The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 22, 1959 · Page 1
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 1

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1959
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FORECAST t WARM. CLOUDY, TEMP. 82. vsW3WIrll(BI! ii mm rs LOWEST FARES! w U MfcLLh POSTAL AQDRHSS: 233 COLLINS STREET, C.l. TELEPHONES : St 0 J 4 1. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING : MF010 1 BRUSHYARE No. 32,436 .'fKSftSy-Sa ' -"fSSSiSf . .' MELBOURNE, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1959 44 PAGES PRICE 4d. MARGOT FONTEYN 1 Honeymoon Days Decision Today on Increases for "DETAINED" BY DAME PANAMA Alleged Plot for From A.A.P.'Reuters, PANAMA CITY, April 21. British ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn has been detained by police, it was announced today. ' She is ; being held on suspicion of conspiring with her husband to overthrow the Panamanian Government. Earlier it was reported that Panamanian authorities had issued a warrant charging Dame Margot in connection with the alleged raising from the sea off Panama of a cargo of rebel arms last Thursday. British United Press reported that , Dame Margot Fonteyn was at the home in Balboa of the chief of the secret Doltce, Mr. Hector Valdes, and was mak ing a statement there to the .district attor ney, Mr. Francisco Al-varado. According to reliable reports In Panama City Mr. Valdes - called on Dame Margot at a pri vate home in Panama' City where she was staying ', yesterday and arranged for her to make a deposition In comfort at his home, Dame Margot . was said ' to ' have., agreed voluntarily to leave the private home where she was staying and , to have accompanied Mr. Valdes to his home. Husband Missing Reuters said that1 It was understood arrangements to hold the orima ballerina in comfort in Mr. Valdes's home, rather than to execute an arrest order , were reached by mutual agreement., Sources close . to Dame Margot Fonteyn said so far from being in hiding as reports had said, she spent part of Monday afternoon driving around Panama Citv. She ' was expected to be interrogated at Mr. Valdes's home further this morning, after breakfast. ' A '' usually reliable source said the British ballerina's husband, Dr. Roberto Arias, ' former Ambassador to London, for whom there is a warrant charging him with being involved in an armed plot against the . Government, had reached- safety in a foreign country. , . Near Farm :. But one ;: national guard officer, Colonel Bolivar . Vallariono, claims Dr. Arias and a uroup of other men landed from the shrimp boat Elaine : near the Arias family farm at Santa Monica. He said one of the 1 group was arrested, arid that Dr. Arias is still . in Panama. Twelve Known opponents of President Ernesto Jje la Guardia's regime have already been arrestee, including Senor Antral Illueca, brother of Panama's resident, representative at the United Nation! Officials say they found arms .including 15 University for TV Station The University of Melbourne council "as hiade an "exploratory application" to the Postmaster-General (Mr. David- son) about its plan to establish educational television ' station Melbourne. ; ;r"''''V:;'i.- 'v- - Vice-Chancellor r George Paton) said rmtTSay that the P?"n were told to go n?,u v. ? : committee Jjould be formed conslat-rL of. u ""epresentatives Mn?..uth.5 . University, EdToH Unlverslty. the in f RtlS" department bSdleSthe''. ed,,caonal ilrarw,!,commltte ' would th rtSR a ProjPectus for Revolution semi-automatic rifles and 3000 bullets at his home. Also under arrest are Senor Aquinaldo Darkins, skipper of Dr. Arias's Ashing launch, Nola, and the entire crew of the shrimp boat Elaine. The two ships are alleged by the Government to have raised a boatload of arms off Panama last Thursday and . put them aboard the Nola. , . Threat ; to Shoot Police said that the captain of the shrimper Elaine claimed that when the Elaine was about to part from- the Nola on Saturday night, some of Elaine's crew threatened to fire on Arias if he went to .Balboa: on the Nola rather than .stay - with them on the Elaine. ? : : ; ljfakis Win fay Rise on U.K. Job BAGDAD, Apr. 21. Demonstrations and disturbances in the Iraki port of Basra involving