The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on June 7, 1985 · Page 2
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 2

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1985
Page 2
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2 THE AGE, Friday 7 June 1985 !.LIMllJiitilj!mW.'..lM REVIEW Kennedy's samples could lead to so much more 'GRAHAM Kennedy's World of Comedy' (Channel Seven at 8.30 pm) is an infuriating show, with its pot-pourri sampling of comedy from both sides of the Atlantic compiled from overseas comedy series Channel Seven has bought but for one reason or another decided not to screen. We get snippets of this show, snippets of that some of these little showbag samples are certainly very funny, but the program as a whole is marred by our knowledge that these segments of English and American comedies have been chosen by someone else. We're being shown this bit and that bit, but just how much hysteria are we missing? At least two of the shows that have been pre-digested by Channel Seven for our consumption, an English-American co-production called 'Assaulted Nuts' and an American show, 'Not Necessarily the News', look to be the sort we should be seeing in full, not filleted. Why buy such programs if we can see them only in such frustratingly tantalising snatches? At least 'World of Comedy' has brought back to the screen Australia's greatest television performer, Graham Kennedy, complete with his old 'IMT theme. His absence has taught us just how good he was. Few live show hosts Ray Taylor, Noel Ferrier, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson have approached his lively, intelligent wit and barely restrained love of the outrageous. But just like the comedy segments, we're getting snippets only of Kennedy. Give us the comedy shows in full. Give us Kennedy in fulL Then we won't have just one show, we'll have two, three or four, and all of them worth the viewing. Still, this carve-up programming technique could pay dividends. How about a single one-hour show a week in which to pack 'Love Boat', 'Dallas', 'Prisoner' and all their kin? In one sense, 'Graham Kennedy's World of Comedy' is a model of its kind. ANTHONY CLARKE A 'Saturdee' tale of boys and girls THE Seven network last night announced that it had commissioned a $1.4-million children's drama based on Norman Lindsay's humorous novel 'Sa-turdee', set in 1920s rural Victoria. The series, of 10 half-hours, will be produced by John Gauci and Louise Hall of LI Productions. It will begin shooting on video tape in late September on location around Creswick and Ballarat John Gauci, whose credits include 'Sally Go Round the Moon', 'I Can Jump Puddles' and 'Home' for the ABC, said yesterday that the idea for 'Saturdee' was suggested to him three years ago by Judith Reyne, the principal of St Margaret's, Berwick, and the mother of James and David, successful pop musicians who later turned their hand to acting. "It's an international story because it deals with growing up and discovering the opposite sex, something that affects everybody, everywhere, past, present and future," he said. "A lot of people who read the book feel that Lindsay wrote it from an adult's retrospective view of childhood. But I disagree. 'Saturdee's' kids aren't heroes. They're very real, but there's a spirit of niceness and whole-someness about them too." Gauci said that scriptwriters Judith Colquhoun, whose credits include 'Sally Go Round the Moon' and episodes of 'A Country Practice', and Peter Hepworth, who co-wrote 'The Henderson Kids', had taken some liberties with Lindsay's story and language to make the scries more accessible to families living in the '80s. "We've brought the girls into the series at the beginning rather than half-way through, and we've tried to modernise the language without hiding any of the Australiana because that's what Lindsay wrote. So we've been faithful to the spirit of his intentions and retained many of his very beautiful sayings, but we've updated others." Of the 2000 children interviewed, 560 so far have been tested for the key roles of 12-year-old Peter Gimble, his "gjrl" Dolly Trimmer and friends, who rejoice in such colorful names as Conkey Menders, Bulljo Feddler, Trixy Pattle, Milky Woolens, Bufflehead Rogers, Butcher Crowley and Bunty Hodges. When their story opens, the boys regard anything in a skirt as taboo and the girls view the boys with a similarly jaundiced eye. But by series' end, suspicion has given way to a certain bumbling, youthful chivalry. In between, Gauci said, the series captures all the funny and faintly