arinnell, returning to Algona via bus Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ailts, New Richmond, Wis., spent the .weekend visiting Henry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Ailts. The Elmer Ddw family of Sheffield, !&., were Sunday visitors at the Harry Mussmans. Mrs.»DoW is a sister oi Mr. Mussman. Last Chick Hatch June 13 t, S. Approved—U, S, Paliorwnt Tested MORE POULTRY MEAT IS NEEDED. Book your order now. DUCKLINGS until the week of June 18th. TURKEY POULTS until June 26th. Write or phone direct, or see our repteaentatlve nearest yeu. '-.,-'• SWEA CITY HATCHERY SWEA crrr, IOWA PHONE 35 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1 UIVERNE SOLDIER WRITES OF LIFE INTHEHAWAflANS Sgt. Howard Wille, son of Mr, and Mrs. Otto Wille, who has been stationed in the southwest Pacific area for several months is now on. Oahu, island in Hawaii, Following Is a portion of a letter received from Howard .by Art Riley. Dear Art: "I'm sorry that I haven't written more often, but about the time I get in the mood to write letters something always comes up to spoil it for me. To tell the truth the longer I'm over here the harder it gets for me to write. My work is pretty well caught up how for tonight, so I'll try to get a few lines off to you. Right now I 'am far away from the transportation corps When I KOSSUTH COUNTY Plat Books 12 x 16 inches, 59 pages, showing all townships in colors, with landowners names, roads and drainage districts. Only plat book of the county now in print; To close out at— Only a Few Left ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Anderson and daiighter, Sherry Lou, and Bernadine Gerzema spent several days last week fishing at Minnesota lakes. Mrs. William Hunzelman, Des Moines, was a visitor at the Dr. H. H. Murray home last week. She Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Murray. Mrs. Guy Beemer and brother, Bill Booher drove. to Nevada, la. for a week-end visit with their father, J. P. Booher, who is not in the best of health. The Presbyterians held their daily vacation Bible school last week with the Rev. and • Mrs. Buschman and Fanchon and Paustine Heetland as teachers., Diana, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder, was brought home,from the hospital at Blue .Earth following an operation tor appendicitis early last week. Mrs. Wilbur Wirtjes and sister, Irene Johnson, drove to Frost, Minn., Sunday to meet Esther and Elizabet^ Pfingsten, of Worthing) ton, who came for a visit with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. George Baumann and family helped Mrs. Augus' Baumann celebrate her birthday Sunday. Mrs. Margaret Wineberger and Anna Baumann were also callers. Irene Johnson, Marian Sleper and Edna Dontje left Tuesday for Colorado Spriiigs, Colo., for three weeks' visit .with Lillie am Viola Wirtjes, who are employed at the Colorado Springs college. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swartz, Lakota, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Persig and family, Blue Earth, Minn, 'and Mr. and Mrs. John Wibbin Lakota, were Sunday dinner guests at the Walter Klockes, hear Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. -Anderson and .daughter, Sherry Lou,_drove to West Union Sunday for a visi with Mrs. Anderson's parents, Mr and Mrs. Ballard, and her brother Allan Ballard and wife. Allan is spending a furlough on his return from service in Europe. Ifttfc , Culling is an every day program, The minute a hen stops laying she stops paying lor her'board and room. Get rid of her, £u)J out the nQn>Jayers, w|th the; catching h9okj;:and make-\ irponv; for the ones that have a l^ing jofe to d.p, Sell all the old hens by Sept 1st, theni wth he'atltliy 6ft Caleddnia and caftie tb k assigned to aft 6iftgiftfe« vlation branch which wdUld have eeh my second choice if I Wbtild ave anything to do about it. You've been in the army 86 y6u now how much anyotte Mas to ay about where he is t6 b^ a'sslgh- d. I will say I did get in a good utfit although . they put me in ere as a platoon sergeant arid I ad forgotten what little 1 ever id know about administration vork. In due time I may get the ang of it all, but until I do it eally is keeping me on the jump. just got out of the hospital the ay