The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1945 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1945
Page 5
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Thursday, February 22, is the Tlitonka, for a livestock Sale which date chosen by S. L. Loss, n§ar I will be advertised late*. nofih of §wea. foe the. highest fKfcs. Ftttjtt* formation on ceilings,, Hoenk Mo- tfrf Service, West df Cdutt House. WANTEC: Martlet! m|tt oft fafffl P. M. ChWstenson, Lows K6cK Iowa. BIG FARM SALES FOR NEXT WEE Wednesday, Feb. 14, B. E. San- tteVs will hold a closing out sale <M1 the old Robert Pink farm 5 miles east on the pavement from Algona and 2y 4 miles south. He offers 127 head of livestock, including 5 horses, 53 cattle and 65 feeding hogs, as well as a good line of machinery. Thursday, February 16, Edward H. Mawdsley will hold a closing <^Ut sale at his farm 5 miles southeast of Algona. His offering of 84 Jaead of Livestock includes nine head Of the finest horses adver. tised in this vicinity for some time. They are -all purebred Per- Cherons with pedigrees. He also 1)BS 65 head of cattle, 10 head of Shotted Poland China bred sows "i Friday, February 16, Clinton Waltman will have a closing out Bale at the Hodgson farm 40 rods south of Burt and will sell 141 bead of livestock including 10 head of horses, 8 head of cattle and 123 head of outstanding purebred Du- rpc hogs. He also offers a long list of machinery and some seed. Saturday, February 27, John Farrell will hold a closing out sale at his farm % mile north of Whittemore, offering 88 head of livestock which includes 12 head of horses, 35 head of cattle and 41 hogs, also machinery. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES ' Minimum charge 256 for IS tvonls or less. When paid with order, 2e per wordj when charged, 3c per word. Nio ag- commission allowed. If advertising agents Charge their clients Sc and send cash with order they receive lo commission. Blind ads 25c. WANTED: MatWed man to work on fann. Experienced. Separate house. Ray McWhdrtef, Bu?I 6*6* WANTED: White kitchen range Phone 654-J evenings. Mrs Wickey. 8 For Sale FOR SALE: Young Holstein mill cows. Also Mpline 2-16 plow Jake Meyer, 1 mile west and I 3 / mile south of Wesley. a2*l DESK BLOTTERS, assorted col ors—chocolate, green, red, pink blue and cedar for sale at the Upper Des Moines office, 15c. FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Typ A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call De Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulatior Co. 44tf FOR SALE: Early maturing Pioneer 353-A, 353, 341, in large, medium, and small flats. C. L. Bailey, Phone 626-J, Algona; or Amos Angle, Phone 958-W, Algona. 5-8* Farmers Attention Place your orders now for drain tile, creosoted posts, woven wire and barb wire, as these items are scarce and difficult to secure. We still have a supply of coal and can deliver right to your homes, PHONE 229 S. Norton & Son I No, it was really fun! Just think! The two of us erected this 131 IS size De Luxe Brooder House in a few hours without any outside help nor expense! Won't Bill be proud of it when he gets home? And, remember, I didn't have to bother with getting a priority nor running around for lumber and hardware! I know that all of us will be mighty proud of this building always! I see the neighbors are keen about it. Don't forget, Dad, that our De Luxe House is made with those steel-strong glued laminated rafters to which the resin-bonded plywood walls are nailed and welded at the factory. Just like the mosquito bombers in construction. Its lightness had us fooled. But now we know it's stronger and lighter and the material is mlso lice, mite and vermin proof and unaffected by moisture. It seems too good to be true, but we know it will never ewell, buckle nor lose its fine appearance. It is a more aanitary house. Our chicks like it. The ventilation is wall planned lor freedom from floor drafts. In the Premier House Booklet "Your 7th Building" they call this "Tomorrow's House... Today!" Do you suppose, Dad, our neighbors could get copies free? t am sure they can, Sue! Anyone needing • Poultry Building ought to let the local dealer show the line of Premier Streamlined Brooder Houses! And Laying Houees, too. COWAN Building Supply Co. PHONE 375 FOR SALE: Five room bungalow at LuVerne. Partly modern. G. H. Meyer, Whittemore. 