The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1945 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1945
Page 6
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f he Algdfia Upper Des Moifti f^i^ ;; -t;i|i:l^ BUY WAR BONDS OP UNITED SERVICE WOMEN AT THEATER BOND BOOTH THURS., FRI., SAT., MAY 24-25-26 The whole town whispered about these two •I! Mildred NATWICK . Spring BYINGTON Richard GAINES ADDED "TROLLING FOR STRIKES" Port of Missing Mice SUN., MON., TUBS., MAY 37-28-29 WTRODUCING fHE NEW DISCOVERY LAUREN BAG ALL with Walter Brennan 2nd Big Hit J WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, DECORATION DAY Continuous from 1 o'clock ALSO THURS., FBI., SAT., MAY 30, JUNE 1-3 Added! A thrilling report to the nation In an official fJ.S. film! «£EBMANY THM M?AN" Why? WHI U*« »»ys cowe bww* apw? WIM Wwy ?Q to the Pacific? (*W new OCl ETY This Is a .picture of the former Marjorie Drayton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Drayton, who since last November 5th 'has been Mrs. Russell Howard. Her secret marriage was announced 'in last week's paper. Mrs. Howard is at home at 1222 Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington 5, D. C. Annual Catholic Mothers and Daughters Banquet Tuesday—The annual Catholic Mothers and Daughters -banquet was held Tuesday evening at the Algona Country Club. Approximately 120 juests attended. Spring flowers in pastel shades comprised the decorations. The program was as follows: Toatmaster, Rev. Father R. V. Sweeney; invocation, Rev Father J. M. Mallinger; song to our moth- ?r, audience; tribute to mother, Leta Reynolds; response, Mrs. M. . Griffin; vocal solo, Charlotte Vonderhaar, of Humboldt, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Joe Bradley; vocal duet, William and Leonard McGuire, accompanied by Helen Becker; accordion solo, Donna Mae Bormann; the Star Spangled Banner, accompanied by Josie McEvoy. The head chairmen in charge of f PROTECT YOUR FARM BUILDINGS • Fights rust & rot • Resists weather • Keeps farms looking their best ~ . • Ready for use • Easy to apply • Long lasting RED ONLY S2.00 per gallon In S gallon pall BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Phone 256 Jim Pool DU PONT PAINT SERVICE CENTER A private sewage system for Your Farm Think what this means! The comfort of a modern home brought to every member of the family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our .DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small Easy to install, too. Apr Finn Ham* ty Now Hdvt • Bath and loaido t ffejiw «n>* wmfortt tb«t p«e»l» $ ' T the affair •were Mrs. Mildf'e'd Witi« kel ahd .Mrs. Clara Weyde'rt. Hubert O'Briens Entertain— •Mr, and Mrs. Hubert O'Brien entertained* at dinner on Mother's' Day in honor of their daUgKterj Sharon Kay who made her firs) Communion at St. Mictfael's pari&h in- Whittemore at t o'clock mass that morning. Dinner guests included: Mrs. Catherine O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund O'Brien and daughter, Whittemore; Mrs. Catherine Thilges'and family; Patricia Dryer and Ann Genrish, of Bode; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kollasch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tim O'Mrion and daughter Ann, of Algona; and Mrs. Loyola O'Brien and Judy Kay, of Burt. After dinner callers were Mr. and Mrs. Frank,, -Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O'Brien of Burt. Mrs. Loyola O'Brien and daughter, Judy Kay, were week end visitors at thp Hubert O'Brien home. Bob Dltsworth Honoree— A dinner party was held Thursday evening, May 17, at 6:15 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. j. Young dn honor of Bob Ditsworth, RDM-lc, who is home on a 25-day .furlough. The evening was spent attending a movie and later dancing. The young people who attended were Roger Burgess, Don Brown, Joyce Sterling, Lois Bleich, Thelma Putz, Ted Herbst, Bob and Dorothy Young. Bob has recently returned from duty in both the Atlantic 1 and Pacific and expects to return to liis base in Portland, Oregon, some time this week. Confirmation Dinner Sunday for Eugene Meyer of Burt— Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer entertained the following guests at a dinner in honor of their son, May 20, Mr. ad Mrs. A. J. Meyer, Lizzie, Grace and Fred, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nemitz and Salome Utoph, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Jentx and family, all of