The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, May 24, 1945
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MWV ten lin Column dhltSibef of ttftttith And Alfena Doings of uft'Wte»k Cfcftdenjfcd Ft* Sef* l6« Men. Clip and Mall in Your e*t Letter to tU6 Bays. Wayne M. Roper, Iowa Secretary oi State, opened district rea estate dealers meeting at Algona Country Club (May 8th. . . . Marguerite Dalzlel, formerly of Al- gonBj joins USO in Honolulu. . • Mrs. Frances Marie Wllley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs/ Jens;Soreh- sen, Algona, died May 12th. The husband, Cpl. Paul A. Willey, is overseas. . . , Sgt, Ronald Fraser Algona, soon to t>6 dlsoharge( from service with 103 discharge points. . . .A poll recently showed that the shortage most annoying to housewives is that of elastic tape. The most annoying surplus we might add is another kind o' tape, colored red.,.. The two flfs towns in Kossuth county to reach their quotas in the 7th War Loan Drive .were Swea City and Lone Rock, headed by Ray D. Smith and Art Priebe, respectively. , . Annual Poppy Day by. Hagg Unit Legion Auxiliary, to be May 26th Mrs. Fred Bartholomew is chair- human, . . .Douglas H. Patterson of Tltortka now a major and with 153rd battalion 1st army ... Have you ever noticed that hart boiled eggs are yellow inside? . . John Bauer, Wesley once a prisoner of war in Germany, now In Schick hospital in Clinton. Petty Officer 2c Richard R. Smith ,of LuVerne, marries Ardis Nelson, Eagle Grove. . V . Lt. Franklin M. (Zip) Koons, Swea City, .back -iwGefmany. : . . Pfc. -Hubert A .Govern, Bancroft, awarded the Purple Heart with • Patton's 3n army. . . .66 Kossuth youths died iiiservice up to VErDay, May .7 . . ..'-'How' long you in'jail fo Mose?" j"Two weeks." "What am de /charge?" , "Ain't no charge everything am free." "Ah mean what did you do?" "Done sho ma wife." "Shot yo wife and m jail only two weeks?" "Dats all den I gets hung." . ... Lowell M Samp, Algona, ARM 2c of th navy with. 19 ' months overseas home from the Philippines. . . Cliff -Larson, Livermiore, wounded in Germany noWJn states. . . Ward L.! Tordoff, Algona, of Marine coups, wounded and now home on furlough. . . . Cpl. Don Kraus of Wesley back after -8C months in Italy. . . . Sgt. Russel Thorpe, Algona, and Ames, missing in Germany, now back with American forces. . .'•. Herb Plambeck, .WHO- correspondent . in Germany, had Gordon Dewel. talk on broadcast. . . -. Capt. Frank M Baker, Bancroft; receives oak leaf cluster award. . . . John Goeders, .91, long, retired Algona merchant, died May 17th. . '. . Recently, liberated from prisoner o: war camps in Germany: Lt. John C. .Phillips, Lt.. Donald. Arns, Lt Duane.Lighter, all ot Algona, and S-Sgt. Wilbur Zoller of Lakota AHS HONOR ROLL The' Algona high school scholarship honor roll for the second semester of the 1944-1945 school year has been released by Supt, O. B,. Ladng. , The basis for including names of students on the scholarship honor roll is the requirement of a "B" average, with no grade lower than"C." Names of pupils having all A's are starred. •: Freshmen ' Sue Hutchison, ^Gloria Lane, Durwood Lashbrpok,: Clark -Phillips, Barbara Platt, Kathryn Reisner, (Ray Schenck, 'Louise Soren- een. • Sophomores Joanne Dahl, Rosalie Halpin, Shirley Helberg, Dale Kern, *Joan Pletch, *Anita Luedtke, Nelson Price, Norma Lee Reimers; Betty • Scriibner, *Ann Stillman, Lee Van- Juniors Ardis Bosworth, Bob Butts, Oharlene Clement, Darel Larsen, "BBrothy (Miller, • Paul Schenck, Lena Tammen, Vernon Voyles. Seniors *Mary Anderson, Roger Bur' gess, Marjorie Eason, Rose Marie Button,. 