The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1945 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1945
Page 4
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SWECT PLANTING TILL MIDDLE OF MAY Gardem* Who Waits Uitti Mid-May td Set Out To fttato Plants and Most Beans Is Smart. That pre-snow March warm Weather cast its spell of temptation over some Iowa gardeners Who -couldn't resist slipping seed of Sweet corn and other warm- loving vegetables into the ground. Even some experienced gardeners succumbed to the weather's charms and planted sweet corn the first of April. Mid-May Gardening: The gardener who's waiting for early May to plant his sweet corn knows the ground won't be sufficiently warm until then. So his watch word is to be patient un- HI May M spite of balfh? weather. Mot much gained by setting out tomato, plants before nUd*May. Ana hot much is gained toy plant* ing most beans until that time or later. Some Gardens Too Wet Although plenty of gardens hav been planted, there are still lot of low, poorly-drained garden that have been too wet to work So there are plento of crops to be planted now without worrying about the warm season crops Peas and potatoes should go in before any others. Every effor should be made to get these in at the earliest possible moment Then follow with carrots, beets kohlrabi, lettuce, radishes, onions parsnips, salsify and chard. It's advisable to stagger lettuce and radish plantings to have enough of these crops -for table use over a long period of time. That plant- ng system helps avoid surpluses and waste which result from hav- ng too much ready at ohce. Watch Plant Distance This week the first plants should 3e snuggled into the garden bed. >bbage plants are the most im- Thurs., Fri., Sat., April 19-20-21 MEET BELLE Herself., ItofttMt of those tftat fftay to SB* but right now. fifoecbll is beeoffi- Iflg more and ffl6re popular, A few gardeners try cauliflower, Mussels sprouts and head lettuce. Select only the strongest plants for transplanting. Many gardeners are tempted to set plants In the garden closer than the rec- distances. It doesn't ommended pay. Everything You Want is in "Belle of the Yukon" Hear Dinah Shore Song Hits! Extra! Added! Thursday, Friday Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Death Entire News Reel Devoted to the Subject. for the Family Saturday Fat Salvage Quota ^ Increased Over 100 Million Pound* 1945 The situation with respect to U. S. supplies of fats and oils, especially inedible fats for industrial purposes, is extremely serious and is causing great concern to the government and to the thousands of manufacturers whose processes require industrial fats. The only prospect of reasonably mmediate relief is a tremendous ncrease in the salvaging of used household fats and through the recovery of killing fats and dead stock. At a meeting in Washington on January 26 the various interested government agencies agreed on a quota for .1945 of 322 million Ibs of fat salvage. This is 100 million pounds more than was recovered in 1944 and represents a truly frigtening task. A major portion of this tremendous increase must come from the smaller cities and towns and from the farms of America. This is a very large potential volume in the smaller communities and on the farms. There is evidence that almost everyone in the United States knows all about the Government's Fat Salvage Campaign but that many homemakers in smaller cities and in rural areas have felt that they weren't expected to participate. Nothing could be farther from the truth. So the housewife of Kossuth, rural and town, is asked to extend every effort toward saving every pound of waste fat toward this war effort the coming year. She gets paid for this fat, not much, 'tis true, but along with this she also gets two reel stamps for every pound she turns in. r ^"^ '^IpifW^ pg|. OCl'E The Plum Creek 4^tt club met at Joan Bleich's home Saturday April 7. Roll call was answered by all of the members. It ^as ' have chosen for *my color scheme." The minutes of the ,~ c - vious meeting were read and approved, and the treasurer's report was given. Jane Keith, vice president, presented each member With 50c worth of war stamps for her stamp book. The money was taken from the