The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1945
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Clip Column A, "'ChfimBffif of C&mnWfiS '- JifiSSuth arid Algona Being* of Pm Week CJoftdeflSed ffdf Ser» ties Men, dllp and Mali In Next Letter to the Boys. Jack Shelly, WHO nevfa com- ftientator and waf eerrespondent, appealed, here April 20th iot Xiions Club Charter Might. Two , distinct features came out of this meeting, for many parents conferred with Shelley regarding their loved ones with the 106tn Division, <& war front he was oh aild the other was that by tho time pie ala mode was served at the .banquet In .the high school gymnasium the accoustlcal sounds became worse. Why not a Lions project—a remodeled gymnasium with true souiid. . . . Sgh Dart E. Snyder and 2nd. : Lieut. Cecil H. Snyder, brothers, meet In Italy after two years separation. , . . Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, Algona, with Donald Wood ns commander, held annual banquet April IT with Lt. Col. A. T. Lofi- dell, C. O. of P. W. camp as print «pal speaker. . . . T-4' George 0. JorgenSOn, F e ri t o n,, awarded bronze star medal in Germany campaign. , ."..At Swea City Naomi Hewitt and T-Sgt. Arnold Anderson were wed. . . . Mrs. Harvey Johnson,; St. Benedict, heads V. F. W. Auxiliary of Al- gofta. .'•'. . .Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Giddings, Burt, have four sons in military service, Guy C., Wm. L., Rodney end Gordon. Doris Dehnert, LuVerne, joins marines. 'Lt. Bernard Frankl, Irving- Titfw at naval'base, Samson, » N.,Y. ,,; ..Retahart Fritz i>f Tl- tonka is reported missing In ac- •tl&n lh.Germany, i . S-Sgt. Harold Wehrspari of Whittemore receives air '• medal while in - Pacific 'war area. . . . Lt. Marvin Leist of Qt- tosen reported as having died in action in the Philippines. . . .. H. T.' Barker, county chairman for Easter. Seals drive reports $750 collected 1 for crippled children. Half of fund stays in Kossuth for crippled children aid. . . . John Hopkins, Plum Creek, heard in recent overseas .German, broadcast. . . . Pfc. John Bauer' of Wesley, a prisoner of Germany, has , been liberated. . . . S-Sgt. Wm. J. Erpeldirig' Of Bode, now with Mitchell Bomber,Group in Italy. . .' . Lt. H, R. French, ' Titonka, awarded 'bronze star in Italy. . .... Perry, Collins of Pioneer Hi-Bred will head post war planning committee for Algona. ... At Algona Sunday'afternoon 47 boys from Kossuth left for. v Fort Snelling for their .'first physical. Many inductees 'seemed very young. ^Some ,, will, if-inducted, leave wives and children. In the crowd we noticed three Algona .business men .with sons missing, in'action, one wife who has a husband' a German .prisoner of jyar, and a wife who that m'bfnin^-Teceiyed^wprqJier _-.hus,band was killed in Germany/ While "som^ihomes^wlll ..miss,, it 'looks like most every home hive ;s>mebnei ; lnsthfetanglea • v» v<-*«-.*»*j'^•••eo"**--'" "T,^-.'^^ • T.rrr . ^ •. . - ,. .Mate of Wesley is now WCtraininJ , at; Puget Sound Navy, Yard. • v"'. 1 ^ * Sgt. Kenneth-Jl> Ringsdorf of BUrt withiiath Air Force in Italy.,... ;. -Talking-, about England *and Russia's votes, there is one thing about dividing the swag. No matter how many wars we ••Americans win, we never seem to _lose our amateur' standing; 'For all conferences European nations and even our neighbor Canada all- bring a bag of talk and we smilingly bring a barrel of nods.' Help Needed at Vets' Hospital, Des Moines Des Moines; Iowa, April 23— Special—The,U.S. Veterans Administration . today announced the need of hospital attendants at the Des Moines Veterans hospital.' "With more and more, flehting men returning, from""the Pacific and European fronts, wounded end ill," W. B. Nugent, manager «C the Des iMoiries facility said, "the number ot patients in veterans hospitals is increasing daily. Attendants, either- male or female, are needed immediately to insure proper care and soeedy recovery wherever possible." .. Salpry is $1,500 'per year, EXT perience is not reauir«>'i hut p x- perlenced applicants will be given preference. One meal per day }s provided attendants at a cost of 25 cents per meal. Full infor-. matlon and application blanks are available at U. S. Employment Service offices at any first or second class postoffice. ESTABLISHED 1866 ALGONA, IOWA> THURSDAY, APRIL VOL. 80 146 KOSSUTH HEN EXAMINED IN PHEASANT