The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1945
Page 7
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Algona tipper He* Mdlnes, Algona, Iowa, May 3,1945 I t I * II PORTLAND COUPLE OBSERVE SILVit WEDDING SUNDAY 'Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Charles tScott celebrated their 25th wed* ding anniversary Sunday, April •29, at their home in Portland -township. About 40 relatives were seated at two long tables and served a three course dinner. ^The tables were decorated in keeping with the occasion, with silver nut cups, place cards, napkins, the wedding cake and vases of pink and yellow jonquils. The bride of 25 years wore a two "piece pink crepe dress with a corsage of cream roses. L/avonne, Darlene and Joan Shipler sang two sbngs and a letter, was read from Norma Scott, Mrs. Louie Scott read a life story of Charlie aftd Celia, and Sgt. Smith gave a talk/on his life in a German prison") camp. The Scotts received many lovely gifts, silverware, dishes, a bond and purse of silver, <also a floor lamp, the last gift from their daughter Norma. The following relatives were guests: M,r, and Mrs. Henry Hansen, their daughter and husband, Sgt. and Mrs. Smith and son Rodney of Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Scott and family of Ledyard; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt of Bancroft; (Mr, and Mrs. Fred Dransfeldt of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bahling and two daughters of Titonka; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scott, Jean and Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Ahdrea- sen, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bahling and Vefnie AfidriSasen, Mrs, Ldy* al O'Bfleh and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shipler and daugtU tere- The Scotts. have a daughter Norma who Is in the marine corps, W, R., now stationed In San Francisco, a son Roger who graduates his year, and a nephew, Donald Andreasen, who has been .with them since the death of his mother 10 years ago. "The daughter sent the carnations, the corsages and jonquils for the ocsa- sion. • IOWA THURS., FRI., SAT. MAY 3-4-5 with JACKIE MOHAN MON°O««M WANDA fciiKAY SIDNEY FILLER CO-HIT Johnny Mock Brown —in— "GHOST GUNS" Added Serial: "Block Arrow" SUN., MON., TUBS., WED. MAY 6-7-8-9 I THEY'MOW YOU DOWN' WITH MERRIMENT! Radio's Top Four* in top form on the screen! Unique Business In "Night Crawlers" May Show Expansion Pete, son of Mr. "and Mrs. Ralph Mledke, shows promise of becoming the leading business man on North Phillips Street, provided his supply of worms holds out. Pete, who is five, and "going on six," has .worked out a unique business, ' Managing to catch a dozen of the city's finest "night crawlers," or overgrown angle worms to '-the ordinary non-fisherman, Pe\te offered them for sale to Mrs. Helen White, a neighbor, at the bargain price of lOc a dozen, Mrs. White, who was short of red points at the moment, thought it over, and decided to be a vegetarian instead, but she gave Pete lOc and then told him to keep the worms. Next stop was at the home of Harold Brandt, across the street, where the same offer was made to Mrs Brandt. The latter con- templated'disguising them as spaghetti 'but decided against it. However, she gave Pete lOc, told hhn-to'keep the worms and sent him on his way. With 20c in his pocket, and the dozen worms intact, Pete tackled Mrs. Karl Hoffman, also nearby. Here the lOc deal went through again, but Mrs. Hoffniah-also decided to eat more spinach, tempting as the worms might be at the end of the month. Our reporter is keeping an eye on his story, and df Pete manages to sell the dozen worms to further interested parties due report of the growing business venture' will be recorded. Ledyard Musician First In Contest Ledyard: Thomas Garry went to Mason City Friday to take part in the state music contest. ./His selection was "Tommy Lad" and he was accompanied -by Mrs Kenneth Busch. He received £ first rating and is entitled to enter the national contest if one should be held. Thomas also won a first last