The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1945
Page 2
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MANY ATTEND FINAL RITES FOR H. I RIMERS, FENTON, SATURDAY Fenton: The following relatives and friends were here for the funeral of Henry Reimers Saturday: Sgt. W. A. Reimers of Port Ord, Calif.; Mrs. W. A. Reimers of De Moines; Roy Reimers of low City; Mrs. Dora Bouer of Minn» apolis; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rei mers of Dundee, 111.; Mr. an Mrs. Archie Voight of Whitte more; Mr. and Mrs. Chas Schemmel of Swea City; Mr. an Mrs. Clarence Yager of De Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boet tcher of Burt; Mrs. Kate Wege ner, Mrs. Laura Woito, Mrs. Don Laabs and Mrs. Loren Brown, a! of Algona; Ava Simpson of Es therville; Glen Thompson o Armstrong; B. H. Sterling of Buffalo Center; Mr. and Mrs. Howard French of Titonka; Chas. LaBarre, E. J. Van Ness and Ar Cogley of Algona; Mr. and Mrs Jim Sheridan and Mr. and Mrs Ben Sudmeier of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Whittemore. anc Ed Greinert oi Mrs. Anna Meyers returned from Oklahoma where she has been visiting her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Torgerson and sons of Bode visited at the home of Mrs. August Zumach Sunday. PATRIOTIC PEOPLE of Iowa We Appeal to You Our Armed Forces Need Ammunition Now The Cornhusker Ordnance Plant Grand Island, Nebr. Needs Men and Women at Once! Be an Ordnance Worker 1. Transportation Paid -2. Dormitory and Cafeteria Facilities on Plant Area 3. Family Housing Available Apply at United States Employment Service IVa East State Street Algona, Iowa All Hiring Must Conform to WMC Regulations 16-17 Ray Reimers arrived here Wednesday from Iowa City to attend his father's funeral. He returned home Sunday. Mrs. Karl Schwartz returned to her home at Rockwell City after an extended stay at the J. A. Schwattz home. Dolores Dewall, student of Mankato commercial college, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dewall, over the week-end. Pvt. Donald Berkland left for Fort Ord, Calif., Thursday morning after spending a furlough with his wife and relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Berkland arc the parents of a son born April 13. They now have a family of three sons and one daughter. Florence Weisbrod, Edith Laage, Betty Jean Schwartz and Shirley Frank, all from Des Moines, were iveek-end visitors at their respec- ;ive homes. Algotta, Iowa, April IS Soc.-Vac Oil Co., m Bbsrd tsf Hevlew,- IIU.MI rf, 190.00) E. Skllllng, riding 6i this fWlf ed UHtTi the evening ?:300'elo6kP,'M. r Re* Wolfe moved the hold goods of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Anderson to .Carpenter Saturday. Mr. Anderson and children went to Carpenter while Mrs. Anderson will continue her teaching here until the close of the term. Mr. and Mrs. Einer Fauerby entertained In honot of their daughter Ruth's confirmation Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dreyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Gramenz, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Teitz, Axel Peterson and Phyllis Fauerby of Algona. The American Legion Auxiliary met with Mrs. Henry Tieman Fri- Norton repairs ... i ... iw , W. P. Allen Mfg. .. Cd.» 3. P. Marsh Corp., mdse. Hughes Bfos.j mdse, __ Northern Elec. Sup., mdse. >__j._ _ Iowa, Electric Sup. Co., 16.48 2,33 133.35 463.90 Mrs. Allan Bollinger and daughter Kathleen and Mrs. Lena Hengel drove to Fort Dodge Saturday. From there