The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1945
Page 9
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8§ : 'm- . attdMrs, L. W. Swanson ,: business • callers at Pocahontas Sunday afternoon. Mfs, Clyde Gingerich visited at therKOmeof .Mr. and Mrs. Lester • Gingefieh at Humboldt Sunday. Mft and Mrs. Louis Braatz and daughter Ruth visited with Mr. .find. Mrs. Henry Kroger of West Betid Sunday. . Key. W H - 'Discher and Prof. HV W, Behnke attended a board -;<of; directors meeting of the, Iowa .District West held at Fort Dodge Mtthday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. trade, Mrs Herman Gade and Mrs. Emilie •'Siems and son Erwin were Sunday dinner guests'with Mr. and 'Mrs. Arthur Oade, Algona. .'Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keene •and son are visiting at the home of Mr.' Keene's parents, Mf. and Them at Whittemore\ Mrs. Theodore Keene. The former Is employed in a defense plant in Utah. 'Mr. .and Mrs. Wm. Weber are the parents of a 9<^ lb. daughter born at the McCreery hospital Friday. L. W. Swansoh took her home in his ambulance Saturday forenoon. Mrs. Wm. Frantz and two daughters, Julia and -May, Menomonie, Mich., the latter being from Milwaukee, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith Thursday evening. W, A. Rusch moved his family and household goods to Waverjy Sunday. Mr. Rusch sold his home and fixtures In his barber shop recently and they will make their futdre home in Waverly where he will conduct a barber shop. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichten- tO HELP PUT FAST AND WOW COST GAINS ON C*T LARGE FROM T 0 HELP CUT FEEDING AND COST OF ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. Next to Northwestern Freight Depot on 169 Phone 257 FAMOUS CLOSi SHAVIS By Barber So! THOMAS PAIN/, WHILS yiSitms ftwtt WAS IMPRISON^ AND fiuiLUSTiNB) i BY *WWlTAlbft' ttBEffiEftfiE. fHfi PAY &FORE ftECi WAS 8EHEADEP. THE U.S. MINISTER, MONKS, Ol&MVERED PAINED TAlNED H, 5 RS ' MO O WHIT6MAN HARASSED GEORGE GERSHWIN TOUT HIM Pi. AY HIS FIRST SYMPHONY, BUT GERSHWIN FEARED rt WASN'T 600D ENOUGH, RELUCTANTLY, HE PcRMlTTED WHITEMAN TO PRESENT IT AND IT BECAME TXS NW FAMOUS «fcHAPSODY IN BLUE"/ CLOti CALL SAWS ALL,, A I60-POUNO SHELL SUPPED FROM THE CONVEYER, ENMNGER IMS 20 WORKERS IN A ROOM WITH LIVE SHELLS. JOHN LAMB DIVED FOR IT AND CAUGHT IT SIX INCHES FROM THE FLOOR. BAXBER SOL SAYS: MONKEY SEES, MONKEY, DOE 5 -=* KNOWS NAZI'S TIME .-WAS-' BfAT INFLATION? dahl entertained at a 6:00 o'clock dinner Sunday evening; Mrs. Ida Kuecker and family of .Lolts Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haack of Fenton, Mrs. Emilie Siems and Mrs. Pauline Gade. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and daughters, Phyllis and Arlene. and Herman Meyer drove to Ft Dodge Saturday to bring home Mrs. Herman Meyer who has been a patient in the Lutheran hospital the past two weeks. Mr. and'Mrs. Walter Struecksr entertained Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. August Roggow, West Bend, 'Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Baumann and family of Ringsted at dinner Sunday. Mrs. Erwin Kuecker of Ames notified Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker of here that she had been notified 'by the war department that her husband, Pvt. Erwin Kuecker, has been released from the prison camp at Bad Orb, Germany, April 1. St. Paul's Lutheran Ladies Aid entertained their husbands last week Tuesday evening. Time was spent toy singing several selections after which W. C. Dau of Algona showed six reels of moving .pictures. Lunch was served following the entertainment. Rev. W. H. Discher baptized L STATEMENT OF CONDITION OF Security State Bank three of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Barber's children Sunday, afternoon: Genevleve Ann, sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ostwald; Marlys Theone, sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rosendahl; Norman Lee, sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith. •Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Discher and sons Norman and Paul drove to Kiro, Iowa Wednesday afternoon to the home of Mrs. Discher's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt. From there Rev. Discher went to Denison where he addressed a group of between 400 and 500 women in the Denison circuit on juvenile delinquency. