The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1945
Page 2
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>rV WR V , 4 , THREE SOLDIERS HONOREDATSWEA EAGLE DINNER A week ago last Sunday a dinner jparty was hjeld at the Walter C. Peterson home in honor of three service men home on leave. They were T-Sgt. Ellis Jongberg, Arden Jongberg and Pvt. LoWell D. Larson. Present were"-toe John J6ng- (bergs, Emil Torines, Fred Larsons, Francis Petersons, Floyd Treats, Mrs. 'Ellis Jongberg, Mary Tlsh, Phyllis Johnson and Mrs. Gordon Graham, the latter oi Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Drew are parents of a son born Tuesday, May 29. Mr. and Mrs. Lenus Peterson are parents of a son born Saturday, June 2. Just Received CARLOAD OF STEEL POSTS CARLOAD OF WOVEN WIRE AND BARB WIRE We have lots of lumber to build with if you have a rating. BETTER COME IN AND SEE US. Botsford Lumber Co* Phone 256 Jim Pool \ Mrs. Gordon Gfahafti, loo, recently spent a short- stay •with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson. T-Sgt. Orvall ThorstJh, son <rf O. L. Thors'on, has rgturfled to Las VegtKN. M., after spending and a short furlough here. Mrs. Walter Wlckstfom small daughter, Linda, of St. Paul, returned home Tuesday after a 3-day visit at the John Jongberg home, « Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Moore, of Buffalo Center, are parents of a son born Thursday, May 24. The Moores formerly lived 'here, moving to Buffalo Center last March. > Selmer Uhr and Ada IJhr of Minneapolis, and Alice Uhr of Seattle, Wash., were Sunday visitors at a Fort Dodge hospital where their mother, Mrs. A. K. Uhr, is a patient. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Olson, of Algona, stopped in Swea City Sal* urday night to greet friends. They had been in Fairmont to attend the funeral of a friend Saturday afternoon. T-Sgt. Ellis Jongberg and wife left Sunday for Cheeksaw, Okla., where the' sergeant will return to the hospital after spending a 30- day furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Jongberg. Arden Jongberg, A. S., who has comlpleted Ms boot training at reat Lakes, spent a 9-day fur- iough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Jongberg. He returned to Great Lakes Thursday for further assignment. Walter C. Peterson accompanied his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. William Peterson, of Bancroft, to St. Paul. Minn., Friday where they attended the graduation exercises last Saturday for Evelyn Peterson from Northwestern Bible school. The William Peterson, daughter, Wilma, and another daughter, also attending the same sdhool returned home with the party Sunday. Okinawa Natives In Vaults; Soil lon« In MM Lieut. Phillip fi. Rock boy, now se?Vfni marines on the Jap- infested lslan< of Okinawa, Writes interestingly of people and conditions on tn island to his bfbther, Arnold Jbhn Reiliy, of near Lone Rock. Lt Rellly is a son Of the late tf, W Reiliy, and volunteered Iff July 1941. At the marine base in San Mrs. Donald Robison visited last week for several days with relatives at Dayton, la. 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I •Every item offered in this ' ftd jo A combination doftl u available to purcha«er separately and individually at, applied bio CTi "THE fRIENpLY ?TORE" OEAIER HOUSEHOLD ASSORTMENT Diego, Calif., he specialized in radio and was an instructor. there prior to his shipment to the Jap area. He is married and has one child. His family lives in San Diego. Phillip's letter, written on Okinawa and dated April 19, says in part: . . Island Quaint and Beautiful "This island is quite a place. It is the nearest thing to Japan Itself, so I am told. The island is quaint and 'beautiful in spite of 'being all torn up from shelling and bombing. The people look very much dike Japs, are very small'ln stature and dress like the Jap peasants you see in the movies. They are principally farmers and very primitive. Their fields arc small plots about like a good sized garden back home and are all worked toy hand. They are terraced into the gradual slope of the •hill sides, which slope up