Fenton; Rev. and Mrs. Reith and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reynolds and Gary of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Mittag and family of Truesdale, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mitchell, Robert and Joanne of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierstedt and Loana Christ of Lakota. David Joe Richardson Honoree— David Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs Paul Richardson, celebrated his fifth birthday last Tuesday with a party at his home. The following little friends were entertained: Susan McConnell, Jane, Mary Ann and Charles Casey, Marilyn Richardson, Nancy Gross, Jimmy Anderson, Judy Dahlhauser, Marcia Anderson, David Kohl, and David Joe's sister, brother, Phyllis and Jimmy. Other guests wera Mrs. C. H .Casey, Mrs. Alex Nielsen, Mrs. E. M .Richardson and Mrs. Clark Godden. Lunch was served and David Joe received many lovely gifts. Sorority Picnic Monday— A "picnic a la rain" was held Monday evening at the Shelter House 'with about thirty members of Beta Sigma Phi and their mothers attending. The picnic is an annual affair honoring the mothers of the sorority .sisters. Lunch was served followed by a regular business meeting which was the last one of the season until next fall. Sorority songs were sung at the close of the meeting. An extra special guest o? the club, more or less, waS "Mickey, the Mouse," who made his grand entrance amid screaming and yelling and scrambling on top of the chairs. Celebrate Birthdays— At the Bruce Sandberg home Saturday night a family party was enjoyed celebrating the birthdays of Mrs. Merle Hoover, nee Phyllis Sandberg, and Ted Hoover, father of Merle. It was also a farewell party for Merle who left Monday for Camp Ord, California. Mr. and Mrs. D. Sandberg, grandparents of Phyllis, were here from Lake Mills to join in the festivities. Ruth Porter Honoree— A chicken dinner party was given Friday evening at the Chrome by the nurses of the General hospital for Ruth Porter, head nurse, who is leaving the first of June for her home at Freemont, Neb., where she will be with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Porter. Mrs. Porter recently suffered from a heart attack, and Ruth will care for her. E. A. Sewards Entertain— Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. W, A, Lorenz entertained in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Seward Saturday evening with seven couples attending. The Sewards visited here from Evanston, Illinois, and Monday they went to Sioux Falls, S. D., where they Pant Kteha Mr. att Strayer aftd family 6f Bflrl aftrt M?. arid Mrs, Clark Sbddet 6f gona at dlHtteif SundayV : • '' Entertains Mrs. Freda Sleussey tained the "Lafl^a-Ldt" • . club Wednesday afterhobn. Lt. Max Bartholomew hi Paris Hospital, Both Legs Broken Since receivirtg woil that their son, 2nd Lt. Max Bartholomew, was safe in a Paris hospital after ibeihg reported missing, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew have received letters from Max giving further details. He is in the American hospital where -both of his legs have been reset after .being originally set by German doctors. He and the crew of the B-17 of which he was co-pilot, baled out after their plane caught fire from flak. The German who captured rim reported that all members oC the crew baled out, but Max knows nothing of their whereabouts. Max's plane went down Apdl 17 and his parents were notified May 4 that he was missing. He was first in a German hospital hear Freiberg, Saxony. Max has been overseas since February and started his missions March 12, completing over half of them by April 11. Max has had both legs broken previously. Lone Rock Car and Truck In Collision PI. E. Micka, Lone Rock station agent, and Everett Householder, also of Lone Rock, met with an accident Tuesday, May 22, about 9 o'clock in the morning when the Micka car and the Householder truck collided at a corner south of Lone Rock. The Micka car was reportedly going south and the truck west when the accident happened. Micka' car, a four-door Chevrolet, received damages to the front end and to the extent of about $100, while the truck was damaged on the left front side in the amount of approximately $250. First Lutheran Church Summer. Bible School r .uThe First Lutheran church will have a summer Bible school May 28 to June 8. This school will meet from 9 to 12 each morning and all young folks from 4 to 14 are