The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 2
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TAKES PART IN Sw la a .sad . to , hard way. . Ao»>it - *« (fer.ew <sv<syO»Mg it had into fort. At dswn toese low»ws W . to ml wMto fe*» ~™™ M, fcwl «fl4 Cart to !*« Pfc, Owrtes ifteit, Kwto'ily ' wf 102 Jt in J3ws for , has n^ had a fwrixwigh a* meeting «f the W, a««r- The .6. C. S. will . . /an, 81, at the etty h.-J». FARMS FOR SALE per 1— J35-acre improvedf I- -160 acre unimproved— 4804)0 p*r sere, AH fb.e*« farm* sr« well loc*t«<L P. J. Kohlhaas Farmer Manager and Registered Dreinsge Engineer, , JMswlsy $t (H» <&5*iBt at tost r,, f n* WesrtW, Mb Swa* CSJy, ttensM Tmigs IML, *0«r to . BMtort D, sit ittoe Ressuth . Mr, Pratt ts fitamer Bf»s, Mfes W«!«n fwsplt&t Ifi Al- JJi« home of Mr, /aadl Mr*, «w Witer, &gt/a».<S Mrs, Hairy M»lt«« and .and Mrs, Isnwss Paulson . , r«cenliy at Uw boms «( Mr, . . Mrs, I/ewis JVferkte an4 her two rs, Mae and Franm, She week-ewJ in Sfc Paul at !lh« H, , Virginia Le«, intent of Mr, and Mrs, Ervin Barton, ment, Miss June of r, an rs, rvn , was recently taJwm to a hospital in Fort Dwige tor medtesl treat- Miller of Lincoln, ,, came recently to visit her parents, Mr, sn4 Mrs, Alex Milter, June is employed in a war plant at Lincoln. Mr, and Mrs, Richard Basham and son at Cherokee spent the week-end visiting at the home of , with other friends. News Hem* of Hurt of **** *• to fi& * Mm, , F«a<l towue test*. IMi I/a vSwa at Sundtay of KaShteen OTOCB festl «f Jte 1C«!»Mlb f*i- nwsmtoens at their „„,„„ Ea«h and itarvey left wHh ttw group fttwa. Algona Wednesday for Fort Snelltog to foe indM.d«d Into the service, lL*se BrayiUwij Petty Ottteet 1-tt t cams th*.la#t of the weefc for a visit with relative* here. He has keen in J&c navy over two years, OeSi Steward, son ot'Marshal »,id Mr*. Walter Steward, who entered the service in December, is stationed at Ciarop Hood, Texas. Friends of Mr, and Mrs, Carl Reynolds spent Tuesday evening of last week at their home. The {fathering was in honor of an anniversary, Mrs, George Sentfbush is visiting her husband who is at a camp in North Carolina. Her two children arc staying with their grand- in of tbe toa«y, . ar* ttafctag in plaee ot LIT VERNE NEWS w«r*?R-«;*wj. y*.»**»M»v **" ""^ "-*"•'"* -- arcn arc wiuaying wiu* mcir u»a«.u*- Mr, and Mrs. J, A, Hjelle and p aren u ( Mr. and Mis. Henry .i,i< t» «*U»y> f»-J/>n/1s r_i^_ |iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH^ ( Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Stock-1 holders and Patrons of the Algona Co- | Operative Creamery Company j A LOON A, NMVA H .IANUAKV 1-2, IMS s § NOTICI-; IH IIUHKBV GIVMN, according to Ui« Article of Incorporation, || § Ihiil. iIn- Moulin- annual »i«wl.liiK of Ui« above namml corporation will be held In = ga llic t'oiiri. Hous^ on January I'.7, l!Mf), S B -rii« mi-HliiB will bi* willwl l,o or«i«r hy tliu Chairman at 1:00 o'clock P. M. S= S fo,- ih,' piirpo^' of <>l«*'Uon of dir<K:l.ora for UK; coming y«ar and for rocoIvlriK ~ § nnil It' «i|.