reckless escapades kids get up to from skinnydip-ping in the pond to running away from home and losing one's nerve come nightfall. "The only main adult character all the others are totally in the background is 'Mother', and I wanted to make her an international figure, who, with three kids, has got the hardest job in the world," said Gauci. "My life was shaped by my mother, but she gave so much to us that she suffered more than anyone else in the family." Although 'Saturdee' is set in 1925, Gauci said the series would capture an inkling rather than a mirror reflection of the era. He is even planning to mix music of the period with modern rock and roll. "And why can't I? As Lindsay said, if you're a creative person, you don't have to listen to other people. You can do what you think is right And if it works ..." Although 'Saturdee' is intended for children, Gauci believes the story's spirit of youth and its comic entertainment factor will pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves kids. HEWS DIARY Watchdog goes missing PSST! Don't tell anyone, especially anyone with an old building they'd like bulldozed, but Victoria now is. technically without its watchdog of all things old and beautiful, the Historic Buildings Council. The council's term expired recently and the list of nominees submitted for the new council has been rejected by the State Cabinet The reason given was that the new list did not contain enough women. The Historic Buildings Council, among other things, maintains registers of the state's old buildings, issues permits for the demolition of buildings on its registers and provides financial assistance to the owners of assorted old piles. Perhaps, most importantly, it also has the power to issue interim preservation orders covering buildings under threat Since the council has temporarily ceased to exist a fast-moving developer with a well-motivated demolition team could, in theory at least do his bank account no end of good right now. The 15-member council includes nominees from government departments and from bodies like the NationalTrustthe Institute of Architects, the Royal Australian Planning Institute, the Institute of Engineers and the Master Builders Association. The previous council contained only one woman member, Ms Jennry Arup, from the planning institute. A new list of nominees, comprising three names from each of the council's constituent groups, has been drawn up for submission to Cabinet. We have been unable to discover how many women are on the latest list Fun up north THE Government of the sovereign state of Queensland spent dollars by the truckload yesterday celebrating the 126th year of its independence from the rest of Australia. The splurge was to mark Queensland Day, which, in case you've never heard of it, commemorates the day on which Queen Victoria signed the letters patent legally separating Queensland from the dreaded south, in those days New South Wales. The Bjelke-Petersen Government resurrected the iTOMDUGGAN-1) day only four years ago after other governments, presumably all less sensitive, had forgotten about it for more than 100 years. A Queensland Day committee has been appointed to orchestrate the celebrations, under the capable (and well paid at $35,000 a year) control of an executive director, Mrs Judith Calla-ghan. Actually, her appointment caused some jobs-for-the-girls protest as Mrs Callaghan is the wife of Mr Allen Calla-ghan, former press secretary to the Premier. Our man at yesterday's big bash reported that the day got off to a bad start when Queensland's most famous commodity, the sun, failed to show. In fact it was even snowing out west Undeterred by this, Sir Joh went on ABC radio to congratulate Queensland for being his state and the resulting talk-back calls ran 10-to-one in agreement with him. About the only sour note occurred at lunchtime when 60 robed academics took to Brisbane streets, marching in single file to avoid arrest for staging an illegal march. They were protesting over a range of Queensland events, including anti-strike laws, abortion raids and the Bjelkemander. But the single file strate-gem didn't fool the sharp-witted Queensland police. Five of the academics were arrested anyway. Bound to fail IRELAND'S President Dr Patrick Hil-lery, has offered, or perhaps threatened, to do a Ronald Reagan on Bob Hawke and find him some Irish ancestors. In his speech to a parliamentary lunch in Canberra on Wednesday, Dr Hillery noted that our Prime Minister labored "under the handicap of not having Irish antecedents", even though half the members of his Government