The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1945 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 6
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LOCALS The day-old son of Mr. and Mr George Rahe of Bancroft passe awfly Thursday, Jan. 4, at th Kttssuth hospital. The Rahes hav two other sons. Miss Ruth Porter, head nurs at the General hospital, returne to work Wednesday morning afte being confined to bed -for the pas week with a stiff knee. Mrs. Joe Cosgrove was taken t the Kossuth hospital last Thurs day after she had suffered a brok eh hip when she fell on some ic outside her home. Her condition is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anderson re cently received word that thei daughter, Mrs. Richard Sheldon qf Eldora, is in San Francisd •With her husband, Sgt. Richard Sheldon, for a few weeks. Mrs. F. A. Corey is expected home this evening from Ceda: Falls where she spent the pas month with her daughter, Mrs. E L. Rekers, and family. The Rekers recently became parents o" their second daughter. SOCIETY Beta Sigma Phi— The Alpha Psi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Tuesday evening Jan. 9, at the home of its director, Dorothy Miller, for a regulai business meeting followed by a miscellaneous shower for Mrs I?ean Jergenson, the former Mary Ann Flaig. Jeanne Guderian and Ardeen Olson gave the lessons. The club decided to start knitting afghans for the servicemen after each of the regular meetings, and this in turn would teach some of the members the rudiments of knitting. A delicious lunch followed the shower. Kathleen May Potter Weds— A small chapel of the Congregational church just off Harvard Square in Boston, Mass., was the setting for the single ring ceremony in which Kathleen May Potter, daughter of Dr. and Mis. L. R. Potter, Algona, and Ensign C. Allen Creel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Creel, Cherokee, were 'joined in marriage on Saturday, Dec. 30, 1944, by the Rev. Leahmon of Boston, Kathleen was dressed in a pink wool, two-piece dress with matching accessories and a corsage of white roses. She was attended by Mrs. Marjorie Collier, wife of one of the navy men who attended the wedding. The best man was Jack Brown, a navy friend of the groom. A wedding dinner was given in the Coach Grill in Boston following the ceremony. The couple are Ex Libris.;. % ira/ JohnPttlafcuand IS REPUTES 7 TO8E77/£ Noveusrw rff£&$* 30C/AL SftTIR/ST AND PUL/T2£# PWZE U/WA/E-R #& F/wr A/OI/& IMS A "CLOAK AND . SWORD" ROMANCE I Algona Man's Ship (Continued from Page On*) NOW HE HAS JOINED CHRISTOPHER MORLEY, DOROTHY CAMF/ELDj HENRY CANBY AWD CLIFTON FADIM/W AS A BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB iving in an apartment in Cam- ridge temporarily. The bride is a graduate of the challer high school and she at- ended Coe college three years uring which she was affiliated vith Kappa Delta sorority. She hen taught school for one year, 'rior to her marriage she had een home with her parents help- ng out with the operation of the ocker plant here. Ensign Creel is a graduate of he Cherokee high school; he at- ended ISTC at Cedar Falls three ears. In June of 1943 he gradated from Annapolis and since bvember has been a naval stu- ent at Harvard University, Bos- ST. CECELIA'S CHURCH J. M. Mallinger, Pastor Mass: 7:00, 8:30 and 10:00 a. m. DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR: This is Our i DIAMOND I JUBILEE YEAR Q 75 years of continuous and successful business in Algona and Kossuth County. What a far cry from the "covered wagon" days of the 1850's and 1870's —these days of the luxurious automobiles and steam heated houses. And yet this is a time of strife and struggle—1945 is far from the peaceful days we all long for. So our 75th Anniversary will be tempered by the sobering thought that we are fighting a two-front war and that many of our boys will never return. But we must carry on. This business will maintain its high standard of QUALITY despite all handicaps. And we pledge ourselves anew tp those venerated principles of honesty and fair dealing upon which this store was founded three-quarters of a century ago. kill riscnuies PIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR: LuVerne Sailor Back On Job After Leave Howard McClellan, gunners mate second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. McClelhm of