4-6* FOR SALE: Blue Tag seed potatoes and tablestock potatoes. Different varieties and sizes. Best of quality. Thoreson Brothers, 4 miles west and 3 miles north of Swea City. 3-tf FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating serv" ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. WANTED: To rent by March t modern house with 3 or 4 bedrooms. Paul M. Seeley, Hutchison Building. a8* WANTED: Help, male or female at Dry the Algona Cleaners. Laundry and 6 MARRIED MAN wants job as farm manager, to farm on 'share basis or alone. Call 612, AlgOha. 6* phone 275, Algona. 20 -3-8tf FOR SALE: Baled red clover hay and straw. Tom Sampson. 5-6* FOR SALE: Three room tenant house, two sections, 9x12— 9x18. Reasonable. Possession March 1. Maynard Wiegand, 1 mile east Titonka. 5-3 FOR SALE: Brooder house, 12x12, lined inside, steel roof, ost $126 new two years ago. Price $100. Andrew Koppen, Bancroft. 5-8 WANTED TO RENT by Office!? and wife, 3 or 4 room,furnished apartment with bath. Call Lt. Greenbaum. Phone Hotel Algona. Ro6m '218, "" 6* WANTED: • Dishwasher. ' Lusb'y'*$' Giossi. fi* Lost-Found STRAYED to my place one horie about two months ago. Owrie^r can have same by paying for costs. Nick Weydert, Bode. Phone 2601. 5*7 FLOOR SANDING SAd ftenHlsn. Ing. Heavy commercial fec]uijs« ftient. Portable p6w6t" plaht. C6\van Bldg. Supply Co., phbfte 276, Algofta. 17*3»8tf Exchange fieut. Basement Good Used Furniture Dming foom—Living room fiuite* Breakfast sets. Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJtSTROM'S FURNITURE . any iJUrpoI^ yoiieari df der theft at Thfi AlSoftt UpiieJ. fieg Mein*s. 40c fin'd Up. 13*tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, dU bums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. i-u SEE ME • FOR Real .flargalfts iri farms, 16ans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. — Phil J, Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-t/ tNt A ID LINOLEtJM, linowall, .tile, laid by experts. Custom ork! Cowan -Building Supply Co;, phone 276, Algona. 16-3-8tf tePEWRITER RIBBONS: All tlrids of typewriter and adding machine ribbons. The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algeria. 6tf /iJISPLAY advertising copy must be in the hands of our Printers by Wednesday noon to FOR SALE: One good team of roan horses. Six and seven years old. John Metzger, Lotts reek. Phone 11F131, Algona. 5-6* LOST: One tractor chain about £ miles southwest of Algona. Reward. Joe Besch, Whitte'mo'vti 6-8 Miscellanebus 'OR SALE: 160 acres. Winnebago County. Well improved, well drained, electricity and drill- d well. Poss. March 1, 1945. 125. Long term contract. Inquire of owner. Avery Fitch, Phone 17 on 96, Burt. a5-7* FOR SALE: Tame hay in stack. 13/4 miles east of Burt. G. W. Patterson. 5-6 FOR SALE: 2 saddle horses. One spotted, coming four years old, with foal, and 11 year sorrel gelding. Donald Erickson, 5 miles west and 3 miles north of Algona. 5-6* WE HAVE water tanks, hog -troughs and pans, chicken nesb feeders, brooders, etc. Raesly Lumber Co., Phone 234.' 6-3 WILL TRADE 4 section flexible lever, peg tooth harrow with folding draw bar, in good shape, for 9 ft. or larger springtooth harrow. Lyle Runchey, West Bend. Iowa. 6* DUROC JERSEY Bred Sow Sale Wednesday, February 14, at farm 2 miles north, 1 east of Renwick, Iowa. W. H. Helmke & Son. 6* FOR SALE: Shepherd pups from heeling stock. Males $8, females $7. Henry Pergande, 1 mile northwest of LuVerne. 5-P* FOR SALE: 35 purebred Chester White bred gilts. Will farrow in March and April. Extra good gilts from large litters. George Wolf, LuVerne. Corwith Phone 36F16. 5tf FOR SALE: 20 head of Duroc brood sows. Start to farrow first of April and May. 2-14 Oliver tractor plow, almost new. Jake Meyer, Wesley. a5tf FOR SALE: 12 ft. Meat case. Triple glass. 7'6"x9' all wool Wilton rug, $25. Steamer trunk. 