The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1942 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1942
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY,'MAY 23, 1942 U. S. Plans Rebuilding Of Liberated Countries By PETER EDSON NBA Service Staff Corresjwndcnt WASHINGTON.—One phase of economic warfare which the United States has not yet had to fight, but which" can be anticipated, is the business of dealing with the economy of recaptured territory, and the moving into liberated countries. That will come, for instance, as General Mac Arthur's forces move back into inoccupation of the Dutch East Indies of the Philippines. In conjunciton with the military forces, the U. S, Board of 'Economic Warfare is now looking ahead to such problems. There is a model of how not to fight this type of economic warfare in the steps taken by Hitler as the Nazis swarmed over Europe. The Hitler technique has been to grab everything that was loose and ship it back to Germany, leaving the native population to shift for itself, to starve, to suffer and to die. Hitler's economic shock troops were known to have been organized back in 1935. and they made a specialty of economic suppression and oppression. AXIS COUNTRIES ORGANIZED LOOTING The German invaders, and the Japanese too, have apparently made systematic seizures of all stockpiles of raw materials they could use at home. They have been prepared for their exploitation of conquered territory to the extent of having worthless paper money printed in advance for such goods as they purchased. Mines and factories have been taken over, part of the native labor force set to work, in these industries, paid in the same worthless paper currency. Other labor forces have been literally shanghaied into service, in the case of the Nazis at least, to migrate to Germany and perform work which would relieve the German population for other war jobs. The American pattern of economic warfare will not be fought in that way, obviously. There will be a primary difference in that the population of reoccupied countries will assumably be friendly to the army of occupation and will be cooperative in reestablishing their pre-invasion form of government. REHABILITATION IS TREMENDOUS JOB Armed forces have the first responsibility in reentering, a country in setting up a military administration for service to the fighting units. This includes repair of transport and communications systems and establishment of supply lines for food, water and munitions to keep the troops in the field These tasks the army is well pre. pared to assume through its Service of Supply, including engineers quartermasters, signal corps and similar specialist troops. After this is done, however, comes Waif of Europe * for all occasions ^Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glencoe Hotel Bldg. FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD the bigger job of reorganizing the *entire economy of the reoccupied ountry so as to rehabilitate the ivilian population and get it into condition of contributing cvcry- hing possible to further war ef- orts. Here is where the problems eally begin. An auxiliary organi- ation must be created to recstab- ish local administrations, involv- ng the resumption of agricultural \nd industrial enterprises, the re- urn to their homes of refugees, provision for the import of needed ood supplies for the civilians, nedical care, and the management of banks and currency. In setting up an economic warfare organization of this sort, the United States has four principal lources of civilian personnel who may be called on for service. First are American business men who have had extensive experience in foreign countries. They will supply the technicians. Educational institutions, with their staffs of men who have studied and lived abroad, offer another source for recruiting. Religious and charitable organizations with their missionaries, Quaker and Red Cross relief workers provide trained personnel for distribution of food and medical supplies. Finally, there is the vast army of foreign-bom American citizens whose loyalty is beyond question and who can be assignee to their former homelands a: agents, translators and local administrators. BEW AND ARMY WILL JOIN EFFORTS All this organization is still the formative stage but the Board of Economic Warfare eventual!} plans to be in a position to complement effectively the facilities o the army in all these tasks of re organizing a reoccupied area. There is the further problem I be considered, of course, in th realization that the battles of eco nomic warfare really begin whei the fighting war is over and th armistice is signed. The whole world's system of dis tribution must then be reorganized It is apparent to everyone tha Europe will then be starving and bankrupt and the job of feeding hundreds of millions of people and bringing them back from famine to health is a challenge to stagger the gods. COMPLETE 5IUDI Training Schools In Arkansas Turn Out Skilled War Workers Steele-Cooter Society—Personal IN BLYTHEVILLE SINCE 1S22 Mix a bit of excitement, a .spirit; f adventure, a plentiful supply f anecdotes, and yarns about i'am- us personalities, and you have George Palmer Putmans autobi- graphy, "Wide Margins" i.Har- ourt, Brace: $3\ Putnian is best known as a pub- shcr, but he has also been a ountry weekly editor, mayor of Bend, Ore., reporter, explorer, and irst class practical joker. His okes, incidentally, perpetrated vith the help of such famed ubct- ors as Rockwell Kent, arc masterpieces involving elaborate