The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 2
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SENECA 4-H CLUB MEM FRIDAY Seneca: The Seneca Progressive Farmers 4-H club held a father and son meeting at the Seneca scho>61 Friday evening. Each 4-H boy had his father as a guest. The program opened with the pledge of allegiance to the flag, followed by group singing of and Dafffell fl«d KHftntfi W aUHier - *- rf .* ».«**.«* 47 A ' Agent A, L. Brown Irown the Seheea faHn bu* •• — »« *^*S*»F«* reau director. Lt/TMER LEAQtE MOLDS last. Mesdames MEET AT WILBERG HOME The Seneea Luther league fnet America, ftoll tall was taken by giving the greatest cro)5 Hazard on your farrn during the past #ear. This was" followed by a joint d'.s» cussion on the feed supply tor the anticipated 1945 hog crop. Countjr Agent A. L. Brown showed a fllm strip on the New England farm conditions. At the close of ''•"• meeting refreshments - consisting ™* % nt ^VKt i**^ of cocoa and doughnuts were scry- ±™! rt °™ Wllterg *«££ ed to the guests by their hosts. Guests were Messrs. Jens Petersen, Virgil Moore, Sheldon Mev- SEE Emmetsburg Catholic High PLAY St. Cecelia Academy This Sunday, January 21 2:30 p. m. Here Commercial Fertilizer To be sure of obtaining your supply of Commercial Fertilizer PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW Transportation difficulties and limited supply may make it impossible to get later in the season. Sargent & Company PHONE 360 2-3 Sorensen Specials Fresh Frozen Crushed Pineapple, Ib. Fresh Frozen Blueberries Ib. With Bowls or Glasses Miller Wheat Flakes 4 pkgs. 25c "720 Ijlue points^ ' v ' > ' Corn or Peas, No. 2 can 2 f r 25c Salad Dressing Quart Jars French Dressing bottle (4 red points) Sardines, in Tomato Sauce ..1 Ib. can (5(j Syrup, Penick, Dark £ gal. 3( c Peaches, No. 10 can (200 blue pts.) gQc Mince Meat 2 Ibs. 43 c Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Celery, Radishes, Green Peppers, New Cabbage, Carrots, Head Lettuce, Yams, Turnips, Rutabagas, Parsnips, Squash, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Tangerines, Grapes, Apples, Pears. SPECIAL ON GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen Tested" Enriched Flour With Coupon MJ| f n from Page 2 W&m 19 Stock up now at this price Redeem Your Coupons Early! Pork Loin Roast, end cuts (5 pts.) Ib. 25c Fresh Side Pork (3 pts.) .Ib. 28c Spare Ribs (3 pts.) ..Ib. |g c Pork Shoulder Roast (3 pts.) Ib. 3| c Link Sausage (3 pts.) Ib. 38 C A Grade Beef Shoulder Roast (3 pts.) ....Ib, 28c Prem, Treet or Spam (3 pts.) ..can 35 C Fancy Dressed Walleyed Pike ....Ib. 33 C Perch Fillets Ib, 3g c Oysters — Home Dressed Chickens Bring In Your Waste Fat Sorensen Grocery Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Phones 138—139 program opened WitH a short SoRf service followed by devotions led by A. E. Nelson. The topics for the evening were given by Mrs. Linus Jensen and Jeanne Wilberg, La Von Thompson sang a vocal solo after which Henry Looft gave a reading. Mesdames Linus Jensen and Otto Wilberg sang a vocal duet after which the program closed with group singing of "God Bless Our Men." The principal business of the evening was the election of officers. Robert Halverson was reelected chairman, Mrs. Henry Wilberg was re-elected vice- chairman, Harriett Olson was lung in iiwiiui UA iftzj, licunew diiQ aiT*25Ssra i^lSfVarara while the tfien attended the Joe Kennedy farm sale. Two <36ering children of son^ Minn., are v staying at the home of their aunt, the , Classens, while theif mother, Mrs, -XX, G ° er j"S'. ^ going through the clirtic at Rochester, Minn. Both Seneca first and setond basketball teams were defeated by the academy teams at Whitte«more Saturday evening, The first team was defeated by a small score, 38^32, the game being nip and tuck throughout. The Whltte- more seconds outplayed and out» scored the Seneeans, winning 30*7, mi "*""•"»"• i'""" »e"n" wise ane Mrs, Dru&te Nflbl6 WefS fils8'sXIU« per guests. Notice of Probate of Will Of IOWA, KOSStttPH Wi'X. S3. 