'Inwin Forbes, Phyllis Bain, Ardis Kresensky, Verle Lar-» son, Lorraine Loper, Barbara Scobee, Kendell Ward. Bob McConnell Speaks to Lions Tuesday The Algona Lions Club met Tuesday noon at the Hptel Algona and beard the report of the nominating committee, wWph re« commended that tfee present officers continue Jn office for. the coming year .as they had fulfilled .thefe duties, pnjy »; short 'lime isinqe the organisation, received ifa .charter, Pel Cooper, acting secretary,, withdrew las name ancj 'tws'jrtbeip weye nominated, w, 6. R-»»d Key, B. «* .,^U be fHf^&f^-ltPf: »J*. <(,< • '• ]*,t'lt r ' '- if ESTABLISHED 1868 AL0ONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 24, 1945 Ten Pages USW HOP GOLD STAR MOTHERS AT MEETING MONDAY Ask For Golf Balls, Clubs For Marines. tfSW Gave $100 to Legion Building Fund, The U. S. W. met Monday evening, May 21, at the Legion hall Fallowing the business meeting E. vacation from all-.sewing was declared to allow 5 : for complete clearing up of all shipments o commodities at the Oskaloosa office. It is desired that golf balls am clubs be collected for the marines and everyone who has these is Urged to contribute; They are considered necessary fot the exercise the'convalescent men need If one wishes to send-donations direct, they may be sent to Office of Athletic Director, .Attention Ernie Nevers, U. S. Marine Base San Diego. California. Donated Clothing The U. S. W. have donated T shirts, swim trunks and five bath robes. Handkerchiefs, wash cloths and wheel chair pillows are needed. The ladies also donated $100 to the American Legion building fund., .".. . , ,, : .:'... .';'. - Six gold star mothers were honored, Mrs. George McMahon, -Mrs Sam Medin, Mrs.,''Marie P>derseh Mrs. ClaUde • Dearchsj Mrs. Chas .Gilfaride and Mrs. Mayme Kelly Mrs. A. W. Amunson. paid tribute to the mothers and Mrs. Ruth Baker decorated each With a corsage of llllies of "the-valley.. Three New Members Three new members-were addec Mrs. Claude Dearchs, 'Mrs. J. B Wheelock and Mrs. C. Mitchell "When the Lights Go On Again' was sung by Betty Tucker arid LaVonne Baker. Mrs. Harold .•Gilmore -gave an interesting talk on her trip through the south. Lunch was served by the circle of .which Mrs. J. L. DitswortH and Mrs Max Nelson are chairmen. • The U. S. W. will be represented in -the. Memorial Day parade Those participating are asked to be at the Legion hall at 9:30 a. m May 30th. - Publications to Navy, Cbast Guard, Marine Must Be Requested Effective July 4 !, 1945, all navy coast guard, and marine personnc must have a written request to show newspaper^ and magazine publishers beforettstarting a subscription -to* theraMf* thei . '{¥ * ' *,LS. *£..£. ^*2m*¥X . >>it , vr*r£^=A A*c0 AUUiuev* W3 H JJIft^UIl JU the group mentioned' above is asked-to do ,so'.j3efpre',J,uly 1st This does not' subscriptions WelT 'be ,',e,nter"ed after that date, but that all the' "red tape" can be eliminated up to then. ; '.'-' ! •'..-..'. •-•:•.-v 1 '•.-.'. • '•*'-' :" : • The order is already in effect for'army, personnel. • .-•.-,-:'.••• All subscriptions belnlj sent at the present" ;time do not need a written request until the subscription expires. After July 1 all new subscriptions and all-subscriptions being renewed will need a request. , • , The publisher must keep on file the request for.a subscription. Keep!this In<m1nd when you bring your request^- r?, Effective immediately'the postmasters will decline to accept publications 'addressed to army personnel in care,,of postmasters at ports of embarkation unless Doth a unit address., and an APO number, are included in the addresses, This newspaper, in compliance with postal regulations will not accept new'subscriptions Without the aforesaid request, FENTON SAILOR IN BOMBING FRANKLIN CARRIER John . Schmidt, aviation chief metalsmith, U. S. N. R., of Route I, Fen ton, survived the Japanese toom^ipg of the 27,000-ton aircraft carrier, USS Franklin pn March 19. Two 500-pound bombs, scor- ng direct hits, turned the sWp nto an exploding nightmare and a blazing inferno, and finally sent most of the'crew over the side, Poise4 for an early