The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1945 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1945
Page 3
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DAY PROGRAM HELD IN UNION ^ tJtoionr ¥he annual rural 8Ch66i "Hay (for Utttoti township was held 'at Goad ttttpe church Friday, May .18, with ifle la attendance. A pie* , . daf, ndWe^Bf, tUrttfd m ttf fc§ mate fair, aftd fades and sptJrt.9 .at 10:00 «. in,- were enjoyed by the '•• ! •-• S^cnet lift Royv Sarchet was in chargel of the sports, and Was assisted by Walter tteerdt, Boys' ball throwing/ages. ? afttf under: 1st Billy Rich, 2nd OotiatS FOR SALE; , >-- -• •'• * "f' '' '"''• * - ,••„•'. ' ' /SM of the NW*4 of Setiiioft 12, ttumboldt Twp., ttumboldt County, town, is of feted for sale to the highest bidder, with the 1945 tease to be assigned; Alt Webster and Clarion loam. Buildings are quite good. .If Interested, will you lodk this place over and make yottr bid to'tffe undersigned? J. A. NELSON; Referee Luverne, Iowa -••• . ' "•; '' : ••-.-,.. i ...' 21-22 3rd La^y Nelson( 8 aftd » years, 1st 'Michael ScbtV 2nd Ranald Peck, 3rd Latny Strayef; 10 and 11 years, 1st Kdfe¥ Black, 2nd Marvin Hackbarth, 3rd Oavid Sarchetj 12 and over. , 1st Dick Satahet, 2nd Harley Haas, 3rd Robert Dodds. Girls' ball throwing, age 7 and under, 1st Shirley Peters. 2nd Shirley Baker, 3rd Evelyn McKim: 8 and B, 1st Janice "Bjustrom; 2nd Elaine Dodds, 3rd Maxine Rieb- Kdff; 10 and 11,- 1st Margaret Heerdt,. 2nd Shirley Shipley; 3rd Velta Peter and- Lavonne Hanselman; 12 and over, 1st June Sabin, 2nd Carol Black, 3rd Gladys Gustine and Dona Nauman. Boys' broad jump, ages 7< and under, 1st Don Riebhoff, 2nd Larry Nelson, 3rd Billy Rich; 8 and 9, 1st Michael Scott, 2nd Thomas Rich, 3rd Ronald Peck and Larry Sirayer; 10 and 11, 1st David ,Sarchet, 2nd Roger Black, 3rd Donald Strayer; 12 and oyer, 1st Dick Sarchet, 2nd Robert Dodds, 3rd Harlan Haas. Girls' Broad Jump Girls' toroad jump, ages 7 and 8 arid 9. 1st Joan Alexander, 2nd Under. 1st Shirley Peter, 2nd Ev- white mocces $585 A hit with the "coke" crowd;.. a riot among the "bobby soxers"... '•witfy long wearing NO MARK rubber soles. SHOE DEPT. .-.1 •"B IB .The following price paid for whole milk and cream butterfat: • April 1-30, 1945 Wholemilk 3 % Butterfat ,77 cents Sweet Cream Butterfat' ,56 cents First Grade Butterfat ' v ,55 cents v i F,O,B, Algona '•.: ' JVIanufacturing Iowa State Brand Butter License No, 4 ' ^ \.•-'•%'..--•'•':•'- MORE SUMMER MILK sSf elyn McKim, 3rd ShMey* Baker; Maxine Riebhoff, 8M .Ldffilne micJi; 10 and 11, 1st Lavonne Riebhbff, 2nd Shirley MetSEgar, 3rd Velta Peters and Shirley Ship- lerj 12 and over, 1st June Sabin, 2nd Carol Black, 3rd Mafy McKim. - . , • Boys' potato race, aged; 7 and under, 1st Don Riebhoff, 2nd tillly Rich>3rd Larry Nelson: 8 and R, 1st Michael Scott. 2nd Thomas Rich, 3rd Ronald Peck; 10 and 11, 1st Roger Black, 2nd Don Strayer, '3rd Marvin HScfcbarth;, 12 and over 1st Dick Sarchet, 2nd Robert Dodds, 3rd Harlan Haas. Girls' potato race, ages 7 and under, 1st Shirley Peter, 2nd Evelyn McKim,' 3rd Shirley Baker; 8 and 9, 1st Maxine Riebhoff. 2nd Janice Bjustrom. 