Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on July 28, 1986 · Page 21
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 21

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1986
Page 21
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MONDAY, JULY 28, 1986 THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC B7 Television Local Network Pay Cable 0 '"AM ABC News Cisco Kid Sesame Street Morning News Workout DoHie Rambo Felix AM 700 Club CNN News Morning Stretch Wall Street ABC News Jayce Morning ft AM JO Space Coaster CO Inspector Joy Casper ;",v 39 Jimmy Swaggart Morning Stretch NBC News NBC News Tom A Jerry . V 30 ?4 AM Good Morning Wallace & Rainbows) Today Voltron Gobots "4MMundo Latino 700 Club Today Today, WeatherYoga Good Morning Transformers '"""fiat America S) Ladmo Mister Rogers Jayce Gospel Bill Dudley i 30j 3-2-1 (B America CO G l Joe ; 130 TfiPSt Translormers Sesame Street Joker's Wild MASK. Randy Shankle Batman ft AM; Jimmy Swaggart Rainbow m Gobots Price Is Right flAft U 30 He ManMasters a) Headline Munslers Westbrook Popeye ' ",30 CNN News Polka Doi Jetsons - j," .. vffi AM Sally Raphael Happy Days Rainbow CP $25,000 Pyramid Wheel ot Fortune Family Ties Get in Shape 700 Club ft AM Burns a Allen Family Ties Wheel ol Fortune Mister Rogers Lifestyles 700CKib Donahue QAM . jy JQjowng Laveme Shirley Mister Rogers Card Sharks Scrabble Beaver Art Linklelter - V ,39, Hoy Mismo Chili Bill's Sale ol Century Scrabble Today's Special Branded - .J 30 I ft AM 1 Ryan's Hope Alice Sesame Street Price Is Right Password My Three Sons TBN News Richard Roberts ft AM Morning Stretch Wheel ol Fortune Password Sesame Street Ryan's Hope Jim i Tammy Sally Raphael ''ftAM I U 30 Mayberry RFD Donahue j) love Connection Daddy Jimmy Swaggart I U 30 caTheTunnel Scrabble Family Ties CB Loving Card Sharks "30 I f AM Lifestyles Magic ol Oil Young and Days ol Our One Day James Robison Jimmy Swaggart 1 4 AM Grandes Novelas Super Password Days ol Our Polka Dot All My Children Trapper John , Young and .AM"'' 1 1 -30 News News Painting Restless Lives Maude Dr.Whitaker Jeannie - Search Lives Mister Rogers ; Restless 1.1 30 : JKJOH All My Children Dick Van Dyke Joy ol Painting News News Perry Mason Arthlene Rippy CM) Legend ol JMOK Grandes Novelas Days ol Our News Nature One Life To Live Police Woman As the World WOK - UjQfM Andy Griffith As the World Sale ol Century Joy theSeven te3DPM ,, CNN News Lives Break the Bank Zoo 2000 Turns 'J?W - tf f IH One Lite to Live I Love Lucy Turns Another World Get Smart " ' Golden Vampires , l PM MisHuespedes Alive Another World Another World Madeleine Cooks General Hospital Kojak Guiding Light f PM s J 3Q Hogan's Heroes Rainbow (Q Capitol Hilfcillies Lester Sumrall I 30, A Better Way ; We're Cooking .... . 7. J, 39, f Jft PM General Hospital Eight Is Enough Mister Rogers Guiding Light Santa Barbara Addams Family Praise the Lord Bewitched . ft PM Esperandole 700 Club Santa Barbara . Santa Barbara In Search ol CM) Dummy Bewitched Deal ftPM k '& SesameStreet Voltron Casper ? fa ; Excellence Flmtslones $25,000 Pyramid V&M 9 " PM Little House SheRa CB Divorce Court Dallas Gumby Bullwinkle ft PM Si, Mi Amor Gidgel Fit for Life Chance She Ra Hour Magazine alit 30 Thundercals Frugal Gourmet Tic Tac Dough Healhcli ' ScoobyDoo .y.'jO ; CNN News Jeannie Sale ol Century Hell Border ScoobyDoo " ' ,' . O, Tjffif DeaJ Gilligan's Island Jacques Pyramid