prepa- ation and careful execution. Such well-known figures as Charles A. Lindbergh. Alexander Woollcotl, Paclerewski, Lowell Thomas, Billy Mitchell, and Hey- Broun parade through "Wide Margins." but Putnam shows special preference for globe-girdlers ike Auguste Piccard, Admiral Byrd, 8PTIMI STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 CASH Paid for Late Model AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS. Repair and Body Work By Wyse Terry and Bob Bracken BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117 E. Main W. T. Barnct 'HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Autobiography Of A Hero's Husband and Roy Chap- William Beebe, :nan Andrews. Ranking amonq the best of his chapters is "Hero's Husband." chronicling his life with Amelia Earhart. "A. E. and I shared a lively. enthusiasm for living." writes Putnam. "New experiences, adventures actual and of the spirit, lured as. Because a thing had not been done before was apt to seem a good reason to try to do it,... For and other reasons, we had a verj 1 ood time together during the years that commenced in 1D28 and ended with the tragic world night of 1937. The last seven of those 10 years "A total of 182G trainees 'will graduate from 12 war effort vocational training schools in Arkansas between May 20 and June 1," according to Herbert Whitehead, manager of the Blytheville office of the United States Employment Service in an interview today. "These vocational courses include vocational level chemistry, welding, machine tool operation, aircraft riveting, .sheet metal work and aircraft woodwork. "In the past courses, Mississippi County has contributed less than its share of trainees. Realizing that the success of our war effort is dependent upon trained man-power, let us make a special effort to increase the percentage of trainees from this county. If you cannot serve in the military forces, train to serve your country by participating in an essential industry." New war effort vocational training classes are being continuously started throughout the state. The tuition is free. Trainees pay their own living epxenscs during the course. Certain special provisions have been made by the NYA and WPA for their enrollees while taking the tra'mine. The various courses take from 200 to 360 hours for completion, usually covering between eight and 10 weeks. There are provisions for both employed and unemployed trainees; otherwise unemployed trainees usually attend the courses six 8-hour days per week. The Department of Education, other stato and Federal agencies and war production plants are all cooperating closely on this program, and job openings are usually available for those satisfactorily completing the course. Eighteen years is the minimum entrance age with no maximum age limit: bub physical fitness is one of the entrance requirements Enrollment is open to both men and women. "This^ is an ideal . coinbinatjlon of opportunities for those available for such war effort participation,' said Mr. Whitehead. "In the firs' place it gives everyone not otherwise connected with the Nation', all out war effort an opportunity to get into the picture. In the second place it adds to the individual's knowledge and abilities a training that should be of considerable value to him throughout his working life. "All interested available individuals, whether or not presently employed, should immediately contact the Blytheville office of the United States Employment Service for further information and en- Miss Glcndean Jones has returned from several days' visit with friends in Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Stanton and children, of Paragould, spent Sunday and Monday here with Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Coleman and family Ralph Jones, Billy Woodard, Misses. June Brown and Lonnell Jordan have returned from Cape Girardeau where they have been attending State Teachers College. Mr, and Mrs. Osco White and daughter and Mrs. Willard Mc- Dantel have returned from a visit with relatives in St. Louis. Mrs. Cleo Tucker and children returned Saturday night from a isit with her parents, Mr. and vlrs. George Paty. of St. Louis, he was accompanied home by Mrs. Earl Robinson who will spend sev- ral days with her parents, Mr. .nd Mrs. John Tucker. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brown and on. .John, who have been living in Memphis for the past few months have returned to Steele to make heir home, Mr. Brown will be nanager of the Southern Service tation as the owner, Baxtei Southern, has joined the Army Ah orps. Warren Wallace, of Steele, who las been employed in St. Louis s being transfered from there to Reno, Ncv. He is with the Bell Telephone Co. Joe Russell was taken to Memphis Methodist hospital this morning where he will undergo treatment on his limbs. CALM YOUR FEARS. All's well with Thanksgiving, even though you didn't expect to meet this bird... in the ads.i.. until November. Pedestrians walking along rural highways with no sidepaths should keep to the left, facing traffic. rollment." MIND YOUR MANNERS T. M. I was a v hero's husbad. a role that below" could bo difficult, I 'suppose, unless leavened with a large measure of mutual understanding and considerable humor." Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers Non-Profit War Factory Will Return All Profits STILLWATER. Minn. (UP)—Four Stillwater'men have formed a nonprofit war industries company pledged to turn back to the government every cent of profit from war contracts. The men. who formed Stillwater [ War industries. Inc.. arc J. A. Gog£in. State Sen. Karl Neumcier, John R. Stoltssc. and R. M. Hardrath. ( They leased the factory and jequipment of a company which already was working on war orders for machinery. A Buenos Aires bird fancier now rears black canaries. BUT THE SLOW WAY WINS H* Especially In Making Whiskey! It's no fable that the "slow" way wins: In whiskey— it's ajaci! You have to let your whiskey age to just the right richness—just the I right smoothness. That's why \vc • still make T. W. Samuels the "old- l fashioned slow" way we started 100 years ago. Yes! That's why T. W. Samuels— Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, every drop —is a favorite with men who know their bourbon best Try some, yourself. See if you don't agree: "Drop for drop—drink for drink—this whiskey is a winner!" ... Product of ^ Country Distillers Products, Inc., Dcatsville, Kentucky. ' * Stiff mo<fc f/» "Old-Fashioned Slow" Way, ffr CCOSn MORE TO MAKE-YET NOT TO DRINK! 1. Should a single man without a date feel obligated to see an unescorted girl home from a small party? 2. At a dinner dance, should a man stand when his partner rises to dance with someone else? 3. Is it customary for a girl to have her date for the evening a supper partner? 4. Should all the young people leave the chaperons at intermission? 5. Should an usher at a club nance feel responsible for getting a .stag to cut in on a couple who seem to be stuck? What would you do if— You invite friends to a ciance given by an organization of which you arc a member— <a> Tell them when you invite them whether the dance is formal or informal? (b) Don't tell them whether it s formal or' informal? AnsAvcrs 1. Yes. "~; 2. Yes. 3. Yes. •i. N'o. At least one or two couples should cither stay with them or take them out for rcfresh- Would You Do' •x Yos. Better "What iohuion—fa). school Wants Freedom. Cash > ANGELES (UP) — William Undburg. 16-year-old high •tnrient. brought suit in th nor Court to be declared "hi boss." He asked to be freed dominion of his parents anc ^ ro;m order on them for separat •naimi-nance of $75 a month. Courier News want ad "Fine Imported and Domestic Liquors" Your Tatronape Appreciated Russell Marr's Liquor Store 1°6 N. Broadway Phone 2868 Door South Post Office Try our "Own Made" ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn The turkey is pictured here in advance of the season to dramatize chc performance-facts about a greac gasoline which is never in advance of die season! to deliver high mileage and pace- making performance. Scientific laboratory and field surveys prove that no other gasoline— not a single one—is so completely Of course, as always, Phillips 66 and accurately matched, all year Poly Gas is high test without higher price. But more than that, it is the right high -test (volatility) for the month in which you buy and use it. Definitely changed every thirty days to match the monthly changes in Care For Your Car... For Your Country temperature in your locality. In December, Phillips 66 Poly Gas is a fasc starting motor fuel. In August, it is a cooler summer gas. In May, it's right for betwecn-scason weather . . . always custom-tailored 'round, to the-monthly variations in your weather. If you wonder what this means in pep and power ... in zip and pickup ; ; : find out the facts in your own motor. Try just one cankful and judge for yourself; &F Remember, the Orange and Black 66 Shield is High Test Head-* quarters for car owners . . . because Phillips is WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER of Naturalhigh test gasoline; Phill-up with Phillips Realty MED a New Car} Liberalized rules may let you get one I F your work is connected directly or indirectly with the prosecution of the war, you may be eligible to buy a new vox—right now. Who is Eligible to Buy a New Car? There ore seven major classification, for persons eligible to buy new cars under basic rationing rules. Th... Includ. person, .naag.d In *• production of war mat.rials or n th. pro,«u.ionofth.«-r.d.rec.lyorln, : phy,.aons,nurses.«| e rgy m en,ve.erinar,ans; Lr-owners .n 8 a a ed In public, such maintenance, etw owners o other means of transportation, farm.", "ewspaper wholesalers, and traveling salesmen in certain Holds. Your Buick dealer will be "-nr fl'° d «° h «' p I™ determine whether you come under ferules oTeUgib,,.^. H. also will be to help you fill the proper applicat.ons. Don't guess about your eligibility—- vour Buick dealer now and male. sure. Under newly liberalized rationing rules it is easier than most people think to replace cars now in use with brand-new, long-lived, gas-thrifty 1942 Buicks. Maybe you can wash out worries about tire-life by starting afresh with a complete new set—tires that will last longer, if they're on a Buick, because new Broadrim wheels both ease the ride and lengthen tire-life. Remember, the 1942 models your Buick dealer now has ready for immediate delivery were built to serve you through the duration and beyond. They are wartime tough, durable beauties built to last, built to go a long, long way with a minimum of upkeep. So if you're eligible, you may be money ahead getting a new Buick now rather than trying to make an old car "do." Why not drop in, talk it over and see if the new liberalized rules do not entitle you to a new automobile now? /fyou fa eligible for a new car— Better Buy Buick! •^—i———B^-^^W—•— —i^—^•—««*l^-—i^—i«^"»—••••••I Langston-Wroten Company Walnut & Broadway Blytheville, Arkansas :• Read Courier News Want Ads •:-

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