Mrs. Hengel vent to Des Moines to visit her daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber entertained Mr. and Mrs. Frank Veisbrod and Robert of Cylinder, VIr. and Mrs. Wm. Stoeber and VTrs. Tena Newel at a 6 o'clock dinner Sunday evening. A class of two girls and three oys were confirmed at the Lutheran church Sunday morning. They were Mary Bierstedt, Ruth Fauerby, Francis Culbertson, Harlan Eimers and Jimmy Jentz. Mrs. Art Krause, Mrs. Glen Cage and Herby Kay Krause left for California Sunday morning. They took Herby Kay there lo live with his parents, S-lc and Mrs, Herbert Krause who for the present are located there. INSULATE NOW! FOR A Eagle-Pitcher Water-Proof Blown Home Insulation Installed Estimate Call 275 8 years experience Thousands of satisfied users Cowan Building Supply Co. day afternoon. Roll call was answered by "A new vegetable I intend to grow this summer." The musical part of the program was in charge of Mrs. John Tieman. Lunch was served at the close of the meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Culbertson entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of their son Francis. He was confirmed in the Lutheran church Sunday.' Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and fam- ilyof Lotts Creek, Jerry Oleson, Jackie Looft, James Speth and Le Ann and Wanda Oleson. A birthday party was given in honor of Mrs. Lester Theesfleld a) her home Saturday. Hostesses were Mrs. Clarence Theesfleld, Mrs. Alvin Zumach and Mrs. Lloyd Sunday. Three tables of bridge were at play. Guests included were friends and the members of the U-Deal-M bridge club. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jentz entertained in honor of their son Jimmy Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jentz and Mrs. Howard Anderson and son Johnny of Fairmont; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause, Howard and Eunice of Lone Rock; Mr. and Mis. Geo. Jentz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jentz and family, Bertha Kressin, Evelyn and VedoJia Klott and Valeria Priebe of Algona. H. W. Post, frgt Dutch's Service, gas +**. COUNCIL MINUTES mdse 196.01 Terry-Purin, mdse. __^_ 343.70 Line Material Co., mdse. 77.22 Mall. Iron Range Co., mdse^ -_-__;..._,._<._.,.._ 266.08 8.13 45.60 4.80 '6.B8 8.25 17.57 1.31 27.75 1.02 19.77 18.00 90.60 54.97 60.50 11.43 30.00 25.00 68.00 27.50 47.42 7.42 62.57 12.75 3.76 7.28 7.05 6.62 .89 2.03 1.00 ,75 ji-rombach, $126.00j C, e $125.00; G. McGinn4, $1?0.00: T O'Brien, 1170,00} A', 'weish'aar $180.00; Minnie Jones, $40.00; J Medin, $55.00. The Council adjourned and met as a Board of Health, with Health Offibef R. M. Wallace present. Havlrtg no special recommendations t the meeting The Board of Hevlew fflei The Assessor read ffoltt the Meeting adjouWed rolls tb April 3 1946. 7:36 O'clock P, M.i April 3, 1946. Board of Review met in adjourned session.' The dreading at the rolls was Continued. Meeting adjourned to Apfil 6 at 7:30 P. M Wm. C. Pau Garage, repairs ^-j. _„. Pratt Electric, mdse. ... Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, repairs _. __ Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse... Cowan Bldg. Sup. Co., mdse. __„ _ i..,. Upper Pes Moines, pub. K. D. James, mdse. N. W. Bell Tel. Co., serv. Klamp's Sta., gas WATER FUNP H. Barton, salary F. Ostrum, salary R. Barton, salary Joe Punn, salary C. Pollard, salary Ira Kohl, salary L. Mitchell, salary Iowa State Bank, tax __ Iowa Mach. Sup. Co., mdse. McKesson & Robbins, mdse. Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse. Elec. Dept., mdse. ._ Dutch's Sta., gas D_au Garage, repairs ig the the , . .--, — persons hereinafter jto or lowered, as follows: PESCRIPTION , FROM TO K The following were increased: *«wiw. iu 3,500 H. W. Post, freight . Klamp's Station, gas Addressograph A g c y., mdse. U. S. Stationery Co., mdse. Anna Button, Jabor Ira Kohl, mdsc, .: CONSOLIDATED FUND Algona, Iowa, March 29, 1945- The Council met in regular session, Mayor Kohlhaas presid- present were ing, Councilmen Hawcott, Harris Kutchins, Bo- Let Cowan do the Complete Job ROOFING SIDING EAGLE INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free Estimals! PROTECT You may buy on venient monthly plan if desired. our con- payment Cowan Building Supply ALGONA, IA. hannon and Huenhold. Fox was absent. The minutes were read and approved. Building permits were approved for Wm. Ludwig, F. T. Hux table, Claude White. Ordinances No. 273 and 274 were passed. An Ordinance making appropriations for expenditures of'the City of Algona, for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1945, ending March 31, 1946, was passed as follows: Consolidated Fund (Receipts): From Taxes $20,000; License Fees $3,150; Miscellaneous, $350.00; transfer from Electric Fund, $15,000; anticipated sale of Bonds, $67,000.00. Consolidated Fund (Expenditures): $103,300.00. Electric Fund (Receipts): Electric Current, $90,000; unencumbered balance, $30, 000. Electric Fund (Expenditures): Administration and General Expense, $9,000; Accounting and Collecting, $6,000; Plant Operation and Maintenance, $60,000; Distribution Operation and Maintenance, $7,500; Merchandise and Jobbing, $10,000; Capital Outlay, $10,000; Transfers, $17,000.00. Water Fund (Receipts): Water Rental and Softeners, $18,500; Unencumbered Balance, $20,000. Water Fund Expenditures: Administration, $1,800; Accounting and Collecting, $3,500; Plant Operation and Maintenance, $5,000; Merchandise and Jobbing, $4,000; Capital Outlay, $5,000.00. Sewer Fund (Receipts): Unencumbered Balance, $10,000.00. A. R. Moulds, salary C. McGinnis, salary Tim O'Brien, salary A. Weishaar, salary Iowa State Bank, tax N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service Kossuth Motor, repairs.. Ed's DX Sta., gas J. Lashbrook, salary E. Skilling, salary F. Minnard, salary J. Bahr, salary C. Harvey, salary W. Frombach, salary C. Behse, salary Standard Oil, oil Iowa State Bank, tax.. Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. Pratt Eler'ric, ,mdse. _... Spilles Hdw., mdse. Norton . Mach. Wks., mdse. ._ F. S. Norton & Son mdse. __: C. A. Heard, repairs 80.90 97.45 91.85 84.56 4.60 3.63 16.67 37.86 90.50 91.50 59.00 59.00 59.00 59.00 33.38 35.29 17.30 37.37 20.36 4.59 5.31 12.56 9.00 Kent Motor, repairs —« Ib7.7i3 Mikes'DX Sta.. eas____jl> 10.94 ,.. Sewer Fund (Expenditures); Sal- HDYl IT'S EASY! PAIHTING WALLS AMD WALLPAPER IS SO EASY with new DUPONT SPEED-EASY WALL PAINT # COESONEASY ONE COAT COVERS ~ DRIES IN AN HOUR Now you can paint a room in the morning and bang the j>ie» * tures after lunch. Just apply Speed-Easy with brush or rollerj One coat is usually enough. It hides 10 solidly over wall-' painted surfaces, plaster, brick and masonry* * GALLON MAKES A10UT enough for wall* and ceiling of »r«rtgf When you add water, it's Uko getting,»n extra 14 gallon fretj f HONE BOTSFORP LUMBER CO, JJW f )|j PONT PAINT aries and Wages, $4,000; Material, I $6,000.00. Fire Maintenance Fund (Receipts): From Texas, $3,500; Misc. Office