year 'but no national contest was held. He. is the younger son of Mrs. Alice Garry, GERMANS CAPTURE KENNETH FURST AFTER 16 DAYS 1st Lieut. Kenneth Furst,, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Furst, now of Long Beach, Calif, but formerly of Algona, writes Ws parents of his experience in Germany after his plane was shot down over Cologne January 28. The letter: "I suppose you wonder what happened to me—it's a long story. Our plane was shot down over Cologne January 28. I gave the pilot the shortest course home when two engines quit. We lost altitude and 'finally the plane went out of control and we bailed out. 1 did not see any of the crew after I jumped, and still don't know where anyone of them rnay be. Walked 1C Days "I .thought I was close to the front,lines and t started to walk west. at night, sleeping in the woods. After sixteen days the Germans captured me and nine days later I got to a hospital in Siesburg, ten miles from Bonn. There were 100 Americans in this hospital. We were moved back to Waldburg as the Americans came closer. Here the Yanks liberated us and moved us to a general hospital in Belgium. This hospital is just tents, but it sure is nice, good American food and lots of it. Really tastes good after that black bread and soup in Germany. As soon as the doctor sees fit I'll be evacuated to France and then back to the good old United States. ' Cold Injury to Feet Lt Furst was hospitalized because of cold injury to his feet while trying .to reach our lines. On April 9th he was returned'to military control; He 4 was a navigator on a B-17 stationed at an air field in England. He had been reported missing since January 28. LuVerne WSCS Meets Next Wednesday LuVerne: The WSCS of the Methodist church will hold their circle meetings Wednesday afternoon, May 9th. Circle 1 will meet with Mrs. Earl Lichty with Miss Grace Lichty as assistant hostess. -Roll call will be "The Name of a Missionary." Devotions wall be led by 'Mrs. Fred Zwiefel and the lesson will be in charge of Mrs. C. W. Cote. Circle 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. John Voss, Jr., with Mrs. John Voss, Sr., as assistant. hostess. The devotions and the lesson will be in charge of Mrs. Emil Anderson. Bert Sankey and Bob Devhie spent Saturday in Des Moines attending the Drake Relays. Geneva Scftarlach visited With a friend, Mrs. B, H. Moklebust, at Eagle Grove last week-end. Mrs. Maxlne Ycakel, an Atgrotu ieacher, is spending the week-find at Kanawha visiting her mother. Mrs. N. C. Rice is recovering from a rather severe case of the mumps complicated with a tooth Infection. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Sullivan visited Mrs. Sullivan's mother, Mrs. Daniel Kelly, at Emmetsburg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Behrends and Mrs. C. F. Specht attended the funeral of John Ostercamp at Br.itt Wednesday. Mrs. H. I/. Gllmore attended a county meeting of the United Service Women at Estherville Monday evening. Norman Westphal left Sunday for a camp in Rhode Island from where he will be assigned to duty with the Seabees. He had completed his boot training and a ten day leave with his family herei'at 1 E, Elm street. '•'•• Circle 3 will meet at the hffifte of Mrs. Ralph Davidson with Mfs. S. P. Sorensen as assistant hostess. The devotions will be led by Mrs. E. B. Thomas and 'ihe lesson will be .in charge of Mrs. Jess Lindebak. Algona Soldier Meets WHO Correspondent On Western Front Herb Plambeck, WHO correspondent in Germany, on the Monday evening 10:30 program told of having met S-Sgt. Kenny Geilenfeldt, of Algona, and having visited with the Algona boy. He said that during combat. the sergeant had been grazed by a bullet which tore his sweater and vest but luckily didn't scratch the soldier. Geilenfeldt has been with Hodges' first army on the western front since last October. He took part in the battle of the Belgian,Bulge and shortly afterward, was awarded the combat infantrjr badge. On April 1st of this year he was promoted to staff sergeant. He has been in the service since March of 1943. His