3rd Joan Alexander; 10 and 11, 1st Shirley Shipler, 2nd Velta Peter, 3rd Lavonne Riebhoff; 12 and over, 1st June Sabin, 2nd Carol Black, 3rcl ; Gladys Gustin. Boys' running race, ages 7 and under, 1st Donnie Riebhoff, 2nd Larry Nelson; 8 and 9, 1st'Michael Scott, 2nd Larry Strayer, 3rd Gerald Davis; 10 and 11, 1st Roger Black. 2nd David. Sarchet, 3rd Marvin Hackbarth; 12 and over, 1st .Dick Sarchet, 2nd Robert Dodds.. Girls' running races, ages 7 and under, 1st Shirley Peter, 2nd Evelyn McKim, 3rd Shirley Baker; 8 and 9, 1st Loraine Rich, 2nd Janice Bjustrom, 3rd Maxine Riebhoff and 'Marjorie Nelson; 10 and 11, 1st Velta Peters, 2nd Lavonne Riebhoff, 3rd Shirley Metzger'; 12 and over. 1st June Sabin, 2nd Donna Nauman, 3rd Mary McKim. Prizes were as follows: First, 15c, second lOc, and third Sc. Program in Church At 1 o'clock in the afternoon in the church the following program was presented With Mrs. .Alice •Weisbrod presiding and Dorothy Scott, chairman of the school day committee, assisting: Invocation, Rev. Kitterman. Flag salute, America the Beautiful, sung by the audience. Three songs. Camp Town Races, Reuben and Rachael, and America, by all the school children. 'Each school then presented a short skit; Learning to Say Yes, Dist. No. 6, Helen Webb, teacher. City Cousins, Dist. No. 5, Lois Fraser, 'teacher. Oh, Teacher, Dist. No. 1, Gladys Schneider, teacher. I'll Never Play With You Again; Dist. No. 7, Mable Reimers, teacher. , ' •'•..' Miss Liberty's Victory Class Dist. No. 4, Dorothy Leigh, teacher. King Health's Court, Dist. No. 2, Neva Albright, teacher. Victory For Vegetables, Dist. No, 3, 'Darlene Valentine, teacher. • Eighth Grade Commencement Following a short recess the 8th grade commencement program was given. There was one unusual incident this year, there being but the one graduate, Gerald Haas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Haas. The graduate, with County Sperintendent Lauritzen, Rev. Kitterman and the teachers were seated upon the platform. .Carnation corsages were presented to them and Miss Scott pinned one on the graduate's mother, Mrs. Herbert Haas.J^MrSi. Mable Rei- DANCES LEGION BALLROOM BANCROFT Friday, June 1 National Orchestra Service | Presents Walter Martie and the voice of Dolores Morgan, featured vocalist Tuesday, June 5 Malek's Accordion Friday, June 8 Lynn COAST-TO-COAST STORES SAFE-FLEX TIRES WE HAVI ALL POPO. mers, teacher, presented her pupil as the graduate. Rev. Ralph Kitterman spoke oh the five P's of education, Privilege, Power. Possibilities, Potentialities and Preparation. Supt. Lauritzen presented the diploma and gave a short talk. Awards Made The spelling awards were presented to the pupils who had won prizes in the spelling contest held in March of this year. A scholastic award, a 'bill fold, was given Gerald Haas. Rev. Kitterman gave the benediction. The church was decorated in •lavender and green crepe paper with baskets of lilacs and apple blossoms. Mrs. - Walter Heerdt, Mrs. Harley Troutman and Mrs. Herbert Haas were the decorating committee. There are 63 pupils enrolled in the 7 schools. The rural schools day committee was made up of Dorothy Fay Rich, Mary Gisch, Walter Heerdt, Art Baker, Durwood McArthur and Edna Carman. Mrs, Will Krause, of Ayrshire, is visiting here with her sistei;. Mrs. Herman Krwse. Mrs. Harsch, of Algona, and her grandson, • Dean Harsch, of Long Beach, Calif., visited over