The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1945 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1945
Page 12
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WERNERTNEMffiW- AWARDED BRONZE STAR IN GERMANY (Many of the Algona folks will remember "Mike" Walsh, who married Miss Anna Wernert, and located in Livingston, Montana,; perhaps thirty years ago. Mike was prominent in Iowa National Guard circles, and it seems that his son, Michael, has followed in his footsteps. "Mike" died some ten years ago, leaving a son and daughter besides his widow who still makes her home in Livingston. Mrs. Walsh is a sister of the Misses Kate, Christine and Carrie Wernert and Ignatz Wernert, all long residents of Algona. . Young "Mike" has been highly honored by being awarded the bronze star. He is a master sergeant with Gen. Patton's army in Germany and the army release telling of Sgt. Walsh's achievements follows: "Walsh and his comrades of headquarters and service company, 347th engineer general service regiment, worked on a round the clock schedule to clear a tunnel of demolition. For 36 hours the men worked without rest. Finally they caught a nap in a straw covered loft in the tunnel. "Switches and frogs were blown in the railroad yards. Large piles of ammunition obstructed the main line and an important siding. But the 42 men, drivers, welders, equipment operators and a cook sweated until the job was completed. "A bulldozer dug debris out of the tunnel and within 60 hours after the work started, three trains were able to pass through the (tunnel with supplies and ammunition for Gen. Patton's army. Thirty-six hours later switches were placed and a huge crater at the far end of the yard was filled in with 180 feet of track laid over '"The work was not without hazard. The cars which the Germans had driven into the tunnel had been chock full of the German counterpart of the American bazooka, and in the explosion many of these bazookas had been hurled free of the cars. These littered the interior of the tunnel. At one point during operations several detonators from these bazookas were activated and exploded but no injuries were sustained." , Walsh, former regional construction foreman for the United States bureau of reclamation in Oregon, entered the army at Portland, and received his basic training at Camp Claiborne, La. He has been overseas for three years. Mrs. Geo. Koestler has been ill the past week with the flu but is improving. Julius Kirnz, &» Garner, Reported MfeslrtgIn Actidtt Wesley: Mrs. Marie Kunz received a telegram from the war 'department Mdnday morning say- .'jng that her son Julius Jr. was missing in action in Italy April 9'. He had left the States in January and was a navigator on a B-24 with the 15lh air force. Junior entered the service in April, 1943, and had been stationed at Pella and at camps in Texas, N. Dakota and California.. He was stationed at Mandurin, Italy, near Leece, only about 25 miles from where Don Kraus is stationed. The boys had planned to meet April 8 but failed to do so. Junior's crew had been recognized for having made the longest mission in a 4-engine bomber in the European theatre of war. He was a practicing attorney at Garner before his entry into the service. AROUND IOWA Formals Out of Place Luther college freshmen girls were left "high and dry" on the doorstep of their campus home by a truck of the Iowa Highway Commission after they were stranded at a Decorah hotel following a flood of the Oneota river. The girls, dressed in formals. had attended an all-freshman girl society banquet but stayed longer than intended. Many of the girls spent the night with friends in Decorah, but 80 were left with no place to stay. Police orders had forbidden traffic by private cars or taxis across the last available road to the campus. An Iowa highway commission truck was made available for transportation for the girls. The driver had only telephone posts to guide him but managed the trip safely. Wild Ride In Reverse Four-year- old David Swan of Independence has found that his daddy's car will run and knows how to start it. One day recently, the little boy turned on the key and stepped on the starter of the car, which also feeds gas to the motor. The car was in reverse, and the next David knew he was riding backwards down the street at a pace faster than the legal rate of