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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 20
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia • Page 20

The Agei
Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
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20 The Age, Friday 14 June 1985 t'H ffttt vs J. sj'ce of Walter Butler's old masterpiece LJi r- two bedrooms, study, kitchen, plus large livingroom flowing into a diningroom which looks out onto a slate-paved terrace and gardens. The flat to be sold is ground floor, and includes spacious bathroom, laundry facilities, a box-room and car parking space. The owner tells us also that in Butler's day, the house was the scene of many gracious parties enjoyed by the social set of Toorak although life changed for the family when the Butlers' only son, Howard, was killed in a plane crash during World Wan I. It was after that that Walter Butler conceived the idea of turning the house into flats and building further flats in the grounds. His work in design of the floor plans and the landscaping of the gardens still is a tribute to a brilliant man of vision. Walter Butler died in 1949 and his wife in 1954 and gradually the family sold off flats to selected buyers. The flat being sold tomorrow finally severs the links, because it is the last one in the ownership of a relative of the family line architect Mr David Alsop. The idea took off, and Butler's flats were always in demand. He did not sell his flats, preferring to rent them to the right folk, among them in later years being Dame Nellie Melba Butler wrote to her in 1924 asking if she would care to become a tenant, and she wrote back from Coombe Cottage, Coldstream saying how delighted she was with his proposition. Soon after that, she did agree to rent a flat and her letter of acceptance was produced for our perusal by the present owner of 7A, who sent us a copy of it and a later note from her to Mr Butler inviting him to dinner and the opera, but also asking him to tell his gardener not to mix red and magnolia flowers in the grounds "quite so Flat 7A41 Tintern Avenue, Toorak is to be auctioned tomorrow at noon by Bennison Mackin-non Real Estate (20 8761) and it virtually is in the condition Butler would have wanted. The gardens still are beautifully preserved and indeed the agents call the flat "an enchanting garden They must be right The accommodation is generous, By JOHN WESTWOOD DAME Nellie Melba is among the past residents of a remarkable development of flats at Toorak, one of which has come onto the market, a rare event in itself. Preview this week looks at 7A41 Tintern Avenue, where Melbourne architect Walter R. Butler at the turn of the century built a fine home for himself and his wife, who was Millicent Howard, of the Howards who established a grazing property east of the city, named Studley Park. Butler named his Toorak bouse Studley, but its character changed to a remarkable degree about 1918 when he had the idea of adding some flats to it He built some on the tennis court, a few more on the main block near the house and also turned the house proper into a series of maisonettes. This man however was no speculator. He was not in search of a fast buck, it seems; his aim was more in line with creating a garden setting where "respectable" people (vetted by Butler himself) could live in peace and tranquillity. The E-type Jaguar one of these superbly powerful cars has been acquired by Whitehorse Motors. The Jaguar to beat all Jaguars The good thing about the E-types was that they were not particularly fussy cars. Their triple carburettors needed to be properly set up and, being SU carburettors, they went off-tune rapidly. But they would hold about 90-95 per cent of tune without much attention. It is a shame that the "big cat" of sports cars cannot really stretch out on our roads any more. It was streamlined from the side as well as the front a hangover of the work done on the D-type racing Jaguar for Le Mans where the long Hunaudieres straight was famed for cross winds. Having that huge Jaguar engine under the long bonnet meant the E-type would follow its nose faithfully, sometimes understeering more than expected. It had all-independent suspension of a soft but most effective sort The ride was exemplary. The brakes, discs at each corner, were powerful, but a touch soft on the pedal in the yellow car we saw this