The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1945
Page 10
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No Pampering •til (Continued ffoln PA& One) are transferred to a disciplinary camp. May Be Court M&Hlatlcd "Prisoners of war who violate any of the provisions" of the Geneva Convention or local camp rules are given an immediate trial and, upon conviction, are placed in solitary confinement for not to exceed 30 days and a restricted diet of bread and water Of not to exceed 14 days, commensurate with the degree of the •violation. They are also subject to the standard U. S. army court martial and may be sentenced to life imprisonment or Heath for appropriate offenses." As to Recreation What means of entertainment and recreation do the prisoners have? was asked. The colonel answered: "The prisoners have regularly scheduled athletic events inside the double wire. Their outdoor athletic events were carried out even during last winter regardless of the fact that at tidies it was below zero and there wns snow in the air. They have class room studies, theatrical productions, musical concerts and group singing with all costs connected therewith paid from their own funds, all within the double wire. Damage Nazi Morale "Strict adherence to the Geneva Convention >by the American forces has resulted in damaging the fighting morale of the German troops. A story in point recently was filed by Victor O. Jones, correspondent for North American Newspaper Alliance from somewhere in Holland. Mr. Jones had watched in amazement as 9th army troops took strong fortifications around Bruchelen •without resistance. Mr. Jones talked to some of the prisoners and then he wrote: " 'We asked -all prisoners whether they had laeen afraid of fflls* treatment after capture, they all said their officers had told them they'd foe shot or tortured, but that they hadn't believed it because they had <had letters from: captured comrades who told thertV British and American treatment of prisoners was excellent." We Abide By Contract "Newspaper accounts tell of the' capture of thousands and thou-' sands of German prisoners. Sometimes we think it would be a good idea to let them starve to death or to give them only bread and water," said Col. Lobdell, "At other times we read of the misery and torture that the Germans have inflicted on people in occupied countries. We feel like giving them some of their own medicine. Actually, the Whole handling of prisoners of war is conducted strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention to which this country is signatory. We abide by the Geneva Convention 'because it is the American way to sign a contract and live up to the terms of the contract. PAYMENT RATES FOR PRODUCTION OF DAIRY FOR YEAR Robert M. Loss, Kossuth AAA Chairman, has received official announcement of dairy production payment rates for the next 12 months. Dairy production payments are made to farmers to help them meet extra cost of feed and labor without raising the price of dairy products to consumers. The payment rates are for April, per cwt. on whole milk 60c and per pound on butterfat 17c. For May and June, per cwt. on whole mi'lk 25c and per pound on A beautifully simple and simply beautiful classic tbat will be the favorite of your wardrobe. Done in '"Wagon-wheel" Rayon Print with meticulous details and ideal fit for which Derail is famous. Sizes 10 to 20. $12.95 Spfittg - : ' •'\:'-'.',/i[ In 'the tranquil lull of springtime, - ; When earth undergoes an invisible cataclysm, ' To the riveted tune of the gond frog's chime; . When a crown of feathered switches every hoUse-tof •That pierce the foggy rim of sunless skies; , When new grown grasses scent the al* to tease, And the myrtle hedge quivers in the bfee2«j / .. .. When sudden drops thud the walk with a saw-toothed While a gust of wind drives the rain with a clatter, 'Till transparent beads change the glass moire, Where the plum twigs twine down to play, And stare like snakes with watery eyes; • • When every gurgling eve, a foamy pool supplies, And the columbine uncrimples beside the cellar wall, Peonies have burst to ruddy paint brushes now, And pink tinges the sage whirls of the apple bough, When white clustered knots lend the shaggy cherry charm, And the robin flits the length of the strong oak's arm, To utter his reveille of nature's return. —Anonymous. (The above is the product of the pen of a Bancroft young lady.