speed. A telephone pole a block from the Swan home was a victim of the racing car before the auto was stopped by a huge tree. David was unhurt but the car received considerable damage. Sixty Yeaj-s Wed Squirrel Was Knocking Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moser of Guttenberg were awakened one night by a rapping they thought was on the front door. It wasn't, and a fifteen minute search lo- "B«tt«r Quality" SEALS "Qulokir Sarvlot" Ltvir Sill DKQER'HOWj HEADQUARTERS lor MXDE-TO-ORDI ft RUBBER STAMPS TOUR ORDER WILL BE FILLED PROMPTLY AND EFFIOENTLY Stamp pads and Inks, M«tal Chttki and Tags, Badges, Sttil Stamps The Algona Upper Des Moines cated the noise. A Aying squirrel was Inside the kitchen range mak* tag the sounds in its efforts to escape. Apparently the animal had c'ome down the chimney. Upon being released, it flew against a wall, falling to the floor where the Moser cat made short work of killing it. Saved for Personal Use Investigation of ruins left^hen a flre wrecked a Marion clothing store, revealed one interesting item. One of the proprietors discovered in his overcoat pocket a pack of cigarettes — unharmed. The coat had been damaged, but the cigarettes which were intended to be burned, were undamaged, much to the proprietor's delight. When Shs Makes a Dozen August C. Hamann, a farmer near Denison, has an Austra- White pullet that has curious ideas about egg production. August thinks that the pullet lays on the theory that six eggs make a dozen as every one of the eggs laid lately have been double yolks and every egg of extra large size. The largest eggs laid were eight inches by six inches measuring all the way around length and diameter, while the smallest was six by seven and a quarter inches, respectively. Old Quaker School Bums Eleven school children and their teacher escaped safely from the burning Springwater school house, an 82-year-old structure near Decorah built about 1863. The fire started in the basement of the rural school house shortly after school opened on Monday, Feb. 19. The original school house on the same site burned in 1862. Lumber used in the structure that burned this month was sawed in the Springwater neighborhood, as was that of the church adjoining. Pupils now are going to school in the church. The Springwater neighborhood was settled by Quakers. No Ration Points Offered Officials of the Farmers Cooperative Creamery at Slater are puzzling over a letter containing five crisp 20-dollar bills and mentioning that the writer had "neglected" to pay for butter he took from the creamery some time ago. H. L. Buche who has been with the creamery 20 years has no recollection of any butter "taken" from the creamery in that period of time. Proud Grandfather The Sheldon Mail recently printed a front page picture of E. R. Graham of Hull with his four new grandsons. The babies are two sets of twins, born within a month of each other to a daughter of Mr. Graham, Ethel Graham Sullivan of Pipestone, Minn., and to a daughter-in-law, Muriel Sawyer Graham of Hull. The twins are four and five months old, respectively. Advertising Did It Lost articles are not always returned to their owners 'but ration books proved an exception when Mrs. Harry Plendl of LeMars advertised her loss of 14 such books contained in a holder and the finder returned them through a local drug store. Bought Sow, 7 Delivered' A Mankato, Minn., express office was turned into a maternity ward for a sow enroute from Brookings, S. D., to a Worth county farmer, Jay Ivorson. Mankato is a transfer point for express, and the express agent there called a veterinarian when he saw that a blessed event was impending. It turned out that the crate in which the sow was shipped was too small to house a family, so Iverson was sent for and he took his purchase home from Mfmkato in AIf&W< Dry Cleaned, • cbs&tfoa*^^ Batteries, Corf c'diee « Pressure Cdd and v hefev Nealy A son was -boTri last \veek Monday to Mr, and Mrs. Ray Gordon at the Blue Earth hospital. MONEY IS QUICKLY YOURS You can borrow $50, $100, $200 or more to buy fuel, clothes, winter supplies. Pay bills, taxes—car and home repairs— or for any worthy purpose. Easy monthly or farmer payment plans. FARMERS! We have a special loan plan to help you buy stock, farm machinery ... or for any farm use. Individual payment plan allows you to repay when you sell