club fund. Jane Keith was chosen candidate for county office. Home furnishing talks were given by Phyllis Kain and Marion Zeigler. Other talks were "How to cafo for your teeth" by Donna Card* ner; "Patriotism" by Maxine Shipler, "Dresser Scarfs" by Harriett Grubb, .and "Slip Covers" by Joan Bleich. Picture studies were given by Jane Keith, Marion Zeigler and Joan Bleich. The program was made for the farm bureau. The Elite club has the next Plum Creek farm bureau meeting. The meeting was adjourned and lunch was served by the hostess. Visitors were Mrs. Fern Drone and daughter Connie and Mrs. C. S. Shipler and daughter Shirley. Ilene Stockwell' Weds— A reception fdr' friends ahd-rel* stives of the bride and gfooni Was held at the D6n Cay home 1 fol* lowing the wedding, The couple Will be at home in Fort Dodge, tUverdale Ladles Prlfendfy Club Meeting— The Riverdale Ladies Friendly club held their first meeting of the new club y-.-ar at theihottte of Mrs. Julius CapeSius April li. Mrs. Catherine Metzer and Agatha Thilges were assisting hostesses. Mrs. Capeslus, new president, presided at the meeting, other new club officers are vice presl- dens, Mrs. Catherine Metzer; sec'y-treas., Agatha' Thilges. Mrs Jewel Patterson is mother of the club,and Mrs. Bay Fitch is music chajrman. Three hew members, Mrs. Arvid Christ, Rosina Thilges LuVerne Young Lady Joins U. S. Marines LuVerne: Miss Doris Dehnert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dehlert, who enlisted in the marines on March 23 left Saturday evening for Chicago from where she vill go by troop train to Camp je Jeune near New River, N. C. Doris is a 1942 graduate of the ^uVerne high school and has -been mployed as a stenographer since ler graduation from a 'business ollege in Mason City. She has Ilene Stockwell, daughter „ of Mr. and Mrs. Gale Stockwell of Algona became the bride of Wm. Tillman of Fort Dodge in a single ring ceremony performed April 14 in Fort Dodge. Attending the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Don Cay of Fort Dodge. The bride wore a gold street length dress with brown accessories and a corsage of white gardenias. The bridesmaid's dress was orchid and with it she wore brown accessories and a corsage of carnations. The bride is a graduate of the Algona high school and for a time was employed at the telephone office at the P. W. camp here. More recently she has been employed in the telephone officp at Fort Dodge. The groom is a graduate of the Kansas City, Kansas, high school and is now employed as a bookkeeper at Tobin's packing plant in Fort Dodge. brother Arlo in the navy. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, April 22-23-24 Sgt. Lyle Anderson Returns to West Coast S-Sgt. Lyle (Bud) Anderson left Monday after a 30 day furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson. He will report at Seattle and then he expects to be sent back to Guam. S-Sgt. Anderson has been in service since October, 1942, being Overseas in the Pacific theatre for 23 months. Bud, a graduate of the class of '39 of the Algona high school, is with the army air forces' ground crew. While in the Pacific had been a flight chief and a crew chief. This is his first furlough since his entry into service. Prior to entering he had worked with His father at the Her Girlish Heart Was Torn Between Youth's Eager Pleading and the Impetuous Demands of Maturity... Chrome cafe which was owned by them at that time. While here" he and his mother and Mrs. E,- M. Toothman and Betty Bates visited one day last week at the home of H. R. Chantland at Bode. Mrs. Chantland- is a daughter of Mrs. Toothman, and the latter and Mrs. Anderson are sisters. and Mrs. Nicholas Weydert, were Welcomed Into the club. The new year books, were distributed. Roll call was answered by naming and describing a spring flower. The next meeting will be May 2 at Mrs. Catherine Metzer's home. Kossuth Rural Youth Meet-" The regular meeting of the Kossuth Rural Youth was held Wednesday, April 11, at the Community Room, Plum Creek. The responsibilities of the United States in a post-war world were discussed. The fore part of the evening was spent in contests and games. After the business meet* ing and discussion the remainder of the evening was spent in contests