Hour Magazine Jetsons Robotech i :A PM Espectaculo M The Last SheRa NewtywedGame Sesame Street Barney Miller He-ManMasters People's Court " yi"PM' 11 38 Jackpot Bingo Brady Bunch Cousteau Jeopardy G.I. Joe ; Lloyd Thaxton h 38 Angel Caido Time I Saw Paris Flintstones News CO M'A'S'H Munslers News fJO Tnffl News DiH'renl Strokes Business Report News News Monkees TBN News Starsky and ;k fj PM( VivirunPoco Bewitched News 3-2-1 CP News Oifl'rent Strokes News v R PM lU 30 ABC News ffi) Company Mr. Ed C8SNews NBC News Bosom Buddies Marilyn Hickey Hutch .0 30 - NBC News NBC News Rainbow CO ABC News CO Too Close CBS News ,. V 30 is: M News Benson MacNeilLehrer News News Black Sheep . LaVern Tripp Matt Houston ; ft PM Noticias Burns t Allen News News Business Report Baseball: Jeffersons House Calls ,1 PM IU IQ Baseball: M'A'S'H NewsHour Wheel ol Fortune Chance HalLindsey ; U 30 1 SIN News CNN News M'A'S'H Entertainment Arizona California Angels Jeffersons Laverne Shirley v 30 P?Wf California Angels Rockford Files Horizon Scarecrow A Valerie Quincy Praise the Lord (M Torn Curtain t "t f PM El Engano CM) The Valerie Valerie MacNeilLehrer vs. Oakland A's CM) A Night in Scarecrow A , IP l;30 vs. Oakland A's (M)The Mrs. King Amazing Stories I 30 Southerner Amazing Stories Amazing Stories NewsHour Heaven : Mrs. King 1 , 1,30 8fH Too Close Catholics Kate & Atlie rjp I'm Dancing m The Lords ol ftPM DePuraSangre . CM) I'm Dancing CM) I'm Dancing River Journeys Kate & Altie ftPM JO Odd Couple Newhart as Fast as I Can Flalbush i,.y., as Fast as I Can as Fast as I Can jjj Newhart O 30 0 M Bob Newhart American CagneyALacey f"ftfM Muchachita INN News American Wheel ol Fortune Matt Houston CagneySLacey ftPM 10 NewtywedGame News Masters CO CP Merv Griffin f J 30 Chespirito CNN News Masters CP Jeopardy CP j'ftPM News M'A'S'H Off Center News News Twilight Zone TBN News Carson Classics 4 ft PM CM)Tulsa News News Sneak Previews News Chico News ill IU 38 ABCNighlline Barney Miller Arthur Clarke Entertainment Tonight Kojak Kent Dru Aitell Sanlord and Son 1 If 38 Amo y Senor Tonight Tonight American M'A'S'H gyp Guns ol the Benny Hill JILM If PM Barnaby Jones Taxi Mr. Ed Magnum PI Lifestyle Beauty Show j-f f PM 24 Moras ; Playhouse cp ABCNighlline Magnilicenl Magnum P.L fl f PM I j 30 CM) Death Race The Prisoner Company Ironside Praise the Lord CM) Calamity J . I 30 Late Night Bizarre (B Run, Simon, Seven f ,.,!. .30 MWSan Wonder Woman 2000 CM) Mission to Late Night Jane and Sam MJDteCHT Hit Video U.S.A. Late Night Run CM) Mission to , MIDNIGHT 1130 AM Glory (12: 10) CNN News Bass '1230 AM (Channel 27 In Search ol INN News Glory (12:10) 1230 AM AM Emergency CNN News Comedy Tonight . ?; "AM only) Record Guide News .AM 'I'U. News CSSNightwatch 38 News News J0 2 AM TalesDarkside ftAM ft AM 30 News : TBN News ; 3D ' 4. 30 3""' AM CM) The Harrad ITV Network Bennetts ft AM ftAM ...30 Experiment Joy 0 30 Q 30 m ..