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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 15

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
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THE AGE, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1959 IS '-rt-ft'-t-ft hvvi. ii vwnnif nin mm i -nnw i Minn i ii eafiMi-am mi TVUImrtmiiim'n mik ttimmammmmni ir-am EASY TO USE EASY TO CLEAN EASY TO LOVE 0 jgjj Fame Of! Grotto Growing i THE Orotto of Jeita, near beirut, is being pro- moted as a new i Kind of tourist at-- traction. Plans are already be- lng made to open up parts of it which are at present lost in dark- ness. i The grotto is a series of limestone caves un- i der Mount Lebanon leading towards the source of the Nahr el i Kalb, or Dog River, lured by stories of a land flowing with milk and honey, 200 starry-eyed settlers landed in swampy, mosquito-riddden Nicaragua to find they had been hoaxed. State Of Poyais Was Invented SOMEWHERE between Nicaragua and England one Cregor MacGregor invented a kingdom and became its ruler.

Adventurer and rolling stone, fighting for whatever country took his fancy at the time, he had already earned fame for his part in the South American wars of independence. wmcn iiuws uiruugu i tnem. The river, known in i classical times as the' two thirds ''j 22; They made temporary living quarters and wailed were to die before help came. Lycus, provided Bel rut's water supply. tion soon developed into in- ment of deception gathered credible proportions as the momentum.

fable grew. with so many people to be tures of r.uble mountains, clear streams and luxuriant Jeita was opened to i the public for the first time in July this year, and in the first two months was visited by ii nnn tn. I plants. Certain people "persuaded" Paid tor their worK in pro- By AUBREY CASH He spoke of growing cities. MacGregor to appoint them ne Krenllrfe' wltn to be bought to It was in 1811 that he was assigned to the staff of the Liberator, Bolivar's principal General Miranda.

to official status. ucaujr tuuiiato, who Daid about 2400 GLAMOROUS NEW FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGES WITH ALL THE FEATURES YOU HAVE EVER WANTED? sterling for the hour's file city so appetisingly pictured in the pamphlets they had bought in Edinburgh and London. Shortly the remainder were joined by another shipload of emigrants, including women and children. Altogether 200 people had arrived, hoping to find the fulfilment of their dreams, but what they did find was nothing. Then the first tragedy occurred.

A hurricane swept in from the Caribbean. Both ships were torn from their moorings and carried ouc to sea, with most of the ships carry the waiting emigrants, Mac-Gregor's capital became low. He visited Perring and Company, famous Cornhill bankers, with the ultimate result that the State of Poyais became richer by 200,000. A new army of stockholders Joined the army of the deluded. A certain Thomas Strange-ways became captain in the First Native Poyais Regiment and aide-de-camp to his highness; he also wrote a detailed guide to Poyais especially for prospective colonists.

Small offices opened offering Poyais land at a few Under his leadership, there was so much territory MacGregor rose to be a an none of it good, eeneral of a division in It may be that his decision thp Armv of Venezuela, to publicise Poyais (as he Bolivar himself decorated territory) started Whatever the truth he the Order of Llbertadores. must nttVe TeaUsea the ter cathedral-like grotto with its mighty stalagmite and stalaclte formations and dazzling rock and water colors COOK-MASTER automatic cooking timer operates at pre selected hours' without attention, Gold, he said, was in the soil waiting to be mined; trade was ever-increasing, and he, Gregor MacGregor, was the sovereign of it all the Cacique of Poyais. The populations of London and of Edinburgh continued the fable where MacGregor left off. Businessmen, eager to exploit the potential wealth of Poyais, sponsored publicity undertakings. Engravings of the imaginary metropolis were made available by the thousands, and eagerly snapped up.