welcome. Th6 teachers for the school are Mrs. Orville Wicks, Mrs. Henry Bunkofske, Mrs., Melvin Thompson and the pastor, Rev. E. K. Nelson. Farmers Do Good Neighbor Planting Robert Kain •'*• , S. Norton & Son PHONE m '• *•« Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. IN DISTRICT COURT No. 5308 To All Whom It May Concern: You Are Hereby Notified, That, an instrument of writing purporting to 'be the last Will and Testament of John Goeders, Deceased, dated May 21, 1943, having been this day filed, opened land read, Monday the 4th day of June, 1945, is fixed for hearing prop! of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and 'at ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, j| «my they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Aigons Jowa, May 21, 194.5. ; " " of District; Court- f*e,ar«»}, f 'A good neighbor act was performed for Robert Kain, Plum Creek farmer, May 20, when nearby farmers went to his farm and got 100 acres of ground ready for planting soy beans and corn and they also planted the corn. Robert-has been seriously ill with a strept throat infection Those who helped or furnished equipment for the neighborly deed were Bryan Asa, John Jennings, Leo Sabin, Ohet Smith, Clarence Hueller, Henry Nelson, Max Stratton/Ben Weber, Edward Kain, Fern Drone, Percy Brink, John and George Kain. Capped ,as Nurses Aide Twenty-one young lady students were capped as nurses' aids Monday in an impressive ceremony at Drake University in Des Moines. To receive the caps they must have 80 hours on duty —40 in class and 40 in the hospital. Also they must agree to COAST-TO-COAST STORES SAFE-FLEX TIRES WE HAVE ALL LAR SIZES IN STOCK t<Mff<f I* fvtry Part *f »*t «. I, Evtrr S«rf«-Fl»* Tir« U FIRST Qyj\I4TV, with dtep, |ong w*«* . CWCOM, Sd»-FUx Tin* or* yiviw AMAZING MftBAQB to tT«f part ?! W»t Country, 6.00x16 13,95 federal f»x 10,95 ;•: -AtBMif • ffiois .:df : lafteyy,tli» if OM8gft ; ofity •' ftef - «M* s ftL the MliY is Yoil can bprrbw $50, $160, $200 Of more to buy fuel, x clothes, winter supplies. Pay bills, taxies'-^-car and home repairs— or for any worthy purpose. Easy monthly or farmer payment plans. FARMERS! We have a special loan plan to help you buy stock, farm machinery ... or for any farm use. Individual payment plan allows you to repay when you sell your products. SEE US TODAY L. S. BOHANNON Phone 103 Algona, Iowa ihg M6h!tfe^ : 6H6ife : |^6i^iSi ! ; y :i : , atiH Perfection. Also Ibwa Cream Tiiese machines are the .Itiftd: of Which help produce more food With ies^ftianpbWelf: and enable you to keep the food suppl^ at the nee- essaity peak. •: - ' . '' ; '.•'.'•'..•.','',•;.:.'•:'.. ^.' : > /: :..v'.'}' • 'l ' , •'..•••'. Vv .' • •••.-•.-'• ' ' : ; : ''• '''.••; '•'• , Algona Maytag Stor Phone 399 Gteim Gritty Ik Nan! flda4l*Qp^ Large Size Vv V; $9.98 Crate FRESH PINEAPPLE FOR CANNING.. ................................. ....... . ..... ....... ......... ........ LARGE PASCAL CELERY ,,......; ..... .'....;... ................ ... 29c - 39c NEW POTATOES ......... ,,....... ....... ;, ..... .;...._ .............. .... FRESH CUCUMBERS , : 1 i;,,, SWEET POTATOES / :„ 1 1 3, ks 29c lo BEET GRANULATED SUGAR, 10 Jack Sprat Tea lb. Pkif. 27c 3 Way Cleaner Tidy House :.... 2 for 23c Jack Sprat "Grade A" . 46 oz. Can Grapefruit Juice 33c Jack Sprat Lemon or Vanilla !'/& oz. Bottle Extract 25c Jackson ',, . Tomato Juice Surface Cleaner Tidy House Cake Flour Swansdown Jack Sprat Sliced Beets JACK SPEAT ENRICHED MILK. 2 M Cans . Our Favorite Sauce ... 14 oz. Bottll .--- 25c Jack Sprat Enriched 5 lb. Bae- Flour 29C True American Matches 23c Seedless 2 lb. Fke. Raisins , Chocolate Velvet • 20 oz. Jar Syrup 3|0 Jack Sprat Enriched 25 lb. Bag Flour . $f.39 A. & H. l Ib.-Pksr, Baking Soda '.. 9o Knox Gelatin —..,..,.. 2fc FOLGER'S COFFEE, 2 lb. jar 55c Oval Cans 15 02. Sardines 2 f° r 35c Spanish 5?4 oz. Jar Olives - 29C Welches ' . Pint Grapejuice , .—„: 25c Large Bar , r Swan Soap— „„„..„„, 2 for 2lc Washing Powder Velvo ,.„.,..„.„„.,;„„.„.„ 35c Pure Minced Clams ... .............. „..'. .......... 35c Planter's Peanut Butter ...., ...... . ..... ... 29c Del Monte 'No, %% Can Fruit Cocktail .„,..,.„..._,.._ 4Q C Soap ' ' •. ..... ' ' . . : '. •• ••:•; Sweetheart ;„„,....„.„ J bars 21 C ' ' ' ' '' ' . Oxydol ,;,„„„„.„„.„..': g LONfiHORNdffiESE PPW.WMW , Wlff* * *Wr filteAiNlli ..,. ; .... v .. p ,.^.. T , TI ,..4_,,, w . r ^^ '

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