-: m ji 6 AM TheWaltons Dallas Holm . : eAM . RAM 30 I Weather I CBS News I NBC News I I Lite ol Christ I f . wSO) Jimmy Swaggart I I CBS News L 30 Pair of radio station sales ups ante to $ 1 5 million Bud Wilkinson Republic Columnist KJJJ-FM (now KKFR), ITC Communications to the Broadcast Group. Price: -$6.25 million. y.vj- Fall 1983: KNNN (now KLZI), Julia ; Zozaya to TransCom Communications.,! Price: $4 million. September 1984: KHEP-FM (now KAMJ-FM), Grand Canyon Broadcasters, to Affiliated Broadcasting. Price: $6 mil-: i lion. V.; October 1984: KZZP and KZZP-FM,.! Western Cities Broadcasting to Nationwide ? Communications Inc. Price: $7.5 million (estimated). September 1985: KMEO and KMEO-FM, Scripps Howard to Group WT, Price: $10 million to $12 million. June 1986: KSUN, Caz Broadcasting to ; TransCom Communications. (Caz bought the station in bankruptcy court for 1 $470,000 in June 1984.) Price: $1.2 million. : July 1986: Three transactions: KAMJ and KAMJ-FM, Affiliated Broadcasting to EZ Communications. Price: $10 million to $1 1 million. KOOL and KOOL-FM, Tom Chauncey I to Adams Communications Corp. Price: $15 million. KLZI, TransCom Communications to Duffy Broadcasting. Price: $15 million. and start shaking up that FM," said Duffy, who lives in Carefree. KSUN likely will change, however. Duffy Broadcasting president Marty Greenberg told the Dallas Morning News that an oldies format is planned. No changes are planned at KOOL and KOOL-FM, according to Homer Lane, Chauncey's representative in talks with Adams Communications. (Adams Communications also owns radio stations in St. Louis; Memphis, Tenn.; and Grand Rapids, Mich.) The sales, which still require approval of the Federal Communications Commission, are expected to be completed by midfall. Just how rapidly the price of a radio station in Phoenix has risen can be seen in this list of recent major transactions. Dates noted reflect the approximate time when the deals were struck, not when ownership actually changed hands: Fall 1979: KZZP and KZZP-FM from bankruptcy court to Western Cities Broadcasting. Price: $2.5 million. December 1979: KMEO and KMEO-FM, B&D Broadcasting to Scripps Howard Broadcasting. Price: $4.5 million. August 1931:KJJJ (now KFYI) and that required owners to hold on to stations for at least three years. This change has encouraged some risk-taking. TransCom Communications bought KLZI from Julia Zozaya only 2'j years ago. The purchase price was a mere $4 million. TransCom president Eric Hauenstein said he and partner Bob Herpe decided to sell because of the attractiveness of Duffy's offer and the fact that they own other stations under a separate company, Trans-Columbia Communications. Hauenstein, said it made sense to sell the station in the face of rising competition from major groups, such as Group W, Nationwide Communications and EZ Communications. "We're a very little company, frankly, two guys and some investors. ... I didn't know how long we could keep up in that environment," he said. Duffy Broadcasting, which owns stations in Denver, Sacramento and San Antonio, has the wherewithal to fight the other corporations on the advertising and promotional fronts. The company does not plan radical changes for KLZI. "I feel very comfortable with Classy's positioning. Our definite plan is not to go in The cost of entering the Valley's radio market has reached a record $15 : million after the sale of station KLZI (FM 99.9) and a package deal involving KOOL (9G0 AM) and KOOL-FM (94.5). The sale of easy-listening KOOL and oldies outlet KOOL-FM by owner Tom Chauncey was expected, and details of the $15 million cash deal with Minnesota-based Adams Communications Corp. were announced Friday. A press release issued jointly by the KOOLs and the new ownership touted the $15 million agreement as a record for a radio transaction in the Valley. And it would have been accurate, had not Trans-Corn Communications revealed