morning at- ;ack on Japanese snipping, the rranklins deck wss packed wit*) jomb-lsden planes, stacks of jomba and pther ammunition, and h,ousan4s of gallons of high PC- ane gasoline, A single J»p dive •-—•- — J fcpme WPA Announces 50c Beef Subsidy Effective May 19 The Kossuth County Agricultural Conservation Commission of which Bob Loss is chairman, on Tuesday received the following telegram dated May l!) from the Iowa Agricultural Conservation Committee in Des Moines: "W2TA wiH lannouhce beef production payment 50 cents per hundredweight effective sales beginning May 19 on good •and choice cattle: (1) owned and fed by applicant, at least 30 days, (2) sold to licensed slaughterer, (3) Weighing 800 pounds liveWeight. or more." The local office is awaiting further information which will be released to Kossuth cattle raisers as soon as possible. The new subsidy* :is expected to alleviate to some extent the present beef shortage on the market. . . .', :; ; ; ' LT. WM. BAfT HAS SPECIAL OFFICER COURSE, FRANCE - Paris, 5 France: 2nd> Lt.-* WilHarh N. Batt, Irvington; Was ane of 102 officers who completed a: three weeks'.specialized training' course after winning battlefield 'commissions in the European theater of operations. • . .- .•',, , . Because of outstanding service as non-commissioned officers,'the men were made secon'd lieutenartts- by their ; commanding generals. Later they were sent to the train?-, ing center in France,for a.special course which stresses platoon tactics and operations. ; • After • completing , the training, the officers returned to their units to assume their^new duties 'as' infantry platoon leaders. LT. MARY MCEVOY NOWlROUTETO CAMP IN FRANCE A U. S. Army Station Hospital in England: Assigned to .one of ,fhe most trying of wards, the neurotic-psychiatric, Second LieUt- enarat Mary G. McEvoy, 24, of 317 N. Garf ield street,- Algona, is giving all posible aid and comfort to these wounded combatants. i Patients of this type are often more'serious probiems-.than others due A &'tKe^natUrevdf Their ail' MUdflg; .,_ nervous nts in union wittf them. But by • understanding 'care,' Lt. Mary McEvoy 1 -is doing a great job in restoring their - health and well- being. * St . Cecelia Academy Graduates REV.tJ. M.' MALLINGER, SUPERINTENDENT ' Brown's Studio Left to right: Top row, -Richard Spholtes; Vera Semon, vice president; Louis McEnroe, president; Jane Mayer, secretary; Robert Winkel, treasurer. Second row: Howard Hentges, Mary Hilbert, Duane Reynolds, Wlllla^i, Beiser, Jeanette Buscher. Third row: Mary Schick, William (Lane, Dorothy Reynolds, Kichard Kinsey, Beverly Stebritz. Bottom row:',Mary Seeley, Donald Valentine, Julia Weir, Esther' Eischeid, Lillian Gink. Kossuth Reaches One Third of Quota in 7th War Loan Drive ~ '__•"• j;'*>. ,f •• irk)-. •'»•'*. v " the way ' 'toward $1,498,000^ in ,the drive. Purchases •Is one its.' 7th War •to date passed the half million mark, an<; there is a million to go. 1 Bonds are selling at a '" rapid rate this •week, and- -it '-is .hoped that people will carry out , their' promises to buy bonds at an 'early date. Riverdale, Ledyard Pass -Quota Two .hiore communities'-- have passed their quotas isince -Monday John Bormann ol ^Rlyerdale township [reports ^ sqlbsc'rlptibns l; o! ''' quota of Chairman E. A. Car- reports thai She.instructsslhe ward-men on the proper care and handling of this .type of patient'aside from her regular duties which include 'the giving of medicines and treatments, the .charting of temperatures and other types .of general nursing duties. ' She graduated from the St. Cecelia Academy in 1938, and from the St. Joseph Mercy College of Nursing, Fort Dodge, in 1942. She received 'her commission while obstetrical charge nurse at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Waverly in January, 1943, Her first assignment was at the Fprt Des Moines Station