4 IN falSTftlCT - . No. 5246 January Term, 1946 To All Whom It May Concern! You Are Hereby Notified, That 5 fi l5Wfi,.b6* rtU ft*/juilJt I nr* **.,„•"*** *^«ov**v* wuUTv Ol BBlCt County, or- the" GieTfK , bt, »!d Oouttj m at 10 e'ertok A7&Hf the day above menti6ned all &£ IBM Ifiteffisted afS Hereby ndtlfled aftd feflUirSd to appear, and shew ""\ftj If any they have, ^fay Said FLASH By Mrs. A, M, Anderson Bits About Them at Whittemorej M ceased, fhi«» to be the last Will and Testa- W66l> A, R> i August 15, 1829. , i case, ae ugu , 1829. having been this day filed, opened Mr. and Mrs. George and Mrs. Ruth Schultz Maahi with Mrs. Erwin Kuecker ii Ames from, Friday until Saturday. Mrs. Ellsworth Heidenwith West Bend, spent the week-end at the home of her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith. . Mary Jane, infant daughter of Pvt. and Mrs. George Frost was baptized Sunday in the Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell were sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gade received word from their, son. Wayne, who was inducted' into the service lately and is located at Great Lakes. Erwin Vaudt returned to St. Louis, Mo., last week Monday and will graduate from the ministry Monday, Jan. 15 from the Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis. George Maahs spent last week visiting at the home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maahs, Breckenridge, Minn., and with other relatives at Nashua, and Fergus Falls, Minn. Ensign Genevieve Alig arrived [ here Wednesday evening from San Diego, Calif. She came to attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Aurelia Alig, who was married to George Besch Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voigt and son James of here, Mrs. Milton Espe, Rosella and Evelyn Voigt, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson at Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker received word from Ames that Pvt. Erwin / Kuecker, who was with the 106th Division is reported missing as of Dec. 22, in Belgium. Erwin is the son of M.-. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker. Sunday afternoon visitors at the Arthur Heidenwith home were Mrs. George Meyer, Mrs. Bert Seely, Mrs. Edward Greinert, Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Jr., Mrs. Wm. Ost- 1 wald and Mrs. Ellsworth Heidenwith, the latter of West rBend.•'•-'. Mr. and Mrs, Henry Lauck and sons Paul and Ivan returned home from Steen, Minn.,- Saturday night where they visited with Mr. Lauck's parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Lauck, Sr., of Steen, arid with relatives near Rock Rapids the past week, Mr. and Mrs.. Vern Mathahs entertained a number of relatives and neighbors Saturday night at cards, the occasion being Mr. Mathahs' birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt and son Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber, Mr. and Mrs John Origer, Mrs. Steve Bauman of here, and Rosella Voigt, Mrs Hilton Espe, Evelyn Voigt an Marjorie Weber of Algona. Lunch was served after the entertain ment. iiiHH^i , Saldns predict 'big year for fllan bill. Evidence of TownLnd support * I'ecognked by Congreii men In Washington. More' than W 180 , pbpulat Votes were cast In the four west coast states in favor of the plan. County, or the Clerk of, said Court; and at 10 o'c ock A. M., ot fled