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 'Lauck had the misfortune to lose their brooder house and 400 little chicks Monday noon by fire. The Laiicks were not home a^ the time the fire was noticed "by neighbors. It had been heated with an oil brooder stove, so it was not known if the stove exploded or what was the origin of the fire. The immediate families of Mrs Joseph Meurer helped her celebrate her birthday Saturday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meurer and family of Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Nick Meurer and family of Plover; Lucian Meurer of, Mason City; and Mrs. From the Files of Algoiia. Iowa On Our Ninth Birthday, April 20th, 1945 1:1 fl'fiS. I''! .'i**.-"W i Resources: \ . United States Government , obligations $ v 908,116.91 Cash and due from banks.. 926,959.72 Loans and discounts 385,006.70 Stock of Federal Reserve Bank 2,400,00 Bank Premises. • and Furniture and Fixtures 14,700.00 Overdrafts .... 33.43- Liabilities: Deposits .$2,147,406.08 Capital :..' 50,000.00 Surplus 30,000.00 Undivided Profits ' 9,810.68 $2,237,216.76 $2,237,216.76 We have had nine successful years and made a splendid growth. We are very prpud of this showing and are most grateful to our many friends who have made it possible- We have endeavored at all times to render our best ?ejvice and will .continue to do so, We invite the people of > §nd ICossuth County to make their banWng home iprecati ' ' Directors - • -•• '•• ' i "'' i " "'•' it ;^,^i^p}^^p|:;§ SK8?iBi^lil : :-S*- j««««:ss0 •ij%y&% ?&£& ^ TEN YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morrall had mpved their household goods from Livermore to the William Aman house on North Colby St. Mr. Morrall was the new proprietor of the Kossuth Motor Co., which bad succeeded the Kohlhaas Bros, garage. Coach Ken Mercer had been host to the members of the basketball squad. Guests were Howard Medin, (Robert Monlux, Paul Worster, Arthur Boettcher, Bob Post, Dick Post, Jack Hemphill, Maurice Michel, Jasper and Keith Stephens, Palmer Sellstrom, Russ Pickett, Craig Vinson, John Spencer, Orville Hanegan, Kenneth Lynk, Don Boren, Marian Frankl, Glen Nielsen, and Allen Buchanan. One reason the townspeople had been anxious for summer to hurry was so they could get a good look at Ted Larson's bright blue shirt when he went "round in his shirt sleeves. Mrs. H. L. Gllmore was leaving for Miami, Florida, where she was attending the national P. T. A. convention. Mrs. Gilmore was president of the local organization. Mr. and Mrs. A.X. Peterson had driven to Des Moines to get their daughter-in-law and little grandson, Mrs, Mell Peterson and son Mell, Jr., who had visited with the Petersons for several weeks. Mart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Schemel, then of Hampton, was released from scarlet fever quarantine and was staying with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, M. P. Weaver in Algona. Lloyd Pratt, freshman at Iowa State college at Ames, had been pledged to the Delta Chi .fraternity. The interior and exterior of the Dehn'ert hotel was being redecorated and repainted. The hotel is now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnston. Marguerite Dalziel and Arba Dee Long, who were attending GnnneU college, spent the week- 'end at, their hojnes in Algona, YEARS AGO A bolt of lightning bad; struck the Jrvtegton Elevator, c^inpjete- ly destroying the butltjing. . At the Qalj Opera HoUs« the picture, ''Unguarded Women" was running for one day. The oast in, eluded Mary Astor, JMc}ia,rd Pix, and tgebe Djntejs. 