MacGregor Insisted that of all the people who would like to emierate to Povais. ranging from blood red Meanwhile, the first re- Af taut, t.hp Spaniards were shillings an acre and 70,000 suit of the gigantic hoax was to emerald green. The fame of the Poyais currency were a story 01 sickness ana ae- rible consequences when, on April 13, 1821, he set sail for England. He arrived at a time of nrinted at Edinburgh and spair after the Spacious warming drawer. Honduras settlers' belongings.

routed, but MacGregor collected a small force of brigs and schooners and landed in Nicaragua. There he discovered a eivnmnv. mosauito-infested exchanged for the emigrants' good British money. Fifty starry-eyed settlers h.VJES nd 5S grotto is spreading fast i as tourists visiting Lebanon from all over the Middle East go to postwar bleakness and discontent to And his fame as soldier of fortune had pre- On September 10, 1822 the 'X-rldder shcS awaUini long many of the 200 had quim-naaen snore awaiting tn mnlorln inhnhitpri bv itinerant ceded him, Honduras Packet sailed from Leith with 500 hopeful travellers en route for a land nnriiirne Packet sailed from When you consider the amount of time you spend In your kitchen you'll realise what Frlgidalre features can mean to you. Many years of experience In the field of electric ranges have produced this superb new FRIGIDAIRE Model.

Just set the COOK-MASTER and go out for the afternoon your meal will be ready when you return, and at the time you set! Choose any of the following glamour colours to blend with your present kitchen colour scheme Turquoise, Mayfair Pink, Moonglow Cream or Snowcrest White. Models are priced from 99.17.6 to 57.0.0. "Radiantube" surface units. Bolls 11 pints of water In six Central American Indians. quietly he told growing They were a particularly audiences about the land he inaHpmintp breed, and the had lust left and of which only an acceptable few a non-existent reception.

(r, In the tropical silence and or yellow they made tempor- In desperation parties set ary living quarters and off along the coast making waited. for they knew not where. Some of them set off into Fortunately, news of their the interior hoping to find tragic predicament travelled see it. Investigation A British team of en Dlausible Scot had little dif- he was recognised as prince would be allowed to go, they were told was flowing with milk and honey. As the Honduras Packet sailed away the giant move Acuity In obtaining terri- and ruler.

What had started as a torlal concessions. After all He painted graphic pic- statement of attractive Ac- Oven Interior light and fluorescent Cooking Top light. latter tnan tneir ieet. Five hundred miles to the glneers made the first 1 thorough investigation of the grotto in 1873, i when they were making a hydrological survey i for the Beirut Water north the Governor of the British colony of Honduras was informed of their existence and their plight. Hinged Cooking Top (or easy cleaning.) Immediately he arranged Company.

They penetrated! for a schooner to be despatched, and hospitals at Belize were prepared to take in the sick. iuuu metres (aoouc 3250 feet) into the cave network and left a Almost two-thirds of the 200 died, however, and the You'll be 'Queen of your kitchen' with bottle standing on an Governor, General Codd, had the unwelcome task of intercepting another five shiploads of prospective settlers before they, too, landed and suffered the same fate as their predecessors. upward-forming stala-mite. After 86 years, that an MID! nil covering of calcite only i one cenumeire tnicK, giving an idea of NO one in Europe had vet. lp.arnpri of the how many millions of i years it has taken for the grotto's great cal- Built and backed by fiasco, and Gregor MacGregor moved to Paris, where he continued to cite formations to grow Available only from authorised GENERAL MOTORS-HOLDENS Ltd.

MEANHHiLE.oNAUKit on Bufji-'ii be Bullion's moiX IpF II CZj -Tv rifefVbctockinshtwm QUeoerf- kn 4 fttS ffw-pohKr- xlywrV '7W ''j to tneir present ranta stic and often sculc exploit the swindle. The Parisians, too. be Frigidaire Dealers ture like shapes. A A TJ 1 I t-ivcutcia, lieved his vicious tales, and one ship sailed from Le Havre to Poyais. 'I Now in 1825 he had frau dulently obtained a further 300,000 on the security of imaginary gold mines.