LuVerne, returned to the east coast on Jan. 3 for reassignment after spending a 30-day leave with his parents. Howard entered the navy in the fall of 1941, and prior to his leave here he had conveyed troops to Iceland and taken a part in almost every enemy engagement In the South Pacific. He was in the evacuation of Guadalcanal, occupation of New Guinea, the Admiralty Islands, Wake, and many others. He also was in on the first raid over Tokyo and he also bombed Kiska in "42. At the invasion of Leyte Island in the Philippines. Howard was on the same ship with General MacArthur. Mrs. M. Falkenhainer Is New Management Chairman of USO Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer has been named chairman of the management committee of the USO to succeed Mrs. L. S. Bohannon. Mrs. D. D. Alt continues as program chairman and Mrs. W. P. French, as hostess chairman. Plans are under way to dp some redecorating and refurnishing at the USO. Broken Arm For Vic Steil Is 18th Vic Steil of the Algona Grain Co. broke his left arm last Friday when he slipped on the ice and fell. The break was in the upper arm and was unusual in that it was a lengthwise break instead of a straight break. Vic probably has a record on broken arms as he has broken the same one 18 times. found himself In the watef with out a life jacket. Somehow h thrashed his way to a floatln jacket and squirmed into It. Another 1 Negro, Willy Ruckef steward first class, had a le broken by the explosion. Yet h swam to a raft and never com plained of his pain, Peterson saic Not all of the survivors couL get aboard the rafts, boats a» nets. They took turns.' Eight o ten would lie in Peterson's raft a a time while fifteen others woul hang onto the side ropes or swim alongside. When they 'tired, thos aboard would dive in, and giv'i the swimmers 'and floaters a rest Peterson said the men's spirit were buoyed by his big coxswain Chester G. Burke, who sang ou that he'd never take another drin] as long as he lived. . Peterson named a dozen or moiji men whose behavior in disaste: was outstanding. There was A, A Masulis, gunner's mate seconc class, who, despite a back injui* that almost paralyzed hjm, paddled a raft with bare hands. Another seriously injured was Thomas Paul Haesche, pharmacist's mate second class. Gritting his teeth, Haesche lay in Peterson's raft and made hardly e sound. That helped morale. Peterson said that a "godsend* on his own raft was Lieutenanl (j.g.) William J. Steed. Steed was a former professional football player, and he checked constantly on men who thought they were strong 'swimmers and they would wander too far from the raft. When they got into trouble Steed dived after them and pulled them back, or sent other good swimmers to aid. There was Ensign E. B. Rodie of Ridgewood, N. J., who had been in charge of the Cooper's amidships repair party. "He's the Ias1 man I'd have picked for a fighter,' 1 Peterson said, "Yet he had more guts than many of them. Rodie's leg was broken, but he made il to a raft and sweated it out. When we got to a near-by island a-Filipino doctor set the bones. Rodie never said a word. He just held Lieutenant Pickle's hand and squeezed it tightly." About midday on Dec. 3 the rafts and boats neared Ponson Island, one of the Camotes group west of Leyte. The navy's Catalina flying boats braved enemy fire to pick up the Cooper's survivors from the island next day. One "cat" took fifty- six aboard in addition to her crew of seven. Commander Peterson was aboard and had what he laughingly called a luxurious perch—a jump seat in one of the side gun blisters. The "cat," 3,000 pounds overloaded, taxied about three miles before it was airborne. The Cooper's men have rested now and are off to other duties. Academy-Emmetsburg Game Is Postponed The scheduled game at the Academy for next Sunday between the locals and Emmetsburg bas- keteers.has been postponed until next Sunday, the 21st. AROUND IOWA CHURCH FIRST CONGREGATIONAL D. R. Martin, Pastor 10 a. m., Church hour; pastor's 11 a. m., Church hour; pastor's topic, "Luke the Evangelist." This message was prepared for the high school class in Sunday school. All are welcome to hear it. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Luther H. Loesch, Pastor Sunday, Jan. 14: Sunday school and Bible class 9:30. Divine Service 10:30. You are always welcome in the house of God. HOSPITAL NEWS General Hospital Jan. 4: Mrs. Wilbert Baas, Burt, boy; David Bunting, Algona, surgical. Jan. 5: Mrs. Donald Copper, Algona, girl; Mrs. Kermit Hoick, Kanawha, girl; Mrs. Stanley Garman, Corwith, girl; Mrs. Walton DeWitt, Bode, girl. Jan. 6: Mrs. Victor Knary, Lu- Verne, boy. Jan. 10: Mrs. Jena Vrieze, Kanawha, boy. Kossuth Hospital Jan. 3: Mrs. George Rahe, Bancroft, boy, expired; Marvin Hock- ros, Forest City, surgical. Jan. 4: Mrs. Magnus Rahm, Algona, boy; Mrs. Joe Cosgrove, Algona, accident; Walter Ovens, Swea City, surgical. Jan. 5: Mrs. Norbert Frideres, Bode, boy; Alfred Schlei, Fenton, surgical. Jan. 7: Alvin Zurnach, Fenton, surgical. Jan. 8: Lloyd Frowick, Buffalo Center, surgical. Jan, 9: Duane Metzger, Lone Rock, medical; Mrs. Edward Cink, Woden, boy. Adopts Family A young deer about the size of a small calf has been mingling with a herd of cattle on the M. A. Wirsig farm near Donnellson. When first noticed, the deer did not seem on friendly terms with the cattle, but now Vernon Wir- sig, son of the farmer, says the cattle seem to have become fond of the newcomer to the herd. Who Has It? Information as to the location of the first Iowa flag—a 29-star flag symbolizing the birth of Iowa as the 29th state and first free state west of the Mississippi—is urgently requested by Ora Williams, curator, State Department of History and Archives, Statehouse, Des Moines, Iowa. The flag is wanted for deposit in the national gallery of flags in the Fort Henry national monument and shrine, right where the famous Star Spangled Banner was found still waving, Baltimore, Md. Distinguished Visitor A friendly and extremely sociable white pelican was found recently in a ditch in Grove township, Adair county, by Lee Layton, farmer. The bird is assumed to have been grounded in a storm while on its way south. It consented to pose for a picture with Mr. Lydon for the Adair County Free Press. Bull-headed The oft-quoted bull in the china shop had nothing on the South Amana bull that recently broke away from his handlers while changing places of abode. He ran up onto the basement door of the Henry Baumgartner residence and crashed through into the basement. It took eight men with considerable tackle to extri- 'cats thd animal from hla strange sUrFSuhdlBfs. ^ Btifttiter vs.'Brakes Bumping of one automobile )n< to a parked ear sometimes starts a train of events resulting in damage especially if the parked car is pointed down an incline of a street such as Stevens street in Iowa Falls. This happened to the parked car of Glenn H. Ryan who later found his vehicle, still in gear, half-way 1 down the bluff ai the foot of Stevens street, its fall broken by a tree. Damage was estimated at $200. Romance Forty years after they were Schoolmates in the public schools of Kedsauqua, Mrs. Grace Lorene Shaw of Oakland, Calif.,:and Ernr est E. Evans of Cantril, Were married at Keosauqua Dec. 10. The bride is the former Grace Connor of Bloomfleld. Attorney A. L, Henninger of Keosauqua;-is a former, teacher of the couple. AH Over Again A speech "Making the World Safe For Democracy" written 28 years ago at the close Of World War I by Dr. Oscar Olson of Lu;her college faculty was read again by him before the Decorah Chamber of Commerce ; recently. His hearers said the theme was e4ually as timely as when he expounded his theories mbr,e than a quarter of a century ago. Balky as a Mule Jesse Richards had car trouble vhile going up a hill in Hamburg. le switched batteries but got stuck in the mud. He went for gas, leaving the car on the road. When he returned the car was _one, but he found it later bottom up in a deep ditch. It had evidently gotten started on its own —going in the opposite direction Have You Seen a Man? The girls in the ration office in Creston would have liked to have ound the services of a man for a ew days recently. While two of he girls handled office routine, wo others donned overalls and ivith brushes and paint painted he office ceiling. After finishing he ceiling they hoped to start on he walls. The girls thought after eeing their plight, some man Might vohffitee'* painting. , The entire* New Testament Was raj»d orally at the Marlon Christian church th<* ddy befofe New- Year's. An amplifyim system was installed so that the scriptures could be heard 1ft' the nelghbar., Ing area. .The readlng w stafted at 4:30 o'clock Sunday mbrnfflg and continued until the last wofd c-f Revelation' was heard, did and interesting copies of the scriptures were on display during, the day In the church. This was the third year that the church had sponsored the oral readings. Same Candle A red candle sent by CVC. Mc~ Quire's, daughter, Loretta, to her home in Belmftnd has been burned for about an hour each Christmas season fbr the past 25 years. The candle was sent by Loretta when she attended St Mary's college at Notre Dame* Originally the candle was about. 