The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1945 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1945
Page 5
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February 22 and March 1 Sale Dates , Monday, February 22 and Manday, March 5 seem to be the pop tilar days 'for farm and livestocl Sales as five sales are listed toda; J/tt take place on those two days They are as follows: Monday, February 26: E. L. Gilbert will sell 23 heai Of high grade Holsteins at hi: farm located 1% miles east anc 2 north of Algona. Sale start at 1 p. m. Fred Blumer will sell Holstein milk cows, Poland China brec $ows and 12 head of sheep,'some *wes with lamb, at his farm five •miles east of St. Joe. Sale starts At 1 p. m. Ray Bell will sell 132 head ot high grade Holsteins and Guern- jfeys and 72 head of hogs at his $arm 4 miles east and % milt south of Rolfe. Sale begins 11 9. m. Monday, March 5: Smith & Zrostlik will sell 5C fcred Duroc gilts to farrow April J, at the Garner sales barn, Carrier, Iowa, sale to begin at 8 O'clock. 1 Charles Froehlich will have a general farm sale at the farm located 2 miles west and Vz mile north of Wesley, beginning at 1 &. m. He offers 6 horses, 26 cattle and a good line of machinery. Ardis Bosworth Third In Essay Contest When Ardis Bosworth, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bosworth, southwest of Algona, decided to enter an essay contest sponsored through WMT, Waterloo, she wrote an essay on "Why I Like Guernsey Cattle the Best," and she turned out a winning effort, pulling down third place out of 3,000 like essays submitted by Iowa boys and girls. She has received a certflcate of award and last week an official of the Iowa Dairy Association, a Mr. Brash, visited her home to extend congratulations. Doris is a junior in the Algona high scshool. Ed Downs Family of Hayfield to Wesley Wesley: Mrs. Alf Studer and Mrs. Julius Seiler of Sexton went to Hayfield, Minn., Tuesday to attend the farm sale of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Downs and two children, Sharlene and Douglas, will move soon to the home they purchased here recently where the Marco family now lives. Mrs. Downs is the former Elaine Studer. Mrs. Virgil Smith of Livermore spent the week-end in Algona visiting Mrs. Wrllard Sanford. The two husbands are both overseas in Italy and they recently had a short visit together. Mrs. Smith's husband is a sergeant in the ground air forces and Mrs. San- lords husband is a private, first class, in the headquarters company detachment. two Gramenz Boys of Fenton Meet In Italy According to word receivec from Peninsular Base Headquarters in Italy, T-4 Harold J. Gramenz, of Fenton, is a member o the Engineer Boat Regiment re* cently inactivated but which had a superb record and received a citation and commendation from the commanding officer of the base section, a part of the fifth army. Sgt. Raymond Gramenz, a brother of Harold, is also stationed in the same theater of war in Italy and the two boys have met several times lately. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Gramonz, of Fenton, and have both served overseas many, many months. . KHURCHESI CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Leo I. Best, Pastor Sunday school 10:00. Morning worship, 11:00. Theme. 'The Heavenly Ambassador." N. Y. P. S., 7:15. Betty Blanchard, leader. Evening service, 8:00. Sermon: "Wages or Gifts." Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8:00. Christian service training class Friday at 8:00. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH E. K. Nelson, Pastor Divine worship at 9:00 a. rn. Sermon theme: "Christ Creates Faith." Sunday school at 10:00. Mid-week Lenten Vespers each Thursday evening at 8:00. On Feb. 22 the theme will be "Christ and the Meaning of Service." ST. CECELIA'S CHURCH J. M. MaUinger, Pastor Mass: 7:00, 8:30 and 10:00 a. m. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Clarence C. Richardson, Pastor 10 a. m., Church school. 11 a. m., Morning worship. The ermon subject, "Hold That Line!" 7 p. m., Junior Hi and Senior Westminster Fellowship meeting. 8 p. m., Colored motion pic- ures from the Board of National and Foreign Missions. RINFTY LUTHERAN CHURCH Luther H, Loesch, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45. Bible class, 9,45. Divine service, 10:30. Wednesday, Feb, 28, Third ,enten service, 8:00 p, m. BAPTIST CHURCH Egbert F. Kittrell, Pastor 10 e, ffl., Sun'day school. 11 a. rn., Morning worship; sermon, "The Adequate Message of Christ." 7 p. m., Junior and §£™or B. Y. P. U. 8 p. m., Evening worship, ger^ mouf'.'/Thiei} of the S.addest, Vet Most Challenging Verses in tho Bible," T-Sgt. Campbell Humphrey Has Good Woid For Liberated Filipino Sorensen Specials Clover Honey ....... .......... quart jar |2c Fresh Frozen Raspberries .......... lb. 43c Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch Clinton Pudding .............. ,,..4 pkgs. I8c Cookies, Fancy Assorted ............ lb. 32C Mince Meat ............................ 2 lbs - 39c Grapefruit Juice, 10 pts. ....46 oz. can 3§fe Tones Coffee .............................. lb. 29c 1 Points Sardines in Natural Sauce ...... 2 cans 25 C Curtis Muffin or Soup Mix ..._3 pkgs. Sun-Maid Currants ........ 15 oz. pkg. )9c Ruby Red Grapefruit .............. fi for 25 C Velvo Water Softener with Suds.. Soil Off Paint Cleaner ............ quart Fresh Frozen Cherries and Baked Beans Pkgr. 25c T*Sgt. Campbell Humphrey who has been overseas 20 months the first of March, has written a series of letters home to his wife the former Grace Taylor, which give an interesting account of hi! experiences during the invasion of Luzon and the advance to Manila Campbell was with .the Algoni Ice Cream and Candy Factory until he volunteered for service in August 1942, and was also an active member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. He spent 17 months at an ordnance base at Townsvllle, Australia, then spent a month in New Guinea waiting for the invasion of Luzon, so that his ordnance company could take its turn at the front. After beachheads. were established at Luzon, the ordnance company was able to move from New Guinea to Luzon with their supplies for guns, tanks and airplane parts. Excerpts of his let- ;ers follow: Filipinos Very Poor "I have seen and am'Seeing the greatest show of my life, and if I ?et through, I will tell you all about it some day. If you could only see the reverence and look of gratitude on the faces of these Filipinos. I guess they have been pretty badly treated. They all Jve the V for Victory sign. They are very, very poor. We give them ,vhat clothing we can, and share our rations with them. In time we vill get food in for them. As I said before it is impossible for hem to express their joy in our being here. . . . 'More and more of the natives are coming out of hiding. When he Japs heard that we were coning, they shot all the men and boys they could find, and took the women with them. However, a lot lave gotten away and are coming back. Most of the women from girls 14 and up are pregnant from aps, and it sure is pitiful to see hem begging clothing and food. However, (they surely are clean md willing to do anything for you. Down Jap Planes "So far we have been lucky— •ery few bombings. However, hey shell us quite a bit at night. Ve came on a landing ship tank, lome of us took turns at watch. was in the crow's nest during n air attack, so I had a wonder- ul view. None of our ships were ost, and we brought down quite a ew Jap planes. . . . "I just passed my 39th birth- ay and feel as good as when I vent in three years ago. . . . 