The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1945 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1945
Page 6
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811 Slpttai tapper 9 North bodge Street '*."W. HAOGARO & ft. B. WALLER, Publishers Intered as Second Class Matter at the P°stoffic8 «t Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3, 1,678. isstied Weekly. NATIONAL EDITOR! AL_ -it W ASSOCJATIQN First Place Award Winner, 1933, Iowa's Most Outstanding: Weekly, Judged by State University of Iowa THE ALGONA UPPER DBS MOINES SERVICE FLAG Richard Sheldon * Robert Ditsworth Russell B. Waller -K Paul Arne Pedersen -K SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance .........$2.50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year $4.00 Single Copies 1C SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance .........$3.00 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Ad-. vance in combination, per year $8.00 No subscriptions less than 8 months. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch —42c Editorial By J. W. Haggard Winston Churchill Resigns Winston Churchill, prime minister of England, resigned last week and will insist on a vote oC cofidence it he is to continue to guide the ship oii state. Churchill had stated that he would resign at the conclusion of the war with Japan, but the labor party toy refusing to collaborate with Churchill's policies longer, has caused him to resign earlier than expected. A .temporary government will be formed by Churchill to act until July 5, when it is thought the election will ba held. It seems that the labor leaders want to socialize Great Britain and run things their own way, substantially changing the whole form o£ government. They call themselves "liberals" and the Churchill government is made'up of conservatives. For many years the conservatives have been greatly in the majority, and with Churchill, the grand old fighter, a popular hero, it looks none itoo good for the success of the laborites in the July election. Churchill formed a coalition government at the beginning of the" war, made up of members o£ both parties. It certainly was his determination and fighting spirit that has carried England through the darkest days that this war brought them and it would seem that he would receive the credit that he had so well earhed By 6n overwhelming vote. Thete Ms been fib election in England for the past fiveryear'S and no one feels able to guaie the exact feelih'g of the people under the vastly changing world of today. However, it would be surprising indeed for the English to dump Churchill at the height eft his personal popularity. If it had not been for Churchill there would be rio England and Hitler would be in control of that kingdom. It would seem. the height of idiocity after the recent, death of President Roosevelt for another strong man to be taken from the councils of the powers at this delicate juncture in the questions of the peace. German Generals Said to Be Drug Fiends It is said that it has developed that many o£ the most cruel and 'beastly of the bi<g German overlords, including a great number of the military leaders headed by Hitler, are drug addicts and some of the most beastly and cruel crimes have been ordered by drug crazed minds. It may be true and it may not, but we suspect that there is a lot of truth in the report. It does not seem possbile that even a low down German mind could commit the bloody and inhuman crimes against helpless men, women and children, to say nothing of the wanton murder of prisoners of war proven against them, unless their minds were dulled with drugs. It is known that when German Field Marshal Van Kleist was taken prisoner the other day 'by the