and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and • allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. . Dated at Algona, Iowa, December 29, 1944. HELEN WHITE; Clerk Of District Court. Hutchison & Hutchison, Attys. Algona, Iowa. 1-3 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Krieps, Joan and Jerry, John Scherer and Francis Hubbell were Sunday dinner guests at the Mike Arnd'l home near Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Noble of Chicago came Sunday morning by train for a week's visit with his mother, Mrs. Drusie Noble STOCK UP NOW with GOLD MEDAL Enriched FLOUR SPECIAL PRICES ART PRIEBE GROCERY LONE ROCK, IOWA Save Coupon on Page 2 Swea City Hunters Bagging the Wily Fox Swea -City: The Des Moines Register photographer scheduled to be here to take pictures of the community fox hunt Sunday was not able to come, but will be here later. However a large number of hunters were out and one fox was bagged. It was shot by B. O. Anderson on the Geo. Pearson farm northwest of Swea City. In the hunt the Sunday before last, southwest of town, three foxes were goten on the Krumm and ;he Halvorsen farms. Wm. Burnett and Einer Larson are credited with getting one each and Granville Frye and Arch Burner together got the other. Notice of Probate of Will STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. IN DISTRICT COURT No. 5243 January Term, 1946 To All Whom It May Concern: You Are Hereby Notified,'That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testa- = """**••» '*••«« lillb A VS W1JOC1JU VI U** sade can no longer be Ignored or 1 denied. The voice of the people throughout the nation on election day 'has settled the issue. The money to pay the pension will be raised by a small rate of tax on all gross income both personal and corporate, making ya truly "pay as you go" plan, The gross income tex would quickly demonstrate that it Is not necessary to pay all of our governmental bills twice over. Adv. —^ GAS FURNACES With govern ment permission, • limited number ol Green Colonial gas-fired lumaces •re now being made. STOKERS and OIL FURNACES Green Colonial coal stolceri, oil burners and oil-fired units will also be ready soon and an early release \ of restrictions Is predicted. Check with us now. Laing& Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge St. Algona, Iowa GREEP GOLOfliL; FimnflCE sERYice YEARS TAKE TOLL, AS CARS BATTLE P WAR-WINTER! Fighting Mad! What with war-time restrictions keeping the family at home more, and everybody working harder and longer, a cozy, cheery home never meant so much before as it does today. No wonder the lady got mad! "Money doesn't stretch BO far these days," this typical housewife told your reporter. "And when I found I couldn't squeeze enough out of my budget for redecorating, I felt pretty bad, and pretty mad." She isn't mad anymore, however, because she did find a way to stretch her decorating money, with a flat oil paint called Uni-Tex. No washing, lealing, or priming of walls, no scraping off wallpaper was necessary; one coat of Uni-Tex did the whole job. "Cost about half of what I used to pay," she figures. "It's the best looking job I've ever seen, and J can wash it and wash it because it's a genuine oil paint." If you're interested in saving time and money on your decorating, invej. Ugate Elliott's Urn/Tex. Remember, its not water-thinned; it's a genuine, oil paint—the only one of iu kind. Visit, or phone , . . "That remind* ma, George...we must have the Standard Oil Man test our anti-freeze !" Hr >«<>. HAKDAHO OIL GOMFMIV owan Bldg Supply Co. Phone 375 Algona, la. Many a car owner finds himself bedevHed with car troubles this winter . . . because ordinary care isn't enough for older