the British 'civil engineering and building contractors, George Wlmpey and Co. Ltd., are reported in Bagdad. Jtne company, employing 2200 Iraki laborers, Is building a large housing estate under contract with the Iraki Government. Reports said labor organisations recently de manded that foreign Arms should give workers a two-weeks' pay advance to help them celebrate a Moslem holiday. According to the reports, Wimpey - and three other ioreign nrms at nrst refused to make the ad vances, but after the Iraki employes demo nstrated,' agreed to give salary ad vances totalling 17,000. A.A.P. . - - Record Shark Catch-2664 IK. ADELAIDE, Tuesday. An all-tackle world record was set today by a Victorian big ; game fisherman,' Mr. Alf Dean, when he landed a 2664 lb. white, pointer shark on a 39 thread. Mr. Dean played the shark one hour after he hooked it while Ashing nfT Bird Rock, about half a mile off-shore and two miles from Ceduna: on South Australia's west coast. Move an in A tentative' proposal Is that the station should broadcast educational programmes over a radius of 25 miles, covering the whole metropolitan area - . , . ,. . . . 'Sir Georg Paton said the University could not Eay for the station, but oped it 'would be supported by bequests similar ' those given to other educational Institutions. . GOVT Police disclosed that a member of the Nola's crew said that the vessel spent Sunday steering in circles to attract, the attention of search-. ing planes and thus distract them from the shrimp boat on which Dr. Arias was alleged to have been sailing westward towards the point . where, police claim, he disembarked near Rio Hato. The excitement over ' Dame Margot's alleged activities considerably lessened the impact of a visit to Panama by another : Briton ; Prince Philip, who pased through the Panama Canal yesterday in the Royal yacht, Britannia. ; - The Britannia cleared , Cristobal, the Atlantic exit to the canal, late yesterday and set course for ,.Nasau in the Bahamas. .:.;.. British Govt.' Will Intervene The . British Embassy reported before the an nouncement of Dame Margot's detention that she expected to see the ambassador. Sir Ian Les lie Henderson, today. - The British Embassy is said to be already working for her release. The ballerina was known to have spent some time yesterday at the home of her father-in-law, ex-President Harmodio Arias. In London a British Foreign Office spokesman sam: "as tms is a legal question we cannot say anytning anouc it." However, tne Britisn Government was ex pected to , intervene on Dame Margot's behalf, according to a.a.p. Her marriage to a Panamanian does not affect her British citizenship. ' . See Page 4. . . The shark was 16 ft. ' 10 in, long and had a girth of 9 ft. 6 in. . Bob Dyer's world record of 2350 lb. on a 39 thread and a record set by Mr. Dean in 1955 of 2536 lb. on a 54 thrad were beaten bv today's catch - Mr. Dean said today the catch was an "absolute miracle." "We put a porpoise over tne side to attract any sharks," he said, "but we certainly didn't expect to catch a shark this size Boat Shuddered Mr. Dean was fishing with Mr. Tom Cooper, of Adelaide. "About 4.20 this morning something hit the boat with a terrific bang and the whole boat shuddered," he said. "We got up and found part of the porpoise had gone. "We poured blood and whale oil into the water to keep the shark around to daybreak and then we made a cup of tea. . "At 6.45 a.m. I threw out a bait and he - took It. Before I landed him an hour later he made two tremendous leans completely put of the water." BALLERINA DAME MARGOT FONTEYN and her husband, Dr. Roberto Arias, whom the Panamanian Government claims are parties to a plot to overthrow President de la Guardia, pictured on their luxury yacht during their honeymoon in 1955. Dame Margot has been " detained at the home of the Panamanian police chief. 