Allies his 'baggage was found to be crowded with morphine and hypodermic needles and other narcotic drugs. OC course most people, in this country at least, have long considered Hitler -a maniac with'a mind perhaps deadened toy drugs and whose fiendish acts has made the real old devil look like a piker. Himmler, who killed himself the other day by taking a dose of cyanide of potassium, a drug w.hioh meant instant death, was perhaps the most brutal of all the Germans next to Hitler himself, is said to have carried this deadly drug on his person, perhaps having a premonition of his end. It is too bad that the entire membership of the Nazis party cannot 'be given the same dose that ended Himmler. iim AI iHii df TWi Nbt Opinions of Other Editors Waukon Republican-Standard: An editor o£ a weekly newspaper commenting on the fact that his paper sometimes made mistakes in its news columns, says he had made more in his last issue and that a good'subscriber told him about it. He goes on to relate that about the same day there was a letter in his post office 'box that did not belong to him; he called for No. 98 on the telephone and got 198; he asked for a spool of No. 50 thread and got No. 60; he got his milk bill and there was a mistake of 10 cents in 'his favor; he felt sick and the doctor said he was eating too much meat and he hadn't tasted meat for two months; the preacher turned in his church notes with the name of the ladies' aid society president mis-spelled, and the editor got the blame for it and the garage man said the car was missing 'because it needed a new distributor, he cleaned a spark plug and it has run ever since. Yes, indeed, editors do make mistakes—and about every thousand years, so do other people. **•»** your PORCH FURNITURE fesi Wallukait Wins Marksman Medal. Assigned to B-29 Duane Wallukrait, who has been training with the army air forces at Amarilla, Texas, has been assigned as a mechanic on a B-29 Fortress. He.recently was awarded two medals, one for a pistol marksman and the other for carbine sharp shooting. Duane was the only one in his company to win the two medals. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wal- lukait. It .now 'develops tihat ihe man'in Algoha to w^af si hat this spring! was Clafehb<f lips, secretary of the ' Chamber of Commerce, aftd Dr. Janse saw the atra^ hat h6 hastened home and dug 6Ut his sttaw and the two g6h,ts< to they're still geritlemenreveti ihp they violate my straw hat *e|«* lations with impunity aftd dls-, dain. and Unafraid, and Secfetary Phillips ;wants to know-whWe d<j I get my authority to declare the 1st of June'the official-Straw hat day, and that's easily explained because on account of there haSnt been but two days in May when a guy could wear a sttaw hat, with- ear laps and so I picked the .1st day of June to- save yanking out ear laps every other day or so. Dr. Janse says it's my age makes me that way and Mr. ^hlllips says its my ignorance and maybe they're both right (because on account , of I've got gobs of years behind me and I've always been more or less ignorant, so to speak. But June"Jjt Is still Jhe official straw hat day and I'll stick by that even if Art Cogley puts me n the hoosegow for it. Anyway I haven't got a straw hat since my last year's models, three of 'em, were burned on the main drag publicly several months ago. "',.