18 inches tall but has burned down until it is now about nine inches tall. "Chicken Chase" Thirteen chickens, six guineas and six ducks were chased until caught by Mediapolis residents, mostly youngsters, one day recently. The occasion was sponsored by the Mediapolis Booster club which released the fowl from the roof of a local building. Good Neighbor Mrs. Leo Knudsen of Dike recently was chpsen as the "Good Neighbor of the Day" on a national network program. The letter stating Mrs. Knudsen's qualiflca- ;ions was written by Mrs. Arley Tord of Waterloo. Booming: Lake Five Island lake near Emmets- )urg might well be called "Boom, ng Lake" this winter. Sounds ike a bad case of indigestion with rumblings and bopmings coming from under the ice can be heard. The -rumbling seems to ravel under the Ice from one ihore to the other accompanied >y a "boom" as a place on the hore is reached. On a clear nignt hese sounds resemble artillery ire in the distance. ManageV 3461 Hiawatha Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Maffietf IftSrt to ftltp on farm. Separate house with basement, funning water and eie&tfieity. Good wages. F, L Kyersort, % mile BY, 2^ mile N of Hurt. 2-8* Young men up to 46 years old to train for farm store managers to manage farm stored In ' Iowa and adjoining states. Capable men are now needed and many men must be trained for farm stores to be opened after the duration Men having hardware, Implement, and bulk plant experience have preference to these posi* tions. Excellent remuneration, See C. E. Bundy. WARtifl FARM STORE Mason City, Iowa -. -r • WANTED Young men 21 to 45. years of age to train for Department Managers. Excellent starting salary and opportunity for advancement, Will train men of good personality and background. Clothing or shoe experience desirable, but not essential. See or write Mr. T. F. Williams, Mgr. MONTGOMERY WARD Mason City, Iowa 2 Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 25c for 13 words or less. When paid with order, 2o per word; when charged, So per word. N» ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising: agents charge their clients So and send cash with order they receive Ic commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale FOR SALE: Two quarter section farms, good land, all Clarion nd Webster soil. Electricity. Uso 80 without electricity. 1 vired % section. O. E. Hott, hone 389-W, Algona. 1-2* 'OR SALE: 500 bales straw. Tom Merryman, Burt. 1-2* 'OR SALE: Two flared wagon boxes. Both in very good lape. Leo Frideres, 804 East forth St., Algona. ,' 1-2* VATCH for the Gold Medal valuable coupon in next week's ;sue. ' 2* ^.DDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des MoineE ffice. Regular size, 15c each, 2 or 25c. Large size, 20c each, 2 or 35c. 34-M OR SALE: Stock Tank Heaters. Large submarine type. Made of teel 1/8 in. thick. Burns wood nd cobs. Will ship COD $10. attenfleld Machine Shop, Perry, owa. 51-2 'ESK BLOTTERS, assorted colors—chocolate, green, red, pink, lue and cedar for sale at the 'pper Des Moines office, 15c, OR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation in- :alled. For estimate call Del eaneagh, Phone 767, represent- ig Wormhoudt Home Insulation o.' 44tf OR SALE: Early maturing Pioneer 353-A, 353, 341, in largo^ nedium, and small flats. C. L. 322 in large and small flats. C. L. Bailey, Phone 626-J, Algona; or Amos Angle, Phone 958-W, Algona, 2-4* FOR SALE: 800 bales of wild hay. Phone 704 Lone Rock. W. B. Murray. a2-3* FOR SALE: 2 stacks of straw. Call 838W, Algona. 2" FOR SALE: Shepherd pups, 2"/4 months old. Ernest Meyer, Burt. Phone 8 on 95. 2* FOR SALE: 4 young Guernsey cows, good milkers. W. J. Barr, Algona. 2* PAPER HANGING, painting and wall cleaning. Ira Bpnnette, 115 South Jones, Algona. 1-2* ALL DISPLAY advertising copy must be in the hands of our printers by AVedriesday noon to insure publication in the paper the following Thursday. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 2-tf IF YOU NEED rubber stamps for any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moinos. 40c and up. 13-tf HELP WANTED — Men witr •Business experience to train for store managers. Jobs good after the war. Apply at local Council Oak Store, Algona, loWa. 34tf WANTED: Experienced' married man for farm work. Separate house, electricity. No milking. $130 month. Inquire Upper Des Moines office. 1-3* WANTED: By Feb. 1. Married esttte ahd tfactef No milking. Jttftttl* Md electfMty, Write 6f call Phone" 2616,, node, Miscellaneous fF YOU OWtf * use-d oar, or pickup, dtlve it tb Wi E., Ley, Lakota y Iowa, and get a lot. of cash for it right quick. I-z! FOR MIRE: New J, B. portable? mill for grinding. Also two>- ; trucks tmd balers. Ralph HUrl* H , hurt, Lone Rock. Phone 709.. al-2* SEEDS! SEEDS! . Place your order now for certt* fled hybrid seed corn No. 431fcj ! and No. 306. $4.00 to $6.60 per; bushel. Grower of hybrid seed; dorn since ' 1936. • Also Earlyana. and Richlahd soybeans and Tama. ...| ..'. \. ; /.•.: ..?,.,;•. .--i M. A. Sot-lien, Bode, Iowa -• ,^4Bt;5i, 2, 5*-!, GET YOUR typewriter and adding • machine ribbons 'at the Algona; Upper Des Mpines. " , 4<-tf ; SELL your late model ear to u&' for the Highest price! Free' in- formatidh on ceilings. Hbenk MO-1 tor'Service, West of Court House*. > 36t£' Exchange Dept. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suitesi Breakfast seta. Buffets, Radios and Washers. , BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE . 1-tf? PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — AH the new releases. Needles, albums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric., Algona, Iowa. , , l-tc SEE ME FOR Real Bargains In farms, loans, drainage surveying: and estimates on tile.— Phil J.. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-tf Card of Thanks We wish to thank the neigh—. x>rs and friends, and especially the firemen, who were so 'effi—' cient in putting out • the .fire at our home Friday afternoon. Wa- certainly appreciate the help and: teourtesies extended to Us. Mr.-, and Mrs. Otto Westling. 2*' FOR SALE: Regular Farmal tractor with cultivator, good shape. 5 miles south and 5 miles east of Algona. Harley Han sen, LuVerne. ! FOR SALE: Young Holstein milk cows. Also Moline 2-16 plow Jake Meyer, 1 mile west and 1% mile south of Wesley. a2*t FOR SALE: .Bay mare, weigh ;;;. 1500," sound, 11 years < old. Wil sell 1 -, cheap or trade for smal calves or fall pigs. William Decker, Phone 4001, Lone Rock. 2* CLIP the Gold Medal Flour coupon from your copy of this newspaper next week. It is worth money to you. 2 FOR SALE: Registered Guernsey bulls, also a few fresh cows W. H. Bosworth, Algona. 2 FOR SALE: All modern 4 room house, oak floors, all neat anc nicely finished. Possession a once. See me without delay If interested. Price $3,500.00. Joel M Herbst, Real Estate & Ins. Lost-Found STRAYED: Young shepherd dog dark around eyes. Notify Kenneth Roney, Irvington. 2' LOST: Parker fountain pen, has my name on it. Leave at Upper Des Moines. Reward. Margarel Reese. LOST: Three \ strand string of pearls in Algona Monday morning. Finder please return to this office for owner. 2 Wanted FEED SALESMAN Well known Mfgr. has excellent opening for man with car in this County, to sell complete line Molasses Feeds and "Supplements through Dealers. Permanent well paying position. Prefer men who have sold Minerals, Feeds or Farm Implements, but experience this line not necessary. For full particulars write Sales SELL HEAL ESTATE OB CHATTELS FIND WORK OB HELP III LOST STRAYED STOLEN BUY LOAN LET THE WANT ADS to A WORD Reach 12,000 People With A. U. D. M, Want Ads This is a Good Time to Buy a Fur Coat We have a fine selection of luxurious ANNIS Fur Coats—with special emphasis on LARGE SIZES. Our large sized coats are plenty roomy, plenty long and are a delight to wear. We have a good assortment of popular Northern seals (in both brown and black) as well as both northern and southern black ruskrats. Come in this week. January and February are our two best fur coat months. We will store your coat FREE next summer if you buy this season. Prices are RIGHT. •'fe -«y^ -'• .y ^ vi..^ _ri&iK.

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