—Editor.) ; eaueatipp for offMt wW&jln aft fesehtlal lftdtistfy"<Tnl V fiitmbnt dreamery eftrnjpah'ft Webster Glty, I6wa. 17-18* Classified Ads , Dlnllig rdbm^LMng f 6offl Suite! Breakfast Sets," MflitSj Radios find Washers. CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum cnarge 35c for 12 •words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4e per word. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive lo commission. Blind ads 26c, For Sale FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Dei Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 44tf FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert Inspection, estimating serv ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8t! FOR SALE: Some choice bers of Funk's G Hybrid seed corn Cecil Bjustrom, Whittemore; Clinton Bjustrom, Algona. 15-19* FOR SALE: Heavy steel ink drums, 15 gal. size. $1.00 each. The Algona Upper Des Moines, 18tf FOR SALE: 8%xll Yellow Railroad Manilla second sheets, 500 Des Moines. 18If sheets, 85c. The Algona Upper FOR SALE: Baled straw. Ray McWhorter, Burt. 18* FOR SALE: A few cabinets of Hamilton bond stationery. 250 sheets, 250 envelopes, $3.25. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 18tf FOR SALE: White Rock and White Leghorn baby chicks while they last. Nutrena Profit Proved Chix mash and growing mash. Wellendorf Hatchery, west of Fairgrounds. 18 FOR SALE: Various kernel sizes in Pioneer, Nos. 322, 341, 358-A. 330. Call 626-J or 95. C. L. Bailey. 16-19 FOR SALE: Good sweet corn seed, 20c per pound. Mildred Carlisle, Whittemore. • 18 FOR SALE: Early Ohio seed potatoes. Ben Gisch, 3 miles east on McGregor, two south, on E. R. M"awdsley farm. 18* FOR SALE: John Deere 1% h. p. gas engine, fine condition. One new pump jack, worm gear enclosed. Hardwood truck box, factory made, good shape. $10.00. 504 Fair St., Algona. 18-19* butterfat 13c. For July, August and September per cwt. on whole milk 45c and per pound on butterfat 13c. For October through March per cwt on whole milk 60c and per pound on butterfat 17c. .. Payment on Appil May and June will be made in July and August. Since January of this year payments have been made quarterly. May 31, 1945, is the final date for filing applications for the January, February and March period. HOSPITAL NEWS Kossuth Hospital April 25: Mrs. D. R. Riley, Al gona, girl; Mrs. Melvin Kern, Algona, boy; Henry Selberg, Ledyard, medical; Mrs. Eleanor Bush girl. April 26: Mrs. Russell McDaniel, Algona, boy; Bernadine Ra- dill, LuVerne, surgical. April 27: Mrs. Lawrence Berg man, Bancroft, boy; Mrs. Ollie Richardson, Algona, medical; Mrs Mary Huff, Sexton, medical, April 30: Roger Dreyer, Fen ton, surgical. SELL. REAL ESTATE OR CHATTELS FIND WORE OR HBI4P LOST STRAYED STOLEN LET THE WANT ADS WORK FOB YOU to A WORD fASD IN ADVANCE So CHARGED MINIMUM lie Reach 12,000 People With A. U. D, M. Want Ads OR SALE: McCormick-Deering Little Genius plow, 2-12s, good ondition. John Haupert. Burt. 17-18* OR SALE: 160 acres % mile off pavement 18, Kossuth county. /Todern house, insulated, furnace, ath room, hardwood floors, elec- ricity. Good outbuildings. .All evel, well drained, all under cul- vation. 1944 corn averaged 75 ushels per acre. Gravel road, jow taxes. This is one of the >est farms I have had to offer, 'ossession March 1, 1946. Paul /I. Seeley, Hutchison Bldg., Alona, Iowa. 18* Girl for housework. Will have Own private room, nicely furnished. House Modern In all respects, automatic hot water heater, etc. MfB. R. B. Waller, 509 No. Phillips St. Phone 628»W. WANT TO RENT; 160 ticfefarm for next year, 1946. Electricity and school. Inquire tipper Des Moines office. 18* WANTED: Men to work in -vault factory and on the road. Must have chauffeur's license. Year round work. Inquire evenings at 504 Fair St., Algona. 