and games. After the business meeting and discussion the remainder of the evening was spent'in singing popular songs and sqti&re danoing. Twenty-two members and guests were present. Donald Steven Honored— Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Steven of Burt had a family dinner Sunday in honor of their son Donald, who is leaving for the navy soon. Guests were Tom Steven of Algona; Jeanette Clevenger of New Jersey City; Mrs. Charles Aman and daughter Lula of Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Luverne Leininger of Bode; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shipler of Whittemore; Mr. and Mr.s. Walter Steven, Mrs. Fern Hines, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steven, Mrs. Emaily Shackleford, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pilcher and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hanson, all of Algona. Dinner for Basketball Team— Last' Sunday evening at 6:30 the mothers of St. Cecelia's Academy basketball team gave a dinner for the boys at the academy. 'Other guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hedlund, Father Mallinger, Father Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thaves, Bob Loss,' and the four cheer leaders, Vera Mae Seman, Barbara Eisenbarth, Mary Helen Fox, and Beverly -'Stebritz. mr. ana'Mrl/WlffiL L pH9 Rocfc afid Elaitte «amsrocn of Alfona-visited Sunday with' im vtomen'ji fnbther, .-Mite,/ Matte Ebert,, «Anh& Bfiufnfimt' wis alstS a dinner gUest. wns.awo Mr. and to. ftoiaMd smt'th. jr. drove far Algona last week Wednesday » meet Round's slater, Mrs. Paul Kollaseh, who has been visiting friends in Moulton, Jowa, tot the past month. Sunday dinner guests at' the Glaus Daniels at Burt were Mr. and Mts. Jerry Heetland and fam* ily and Patty Mittdg of Lakota. Afternoon callers were John Bershman. home on leave from Great Lakes, and Blllie Smldt, Mrs. G-eorge Moore and two children went'to Aigona last Tuesday where they took a train for Aurora, 111., for a visit with her husband's parents. Mrs. Moore makes her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Heetland, while her husband is in service. MB4M flrH Xtlv ' wElBftf ^MfV,' WIIUBIUUI weldtt? ift the 1 sfcRpbi Maw Am the •etaef tfautffifervv is. taking nurses' tfalnfng In Ofefdri/ Vet* uui oca iii cuiiuis Ji* v/J. «av* naifd Is in tr ttewhaht «««"«• sdhodl in California-aftd kavbnno Is a Jtifilof In high ashddl at ' -'"' an, •31 friends r DBSs^MOineB. »te visited; thfiif f&* v tiKrtvilt iSfi urirs* oaran jrGUbu. lay and aWd called that Mrs. Eleanor Moe Berry's husband has been reported among the missing overseas. John Moe is in France. Mr. Moe was in a train accident this winter and had his nose broken and face badly cut and was unable to work for .two months. The Moes are for-1 5 ner _ L 5 kota residents now living in Estherville. , • ', WHO newscaster and war correspondent, just returned from Europe Will Sneak ! Friday Night, April 20 8:30 P.M. Algona High School Auditorium Open to the General Public. ,; Admission 50c (ta* inc;) Sponsored by Algona LionYClub Yellow Onion Sets,lb.25c RINSO 2 ' large pkgs. SAN1 FLUSH Large Can IDC IRISH COBBLER Potatoes, 100 lb. bag « Star of SINCE YOU WENT AWAY' ,.gia<FORD • WILLIAM eVTHE. ANN -REVERE GLADYS COOPES • L€€ J. COBS 'Time at POPULflR ^ PRICES THE SOI1G OF BERDRDETTF If You Are Flesh and Blood, If You Have a Heart and Soul, You Cannot Help but be Profoundly Stirred by Bernadette's Story. Mrs. Dolliver Peters and baby, Karen Gail, came from Charles City Sunday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Peters. James Holding, Milwaukee, a former Burt boy, is in the navy and is stationed at Great Lakes Jimmie will be 18 in July. Maurice Coffin of Milwaukee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Coffin, who was recently inducted into the service, is stationed at Fort Riley,. Kans. Pfc. Kenneth Hutzel phoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hutzel, Sunday evening that he had arrived in the states. He will be in a hospital for a few weeks before coming home. Pfc. Hutzel was wounded twice. The local unit of the U. S. W. will have their business meeting Thursday evening, April 26, at the school house. The new officers will be installed. The sewing