The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE tWO COURIER NEWS .Social Calendar EVENTS Mid-Week Bridge club meeting with Mrs, Cecil Shane. Mrs. Otto Kochtftzky having the Thursday Luncheon club. Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. O. W. McCiitchen. Mrs. L. II. Moore having Thursday Bridge club, Bridge tournament at. nlylhc- ville Country club. Club lias Tarty. Mrs. \V. H. Minyard won the prize ;U tlic parly of Uie Wednesday Bridge c!i:b Iliis week when Mrs. Clarence Vollmer was l;oslcss. Mrs. rnrruworth Black, who is moving lo Memphis, was also presented a gilt. Both received bath powder. A two course menu was served. • * • Current Events Cluli Sludips Flvr Year I'Uti. 'Hie Five Year plan ot Hussi: was Ihc principal <liscussicn .11 meeting of the Current KvcnCs club last evening at the tome of Mrs. Matt Monnshun Jr. This discussion was led by Mrs. Samuel P. Norri-5. Mrs. MoiiagVian toil of the communistic program under SWIn and the effect of Ihc five year plan upon Ihc industry of Russia was Inken up by Mrs Howard Proctor. This group, which usually met.'!, cverj' other week, is in^ellni; work- ly during the b'.udy of [Jussht wliiri 1 will bo conclurtcd In two more meetings. For-next week- Mrs. Mona- ijhan will b: leader of n discussion ol education and religion mill social CondiUons in Hussla today. Hie final mccltng on this country will l» on "Russia's contribution lo (lie Ails" in literature, drama, music and art. Will Take Purl In Benefit Play Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal Mr. an:! M:-. A. Ci. Ailken and family have n'turwd from a brief May in uipli'v. Trim. WUsc.s Ucnuce iind Helen llar- wvll. fonneily of IKTC inv.l no« p ol UiTOimvIlk'. Tenii., will arrive tomorrow lo squill U:c weekend with Mr. mid Mrs. u. W. Mullias and Jlliur rrlcmb. Hilly CnllL'.un is ill from measles. Harvey Morris iiiteiuled a. state Hireling of liir Stntc Fidelity and Casually company agents in Litllc Hock Monday. Mr. and Mr.*, c. J, Cox have returned from St. Louis where Ihey bought coofls (ar their shop. D. li. Ihiynes aiTOnipunlcd them. Jamt-.i Warrc-n Toiiilliisou of Three Rivers. Mich., a j;rnndion of Mr. and Mrs J. w. Tomllnson of this dly, Is much improved aflcr M xweeks critical illness and will f.con be removed from a hospital to home. New Books Available at BIyiheviUe Library Tiicrc arc rour new rent books at [he clly library, Mrs. H. A. Smith llbrarliin, has announced. They ore"Tile Work of Art," Sinclair Lewis' "aomleincn. the Regiment," Hugl'i Tnlbol; "queen Christiana" Mfc sarct Ooldimlth. »nd •'BrtiLtan Adventure," Peter FlemUn. 'l'r.e clreulalloii of nooks h«i in. creased 20 per cent over Ihe sam. period last year, which a Is he llcved is due to the longer ho £ 6 The library it now open each day from one lo six o'clock. , Five hundred and thirty-nine old books have been rebound by CWA workers. * "" "The Proper Thing" 'So often Wench words appear on the menu. Will you please tell me tonic of the most usual and their meaning?" Tlic following are sonic ol tl:e «vj» a vvuvre—appetizers such a French words or phrases which are caviar served as a special course. most freqdenUy ui«d on menus: A la mo<le—according to the mod* are, A la made—according to ihc mode or fashion. Bouillon—a clear broth. Enlrce—broiled or (rled meat with vegetable, served before the roast. FiteLs rolgnon—-small pieces $f beef tenderloin, served in sauce. Sometimes other kinds of meat ai* used. . HOI-S d'oeuvre—appetizers such at THURSDAY, FEBRtJ.VTty i_ 19!M Mtoe de resistance—mbss substantial course of a dinner. Table d'liole—a course meal at a flxed price ready to serve, as distinguished Jroni a la carle service. The New Aid in PREVENTING COLDS r CliAU HUO QUKKIY ViCKS Hoi* & Throat DROPS Mexico received her ''iiidonei'il- iiico from Spain or .Sent 15 in'in in Arabia, ,111 immoral wonnn -•' -lain either by her" own X ' or her father. ' Good News for Kidney prompt loothini comfort. N'oir.of.V-v}? 