18-lS* WANTED: Automobile mechanic. Good habits. Steady work. Good;pay. Kossuth Motor Co. 18 WANTED: Young lady to work in private home. Family of five, one boy school age, two younger. Private room and above average wages for girl' who Js steady worker, likes children and has good family background. Mrs. Paul Dee, 1818 3rd Ave. No., Ft. Dodge, Iowa'. Phone Colfax 3168. 18 WANTED: OLD Photographs,' documents, bills or ..relics (no wearing apparel) pertaining to the early history of the CHRIS- CHILLES STORE, Algona. Particularly interested in anything relating to 1870 to 1880. All items 'must toe of 'general interest and Mti-ST PERTAIN TO THE CHRISCHILLES STORE. 18 WANTED: Good rod and reel. Write Edward Miller, Algona. 18* Miscellaneous SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans* driftage surveying and estimates 6fi' tilfi. -* Phil J, Kohlhaas, phorie 22, Algona. 1-fi TYPEWRITER RlSfiONS: All klhds of typewriter and adding machine ribbons. V The Algbna Upper Des Mdlneg, Algona. 6tf FLOOR SANDING and ReEnlSh- Ing. Heavy commercial equip* ment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. ; 17-3-8tf SELL your late model car to us for the highest price. Free Information on Ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of dourt House. 36tf ALL DISPLAY advertising copy must be In the hands of our printers by Wednesday noon to insure publication in the paper the following Thursday. The Algona Upper Des Moihes. 2-tf JUST RECEIVED shipment of Cement Hog Troughs. 90c each, or 85c each -In dozen lots. Gamble Store. 18 SMALL bungalow piano, only 48 inches high.- Excellent condition, Priced right. Write Armstrong Piano Co., Spencer, Iowa. 18-30c pd. 'OR SALE: Man's gray suit, size 38, and three sport coats. Phone 39-J. 18* OR SALE: Laura McEnroe's house 'at 740 N. Minnesota. 4500. 18* FARM BUYERS, re-location and others, investigate our plan of loans; which have saved our members thousands of $$$s in lower interest costs, in additioir to most favorable terms. No charge for full details. Ask us. H. D. Hutchins, Sec'y-Treas. Algona Nat'l Farm Loan Ass'n 110 So. .Dodge Street, Algona Tel. 205-W 13-14tf 'OR SALE: 110 International corn planter, H, M or F-12. Don McCarthy, Algona, phone at St. Benedict. 18° ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 ^or 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 'or 35c. 34-U 'OR SALE: Shetland pony. Some matched teams, good work Lorses. Roy McVay, Algona. 18* 'OR SALE: Used Westinghouse electric stove with enclosed turners. Pratt Electric. 18 'OR SALE: Used 32 volt fan, 2 speed. Pratt Electric. 18 'OR SALE: Used South Bend cook stove, $30. Gamble Store. ' 18 'OR SALE: Complete stock Vig- oro garden fertilizers and insecticides. Gamble Store. 18 FOR SALE 160 A. near Algona, on paving, 21ectricity. Fractional quarter close to Al- ;ona, electricity. 280 A. close to Algona. fair buildings. Edw. Capesius, Algona, Iowa 18* FOR SALE: 16 ft. flat bottom boat. Good condition. Albert irard, Wesley. 18* SALE: Habaro soy beans. Test 95%. $3.25 bu. Middle Hill Farm, J. I. Peer, mgr. Phone 35-F22, Algona. 13 TOR SALE: Seat covers, all makes cars. Rubber car mats, felt backs; car aerials, $4.95 complete; car Jacks, just received.' Coast to '.oast Store. 18 FQR SALE: Passenger Tires, 600x16 grade I, $13.95 plus fed. .ax; truck tires, 700x20 10-ply, 545.50 plus fed tax; car or tra?- ;or batteries, 45 plate ga. 24 mos., 56.95 ex.; sealed beam head lamps, $8.95 pair; elec. 6-voll fencer, $9.95. Coast to Coast. 18 'OR SALE: McCormick-Deering horse corn planter. 80 rods wire. Like New. A. L. Rochleau Whittemore, Iowa. 18 FOR SALE: Spotted saddle horses and ponies. 3% west, 4 north of Algona. D. L. McArthur. .18* FOR SALE: Hampshire Boars serviceable age, new blood for old customers. Joseph .Skow Wesley, Iowa. 18-19" FOR SALE: Hereford Bulls, both horned and polled, serviceable age. Joseph Skow, Wesley. 18-19" FOR SALE: Pure bred Hampshire boars. Walter Ruger, LuVerno 18-19-20-21 FOR SALE: '37 Chevrolet, good » 'shape. Albert Peter, LuVerne * FOR SALE: 1935 Chevrolet truck 10-20 International regular tractor. Henry Bros., Algona. 