The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1945
Page 1
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•<-l ( V «"XV* S/ Yuletide Dinners - Parties t £one Rock During Past Week _j¥ne 1. W. Kelson family and Mfa. Cora Baton spent Christmas *Ve at the Chris Knutsen home !!n Burt. They also spent Chrlst- fljflS day at the Eugene Hoflus "hBHte in Ottosen. • Christmas dinner guests at the noise of Mrs. Harry Montgomery Were Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger find Janet and Kermlt and Mr. Mid Mrs. Frank Dacken. Tuesday evening dinner guests at the home Of Mrs. Alfred SdhUltz were Mr. &id Mrs. Gordon Blanchard and Barbara of Nora Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Blanchard and children of Plymouth, and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard. Sunday dinner guests at the Chas. Schultz home were Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Gary Gene. Christmas guests at their home were the Ronald Schultz family of Lakota and the Joe Stenberg family of Elmore. Christmas dinner guests at the Wm. Nelson home were the Theodore Jacobson family of Burt; the Mervin Nelson family of Goldfield; Margaret Nelson of Chicago; Mrs. Mark Spangel of Carroll; the Maynard Kuecks of Swea City. The Alton Hurlburt family of Kanawha were also visitor*. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lockwood spent Christmas day with their niece, Mrs. Edward Oldsberg of Curlew. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lockwood, a nephew, spent Tuesday at the Dale Lockwood home. They are from Salem, S. D. Merle Lockwood underwent a tonsillectomy at Dr. J. A. Mueller's office last Thursday. Christmas day guests at the Mrs. Alice Bierle home were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dacken and Charles of Algona, the Ralph Bierstedt family and Wm. Mur- ray. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph filer- stedt and Janice spent Sunday at the Raymond Bartlett home In Tltonka. The Donald Blanchard family of Plymouth and the Gordon Blanchard family of Nora Springs spent several days at the parental J. M. Blanchard home over Christmas. Other Christmas day guests at the J. M. Blanchard home were Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Blanchard, the Chester Almes of Ot- toSen and Mrs. Alfred Schultz and son Gary Gene.' Raymond Nelson, Violet Nelson, Mrs. Ruby Schoopman and Mrs. Mark Spangel and daughters of Carroll spent Friday at the Alton Hurlburt home at Kanawha. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Radig spent Christmas day at the Alex Radig home and were Sunday dinner guests at the home of her mother, Mrs. Rose Ramstock of Lakota. The Ralph Hurlburt family spent Saturday evening at the Frank Householder home in Fenton and the Frank Householder family spent Wednesday evening at their home. Christmas day guests at the Ornie Behremls home were the Ora Hurlburt family of Fairmont; Eldon Hurlburt of the navy who will return to San Francisco soon to await assignment there; the Alton Hurlburt family of Kanawha; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hurlburt of Algona. and the E. M. Richardson family of Algona. Mrs. Selma Hammerstrom and Mr. and Mrs. La Verna Hammer- Strom spent Christmas day with the letter's aunt, the Ray Zwiefel home at Fenton. Darwin Frye arrived at the home of his sister, Mrs. La Verna Hammerstrom ay Morning td SgeTtid & days. 4, party i« fitf RSHbr was given raafSda'S' svtfUng at h» home. Tlioje attehd!«|f werl Lester SchtiUl, MelVlft KUecK» At«-> gust Schmidt, Velma Gfegerson. Fern Sanders, Laura Radig, and Helen Jensen. The evening was spent ill playing 600, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ewold and Elva fiwoldt of Algona and Jesse Smith of Algona spent Christmas day > at the Joe Culbertson home. Miss C h a r 1 e n e Rath, who teaches at Peterson, ia spending her Christmas vacation at her parental Wm. Rath home. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rath and Chariene, Mrs. Alma Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John Roth, Mr. and Mrs. Hungerford, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson, Mrs. Helen Webb and Mrs. Schenck, the latter five of Algona spent Christmas day at the Orlan Rutledge home. Lavurne Schroeder and Marvin Schultz, who both attend Morn- ingslde college at Sioux City, and Lucille Genrich who attends Ames college arrived home Tuesday evening for the Christmas holidays. Some of the prisoners of war from the Algona camp have been clearing the grove on the Lawrence Newhrough farm for the past week. Christmas day guests at the Fred Schmidt home were the Jesse Marlow family and the Marvin Marlow family of Bancroft, the Eldon Marlow family, and the Lem Marlow family, and also Jack Marlow who is home on leave from the navy. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen spent Sunday with his parents, the F. E. Jensen family at Seneca. The Maynard Kuecks of Swea City, the Marvyn Kuecks of Ledyard and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kueck spent Christmas evening at the parental Henry Kueck home. Mrs. Clarence Lcmse and Karen _ the Paul Vbiit famii? 61 and Mf. anil Mfg. 8. Laabs and Wihna wh6 is _..._ on vacation from the Sfatikatd business school, spent Chfisimos day at the parental Mrs, Uefa Laabs home. , The Vincent Behrends family and Mr< and Mrs. Riohafd Behrends spent Christmas day at the parental John Behrends home. Virginia Behrends acCbffltoahled the Vincent Behrends family hbffle and is spending several days with them. The A, H/ 'Hanna family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hanna and Mrs, Bob Hanna and Jeanette Lynn spent Christmas day at the home of Mrs. Tlllle Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hanna and Mrs. Bob Hanna and Jeahette Lynn spent Sunday at the Walter Jentz home at Fairmont. A 500 card party was held Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Seegebarth with seven tables Of people attending. 'Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Quinn, Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Art Priebe, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Flaig, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Long, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Sldon Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jensen, Mr, and Mrs. Dick O'Donnel, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ohm, Miss NeVa Thompson, Fred Genrich and Mrs. Alfred Schultz. Those Winning prizes were Mrs. Alfred Schultz, high, and Mrs. Eldon Marlow, low, for women; Fred Genrich high and Geo. Long for men and Mrs. Andrew Thomsen door prize. The Roy Jensen family, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jensen, Mr.' and Mrs. Russell Jensen, and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Deardorf of Yale spent Sunday at the home of Hans and NATIONAL FOODS r NATIONAL Oranges 5 » 52c r CALIFORNIA, ALL SIZES NEW TEXAS GREEN BAGE 15 FINE FLAVOB WALLEYED PIKE ASSORTED GILD MEATS 23 c 15c Bacon Squares Ib. 21c Pure Ground Beef Ib. 23c PURE LARD POINT FREE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES* FRESH, CRISP / RADISHES ...j. ; -B. •& No.-'r ' .....Y YELLOW ONIONS...... 3 EXTRA FANCY * FANOT WINESAP APPLES ....2 TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 5 KII.N DRIED— V. 8. NO. 1 YAMS 3 LEMOftS 12C Lb SUNKIST FOR /HEALTH Lb». CARROTS CALIFORNIA M • •* °JS" 2 «<*'• 17c Winesap Apples Fancy Eating and Cooking FROZEN DRESSED One Half Bw. Box Herring Salad Dressing COME AGAIN Quart'- Jar Economical Ktiro Syrup Halibut Steak SLICED Beef Roast U. S. GRADED GOOD 23c Lb. BLUE LABEL Pancake Flour HAZEL BRAND J-lb. Pkg. 58c PORK LIVER Lb, PALMOLIVE Algona (24 Red Points) BUTTER TOILET SOAP IATH SIZE HYHRATED—BULK " DATES BO/100 SIZE PRUNES i* 13c National Evap. IVA oz. can MILK 3 for 25c IIURFF'S—TOMATO SAUCE AND NOODLES 23'/o-<». 99 f nVVWfc&w t t • • . t t GUMS MflaV COME AGAIN GRAPE JAM & b 38c COME AGAIN PLUM PRESERVES ^ 37c NATIONAL HKEAO CRACKED WHEAT 2£ lOc FORT BEARBOIIN Graham Crackers , ££ 23c SPANISH SALTED PEANUTS u,. 23 c IVOHY SO/IP Cok. .2 Cokt« 19c TOILET SOAf Med. Si Cak« BRAND Guaranteed FLOUR, 50 Ib. Sack . PUEKEE'S SAUCE 5 Worcestershire ............................ 