before I left Caledonia. I've only been 1 to Honolulu nee and that was on business, so can't tell you too much about ome of the so-called famous laces of the island One thing I :ave found and that is that this s a climate something like one vould wish for and couldn't have. t' is never too hot, and it has ever been too cold The flights re perfect for sleeping Of course hey have some good sized mosqui- oes around here and Would give ne a ibad time if he didn't have mosquito bar That is one thing could never figure out aboilt he natives down under, no matter ow bad the mosquitoes were they lever thought of using a mosquito ar, and even the few New Zea- anders in Fiji never worried bout them after-, they had been lere a few years Maybe the American soldier is more afraid f a mosquito than he is of a ap. Well Art, I guess writing about his good climate has made me leepy as sleep is getting the best f me, so I'll have to-sign off for now and hit that good old sack of minei As ever, Howard." Mr. and Mrs. William Goetsch #ere Ft. Dodge shoppers- Monday afternoon. Thelma Baumgartner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baumgartner s ill with scarlet fever. Miss Ruth Noland, of Le.Mars spent several days visiting at the lome of Esther Merkle. The Ernest 'Merkle Legion posl STo. 664 held its regular meeting Tuesday evening, June 5. Mr. and Mrs. William Hess, ol Des Moines, were visitors recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Toohey. Norman and Dale Larmier went to Des Moines the last of the week where they will have their tonsils removed. Mrs. James Seville,. of Montomery, Ala., is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs Art Dimler. .Mrs. George Tiede returned to her h6me in Des Moines after spending a few days here visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Lawrence Muschcamp anc son, Jimmy, of Minneapolis, Minn is visiting at> the home of her father, M. L. Barton. Mrs. Jack La* Warne and son John, of Ft. Dodge, spent a few days visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Rogers Nadine Wittenburg and Norma Hippen attended the Walther League convention which was helc June 1, 2 and 3, at Lake Okoboji Mrs. ,C. O. McClellan: is spending several 'days vsiting at th home,-of her daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Powell at Yale Iowa. ^ Commercal 'club' held it monthly meeting in the city hal Monday evening, May 28. The members of the J. J. club served the dinner. Edward Hinz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hinz, came honr recently from tfi'e Azores islands where he has been working for the past several months. The Cemetery association wil meet Thursday a/fternoon, May 14 in the city hall. Hostesses are Mrs Lloyd Smith, Mrs. Archie Sanford and Mrs'i Fred Schneider. Mr. and Mrs. Joe'Norcross ar tha parents of a 9 pound, 11 ounce, baby girl born Saturday June 2, at a hospital in Belmond They have two other children. Harold Schipull, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schipull, returned homi from Ft. Snellin'g, Minn., recently where he had received his physical prior to entering the army, Eugene Ruby, of the army, son of Mrs. Andrew Thompson, o Humiboldt, visited Wednesday alf^ernoon at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Lewis Wittenburg. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith and sons, Larry and Jerry, also Petty Officer and Mrs. Richard Smith visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and IVfrs. Nelson in Eagle Grove. The Women's Missionary society of the Evangelical church will meet Thursday noon at the park for a picnic. Mrs. Frank Wilkinson, Of Corwitjh, will speiak in the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith and sons, Jerry,and Larry, and Petty Officer and Mrs. Richard Smith spent Friday/ and ' Saturday in Clear Lake visiting at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Prank Green. Rev, and Mrs, Rpbert Phillips arrived home iFriday from Oska- JoOsa where'they hafl spent a few days visiting.relatives. Their chil* dren Jp«n; and 'Pean remained for a. longer visit wJt|> their grand- parents.Y'^'/Vv-y : 'Mrs.