your products. SEE US TODAY L. S. BOHANNON Phone 103 Algona, Iowa "Lick" the Waste Paper Crisis" has become the campaigni motto of the nation's ^ 1,866,358 Cob Scouts and Boy Scouts as they swing into the WPB's urgently-, requested waste paper salva|« drive during the rest of the month. T« every Cuh Scout and Boy Scout collecting 1,000 pounds of paper will go a bronze medal: —the Boy Scout-General Eisenhower •Waste Paper Campaign award pictured • above—attached to a red and white ser^e bar. Safety grams This is the time of year when many drivers are careless about proper ventilation in their automobiles. With heaters turned on and long hours of driving ahead, there is a tendency for the drivers to become drowsy. Guard against carbon monoxide fumes. Check your heating device to be sure that it is properly connected and that no exhausts are coming through your heater tube. If you become drowsy, stop your car and open doors and windows for a few minutes. Be sure your name is not on the next ticket. Boy Leeper, tstf, was visrtfftg its brother, Pete Leeper, and faitl* lly Friday. Mrs. Frank ftahllng wh6 has been ill is improving ana able to be out in the car again. Mrs. Jess McDonald, who' has been confined to her home by illness the past 'several weeks, is able to be out again. Pvt. Cecil Steward left Monday evening for Fort Meade, Md., after spending his furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Steward. Mrs. Cecil Godfredson and daughters Janet and Rita, who are living at Swea City, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. J, D. Stow. Russell itentz, USN, son of Estel Reritz, writes from the Pacific that all is well wdth him. He has been in the service over ,two years. . 'Mrs. Lou Schichtl and Mrs. Robert Leason had a vanishing tea Wednesday afternoon at the home of the latter. Eight women were guests and the afternoon was spent playing 500. Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong of Fort Dodge were last weekend visitors with Mr. Armstrong's mother, Mrs. Dora Armstrong. A little niece of Mrs. James Armstrong accompanied them. Mrs. Harry Sankey took care of the Ted Henning's baby Saturday >and Sunday while the latter family went to Ossion with the body of Mrs. Henning's father, Mr. Kobriger, for burial. Merwyn E. Bahling S-2c who joined the armed forces Deci 8 and has finished his training at the USNTC at Great Lakes, 111., has been sent to Norman, Okla., for further training at an aviation metalsmith school. Mr. and Mrs. Harm Groen received word from their son, Pvt. Arthur Groen, the last of. the week, stating he is now stationed at Camp Robinson, Ark. Pvt. Groen was one of the 14 inductees who left Algona April 6. Read the Want Ads—It Pays . Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 26o for IS words or less. When paid with order, 2o per word; when charged, So per word. Nto ag- ents' commission allowed. II advertising agents charge their clients 8c and send cash with order they receive lo commission. Blind ads 25c, For Sale FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire fall boars, good growthy individuals. Albert Larson, Ayrshire, Iowa. 14-1.7* FOR SALE: Story & Clark midget piano, Kimball .midget and Wurlitzer spinet. All like new and riced to sell. Write Armstrong 'iano Co., Spencer, Iowa. 17* FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Del Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. .--44ti FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating serv ice. Cowan, Bldg.. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8tf FOR SALE: White Rock and White Leghorn -.Jbaby chicks while they last. Nutrena Front Proved Chix mash and g/owmg riash. Wellendorf Hatchery, west f Fairgrounds. !"" FOR SALE: Some choice numbers of Funk's G Hybrid seed corn Cecil Bjustrom, Whittemore; Clinton Bjustrom. Algona. *--•---> .-.--•.-... ..",. 15 . 19 * BOAT FOR SALE: 14' factory built outboard motor boat •«* Sexton Elevator.. Sim._.L.._Benns. Sexton, Phone'46-Rl, Algona. 17* ^OR SALE: Hydraulic and Farm- .ers Friend manure loaders. Algona implement Co. 17 PUBLIC SALE: Monday. April 30. Saddle horses and ponies Sale starts at one o'clock p. m., and will be held on Saddle Club Grounds north of Wise service station, E1 m o r e. Twenty-five head of the finest saddle horses and ponies in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. All horses brought to sale will have entry fee of $1.00 per lead and regular fee when sold. Elmore Saddle Club. 17 'OR SALE: Various kernel sizes .in Pioneer, Nos. 322, 341, 358-A, 330. Call 626-J or.95. C. L. Bailey. • ' . 