|»rovi«l, rnilfyliiii nnd confirming all tli« u«m and iiroccodlugB of the = S jjoanl of UfrcHorM of lliu Clorjioral.lon rlonn and l.akon during Uui prftcwJIng = @ ywir and for ilm i.raima«llon of wiifih fiirtliur and ol,h<-r buHlncHH OH may properly || S comi' linfor«i« iiin'il.lng, s~ 1 Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company | § M. I'. CIIIIIHTIANHION, B«H:'y and TrwiH. | iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TO ELECTRIC CONSUMERS Tim War i'roduHlon Moard liau rciiiiftilcd IIH l.o notify you of l.lio Ififliiancc of lltlllil«u Oi-ihu- ll-li prohlhliliiK rmtaln HIII'H ol 1 1'lwvl.riclly. Tim purpoHC of thlB Onli-r In lo Hitva Hcarim fimln inu'd In Iho gitnoraLlon of <sl«((:Lrlolty aw part of« ovur-ull war Hum fiml ciinHiTvalliiii program of Urn UnlU«l HtaUm (iovornmcnt. Meier, S-Kgi, John D. Peters left a Tlu; iiJiini of ehiolrlrlty which prohlhlled under pimiKrtiph (c) of the Or- =| ££3 ouidoor iiilviTilrihiK nnd outdoor promotional lighting, Oulduor dlnplny IlKlilliiK oxeopl- whore neceHHiiry for tho conduct of tho n) of outdoor («HliihllHhiih'iilH. week ago Sunday for Wilming- an, N, C,, after jpendfng his fur- ough with MM wife and baby and Is parents, Mr. and Mr*. W. T. Deters, Weldon Bolie v/ho entered the ervke In December i* stationed t a camp near Little Hock, Ark, Is is the fourth son of Mr, and Art, Chria Bollc to enter the ervicc, Raymond Elmers IB spending a cave with hi« parent*, Mr, and fin. Emil Efmer« and other rol- lives here, Raymond in a petty ffft-er 1-c in the navy and has cert In the Mediterranean area. SCHOOL NOTES I'lrsl and Second Grades Tho second graders who rccoiv- d a perfect score In spelling lo- ay were Darla Hussic, Jimmie ;i(l(l!rtKH, Dennis Ilammcrstrom, «jrry Ilinckley and Nellie Ward. Our stamp sale on Thursday irnounled to a total of $5.00. The Kecond gradn has started cieace this last semester. We ire studying about the seasons jf the year this week. Visitors in our room today were Mrs, Stanley ninek and Murlcne id Mrs. C, H, Schrucder. Third and Fourth Grades The third and fourth grades arc studying Eskimo land and reading Eskimo stories. They have dressed dolls In fur and arc making igloos, bears, and dog sleds for art. New officers have been elected In "Our Book Club." They ore Philip Soderberg, president; Karla Andersen, vice proBldcnt; Ro- ehiille Andrews, socrolary-trens- urer. Stamp sale in our room this wcck v v/aa $4.00. Thcae boys and girls had per r feet Sattondjface th.e,flrjt semesterY Joann,' RpcWelle/ :.:<SJcRda, PhHip, and Jerald T. • . Fifth and Sixth Grades Pupils hnvlntf perfect spelling lessons for tho nrst six weeks CO Yvonne, Barbara, Charlotte, ohn, Gladys, Fern, Doris, Palma, oy, Clnj'y R., and Jo Ann. Four pupils had perfect at- cndnncc tho first semester. They re Eugene Steward, Charlotte Drcmnncl, Fern Habcrgcr, and )orl« Kiclcbunh. Three persons had perfect spell- INSULATE NOW! FOR A Eagle-Pitcher Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cleveland moved recently from a farm near Llvertaore to a tana ea*t of LaVerne, Mrs. Cleveland te the former Bulnfce Frantz, Mto« Helen Cltrteten*en of ttes Koines spent the week-end with her parent*, Mr, and Mw, Harry ChrlsJensen. Helen is taking cadet nurses' training In DCS Molnes. ^_ The Good Will club met Thursday afternoon x at Ute city hall with Mr«. Clarence Krause and Mr», Frank San ford as' hostesses. Mr*. Carl Swatuon and Mrs, Chas. Hintz had charge ot the entertainment for the afternoon, A farewell party wa* held at the home of Mr. and Mr*. Walter Genrich and family who arc moving to a farm near Swea City. The evening was spent playing 500. Mr«. Paul Phillips won high prize for the women and Walter 2 ^ .. «f*iu«.