week. But it was a luxuriously finished car which included far above average performance in its attractions. The car at Whitehorse Motors, a 4.2 litre Series II, should have had a top speed not far short of that 241 kmh. The E-type went through a meta-morphoris as its designers shifted the focus from a Le Mans style road going racing sports car to something of a less terrifying, almost tame cat for American consumption. Florida traffic was so slow that the warmer local air moved through the radiator a little too slowly. So the radiator opening was enlarged in the Mk II model. This also allowed air conditioning, although the yellow car at Whitehorse Motors does not have this. It is refreshingly original in most respects. In any case, air conditioning introduced new problems engine heat rose again. And if you drove the car really fast, the air rushed through the radiator so quickly, they said, that it no longer cooled the car properly. Enthusiasm for E-types is growing around the world. The previous E-type I had been in was driven last year by a Swedish engineer in his clogs of course around the narrow byways at the back of Gothenburg. Driven only in summer months when Gothenburg did not need to salt the roads to melt the snow, the E-type in Sweden had not a trace of rust and it was the immaculate result of months of loving restoration in a heated garage at the back of the house. At the same garage, a special racing AC-Cobra is now taking shape. Driving the yellow car recently showed why E-types retain their appeal. It can still produce enormous acceleration and it really does not matter much which gear it is in it is a little like a V8 in that; there is plenty of power. The condition of the car at Whitehorse Motors was unusually good, good enough to back the log books which said the car had travelled only 41,000 miles showing on its speedometer at the hands of its two owners. The carpets were clean, the leather of the seats neat and supple and the luggage compartment must have seen precious few bags. It was pristine. At least it had a big luggage compartment The open roadster in Sweden simply had a well-trimmed narrow boot slot which would take a fat briefcase and little more unless it was in crushable luggage. The open E-type certainly looked the best of the three models but the two-seater coupe was much better proportioned than the 2 plus 2 model fashioned to suit an imagined need for carrying people in the back. Its seating was always too small for that to be practical for more than sub-teen children. The E-type is proving a worthwhile investment Reasonable examples are bringing more than $30,000. The yellow Series II cost less than $10,000 when new some 17 years ago. Those brought to Australia like the yellow by the agents came with some of the options offered in England such as wire wheels. The yellow car had chromed wire wheels and they seemed to suit the car. Under the bonnet was not quite in the super-pristine concours condition of the Swedish car but it was particularly neat and original. By 'Age' motoring writer CHRIS DE FRAGA THE woman in the Jaguar waved over the yellow E-type Jaguar ahead and offered its driver boiled sweets. It was a classic man bites dog situation and the type was on its way to Whitehorse Motors where it wears a price of $35,000. The two Jaguar drivers had met, but the E-type is one of those cars where this situation sometimes has been described in reverse. That yellow E-type is an unusually good example of the car which Jaguar launched with a proper performance image. The XK120 was launched in the late 1940s with a 120 mph (193 kmh) run down the Jabbeke motorway in Belgium. The first road test of the Jaguar E-type showed a 150 mph (241 kmh) maximum. That was on 3.8 litres of that big, double overhead camshaft, six-cylinder engine. That model had the glass over the headlights, which was later removed mainly for the American market, and a high floor inside. The Butler house in 1918 title changed today. COUNTRY PROPERTIES FARMS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA COUNTRY PROPERTY SALES FINANCE DIVISION MARYBOROUGH (PM) M-IWO SB grazing, SEC, bui'ding permit. magnificent views. Tnis week om. AAAA 20 Acres, good soil, scat- leea irees. very attract properties. Moiiagui district, i 15.200. The advertisements in today's Weekend Preview are pre-printed from tomorrow's Saturday Age. Any reference to "today" refers to Saturday. All advertisements pre-printed today will be repeated tomorrow along with thousands of later advertisements. These ads and thousands more in tomorrow's Saturday Age. tub; bi itsa AAAA. 19 Acres of graze. 