'This country is really the nic- st we have as yet 'had to live on. t is very tropical and although tiis is the hot season, it is nothing ike Guinea. It is both mountain- us and flat. Most of the country arm, either in sugar cane or rice elds. Rice, while growing, looks lot like our -"barley. The rainy eason is in June, otherwise the L ;Jimate is ideal. ... Jap Being Wiped out ''The Jap does hot give us much trouble. We have in those parts got him pretty well wiped out. There are a few that infiltrate through our lines and cause trouble at night. " We post heavy guards, and the Japs are quickly iaken care of. "At last we are getting lots of air support, so things should quiet down. ... "We are working continually and hard. Last night I spent some time in my fox hole, but no harm was done. We had two air raid FOR.. SALE: Blue Tag seed potatoes and tablestock potatoes. Different varieties and sizes. Best of quality. Thoreson Brothers, -4 miles west and 3 miles north of Swea City. 3-tf Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Celery Cabbage, Celery, Green Onions, Radishes, Head and Leaf Lettuce, Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Carrots, New Cabbage, Turnips, Rutabagas, Parsnips, Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Grapes, Tangerines, Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Apples, Regular and Pink Grapefruit. Dressed Walleyed Pike .............. lb. 27c Pork Hearts, no points .............. lb. |7c American Cheese, 24 pts. .-2 lt>. box Q9c Prime Rib Roast, A Grade, 6 pts. lb. 28c Pork Shoulder Roasts, 3 pts. lb. By the Piece Fresh Side Pork, 3 pts. ............ lb, 28c Veal Roasts, A Grade, 3 pts. ...... lb, 28c Veal Sirloin Steak, 7 pte, .......... lb, We are giving 2 Red Points -for each pound of waste fat brought in. Sorensen Grocery Co Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Phones? 138—139 Beef and Pork Sacred to Soldiers of India Irvington: Mr. and Mrs. John Cox have received an interesting letter from their grandson, John Miller, who is stationed somewhere in the southwest Pacific and has been at the same location for about a year. John is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller, of Burt. He is back from the front line and does some kind of repair work. He says "I wish you could have seen the ship that we worked, on some time ago. I've seen and worked on quite a few but it's the first I've seen like this one. It had three crews of different nationalities, Dutch, Brazilians and Hindus, or Indians. They can sure put up a chatter, sounds like a bunch of monkeys chattering. On board there were sixteen live goats as these Hindus only eat goat meat, they consider beef 'and pork sacred. And, really I think it's sacred as we seldom see any. Before they consume any 1 goat meat it is baptized with holy water and then killed. If anyone touches the meat besides themselves they won't eat it. In eating they only use the fingers of their right hand and do not use the left hand. Another one of their peculiar habits is the manner in which they clean or brush their teeth as they do this with their fingers." He further states that when they started cooking the goat meal the odor was very strong and ii possible the men tried to avoid .working on the ships where the Hindu soldiers were. LONE BOCK NEWS Mrs. Lillie Worthington's sister, Mrs. Chas. Fischer of Swea City, visited her last week Wednesday to Saturday. Pfc. and Mrs. Howard Blanch' ard were Monday evening dinner guests at the home of Mr. anc Mrs. Fred Genrich. They arrived Saturday for a visit with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blan chard and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Newbrough and family