It's not a dream it's true, true, true The deceDtion continued until a iew shrewd questions reaching the ears of MacGregor told him that his You'll never lug laundry, nor ever touch water again! time, at least in was up. It so happened it was ud." even earlier in Eng land. When he returned to London 1827 MacGregor was arrested and imprisoned in Tothill Fields. fully-automatic ASTOR with automatic self-heating, including temperature' control for nylons, woollens, linens, cottons. For his heartless fraud MacGregor was in prison only long enough for the case against him to be dropped.

Greater names than his must have been involved. He returned to France and to roughly the same situation. A short period in the Parisian prison of La Force and then freedom apain. YOU MEAN O'HARA IS THE NEW WITNESS WHO SO O'HAPA IS WHY? MO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN KNOWN TO HAVE JS S0IN6 TO HELP US INVESTIGATE THE PISEASEjJfe THE PISEASE ANP r- II RECOVER. mtft jtamaF.

j-t 11 hundreds have HE had a certain amount of money left over from his venture already a fable enough to keep him in France until 1839. By then, although he was devoid of friends and money, his audacity and luck combined to fave him yet again. He wrote to the Venezuelan Government, reminding them of his past services under their flag. An old comrade, General Soublette, was now a leader of the Republic. As a lesult Gregor Mac-Gregor's plea for Venezuelan naturalisation and re It's so simply installed with no extra costs.

No expensive installation, concreting or bolting down. The secret is the exclusive fibre-glass washbasket with unique "hydro-balance" which eliminates all vibration. instatement to his former army rank was granted, and a pension thrown in for rT- nrsi 'illifii iiiiiiiilliillliWbiiiOOtiifii Tn" MiiaritiitiijMm'mwiiiOTiwim-nrn mm iii good measure. Six years later, in palm-studded Caracas, a hero, at least to South America, he died and was buried with full military honors. TOMORROW Bandit Knight of Devon Hydro-Balance is amazing.

During the spin cycle, water is collected around the pockets on the outside of the fibre-glass washtub, counter-balancing the weight and position of clothes. Result? No noise, no vibration, longer, mora efficient life. SOLUTION to PUZZLE 4645 TMeMCSlTlUllNlE CROSSWORD PUZZLE No. 4646 jjjy glls new from your ASTOR Retailer. Combining all the best features of top international machines ASTOR have added exciting new Example! The fibre-glass wash-basket that will neither rust, stain nor chip.

Example! ASTOR HYDRO-BALANCE new working washing miracle that completely eliminates all vibration. Example! Automatic self-heating for homes with or without hot water systems. ACROSS. 1. Cargo boats (2 words) 8.

lima tched 0. Ruffle 10. Important date 11. Resentment 13. Small It's completely autometic Including self-heating.

All you have to do it put In the clothes and set the controls. Astor fills, then heats and spin dries. It then spray rinses, spins, spray rinses, fills again, deep rinses, overflow rinses, and finally spin dries the clothes all In one automatic action. Agitator wash Fluid 'rive clutch. Capacity 10 lbs.

dry wtight ef (lethal. e) Five years guarantee en meter end fear hex. Dimensions 42" high, 2i" wido, 27" das. Returns Writhe Correct Girl's name Concord Deviate Very enthusiastic (3 words) Kind of antelope Cookery Round building Vehicle Crown Boy attendants Greek letter alrahlp DOWN. 2.

Amazed 12. 2. In advance 3. Feather IS. 4.

Olft IS. 9. Easy mannered 18. fl, Larpe 19. building 22.

It fills, heats, washes, rinses and spins automatically! ai.V!. Blrthdy box of chocs, tied np Wh ribbons red It to help our Clubl" aorry l'rv kindly said. tickets will be threepence each week we'll have the DRAW." the tickets then to e'yone he saw. But, sitting1 by his lovely box, he thought, "I'll have a look One won't be missed," he later thought, One chocolate cream he took, "Two won't be missed," he told himself (In half-an-hour, alack, The raffle ticket holders had to have their money backl) See the brilliant new self-heating ASTOR now at your ASTOR Retailer 7. Calm and collected 23..

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