^* Mr*. J, A, «Jrfk twfal^ *H4»te "Paresis «>d ttos SdfcwoJ", . Cecil Baiofer r*ad aa a "Pa«ni< aM Ite man." Mr*. F, t ChaptuAtt atid Mrs, lUchdrd tt wto« gittste A very «J*J5- lunch wan sensed at of tfte Farmers Ift the Inwotrf have reported coyote packs man bcring 10 to 18 art roving ttee bills and field*. Excellent! With two shols, State Game Warden Harlter ot Maquokefe took home the limit of 15 mallards, Harker, now known In bis Chot* Boy Cream Separators, etettrie aftd hand ttM ALTlHOfcl/EP DEALER ffftt Maytag* and Frifcidaire* We Srnte* AH Eatt*rr Rolb f«- AH Washers CHARM BY THE YARD c.,i bu>ui (Mrii...TW» wxMfc, ii foor nifeil, tn^f-rrit^ k>4m «'.« «« "»l ntltly t( 4»l|il ttlilibll li I'/,, 1 Cowan Bldg Supply Co. Phone 275 Algonu, In SALE 1 Reg. Gwoline 16 I'lO Ethyl Gawline 171'lO | Airplane Tires, Tubes and | Rims | I Six and eight-ply rayon cord tire.. Will fit any car or pickup j No Certificate Necessary | On hand at all times j | Montgomery Ward Tires, Batteries | | Grease and Oil | 1 SCHULTZ BROS. ( 1 Phone 975 Algona g JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIW^ outdoor decorative mid ouidoor ornamental Show wlmlow IlKUlliiK "xcnpt whore Decennary for Interior illmulmi- lion, Mnniiieo IlKlilluK In oxocHH of C,() will In for each marquee. While way ItKhllnK I" '^«' 1W) " r " l " »»>'»|'»l- «l«<l«nnl»ea hy local puh- He niilhorily to h«< lU'i'inimiry for ptddlc mU'efy. outdoor (n) IlKlilliiH' exempt for: ,„,.„„,, „„„, („• hioiiliriciit Urn HlgiiH wqiilml for flro and polioo pro,,„,,,„„ , mm ,. ( .,,ulrol, tmiiHportatlou lorminalH or hoHpltnln; or ,„,,„., , OIUI | ,„. i.i.Millflniltoii HlKiiH I'or any Hlmlliir ..•BHOiitlnl |Hil)llo ,«n-vl.-.M» the IlKhllUK "I' whirl. IK H,.eHfleally (^rllfled lo he neees- H,H-V hy local public iiulliorlly, Cerlirieatlou Hluill he u.ado In wrlt- I»K to' I In- .ipproprlHlo uleHrh- Hiippller and need not he In any par- llculnr form, ,„,.,„., ,»„«! ,,r Ident Iflent Ion HlgiiH iwlnB »«'(. more than «0 wntta ,„„. ohlal.llHhu.enl. for doctor and for hotoln, and other public (h) Y,m will wl.U to ro.uply fully with Ilio Orrtur nu.Mvo urgo that you unUor- tnho ImiiuntlHloly \vliatovor »uTHUKt»mtmU uro mu-oHWiry to bu uura tluit you ao 1(U( vll , ltuo , hl> onior whoii Iho imimluUH-y i»rovlHlo»H l,o<-omo oHootlvo 011 1'oDru- tU')' I. tW'lf'- Any WIIWIIUOP who vl»l»l<» ll.o Onlor IN nuhjool to puu»Ulo 8 pro.orlbe.1 by **• wUU'li iiuiy InoluUo tlu> Ulnooiilhuuiucu o( olootrlo «o-vio« at tho dU ,,r tlio \V«r I'n.auotUui Hottiil. U.ulor tho teruw of the who to tllHwuitltuto » violation of the Order. o huvo boou r«Hiu*>«UHt hy (h« NVur ProUnotlon to tirge you' 1 InimotU- >VO H«V»> Ml'»'ll rmjuvon'M >v «•" ••" .1,1 n., ..rl.1,,11 nva uto voluulwrv rtMupllniioo lu oHiulimth.B your ««» ° r «»««l^"y y l ul «« \n! "rtllv, lihnwry 1, 104B- TU« Hoard liau *!«» — tft " thttt wo you uuuliuum c-ou»t«rvutlou in your othor ua«s of City of Algona » 1 l.^Ul. «.