Receipts, $200.00. Fire Maintenance Fund (Expenditures): Transfer to Fire Equipment Fund, $1,500; other, $2,200.00.' Fire Equipment Fund (Receipts): From Taxes, $850.00; Unencumbered Balance, $2,000.00: Transfer From Fire Maintenance $1,500.00. Fire Equipment Func (Expenditures): Equipment, 000.00. Library Fund (Receipts): From Taxes, $4,400; Unencumbered Balance, $1,200.00. Library Fund (Expenditures): Salaries anc Maintenance, $5,600.00. Band Fund (Receipts): From Taxes, $1,400.00. Band Fund (Expenditures): Services, $1,400.00, Band Fund (Expenditures): Services, $1,400.00. Park Fund (Receipts): From Taxes, $1,800.00. Park Fund (Expenditures): Salaries and Material, $1,800.00. Comfort Station Fund (Receipts): From Taxes, $250.00. Comfort Station Fund (Expenditures): Salary and Rent, $250.00. Swimming Pool Fund (Receipts: Unencumbered Balance, $2,500.00; From Admissions, $2,000.00. Swimming Pool Fund (Expenditures): Salaries and Maintenance, $3,000.00. A resolution was passed approving plans and specifications for proposed construction of certain storm sewers in Algona. A second resolution was passed ordering construction and advertising for bids for storm sewer. Appropriating Ordinance No. 641 was passed as follows: APPROPRIATING ORPINANCE NO. 641 ELECTRIC FUNP L. Bellock, salary _. $ F. Pailey, salary ... T. Halpin, salary _ W. Gorman, salary C. Wright, salary ______ Wm. Ludwig, salary — A. Hill, salary _„_____, K. Rutledge, salary Ed Graham, salary .; H. Stephenson, salary __ Chet Webb, salary Joe Punn, salary F. Ostrura, salary C. Pollard, salary Mikes PX Sta., gas...__V Klamp's Sta., gas Dutch's Station, gas : Conoco Oil Co., gas Kossuth Oil, gas Minnie Jones, salary Dr. Sawyer, rent Joe Medin, salary Algona Advance, pub.._ Upper Des Moines, pub. W. W. Sullivan P. M., rent R. S. Blossom, bond F. Kohlhaas, salary H. L. Gilmore, salary.. Dr. R. M. Wallace, salary __ J. D. Lowe, salary W. E. Hawcott, services H. M. Harris, services— E. H. Hutchins, services Dr. L. W. Fox, services. L. S. Bohannon, services A. Huenhold, services _. For services Board: . E. Blindage __ 10.94 2.00 9.81 21.12 -.94 35.00 25.00 55.00 45.98 46.68 .75 50.00 300.00 40.00 50.00 600.00 26.00 32.00 30.00 29.00 31.00 30.00 on the Election 82.20 92.20 86.40 8640 60.50 85.80 62.60 71.50 78.40 86.40 76.40 64.97 23.43 109.60 Ira Kohl, salary' 4&80 A. Carlson, salary T 88>5fl H. PassrooreLMlfiy.-*" MM 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.50 4.50 4.50 4.50 4.50 1.80 2.70 4.50 4,50 4.50 4.50 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 23.25 192.00 4.34 3.05 8.00 20.00 Hazel Lusby Mrs. Sandberg A. Geering L. St. John „_ Leota Geigel .-. Ruth Guderian A. L. Long ... Frank Geigel H. Harris Ben Potter ,___ H. J. Sherman H. Huenhold B. Robinson Alma Nelson Olive Potter Zelba McGuire Mildred Winkel Clara Sankey Eva Towne Vallie Tribon Kossuth County, costs Falkenhainer case 101.85 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUNP Ira Kohl, labor _____' Algona Fire Co., fires.