16 ' 19 SELL REAL ESTATE OB CHATTELS FIND WORK OB HEl* LOST STRAYED STOLEN BUT TRADE LOAN LET THE WANT ADS WORK FOB YOU Reach 12,000 People With A. U. D. M. Want Ads FOR SALE: McCormick-Deering Little Genius plow, 2-12s, good condition. John Haupert, Burt. 17-18* FOR SALE: Late model 15-30 tractor. 1939 CMC truck with stock and grain box. 10 ft. Jonn Deere binder. Carol Hutphins Algona. 17* FOR SALE: Heavy steel ink drums, 15 gal. size. $1.00' each. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 17* FOR SALE: 8'^xll Yellow Hall- road Manilla second sheets, 500 sheets, 85c. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 17* FOR SALE: A few cabinets oi Hamilton bond stationery,, ;8 sheets, 250 envelopes, $3.25. T Algona Upper Des Moines. 17* GOOD USED CARS FOR SALE 1941 Plymouth Coach 1940 Pontiac Coach 1940 Mercury Club Coupe 1940 Willys Sedan 1939 Zephyr Sedan 1939 Pontiac Coach 1938 Ford Coach 1938 Chevrolet Coach 1935 Plymouth Sedan 1935 Chevrolet Sedan 1937 Ford LWB Truck wllih box. Extra good. See Us to Buy, Sell or Trade Used Cars. Trucks or Pickups. W. B. I*yi Dakota Iowa FOR SALE: Modern six room home, $4600: modern seven- room home, $4700. Good locations See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estat and Ins. V FOB SALE: Fertilizer attachjnen for John Deere 999 corn plant er. James Syppky, 4% rowg north Algona p» 168. 17 'OR-SALE: 3rd cutting of alfalfa with some pidgeon grass. 50c ier bale. Kyle Keith, Burt. 17* •OR SALE; Eight Spotted.Poland China brood sows. James Bro- hy, 4% miles ngrth Algona on FOR BBNt: &0',MreS blue grass pasture, shAdS,, atid funfllng water, gyle Keith, 'Burt. It* 1 «AVfi FOR'&fiMT led acres of extra fine JSaStufe land, J. H. Sheridan, BAtfoWtft, Iowa. 17 Lost-Found WILL PERSON Who picked up brown purse ator&h'am's Tuesday, April 24, Write rde. Reward. Mrs. Hugh Shirk, LuVerne, Iowa. LOST: Black, leather -purse around high school grounds. If found, return to Upper Des Molnes Office. 17* LOST: Lady's Buren 17 Jewel watch. Black band. Lost'on west side of Mainliner corner. If found leave at Algona Upper Des Moines office.,,. , • 17* Miscellaneous FARM BUYERS, re-locatton and others, investigate our plan of loans; which have saved our members thousands of $$$s In lower interest costs, in addition to most favorable terms. No charge for full details. Ask us. H. D. HUtchlns, Sec'y-Treas. Algona Nat'l Farm Loan Ass'n 110 So. Dodge Street, Algona Tel. 205-W 13-14tf ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15e each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for35c. . 84-tl SURGE MILKERS The demand for the Surge Milker far exceeds the supply, and it seems that orders for fall delivery keep increasing. So w« are going to offer a suggestion that some of you who are intending to buy a Surge by fall give us your order now and then possibly we will be able to take care of your order in July or August just ahead of the fall rush. Thanking yon. Linde Implement Co. (Surge Milker Service) Phone 64 Swea City, Iowa •• 17 WE BUY beef cattle and veals. Sorensen Grocery. 17 1 M-M Manure Spreader, good shape. Arnold Deitering, Bancroft, Iowa. 17 BIG SHIPMENT Seat Covers to fit all size cars. Coast to Coast Store. 17 PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. • • 1-tf INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf IF YOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moinos 40c and up. . , •' 13-tf PLACE ; YOUR.;"bRDERS now for Commercial Fertilizer. Supply limited. 1 Sargent &•'Co., Phone 360, Algona. ' 4-tf h', Exchange fiepi Bfts«ment Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living fOom suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and washefs., BJtJStROM'S FURNITURE MB FOR Steal fiargains ifi frtrms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. —Phil J. Kbhlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf TYPEWRITER RIBBONS: All kinds of typewriter and adding machine ribbons. The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona. »6tf FLOOR SANDING and Reflnish- Ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cbwan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. „ SELL your late model car to Us , for the highest price. Free information on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 36tf ALL DISPLAY advertising copy must tie In the hands of our printers by Wednesday noon to 1 insure publication in the paper the following Thursday. The Algona Upper Des Moines. , 2-jJ Card of Thanks The kindness and sympathy of neighbors and friends in our recent sorrow will always remain with us a precious memory. Our sincere thanks to all those comforting us during the illness and death of our beloved husband, father and brother. The Brayton Family. 