'AlfQ Pathe news was presented. Jo'Jw KohlhiW ha4 bowht the Cole hardware store and was to take oyer jnsijaggjijiejitifee §rst of May, |Je had, ,'ittmsfly. bee>n in the ; gayage, .bu^iess .' witj» ' Ws 'franfc w4 IW, rel pMMjr s ,jnder he p.f , Ufifetk » ^^rf ' J ^. ; V^^'-'^-«-""'r>^',^V''-^'-'' y '' 'r; - , Algana, lawa, April 26,1S45 Wm. Frantz and daughters Julia of Menomonie, Mich., and May of Milwaukee. They returned to their homes Sunday evening. A number of friends and neighbors helped Mrs. Oeo. Frost celebrate her birthday Thursday evening at the Home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell, Present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arche Voight and son James, M>.\ and Mrs. Donald Hurlburt and Mrs. Bert Seoly. 500 was played at three tables with Elmer Bell and Mrs. Henry Lauck winning high score and Henry Lauck travel. Lunch was served later. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Farrell entertained a number of relatives in honor o£ their son, Pvt. Kenneth Farrell, who is home an a furlough. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Page, Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Hartld Baas, Geo. and Edward Jurgens, West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jergons, Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jurgens, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Kollasch, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kol- Jasoh >and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kollasch. SEXTON NEWS Wilma True visited Saturday at Bnstow with her mother. Mrs. Arnold Danielson visited a few days the first of the week at Bristow with friends. 'Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders were week-end visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hawley at Mason City. Leon and Bruce Benschoter of Whittemore were week-end guests at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Olsen. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven attended the 60th anniversary services at the Methodist church at Corwith on Sunday of last week. Mrs. Alfred Opheim and daugh ter Joyce were Monday visitors at the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise and family in Mason City. Mrs. Bert Jensen of Lakota is staying at the home of her son- in-law, Wm. Hammond, and will Insulate Now! For A Johns-Manville Blown Home Insulation Estimate Call 767 Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. DEL LEANEAGH Local Representative 44tf remain with them when her brought fconte r daughter, Mrs. Hammond, IS < hospital In MasdlKGitjr fo* NEW MACHINES Hog and Poultry Feeders, Waterers, Fountains, Water Tanks. DeLaval Magnetic^ Milkers, Elec» trie Motors, Jay Hawk Hay Stackers ott new rubber, Windrowers, Harrow Draw Bars, Lime and Fertilizer Spreaders, Sweep Bakes, Wagon Boxes, USED MACHINES Corn Planters, Mowers, Sweep-rakes, Creaht Separators, Practically New McCormick Deering Cream Separator, 2 very late I. H. C. Manure Spreaders. "Firestone" Tires "Tractolube" Oil Phone 714 Algona, Iowa BRADLEY BROS. FOR AND EXTRA EXTRA NUTRITION SAVINGS rs. . 43c ALGONA BUTTER »42c SULK MINCE MEAT 19c lb. FASHION TISSUE 4 ;.., s 25c LARGE PKG. Lux Flakes LARGE PKG. Ivory Snow LARGE PKG. Ivory Flakes CLOROX Qt. Bottle IOC BUnERNUT COFFEE 33c lb. CRISCO FOLGER'S Coffee, 2 Ibs. . 59c LEWIS LYE SEEDLESS RABINS PURE GRAPE JELLY DUTCH CLEANSE, AEROWAX PASTE WHEATIES ARGO CORN STARCH . 0 cans fcpkg. /LvV ..12 oz. jar cans Iv.V .1 lb. jar Z5C 10c /C .1 ib. P kg. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MBBRBIBPB Quality Meats GRADE A BEEF ROAST ,„ 28c GRADE A ROUND STEAK lb 39 C SMOKED HAM HOCKS lb 2£c ASS7 LUNCH MEATS ,,,290 FRESH, MEATY BACK BONES ,„ 7 C KREE-MEE Cheese, 2 lb. box 69c WHILE IT LASTS GELATINE DESERT, pkg. CALIFORNIA ORANGES SUNKIST LEMONS (j 12 ft Texas GRAPEFRUIT, LARGE 4 „, 29c RUSSSET POTATOES -10 Jb, bag 59c CAUF. CARROTS LETTUCE NEWPOTATfli FRESH ASPARAGUS jpi Bunches 1 a C ..Large CERTOra> coniras SEEP POTATOES. 100 •*-*~ ; ' ^±__ _^_^_ • •.•••-•....-•» • -v; . v.w.r... '^^^ / '*|i* ;: : : ' l V'-T^ l *^^BPpB''?Hf l 5^ ''IP'PW- ; j'SPPff"; '.l^^te. .. ^WPMKfllllMl^lK :?¥,,;:';;>-. .:'$&i«f. •; ^%^?S^;-^?8jSs*»*«*''*«. : *SI ;«a^^^.a,'.g'itAit!?,^iia.»4iS!^gfeS ^W4»rtflSs|^^S

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