Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 23, 1966 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1966
Page 9
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Alqono Kojiuth County THURSDAY, JUNI M, Ittt - ALOONA, IOWA - If He's Ashamed, He 11 Not Marry You By Abigail Van Buren (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune - N. Y. New* Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: I am 20 and have been going with this guy for over a year. He is 22. We have to keep it to ourselves because of his parents. They are very narrow minded. They disapprove of me because 1 made a few mistakes in the past. Once when I was 14 and again when I was 16, but I gave both babies away. Anyway, this guy says he will marry me in time, but right now he can't be seen in public with me. I hate all this hiding and sneaking around. I know my reputation isn't so hot, but I am not a criminal. I don't go with anybody but this one guy, and 1 want to get married. What is your advice? TIRED OF HIDING DEAR TIRED: A guy who can't be seen in public with the girl he intends to marry is a long way from being man enough to marry her. If it's a wedding ring you want, don't count on him Change your address, and the farther from the scene of your "mistakes," the better. DEAR ABBY: You were much too lenient toward tha tombstone man who stated that each gravestone must bear thi dates of birth and death on it. In a word, he was a chiseler. You made a monumental boo boo, Abby, but don't get stoned or pottet over it. Your words of wisdom and wacky wit are a source o joy. You are the flower of the earth — you blooming idiot. YOUR L'VILLE PUN PAL DEAR PAL: Call not a blooming idiot one Who cultivates the lowly pun; Each thought begins with our Creator, I'll plant you now and dig you later. vance rf.ltn" - -—"'—•• DEAR ABBY: Not long ago I read an article in the paper about kooky weddings. It told about how people got married on horseback, water skis, and even while free-falling out of an airplane with a parachute. I would like to know how you feel about such weddings, Abby. Can these people be serious? Nominations for ASC committee open July 1 Farmers are reminded that petitions nominating a farmer to serve as an ASC community committeeman may be filed at any time after July 1. Richard I. Anderson, chair man, made the announcement to correct any possible misunderstanding about the time for filing nominating petitions. An announcement that nomination petitions are being received is always made in advance of the time for election o: community committeemen, and some farmers may get the mistaken impression that the peti tions may be filed only during the approximately 35 days be tween the time of the announce ment and the time for voting. Any local resident who is eli glble to take part in one or mor of the farm programs which the ASC committeemen help to ad minister may vote in the elections, and may hold office as a committeeman regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. Farmers eligible to vote in the :ommittee elections also have he right to nominate as a can- lidate any farmer who is eligi- >le and willing to serve as a :ommitteeman. Such nominating Famous musician SHOWN ABOVE are nationally known musician Buddy Moreno (right) and his friend, Pj$ul Bell. Moreno stopped off in Humboldt recently to see Bell ^ho is now manager of the Stardust Lounge at Humboldt and};|Eormerly managed the Algona Country Club. Moreno, who is a song writer and trombone player with the Les Brown orchestra, has been in Fort Dodge and Spencer working for the Government Service Administration in a program to encourage young musicians to continue their education. He has played for the Bob Hope and Dean Martin shows and helped arrange the Andy Williams show at the 1965 Iowa State Fair. The orchestra is presently playing at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Bell, who lives in Algona, met Moreno ten years ago. with the limy in Viet Nam. Mrs. Lag* is living it 309 S. Harlan, Apii4fneftt f $ with their two children, Girhard, 4, and Con- nlA, g; Mfi. Lage, a native of Germany, tow been iti this cmm- try just 2V4 years. Her husband's mother is Mrs. Blanche Lage of Algona. : * * * Mr. and Mr». Allen Ramaker moved to Algona from Mulvane, Kans., in April. He is manager of Fiiilerton Lumber Company in Whittemore. They have three children, Wayne, .6; Randy, 5; and Brian, 3. The family is living at Hillcrest Trailer Court. Johannsens hold 50th anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johannsen held open house Sunday afternoon in the Methodist church dining room in celebration of their golden wedding anniversary. Rosetta Cook and Henry were married by Rev. F. C. Taylor at the home of her parents on North Church St., June 21, 1916, and have lived their entire married life in Algona. There were 29 relatives here who accompanied them to morning worship service and had dinner with; them at Van's Cafe. Included were: Mrs. Lawrence Pertl, Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Johannsen, Waverly; Dr. and Mrs. William Johannsen and four children, Glendale, Ariz.; the Wayne Schichtls, Marshalltown; the Gary Schichtls, Britt; the Raymond Nelsons, Lu Verne, who were dining foofit hiMtti'the Meivin DuttoflS ftfld Gtett fee- tefs, Burt. Friends here from out of town for the gvent Were: Mr. add Mrs. Albert Gfootefs, Of- ange City; the Homer futties, of Pomona, ditif.j th« Ctm bergi, Ames; th« ind Clfl Mason City, ind th« / efs, LliVttflft ' ' CURIOUS DEAR CURIOUS: I can understand (barely) how ardent horse-lovers can be serious about wanting to be married on horseback, but that is where I would say whoal Jumping into the sea of matrimony on water skis leaves me cold. And the same goes for taking the plunge in a parachute. Kooky weddings and publicity go together like ham and eggs. 1 personally prefer rice and old shoes. DEAR ABBY: When some poor/ignorant, unimaginative clod points to the. work of a serious modern. artist and asks, "Wha A • _ rtif T Am »..»»» r***A 4-j-i U«9 ?l hr\\ir rlnac frHf* art ifit T*f*nlv? is THAT supposed to be? how does the artist reply? - ^. CONFOUNDED DEAR CONFOUNDED: The artist tails the clod what h had in, mind when he put the brush to the canvas. If he can re member, that is. , .'