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The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina • Page 11

High Point, North Carolina
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BISHOP 6B High Point Enterprise, Tucidoy, Feb. 21, 1961 To Your Good Health By JOSEPH C. MOLNER. Continuing Distress May Not Be Caused By Menopause MIAMI, Fla. A troop of girl scouts came through the coral courtyard, neat in their green uniforms and innocent of eye.

They studied the splendors of Vizcaya, but they did not understand the palace. Only one man does. He stood on the balcony watching them below. They did not see him because James Deering is long dead, and girl scouts do not believe in ghosts. He stood quietly, an impeccable little man with mixed gray hair, a fresh white linen suit, white calfskin shoes, a malacca cane, and pince nez glasses.

He was amused. It cost Mr. Deering $9,000,000 to build Vizcaya. Today, it is a Dade County Park and anyone can see it, in the heart of Miami, for $1.25. Mr.

Deering walked down the stone spiral staircase. He passed Eustace Edgecombe, who was a young Bahamian Negro working as a houseman when the palace was first built. He also passed Sammy Sands, a gardener grown old in the job. He nodded, but they did not see him. Now he wonders why he built it.

Mr. Deering moved into the palace on Christmas Day 1916 He spent only 90 days each year in it and he died aboard the liner Paris in 1925. Altogether, the prissy bachelor who preferred bourbon to women, spent 810 days there. It is a big exquisite tombstone, one of the finest In the world. Deering had the money.

He was a partner in the McCormick harvester machine company. McCormick had the ideas. Deering had the money. He searched the world seven times for beauty. He could not find it in a good woman; he could not see it in a child.

So he roamed the globe, making notes on a formal Italian garden here, an oriental statue there, a stone model of Cleopatra's barge somewhere else. He bought rare tapestries, whole ceilings, ancient scrolled doorways, bronze gates, rich chairs, tables he even bought four gold goose heads and necks as hot and cold water faucets for his marble bath. In Cuba, he saw a village with ancient Spanish tile roofs. He bought all the roofs for an enormous price and re roofed the whole village. He wanted that tile.

Then he picked a place. Mr. Deering lived on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, but a huge Italian palace with formal gardens and a stone barge would be out of place there. In 1914, he found a city of 8,000 persons called Miami. He moved south of the settlement and bought 200 acres of scrub jungle.

Mr. Deering hired 1,000 men to assemble his rococo palace. He bought a second tract of land so that men could quarry limestone and coral. When the place was finished, he hired 25 servants for the house maids were paid $50 a month and board and 50 gardeners for outside work. One day he walked to the greenhouse and met Sammy Sands' father.

Mr. Deering leaned on his cane and studied a tiny palm tree through his pince nez. "What rare species is that?" he said Mr. Sands said: "That is comv try gentlemen corn, Mr. Deering" His favorite expression was "My, my! Isn't that pretty!" Mr, Deering" had a valet who shaved him before a gold framed mir ror, and a young male secretary who traveled everywhere Mr.

Deering went. Sometimes he arrived on Dec. 15th by special Pullman car which pulled up on a Vizcaya siding. Once, in a burst of economy, he rode down from Chicago sitting in a parlor car. In front of the palace, on Bis cayne Bay, he kept his yacht Ne penthe.

It looked like a big houseboat between the dock and the stone barge. The society column ists said he staged wild parties Mr. Deering was opposed to wild parties. His guests were almost always the same conservative people: Mr. and Mrs.

B. M. Winston, Mr. and Mrs. Gadston Drake Mr.

Richard F. Hull, the R. E. Daniclsons, and Mr. and Mrs Chauncey McCormick.

He dined et sn oval table L' what he called "the breakfast room." From there, he could look out 1,000 feet at his gorgeous Italian gardens, the cascading stairway with stone ruts for wheelbar- fows, the arches with life size Roman statues on top. By 10:30 p.m. Mr. Deering expected that everyone would be in bed. The Deering courtyard has full- grown palm trees.

There, he sat at white wrought iron tables lis: tening to an automatic organ, with player piano rolls, intoning his favorite music. A sign in the kitchen said: "There will be no whistling in the palace while Mr. Deering is in residence." One of the girl scouts looked up and saw a miniature Spanish caravel hanging from a ceiling. She emitted a little wolf whistle. The ghost of Mr.

Deering looked up from a rare orchid in the garden. He adjusted his glasses and frowned. Then he smiled. Who would listen to him 'Dear Dr. Molner: Would you please set me straight on hormone therapy? I am 52 years old and have not menstruated for over two years.

"I've been on hormones off and on for 11 years, but they don't help me a bit. Could this be nerves? After 11 years, and you still feel as miserable as your letter indicates (I left out the details), I'd begin to have a strong suspicion that the reason is something other than the lack of hormones from menopause. It's been popular for women to blame any sort of vague or unexplainable discomfort on menopause. Well, this doesn't make sense. Women have been going though menopause for millions of years.

They got past it without hormones, just as youngsters have been struggling past the hard years of adolescence for a long time before we had any medical terms to describe their confused, blundering, groping instincts to grow from children into young adults. Medicine doesn't much change the rigid problems of living. It can now help us over the hard spots, and save our lives in instances when you and I were young, death would have been certain. I do not belittle the enormous accomplishments medical art and science, but I think maybe I should remind every friend of mine that medicine cannot perform "all" desired miracles just because it can do some wonderful things. The wonders of science do not mean are in a never-never land where nobody grows old, or stubs his toe, or gets sick, or dies.

