The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 31, 1930
Page 6
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"AGE SIX Nearing Top Again National Pacesetters i n . Double Win; Alhlelics Blast Hopes of Nats. MAJOR LEAGUE-3G NEW YORK—The league pacing Athletics of Hie American circuit and the Washington Nationals liooked up in a series that may prove very crucial for tlie Senators ye^lerday. The Mackmen tossed another" handicap in front of the Nats by winning the first game from the second place team. In the •fenlor flag chase tl'.c Brooklyn no'.i- 1ns added to their advantage over the second place Cubs with a double win from the Phillies. The Athletics increased their lead to seven full names, subduing the Senators, 1 to 4. Lefty Grow allowed '.he Ernatws ten hits but they vvern widely scattered. Crowder was wild and relieved by Liska for Washington. j The St. Louis Browns stepped I over tha Chicago White Sox In two | games at Chicago, scores, 3 to 2 j and 6 to 1. The first, contest went 10 innings,befqre the winning run was scored. Seven errors by the • Sox infield through the Drowns the flrsS game. Benny Tate of Hie Sox with five hits and Shiiltc of the Browns with four led the hitters. .The'New York Knnkees slugged t'hetn way for a two game win over the Boston Red Sox. 8 lo 2 anil 10 to 1. Lou Gehrig again came to the Yanks' aid. with a timely homer that started Ihe rally in the first game. George hurled steady ball In tlie second game while Pcnnock, the foxy veteran, won .the first. , Earl Whitehill saved a ball pun? for the Detroit Tigers by some excellent relief pitching. Cleveland losing the third game of (lie series, a to 5. - Whllehill took Iloyfs place in the seventh after Cleveland had scored three ruus nml fanned a pinch hitter for tlio third out. in -'the eighth he asain mowed down the Indian batters at the crucial .. moment. : While the Bruins were idle Wednesday, the Brooklyn Robins increased their .lead to 2'.if games by beating HID Phillies twice in t\ dou- .ble heaiic-r. The scores were 0 to 5 and 9 to 4. • The Retains piled up n total of • ?1 hits in the two games, including homers by Wright and llen- . drick. Moss nnd Clnrk were ,thc winning pitchers.. • • Tlie pitching of Fred Filzslm- mons who also contributed some timely stickwork gave the Giants a triumph over the Braves..5 io\ 2. Fitzstmmons limited the Bruves to eight scattered lifts and drove in three runs himself. " Pittsburgh won Us second straight game of the scries from the St. Louis Cardinals, 6 to 5. Five runs in the seventh, and eighth put the Burs 1'ioirie safe. Kartell did the 'dirty work at bat for the Bucr,. THURSDAY, JULY 3)' 1930 BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer HOOTING ^wtth, HUE r _ Denny Shute This is one of Denny Shute's arlirlc'.s on pulling, nf r.siK-cial ln- st. In .players, uf "Miniature Coif." Mobile Garnet Today Southern tcagur. Little Rock at Memphis. New Orleans at Atlfmtn. Mobile at Birmingham. Only games scheduled. American I.enjriie St. Louis at Chicago. Detroit at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Washington. New York at Boston. Two things are of primary Importance In putting, rtisrcgavdiiiK '.hr form used. One Is to hit tiiu hall hard enough to gui it up to'life! nip and the other Is to hit 111 straight enough so it will drop when It has gone far enough. Very simple. Nothing can l>c worse than hitting the ball so lightly that it doesn't go far einunli. 11 Is n wasted stroke, practically. liut getting away from that i Boston "never up—never in" Idea, I can < offer to hit- the ball on the proper line, lo make it go straight into the cup, in other words. Simply place llie puller (Jn the ground in front of the ball and Ihere fix the tingle nt which the 1 must be struck with the club to make It go straight for the, cup. Alter that, grasp the club "with the customary grip judge how hard It must be hit and then hit it thai iavd. Long ago I found how useful that method is. If you've seen n big tournament like the National Open far instance, you will have noticed that at least three-quarters of the participants do this same thing. For some reason U is easier, or muj,t good players seem to think II Is, to get the clubhead on the proper line by placing it in front of the ball than in placing it behind when addressing the ball, Southern League W. Memphis 11 New Orleans GO Birmingham 58 Atlanta ,. 5G Llttld Rock '!. 54 Chutlnnooga 51 Nashville .• 48 L. 34 45 45 52 5G 57 GO 30 70 Pet. .676 .571 .547 .519 .491 ,V\'i .444 283 American I.tajrur W. L. Philadelphia 68 34 Washington 59 39 New York 58 43 Cleveland 52 50 Detroit 48. 55 Chicago 41 58 St. Louis 42 GO 36 04 Pet. .G67 .G02 .574 .510 A<X .414 .412 .354 Georgian's "Recent Antics Indicate He Desires Throne Beside Bobby Jones. KV WILLIAM BRAUCHER NBA Service Sports Editor ATLANTA, Ga.—The governor of North Carolina may never have imolher word to say to the governor of South Carolina, but it'; barely possible we will be able to report for some chatter one of thess ituys between a couple of other southern gentlemen, the mayor of Atlanta, Ga., and the-mayor of I Macon, In the same state, j Maybe we are Just fooling ,but j I it Is our Idea that .some day one | ' of these fine evenings, the mayoi of Atlanta will say to the mayor of Macon, "Well, well, old sardine. I see where yon have a champt9n too." TJils would take place (don't laugh) shortly after W. L. "Young" Mrlbling had knocked out Max Schmellng or somebody for the heavyweight championship of thv world.' If I had said something like this In public no longer than last summer, somebody surely would hay stood up and said, "Yes, yes, and now tell us all about your new idea for teaching horses to