HUNT PROVES COSTLY TO TWO NIMRODS Game Warden Picks Up 11 Pheasants Shot Out of Season; Two Hunters Fined $100 Each. Charged with shooting pheasants out of season Sgt. Reese D. McKinney, of the P. W. camp, and James Stebbirts, Algona, were picked up Sunday toy Game War-. den Kay Setchell, having m their possession ll pheasants. They appeared before.: Justice* of the Peace Delia Welter on Monday, and pleading guilty to the charge, were fined $100 and costs aach. The fine was arranged to be paid by them in monthly installments of $20. There seem to have been some rumors prevalent 'the-'past month to -the effect that shooting pheasants for sale was 'being practiced by some hunters because of there being a good : market for dressed fowl these days.; At' any rate It has been suggested to game wardens in the. pheasant areas of the state to keep on the lookout for pheasant hunting violations. CORN PURCHASE PROGRAM SELLS Kossuth Farmers Make 227 Contracts to Sell; Local Corn Contains High Moisture Content. Farmers have until May 1 • to complete contracts for sale o? corn under the" corn purchase program, according 'to Robert M. Loss, chairman. Kossuth is one of 50 Iowa counties included in the program which, is designed to help build a stock&ile' .of cp^h to 'meet po'ssible^ emergency ••'''.'needs for this impor^an.C,prop'7 > -.« " !?!?7 farmers Sell - **5r Mr. Loss , over;>5pO,000'!'busHels 'Have 'been; offe'red' put 'of which .•almost ! ihalf-'' contained , moisture content too high .to. be eligible for purchase;: 1 ..: •<;;<: ':: ., i.vTb'be'-ellgibJe.-.for purchase corn 'may not' con tain i more than 17% ,per.ceiit'moisture, in April. Moisture^Content High Chairinan Loss said Monday that the*-moisture content in Kossuth corn has; proved high, this being a-condition-that seems general over the',entire>county. This, too.'.seems to be -the case iw a number of- the counties^ east of Kossuth as'well as those in the north west/comer; of the state. The moisture' content varies in the counties bordering on 'Kossuth, judging from the-number of bush- .els of corn which have been accepted and contracted for, with Wlnnebago 6,1134 bushels, Hancock 75,995 bushels, Cerro Gordo 31,895 bushels, Wright 397,181 bushels' : - while Humboldt on the west sold only (181,339 bushels, and again Pocahontas, next county west of Humboldt,' comes in with a sale of 558,278 bushels. Palo Alto sold 339,378 bushels and Emmet came in with 253,760, the two counties equaling the Kossuth area and yet they turned in three times as many bushels as did our, own county,, "indicating that the moisture content was much lower in neighboring counties. Sgt. Gene Kelley left Thursday after a 15^day furlough at the home of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. E, J. Kelley. Canada. Gene is stationed in Appeal to Farmers for Financing Advertising of 7th Loan Drive The appeal for funds to finance the advertising for the 7th War Loan drive seems to be having a Letters are to some of favorable reception, being mailed today the farmers in eight townships asking for contributions of $2.00 each to finance the program. The advertising for bind drives is promoted by the county War Finance committee, but the only way such a program, can be financed 4s toy. voluntary donations. In: the past four drives al] of the advertising has been financed by the business and professional men 'of the towns. It was the idea of one of the TUMI bond workers that this, time the farmers finance the Job. Letters are not being sjnt to all the farmers, but contributions will be welcomed wiheih'er a farmer receives a letter or not. Contributions can be left at the County War Activities office on the second floor of the Haggard & Peterson building,- & at either Algona newspaper Capt. V. E. Smith Reported Nazi Prisoner of War Though .no official word has come through from the government, Mrs. Eleanor Smith, the former Eleanor Backus, Algona, has received a letter as of Saturr day from H. N." Gilbert, Brig. .Gen. .U. S. Army, .Newark, N.. J., informing her that her husband, Capt, Vemori.E.. Smith, is a pris- - smith? san of Alexander Smith, Ame4 enteted the service" in • JUnSi' 194S, • and was commis- sJoftSa a 1st. Lieutenant. He first I6&k student officers' training at" Fort Belvoh-, Va., ,and from there went to Camp Ciaiborne, La. In November, 1943,: he was sent overseas and .assigned, to a British office in England where he remained until D-Day when he went to France. He had been with the I'3l4toi Eng. Regt. up until the time of ; his being taken a prisoner. ' '.'