wife, the former -Helen Zentner, and their daughter Nancy live in Algona. The sergeant is a son of Mrs. Walter Geilenfeldt of Algona. Mrs. Laura Smith, -Who makes her home with Mrs. W. K. Ferguson, spent Tuesday in Fort Dodge on business. Mrs. Ned Rooney of Prlmghar arrived Friday to spend a few days with Rose Scanlan. She left for her home Tuesday. Chris Gronbach of Clear Lake spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Gottlieb Gronbach, and his brother in Fort Dodge. Mary Jo, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Esser, was sick the past Week with intestinal flu. Mary io is a sophomore at the Academy. Mrs. Aggie F. Knapp will return to her home in Mason City today after a week's visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. F. A. "'orey. Mrs. F. A. Corey will go to Cedar Falls Monday for a visit of a week or ten days with her daughter, Mrs. E. L. Reckers and family. Mrs. Luella Thompson and son Charles of Hardy visited at the 3. L. Vohs residence last Friday. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Vohs are sisters. , Mrs. F. E. Kutzli returned to her home Friday after spending a week here visiting her mother, Mrs. C. F. Specht, and brother, W. K. Specht. Mrs. Almira Green returned to Her home in Algona Saturday evening after spending ten days with Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Stedman of Austin. Eddie Sifert is home for a few days with relatives at Irvington and friends in Algona. Eddie is doing a contortionist act in one of the night spots near Fairmont. Mrs. Dennis Pratt and son Lloyd spent the past week-end at West Union visiting Mrs. Pratt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Traegcr. Bill Godden, son of Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Godden, arrived home last week from the University of Iowa for his summer vacation. Bill is now a senior. Mrs. Matt Kapp and daughter Arlene are returning Monday from Marlin, Texas, where they have been living the past month because of Mrs. Kapp's health. Pvt. and Mrs. Pat Pratico and son Chris left Tuesday for Trenton, N. J., where they are going to visit friends and relatives. Pat is stationed at the local P. W. camp. Ensign Gene Zender left Wednesday afternoon after a week's leave with his father. Gene is to report at the Ottumwa Navy 3ase where he wllli'be:anidn*truc* tor of aviation cadets. Alf Kresetisky, Herman ..Hau- jerg and Wm. Foster left Wednesday for Minneapolis where th-a hree men went on a buying trip. Phey are expected back the lat- ,er part of this week. Joan Kurt*, caiighter of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Kurtz, returned ,o school Tuesday after ten days n bed with chicken 'pox. Joan is n the fifth grade and goes to the Third Ward grade school. Mirah Mills, head of the Engish department at Morningside college at Sioux City, visited at he Rev. F. Earl Burgess residence Tuesday and Wednesday. She came to attend the senior class )lay. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lasser of Waterloo visited their daughter- n-law, Mrs. W. R. Lasser last week-end. They were guests at he T. J. Halpin residence. Mrs. W. R. Lasser is the former Ida ialpin. Pvt. Francis Hoffman called at ;he Frank Sterling residence Wednesday evening. He is a nephew of Mr. Sterling. Pvt. Hoffman' home is in Eagle Grove and after his furlough he will be going to Camp Meade, Md. Mary Elizabeth Godden, a dietician in the medical corps, just re ceived orders that she was pro- noted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant. Mary Elizabeth .vas recently married in England to Capt. Robert E. Lucey of Staten Island, N. Y. Mrs. Chas. Heard had word recently from her son-in-law, M- Sgt. James Green, that he is now .".,.••.•:.• •,;>•••;•• •-,,;• '•:' ' Itf^ /fl 1** ...-.-isS ;L ^^•^:^'^^^^4S^ • ^ :Jlf;..-- :: . ; •:,-:--• ''-'-.'••-'. ."'"'-'• '" •-' • ' : -,'•: '':•''..•.••'''•"-.''',..'.-! •' ' ' " ' ''•'*'.?