arrived Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr, anc Mrs. Lem Marlow, from For Worth, Texas. John is to fee inducted into the army Monday evening, leaving from Humboldt Saturday evening dinner guests at the Arthur Priebe home were Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jorgenson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. Angus Cotton. Bridge was played and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen won high and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton low, with Angus Cotton winning traveler's prize. alefts. However, We e*peot hwfe trouble any night now, as trie moon is getting full. That Seems to be a time they like.'. , . "1 am not sure yet, but 1 think Jesse Reynolds is coming in here somewhere. If so, I will look him up. To date he is the Only man I have met from home. (The, two met previously in Australia.) , Japs a Nuisance "Last night the Japs bothered us again, but they did not Hang around long. I guess o'ur antiaircraft fire is too hot for them. They are more of a nuisance than anything else, breaking up ou,f sleep. Of course we pick them Up some distance before they , reach us, which gives us time to, get dressed and into our fox holes. "I am certainly.glad to have had an opportunity to be in it. It gives us two stars for our battle participation and. our . company has been recommended for a Citation, which is a great honor for it is very unusual for an ordnance company to get one. It is ^ward,ed for fine work and cooperation given by us under combat. . : . Native Foods Fruits "I am fine, but quite a few men are sick, through eating native foods. However, they were warned against eating anything save bananas and cocoanuts. The only part I like of cocoanutS't is the hlilfe, the hfltlvg b&y> efltnfc if tree* *6¥ Us to get th(M, Of tifdUrS baUftnas grow 4 MWldi 'THe? ate much smaller, about naif the slice of the ones you get at home; bu are very sweet and delicious. . < "t have lost about 12 tfoundi since being here. Hbwever, rio that we are getting more* food, 1 will not take long to gaiA It back The government now has arrang* ed special places fo» the Filipinos to get food. However, when we see the children just gazing at us while we eat, it is awfully hard tc turn them down, sd although against orders, a lot of Us share wlhat we can with them, Filipinos Cleanly, Honest It is surprising how well educated the Filipinos are. The average woman is very pretty, Tbej air have lovely hair. Women ark men are short of stature, and are about the cleanest race I have ever seen. No matter if they are wearing rags, every day they are Washed fresh. Their customs are Very Spanish, as are their ethics and morals, and Of course in these parts, they are all devout'Cath- olics, with awfully high morals. In* their, -three years under the Jap these qualities were never changed. They like Americans, and are a very capable race. 1 believe under their own rule, they Will be able to carry on very well. "One otiher thing one notes about them, no matter how hungry or desperate for food or clothes, we can leave them any place for as yet not a case has been known of their stealing anything." Classified Ads CLASSIFIED BATES Minimum charge 25c for 19 words or less. When paid witb order, 2c per word; when charged, So per word. Nn ag- ents' commission allowed. II advertising agents charge their clients So and send cash with order they receive lo commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale DESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—chocolate, green, red, pink, alue and cedar for sale at the Upper Des Moines office, 15c. FOR SALE: Johns-Manyille Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate ' call Del ..eaneagh, Phone 767, represent- ng Wormhoudt Home Insulation ^o. 44tf FOR SALE: Early maturing Pioneer 353-A, 353, 341, in large, medium, and small flats. C. L. 3ailey, Phone 626-J, Algona;-or Amos .Angle, Phone 958-W, Algona. : 5 T 8* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating senr ce. Cowan Bldg, Supply ^ Cpi, phone e 275, Algona. -._ §0»3-8tf POU SALE: ¥hree room tenant house, two sections, 9x12— 9x18. Reasonable. Possession March 1. Maynard Wiegand, 1 mile east Titonka. 