- N. W. Bell Tel. Co., services Frankl. Sta., gas Kossuth Oil Co., gas .... SEWER FUNP C. Pollard, salary __, PEPOSIT FUND Lt. Robert Cumback et al, refunds 25.00 Meeting adjourned to April 2, 1945. APAH CARLSON, • City Clerk. Algona, Iowa, April 2, 1945, I O'clock P. M. The City Council met for the purpose of organizing. Mayor Sohlhaas administered the oath of office to 'the following Councilr men: J. Herbst, JJ. Harris, E. futchins, L. Bohannon, A. Huen- iold. L. W. Fox was absent. The Council appointed .the folowing: Adah Carlson, City Clerk, Laura Mitchell, Peputy "ilerk; C. U. Ppllsrd, Superintendent; .T. P. L,pwe, solicitor. The Mayor appointed the following: J. Lashbrook, Street Cpmniissioner; Pr. R. M. Wallace, Health Officer; C. McGinnis, Tim O'Brien, an<J A- Weishaar Marshalls; |ra Ifobl, Fire Chief. City employees salaries were fixed as fpllpws: F. Paileyi $215.00 per month; •£, Bellock, $190.00; Harry Barton, $190.00; T, Halpin, J190.00; W. Gprman, Julia McEnroe, building located on the W % Lot 4, Blk. 20, O. P. ._.:__!_ „___ $10.000 ^O*' P Uilding located on M -^3 Lot 3, Blk. A. L. Long, buildingTocVtVd" o'niE'l/s'LorCBik" 21, O. P. , , 3500 Amos Angle, building located on SE'A of Lot""si ' Blk. 2, Reserv. No. 1 1 060 Haz lL M '.,Yl ra ' buil dings located on S 2/3 Lot 7, ' Blk. 227, and S 2/3 except 82% ft. of E. 50 ' $10,800 4,000 4,000 1,300 « .«. The following Were deeirealed! j. A1 i c -W"WWJ«H were decreased; »>, , fowa SfiSte Bank ( ;E 1/8 6f Lot 8. filk, 20, OVJW. V- .-> ... A d JU *jw« «i«» A****, fc*m; j •j. w s^mmttwssttwA 6, Blk, 20, 0. P,, except the S 9% 'ft, same __6t e* MfcthildA F, and Terrell M Iftgefsoil S %"ofTb"ts looV **# i Wm. eee, uilding o 8, Blk. 60, 0, p, .- .-.. located on Lott 6 and . , , , ___ *^^..^ . ....„ .^ II. A. Reniker (Chas. Miller oh contact) W 2/3 3,000; 12,600- Lot 2. Blk. 31, and 7 1/3 Lot 3, Blk. 31, Ofig* A a L E la i sr*-t — i* .......... *.****«*«» — 400 i, « An 1 Be ltiF P ther tte*°lye4 That the City Clerk be and she te hereby Instructed to give notiee of raising or adding to or lowering of assessed values according to law. That the Bdarl of Review Will iflifi *" ' 1945 erJn ion fi *"¥ W4 fW 'W 6 c K, ttal i m Al * 6na - l°wa, on 5. at 7:30 o'clock P. M. for finfil, action oh the raising or fl * se .ed values, and that any person aggrieved b th . any person aggrieved by the ac- said .Board of .Review foay s, PP eaf before the said Board, of Review on the I7gl day of April, 1945. at the City Hall In the City of Algona, Iowa, at 7:30 o'clock P. M. and show cause Why said raised, added to or lowered assessed values shall not thus be raised, added o or lowered. , A &E t tl and p ¥*A ed ,^,852 Clty , Courtcil of the City of Algona, , owa, this 6th day of April, 1945, sitting as a Board of Review in and or the City of Algona, Iowa. APAH CARLSON, ' The meeting was adjourned to April 17, 1945, at ,7:30 P^M.** . • ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. I BREAD V Loaves /LwV Krispy CRACKERS 19c 1 Ib. Box Hi Ho CRACKERS 21c Heinz Cream of i TOMATO SOUP 10c Downy flake DONUTS Made Fresh Hourly Come in and see them made. lOc Donuts and a Cup of Coffee No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE JUICE 17 C Delicious Qts. GRAPE JUICE 49fc FIG BARS 2,. 49c Old Fashioned " Ginger Snaps 2 ibs 25c MACARONI 2 ,„, 19C SPAGHETTI 2 , bs .19c £T\ IN QUALITY MEATS PORKENDCHOPS ,„ 25c HAMMOCKS ,„ 22c BACKBONES Ib 4j> COTTAGE CHEESE BEEF LIVER Fruits and Vegetables .Ib. Sunkist Orang Fresh, Extra Fancy .Ib. CONSUMERS COMICS Fresh' ' ,-;'•'"'.."•: -" . . • ; ^ \' "f^'j^ '•'.''•Cucumbers 3 for 29c >»/ New Potatoes, 6 Ibs. Sunkist "The champ says he'll accept, M soon a* you nil it with Whestles." FLOIJtt KITCHEN PRIDE 5 ££ $1.98 CONSUMERS .,_..; $1.89 LEMONS6 fa ,290 Pink. 3 for GRAPEFRUIT 29c Pascal Fresh CAUUFL'R Potatoes 15 Ib peck SWAN SOAP 3 <« 25c BLUE BARREL SOAP 3 <« 29$ SUNBRITE 5c YEASIFOAM Ann and ™^3ETCTF JRSW^B Onions, 3 Ibs.

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