-. This is a funny world .sometimes although it ain't alway a laughing matter. Here are two high class gents operating the linotypes on the two Algona newspapers. Over at the Advance office Senator Duane Dewel is setting the type because on account of the regular operator, Rudy Guderian, is ill, and on the Upper Des Moines Ex-senator Chris Reese is setting the type because on account of Van Wiley, erstwhile operator, hied himself off to Utah to set type, not to join the Mormons he said, and here you have it, two politicians, the senator a republican and. me a democrat, picking away at the linotype keyboards. Of course it isn't necessary that you have to serve in the state legislature to be a linotype operator and neither of us are so doggoned tickled about it, but we are 'both doing a good jab in order that the thousands of perusers of the UDM and the'Advance may get their weekly reading, material, so to speak. I find that at least one person in Kossuth agrees with me as to the low jowled guy who thinks we print too much about the boys and girls in the service., Here's a .etter I received the other day: Dear Mr. Reese: . The person mentioned in tne Ravings that .thinks too much of space Is given ta the artC'Womettvii&flstito^. And he's jUsHfialfluS beMUSS hfi has 1 n&t a. son or dauihW • Whff could be written atooul>m the home town paper; Surely*;-If he did have someone and fttt Item atf* beared there* would be a "Wbn- derful demonstration of thumb, in armhole of vesti 4 'that's mine' attitude." We fill "kttoW that he isn't a parent. What Can happen here that can be of as much, interest t'o the home people as our nieces and nephews of' Uncle Sam? These <pe6ple are the ones to have all the space. , Do yoi think he Knows there is a war on! It would toe O. K, did .the board get him into a camp for It weeks training -and if he s'Urvlved tha let him meet .the Japs. He.would iaS pmous UAvo} etupii difj 3ivm^ out the band '. and put .up a monu- H.W.PQST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load Insured against loM or damage. Equipped to do ^11 kinds of draylng and hauling. Final Dairy Feed Payments to Be Issued on May 31st The final date for issuing drafL for dairy feed payments for the first quarter of 1945 is May 31 according to a statement made Wednesday by Robert M. Loss AAA chairman. Anyone who has not received his dairy feed draf is asked to get in touch with the AAA office prior to May 31. $50-$100-$200 ....OR MORE For Townspeople & Farmers Pay bills, taxes,' car and home repairs. Buy fuel, winter necessities ... or for any emergency. Easy monthly payments. Special Loan Plans for farmers for any farm use. Individual payment plan—you repay when you sell your products. SEE US TODAY L. S. BOHANNON Phone 10? Algona, Iowa 4 and U abuse. ^— -^ laweSrothers PORCH AND DECK PAINT All-weather protection for exterior wood or cement floors. It's made extra tough to stand extra hard wear —a sure bet for economical protection.^ I BUY MOM | WAHMNO*] lowtirothers SCREEN ENAMEl Paint screens now to prevent their njst* ing out under summer rain and sun. A coat of Lowe Brothers Screen Enamel brushes on easily and protects both wire and wood for years. F, 3, Norton & Son Phone 839 This Is the Way We've Built \ Our Business No matter how small or how large is your patronage at this bank, it is all-important to you—your whole financial future may depend on it. We realize that, and we take our responsibility seriously. That's why— ' i_Every transaction, down to the smallest loan or investment is first considered from the standpoint of our depositors'- welfare. 