cars in this 4th War-Winter. Rationed driving, with its short trips and necessary slow speeds, drains battery life and power. It also builds up sticky sludge-which tends to clog oU hnes and screens, and may lead to burned-out bearings, to etucK rings and scored cylinders. The older the car? the greater the danger. » "Nurse" and "coddle" your cap for the balanc* of the winter. It will pay you handsome dividends in smoother. more economical operation and longer car We, See vow Standard OU Dealer frequently. , . Buy more Wta> Bonds TODAY SEE YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER for BWr Car Care Fight I Sl BOWL FOR BETTER HEALTH Special Bargain Offer 50 Ibs. GOLD MEDAL Enriched FLOOR Redeem Coupons at Hertzke's Grocery C. R. Smith & Co. DAKOTA, IOWA Clip Coupon on Pa«e 2 "She Got Her Roller Skates-* Thanks to the Operator" One motherless little girl had her wish for a pair of roller-skates .fulfilled because of the thotightfulness of art operator at ail Army camp telephone center. This operator had just finished a call for a Soldier, asked him if everything was all right. "It-was," he said, "but my little girl wants a pair of roller-skates and I can't get to the city." "Tomorrow is my day off," the operator told him. "Would you like me to get some?" He would—and she did. Next day the soldier called his youngster, told her the skates were in the mail and left the office beaming, - . Ttie firit fob of the optrilor-afHndanri it esmp telephone center* ti to tee that toldtera and till. on get the kind of telephone lervtee they w«it. But along with thli they eonitder It a great prlvf. lege to help Vlth eountleu little thlngi that mean, io,Kiuch to the men and women in the lervlca. NOKTHWISTEKK BILL TELEPHONE COMPANY SfJ ('• V Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Oranges, California Sunkist Navels/dozen 3! Texas Grapefruit, March Seedless, 96's, 10 for 35 Blue Goose Fancy Maine Potatoes ....:..... ..... IQ Ibs. 5§ C Canadian Waxed Rutabagas ....2 Ibs. || C N.o. 1 Jack Rabbit .. Yams ........ ........ .........3 Ibs. 29c California Sharps Carrots ...: .......... 2 bunches |9c Ruby Red Grapefruit, 64 size, 3 for Robb Ross Cuban Cane Sugar Syrup, 1-2 gal, jar 29c I 16 oz Jar Fure Preserves 33^ Assorted ' J6 O2 . Jar Jellies v .. : _22C No. 2 Size Butter Beans 2 for 29fi Mayflower Early No . 2 can June Peas 2 for 25fi Jack Sprat Condensed Tomato-Soup 2 for |5 C Planters 16 oz. Jar _ — ^ w vaue v**)a. Peanut Butter - 29c 4V6 oz. Jar Chow Mein Noodles 2'fpr 29c Standby 14 oz. Bottle Catsup ....:...........;., T - I9c 46 oz. can i Orange Juice 49c Jack Sprat 4)4 T —•-- —- s f -jry Vfit Stuffed Olives 29c Jack Sprat Canned Milk, tall can, 2 for r |g c Crystal White Laundry Soap, 6 bars . 23c SPECIAL BARGAIN Gold Medal Kitchen Tested Enrich,. , ed Flour Clip coupon on page 2 50 Ibs. with ' Coupon $2,19 Jack Sprat Flour 5'lbs. 29c Robb Ross Pure ' Buckwheat Flour .3 jibs. 49c Jack Sprat Pancake Flour .,.,3 Ib. bag |8c Betty Crocker New Method Recipes , *or America's Lovelj- - est Party Cakes with Softasilk 25c Choice Non-Rationed Meats Smoked Ham Box ..,.., Ib. 3lc Baked Loaves „„.:..„., y, Jb, 19 C Swift's Pork Loaf ,., ,M Ib. 83« Pork Liver, Sliced ... r .,, „>,—Ib, J9c Porte Hearts ...„........;,„,.„, Jb, gic Bacon Squares ...,„...,.„ ,.„ .jb. Pike, Northern, Dressed ........ . ....... Jb, Bullheads, Fresh .............................. ft, Pewh Fillets ,„ ..... . ................... . ....... Jb , x v<* , *, 'I 1 ; 1 , Steak r, — , .............. ,.,,.HI, 37,. Fresh Oysters . .............. .....;.,,,..,,...pi n t 88 c Jelke 7 s Good Luck Spread, Mo Points. Jack m , **«¥< J ,,-1 ( n »*&*,

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