The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1945
Page 10
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:~?fraT;*Tt 8ft SARMSLAUGffllR ; Fanner Who Sold No Mea b 1944 Will Be Given Qttota of 400 Pounds Pel- Yea*. Ttye importance of the farmers part in the hew meat control pro'. gram which becomes effective > May 14, was emphasized this 'week by the local Was Price and . Rationing 'Board. The farmers' part in the new program and what .the new regulation requires him to do was also outlined. The chief objective of the new program is to bring about a more •even distribution of this year's t-educed meat supply. The farmer, besides being a producer of livestock is also a consumer and in most cases a distributor of meat. It is in his role as a distributor that this new program directly applies to him. Control measures on the sale' of farm- produced meat have been tightened up. All Class 3 permits previously issued by the War Food Administration to farm slaughter- era are revoked and farmers who wish to continue slaughtering and dressing meat for sale must apply after May 14, this year, for a new Class 3 permit from their local War Price and Rationing Board. For Home Consumption Outlining briefly what the farmer Is asked to do; the boar explained that the farme* is firs of all permitted to slaughter, o have slaughtered for him, th number of animals needed fo home consumption, and assur himself that the rest of ih'Is live stock is going into establish^ legitimate trade thannels. If it has been his practice. t< slaughter livestock for neighbor hood or local sale, he must get a new Class 3 slaughterer's perml after May 14 this year, from hii local ration board, and friust liwi his sales to the amount he sold in each quarter of 1944. Quotas wil be assigned only to the exten that the slaughterer lias filed rationing compliance reports and turned in required points during the calendaryear 1944. A farmer who sold no meat in 1944 will je given a quota of 400 pounds a year. The farmer is required to collect the proper number of red ration points for the meat he sells or gives away and turn these in monthly to his board. He can not charge more than ceiling Vine to Be Confirmed n Ledyard Sunday Ledyard: Last Sunday morning class of nine young people were xamined in the catechism at the Evangelical and Reformed church nd they will unite with the hurch by the rite of confirmation on Sunday morning, May 13. Th MEMORIAL m AT BURT SUNDAY FOR JOE CARTER' ^Mr. and Mrs. A. f*. Carter and daughter", Mrs. Wm. Flood, Mrs. Stanley Shlpler and her two chll* dren, Mrs. Fletcher Burwash and Lynna Jean, all of Ottumwa and T-4.John Carter who Is home on furlough after 39 months in the Pacific, were visiting friends over the week-end here. They wart here also for the memorial services Sunday at the Lutheran church for Pfc. Joel Frederick Barter, Marine, who gave his life 'or his country on Iwo Jirna Feb. •U.iiiiii I. fri !• fKjSsmWkvMiBfr iVi^-k^^a.^;^^.,-,^ -Decka I6ft 'MoWdaj 1 : fc* It wtteW" site jwiii jpihd' bjfttofs-v ' gelhg vte ; Se Barman 'Will return tb ih§ for treatmentv eaasaasisasiere^^ M .-««•• *'»'•'. •• •:•:•••'•':::.: ''••-•> t mi8!