Hospital where she remained ijntil October when she went overseas. She joined her present unit in Ireland in May of 1944, daughter of Mrs. Katfaerine Mpgvoy of jiere, she, bw a brother, John J., a. technical sergeant in the sir cprps now Wales, stationed in $38,658.75 $38,500.00. penter .of bis- town has : ,s,inet : ilts ^quota of $13,000.00. (Later^-Bancroft has reached its 'quota of $45,000 Clarence, Hendirckson is chairman.) Several townships have made Incomplete returns which indicate *hat they: have a chance to meet the quota in the subscription campaign, 'Burt township has •$32,500 signed up in seven school districts, and if the other two districts .. cpme up to average thai community should meet its quota of $40,000. ' Hebron township has over $28,000 signed up of its quota of $30,000 and-has a good chance to pass its goal. Portland township •has $30,000 out of $35,000 pledged, but may have to hustle to reach its quota. Prairie., township has a good start toward its quota •)( $37,500, Lotts Creek township is the only neighborhood reporting pledges considerably short of its quota. Fairly complete returns show a sign-up of $30,120 with a quota of $30,000. Urged to Finish This Week AH 'bond workers are urged to finish their work this week, and report to their town or township chairman. While most calls have been made, there are still a few people to be contacted. Kossuth county has always done its share in the state and national quota, but many people who have not done their ghare for their town pr township guote «re still faU* ing behind, WhJJe this Js tlje largest Pi »ny of -the ww IF. jjwclwsed the farm* west as the ^riJW* * arm &$ Wffoer fern m Wfepy re4a frpw England to some creasing 'their own, bombs,and ammunition in a sWp and, crew from Uon S«rroon /.T^ s^t Frc§d From P v W mm ww S. ft M C NU1T HELD HERE TUESDAY Services for the Tlate Mrs. Louisa Crose (S. H>); McNutt, who died Saturday at the home of her son, Sam, in Ames, were held at the tylcCullough Funeral Chapel Tues!day afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, Rev. A..;Engl}sh conducted the las^ rites with burial in Riverview .in the; family lot, Harold Hutchins sang "Abide With Me" and" "Lead Kindly Light" accompanied by Sylvja -Gunn at the piano. U-'.The ladies of the Union. Mothers and Daughters Club attended the services in a body. Mrs. McNUtt was a charter member of this club and was still, a - member at the time of her death. ' ;; " Born In 1858 • Louisa Crose one of a family of twelve children, was born 87 years ago;'on her fathers homestead: in the northwest corner of Irvington township March 17, 1858. There were three sets of twins. One set James and Joseph born in 1855 were the first white children born in the county, Mrs. McNutt was the eighth child of Mr. and Mrs, Phillip Crose, a pioneer couple whose land joined that of the David King family. She received her education at the Mann school. in Irvington township under the direction of the late C. B, Hutchins. It was the equivalent of a high school education. Later she attended the Burglars Rob Nealy Store For Second Time on a May 22 ^ When Jttay 22 rolls around old.Algona College. She taught school at an early age passing and getting her first grade certificate on her 16th birthday when A- A, Brunson was the county superintendent. For nearly eleven years she taught, mostly in Seneca and Greenwood townships, " ,She met S, H. McNutt, who was also, a teacher, at one time prm-* cfeal of the Humboldt and Pows schools, and they were married 1885 at Al«ona, Ne itif-'to be on his guard 'for burglars, and there w.'l be no fooling around about the matter." For,*the second'consecutive, time .the Nealy Hardware has been- broken' into and robbed on May. 22. Last Tuesday, the thief broke a rear window in the store an<f took $14'or 118. Apparently no merchandise was' stolen as; nothing, wa* missed except the money which had'been paid for fish- Ing licenses/ It was Marshal W. H, Steward who discovered that the store had been robbed twice on the same day. After he and Bob talked about the matter he found his records showed that the Nealy store the" McMullen grocery and the'Pratt drug store had all been robbed on the* same day last year, Bob lost about $64 last year'and the other stores a total of about $25.