**! \tifftfttV 'I UgUt and Water P*pt, C, U, l'(MJ-ARU, Supt, Public Woy jIHIIIIIIIilllllllllllll Hlililllllll ||||illllll!lillll[;ill!ll!!illll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIllllll IIH IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH llllllllllllllllllllll| CLOSING-OUT SALE = Having rented out my land, I will offer and sell my equipment at my farm lo- 1 cated 4 miles northeast of Algona, 2 miles north of highway intersections 18 I and 169, £ mile east, £ mile north; or 6 miles south of Hurt, \ mile east, i mile I •. north, on '. , -, •' , j. • • i^v- ^-- $-.**{;• M.4^:>^^ -' " x , t ' I Monday, January 29r IW5 I Starts at 11 A. M. L«^ h Served by Goo^ I 50 - HEAD OF LIVESTOCK Water- Proof Illown Homo IiiKiiliitlon IiiHlallod KsUmutu Call i!7fi S yours oxporionce TIlOUNUIIllN <>f NIlflHl'lwl Cowan Building Supply Co. —•— ^ • ^ r •'•."..• . = Lunch Served by Good Hope Church ^ Eight head Holstein cattle; 5 registered cows, 2 bred, 3 not bred; 2 heifer calves; one eligible for registration; 2 Shorthorn cows to calve in April. 40 HAMPSHIRE SOWS, BREDTO A SPOTTED BOAR, APRIL FARROW " "2 HEAD OF HORSES One good grey gelding, one blind mare. Set of harness. A private sewage system for Your Farm Think what this means! The comfort of a modem home brought to every member of tho family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost Is so small. Busy to install too. Farm Machinery 3 JOHN DEERE TRACTORS 3 All on Rubber - All rear Tires contain Anti-Freeze - All pushing up on ceiling 1 STREAMLINED "D" | 21-FOOT DISC 5 JOHN DEERE MODEL "G" POWER LIFT New rings, valves Just ground 4-ROW CULTIVATOR MODEL"H" POWER TAKE-OFF Overhauled recently. 2-ROW CULTIVATOR • Any F»nn Home M«y New H»yt • $»ih and lowdo 1 oilet fcOIBt 110UMUI ItUjW F* S, Norton & Son corn planter, No. 450, fertilizer attachment, 170 rods wire; 2-row mounted corn picker, No. 2a, ui^ 4 °' ft ' JoLn Deere elevator, like new, wide wagon dsncedMcki No. 6 combine, John Deere, 2nd sot of canvas, In good shape} windrow pickup, H raw H reader; v? n Brunt grain drill, 2 years old, all steel machine; John Deere power mower; attach- monts for D 0. * H" tSSo^ allo wlndrower; Case hay loader, good shape j. Case side rake, Wgh speed tmtoriCwtorttontootoitorrowi farm filling station; horsepower for elevator; .8 robber tired Sgons, 2 John DeeJe truck wagons auto turn; low-vvjieeled truck wagon; 6 wagon boxes, 2 flared; corn binder, McCormlck^Deering, good shape; Papec ensilage cutter, 50-<ft, P'Pf' . , Two sleds, one wide41red; John Deere manure spreader; dump r»ke; feed bunk; 84 steel stanch' lonsiuLr carrier track; hay track; roller door track pins'hangers; water wagon pump; -electric tool winder finKg^ miUrMcCorinlckieering electric cream separator; Minnesota binder; h»y buck rake; ? eultli acker roller stock cutter; 8 8-bottom John Deere plows, l<Mn, shares, also 8 breaker It;^8 Zllng tS; some chicken feeders and waterers; hand corn sbeller, 8 hay meks; S in* one "elf.feeder, forks, spades, shovels, and log cli«ins> oil stove; 8 wood stoves; scales, «ath tub; , Tlie best bybrid ever P «t out by Ames for North * 2oAACTll?IJWD^ 6000 FT, LUMBCR and «5wensloii imwbeMJseaiwroberffow a town 69x64 ffe 8x4»8 boards and poles, Corrugated iron roofiwst W B^ES WTWSAir H4Y, 300 BU,BOONEOATS, ^ 100 TONS ENSILAGE, «j .. No Bronerty to be remove* until settled ALFRED B. SCHENCK COUWEU. BROS., Aw*. SECURITY CTATEJBANK, Clerk IJ n Sr •.!

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