1 ^ r ' = P ««k blidder. Krt r»inM joipu iJJ*f b W Uda.y iclMly.AA'dio^K °i fe 1 '* °i UlprcMber MoMytacTJuKiilw x '^^ Mrs. I.nnra Sihero:- nines, one os tin; directors ol I'r.e Memphis Lil'.V Theater, who «ill Like jiart, in I tie play mid ccnccil lo bj given ;u tlii 1 city auditorium ivbninry 'J2 under the auspices or t. c Jen-tall Ladles aid society for Ihc bdiolar- ilnp fund. Mrs. nines. who wa.; :iii honor •.••Indent, at Hie Univcr.sity of Urcs- |ilen, Germany, the. 1 University of the iLouvre, I'arls. mid t.-v University |0l Pkirencc. Italy, will l:ike part piny, "Mayor and the Mimi- Pl'briiary y>. ml] !nrc i at the home W the chairir:ii:i. Mrs. s. S. Slern- "'•rR. Pridiiy at one o'clock. Son Born, A sen was born to Mr. and!!".™.' Jesse D. Pierce, ol Dogwood Hidgc. I Tuesday. jKtory Telling club, in * " ' with teachers in ths grammar Klmwoeil fcmclcry schools, will lonn an i.woclation Association lo Mi-cl. r.crc Pebniary 5 with AIiss Nell 'The Klmwo:d Ceniolcry asiwia- • Williams In charRC. lion will hnvc a meeting Krld.iy- • l • afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, tu the home CummUlcc lo Alcel. of Mrs, J. H. Smart jr. - | The scholarehlp coimnllti-iv which ! ib to make selections at winners oi ilavc nirthdny Mtmbcrs. -Members of HID Glad Girls Sun- t!:c Jewish day school class of Ihc First Baptist cr.urch, whose . birttidnys tall in January. wei:e guests of honor »l a party given by otiwr jnciiibers Tuesday evening at tlio home of the teacher. Dr. Edna Nics. 'IT^c gi:ests of honor were Misses Hazel Sample. Dixie iWcDank'l, Pearl Etc Belva Kargclfiiftd Mary Hires. A spaglictli supper was fcrve<I t!:c IS present ami laler Uicre were ynmcs and fortunes. Plcdscd lo Fralcrnily. Charles Emerson Hall, SMI of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Halt, who rccenCy entered the University of Mississippi at Oxford after attending Ai- kansas Stale college at, Jonesboro lor the first semester, lias bwn pledged to the Phi Dcllu Tnela fraternity. Junior Slrakcspcarr Club to Be Formed. The National Junior Shakespeare U'e ^cholavsliips lo bc> awarded by Ladles Aid society on Klccti-ic Ijphl 10'H, 50's ;tnd lid's for 15c BEN FRANKLIN STORE C«r. Alain & liniadwav liARGAINS INNEWAUSh'U FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 K, M:iin - Fhon» I5i ANNOUNCEMEINT of new spriny merchandise arriving daily Our buyer h,is just u-lurned from market anc' we :ire nov, receiving daily shipnicnts o; spring nierchiir.p.'fc. I-'rcsh yiul youthful, the nc.v lines «e Imvo selected an second to none i;i style, quality 0 ,.<i pr j cc w ., have bought or.'y HIL- crrain o! ' the market's ollctliigs. Swaygcr Suits Mixed Ueeds , ,-,a :a i-,a O j!r>r< in all the nuv novully and light weight -.voolciLS. Tin-. arc tmart to Ir-e mh clcsrc-.-. Spring Coats Both sport ni:J dre.-a ily'.t... . plain and fur Irimmrd. AH the new sprin-j weaves, tweed ; in plain and ulored number., and lightweight wosii-r.s. Many ol them foilov Use yjl- houelle and ITS nin(i-:,wep:. others arc trimly fitted to tr.t fisurc. Spring Dresses A selection of the srandcct. fnshions C5pcc.