12c $ 2 .03 BINSO WOODBURY'S eiirfttffias l Anfas . Hstold the Elaine el Gtttiew, tte* Lawfette§ fiittme? family of LuVeitie, the Celma Angus family bf Bttft, the Gik Grtsw family and the Gerald Ati gus family. , f he 4*11 Ohrlatmas patty wa held at the hoftie of wfilard «tod Carol Ann Thompson Thursday everting with 112 members and guests attending. Gifts were e*< changed and lunch was served. The Ralph Thompson family were Christmas dinner guests of her brother, the Arthur Long family at Bancroft and supper guests at his mother's, Mrs. Llllle Thompson. The Walter Thompson .family spent Christmas hlght with her brother, the E. J. Heidenwitli family at Swea City. Gordon Wegener F-2c spent Friday Afternoon with the Walter Thomp son family. Mrs. Llllie THomp' son and Neva attended a birthday party in honor of Mrs. Agnes Seeley at Algona Wednesday, Christmas dinner guests at the home bf Mrs. Lillie Thompson were Mrs. Hattie Shaser, the Albert Shaser family, H. H. Ortman and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ortman, the latter two of Burt, and the Walter Thompson family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leiningers, the Fred Haack family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Holber, Mr. and Mrs Fred Wills, Mrs. Bodie, the \atter three of Algona spent Thursday afternoon and evening at the Rudy Will home in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Tietz spent Christmas evening at the Fred Haack home. Mr. and Mrs. Orvtlle Deardorf spent from Wednesday till Sunday at the parental Roy Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen and^-Jamey Jo spent Monday and Tuesday with her sister, the R. J. Edwards family at St. Paul. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Figge of Burt spent Christmas day at .the Rev. Whitehouse home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snyder and Dick spent Wednesday afternoon with her parents, the C. C. Andersons of Elmore in honor of their 42nd anniversary. •Mr. and Mrs. Ray Snydev and Dick spent'Sunday with her sister, the D. R. Snyder family at Elmore. Christmas day guests at the C. E. Householder home were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reldel and daughter of Ringsted, Mrs. Woodrow Pettit and children, the Calvin Householder family and Freeman Wolf. ' Geo. Crow arrived home a week ago Monday after receiving a medical discharge from the army. He left this Tuesday for Washington where he will receive a new appointment. Cecil Seegebarth spent Sunday at the Edwin Howe home in Emmetsburg. She returned home with them Monday when' they came to spend Christmas with their parents, the Geo. Pettits. Other dinner guests there Were the Hildreth Pettits, the Glen Householders and Evelyn Earing. Mr. land Mrs. Jim , Aciterman , fajnily, and .Mr..,and.Mrs. D,ale ,ohah visited 5 at 'the Alex 1 Krueger, W. G. Flaig and Fred Flaig homes Christmas morning. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Jei'Kenson spent Sunday with her parents, the Frank Flaigs. Mrs. C. Akerman of Burt spent Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Flaig. Several attended the shower for Mrs. Raymond Laabs at the Lotts Creek church last Wednesday afternoon. Among those attending were Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mrs. Emil Kraft, Mrs. Fred Schultz, Mrs. Ed Ohm, Mrs. Jack Quinn, Mrs. W. G. Flaig, Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. Frank Flaig, Maxine Flaig and Mrs. Ernest Jense. S. M. Gladstone of Charles City spent several days over the.Christ- mas holidays with his daughters, Mrs. A. A. Krueger and Mrs. Harry Montgomery. Ruth Krueger spent the weekend at the Will Chrlstenson home Joan Zwiefel spent this week with her dad in Swea City. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Flaig and family and Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ackarman and family spent Christmas day at the Robert Ackarman home at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shellito arrived Sunday and spent the evening at the W. J. Cotton home with Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and the Angus Cotton family there too, Christmas morning they all spent at the August Cotton home and were at the N. L. Cotton home for Christmas dinner. The Harvey Shellito family left Christmas afternoon and Miss Juliana Cotton accompanied them home for a few days visit. Christmas guests at the A. J, Meyer home were the Ernest Meyer family of Burt, the Adolf Meyer family of Graettinger, the A. J. Meyer, Jr., family of Ringsted, the Frank Meyer family of Seneca and the Ed Meyer family of Fenton, and the Lloyd Hutchinson family. Dinner guests at the A. II Hutchinson home Sunday were the Ben Ford family of Bancroft, the Ernest Hutchinson and Gerald Hutchinson