^^ 20. Joel was born Aug. 9, 1925, the roungest son of Frederick and Martha Callies Carter. All his iarly life was spent in Burt where IB attended school. In February, 943, he enlisted in the Marines. After training in California he was home on leave in the fall of 1943, going to the combat areas in January of '44. He was with the 4th Marine division and saw action the Marshalls, also Saipan and later on Iwo Jima where e met his death the second day f the invasion. Honorary pallbearers were class includes Leonard Beenken Myron Busch, Marian Kliksiek Patricia Matzener, Betty Ann Sel berg, Edwin Swartz and Jan Smith. "> GAVS MY CLOSETS THf LOOK AM9 OF JtfAl CfDAX* jf WITH... Veryl-Baas, Wilbur Baas, Wm. Garman, Kenneth Hutzel, Lawrence Riedel and Howard Sigsbee. L. J. Miller, commander of the Legion, presented a flag to Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. Chaffee, U. S. W., pinned the gold star on the service flag. Offerings in memory of Joel were received for Red Cross, blood plasma, army and navy fund and service men's memorial fund of the Lutheran church. In memory of him, a photograph of Joel will be placed in the school building by the class of L943, of which he was a member. Knoll Post gave a gift to eStab- ish a local memorial fund for Burt Besides the above mentioned •elatives he is survived by a >rother Raymond in Rochester, J. Y., hi-s grandparents, Mr. and flrs. John Carter of Jonesboro, ""— and Mrs. Robert Callies of Brakes are a factor ^m traffic accidents >'' :'.>;! A brake checking program'-'Ifi stituted recently by the State 6* Michigan was. an outstandirig.vsue-j cess. After a. 7-months' rise, If traffic deaths, fatalities were reduced 33 per cent ih the flr'st month of the program ahd 31 pelf cent the second month as 'coin* pared to the Same months of 'the year before. There w'as a iedufi* tion of 16 per cent in the 'thir'd month, even though the activist program had ended. Repairs and adjustments on brakes can be made reasonably and with little or no loss of ude of vehicles.' At the present time there are adequate replacement parts and service .facilities for repairing brakes that fail to pass the brake test Since this may not be true later in the year it is important that automobile drivers heed this warning and have their brakes checked immediately. t|ftadnef\at:;;;:ilX 4 ;vaHipiHiv.?;t«& Mary'..'„, — -,»$ht the we'ekifeftd 'with Hferfg] eMts,. M*. and x %feHvv llachtrt, . Mrs. ;Jess MeDbrlald Mis fts '. guest this jsreek her,»M@fc Mti Mayme ,• Ernef£, of St. Paul, Mintf Rev. and Mrg. Best aM Misi Blanchara of Algbh.a' called" • on Mr'* Dofa. Armstrong Sunday tern'oon. Wm. Batts moved Friday from the' DUnfteVan house ttere-Htb':th6 small House on' the Presley S"ar< (ihet pla'cei 'Kenneth _... 'HUtzel arrived spettd a 30 day ftjrlbugh with his parents, Mr. and' Mrs. Glenn Mut^el. Ml 1 '.' and Mrs. Ray Webb and 'hildren of Titonka and Ilia Blls-l )0r6ugh 6f Aigona were In town in business Saturday evening. ; The Busy Bee club will meet with Mrs. Dean Andrews Friday afternoon. This will be a Mothr's .day tea. Some 26 women be- ohg to this group. 'Mr. and Mrs. K. 3. Smith ahd Wrs, Robert Murray attended the music concert given by the high chool and the Bel Canto club-in Mgona Sunday afternoon. ^IfST ; 's9!fi. '"i, ? fc^»a-« v *V*"^"" *•'•••' -**?•••• &£I W\*»**»**tj-;;;,*»««• . pfs, at The;. Algofta 40ci.and Upf,:. tte^t, BftscmeHt -i •. Good U,s4d'FUrilituiiS >' Sifliftg ifbbm^LWfiilrdbm miltw Brealtfast sets, Buffets,'Hadibs '" ' Washeiffe/«•••...•.' v SEE ME FOR, Ifteai' fiaifgains HI fa?ms» loans, drainage sUfveyW d estimates, ofi tile. -^ ptui j, Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algbna. 1-tf TYPEWRITER RlBSOMSi All kinds of typewriteif ahd'adding machine rlbbbhS; Thei Algbna Jppei 1 Des MoineS, Algbha. 6tf 'LOOK SANDING and Heflnish- ing. Heavy commercial equip* ment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 75, Aigona. < ••••'••'. 