meeting will be this Friday afternoon also at the school. Pfc| Roland Chaffee, who has been in the Pacific the past 23 months, has been returned to the states for hospitalization. He called his parents, Mr. and Mrs Wilfred Chaffee, Monday evening. Pfc. Chaffee has been in the service 27 months. Paul Bolie, student at Coe college, and his sister, Donna Ruth Bolie, student at Cedar Falls, spent the week-end with thsir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bolie. Pfc. Weldon Bolie, who has been stationed at Camp Robinson, Ark., is expected home on furlough. He entered the service Dec. 6, 1944. Mr. and Mrs. John Koestler entertained friends and relatives Sunday in honor of Mrs. Koestler's son, Virgil Carlsen, S-lc, who is home on leave. Also a farewell for Eldon Carlsen who will leave for California this week, and for the birthday of Mrs. P. W. Hansen of Algona. Some 45 were present: P. W. Hansens, Mart.'n Zimmermans and Arnold Danielsons of Algona; Jack Weiland* of Britt; Chester Eitch and Wilma True of Sexton; Curtis Hinken of Titonka; Avery Fitches, Victor Fitches, Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Hicks and spn Artie of Portland; Aiidy Sankey, Vernell Hardgroyes, Maxine Leeck and Mrs. Inez Weiner and Cadet Nurse Elna Lorene Carlsen of Pes Moines, who spent the week-end at the JJoestler home. Birthday, Party Given— Moriffay evening a group of a .or ItKJwends gave : a surprise pari ty'forr,;Mrs. Alwin Huenholri in honor of her birthday. Guests brought lunch and a gift for the honoree. The evening was spent playing bridge. Entertains Club-^Mrs. Herman Schumacher entertained the members of her sewing club Thursday evening. Those present were Dorothy and Ruth Gisch, Betty Wilden, Eileen Thul, Mrs. Francis Platt, Faye Lashbropk and Mrs. Gordon Johnson. AiUight luncheon was served. Engagement Announced— Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Semon announce ;the engagement of their daughter Marie to Capt. R W Welp of Bancroft. Capt. )We).p is stationed 'with the air corps at Yuma, Arizona. Marie ds a beauty operator at the Star • Beauty Shop. Naomi Circle April 27— The Naomi Circle will be postponed from April 20 to April 27 to meet at the home of Mrs. G C. Barton. Assisting hostesses are Mesdames Sarah Douglas Pearl Moore, and Dorothea Knudsen. Idle Hour Club— . The Idle Hour club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. J. McCall. A desseri luncheon was served and bridge was played. Junior-Senior Banquet— The Rodman junior and senior banquet was held Wednesday evening at Mrs. W. K. Ferguson's home, Knitting Club—"~ The Knitting club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ernest Godfredson. PINEAPPLE-APRICOT JAM APPLE-RASPBERRY JELLY PEAS, NO. 2 CAN STANDARD CARNATION MILK BETTY CROCKER'SODP MIX GRAPE JUICE HILEX ,„. Jar 29e . Z lb. Jar OvC .Each IZC V Tall Cans Z/C 91A ....Pint Bottle Alv 10A Quart Botjle^ lOU -" ^?i% tt -="^ J 23c . Large Pkg WAX PAPER 19c 125 ft. Roll EZKREEMSHORTENING 3 ibs 69c GAS FURNACES B|rs. Alvta C9rr, of , lows, was $ visitor here oyer tb,e weekrend with her sister Mr§. An T drew Nelson, \yb-P is a p&tie»Jt jn the Kossuth hospital. "., : A limited number of Green Colonial Gag Fired Furnaces will be available in 1945. In some towna, restriction* have re.: . moved on gas heating, «•.« YOW order •wlyj the demand in already btavy. Stokon and Oil Furn«c«» Green Colonial domestic CoaJ Stokera may be available later thfc yev. InBlallaHon restrictions «re entirely off, While oil furnaces c«nno( be made yet, place ypiw prder early, & Muckey * N. Podgs Algona. GREEncoioniRi FURflflCE SERVICE CALIFORNIA ORANGES, ALL SIZES , lb . J2c TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 4 »25c CALIFORNIA CARROTS ^l2L_i Bunches [Jc NEW POTATOES' .!:.;._ 3 lbs . 2 5c CANADIAN GREEN MOUNTAIN POTATOES 10 lb , 59c LARGE HEAD LETTUCE , .. Each 12c Pork Roast, Loin End, lb. ... 29c PURE GROUND BEEF . ; ...... lb 25c PORK CHOPS, CENTER CUTS .... ~ Ib 34 C CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE , 17 C <-.•—••" , ,...,..„,.„ ID, 11 V DIN/ 11 f I17CD ; '- AI* lumi LI V CIV ,. yl|A • ;•—v— H»- *lft' MINCED HAM PICKLED PIGS FEET MEE Cheese Spread, 2 lb. box . 69c \ V j

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