families of Bancroft, the Sam McClish family, the Frank Meyer family, the Lloyd 'Hutchinson family. Corp. Leonard Hutchinson left for Cheyenne, Wyo., after spending Ms furlough with his parents, Mr and Mrs. A. R. Hutchinson. Christmas guests at the E. M. Jensen home were Mrs. H. N, Oaher, Mr. and Mrs. Art Henningson and Miss Elizabeth Jensen, all of Graettinger, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Jentz of Fenton spent Wednesday at the Emil Kraft home. Christmas guests at the George Long home were the Clarence Acfeerson family, Mr, and Mrs. Marvyn Ackerson of Wesley and Willard Card of Parkersburg. Jack Marlow, 8M-3c arrived home Sunday evening, after being overseas since a year ago last August, for a two weeks leave with his parents, the Lem Marlow family, Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Morris spent the week-end over Christ? mas at the home of their daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Jack Johnson. Mr. and Mrs, Monroe Heiter of Rutland came Christmas night to the W. C, Heiter home. They ajttd $&. ftR4 Mr. awj J&rg, Mfc IMMfrrififrr tff Swea City aftd 9gi Sari ,-Le§ of Houston, Texas, werS Christmas da? gti&tS it the Jack QOIKH name, - .,-,"•! A miscellaneous snoWer ftoj held Thursday evening itt Honor of Mrs, Dean Jergensen, nee Mdry Antt Flaig,; at the ehfirch parlors, Around 82 attended. Miss Lu* cllle Genrlch sang two vocal $e« lections accompanied by Mrs. W. G. Flaig, and' the group joined In three popular numbers accoffipa* nled by Mrs. Flaig, The gifts were opened bV Mrs. Jergensen assisted by her sister Maxine and her sis* teMn-law, Mrs. Jergensen. Lunch was served by around 25 hostesses, The Henry Gettmaft family visited <at the homes of her brother and sister, Mrs, Nell'Grothaus and Harry Gilbert Sunday evening, Mrs. Ann Reisner of Burt spent Wednesday at tihe Henry Gett*- leaner m Jtt6Hd -LafibS) ,Mtfr tWfl Mfv Ifid mi Plul V6M tehf Mf, jaw MM; tMtft "._:..;.... .ofvWftttB, rani* and Bates-fUSWtenaUf,^ P.A.LONERGAN fneoitte Tax Service as In past y64rs, Office fti , McEnroe Bldg. Residence Phone 739-J Call early or make ah appointment. Insulate Now ! Fa* A Johns-Manville Blown Home Insulation l&tlmate cm Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co, DEL LEANEAGH Local Representative' 44tf <?: • PLEDGED TO iOEEP PRICES DOWN OAK LOW CEILING PRICES are prominently posted for your convenience. ... We iftrita you to check our prices in all departments for positive Inform**lion as to where yon e*n nuke — CALIFORNIA LEMONS Fresh, juicy Lemons for Delicious Lemon tie . . . The protective Vitamins In Lemons help guard against Winter Colds. Green Peppers TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT LARGE NAVEL ORANGES Crisp Iceberg Lettuce NORTHERN Waxed POUND 4c WAXED PARSNIPS, Pound 9c SWEET POTATOES Lb. 9c POETO HICAN YELLOW Globe , ONIONS .POUND 46 DUTCH ami. » oz. APPLE BUTTER ..22c EVEKBEST 18 OZ. GRAPE JAM 20c SUPERB U OZ. CRAPE JELLY . . 20c OUEGON 12 OZ. PLUM JAM . ....40c O. 8. Orange A Cranberry 18 oz. MARMALADE . ...20c SMUCKEHS 10 OZ. Apricot Preserves 26c PORK ' ' HECK BONES, U.. FRESH PORK FEET, Lb 90 PORK \ A 4 SPARERIBS, Lb. .. 2lC BOILING BEEF 170 SLICED PORK LIVER, Lb. 190 FRESH 4 Aw PORK HOCKS, Lb... 190 PICKLED PIGS FEET " Jar 23* Arm & Shoulder BEEF ROASTS 240 FOUNl» Bacon Jowls Pound ........ .... FRESH A J^ BEEF BRAINS, Lb,. 90 BEEP KIDNEYS, Lb.. 170 SLICED A Aw BEEF LIVER, Lb....290 WISCONSIN B1UCK ACw CHEESE, Lb. .... 030 No Point MUTTON LEGS Oflf* >1'OUND *»W CHOPS POUND ROASTS 1C|( SHOULDER, IB. Iwy STEW POUND . ^ Bulk Fork SAUSAGE Found 330 Fresh Beet TONGUE POUND 330 Brick and Stick CHILI .290 FOUND SMOKED BONELESS HERRING Package .... 100 CUT LUNCH HERRING Pint Jar 240 American Cheese 2 Ibs. 73c TOWN TALK PEACHES •3eavy Syrup, Large No. 2>/j Can .. FIG BITS KADOTA FIGS Large ' No. 31^ Can Superb Superb WHOLE KERNEL FCY. APRICOTS <$®U>EN CORN No. ZVi K-IA Can., fc'v MOTT'S APPLE ftpFtE JU!CE_Jz5^ S®F No, 8 Can eouoH DROPS . SLICED, I e w MICHIGAN HftVY BEAMS LB8, ..,.(«« SALUD PEANUTS 25c Roasted Peanuts,. ,Jt5c SJtVEB COW 1 BOBOEH'S HIU ...e IAM.UES ...... HAH "sic WEDDINO WAFFLE SYRUP 60c CLAPP'S BABY FOODS Pwefl 2 AJ»H DREAD, 24-oz. Loaf Me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^•j»9*nLS££55£2^^£^^MM35KlMi^^^^^l

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