•••' Prior to his enlisting, Captain Smith had been <a construction engineer and with his "wife were living at Baton Rouge, La. During his ' army life in the states his wife was with him. She returned to Algona when he went overseas and has remained here ever since. Mrs. Smith is stenographer for the Chamber of Commerce secretary, Clarence A. Phillips, and has an apartment at the home at her mother, Mrs. S. J. Backus. Her father, .the : late Sid J. Backus, was co-owner for twenty years; with J, W. Haggard of the Algona Upper Des Moines and was also postmaster of the local postoffjce. Joe Anderson Sells Home to Schreiber Joe Anderson has sold his house and acre of land just south of the fairgrounds to Walter Schrleber, who is employed at the Kent jMo-. tor Co. Possession is to be given May 1. Lieut H, R. French, Titonka, Awarded Bronze Star JAYCEES SPONSOR ALGONA VICTORY GARDEN PROJECT' West End of Athletic Field In East Algona Prepared For Planting; Garden Spaces May Be Rented. A committee, headed by Eugene Hutchins, of the Junior Chamber of Commerce will again sponsor a victory .garden project located In the west end of the athletic practice Held on. Kennedy St.,- It will be remembered that a' like victory garden project was sponsored there by the Jaycees in the summer of 1943. At that time some fifty garden plots wtre rented by citizens who had no garden space of their own. and the project was a success In every way. Last spring, 1944, the same space was prepared for a like venture but a wet season and .much rain made planting and seeding impossible. _ „ \ s _,> Small Rental Pe« if^t.- The Jaycees committee h'&fchad the garden plowed and the jjjots have-been laid out and i 'will, w be In readiness for gardening within the next,; week or ten days. As in the '43 project the plots' Will be about 30x40 feet and about-30 such spaces'will be available to gardeners A small rental fee will toe asked, only enough to coyer actual plowing _„and ex- :pense""of "preparing"' the" ground. t Algona Citizens who plan t 6n gar^ •a...yftfc.'.' .. CPL FREDE. KENT -,'•'•'/..-. . ,- .$ •'•- - ;'- » WEST FRONT GROUP 6th Army Group, Germany— Among .the best; "Mr Fixits" in the Western.Front'iare thejssol- diers of the .eorst^Ofdnahce Base Armament ''Maintenance. Battalion, commanded by Major H. R. Hopkins drMoriland, Oregon. The Battalion :is",-made up of ..four companies. .Originally the 1st battalion of the 301st ordnance regiment—the ..'..'first, such 'regiment in the history of the artny —r-the battalion came overseas shortly after the North African landings and:set up its shops in Oran, Algeria. There it remained for 21 months,: assembling new equipment . for the Tunisian campaign, servicing and rebuilding war-worn weapons. ' Early last fall the battalion came into France, whe_re it has been busy keeping equipment of the U. S. Seventh Army and other units of General Jacob 'L. Devers' 6th Army Group in best possible fighting condition; In the "Mr. Fixit" battalion there are 107 Iowa boys, from 61 Iowa towns and communities. !One of these boys is Fred E. Kent Jr,-, Algona, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent. It will be noted that this AJgpna soldier has been overseas three years. Lions Club Holds Spelling Bee Meet The Ljons Club had an interesting meeting Tuesday when Dr. W, D, Andrews, program chairman for the day, officiated at an old time "spelling bee," ,Tw° sides were chosen and the "Yfest- aiders" wpn the spelling meet, Another .thing which brought . fqrth hearty .laughs at the ing was the presentation of a OP?T en nestles to the President Herb accompanied the box «f President Hedlund 'had the fortune of )w£fe*Jta »eektte"ejrt ofj by the ««v&i ? feter r charter night banquet lai TRef&Q* tt»e ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS TO CUBS AT TUESDAY MEET Seven Cubs of Algottfl Pack No. 29 Win Recognition at Session; Certificates to Den Mothers. At the regular monthly meeting of Algona Pack No. 29 Tuesday night, held in the Bryant school building, seven cubs were given achievement awards for meritorious work and activities in cubbing. Robert Lampright was awarded a gold and silver arrow and wolf badge; Eugene