were of Irish descent "But when we go back we'll work on it" he added. The Hillery offerthreat should not be taken lightly. In recent years, Ireland "discovered" a whole townful of relatives for President Reagan, who then obliged by visiting the tiny village of Bal-lyporeen. But since this column's Irish connections are as sound as anyone's, we confidently predict that any attempt to Irish-ise (or should that be Irish-eyes?) our PM is bound to fail. After all, who ever heard of an Irishman who didn't drink? Always a diplomat AUSTRALIA'S new ambassador to East Germany is clearly a born diplomat whatever his bosses in the Department of Foreign Affairs might think. Our man in the German version of the people's paradise, you will recall, is Mr Don Witheford, whose appointment was announced some months ago, not long after he had been suspended from Foreign Affairs for blowing the whistle on various lurks and perks used freely by our diplomats abroad. Police subsequently raided the Witheford home in Canberra. Mr Witheford was later charged but acquitted in court by a magistrate who had some acerbic comments to make about departmental hounding of the accused. It was after this that Mr Witheford was posted to East Germany, the kindest thing about which one could say is that it was at least better than being sent to Teheran or Bagdad. Mr Witheford is apparently thinking positively about it too. Yesterday a postcard from the new Oz envoy appeared on the press gallery notice board in Canberra. It read: "I've just finished two months brushing up my German in Frie-berg, which is a very picturesque city, about the size of Canberrra, on the edge of the Black Forest I travel to Berlin via London, arriving on 14 June. Hopefully, I present my credentials by the end of the month. The weather here has at long last wanned up and the place bears an almost uncanny resemblance to typical picture postcard scenes of Switzerland and Austria. Auf wiedersehen! Don Witheford." SYMPOSIUM: The Age symposium on tax will be opened by the Treasurer, Mr I n.eanng. upeaKers include the actu vice-president Mr Simon Crean, and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Peacock. OPENING: The Victorian ski season" opens this weekend but because of good I snowfalls Mt Buller will open its lifts free of charge today. EXHIBITION: 'New Guinea Today", an. exhibition of drawings by Joseph L Ha-" mylton, can be seen at 'The Age' gallery. I 250 Spencer Street from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Satur-I days, and 2 pm to 9 pm Sundays and public holidays. HEARING: The McClelland royal com-I mission into British atomic tests contin- ues in Sydney. ; HAPPENING lOO YEARS AGO Phenomenal weather was expert-, enced at Wilson's Promontory, on Saturday, when at about tena.m. a heavy shower of rain fell, accompanied by. hail. A few minutes after there followed" a vivid flash of lightning and heavy" peals of thunder, and at twelve minutes after ten o'clock a thunderbolt felt on' the promontory, breaking into balls -Of liquid fire, directly over the telegraphy and telephone wires, and close to theC lighthouse keeper's quarters. One of thte telegraph poles, half a mile off, wa shattered into fragments, and the wire for a distance of four poles from tfier battery room were fused into a sub-, stance resembling molten lead, the tele phone and telegraph instruments befcg -completely broken up. The case enclqs ing the telephone in the lighthouse porch was literally smashed, and frag, ments of it were thrown a height of fifteen feet up the tower stairs. The telegraph building was severely, damaged, as well as the principal light house keeper's quarters. Happily no in, jury was done to any person, although, e few minutes previous to the occurrence, several laborers were at work on the new lookout house. The Age', 8 June 18$. ft There were two first division winners. dj Tattslotto draw number 404. They wftt receive $187,575.81. Other dividend were: second division, $5681.50; third idi vision, $362.65; fourth division, $26.45 fifth division, $24.70. Z TATTS 2 aaaBBBBBBaaaaaBaaBBBBBBBBBJBBBBjBBBBBBBBaajBBJBJBi The winning numbers in last night' Tatts 2 draw were 64 and 85. The firs division prize is $818. TOY TIG AO cans ass TheAgebNo.1 for Classifieds QD (9 k AUSTRALIA j- PARLIAMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC WORKS REFURBISHMENT OF COMMONWEALTH CENTRE AND ASSOCIATED MAJOR FITOUT WORKS, MELBOURNE The proposal for the refurbishment of the Commonwealth Centre, Melbourne, and associated major fitout works, has been referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works