the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Light. Mr. and Mrs. rfohn Light, Eugene Mansagef, Mrs. Harsh, of Algona, and (Dean Harsch, of Long Beach, California, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Redder, of Fairmont. Mrs. J. A. Mueller and children, Virginia Ruth and James Richard, and Mrs. Mueller's mother, Mrs. Bell Castle, left Monday night for Racine, Wis., to visit with relatives during the month of June. A private sewage system for Your Farm ;• Think what this meansl The comfort of a modern home brought to every member of the family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small Easy to install, too. An? Faro) Home May Now Have a Bath and Inside Toilet MMc* your horn* modern I Enjoy th* Urn* eomtorU thut p*«pU „ H tk« 1UIW oltlM tajor. , F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 RECEfflON HELD ATFENTONFOR REV. FREDERICK Fenton: A reception was held Sunday afternoon m honor of Pastor Frederlch who was Installed as minister of the Lutheran church. Dinner, which was brought by members of the congregation, was served to a large gathering at noofl. The program given in the afternoon, with Rev. Otto master of ceremonies, consisted of the following: Group singing; solo, "Prayer of the Penitent," Beverly Schulte; Pantomime story by Lorraine and Kathryn Willrett, Datiene Speth, Delores, Grace and Laurence Mueller, Frank Seeley, Kathryn Bleckwenn, Beverly Schulte., Gerald Jentz, Darrel and Dorothy Dreyer, Marian Gade, Verda Eimers and Dick Theesfield; solo, "The Am- erican Prayer," terrains The minister and His family Were welcomed by speeches fMn the following, Herman Dreyer, chairman of the congregation, 1 .Mrs. Clarence Wegener. "president of the Ladies' Aid; (Delofes Mueller, president of the Walthef League; Teacher R. Eggerling of the Day School, and Mary Elizabeth Bier- cHitdfdft. fly Lyntt D*al fl^ett Kaihi?yn Willfett given by, Be\terlj> > MitilteV -KMtt* ^ ryn Bleekweflfl and MMbB ; CRev. Frederick aftd family •'• presented with gifts of groceries and a chair, Buy More and Bigger Bonds In The Mighty 7th See us for milking machines, Chore Boy, Clean Easy, and Perfection. Also Iowa Cream Separators. These machines are the kind of equipment which help produce more food with less manpower and enable you to keep the food supply at the necessary peak. SEE US TODAY, MR. FARMER ALGONA MAYTAG STORE Phone 399 Glenn When battle maps fade from the news ... when road maps brighten your eyes again ..™.v that will be the New Day! And on its heels will come NEW-DAY CONOCO BRONZ-Z-Z GASOLINE .. with new-day power and pick-up '. . . with gratifying mileage ... and without that maddening ping! NEW-DAY CONOCO BRONZ-Z-Z will be clean-firing gasoline too. In all those ways you'll profit by the new-day knowledge we have gained in making our .war-winning gasolines..., and by the new-day progress springing from proficiency in 'ire- search. Continental Oil Company U-. if where you see the big red Conoco triangle. That's YourConocoMileageMer- chant's Station Identification. It's your sure sign of ,' gasoline faithfully , ' : , .mae o .come : upta>. -sSS w cations ''ny'^&i'ffKi&l. M? 6.00x16 13.95 Uncle Sam's Best Friends Are if is Mothers No qwesUon about it, ^se«1M wap Qm m dgy{ *«ijte

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