- Incl- ' dentally Bob.has been told to wash the back windows more often so that hi the future the culprit's fingerprints .will be more apt to show. FIRST LUTHERAN CONFIRMATION SUNDAY, MAY 27 Four young people will be confirmed this coming Sunday at the First Lutheran church, the Rev. The service Those mak- E, K. Nelson pastor. begins at 11:00 a. 'm. ing their vows to Christ and His church are Arlene Hagg, Vernon Hagg, Donna Johnson and Ruth Paine. These young people have completed a two-year confirmar tion cpunse under the pastor. They were given thejr oral examination on the evening of May 18, .together wjtb the class -of the Immanuel Lutheran churclj e;samtoation was Baneroft. conducted- in Bancroft. Besides the rite ot confirmation forafe •""H *-,',*"• of Ho}y Com' of new members" "by letter ei transfer, but the e*S<4 Ust will be presented nejxt weet On Wa fc ^p? the wngrejptten will J,;rJ*iYe..»te ^*" I*F ^ ~ "'ht(yV 8 W "pf , •f - .- 'Tv^^yi^^y^v^''^ i :' S r, ***,' "•. t* ' ^~ t '^f'^<- "• J$*fl . I ' * 1 *'*»> ^ - ^ "4 4 A ",,- '* -% J -^^]4U^.'^j^'k-'-v. 'jz-vM-^f FLASH! It was Navy Lt. Warren it. Lasser, of Waterloo, and husband of the former Idt ttalpln, ot Algona, pilot of a Martin Mariner plane, who annihilated a,' five-ship Japanese convoy off the northern tip of Formosa, 7th Fleet headquarters disclosed Wednesday according to a story carried in today's Des Moines Register. The attack took place the night of May 18 and was announced by Gen. Douglas Mc- Arihur's communique of May 12. At that time, he did not disclose the name of the pilot. VOL. 80 STUDENT RECITAL AT ACADEMY MONDAY EVENING Next Monday, May 28, the music department of .St. Cecelia Academy will present Nancy Hutchison, Joan Hoffman and Tommy Barker, graduates of the Certificate Course, assisted by Louis McEnroe, Arlene. Spilles, Jeanne Loss and Marjorie Mayer, in a recital to begin at 8,o'clock. We regret that "time ah'd 'space prevents us from setting out the numbers on the' program in detail in this issue. However, judging from the ; selections, all toy masters, the. program will prove interesting arid entertaining from. every angle. JOHN SPONGBERG RELEASED FROM GERMAN PW CAMP • '.-.-.-• ij*..-- ••'• - • •• Harry Spongberg, local mail carrier, received a letter from his son, John .C. Spongberg, dated May '14 in -which he says, "Just a line once again- hoping this finds you all at; home in the best of health. . I .ana -well and safe and am on journey home. I am' writing -to >ouVifrpm the Canadian YMCA : in; Brussels, Belgium . . . hello^to all, T.-have not heard from home ' since, ^November 12th." 'As . JphiT entered the service in -1841 and' in February, 1942, he was sent tp Ireland and thence to Africa whereas "'was captured by the Italians and Germans in November of 1942. He was transferred to different camps in Italy and upon Italy's,, surrender was released 'touti, later captured by ,the Germans whdjtaipriso'hed him at 04.M4WOT-«B'±*£'tt4.rl.* ' **' 'i*' 1 '"'?;/^^ " Johniwas, one of the* first suth boys f tp be captured by the enemy, and.