2 Bedsteads, p. m. Phone 428 before 0 8* FACTORY MADE BROODER HOUSE It wasn't ao hard to put up, wai it? FOR SALE: Used cxeam separator, heating stove, milking machine, Maytag engine, Briggs & Stratton engine. New wringer rolls and service for all makes of washing machines. Belts of all 'sizes for washing machines and refrigerators. Algona Maytag Co. 6* €ORN SHELLING Anyone wanting corn shelling done call 734LJ. New John Deere shelter. Will deliver corn to elevator. Carol Hutchins, Algona. 6* TWO FRESH Do Nuts and cup of coffee, lOc at Consumers. 6-11 Since K. J. Fox is moving into the house now occupied by us we are selling the furniture and household goods. Will be at the house evenings and Sunday. For daytime appointment phone 2151. Location 1st house north of the railway tracks: 2 beds and mattresses, cot, single or double, ironing board, folds and attaches to wall, 2 walnut tables, large buffet, vacum cleaner Sanizor has numerous attachments, dresser, large rug, -'two dozen hand made small rugs, 2 rqckers, some,* kitchen utensils, electric lamp, G. E. electric oven, blow torch. I. H. Hospers, Wesley. 6 FOR SALE: 35 purebred Duroc gilts. Will farrow in March and April. Heavy hams and wide backs. A nice group to select from. Bred to boars that have a lot of quality and type. John F. Weber, 2 miles east of Irvington. Algona phone. ' 6-8* GOOD COAL is very scarce'but •we have another car of premium Nora lump coal on track now Raesly Lumber Co. Phone 234 ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 for 35c. 34-tl SELL your, late model car to us FOR SALE: McCormick-Deering 102 corn planter, good as new. Also some popcorn. Waif Waltman, Corwith. 6* FOR SALE: Hereford bull about 18 months old. Four Shorthorn heifers fresh six weeks. Also breeching harness. Jens Sorensen, Algona. 6* FOR SAI.E: Eight Holstein milk cows, fresh two months. One registered two year old Holstein bull. Prewar De Laval milking machine, two years old, good a.s new. Amos Finnestad, Fenton. Phone 356. 6 s ' FOR SALE: Good clean Boone oats, combined. Henry Kubly, LuVerne. Phone 2801. 6-7* FOR SALE: 32 volt" Delco light plant. Radio and four motors. Chester Sill, 5 miles north of Sexton and 1/2 mile west. a6* FOR SALE: You can buy a good mill business and good home in Kossuth Co. See Joel M. Herbal, Real Estate and Ins. 6 FOR SALE: Phone 2F11. 60 foot windmill. 6* FOR SALE: 60 acres of soft corn in field. Approximately SV'a miles northwest of Bode. See or call Mrs. Irene Johnson, Roods Cafe, Bode. a6* FOR SALE: 156 acre stock farm. Large building modern house near Algona, $20,000. Paul M. Seeley, Hutchison Building. 36'* FOR SALE: Hay, 60c a bale. Roy Peters, % mile west and % mile north of Swea City 6-8 * FOR SALE: Used Maytag motor. Roy Peters, % mile west and % north of Swea City. 6-7* FOR SALE: Generator mounting brackets and drive pulley with V-belt for F-20, 1932 to 1937. Roy Peters, % mile west and % north of Swea City. 6-7* FOR SALE: One high grade Guernsey cow. Fresh soon. Fred Neahring, % mile west of St. Benedict. 6* FOR SALE: Building 14x20; also •two Holstein heifers, just fresh. Andy Godfredson, Algona. 6* FOR SALE: Hay in barn. J. W. Scholtes. Phone 838-W. 6' WANTED: Married man for farm work. Year around job, best of wages and extras. House with electricity furnished. Thoreson Brothers, 4 miles west and 3 miles United Service Women Serving Lunch Saturday, Feb. 10 Begin 10 a. m. Throughout the day In building formerly occupied by Dry Dock This beautifully tailored skirt of super-soft wool is just the thing for all sports. "Wear with your favorite blouse or sweater. This Bobbie Brooks original has three grand box pleats, front and back. Comes in a number of lovely, gay colors. Sizes 9 to 17. $0.60 CHRISCHILLES' Swift's Baby Chicks Have SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT! p.prenfs we. re husky before me. Yes,-sir, I'm bred for vigor, vitality and vim." U> -Man.can ' . ft I resist diseases. I come from a flock that is supervised, culled and tested to high standards." m - By actual test, more than 103,000 Swift's Baby Chicks made a 98 percent Hvability record for the first three weeks." Buy your boby chickf «t Swift'i HoUhery, Choice strain* of profitable, popular breed* ,»<?9t ypwr Swift'i Baby Chieki eprly-for an early-maturing, money-mqkingi 945 flock, SWIFT'S HATCHERY | * PLACE Votflt Commercial iof Supply Card Off hanks wish' to,thank, oltf . neighbors Jo? the beautifu fldweffs and, kmdn&fe to us during ouf recent befeSveftiefit, Mr.