1" ' "" CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35o for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word. No agr- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive Ic commission. Blind ads 25c, For Sale Titonka, other relatives" great many friends. and i&a ™'-- a:35ss3 ™ip™-"yi j ^'^ XEAL CfOAK WOOD MADE IHTOWALLPAPfK - It's easy to apply TRIM2 Cedar Close* , Wai/paper. ., „ • ,, All you do is, cut a strip of correcf , tewjf/J from the roll, immerse it in water for s wfeMtfey drain, and apply to the wall. IJ»- .fresto,...Q new closet, with all the , .^! ea . u *y» > .fr*»|>B«** 'oiJtf-SJean J?dof pf ^genuine cecJar wobcJi'--. ' >-. 1 HTRIMZ Ready-Pasted Cedar Closet ] Wallpaper is also ideal for lining ; .dresser drawers, chifforobes, storage chests, ha boxes, etc. IT'S OUARANTIID WASHAtli eon MR 9* Cowan Bldg Supply Co. Phone 275 . ALGONA, IOWA The Sewing Circle will meet with Mrs. Herman Schroeder Fri- ay afternoon. Dr. Olson, president of Buena /ista college at Storm Lake de- ivered the sermon at the Pres- yterian church Sunday. Mrs. Ada Whitehill was ill a ew days last week. Her daugh- ers, Mrs. Blanchard of Lone Rock nd Mrs. Johnson have been with er. Services were held in the school uditorium Tuesday afternoon in onor of VE-Day. A large number attended. There was no school here Tuesday and business houses were closed from Tuesday noon until Wednesday noon Mr. and Mrs. Franz Teeter had a family dinner Sunday in honor of Mrs. Teeter's- nephew, Sgt Wm. Junior Larson, who is home on furlough from the S.'W. Pacific. Guests were Mr.,and Mrs. FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Del Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 44W FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating senr ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Aigona. 20-3-8tf HELP WANTED: Woman. Ful time employment. Consumers 19 WANTED: Men and women to read RUPTURE ad elsewhere in this paper and remember the date- 19*-15c FOR SALE: Some choice numbers of Funk's G Hybrid seed corn Cecil Bjustrom, Whitte-i more; Clinton Bjustrom, Aigona. 15-19* FOR SALE: Heavy steel -ink drums, 15 gal. size. $1.00 each. The Aigona Upper Des Moines. 18tf FOR SALE: 8%xll Yellow Railroad Manilla second sheets, 500 MEAT CUTTERS capable of managing meat departments in A & P. Food Stores throughout Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Interesting salary. Vacations, group insurance, low cost. hospitalization. Also openings for store .manager positions. 'Excellent salary while training. Apply locally or Personnel Department, 316 S. W. 5th St., Des Moines, Iowa .... , -19 Miscellaneous Des Moines. 18ff sheets, 85c. The Aigona Upper FOR SALE: A few cabinets of . Hamilton bond stationery. '250 sheets, 250 envelopes, $3,26,' The Aigona Oupper Des .Moines.. FOR SALE:. Various kernel sizes in Pioneer, Nos. 322, 341, 358-A; 330. Call 636-J or 95 ey. 2.341 i, C, Eail- 16-19 Wm. Larson of Titonka;' Mrs, Rudolph Larson of Wesley; Mrs, Dorothy Larson and daughter Mary Janice and Geraldine of Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Uurson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Sd.tflrson-and Beverly, Mrs. Petra Larson and Miv and Mrs. Wilfred Chafi^e and Ragtr,_ Mrs. Chafee s an aunt of Sgt. Larson and Mrs. Dorothy Larson is her sis- -r' —TiV"«- • * ! matched teams, "good'" woris Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Garman en- horses. Roy McVay, Aigona. 19* tertained the following relatives at their home Sunday evening in honor of their son, Pfc. Wm. Gar- FOR SALE: John Deere 1% h. p. gas engine, fine condition. One new pump jack, worm gear enclosed. Hardwood truck box, fa<> tory.made, good shape; $10.00. 