Nelson and George jPaine, bear badges; Jerry Smlth, : Bill Lampright, Andy Fenney and Lfirry Fraser, bear badges and ; gold and silver arrows. Den chiefs Bob Brown, Ronald Peterson and Billy Clawson were- presented den chief warrants by Joe Bloom of the pack committee. Pack Active Members of Algona Pack No. 29 have been very active through the winter months. Transportation was the pack's subject for the month of April and a fine display of airplanes and transportation facilities was made at the Tuesday meeting. During May the Cubs will delve into the elements o"f gardening. At the regular meeting, : the,.last Tuesday of each month, display and exhibition of bub activities are made. ,A-|ta it is from these subjects and'.^r* tides that awards are made on the basis of merit and aptitude. Members of the pack up to 10 years are wolf cubs, up to 11 years bear cubs and up to 12 years lion cubs, It is fallowing these" cub activities that the boys -enter scouthpod, _,, ...... i i^, H.ftiMLli ---- Cerlfficates to Mothers ....... " At the Tuesday night meeting certificates of appreciation were also -awarded the four den mothers, Mrs. Harold Lampright, Mrs. D. H. Norton, Mrs. Vaughan Rising -and Mrs. Kenneth Samp. Group singing for the meeting was led by Mrs. Rising. It is planned to hold the May meeting at Call state park, including a picnic supper. BY HI SENIORS AlgOn'a High senior class tecfi- nioians with their director, Kathryn Mills,: have been constructing new, scenery for the , class play, "Lost Horizon", which will be presented May 1" at 8 o'clock in the -high school auditorium. The play, is- adapted from James Hilton's hovel and has been played successfully , by both professional and amateur 'groups. : Those taking part in the play are .Roger Burgess as Conway: Ted Herbst, Mallinson; Kenneth Brown, Barnard; Rose Marie.Hut- ton, Miss Brihklow; Ardis Kresensky, Helen Briac; Doris McGuire, Juliana Cotton, and Norma Voyles are to be Chinese girls; Tom Beardsley portrays the ancient High Lama, ' while Jim Daily plays the role of Chang, Joyce O'Brien, Joyce Sterling, Bruce Shore and Don BroWn appear in the prologue and epilogue. Marjorie Mitchell is student director; Bob Wright stage manager, and Don Brown has constructed the scene design. Lights: Jim Burns, John Haag and Don Asa. Publicity: Tommy Lynch and Marjorie Eason. More Coal For the Bin During the Past Week Harry Nolte, weatherman, turned in a report for the week which indicated that more coal, in mahy homes, was needed for the bin. While the high was 73 last Friday there were several low, registers in the 30 column. Along with the cooler days w£ also had 1.49 inches of rain during the week. It seems that spring has just tjeen held up for a. week. The record; High Thursday, April 19.:—68 Friday, April 20_ 73 6? Low 30 30 30 SwdoyTAiia* &-'»g7 <$ Monday, April 23-,-,-61 42 .Tuesday, April 24--=--£ * si Wednesday,, April 2S--54 33, fhe goil temperature for the , we* Rveraged 47.3, almost nine degrees lower it w«s than last week Lt. Kenneth Furst In Army Hospital On Western Front A letter to Torn Dailey received Wednesday from Herbert Furst, Lone Beach, Cat., announces that Second Lt. Kenneth Furst, son of the latter, is in ' an army hospital somewhere in France suffering from frozen feet. It will be remembered that Lt. Furst was reported missing as of January 28th while on a mission over Germany. Evidently he was taken prisoner because the letter states that he was liberated recently by the allied forces. The letter to Herbert Furst was written by the lieutenant and stated that otherwise he was feeling fine. JOS. J. KOBRIGER VICTIM OF HEART ATTACK THURSDAY Dies at Home of Daughter, Mrs/ Theo. Hennings of Algona; Survived by Six Children. Death came to Joseph J. Kobriger Thursday, April 19, when he suffered a heart attack at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Theo. Hennings, in this city. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery at Ossian, Iowa, Saturday morning following services in the Ossian Catholic church in charge of Rev. Father Tnilgen. , Born In Ossian Joseph? 1 J/CKobriger was born in Ossian JuIjF.^5. 1877.