=his return borne will be one of great rejoicing. ' Four Months Old Fraser Babe Dies Judy Kay Fraser, the '4-months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fraser, 108 N, Blackfprd, Algona, died Tuesday at the Park hospital 'in Mason City, Funeral services will. be held Thursday morning fet 10 o'clock from the Episcopal church and burial will be made in East Lawn, THIRD MILITARY MEMORIAL AT THE ; P. W. CAMP SUNDAY Service Will Pay Tribute tfr Families Of Fallen COM- rades Who Have Made- Victories Possible* The third military memorial program is being planned throughout the United States for Sunday, May 27. Observance Will be.helcf for this area at the Algbna Prisoner of War Camp, in the Post Theater, from 3:30 to 3:45 .p. m. ? The services will pay tribute to the families of fallen comrades who have made VE-Day possible, and who have contributed to'the- * victories in the Pacific, and Will also pay respect to the soldiers of „ all wars in U, S. history. f Expression of Sympathy The number of local casualties has increased since the last mem- ' orial service of February 11, 1945. < Many of these casualties have had ? their respective religious memorial services and in a few instances Of- >» fleers of the Algona camp have f participated in the service. 'But ' > since it is impossible to make personal contact with all families who , , have suffered casualties, It,is, tha*.* desire of the commanding general iT of the Seventh Service Command! v that an expression '6f sympathy*';^ and a pledge of continued interest- *•» be given to them through a service'' „ in which clergymen of ,the-com— ^ munities adjacent to the"Algona> ' camp take a principal part. , "'5 Lt. Col. A. T. Lobdell, cOtn-« mending officer of the local camp,, "!; is most desirous that next of kin- and families who have suffered' » casualties in the navy, air • force- and marine corps also accept this invitation to attend the services • Sunday. Invitations to attend!"- •• have been sent to families of army , l? casualties, but the army receives. \ no record of casualties in other jt branches of service and hence- ,* could not send invitations. '': (The Algona memorial ^ervice 1 „, Sunday will be forfeited in favor ( ^ of the service at the camp.) \ ." The program for Sunday is, aa ,-4 follows:"," r-M. Prelude, Mrs. Arthur Perry. "^ Presentation of colors. ( Invocation, Rev. Heny Kruse,. * of Woden.' Welcome, Lt. Col. A. T. Lobdell- Hymn, Trinity Lutheran choir,, of Algona. Memorial tributes, "To the men: Estherville. < Hymnr Trinity i Lutheran-chpir.ij >"• Address,'* '^How. carif,-we?ibear..'up§ to continue to do our part?" "" Paul A.,Peterson, Mason iiH#» l i-**!Wfl;: < ~ irer, Be\^C; v < cer. • ft y® '"** " Benediction, Herbeiiier. V""«"» • 7 ' Retreat of colors,, and taps- ' *^ ._- . . •"^ - 1 Lt. James Miu-tagh forv Aniv^Here Saturday Lt. James R. Murtagh will ar-rive Saturday for a visit herewith his parents, Banker and Mrs~C. .B. Murtagh, and also his sisters, 'Jean- and 1 Mrs. -Betty Krusev whp.,are leaving. June ,5tt» for Washington, D. C., where , they will be employed for the summer at the-census bureau. -,"Jlmmie"' has been hospitalized since he was,. Injured in January on the^ Euro—<"V» pean' front arid has been at the- ; J Fitzsimmoris 'General Hospital^.. Denver, 'sColo. i , .', Algona Memorial " '4)H Day 'Service May 30 f -.(' Judge H. E. Na'rey, of Spirit \'l Lake, will be the Memorial day' r speaker in Algona Wednesday, ; : May 30, at 19 a, m. The parade and ' :; services at the cemetery will be*.* under the auspices of the local -. Legion and VFW posts. In tbe'^ event of rain, the services will be t \> held at the high school auditorium, '• The parade will start promptly, at 10 o'clock and patriotic organi- . zations and other groups «re re«f! quested to assemble in front pf the city/library at 9:30. , . « '** For further details see last^ Tuesday's paper, u i Boy Scouts Attend Camporee At Medium Lake State Park By Lee Vanderwaal About 35 Boy Scouts from troops 71, 72 and 29 attended .... "F4ve Island ;<3ampor,ee" in Medium Lake state'park at Era* last Saturday and Sim* s.fjpm Koasuth, Palp ISronet aa4 - Jp'hnson 1 of - AJgona, as program director.* and jScputmas.ter0 Jess

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