5-3 FOR SALE: 35 purebred Chester White bred gilts. Will farrow n March and April. Extra good gilts from large litters. George Wolf, LuVerne. Corwith Phone 36F16. 5tf FOR SALE: Hay, 60c a bale. Roy Peters, % mile west and % milu north of Swea City 6-8* FOR SALE: Black Poland China ' gilts to farrow in March and April. R. Bierle, %. mile south and 2 /4 mile west Lone Rock. 7-8* FOR SALE: 97 shocks of fodder cut before frost. Ralph Faith, Phone 323, Algona. 7-8* FOR SALE: Young Holstein milk cows. Also Moline 2-16 plow. Jake Meyer, 1 mile west and 1% mile south of Wesley. a2*tf FOR SALE: Hereford bulls. Eligible to register; also our herd bull. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. • 7-8* FOR SALE: Pups out of good cattle dog. J.'P. Thill, St. Benedict. 7-8* FOR SALE: Baled wild hay. J. P. Thill,. .S.t. Benedict. 7-8* FOR SALE: Hotel and beer tavern, 20x56 ft. Two story, 11 rooms upstairs, some furnished. Electric tap and coolers. Fireproof garage. Stoker furnace and hot water reg. Theodore Bierstedt, Whittemore. 7-8 FOR SALE: Model A Ford four door. Henry Schick, Algona. 8-9* FOR SALE: 3 Holstein cows and 2 heifers, good producers". Frank Capesius, Algona. 8-9* FOR SALE: 1938 Ford, good tires. 5 miles east Algona on the J. A. Raney farm. C. ,L. Fitch. 8* FOR SALE: 3 Purebred Brown Swiss bulls, 8 and 11 months. 5 Poland gilts to farrow by April 15. Jesse Huff, LuVerne. 8-9* FOR SALE: McCormick Deering cream separator, No. 4, A-l condition; kitchen cabinet; buffet; small dining room table; 3-burner kerosene stove; medicine cabinet; Coleman gas iron, A-l. Alfred Scherer, 320 S. Phillins, Algona. 8* FREE RENT: House, two chicken houses, and garden. On 169 on iVest Bend corner. Erpelding Bros., 1 mile south of St. Joe, Phone- 2587, Livermore. 8* FOR SALE: Team of black Per- Acker- 8* SEE ME FOR Real Bargains In farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf cheron mares. Hiram man, Lone Rock. FOR SALE: Holstein milk cows. Joseph Berte, Bode. east of St. Joe. miles FOR SALE: • Vega separator No., 5, 2% years old. Complete with electric motor. Earl Crouch, TYPEWRITER RIBBONS: All kinds of typewriter and adding nachine ribbons. The Algona Upper Des Moines, .Algona.,. 6tf ?619. Fenton. 8* •FOR SALE: McCormickJPeenng ^> WK-40 tractor. Threshing machine, Red River Special 36-60. Roy H. Jensen, one mile west, 3 north of Lone Rock. 8* FOR SALE: 200 Leghorn laying pullets in good production. Lyle Newel, Fenton. 8 FOR SALE: Good Shorthorn milk cow. Fresh in a week. Orville Wagner, Bode. 8* FOR SALE: Four wheel trailer, Model T, good tires. Eugene Cink, Algona. Phone 32F5. 8* FOR SALE: Used cream separator, Maytag and Briggs & Stratton engines. New post drill and power grinders. Algona Maytag Store. 8 FOR SALE: Baled straw. L. E. Colwell, ton. mile east of Irving- 8 FOR SALE: Two story four room house. Arndorfer Benedict, Iowa. Bros., St. 8-9* FOR SALE: 400 bales of hay. Arthur Riedel, Algona. Phone 11F6. «? FOR SALE: .Hudson truck in good condition and low mileage. Priced far below ceiling. Russell Fisher, Phone 26F121. 8* FOR SALE: Brown team, 5 and ,9 years old, well broke; harness and collars, good wagon and 'box. Alfred Erickson, 1 west, 3 south of Algona. 8* For Rent FOR RENT: Five room house, partly modern. Possession Mar. 1st. Call 149LJ or-509 West College. 