^. On Noyem T ber" 26,~r805," he " was~ married"to Minnie M. McMullen and to this union were born four daughters and two sons, all of whom survive. They are 'Mrs. Peter Hen-' ntogs, Algona; Herman Kobriger, Davgttport; Mrs. Herman Kruck- ehberg, Algona; Mrs. Wayne Drone, Burt; Pfc. Joseph E. Kobriger, with the armed forces in New Guinea, and Mrs. Theo Hennings, Algona., _ The wlje, • 'a53 mother preceded him fai* death on February 25, 1929. Th^rfe] |are, .nine-grandchildren survivors. .All of the children were able to attend the funeral except '"fc. Kobriger. Sgt. Theo. Hennings, son- in-law, who has been in .the service four' and a half years and who is stationed in a camp hospital at Longview, Texas, was also present. RIVERDALEBOY IS WOUNDED ON FRONT Mr. and Mrs. Peter Muller, of Riven-dale township, were notified by the government Friday that their son, Pvt. Lloyd Muller, had been wounded in action oil the western front April 8th. The shell tore the clothing off his chest and lodged in his left arm. He is now in a Paris hospital and a letter written by him and received April 24th said that he was getting along nicely. Pvt. Muller has be*n in the service three years April 1, the first two years in Alaska and then he was sent overseas and took part in D-Day action in Normandy. The Mullers have another son, George, employed here in the Norton & Son lumber yard until he joined the service in May of 1943. He is at present in a west- em camp and expects eo be assigned to Pacific area duty, SECURITY STATE BANK NINTH BIRTHDAY The Security State Bank of Algona observed its ninth birthday as of April 20, 1()45, and issued a statement of condition which indicates nine successful years as well as a splendid growth. The footings total $3,S27,?16..76. The Security State was prganized by C, 9. Murtagh and associates and. ppened for business on April 20, 1936. At present Mr. iMiwtagh is president, J, W. Haggard anq Frank JCphJhaas vice presidents, i!. A- Scfeemel, cashier and G. 0, Shumway, M. Q. Bourne, H,. M, H»ufeerg7 A? I* BM»t, T, a. HuteW 4son, J?, }. Jfsygh afld D, p. Hutch ison, directors. ' ' Sunday, April 8, saw 48 Kossuth boys leave Algona via tw6' * 3 special ibuses for Fort Snelling for pre-induction examination^ iritdS Various branches of the armed forces. Then on Monday forentSdilhil there were twelve "one-way" inductees left for Fort Snelling, measr*t'J;l ing that they were called to the service having previously passed ?'• examinations. On Tuesday there were eight "one-iway" inductees" left by bus for Fort Snelling. Wednesday saw one inductee leaving,' - s though there were two registrants called for the day. Then on ThuW-i 7 day there were nine "ohe-way" passengers from the local board to* f Fort Snelling .This means that a total of 31 Rossuth ,men are oh their way for training in the armed forces, all called within 1 tBS.. *eek, and 48 were given their first physicals, a grand tdtal of 7ft, calls through -the local board within six days. On Sunday, April 22, there were embussed for Fort Spelling* X 47 Kossuth men who took their first physical. This means .that , •a total of 146 men have been called during the month of April.' Twelve Of farmer boys left for Fort SnellMg Mon-; ton;JHarley Edwin Boeckholt, (Herman :Boeckh61t^ltonka.^:-;;-%i|| n***' * ft _ _ »^I~J -1 — ..'.. •« -.^- _i J •t^^_V'"*r*^.tr*ir""" /Vy^:^!-; ••>' ft J'^l'i'^ <'!'[•'" *'*'_." ^.''"'--xi: MtV Second row: Ronald Ray Sabiri, (Harry : SaJjiri)::^Algeria;| George Lawrence Peril, (Adolph Pertl) . Whittemore; Homer'Olson, (Led Olson) Lakota. , , "5 Third row: Arlin 'John Kohlwes, (John" Kbhlwes) Hoy;:All«n Rohlin, (George Rohlin): Swea City; Wilbert<; Ruhnke, (Otto Ruhnke) Whittemore;., . ,. ",:; :'; ; il ; Kg^| "§«,'•• FoUrth'Tow: Vincent Fra'ncis Esser,,Ledyard; Cilftbn r 11 " 0 " 11 ^* 1 Haugej' Elmore; Henry George Porimier, 'Wesley;' Myrle"'" Cushman, (E. H. Cushman) Bancroft.":' ' : ., v> : : Wednesday saw but "selectee emtous Tor Fort Snell—". ing, Arnold Anton KollasdV son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Kol-j, la'sch, Whittemore. There wasi another registrant for that* day, Robert Ralph Burwash,, formerly of Fenton, but nowf of Feoria, 111. His parents are- M?. and Mrs. Milo E. Burwash*', who this whiter moved fronr' r Fenton to Illinois. ^ ( /Ralph reported at Forty 1 Snelling through'the Peoria iboard the same day. ^ AJjjona £oyf Meet «ir** *dff£-"»»' * ft**'* V * * J Wert Pacific Island iV*A ^F3r* n »'« !rf ' *f<^?*"™,* «n?P;*W^™~ la?, and BfwJL i T"-"j-rr ' . to ftp Ps«f« be, Ustofet

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