from the water. Their principal crops are cabbage, sweet potatoes, beans, carrots and a little wheat. I have seen a few rice paddies but rice doesn't seem to be so popular here. They raise quite a few hogs and I guess that's the reason for the wheat. Their main food is pork and sweet potatoes, supplemented by all sorts of fish and sea food. Plenty of Goats There are a lot of goats on the WESLEY NEWS Miss Mildred Fox spent Sunda at the Louis Loebig home at Gold field,, ,;•;;- . <•;•• The 4-H club met Thursda evening at the home of Elain Mullin. The United Service Wome will meet at their rooms Thursda evening, June 14. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ricke spen over Decoration day with, ho parents at Ogden. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnsoi visited her brother, Art Larsoi and family at Renwick, Sunday. Mrs. L. L. Pfeffer and thre children have gone to Traer fo a visit at the home of her father Miss Laura Ann Miller, a 194 graduate of the local public school is attending Hamilton college in Mason City. Mrs. Anna Seiverseike of Storj City spent last week here at thi home of her daughter, Mrs. Sam Alne and family. Mr. and Mrs. Will Martinek were guests Friday evening at fish dinner at the Clarence Mechler home in Titonka. Miss Ardean Monson, a 1945 graduate of the local public school is now employed as bookkeeper a the Park Inn hotel in Mason City Mrs. Louis Lickterg and Mrs. J P. Hauptmam were hostesses to the Catholic Missionary society a the parish hall Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carson Simpson and Gloria were last Sunday guests at the home of their son Stanley Simpson and family, near Burt. Miss Thelma Oppedall went to Luverne Saturday where on Sunday she attended a bridal showei honoring her cousin, Katherine Putzstuck. Miss Mary Ann Kellner, a postulant at St. Francis convent, Milwaukee, Wis., is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kellner, and her sisters and brothers. Peter Wirth of Story City arrived here last week and is staying at the home of his sister, Mrs. George Hildman, where he will spend several weeks doing carpenter work. Jerrold Wingert, who attended Trinity college at Sioux City arrived home Thursday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wingert. He is studying for the priesthood. Al Wagner, employed in Mason City spent over Decoration day here with his wife. They attended memorial services at Corwith that afternoon. The Wagners formerly lived at Corwith. Stanley, Vincent and Cletus Studer, who atetnded St. Lawrence school at Mt- Calvary, Wis., the past year arrived home Sunday to spend their vacation at the' parental J. P. Studer home. • Mrs. Ruth Kunz and daughter, Mrs. Jack Voss end little son, of Madison Wis. visited from Tuesday to Saturday morning here at the home of Mrs. Marie Kunz and other relatives and friends. Miss Ruth Forburger was honored at a pre-nuptial shower at St. Joseph's hall Sunday afternoon by -a group of relatives and friends. She received many pretty and useful gifts'for her home. Miss Forburger will become the bride of Lawrence Yppigwirth on June 12 at St. Joseph's Catholic church. island and althiouffi I've heard twere are aisw ntttirl havs yst t« see a single bossy, They false the goats principally for milk 1 guess. Their hogs are mostly Poland China and 6f obviously gdod breeding. Theif hordes atfe $itl* ful, much like the Indian ponies or westerns back Home, / Dead In Vaults "They have a quaint custom here. They bury their dead in concrete vaults hewn out of the rocks in the hill sides. When a person dies the body is placed in a wooden box in a sitting position and then placed in a vault. They leave it there for a period of three years after which there is little left but the skeleton. They take what remains out and purify the bones In alcohol and then place them in huge porcelain urns and stack them back in the vault. Every year they hold ceremonies inside the vault, something like our memorial day, I guess. Man Is the Big: Shot "They are like the Japs in that man is the boss and the women are little more than slaves. They bow to you every time you turn around. I guess they learned that from the Japs, too. They are filthy in their living habits and they keep their live stock practically in the same room In their miserable shtfftks. The climate is similar to Southern California, warm in the day time and very cool at night. In fact the more blankets (the better here. "I do not (find much time nor 5s it easy to write. We are so blamed busy here in the day time and at night It is mostly blackout. Give the folks my regards and I hope to be seeing them soon."