*'• Palo Alto-Kossuth IJounty Baseball League Schedule May Graettinger at Emmetsburg Mallard at Loits Creek Whittemore at Ruthven Lone Rock at Algona May 20— Algona at Graettinger Emmetsburg at Lone Rock Lotts Creek at Whittemore Ruthven at Mallard July 15— Lotts Creek at Mallard *,'< ' Ss Ruthven at Whittemore . Emmetsburg at Graettinger Algona at Lone Rock July 22— Whittemore at Lotts Creek Graettinger at Algona Lone Rock at Emmetsburg Mallard at Ruthven May 27— - Graettinger at Lotts Creek Lone Rock at Ruthven Whittemore at Emmestburg Mallard at Algona • June 3— Ruthven at Graettinger Lotts Creek at Lone Rock Algona at Whittemore Emmetsburg at Mallard July $9- Ruthven at Lone Rock Lotts Creek at Graettinger Emmetsburg at Whittemore Algona at Mallard w August 5— ' Lone Rock at Lotts Creek Mallard at Emmetsburg Graettinger at Ruthven Whittemore at Algona June 10— . , Ruthven at Lotts Creek Algona at Emmetsburg , Graettinger at Mallard Lone Rock at Whittemore August Mallard at Graettinger Lotts Creek at Ruthven Emmetsburg at Algona Whittemore at Lone Rock June Emmetsburg at Ruthven Lotts Creek at Algona Whittemore at Graettinger M^ Jj|n§ |Mh- ' '-- , .': ' ' at August 19-" ;."..'•'• Graettinger at Whittemore Lone Rock at Mallard Algona at Lotts Creek Ruthven at Emmetsburg Lotts Creek 9n9 v Lone Bock at Graettinger August . Creek at Emmetsburg at Ruthven at Mallard Graettinger at Lone Rock in Germany. ,Hla wife, the former Violet 'Faith, and two chil* dren are in Gridley, Calif. James left this country the middle Of March for overseas duty, Charlene Clfement, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ctement, and. Phyllis KuelKnreuther, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuchenreuther, spent the weekend at Morningside college at Sioux City visiting Ruth Ann Clement, a freshman at' the schooli Mrs. J, A. Hohensleitt of Amboy, Minn., came Wednesday to visit her mother, Mrs. Cora Bacon. Another daughter of Mrs. Bacon's, Mrs. R. W. Nelson of Lone Rock, came Friday to visit with them. Both the daughters left for their respective homes Saturday. Lieut, and Mrs. R. B. Waller were dinner guests Sunday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Beecher Lane, and were dinner guests Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Linnan. Lieut. Waller is leaving Saturday night for the east coast after a 22-day leave from the navy. He will be reassigned at an east coast port. Chief W. O. Melvln Shllts left Monday after a week's visit with his father, Frank- Shiltsy and cousin, Fred Shilts. Melvin is stationed at Kearns, Utah, which is about 16 miles southwest of Salt Lake, and has been there 26 months, doing administrative work in the air corps., His brother, S-Sgt. John Shilts, is- stationed at Del Rio, Texas, and is also in the air corps. Ray of the local Grahaffl serving in the navy art fi rine, was recently in Oskaldfl** f ; for a short visit wifii his pafMflif- ahd his wife who Had met Hittt tftt the west coast. (He exp¥tita come to Algona, but on the of. his arrival in Oskaloosa ceived a wire recalling him duty on his submarine which . in for repairs. We can use more help about our Lumber and Coal Yard, It's a good job to itt* vestigate. Call and See Us F. S. NORTON & SON '•i-**i S# Presbyterian RUMMAGE SALE ALLEN MOTOR CO. SATURDAY, MAY 5 Doors open at 9 a. m. i(|iii3 : ij|v|il| '•;•- .•'• :•-.' • •••• .- ',. .'- • ...',SP ,-"' • ' - - - • ->'-' ;='• •'(•'. ' . • - ----- •-•''•-'•:--,{~:v;- i-'l- t jiie Baby's Comfort Comes First! Sec These Savings! Special prices on Furniture made to keep babies happier and healthier. You'll be delighted with these low prices and our temptingly easy deferred payments. Babyhelth Hi-Chairs Your baby's comfort means much to his precious health. Baby-helth Hi- chairs prevent "fidgetyness." Only Babyhelth. has 2 foot rests ; ; plus" the recessed seat. Babyhelth provides i correct, comfortable sitting posture. ; s,,$9.45.\6thers^likeli i ;--•-• ; .'T-<'-; r • ;•".--" V'"-/-7'?/-": ^-^', .-•V/^'^'-.t^"^^ Baby Cribs Gribs in natural and maple finish with all steel springs; Large enough, to use for several years. Baby sleeps better in a comfortable bed. As low •as $8.95. "'! 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