504 Fair St.; Algbha.* i8-19* ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Aigona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for 35c. 34-U SANt) YOUR OWN FLOORS .make theni like new. Rent bur Handy Electric Floor • Sanders. $2,00,.morijing,; $2.50 afternqpnior SELL your late model car to us for the highest price. Free information on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. •.-.':•..."... 36tf ALL DISPLAY:advertising copy must be in the hands of our printers by Wednesday noon to insure publication In the paper the following Thursday. The Ai- gona Upper Des Moines, 2-lf A and B POWER PACKS at Huxtable's Firestone Store. 19 CAR OF SUPER PHOSPHATE on track. See'us.\aVoT&ce. '. Limited Jantityi. /.:"Pho'tfe ,^257, Aigona Floiir &:Feed'(soT ''•./' 19* HYBRID SEED CORN State certified Hybrid No. 4316; $5:00 to $6.50 per bu. No corn better for machine picking, or yielding ability on good soils. Early, variety. Iowa 306. This Hybrid is also called the Improved 939, is a top yielder but a little later in maturity than the 4316. $4.00 to $5;50 per bu. , M. A. Sorlicn 2 miles north of Bode 18tf . Card of Thanks We wish to 'thank our friends and neighbors ? for the beautiful flowers and the many kindnesses extended to us at the time of tha death of our beloved husband and 'ather. Mrs. Ben J. Sorenson and family. 19* Card of Thanks We take this means of express- ng our heartfelt thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors who by word and deed helped ws during the illness and .death of our husband ihd ^father, , Mrs. FOR SALE; Shetland ppny._ Some, man, Jr.,and his fiancee, Shirley Decka of St Peter, Minn.: Mr. and Mrs. Art Garman and family of Denhart; Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Garman. and family of Britt; iMr. and Mrs. Bob Garman, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garman and Sunday, May 13 Our Gift Sections have never been as loaded as they are for this very important day. You will be able to make your selection from this wonderful array with assurance of variety. FOR SALE: Hampshire Boars", serviceable age, new blood for. old customers. Joseph Skbw, Wesley, Iowa, i * '18-19* FOR SALE: Hereford Bulls, both horned and polled, serviceable age. Joseph Skow, Wesley. 18-19* FOR SALE: Pure bred Hampshire boars. Walter Ruger, LuVerno. 18-19-20-21 FOR SALE: New 'electric sheep clipper. Model 31 Shaarmaster. Kyle Keith, Burt, Iowa. 19* FOR SALE: Surge milker with electric pump. Hudson electric brooder. V & K deep well pump. Stoeber Hardware, Fenton. 19* The new shipment of Lucite is simply beautiful. There are picture frames in standard sizes from kodak to portrait. And prices are down. Also in Lucite are new candle holders, table center pieces, fruit bowls, cigarette and match holders, whatnots, ivy bowl hangers, mirrors, trays, jewel boxes, pin-up lamps and dresser lamps. Another gift suggestion is a set of dinnerware. We have just received several new patterns. Or you may want to fill in a set of dishes that has been started. For an unusual gift, go to our walnut wooden ware department. A set of individual wooden salad bowls might be just the right gift. Something we have not had before is a collection of luminous, statuettes and figurines. They must be seen to be appreciated. There are new pieces of Royal Haege* and Roseville Pottery to be found in our always good collection of pottery. And there are many new pictures, reproductions of famous paintings. A dozen sherbets or tumblers in Heisey glassware is always an accept' able gift. Never before, not even at holiday time, has our collection of what-not items been as varied and large as it is at the present time. For one thing we mention the Hummel figures. For a thoroughly practical gift we suggest any item from our line of kitchen gadgets and cooking ware. FOR SALE: Sixteen ewes with twenty three lambs. White saddle mare, guaranteed gentle. Weight 900 Ibs. Pups from good heeler stock. H. Bruce Lowenstein, LuVerne. 