--iiy dcfiiiiwd or all silk canton:, acetates. "ruH" crepes and other r.cveuv inaicr,- ials in plain nit is. prints and combinations. i .ery, Shoes iind Accessories « New Economy Shop Ingram Uidg. Phone 951-W Ohio's first elerlrocution f flr a "-"-' crime took place In 1897. FITS-ATTACKS CURBED Tbn« li new hop. tor T!«UM tt »pi!vptr. Jadgiu ttim tta IM»T vfco bar* tried L«p*>, • koeu SHi. •wnL On* nitr &ftw writo Uut I*p<* ttn at tamOa. IU fam, I Sp "--«.ir2s ta . n, in, WU.. tS Ufa A very }'Iows and Light Itnpkmentg Alvays-A-Hrad Feeds, Iflfh- »t Uradc Kldd and Garden Keeii, Kouflnt, Ftncinj, Harness, ele. OBERST STORE CO. LARKWOOD VAMP TOE HOSIERY Sold in Better Shops Everywhere and in Blytheville Exclusively-at THE FAMOUS Next Door l» Guard Jewelry Store Joe Applvbiiuir "Yes I'm hard on toes 'Then, try the famous Larkwood Vamp-Toe Hosiery" These stockings have ^i»;cially made toes, with extremely long wear in them. Kxlra sill; is'carefiilly knittiiil in all around—tup, bottom, and both sides, to provide extra strength and long life.. Aiul, of course, tlic.v IH perfectly— with plenty of .sliccrnos.-; and a wide choice of colors. Kxlra .Muli'hiiifncl Thrc;iil in K a c h Pair of "i.tirkwootPlj Host- in Hi'? hem ol each Larkwoo^ Hose is an exlra lr;cad, pnl there lo be i.tcd in mcnri- ing rui-i;ere . . . and a sixcial nicr.dtng ne:dlc i? given you free. A ' fcalure not found In any other hose. JIEDEL'S Sate ot TOM SAWYER Wash Suits Adorable little suits, brand new numbers. solids - - sturdy coverts in new shades low the ordinary selling iiviy.e. Silky broadcloths in novel ccm'uinations or and lintns at prices guaranteed to be far be- Buy your entire s*a»n'« supply, for the price will positively NOT be thi* low again— /,•, y ^ \r--5. Regular $1M & $1.75 Values .19 Regular $1.95 & $2.95 Values Tom Sawyer Shirts and Button-on Waists, Itng sleeves, with regular and sport coUwf*— $1.08 Values •WASHWSAH" 79c Watch! Don't Be Flim Flamnxd on Price awl W«ight—An Itemized Cash Re/dster Slip With Each Purchase! CASH Specials for Friday; Saturday"and ^Monday 'I'ncy Are t'i|ie i'ounil Sunny Brook Pound 25c BACON CATSUP Exlra Uirge and Firm Fancy (Sf* Heads. Kaeh 9C Sliced. • Oriole or Everg'JoJ I'ound Large Bottle Each lOc SPARE RIBS Pound 6ic BANANAS Fancy, Large, Ripe Afi. Pound f\r I'OTTBl) MKAT Can 2 1C i VIENNA SAUSAGE TC 2 ,Can -J. strict '.v Fresh. Dressed Ever-/ Pay <fl "f ^ (Kull Dressed). Pound JL i C PICKLES ..... in !9c S 1 13c GROUND BEEF Or Hamburger I'ound COCOANUTS Large Si7-c Each 4c MILK SOAP Van Camp 4 : "Jf -^ 6 Haby or 3 Tall Cans i 1 V Palmolivc 9 liars 14c PORK STEAKS Nice and Le:<.n - Pound Mary Jane lilil. $6.60 £. 85 c CATS *' Oz ' 1{ox 121c ": 0fc - B °* 5c 100 . Pure Pork. Made f JL ft Fresh and Clean. LI.. I 2 V Tcx;is (Jrttn. Hard Heads I'ound FRANKS or BOLOGNA Pound BLACK PKPCER Loose. Lb S Heavy Twine. 12 Oz. Each . PUKtiLAKD Loose. No Limit Pound O^c Pure Peaberry Pound tiff AD PURE. We Will Sell lc [,KSS ON 10 LBS. uDUftlV _ Than Any Advertised Price CHEESE No - l wiseonsin Full po U T, m ISc jPri rpV CaHf, Well Bleached Lai \jLLLjlll Crisp Stalks. Each ASPARAGUS Libby's Picnic Can lOc PEACHES "^iirifK 15,c ,STRAWI!E«»IES ire I NAVY UEANS OIC Fancy. I'l. U i Fancy. Lb. L'i ORANGES Florida. S Pound Hack Eiict. 28c MUSTARD Marco Full (Inart lOc LARD - -"" l/b ' Can> T>ure> ?;{ ' 39; J-l.b. Can 63c; 8-I.b. Carton 53c BROOMS -I Tie. A Good One Each SAM MACKEREL 23c 15c COFFEE House or C = SNOW DRIFT au * 35c^6Sc APPLE BUTTER Cardinal 32-.07.. Jar 15c 12r PEANUT BUTTER !i±.FISH SHRIMP AND OYSTERS SOAP l>- & G- <>r 1Jis: 1>ea '" GiaiU i> ' iirs

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