We can't change the time at which menopause insists on starting. And when it starts, we must accept the fact that the ovaries with some variable abruptness, reduce the supply of hormones which they have been pumping into the system for some 30 years. In recent years we have been able to inject hormones, or give them by mouth, to ease the shock which the system encounters from menopause. With or without extra hormones, the body presently adjusts and hormones from the several endocrine glands of the body take over. When troubles persist year after year, look for some other, cause of the distress.

Disorder of the thyroid? That's one of the endocrine glands, remember. Anemia? Quite possible, and not too uncommon. Nerves? A frequent contributor. Poor nutrition? It's surprising how careless we get about the simple but important things. Inadequate rest? Not un common, either.

In a case such as the one we're discussing today, I'd think that after 11 years, a complete physi cal examination would be the thing with which to start, rather than trying to make a choice between only two or nerves, "Dear Dr. Molner: A few days ago I found a lump in my right side, next to my lower ribs. The doctor said he thought it was my kidney. I thought kidneys were located in the back. G.

They are. But in thin-waisted individuals with a thin abdominal wall, they may be felt from the side. If you are not of this type, then further study may be indicated to identify the lump completely. "Note to Mrs. K.

Inflammation, whether of the cervix or elsewhere, tends to heal if given a proper chance. You have had treatment which could have hastening healing. That's what treatment is for! You should have periodic Pap smears every six or 12 months just to make sure. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper requesting a copy of his booklet, "The Real Cure For enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover handling.

Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the matter of FACT Just 113 years ago Jan. 24, John Marshall loolced into a creek in California and found gold. He was building a mill for. John Sutter when his discovery started the California gold rush.

Sutter almost had a good he couldn't keep it quiet. People swarmed over his land and panned his gold. Sutter got very little from the rich find and was finally given a pension by the legislature. LOW PHONE FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio (AP) What may be the most lowdown telephone in Ohio, or practically anywhere else, is in a salt mine here. The phone usec to speed up communication be tween mine and surface is 2,000 down.

tremendous volume received daily, be is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' ques tions are incorporated in bis col iimn whenever possible. IT'S EASY AFTER THE FIRST ONE! TheyTl Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado OP OUR READERS SEEM TO FIND HUMOR THE INCONSISTENCIES OP LABELS-LIKE THESE FOR EXAMPLE- An? ABOUT DOVOO THINK THE MOTEL OWNECS REALLY MEAM FT? Iflk ONB OPSNS UP LIKE A 16-INCH CANNON ROM 'fHtM MAUSOHJSWL JWMFXARIOM CHEKEV.714VASSASAVE. 1 WHOLESALE THEFT TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) City police, plagued by a number of tire thefts, feared a major outbreak when someone stole an automatic tire changer from a service station.

SAFETY SLOGAN STOCKDALE. Ohio (AP) A truck loaded with caskets passed through with this sign on the back: "Please Drive Careful. Your Casket Isn't On This Load- These Are All Ordered." THEME SONG? COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -While luncheon guests at the Governor's Conference on Problems of the Aging were being seated, the organist played: "Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think." Making savings deposits is like getting olives out of a bottle after the first one, the rest are easy. To help you start saving, the folks at North Carolina National invite you to use the Save-Allot Plan. Just tell them how much and how often you want money transferred automatically from your Checking Account to your Savings Account It makes that first deposit easier than the first olive no bottles to bother with (or deposit slips, either).

NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK Your Bank of Opportunity MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 164 South Main 1410 W. Green College Village Shopping Center W. T. GRANT'S WASHINCTONS WEVE CHOPPED DOWN FREE GIFT PRICES' All credit all new, re-opened and add-on budget accounts or purchases totaling 10.00 or more on 30 day charge accounts! 12 Piece Hostess Glosswear Set: 4 Table Tumblers, 4 Juice Tumblers, 4 Sherbets Women's Cotton HOSE What A Bargain Reg. 50c Pair PAIR 92c Ladies SKIRTS Reg.

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Keg. 1.98 92c Ladiet HATS Values to 2.9 42c JEWELRY Values to 59c 6c EACH Ladies SLIPPER SOCKS Reg. 1.98 62c RECORDS Valnes to 98c 10 FOP, 1 22 Ladles APRONS Regular 59c 3 FOR lc2Z 54 Piece Electric Train Regular 29.98 5.22 9 Foot High GYM SETS 3 Swings 9 Foot Slide off REGULAR 29.98 Bath Mats Regular 1.19 42c Ladies Slips Regular 1.98 72c Assorted CURTAINS Values to 2.98 1.22 Ladies' CAR COATS Regular 8.98 5 Only 3.22 1 only Console Stereophonic Record PLAYER 119.98 1st Quality SEAMLESS NYLONS MESH OR PLAIN Size 8J4-11 REG. 69c FOR 1.00 2 Years Old Guaranteed To Live ROSE BUSHES 34c, 78c, $1. Ladies BLOUSES Sizes 30-36.

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