50 Armed Police Hunt Two Daring Criminals WAGGA, Tuesday, A 50-strong armed police squad today conducted the most intensive, manhunt in Wagga's history for two daring criminals. , t Late tonight police were still searching for the men, who are believed to be armed and very 'dangerous. ; One of the men narrowly ' escaped capture early this morning after Wagga detectives had fired shots at him. Police believe the men are desperate and may stage a gun battle in their attempts to escape. ' It was reported from Sydney tonight that the police riot squad was standing by. ' One of the criminals is wanted for questioning in connection with the recent armed hold up of the Rose Bay. Sydney, branch of the Commonwealth Bank. ' The other man la wnnhvl for questioning in connec tion witn crimes m Sydney. Road blocks have been set up at towns near Wagga and 'I..!"'.';--- ' " . SMOKE RISES as guns of the Royal Australian Artillery 3rd Division pounded out 21-guh salute in King's Domain yesterday in honor v .' . ! of the Queen's birthday. . all roads leaving ttie city have been cordoned off. Police reinforcements have been brought to Wagga from neighboring towns and the man hunt is being organised by Inspector George Lith-gow. of Wagga police. Det. L. Lundie, of Wagga, said' tonight that a car reported stolen from Goulburn on April 19 was seen in the Lake Albert area late yesterday. . Road blocks were immediately set up and at 7 p.m. the car was seen near Ka-pooka military camp, and police carried out an intensive search of the area. Men Disturbed Soon a!fter midnight a Wagga resident reported that his premises had been broken and entered and clothing disturbed. A search of the house by police suggested that the resident had disturbed the thieves as they were ransacking the house. Later, a man was seen acting suspiciously in a lane near tht house. Police chased the man, but he escaped. The search was Intensified and a few minutes later another man was seen acting suspiciously near a car. Police again gave chase and Detectives Lundie and A. Mcllree fired shots at the man. . He also escaned. At daybreak the area was coraonea on ana a thorough searcn maae. The car stolen from Goul burn was recovered by ponce, it contained a large uantiiv oi ammunition ana firearms. Police believe the two men win maKe a move tonight. ''' Quiet Day for Queen on her 33rd Birthday LONDON, April. 21. Flags flew throughout Britain today and guns fired ifie Royal salute in honor of the Queen's 33rd birthday. The Queen spent the day quietly at Windsor Castle where she read birthday telegrams and congratulatory letters from all parts of the world which have been flowing into the oastle post office. A.A.P.-, Reuters. In Other Pages Overseas News . . . . 4 Trade, Finance .. . , 7 Women's Section . .- 8, 9 Magazine .. .. .... 13 Mails, taw List, Shipping .. ..16 Tatt's Draw .. .... .. 20 Sporting . . . . 20, 21, 22 FOR BEST RESULTS AND LOWEST RATES THE GREATEST NEWSPAPER FOR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS INDEX: 1 Page. Airways Travel , , ,. ,. ArauBementa 1 ,.. Auction Salea: . Real Estate . . . .' -.. Furniture. Machinery 24 & Other Merchandise 34 Ballroom Dancing ... 44 Bereavement Notices .. 23 Blrthe .. ....... ., -23 Board Vacant .. .. .. 34 Board Wanted 34 Boats, LaunohesJ Marine Engines and Fishing Dear . . ., 44 Building Materials ... 29 Businesses, Hotels . . 30-31 Caravans and Trailers . 19 Country Properties .. 24 Deaths -.. ,. 23 Drive Fourselt Cam .. 44 Engagements .'. .. ., g Plata Vacant ., ,. ,, 34 Funeral Kotloes 23 10 unvr. nemovers, Ao..,i 31 Garden Supplies .. .. 44 Holiday Resort .. . 44 Houses. Plate and Land for Sale, .. 2S-28-27-,2-29 Houses and Land Wanted . 29 Houses and Land to Let 34 In Memoflam 23 Law Notloee ., ,. 19 Livestock Wanted, for Sale , ;, jj Mote. 'Alphabetical order recommences letter "A." f Victo THE State Government this morning will decide whether or not to proceed with legislation to provide for the proposed 550 per year increase in salaries and allowances for members of the Victorian Parliament. The Premier (Mr. Bolte) will disclose the Government's intentions at 11 a.m. He said last night fie would make, the statement immediately the Legislative Assembly met. Late last night the fate of the proposed increase was still uncertain. The Country party, after meeting three times during the day and early In the night, had failed to reach agreement on its attitude to the Increases. The CP. will meet again this morning and is expected to make a firm decision on whether or not it will support the rises. This decision could be the deciding factor. The Parliamentary Labor party earlier yesterday agreed unanimously to oppose the increases. The Government, , therefore, would need Country party support in the Legislative Royal Visit in Tourist Tradition ROME, April 21. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret begin their Roman holiday today in the best tourist tradition by visiting classical ruins and beauty spots in the city. The people of Rome were hoping for better weather than yesterday wnen. in torrential rain. their Royal Air Force Comet II overshot the runway at Rome airport ana naa 10 maKe another circuit before landing. Italian newspapers today praised the charm and good humor, with which the Royal visitors endured the weather conditions at the welcoming ceremony at the airport. But two leading morning newspapers one of them Communist' criticised - Princess Margaret's clothes, particularly her pink straw hat and the "decidedly exaggerated" length of her dress. Earlier yesterday the Comet bringing Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother to Rome overshot the runway in drivlne rain, then rose, circled, swooped again and landed without a hitch before the waiting officials. rne Britisn Ambassa dor (Sir Ashley Clarke) and other officials had walked out on the tarmac for the welcoming cere mony as the silver plane approached for the first time. . ' Gasps came from the hundreds of spectators lining tne airport roof when the Comet sudden ly revved up halfway aown me runway ana Be gan to cnmD again, retracting its undercarri age. , . It made a wide circle over the alrnort before coming In again to make a perfect landing. A.A.r,-neuters. Page. Lost and Pound .. .. 39 Machinery .. 39 Marriages 23 Medical . . , , 34 Missing Friends .. .. 34 Money 29 Motor Cycles, Scooters , 44 Motor Schools 19 Motor Tours 29 Private Hospitals, Rest Homes 34 Professional 35-3-37.38-39 Agencies, Pos. Wanted 35,'38 Publto Notices .... 23 Rooms Vaoant ,. ., 31 Rooms Wanted .. ..31 Shipping Travel . 23 Shops, Factories, Offices 29 Situations Vacant 32-33-34 Situations Wanted - Home Services, Repairs 31 Taxi Truck Services .. 44 Tenders 18-19 Used Cars, Trucks. ftc 40-41-42-43-44 Wanted to Buy 24 Wanted to Rent (Houses and Flats) . 31 Wanted to Sell 18 Radio, Television, Tape Recorders Mem nan Council to ensure the passage of any enabl- , ing legislation. If the Country party decides today to back the increases, the Government will probably introduce immediate legislation. If the CP. decides against it, however, the Oovernment will almost certainly shelve the proposals. Indications yesterday were that the Country party was sharply divided on the question. It - met first in the morning, adjourned until the afternoon, and met again after dinner last night without reaching a decision. Today's Country party meeting will begin at 10.30 a.m. . 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WA 1 564-6, NAME ADDRESS TONS OF FUN FOR EVERYONE WITH THB NEW - MUSETTE A RBAL MURTGAT, TNHTOTT- MBNT ANYONE CAN LEARN TO PLAT QUICKLY. AVAILABLE IN PINK. CHARCOAL, TURQUOISE tc GREY THE MUSETTE TEACHES THi BASIC FINGERING OF ALL THE WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS. 176 COLLINS ST., MELBOURNE. MF0451. BENDIOQ ADELAIDE. bers party (Sir Herbert Hy-said last night a lancu definite decision would be made. The Parliamentary Liberal and Country party also met yesterday, but it is understood to have left the decision on the increases in the hands of Cabinet. It is understood the Government intended originally to drop the measure altogether if Labor opposed it. However, a strong section of the Parliamentary. L.C.P. Is solidly behind the increases and feels the Government should take action independently of Labor if necesr sary. It is now believed the Government may be prepared to Introduce the rises with the support only of the Country party. . .Conferences Senior Country party and Government members had a number of conferences yesterday. Labor's decision to oppose the rises followed a resolution by the State A.L.P. executive on Friday advising that the ' increases should be rejected. Senate debate on Fede-. ral Pay Bills Page 5. - UN EASILY WASHED . . DELICIOUS! aft miit. you! r - Z : : : : : i y ten m 1 i8'6 V,.- 1 w INSTRUCT IOM

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