- JVC-©Igon, gt Minneapolis, Mrs, Henry Hjstankp: ai»4 'Mrs. Fre4 Qf.GJrner,; Mrs. Fntz BrJtt r, of -.Ha** Wednesday atIQjf h^ Mr, an(}, and children and also his par- nts, Mr. and Mfs. Ed Hof, Sgt. lof was taken prisoner by the Germans in December and was ust recently liberated. Mr. and Mr& Fred Merkle went o Boxholm, Monday, to attend uneral services for Mrs. Merkle's :randmother, Mrs. Carrie Lehman, who was 85 years old. She has «en making her home with her laughter-in-law, Mrs. Emma Lehman, prior to her death. The local rire truck was called out about 12 o'clock Saturday night to the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wolf to put out a blaze that had started on the oof of the brooder house. Ten of he 50 turkeys there were in the brooder house were killed. Mrs. Russell Courtney returned o her home in Lexington, 111., after spending several days visit- ng at the home of her parents, . and Mrs. William Larmier and with other relatives. Mrs. Courtney's niece, Rita Larmier, returned home with her to spend a acation. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Schnetzer are the parents of an eight sound baby boy born Wednesday, Vlay 30, at the General hospital in Algona. This is their first child and he has been named James Allan. Mrs. Schnetzer is the former Barbara Ann Blumer, daugh- er of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Blumer. Guests Sunday atf the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hof were Mr. and Mrs. Russell / Rolins and daughter, Margaret, of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Reed and son, immy, of Aigona, and also Mrs. Billy Hof and children, Charles and Joeine of AJgona. Sgt. Hof arrived Sunday to spend a fur- ough with relatives. Miss Stephanie Cowling, Maynard Henderson and Kenneth Wittenburg went to Dunnell, Minn., Saturday to attend the wedding of Miss Lillian Roggow and William Krause which took place Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Lutheran church in Dunnell. Miss Cowling played the wedding march and the other rriusie for '" •"' ' ••'• '.:-'.'- 1 '""."r».r.';: : ;";.'.i ; the wedding. KHenneth Wittenburg I May«aM sang "The Lord's Player" and eaiiftk" . WANTED We are looking for townspeople and farmers who need -$50, $100, $150, $200 or More. You can borrow thru us to pay bills, taxes—buy fuel, clothes and winter necessities. Car repairs, home improvements—or any emergency. Repay monthly or on a farmer payment plan. FARMERS! We have a special LOAN PLAN to help you buy stock, farm machinery, or for any farm use. Individual payment plan allows you Jo repay when you sell your^ products. SEE US TODAY L. S. BOHANNON Phone 103 Algona, Iowa 1 A Summer Shelter Means More Poultry Profits m A summer shelter for pullets is not a luxury. It's the key to more profitable poultry production ... a part of the ALL-PULLET LAYING FLOCK PROGRAM. Pullets should be separated from the cockerels at 12 weeks . . .given room to grow—forage on clean range. Clean ground means freedom from disease too. The shelter is ea'sy to build, costs a postage stamp per pullet yearly. ' . Range Feeders, Range Waterers Save Labor—We Have the Plans, Materials If the summer shelter'doesn't have attached feeders and waterers, supply range feeders and waterers. They should be used if the cockerels in the brooder house are on range too. They save time and labor. See us about plans, materials. F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 ALGONA sill Your Dealer Has It... A BIG SUPPLY OF PATIENCE m •••'Jr&K ; '»4C If All of us can thank the neighborhood business man for doing a whale of a wartime job. Short of help and with many empty shelves, he has striven to give each family its fair share, JJe h^s labored late anj often over Nation yesowte and changes jn regulations. HcrJ^af been co-operative and uncompMn- ing. Eej»e«*b^|n£ tfcpse people who have pulled together in a great awakening of the traditional American spirit, They hjave amazed themselves and the world with , their ingenuity, fTbey have found security in self-reliance. 1-hey have voweji not to slacken page imtH wjnplete victory No Jtes$ important, they are serves,-he keeps on buying War »f wbi» to make ours an even fcettej? »,*« 'mi^ppji^^-. •flBi^^^K^^^^^^^K' : ~.' ;^^F-^^^-..- T^SI(^^\ .^^^^fs^w^^Mi^piMp^^.'^^jji-.v- i-

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