-.fin* Mrs, Keftfieth' Bfaytea, Mf. 6tfd Mrs, Nick BehreMs, M*s. Matilda Olson, and Mfis; fiettha Bally, d* Hardware Items 2SO Ib. Utility Scale $4Jg 24 Piece Silverware $1M 3/8 in. Log Chain $$.00 RUBBER COVERED Motor Cord ...per foot (Qc ELECTRIC SOLDERING IRONS Kohlhaas Hardware '!a£IuI.3IidJ A* LAW •^ HARRINGTON & ItiWK R. J, HArrlfirftd'fr JjtJ. LMW« Rooms 2l24*>ftrBl Nlt'I Bk, BWf, ALCKJNA, IttWA W. B. QUAftfON fit, W, ATTORNEYS- A* LAW Office W'Sawye* fiUlldlilg -onS '*» , toffiA;;; Theodore (3. ; Hutchison Security State Bank Building Phone 261 AlgOnft, J. Vah'Ne&s Allen A. Brfirmo* VAN JflGSS A BttUNSON ATTbRNEiYS A* LAW Offices in new Hclse Building Phone 218 Algona, Iowa Special of The Newest and The Finest in Fur Coats by Marshall & Swift at Elite Shop MONDAY FEB. 12 Mr. Groenfeldt Representative Gaylord D. Shumwav Edw. D. Kelly Harold F. Fristedt . , SHUMWAY, KELLY & FRISXED* ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Hutchison Bldg. Phone 6ft , ALGONA, IOWA UNNAN ft LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algona, Iowa Phone 261 Off Ire over Kosauth Mut. Ins. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA L. A. VVtNKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona, low* PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS O. H. CRETZMEYEB, M. D. Phone 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office In John Galbraith Bldg, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON MELVXN O. BOURNE Phone—Office 197 Res. 1M Across from F. S. Norton & Son DBNTIS1B A. J. BASON, Dentist -.Office overtJames Drug Store ' Phone Office 59 Residence 85O KARL, R. HOFFMAN ~ DENTIST Office in New Helse Bldg. Phone 44 Res: Phone UA OPTOMETRIST •A. W. Amunson • ' Office—Borchardt Bldg. Eyes Examined Res. Phone 436 MISCELLANEOUS ANTONE E. JOHNSON (Burpee Agency) District Agent Northwestern Mutual Life '• Algona, Iowa Phone 656 , Res. 17S EMMETSBUKG PRODUCTIOK CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to Farmers and, Stockmen with a sound basis for credit •„,,'. :" Rate!4;M%.. \^»^t Part time office, Friday'1 "to 4 tf. m. s at E. C. McMahon Office/* above S. & L. Store, Algona.' ' A"*, I •*'> CATTLE FEEDERS... S/>eciaJTANVILAC May be "JUST THE THING FOR THIS SOFT CORN CR|P: Lots of feeders tell us that this year's corn doesn't • quite seem to get the job done*, . . seems to he lacking in what it takes to put on flesh and finish QUICK! ; Try Special Tanvilac Now u 1 j - r •„•'. • '• • Make the Special Tanvilac test on your cattle today. Just add Special Tanvilac to'"what you are now feeding BUT BE SURE TO CUT BACK 25% ON TOTAL INTAKE, Then watch your cattle. We believe you'll see a nice change for the better in a few days' time ... for example, improved digestion of all grains; increased gains at lower feed cost, SPECIAL TANVILAC HELPS MAKE AN AVERAGE RATION TURN OUT GREATER THAN AVERAGE RESULTS ON BEEF AND DAIRY CATTLE. A little Special Tanvilac goes a long way. Check your Tanvilac dealer today for simple feeding instructions and low cost price, LIST OF DEALERS Algona Flour * Feed Co B, I* Krant* & gon , Hamilton Battery ............. , ...... , ............... Bancroft Hobwtou Co-Operative Elevator Co Robinson Produce <!o, -..„.-..» ------------- , AUalfo MUtioff (I*, ,„.„ Simon F, Stem* v».r- Te<J Hinders f .,,.....^,._ rw . raT HaroW Oxlsy 5 .... v . r ...,. v ., > ..,.S,,,.. — , Bwrt U9-Opw»Hye PsvalffF $9, --------Lone Hack CQ T Qp*r*t»ve i«PAM)f e — .. RALPH TICE Distributor Phone 3J5-W AJgona, low« Typewriter Paper 500 sheets 75" This Is a gooa grade bond paper and will make ah ex cellent school paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines "BETTER QUALITY* SERVKT HEADQUARTERS for Made-to-Ordcr RUBBER STAMPS Your order* will be filled promptly and efficiently QRDER NOW I STAMP PADS AND : INKS BAND STAMPS-SEAU

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