18" FOR SALE: Field cultivator, Me- Cormick Deering right wind- rower. Thomas Murphy, Lone Rock P. O., 3& north, % wes Lone Rock. 18' FOR SALE: Home sawed cottonwood lumber. All dimensions 1 and 2 inch boards. Must b« taken aa it is piled. Priced to sell. Gjerald Fpankl, Irvington Phone 31-F121. 18* SAND YOUR OWN FLOORS, make them like new; Rent our Sandy Electric Floor Sanders. 2.00 morning, $2.50 afternoon or 13.00 all day. Sand as much as you can cover in that time. Takes off old paint and varnish. Call or write for a rental date. Stoeber Hdwe., Fenton. 15-17-19.-21. 'MONOGRAPH RECORDS —AD the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. i-u ANNUAL PLANT ANl) BULB SALE SATURDAY, May 5, at 9 a, m. — Wm. C. Dau Garage (south, door). Kossuth County Garden Club./ ., i 18 EAR TESTED'Hybrid Seed Corn: Early 95 'day 416. Also new cross 939 and 608. $4.50 to $5.50 bu. graded. A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 13* HYBRID SEED CORN State certified Hybrid No. 4316, $5.00 to $6.50 per bu. No com better for machine picking, or yielding ability on good soils. Early variety. Iowa 306. This Hybrid is also called the Improved 939, is a top yielder but a little later in maturity than the 4316. $4.00 to $5.50 per bu. M. A. Sorlien.' 2 miles north of Bode 18tf ALGONA MAYTAG CO. New: Clean Easy, \ Chore Boy and Perfection Pipe Line milk- cK nsc & <O> This is our Diamond Jubilee Year. War conditions will make it impossible to "throw a big party" and we'll have to be content with just little Anniversary observances. As part of such a program, we are exhibiting, beginning this week, a series of relics, photographs and other souvenirs connected with the growth of • this store and Algona and Kossuth County. The photographs will be displayed on twp large bulletin boards which will be changed every Week. .The other objects will be shown on two display cases (one in each window). During the remainder of 1945, watch the show windows of THE CHRISCHILLES STORE tot 75th ' Anniversary news and comment. We are a part of this community and we are interested in its welfare and development. Help us celebrate our Diamond Jubilee by renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. If you have an. interesting. photograph or an in' teresting relic (no old clothes, please) bring it in and we'll pay for it if accepted. 1 ( I '- INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, ..tile, laid by experts. Custom work./Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf If 1 YOU NEED rubber stamps for ,.".any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines. 40c and up. r I3_y A Annual Spring Offering of \ 4?t . • *.' f •' • . • • PAINTS «, f ; '' : >i*«»r'v i/ ' :/i > RAPIDRY ENAMlL ADDS BEAUTY AND PROTECTION Woodwork, furniture or other articles glow ^with lustrous loveliness when you Use easy - to - apply Rapidryf For Handsome, Durable Floors, SCUFF PROOF FLOOR ENAM?!. • Tough, elastic Scuff Proof i« easy to apply. Dries quickly without brush marks, Choice j of lovely colors. FOR SALE: Ton and a half Hudson pick-up truck in good run^ ning order. Also 3 horses, 2 well broke. One plug tire pump for tractor or car. Phone 26-F121, Algona. 18 For FOR RENT: 70 acres blue grass pasture, running water. C. S. Shipler, Burt, Phone 26-F23, Algona. 18* LOST: Brown and •vyhlte fo? ter r rier. Answers to name of Tiny. Ban4e4 to topit, ioltttt I , . , your tcMom. TJ»e "B<uuU" fwecp upward*, merging into fbouldcr itofUft. Swall, medium, •n4 lo*g« <pu£ iizc4 fox H»»4e-to-or Jer perfection. Soft, *BMY MOM WAR COOK'S HOUSE PAINT YOB can't few feetter prelection (or your hgrar tiwMJ !§'•-' ipfflrt'^'Cli ^ VMt prevw _ "Stjf WIT Wew witl Wwffetf* The Perfect All-Purpose Wall Finish CO ROC Easy to apply quick drying beauty. Covers most surfaces with just one coat Wash it repeatedly without harm. And it costs only IBJWK For Wall? and Woodwork to Match VELYAY SEMI-GLOSS ftjye$APIeasiiitSem!-Lu$iroiis$hfct«i Smooth, velvety beeuty will give lasting wear—even ft repeated washings, Choice of line colors. Ctoteri painting, of fine paint mean* j vow wWtJicwWi RAESLY •,- :.':^i"%';2£.%$fj$^ mm

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