8* FOR SALE: Two ganders. Will sell or trade for two geese hens. Wm. Decker, Whittemore. Call 4001, Lone Rock. FOR SALE: McCormick Deering electric separator No. 4, used 10 months. John Ketelsen, Algona. Phone 7F33. FOR SALE: Hampshire brecj gilts, Poland China cross bred, April farrow, by the pound. Ray McWhorter, Burt. a8* FOR SALE: 20 tons kossack alfalfa, cured in windrow, in barn before rain. Will sell at ceiling price, $23.50 per ton, in truck load lots. Clinton Waltman, Burt. a8 FOR SALE: 1936 Chevrolet tudor. Good motor, tires fair, new seat covers and battery, heater. See at 414 W. State, or call 668-W. 8* FOR SALE: King and Hamilton 42 ft. grain elevator. Good condition, $200. Joe WUlger, Lu- Verne. Phone 2532. 8-9* FOR SALE: '35 Ford, new motor, good tir«s, $200. See at Cham- pljn Station. Leo Platt, Ottosen. 8* FOR SALE: Registered Poland China bred gilts to farrow in April and May. Bred to an extra good boar. Reilly pros,. Lone Rock, Iowa. {MO* Wanted WANTED: Married man on farm. P. M. Christenson, Lone Rock, Iowa. 3-tf WANTED: Woman for general house work, part time. Phone 152-W, Algona. 7tf WANTED: Girl for general house , work. Mrs. Alfred Grill, Phone 28-F3, Algona. 7»8* WANTED: Married man on farm, Can use middle age or older man. House, lights, meat, etc, furnished. G. A. Roland, Algona 8* WANTED: Lady for genera] house •work. Permanent. Bpsl wages. Write or call Hancock County Home, Garner. 7-10 WANTED: Married man or sin.. gle. Separate buildings for married man. Louis . Seheppr msnn. Algona phone, Jrvingtoa. WANTED: Married man for farm Whorter, Burt. Experienced. Bay a8-fl* WANTED: Girl lor office work Iiie» and •women tin laundry and dry cleaning department. Algona Laundry and Dry Clean* ing. ' , • 8 WAJfTBP: Buy w ««*«-_ ^rifcu foe Ulricb, 185 B. Lucss S*., . estHe* faiitfblc c6-ntalnlnjr'$'4\0(t aM change Km 9e &tamp|f, V{rgfn|ft, ft Sift, 131 Pittmaft, Aigtftlst. • • WE' HAVE Water tanks, , troughs and pans, chicken nests feeders, brooder's, etc. ftaesly Lumber Co.» Phone 234. 6-3 TWO FRESH ,Do Ijfute and cup of coffee, 16i at Consumers. 6»11 ADDING MACHINE ftblls for.Sale at the Algona Upper Des Moinet office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 26c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for 36c. . . . 34-ti CARD PARTY arid Lunch, at St. Benedict Parish Hall Sunday evening, February 2&, at 8 o'clock. Sponsored by Mrs. Clarence Arndorfer and Mrl 5Y H." Froehlich, - ' 8 OPEN RAWLEIGH ROUTES are scarce, tout In ,sp. vast an organization expansion' creates new opportunities. If ambitious,- willing to Start with .good earnings and increase rapidly, write for full information. We su'pply sales, advertising , literature—all you need. Rawleigh's, Dept. IAB- 11-118, Freeport, 111. -8* NEW LARGE SIZE Iowa electric separator. Stainless steel discs. Regular $149.5d. t Closeout $109.50. Stoeber Hardware, Fenton. 8 FERTILIZER: We have a small amount of fertilizer left from our 1945 allotment. Swift & Co., Phone 264, Algona. 8-9 SELL your late model car to us for the highest price. Free in- 'ormation on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 38tf FLOOR SANDING and Reflnish- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-8tf Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living .rbom suites Breakfast seta, Buffets, Radios ' and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE 1-tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tf NLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom ivork. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf ALL DISPLAY advertising' copy in-,the hands of our ^inters by_Wednesday,,.noon to risiire "publication""in" the paper he following Thursday. The Al- ;ona Upper Des Moines. 2-tf F YOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order their.