—Phil." " a swtdffy inflfcf gtiest at ti of her aunt find nffiele, Mr, and Mrs. Alfred OpheM and family^ Mf. aftd far*. Everett Steven and Anne Mat-is spent Sunday visiting at the Home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aibftl Genriek, hear Ed Fitch received a telegram Sunday morning from the war department that his son, Pvt. Lyle Fitch was killed In action In the south Pacific, May 15., Mrs. Pearl Beukema and children were Suriday dinner guests at the home of her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Azarski, near Kan'awha. •Mrs. Everett Steven received h telephone call Monday from her mother, Mrs. Albert Genrdh at Luverne that her grandmother Mrs. Hailed, fell and broke her hip. Mrs. Haller makes her home 'with her daughter, Mrs. Genrich,' and Is 84 years old. She was taken' to a Fort DOdge hospital. A large number >of Sexton H.W.POST! Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. "Every load insured against lost or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and Haul- Ing. 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THESE ITEMS ARE PLENTIFUL AT NATIONAL CEREALS 8cl 11-01. rite. y£': 14c 6V4-o«. Pkg. 12c FORT DEARBORN CORN FLAKES POST'S BRAN FLAKES KELLOOG'S RICE KRISPIES POST'S—ORAPENDXS FLAKES *£~ 14c BREAKFAST CEREAL—OREAH OF WHEAT %?22c BREAKFAST CEREAL COCO WHEATS m . 21 c QUICK OR REGULAR Quaker Oats . \^T 27c N.B.C. • SHREDDED WHEAT ?£• 12c SPANISH Salted Peanuts u ROASTED IN IHE SHELL.' PEANUTS ... „, DRIED CEREALS GREEN , SPLIT PEAS . . ££ 14c STAR-UI GREAT NORTHERN DRIED BEANS %? 24c YELLOW , SPLIT PEAS.. P £ 14c WATEBMAID— BLUE ROSE RICE ..... . MAHATMA— LONG RICE..: NATIONAL BREAD Wholewheat ££ lOc NATIONAL **•* V Pan Rolls ... **%• 6c BCTTERKRDST—RYU , HARDTACK .. Pk , 12c NATIONAL—RAISIN FELLED Coffee Cake .. *«„ 15c PLAIN OR CINNAMON TOAST Butterkrust .. 1P ti b> 26c FRUIT JUICES AND FRUIT DRINKS CANNED VEGETABLES '*' 13c . GRAIN NUTS AND NUT MEATS BAKERY GOODS HAZEL Walnut Meats HAZEL Pecan Meats . NATIONAL JUMBO ENRICHED .White Bread D ^!Lflle I NATIONAL Rye Bread ... £2. lOc NATIONAL BREAD Cracked Wheat IS; lOc GRAPEFRUIT—10 PU. JUICE ...... ROOD * MCLEAN APPLE JUICE LAKESHOBE . PRUNE JUICE HEALTHFUL DRINK ORANGE JUICE 10 POINTS Tojnato Juice. 14c 3J-oi. Bottle CREAM^OTLE-^OL-. Del Monte Corn NATIONAL CORN—30 ] Whole Kernel %£• 13c WHObE KERNEL CORN—SO ft*. Niblets ...... *££• 14c SWEET OIRL—CUT—I dun, 10 Pit. ' Green Beans . *££• 15c STOKELS'S—CUT— » O«u, 10 Ft*. ' Green Beans . *££• 15c WHITE TAG—CHIP ' Diced Beets .. 3 £L* 9c LIBBr'S—CHOPPED Carrots '<£'• 5c 40 POINTS Tomatoes ... >%£• 13c PIECES AND STEMS Mushrooms .. tj£' 36c VAN CAMP'S Baked Beans . PHILLIP'S Pork & Beans Qlau M-oi. Can DRIED FRUITS CALIFORNIA VENUS DATES . SCNMAID—SEEDED PUFFED RAISINS FANCY PEACHES CHOICE SEEDLESS RAISINS ....... l-Ib. 1-lb. SALAD DRESSING AND SAUCES SWEET GIPL Salad Dressta . 2? 22c French Dressing £% I2c SWEET GIBL " ww Salad Dressing . <£• 12c STEAK SAUCE * ™* A.I 5AUQE .... £&*9c DURKEE'8 8AUCB "™* Worceittrthiri . £& 12c SWEET nnuur-io P(f, "•»••»• 14-M. ttkf* * 9 * f * t BgltM <• VW SOUP AND SOUP MIXES BEVERAGES HEBSHEV'S COCOA SWEET QIBL—FANCW BLACK TEA .... TEA BALLS , TENDERLEAF .. OUB BBEAKFA8T COFFEE , NASH'S OB HILLS' COFFEE . NEW WAV TO DRINK VITAMINS BORDEN'S HEMO otS 59c MOUNTAIN GROWN FLAVOR Folftr'sCoffei.V V«' 33c MEATS—FISH CHICKENS "" Lb. l-lb. GIMI */• * . • HOUSEHOLD NEEDS •&&. eoe» «*., t& 23. .sas' | wn... 1 ONIA WoWe«f PICKS FEET wrr;.. LKB SOUP MIX WILSON'S Soup f • 111 mtwmww^Wfvmw^S 9 i SSS/T..... 16

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