for consideration and report to Parliament. The proposed work in the Commonwealth Centre comprises: Air conditioning of Block 1 . Replacement of Block 1 lifts. Installation of automatic fire sprinklers and improved lighting. Upgrading of services. Removal of asbestos-based fire protection material. Revised internal layouts. The estimated cost of the proposed work is $18.4 million at February 1985 prices. The associated major fitout work at 399 Lonsdale Street is estimated to cost a further $2 million. Persons or organisations wishing to make submissions to the Committee or give evidence at a public hearing planned to be held in early July 1 985 should advise the Secretary, Public Works Committee, Parliament House, Canberra, A.C.T. 2600 (telephone (062) 72 6327, 72 6 1 83. or telex 6 1 689) by Friday, 2 1 June 1985. Written submissions are required by Friday 28 June 1985. Copies of departmental submissions detailing the extent of the proposed works are available on application to the undersigned. R. B. FENTON, Secretary FRENCH PROVINCIAL ANTIQUE FURNITURE 11 -piece Dining Setting comprising marble top sideboard and matching serving cabinet, extension table with set of 8 cane seated chairs, all finely carved in walnut. A superb setting $5500. French Art Deco Bedroom Group of inlaid mahogany comprising 5-foot bed with two matching bedside cabinets. A unique group at $1950 Call and compare our values and many other exciting pieces alliens 443 Glenhuntly Fid., Elsternwick Enquiries welcome 528 2868 The football world is puzzled by Richmond's dramatic slump from second to ninth in the past four weeks. What are the reasons behind the decline after such a bright start to the season? New Richmond president Barry Richardson has strong thoughts on the subject and he reveals them exclusively in INSIDE FOOTBALL this week. Peter McKenna has some stern advice for League clubs who are currently preparing massive offers for several interstate stars. "Macca pleads with clubs to stop and think before throwing their money away on these players. Don't miss his thought-provoking column. For Footscray fans we have an in-depth interview with crack centreman Steve Wallis one of the driving forces behind the Bulldogs' bold showing this season. There's all this and more in this week's issue of INSIDE FOOTBALL. OUT NOWI F3514 A CRITICAL GUIDE TO TODAY'S PROGRAMS Channel 2 ( MOftMHO" 8.M Sesame Street 9.M Mr Sguiggle And Friends (R). 131 Play School. 1.M Words And Pictures. 11.15 Look At A Book. 11.21 Infinity Ltd (S). 18.41 Des Le Debut 11.55 The Friends Of My Friends. 11.29 Trapp, Winkle And Box. 11.41 Celebrations. 11.55 Explorers ( AFTERNOON ) 12.M Macbeth. 1.H ttuongiorno Italia. 1.25 Artists In Print 3.M Sesame Street 3.55 The Adventures Of Paddington. 4.19 Play: School. 4.25 The Wombles. 4.39 The Sooty Show (R). 4.55 Australian Wildlife Club Bulletin. 5.99 Chocky's Children (Final) (R). 5.39 Battle Of The Planets. 5.55 Come And Get It ( EVE NUNC J 6.99 Athletics 8.05 Inspector Gadget (R) 9.39 ABC National. News program, presented by Geral-dine Doogue and Richard Morecroft. 7.30 All Creatures Great And Small. Final of this stylish BBC drama series. The effects of war begin to threaten the harmony of Skeldale House. (S) (R)" 8.25 The Good Old Days 9.25 The Footy Show 10.09 Sow What 10.15 Up The Elephant And Round The Castle. Final of the British comedy series. (PGR) 10.40 Rugby. The 1985 Five Nations Championships. England v Scotland and Wales v Ireland. 11.40 The Steam Video Company. British series of comic AM macabre tales. (PGR) 12.10 Close Channel 7 ( MOftNING 8 am Daywatch. 7.99 Crusader Rabbit (R). 7.38 The New Shmoo (R). 8.99 Leave It To Beaver (B&W) (R). 849 The Herculoids (R). 9.88 Birds In The Bush (PGR) (R). 949 Video Kitchen. 19.88 Romper Room. 1845 Home Update. 11.88 Eleven AM ( AFTERNOON ) 12.88 Movie: A Night To Remember (PGR) (B&W) (R). 2.38 The Bounder (R). 3.80 Cop Shop (PGR) (R). 4.08 Wombat (C). 4.38 Now You See It (C). 5.88 Wheel Of Fortune. 5.38 Get Smart (R) ( EVENING 3 8.68 King Leonardo And His Short SiihWia fi.25 C.n Health. 6.31 Lippy The Lion (R). 7.08 Today. 9.88 Here's Humphrey (R). 16.98 Another World (PGR). 11.88 Here's Lucv iRl. 11.30 News ( AFTERNOON ") 12.00 The Middav Show With Ray Martin. 1.36 Days Of Our Lives (fuk). z.39 The Young And The Restless (PGR). 3.36 ueneral Hospital (PGR). 4.80 The Curiosity Show (R). 4.30 Os-sie Ostrich Video Show (C.. 5.08 Happy Days (R). 5.36 Blankety Bianics 6.66 Neighbors. Australian drama serial. Scott confides in Paul and Shane apologises to Maria. 