- at The Algona Upper Des Moinos Oc and up. 13-tf PLACE 1 YOUR ORDERS now for Commercial Fertilizer. Supply imited. Sargent & Co., Phone 360, Algona. -4-tf SARGENT'S FEEDS. A complete line of poultry and hog feeds at White's Market. ' 7-8 2ARL MAY'S Garden Seeds have arrived. Poultry netting in jtock. Buy your Sargent and'Nu- rena Feeds, also Salsbury's Poultry Remedies at the Nealy Hard- AMERICA'S PRICELESS POSSESSIONS MfcNRV film Meld S«ds. We BEBTS" cGLtficfEB:, Wfty .waft , longer? YoUi* tote's, jud mortgages, «ccotiftte eollec ( «6 charge. Aftywheffc. 38 y experience. References** ft, Ci Valentine Cd.i Marshalltowfl, Iowa. 7*tf SERVALL • SANITARY LMTfcfc for poultry and brooder houses at White's Market, 7-d HENRY FIELD'S Garden Seeds, the largest line ever sold in town at White's .Market. 7-8 QUEEN oil tank Heater,, $23.75. Jamesway electric brooders, $36.00. 5 ft. metal flock feeders, $4.35; 4 ft., $3.05, Electric wire" and accessories, Nealy Hardware, Burt. 7* USED OARS At Ceiling Prices or less. With or without a trade in. 1941 Ford Coach 1940 Willys Sedan 1938 Ford Coach 1938 Chevrolet Coach 1938 Plymouth Sedan 1937 Ford Coach 1936 Olds Sedan . 1936 Chevrolet Sedan 1934 Chevrolet Coach' 1934 Ford Coupe 1930 Ford Coupe with box We pay cash for all Used Cars and Trucks. W. E. Ley, Lakota, Iowa 8 •WSf • *r»* wt • *»••«,,•— •T*"*,™ <" TT y •vj Ti - ; IfrR'^Oi. K We tog ot thanks te'tha tftefty, frJeftdir have extended .tt'.dHlttte pathy and. kind, Wotdfl. a« many tttfd* 6Hd letters and gifts because of the ibss' oi.wif • beloved huabaftd and father, fiattf- iel J, Engesser, Sr, Mrs. Daniel J. JEngesser, Sr., Daniel J; it, • . A? >k Basket Ball ' St. Cecelia's Academy will play Sacred Heart of , Pocahontas Sunday, February 25, at 2:30 p. m, at -the Academy gym in Algona, 8 Card of Thanks , I wish to thank 1 all my friends for their many ' expressions of sympathy and kindness sKOwn me at the time of my recent bereavement. Mrs. Elnor Detlefsen. 8 Card of thanks It is with sincere thanks that we express our appreciation for :he many kindly acts done in our lehalf at the time of our recent jereavement. Marie Kunz and family, Wesley. 8* Card of Thanks Words cannot express our most jrateful thanks to our many riends and relatives for their many acts of kindness and sympathy, their floral offerings and their spiritual bouquats c/ffered us during the'illness and death f our beloved husband and fa- NATIONALLY ADVERTISED In •.t MADEMOISELLE • HARPER'S BAZAAft- • VOGUE • GLAMOUR • CHARM • SEVENTEEN •:• JUNIOR BAZAAR it.CALLING ALL GIRLS- 1 TPSaJffi 1 11 Chrischill es © IT O 313. IBS holds that Waist LINE! Crest-itraps at center back pull diagonally (most scientific!) to «lenderlx« your midriff. Lustrous * rayon fofln and sheer' Ltne •tallied with a lae« topped uplift bra section. ; MUST BE PROTECTED 9 NUtllMI tlVC* PAINT Will MAKE TIEN IMT~ •Pltttburah P«lot» Cnrlohw) with "Vltollnd QIU" WhUh |Ut|»f Th*m "Uv*," T*M«h and El«ftlf >BAK in mind. c»o MttSft •"*yte«* PITTSBURGH FAINTS Koblbaas Hardware New Machines Horse drawn corn binder, spring tooth attachments for cultivator, disc hillers, change-over package to convert HM-238 Farmall cultivator from hand lift to power lift, double and single unit milkers, No. 15 pick-up hay baler, with engine, C ft. horse drawn mowers, pickup attachment for No, 62 combine, slat plow bottoms, pJow,fcrtiUpv attachments, wheel weights for jjjj .&, M tractors, Hammermill belts, graitt tank! wpgon boxes, hydraulic and Farmers Friend manure loaders, . m m CurgiU Fftrm-Qyl Tractor fim wd Pontiac Part* and Service * USED h. p, gas engines. S I I Algona Implement Co. • McCprmjck Peering Safes *nd ~ S Phone 52 ^B W WW^^E.T'TO V^ l •* (••••MMiiMMii

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