... . HELLO no... petitions, each one nominating ASCS county office at any time between July 1 and 27. Eligible voters may sign as many, petitions as they wish. In Iowa, ASC community committeemen elections will be held during August. Each community election chooses three community committeemen and two alternates. The regular members elected to the community committees administer the Agricultural Conservation Program, acreage allotments, marketing quotas, commodity loans, the feed grain program, the voluntary wheat program, the upland cotton diversion program,' the sugar act program, the nation wool program, and farm storage facility loans. News of families and newly married couples who have recently moved to Algona. Mission Fair of Lutherans brings crowds Fenton — The first of two week-end mission fairs attracted many to St. Paul's Lutheran school, Whittemore, Saturday evening. The mission fairs are under the auspices of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Leagues of the 12 Missouri Synod Lutheran congregations in the Algona Circuit. The second mission fair will be almost identical to the one at Whittemore and will be held in the educational unit of St. Paul's Lutheran church, Garner, June 25 and 26. Each congregation of the cir cult arranged a. display booth of pictures, maps, tracts, and curios which came directly from the foreign mission fields. Purpose of the fair is to give information about the work of the Christian church and to pro vide inspiration for participation in the church's mission pro gram of proclaiming the Gos pel of Jesus the Savior through out the world. During the fair each booth is staffed by persons who explain the work done by the missiouar- eis. By visiting the booths, visitors are able to take an imaginary world tour of Lutheran mission fields. The "tour" includes the following countries: Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria and Ghana, India, Hong iCong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, Japan and New Guinea. Materials from these countries were gathered and displayed by the women of St. Luke's, Cylinder; Our Savior's, Swea City; Peace, West Bend; St. John's, Fenton; Zion, Lu Verne; Immanuel, Lone Rock, Trinity, Algona; St. Paul's, Garner; St. John's, Garner; Immanuel, Livermore; and St. Paul's, Whittemore. In addition, an American Bible Society display was prepared by St. John's, Burt; a display of world-wide Lutheran Hour broadcasting was prepared by the Zone Lutherans Laymen's League; and a youth mission work display by the Algona ' Zone Walther Leagues. ! The 14 mission display booths, erected in the class rooms of the Whittemore Lutheran school, were opened at 7 p.m. Saturday. Some 300 people toured the displays that evening to see such things as a model New Guinea bush home, a scale model of a Nigerian hospital corn- pound, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Philippine costumes, an Indian rice huller, hand-made linen articles and jewelry from Central and South Ameri- ea. At 8 p.m. Saturday an hour's program was given in the school's gymnasium-auditorium. A sound movie produced in India, "Launch Out into the Deep", was shown. The Rev. Ronald F. Halamka, missionary to the people of Taiwan and president of Concordia Seminary in the city of Chia Yi, showed colored slides and told of mission activities in his country. Refreshments were served by the Lutheran Women's Missionary League to mission fair visitors. At 10:30 p.m. Saturday the first day of the mission fail- was over. Sunday morning, Missionary Halamka spoke at a combined worship service of numerous congregations from the Algona Circuit. His topic, "Begin what you started—with the Spirit", was based on Galatians 3:1-5, emphasizing the need for continuing in the Spirit of the Lord so that a person may carry out the task of missions. Booths were opened through most of Sunday and were visited by large crowds. Rev. Halamka gave an informal talk in the afternoon followed by a discussion period. The Mission Fair will be held elsewhere this weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Flaig have been living at 730 N. Dur- anf since their marriage last month. She is the former Mary Lea Renger of Bancroft. He is working for Everds Brothers as a foreman. The young couple attends St. Cecelia's church. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harms have lived at 620 E. Chubb since May. Mr. Harms is from Titonka and his wife is from Whittemore. Both are employed at Hcod's Super Valu. They attend the Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Summers moved to Algona from Burt the first of May. They are living at 1000 N. Hall with j their children, Craig, 8; Keith 6; Candace, 4; Beverly, 3; Don aid, 2; and David, 7 months Mr. Summers is a trucker 1 . The family attends the Presbytdr- ian church. Mr. and Mrs. William Snod- jress came to Algona from -amberton, Minn., in mid-March. They are living two miles south of Algona. Mr. Snodgress s territorial manager for Minneapolis-Moline. They have three children, Tamara, 10; Randal, 7; and Mark, 6. Mrs. Snodgress is a registered medical secretary. The new family goes to the Lutheran church. jjj »;: # Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Lueck made Algona their home Juqe 1 .when they moved here f^orri t/tear Lake. Mr. Lueck is meat manager at Dunn's Sure Save. They are living on Rural Route 1 with their two daughters, Sheila, 10, and Becky, 7. The Luecks belong to Trinity Lutheran church. * * * 1 Mrs. Alan Lage came here the first of June from near Oklahoma City. Her husband is ALGONA You// Walk Hunwinq THE HAPPY SONGS OF TheSINGING NUN" STARTS SUNDAY, JUNE 26 New style, new stamina for your leisure life! Comfortable and casual Brown Waxhide dashingly styled to complement your fall sportswear. Flexible front is sewn by hand, smartly stitched in black and buff. 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