1200 dep. BeaiiCa district (054) 61 1190 AAA Aces of seclusion, creek. soil. Duildmg oermit. t.Arnaud. only S50 dep. 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New Space Age COROLLA From DANDENONG RDS. 041 nod TOYOTA DYNA '69. 3 Ton Van. SOOO. ONU. Knone -SU3 453U MERCEDES BENZ MOTOR CYCLES Minis, Trails Scooters BUSH 40 acres, dam. building permit. some witn grazing. Casterton area, only 518,950 on PHONE 5680888 TRUCK WANTED. Acco Tandem ltU'J dep. (U54Jtl I 1 3U $1 Drive Tipper, preferably i tam brakes. Will pay good money for the right truck. Pnone Adelaide (08)46 2391. CITY: 111 BUSH. 20 acres. 6 cleared, creek. I RZ 250K. '83 model. Long reg. V.G.Cond. $1.050. Ph. 2674647. Dunoing permit, nuu dep. ti I I CARISBROOK. acre. SEC. town PHONE 329 9999 lMCIJ3ja water, ouiioing permit. IbUU dep. IU3J pi i laj acres. SEC. towr CLUNES. water htnlrjir (054) 61 1 190 Antiques CLUNES. 20 acres, dam. bore. Arts and Crafts uuuuiiiu uvinii. jcv near. dep. (054)61 1190 ANTIQUE Printing Press Hopkmson DUNOLLY. l'j acres, dam. creek. i.ooe iooo. complete workini order best offer. 690 703. 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Low $120 will sell $c0. 484 2923 mintage complete set Fui pre-deci- BEAUTICIAN EQUIPMENT Cellu- mal in ablum func $450. Tele- tron German machine reduces flab phone Graham on 878 0735. and firms muscles, perfect cond. GOLD Coins (10). Prince Charles, as new. $1.500. ONO. S46 SS83 Princess Oi. Best offer. 836 2520. BEDDING STAMPS wanted. Sell by public GENUINE OFFER auction or private treaty. Downie QUALITY MATT-BASE SETS 242 Swanston St. SB $99. DB $119. QUEEN $259 DB ORTHOPAEDIC SETS $299 jf Mtcroquilt and Damask fabric computers yanke Bros warehouse Hardware, Software etc ffaXZr 4 Wjrr ACOUSTIC Hood Sale. Quell volt .001 SUff 96' tednea'd noisy printer. Only two left. Save 6" Stable 9 drawlfs ol upto 50pc off normal price. loxk timhi? 1 46L7- JsssXi, siJnS APPLE-oPMPATIBLE berland Queen divan matt-base. 1138; SsuTTE 'baVu'am cSies 'SSK'Sa cuarob'oSks'hVl'vl's" Ph 288 04B4 Sult student or childs room. Must allowance), pij 286 046fb. seM 437 APPLE 2C. 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HUGE DAM on fenced 5'z. ac. 10 mins maior town, SEC. 8-5. 20 PC Building Materials ceo. Ql OQ TERY FOR SALE, PIECES FOR SALE INDIVIDUALLY. OVER THE NEXT 2 WKS AT PORTOBELLO FOR THE PRICE OF AN ORDINARY CAR YOU COULD OWN AN EXTRAORDINARY ONE. However tempting you find the thought of a BMW, you may well imagine that it's outside your price range. LARA 4 ACRES T-W. B-P. SEC cl. to station. Full price S58.500. 45 to choose from. All wanted colours Lrve, jnur ouu dUKKt KU. CAMBERWELL. 813 1968. ARE vou building a carport, pergola or fernery? Why not use treated RIVER BANK BLOCK T-W. SEC IVHJINLIMy rHlLiAt. A GOOD SELECTION OF IMPORT. cose, walk to town and note). J6S50 or SI 000 dep. Vendor pine or oregonr we also stock Murray p'ne, cedar and hardwood. Please ring for a free quote 436 1255 438 1564 DIAMOND CREEK TIMBER PL terms. 842 2203 ED ANTIQUES FOR SALE EVERY MONDAY EVENING AT 7 PM. ON VIEW SAT. AND SUN. MIDDAY TO PM. 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Leslie 85 Ero-line speaker also available or ako amp. All priced to sell this week at only $1600. complete. Pn. 46S017S. Approved Cars EDWARD VI 11 Souvenir hanker- BOSTON 4 pee. drum kit. 3 mths. roofing factory surplus cniei iirarneaj nest offer. Tel: 744 1125 ia. excel, cona. Must sen. GENUINE OFFER 22" -53cm AWA-THORN $419 26" -63cm AWA-THORN $449 INCL 1 YEAR SERVICE REPOSSESSIONS FROM $199 B-W TV's WRITTEN GUARANTEE Many portables 12-24" S29-S79 YANKE BROS WAREHOUSE Cnr Waverley Warngal Rds Chadstone 568 3377 nl. o4l b7l anytime ETCHINGS. (Flora) dated 1808. Ex- bLASMUIL UUI I General cen cona. iu to cnoose. win seo. Best offer. Ring John Sat, Sun. Rooting sneets, 4 01 1 oer ft, suitable Mtios. cjroorts, hot nouses .8.0 Largest range in Victoria. Rejects 70c per ft. suitable I KAULU BCPIMBE, I TRERAS. Both top models, hand FIREPLACE white marble with key-l LAWN MOWERS ranging from $20 $90. All guaranteed for 3 months, phone 772 6655. 'pen tor service gays tin aom DRUMS. 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