a few hours earlier that it was selling contemporary KLZI to Texas-based Duffy Broadcasting for $15 million cash. Duffy Broadcasting also plans to acquire jazz station KSUN (1400 AM), which TransCom was in the process of buying for $1.2 million. However, Duffy's chairman, Bob Duffy, said his company will pay only $775,000 for the AM station. Regardless of the AM price tag, Duffy Broadcasting will be able to brag it has paid the most for a single station and the most for an AMFM "combo" in the market. However, records don't last long in a growth market like Phoenix, and some broadcasters already are predicting that the next major sale will be in the $17 million to $18 million range. Less than five years ago, "combos" were selling for less than one-half the current rate and frequently for much less. The rapid escalation can be attributed to: Phoenix's status as a Sun Belt growth market. Increasing yearly radio revenue, which is projected to reach $100 million by 1990, up from roughly $60 million today. The abolition of a federal regulation "WW NICK DtS Pnny TXIC MerwOoaMl ' LIFE Mttmw - TKH ESPN WGN WTBS HBO ftwwtotOffkt USA yrty CBN Flying Nun SHO ftrHmt D Sword of : HsM CNN Jaywaich i AM James at 16 Mickey Mouse Black Beauty (Wit i fhi Family Sharks ase Bozo Down to Earth C'i If U.a. Olympic Festival m women in Chains (5:30) Hazel Mousercise George CM) Wise Blood Valiant (5) Videocountry I Love Lucy , 700 Club DennisMenace Mozart Miracle Morning, Mickey Concert Stages "f AM Be a Star Calliope r AM 30 (M: Father's les Against the Wind. Part t Mystery al Fire Island JAM I 30 AMi Pooh Corner lassie Parker Adderson? Fandango TheWaltons Little Dividend Donald Duck BelleSebaslian Nashville Now Cartoon Express 8 Sounds Magnificent 0 CM) Cloak and Dagger 33 Dumbo's Circus American Baby Special CM) Wonder Sports Look The Big Valley CM) I Own the Racecourse Pmwheel Bill Cosby You A Me, Kid Mother's Day Woman Take Two Aerobics 'ft AM Little House 9 AM JO Doris Day CM) Swiss Family; Baby Knows New Country M U.S. Olypmic Utile House Robinson Great Detective Daughter CM) Footloose Couples Not Movies CM) Undercover Make Me Laugh Festival AM'CMiSpiderman 03 CMJ Private Poller 10 Patty Duke Fashion Cfi) 1 Man Gong Show News M lis ii .1 CMJ Girls Just Want to Have Father Knows Evening al 1 Lifestyles News Day That Girl AM Star's Table 11 Improv Walt Disney CM) The Secret o( Fun eg) Madame's Place I Crook I Chase 30 Dick Van Dyke 700 Club NOON Ten Bottles Buffalo Bill Presents (11:40) CM) 1918 Nurse CM) Nightwing Be a Star CM) Jimmy Band Carol Burnett Superfriends I - NOOK 1 12-38 PM International Hour 1138 PM U.S.Olympic Festival Ozzie S Harriet Christmases Funny Pages mm &3ofm; Fandango Andre Andy Griffith Tom A Jerry Face Music Donna Reed James at 16 Parker Adderson Nashville Now News Day PM 30 Bugs Bunny Disappearing World CM) The Stratton Story Against the Wind, Parti 1 . 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Jane Eyre Lassie Red Sox Digest Crossfire Braingames Fandango Baseball hH 30 i Sanlord i Son IWKRP Jackpot Animal World Botanic Man DennisMenace Penn State Father Murphy Sharks Primenews Nashville Now Chain Reaction 53 Bloltonfhe Landscape M' Cover Up 3S U.S. Olympic Festival Donald Duck Ark on Move Turkey TV Bowling Concert Stages All Star Blitz CM) Footloose CC) 6fM CM) The Swan Alice 30 Dempseyi 0 PM Makepeace 30 American Hero 700 Club Wild Canada Mr. Wizard Driving