spit." But time flics, (he Brooklyn Robins are at the top of une of the lending minor leagues, and you can't tel? the age of a dead herring by Us teeth. We are here today and gone tomorrow. It is true that Willie, as they call him down In his native canebreaks has messed up every important chance he fell heir to. His touts with Berlenbach, Loughran, Sharkey and a few more fellows linger in unfragrant memory. Of course the toy always was ready with an alibi—he had fractured a toenall or dislocated a couple of vertebrae in his tonsils or something like that. But'lately he has been playing country,cousin to the people b'I'tlie prize ring In a very negative manner. It litis' taken him less than three rounds to knock out Otto Von Porat and Phil Scott. He beat Scott before the plaintive Britisher had time lo holler foul, which is .some sort- of a record. Even in these bouts there was something the matter with the Stribtlng left hand. Perhaps if Pa and Ma Stribling ever can get the young man in the ring in perfect physical condition he'll kill somebody., * RABBIT*' MARANV1LLE Tt\e w R68Bfr W& UAS BSEM IN CMER, 2100 816 l£H60E'CAME£/ MoRE Ttti^i OTHER, pRESenT-PAV FIRST LCMETf\E TIHELERS SLIP hands I ever saw. And he showed when he fought Berlenbach that he could take it.". What keeps him from "culling loose"? Imagination, nerves, fear? I've heard from a dozen boxing critics a dozen different opinions of Young Stribling. One excuse offered for some of his poor show ings was that he was mismanaged. Another ,vns that he had too much cimtion. Still another was that h? has had hard luck. The fact is. Young Stribling is.a whale of a fight;! 1 . He has every 0.1 3l!fiKit!on of physique and skill with which to reach the top. And if he keeps on "cutting loose" I do not see how he can fail to win the world championship. There are no fish in the Dead Sea. Tlie salinity of the water is too great for fish life. Alex Mclzlcr. who was a bench- warming substitute for the White Sox. got five hits in eight, limes a tat for the. Browns in a recen double-header. The Browns als- have another bailer named Goos. Goslin. Chicks' Bobbles 'Are Cosily; Orphan Bears Door- maf for Birmingham. • ATLANTA On. — The Memphis Chicks managed (o lose a game to Ihe Little Rock Travelers yesterday in their chase to cop the Southern bunting without much opposition. The Travelers won 3 to 2 with three errors iu the first Inning giving the Pebbles two funs without the semblance of a hit. • Barnbe and Moore of the Pebbles held the fence crashing ChiOXa- saws to fiive hits while Kelly gave up nine. The Atlanta Crackers put the second place Pels even worse off than before the Wednesday games started however, by walloping the Gilbert team twice, 5 to J and 5 to 4. Messenger held the Pels I" seven hits in the first cncountt: j while the Crax used their blnglcs to better advantage than 'the Pels u the second fray. The lonely orphan Bears of Mobile furnished two victories for the Birmingham Barons at Birming- yesterday losing 13 to 4 find 7 o 4. The veteran Caldwell hurled .he first victory while Plue 1 waltzed tlirough in the secoi<d. Caldwell contributed a homer to his victory. Trenton Team Defeats Cooler Nine, 10 to 8 COOTER. Mo.—The Cooler amateur baseball team, member of tin; Ark-Mo Sunday league, met Us second dci'eat in two days at the hands of the fsst Trenton. Tenn., semi-pro team al Trenton yeslcr- day by the score of 10 to 8. Asher was un the mound for Coo- Ire with White catching. For Trenton, Stewart was the winning lutrl- cr and Ham caught. In Tuesday's game, also played it Trenton, Cooler lost by the score of !) to 1. It may be too much to expec' Miat the Red Sr>x will have climb' ed out of the American League ccl- | lir. Willis Hudlin of late has been conducting amateur radio experi- nents in his spare time. He fre- luently goes "in the air" for the Indians. , National I.e.igii? Boston at New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Pittsburgh. Only games scheduled. . There Is a bare possibility t.hat the Boston Braves will still have a fhortslop by Ihe name of Rabbit Maianvillc. ST. LOUIS 1 IT , AND RETURN I*ave Blythevllle r.Ol a. m. • r '• . August 3rd Returning, leave St. Louis 11:40 p. m. August 3rd. BASEBALL Browns VS. Cleveland Municipal Opera "Madame " , Pompadour" ROUND TRIP FAKE RITZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Lois Moran and Walter Byron in Not Damaged All Talking Comedy and Sound News Admission Malinre lOc-H Admission Nifrlu l(V-::r National W. I... \Vas Up Before Slrib has fought his way to the top time and again, only to meet Pc i I chnsvin and disappointment and tc .012! disillusion those who placed faith 5BC " l -^' m - Only 25 years old, he has cci I had nearly 300 fights,' not all of 500 them the bitterest .sort .of battles. 490 ' °^ coursc ' because" Pa liked to send ,„ '.nil his offspring in against the solt """"" Y. '••"••• " J;'™! ones. Bill 300 fights are'not what S™J']'_\ nl ,L •"'"' J? % I™ you mlpht call, a'soft job. Willie lias worked hard. "Let him cut loose." T heard Jack Dempsey say or\ce of the Georgia and ho would be one Brooklyn GO ihicngo : .-.•— 58 New York ...;...-.... 54 il. Louis .....:...... 48 Pittsburgh : 47 Boston !..'.... 45 3B 41 44 48 49 Philadelphia 31 03 .330 A metnl found :n South-West | Africa, and known 'as xlnc-blende,: heavyweight, ' ' ' produces a bright.light when struck! O f the hardest men in the world'to or rubbed, even under water. lick. He's got one of the best left SUMMER DRESSES of many types $ 9.90 HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday The Sophomore with Eddie Quillon. Sally O'Neal and ]am:ti Toff Also Comedy ant! 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