17* Card of Thanks We take this means of expressing our heartfelt thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors who by word and deed helped us during the illness and death of INSULATE NOW! FOR A Eagle-Pitcher Water-Proof Blown Home Insulation Installed Estimate Call 275 8 years experience . Thousands of satisfied users Cowan Building r Supply CoJ ^ the , We take this fneifis m our thanks, to jHttv: friends and Heighfa6f8 tor t\ klftdness «nd syflipaihy at time of our feeent JbefeaVemen^ MM. Arthur C, fiertihard, tat. and Mrs. Raymond Westling, and Mjv and Mrs. Floyd Koepke. I?* Flawless FIT Soft caressing batiste is combined with •ladle batiste in GOSSARD'S custom-type step-in.TheR&C* satin decora 9 is the kind of detail you associate usually with made-to-order extravagance- Grenadine figured batiste bra supports and uplifts tbi largf typt of bust. 'OR SALE: John Deere 10" ham- mermill complete with dust ollector. A. J. Grandgenett outh church at St. Benedict. 17* •OR SAIjE: Round dining room table arid buffet. Also square kitchen tjjWe and four chairs. Mrs. Viola Studer, Wesley. 17* FOR SALE: 1 Used 2-16 Little Genius tractor plow. Algona Implement Co. 17 FOR SALE: Odd size windows. 30 gal. oil barrel with fawcett. Dick Sorensen, 411 So. Jones. 17* FOR SALE: Good Sweetseed, 20c per pound. Mildred Carlisle, Whittemore. *' FOR SALE: All metal strollers rubber tires, $11.95; 2 burner electric stove. $9.95; 2 burner terosene stove on legs, $5.95; all metal medicine chest, $2.95; car rubber mats, felt backs, for al size cars. Coast to Coast Store. 17 FOR SALE: John Deere two- bottom 16 inch tractor plow Very good condition. Vinceiv Eiseribacher, Wesley. 17J Wanted WANTED: Lady with high school education for office work in an essential industry. The Fairmont Creamery Company, Webster City, Iowa. 17-18* WANTED: Girl for housework, Will have own private room nicely furnished. House modern in all respects, automatic hot water heater, etc. Mrs. R, B. Waller 509 No. Phillips St. Phone 626-W WANTED: Wiping rags. Will pay 6c per pound, Dau's Gerege 15-1 MAN wants jpb on farm. Must have electricity Preferably separate set of bulldT jngs. Inquire at Upper Des Mwnei olfice. • 17 * ): Cook. Good wages "U^by ' & Giossi. 11 WANTED: Waitresses and drug store clerks. Lysby & GIOSSI WANTED: School girl for sum- pier. Help with household duties and care of smalt child Only two in femjly. Good pay Inquire TJve Algons Upper Pe Moines. _* WANTED: Set of tires an4 rims sSe 900-36. Albin Nelson, La koto. WANTJ3P: Automobile mechanic Gofid, habits. Steady wori Good pay. Kossuth Motor Co. 1 No Scarcity of Smart New Dresses . At This Store There is no scarcity of GOOD dresses at this store — not as many to choose from as in the "good old days" but plenty. And in all price groups too. We have good meshes, crepes and prints in the "better" ranges from $17.95, $19,95 to $25.00. These come in juniors, misses and women's sizes, This includes Famous, Gopher, Personality, ' Klaf ter. Then there is the range which 'includes Doris Dodson, Martha Manning \and other famed names. These are what, may be called "moderate" price ranges _$8.95, $12.95 and up to $14.98, There are many summer prints, meshes ana cottons in this group, The "low end" group includes many Bembergs, washable rayons and choice cottons and the pppular price range- about $6,50 and $6.05. -All sizes are .represented tpo— juniffiKV miss,es and : hall sizes, You'll like.thjs line because it includes such well known lines as Qua* Her Lady, Dorna Gordon and Pollak, All in all, you'll find this" a real dress certter-^geared to serve your needs with plenty ol QUALITY merchandise. . , , JUST pastels, simply Misses swes,

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