6.30 News, Sport And Weather. Inc. Tatts 2 Draw No 297. 7.00 Day By Day. Lively blend of current affairs presented by Mark Day. 7.30 Family Ties. American comedy series. (PGR) 8.08 Gimme A Break (PGR) 8.30 I Movie: Shout At The Devil, a 1976 adventure about a poacher, his daughter and an expatriate Englishman who set out to blow up a German battle cruiser at the outset of World War I. It stars Lee Marvin and Roger Moore. (AO) (R) 11.00 Newsworld 11.30 In Search Of . . . (PGR) AM (R) 12.08 News Overnight All night news transmission. Channel 9 ( MORNING 3 ( evening" 6.00 News, Sport And Weather 6.30 Willesee. Current affairs program, hosted by Michael Willesee. 7.00 Sale Of The Century. Quiz series, hosted by Tony Bar ber. (S) 7.30 Webster. New episodes of the American comedy se ries. In Re: Webster Long, Part 1. 8.30 Movie: Silver Streak, a 1976 adventure about a businessman who becomes involved in a murder plot during a train trip from Los Angeles to Chicago. It stars Gene Wilder and Rich-ardPryor. (AO) (R) 10.45 Possession. Australian drama series. (PGR) 11.45 Tennis. The semi-finals of the 1985 French Open, from the Roland Garros Stadium, France. AM 5.15 Big Valley (PGR) (R) Channel 10 ( MOANING 3 6.06 Felix The Cat (R). 6.65 Pop-eye (R). 646 McHale's Navy (B&W) (R). 7.66 Good Morning Australia. 9.68 All My Children (PGR). 16.68 That Girl (R). 1648 Fat Cat And Friends. 11.89 Good Morning Melbourne (PGR) ( AFTERNOON ) 12.69 Movie: Return To Paradise (PGR) (R). 2.99 The Rockford Files (PGR) (R). 3.88 The Dukes Of Hazzard (R). 4.86 The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams (R). 5.66 Hogan's Heroes (R). 5.38 Perfect Match ( EVENING J 6.00 News, Sport and Weather 7.00 MASH. A soldier looks at the 4077th from a patient's perspective. (R) 7.30 8.30 Starsearch. Up-beat variety program which draws on untapped talent (Final) Movie: The Outlaw Jo-sey Wales, a 1976 western about a peaceful farmer who seeks revenge when Union soldiers murder his family during the Kansas-Missouri border wars. It stars Clint Eastwood and Chief Dan George. (AO) (R) 11.05 News 11.15 Movie: Gun Fight a 1960 western about an outlaw who is tricked into believing that his brother betrayed him to the law. It stars Jim Brown and Joan Staley. (B&W) (R) AM 1245 Music Video. Hosted by John Torv (all night trans-. mission) (AO) SBS-TV (Channel 0 on VHF; 28 on UHF) ( MORNING 3 11.00 Electric Company. 1140 Magazine (R) ( AFTERNOON ) 1130 Movie: When Joseph Returns (R). 2.06 Close. 546 She Came Out Of A Clear Blue Sky (Slovak) (R) C EVENING 3 6.00 Seeing Is Believing. Children's series. 6.30 I Live In. Series about chil- Our TV stars, as selected by 'The Age TV writer, Barbara Hooks, rate as follows: Worth considering Excellent kirk Not to be missed dren living in six different countries. (Dutch) 7.00 News 7.30 Simon: Ecstasy And De light Brazilian variety program. 840 Dateline. International current affairs present-ed by Paul Murphy. 9.36 Movie: The Rice Field, a drama about the gossip and ill-will which results when a manager recognises a young worker as his own daughter and pays her special attention during an annual rice harvest It stars Elsa Martinelli and Folco Lulli. (Italian) 11.05 Movie: Dedication, a 1980 drama about a prisoner who commits suicide before a journalist can interview him. (Spanish) METHODIST LADIES' COLLEGE I 207 Barker Road. Kew. 3101. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO GIRLS ENTERING YEAR 7 IN 1986 FULL Rosemary ISER, Balwyn North Kirsten WAKSH. P.l.C. HALF Joanna CALWELL, Laburnum Katherine GORE, Greythorn Madeleine GRIFFITHS, Donbum Martina JOHNSON, Mont Albert Tamara LITTLEWOOD. Mont Albert Joanna MASEL, Auburn Gwyneth MORRISON, Vermont Kate STEWART, Canterbury Rebecca TAILBY, Bayview Bridget WARD, Greenhills Megan WARRELL. Research Katharine WESTMORE, Sacred Heart. Kew RESERVE FULL Emma-Jane JOHNSTON, Armadale Vanessa MARSHALL. Kew Joanne STUART, Mary Immaculate, Ivanhoe CONTINUATION HALF Suzanne FIELD Philippa SHOLL Kasha SINGH Every Wednesday. For advertising contact ' Julie Robinson on 600 421 Rt rtta V THE AGE PRICES Recommended and Maximum only. MONDAY TO FRIDAY Victoria and Sthn. NSW by road .30c Southeastern SA by road ' 30c Broken Hal by road -35c ACT. Tasmania. King and Finders Is. NSW Mine. Cooma and Sth. Coast). South Australia ::: . , 35c Southern Queensland , , 40c Nth. Queensland (beyond focUiarnpton). WA. Ahce Springs and Elsewhere 55. o onfe fKR MlT JIJLEd Ug UULJ Ug U U Crv Z-AL Hey, Hey, It's Saturday. The same old gang at a brand new time. oooLz: oooJ GTVCE&T

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