2—Every problem brought to us-by a customer is carefully considered from HIS point of view. We figure this way: If we stand by our customers, they'll stand by us. This is the way we've built our business. ; \. IOWA STATE BANK AfcGQNA {MM »., MuritgHj -iOfc. SlehaifdsdJi tit Wesley 1 in«; s M l ¥AS Tltbhka, i6 li|M US ebbs and nt^sehaUtrt| arid the're was slreflithshbuihta offset thi fish .Smokfe and-j I V 6tt; jbyea th* whale ; fi«d spilds and coffee arid thank's, boys. I'm going to raise yfltir wages, •; ~\ ' A. M, m 11, Sit; M *il SU i»$ Poverty b*eeds warl Abolish poverty and we will gb; a long way in • alleviating : future, ;; Wars thfit take the life-blood of MH6ris.,We must look atfead aftd plan to safeguard our very existence. We must, as a .nation,' guarantee to every man, wdmatt ahd child of tnat hation a right to a home, a family, three well-balahc?d'. ftieals a day, work, play and to live in a dignified way. » <•'"'•: We, America, are supposed to be a Christian nation, We-proclaim i t everywhere. Yes, we might say we are Christians, but do we actually put Christianity) into action? Are we really,practicing "I am my brother's keep- ,er?" Are we? "Do unto others as ye would have others do Unto you." Do we really do- these things? , •-•.•.,„,Let us enact the Townsend Plan and really put Christianity .into action toy helping each, other, to attain' the 'better life that God has sa graciously granted us. Adv. I •«H *."<*»!• • 1 .--^SSS3iiS&': : Fhbie 65 THESE ITEMS ARE DIE MTTIFU L. •B^^ BfeBi HBna Hi ^H Hi Bra EM ^g^pp^ mamm MMB •^^•^•B ^»B»^™ ""••" ^^^ —™—AT NATIONAL FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES it.,,, ^IlSr.ii.S'f."."?."^'•'* '"**---^fK!2i Salad Dressing—Sauces—-Dried next weeks ad. CANNED FRUITS 1 ' MACARONI AND VEGETABLES 11 AND NOODLES FANCY RIPE U. S. NO. 1 QUALITY HOME GROWN TENDER TENDER, 0"25™.V° GREEN BEANS Bchs. CRISP ^ TENPER J Bchs> ROSEBUD ^ CALIFORNIA 8UNKIST ORANGES WATER PACK—70 Point*' — ,•" PRUNES ...... Wb i^":54c SOLID PACK—270 Point* .' -': • ^-. • MM • AH I'M 6"1D»10~OS» ^XfE zi PEACHES . ... . . can OOC runs QUAirnr—10 Point. % - , _••• APPLE SAUCE .. *&£ 16c BED IAQ—r*NC3X—JO Point* _ PRUNES ....... ^i 3 - 0 "28c CUT— t dau for 10 PotaU .. GREEN BEANS... ^ «e BTOKELVS—* Cam for 10 Point* . GREEN BEANS . ^' ISe SWEET amt—GOLDEN—ZO Polnt«_ . CORN ...... ... ^n"'/* 3 * WHOU1 .KEBNBt C?OIW—MTototti j^-: ||IUT-irER?>KEf^6Lv|^^g IBMTS*^:^*^--^!! FINK QUALirr—10 Point* •• SPINACH .:.... flS FINE ' (9UAUIK—30 Point* TOMATOES .... ^S HOTHBB'S Macaroni Rings. MACAHONI :\ '; •"...,-•'.' CREAMETTES .. MOTHER'S ELBOW SPAQHETTI .... 8-61. 7e ._ , :'._ ;££ 7c BAKING NEEDS CLABBER-GIB^^" FRUIT & VEGETABLE JUICES 31 c Cau ST- 48c sz :«. 29c CftBBOTS 1QC A 7 CALIF. LONG FINGER GREEN-TOP FINE QUAUTI—20" PbtoU Grapefruit Juice. HEALTHFUL DRINK ORANGE JUICE.. BUNSWEEX PRUNE JUICE .. nom. HEALTHFUL DRINK—ZO PolnU TOMATO JUICE . *£T 24c 8 VEGETABLE JTUICES—10 Point* ^ _ V-8 COCKTAIL . S.* 15c NUTS AND NUT MEATS Cauliflower 23c SNOW WHITC 6aeh I SALTED PEANUTS u . I HALVES ft PIECES > _' WALNUT MEATS %.,„. 59c I MEDIUM HALVES PECAN MEATS.. *.„. 59c IN THE. SHELL : _ • - IPEANUTS — -„,. 25e BR?ipU6W rOWDBHED -;-;-., v SUGAR .,;.... GRANULATEp ^ SUGAR ........ 1 Fleishman's' ' . YEAST :....... J... ' PKQ. Of fc YEAST FOAM ARM * HAMMER BAKING SODA .. HAZEL ; , _.' -,. TABLESALT ... FORT DEARBORN TABLESALT ... AUNT DINAH MOLASSES .... viNTMARt 1 ™ 1 !*.. NATIONAt-^WHITE VINEGAR ...... HAZEL--BUCKWHEAT • PANCAKE FLOUR GOLDEN 80S' -. GRIDDLE MIX .; 'DROMEDARY. Gingerbread Mix PAlfcAKE 8 FLOUR CAKE FLOUR • SWANSDOWN .. HER8HEVS COCOA ;...,... -l-ib.'.-V>'f¥^; •:pk».-;.-•» c - ca. Pk«. Z-Ib. . Drum 32-01. Quart 4 BotUD' ' Quart 1 Bottle J Bag 25t '££280 . PIV. lOc BEVERAGES OUR BREAKFAST COFFEE 3 BLACK SALADATEA... SWEET GIRL BLACK TEA.... mOnm:. »• EXTRACTS SOAP FOVVDEH SUPER SUDS... %23c BLOBS AS YOV WASH JLU WHITE ...2m,, ISC CLEANS DRAIN PIPES . ; •LEWIS LYE .... ^ 9c CLEANS TOILET BOWLS ^ SANI-FLUSH ... 'p£20c HAKES ODORS VANISH qOICKLf.- VANISH CLEANER >&?: Ifft- BLEACH * DISDfFEOtAJflt ','^^ ' BLEACH Y >29« AMMONIA 29* MISCELLANEOUS HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ' Pure -«»r m< MISCELLANEOUS «^ii

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