19 FOR SALE: 15 months old Hoi- stein bull. Alphi Fisher, West Bend. 19* FOR SALE: Electro radio, cabinet style. Earl Crouch, Fenton- 19* FOR SALE: Trailer house, 8x20. Donald Erickson, Aigona. Phone 3315 Lone Rock- 19* FOR SALE: Case corn planter in good shape. .David McGregor, Burt- 19* FOR SALE: Used Jayhawk Stacker, used 2 days, like new. 5' IW'D Mower, oil bath, used very little. Hayes corn planter, need 3 Season*. l-R»w potato planter. 36' Wood Sandwich elevator with wagon hoist, Pair of rear skeleton wheel* for Mode! 9 John Deere. 8 N«v&99 Joto Deere com planters. Lmde Imp, Co., Swe» City, Iowa, Phone M. )s FOR SALE): White Rock and White Leghorn baby ch}ck|, Complete line Nutrena chick and poultry feeds. Sani-floor chick litter. WeItelWlor| Jfetchery, wfejt of fairgrounds. . Gifts For Graduates When a woman feels bored she buys a hat (or something) and feels much better. Why shouldn't this psychology work with men? And so we have assembled the finest selection at Ties in Blues, Browns, ahd Reds and put them on our racks. $1.00 and $1,50, A Wide selection of cool, silky Rayon Sport Shirts. Strong and durable, handsome -summery colors. See them today. Long or short sleeves. $2,50 to $7.95, i . - . '..'.•'.'' v Hickok 'Suspenders in a wide variety of cp}ors, Eegulars and longs, elastic cord bapk or elastic throughout, The most comfortable brape you can wear. And they are right in style , , , from smsWi ;|abric§ to the jewelry fashioned bueklfs* an4 (jlever ends, $1,00, $1,50 and $2,09. Hickok »e!ts, for years the topmost in design an4 $WO, $i^0 and $3,00, , »:WffiV»'^K!vm^ iiif ' . : '.:% nierclmndJse nnd some mi(leslrdblestiifM)iit WOtfLW "l^(^K]ft J > : ^ttte; s .^ ^A^]|^ ':!A;<$ife'. ] ^6?$$,^ i'f.l protection dnrlng these times of ty. .;,;•. .'•.•. V. . : ^•*; : Remember this when you shop at GHlilSCHltLES STROKE. Mttcjfi iis iyc like otir Customers, we would rather not them anything than sell them a poor diict* T^ei ai*e looking ahead to jthe day when merchandise will be plentiful and <dus* tomers scarce, i^e don't: want ;a.nybody W;i eyeV; jsay .of this ?tore,;^they i had It In stock but It wasn't worth a darn." n ' es O TO, ID M disptnwbk addition ioyo^r wwdnfa, ibis "$Q everywhere, 4o werytb!n0" cf«wfc is pre- cferfy tailored o/ toyon g«far4fw,1t features Sizes to *p 20, $12.95 The Aigona Hardware O. F, PETERSON WANTED: Qirl for fcowsework, WJH toye owr» private room, nicely furoisjied. fJouse modern in ell rfspeefo automatic hot wa^ ter better, efc. yfa. R. B, Waller, SOS No. PM|Ui>8 St. Pborte n^Vfl Jewelry, Up,tpTthi?4Wnute jar Pars, Tie atesps, Tie Chains, la $2 JO, . •••'..'.,•'! 'H style, . |),M ' ptber iterns, Hats,; $1,85' p Right at : ... „_.__,_„ JWWffii ''• QFM^^DVtei-6- "-*'• "'• ''--'' : '"ti'?\ '-• -j's- ; '"- '"'•'>'•' '.'•}•;'••• •'.:i-''-;3'':''-'v''*; i isr..-"iVJ''- -'•-.• '•v.i -: El.iA%Bg«KJEM~''' "•*'• •"•-"" '•'•' &>'*" Pi'"32-s"'"--",-—•' '••'."''r'-K '••'.' '-i"7''" ',i : "'."•''. : ' »%*•• '-''•"i 'ff'i'" *P work in vaujt factory 904 on ^he road. Musi have phsuJteur's lieensgl \ Tfeaj; round work, {nquire eyeniiigs aj 504 Fair St., Algon«. 18-19*

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