Ambition CM) Ask Any Girl p ft fM: Lifestyles Larry King live Cartoon Express CM) Tarka the Otter CM) Cannonball run NICK Rocks New Country E6S "7 '5 Can't Do That Berlin One by One PM Dr. Ruth Show News Crook i Chase Dance Party Baseball: Hawaii vs. Phoenix I U CM) long Way Jack Benny Mousterpiece Danger Mouse 3F CM) Wonder Videocountry Radio 1990 News 30, Home Still Beaver Donna Reed In the Wild Bill Cosby CM) The Secret o( A PM CM) Blanche Fury Nanny Woman Be a Star Moneyline iPM I 30 Baseball Hits Wrestling CM) The Woman in Red QB Burns & Allen Boomer Mr. Ed Stationary Ark Sports Tonight mm Fandango Sports Center 1 10 Soap Bloltonthe Australian Ark Jack Benny I Spy CM) Don't Cry, Nashville Now NewsNight CM) Androcles and the Lion Commonwealth Games Trapper John, M.D. Groucho Landscape OfM National '30 Geographic 30 It's Only Thunder CM) Love Child Not Movies DobieGill Route 66 Driving Ambition Odyssey Money Matters Crossfire Motowodd Baseball Hits Minor League Baseball rWEiplorer 103 PM CM) The Little Foxes Father Knows CM) Girls Just Want to Have FunfO NewsNight Update New Country FireMountain Ozzie I Harriet 700 Club One by One CMJ 1918 PM Alfred Hitchcock 11 Sports Look Little Bitot Country CM) little lord Faunlleroy 11 in CM) The Ghost Goes West Sports Videocountry Sisters in Name of Love Cmj Mad Max Beyond Nanny HuDHUHT Investment News Overnight MIDNIGHT 12.-30 AM Sell Improvement Edge ol Night Sports Center U.S. Olympic Festival CMj One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band CM) Last ol the Badmen mm 12&AM CM)C.KU.D. Thunderdome ( 0AMJpj5tia- That Girl Specials Comedy (12:10) CM) Terminal Choice Mr. Ed AM Daytime Larry King Live 1 Hollywood I News AM Lost in Space 1 CMJ Plunderers ol My Three Sons 1 30 Magazine CM) Hot Resort Gel Rich Painted Flats CM) Red River Range I Spy 9" Crossfire Bob Newhart 2 AM 30 CM) Midnight Express (2:20) 2 jar (M) Deathstalker Showbiz Fred Lewis Hilbllies Route 66 Swaggart i AM It Figures (2:55) Daybreak SAM 30 Aerobics Wrestling In Search 01 CNN News CM) Footloose (C) 3 Honey, Honey 3 AM 30 Simmons Business Movietone Tom and Jerry Nation's Business Today Superbook I AM It Figures CM) The Woman Daybreak 4 AM 30 Motowodd Faith 20 I AM CM) little Lord Faunlleroy CM) Love Child (4:15) Flying House 30 Simmons in Red CO (4.25) Business Day Muppets . LeoLion Africa AM II Figures CM) Wise Blood Daybreak 5 AM 30 Success Key Mask Force Gentle Ben 6 AM 30 Jeannie . Bewitched U 30 Couples Room 222 Sports Center Bozo For detailed television program information, see The Republic's KOV (95 6) Contampof ary KMEO(96e)EaayNatnlng KUPO (97.9) Rock KKLT (88 7) Contemporary KLZI (99 9) Contampcrary KEVX(1003)Rockioul KSlX(1007)CMdia KAMJ (101 5) Adult , contemporary KNIX( 102.6) Country KZH(iQ4r)Top40 . KONC(I06 3)ClBifl . ttSTM (107. 0 Afcurti rock KMLE107 9)Chrltlla Radio KLFHI30)Blg Band JSUN ( 1400) Jaiiaporta KOPA(U40)Oldiea KPHX(M80)8panlah KNTSl8IO)NawaUlk KASA(IS40)Qoapl KNIX(IS(KCjnlry AM KOV (650)ConlmporrylaHi KTAR(820)NetlalK KME0(40)Eaiytlltnlna KVVA (eeO)8panlih KFVI(9f0)NewiHalk KOOU 930) Easy ditenlng KXeOOOlOOotpal KUKQ(!060)Dancmul(0 KCKV(HfiO) Country KROS(11BO)Chrtillan RAM J ( (230) Adult contemp. ( KHE(1280)lnipliatlofl rKZZP(13IO)Rock Sunday Television aigesi. FM KFLN (00.3) Christian KJZZ(01 6)JattNPR KKFR (92 3) Contampottfy KDKB(93 3)Rock KOOL(94B)Oidl I T

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