The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on March 9, 1984 · Page 2
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 2

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1984
Page 2
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2 THE AGE, Friday 9 March 1984 NEWS IN BR THE WORLD Relations between France and Spain have plunged disastrously following an extraordinary incident on Wednesday in which a French naval patrol fired on two Spanish trawlers, injuring nine men, two seriously. Peter Smark reports. Page 1 Cuba has withdrawn about half of its 10,000-man force in Ethiopia, including most of its combat troops, according to US officials. The move has puzzled the Pentagon because of the secrecy surrounding it. Page 7 The Soviet Union said on Wednesday that the massing of US warships and aircraft in the Persian Gulf was creating a "grave threat to peace" and said it did not recognise "arbitrary" American restrictions on . movements of ships and aircraft in 'the area. Page 8 THE NATION The Opposition and the Democrats yesterday combined to ensure that there will be a Parliamentary inquiry into the NSW police tapes and the conduct of the judge allegedly mentioned in them. Page 1 Mr John Ducker, the senior NSW Labor Party figure, was named in Parliament yesterday as the man referred to in the NSW police tap transcripts as the public servant who allegedly received $50,000. Page 1 The national deficit is heading for a $300m overrun this financial year, the mid-year review of the Budget has revealed. Page 3 The Chief Justice, Sir Harry Gibbs, says some public officials have been corrupted by crime. Page 3 Employment rose by 1 13,300 in February, reversing the seasonal fall in January. Unemployment rose by 18,000. Page 3 The inquiry into the Sala case had found no evidence of an attempted bribe of police, the Attorney-General, Senator Evans, said yesterday. Page 5 Indo-Chinese refugees suffer social intolerance and Government apathy, according to a survey by the Australian National University. Page 10 The Federal Attorney-General, Senator Evans, has introduced legislation aimed at easing the workload of the High Court. Page 15 given nitrous oxide instead of pure oxygen after valves were mixed during servicing, the Coroners Court was told yesterday. Page 6 Victorian councils spent nearly twice as much as all other Australian councils combined on social security and welfare in 1980-81, according to a survey published in the March issue of 'Choice' magazine. Page 9 A member of the Presbyterian Ladies' College council said yesterday many parents would withdraw their daughters from PLC if the school put more emphasis on religion in the curriculum. Page 9 MOOMBA, SUBSISTS THE STATE K am: Riversdalc Cup Moomba golf tournament, Riversdale Golf Club. free. 9 am: Herald Outdoor Art Show. Treasury Gardens, free. Winficld Australia II Exhibition, free. 1(1 am: Moomba Exhibition of Pottery and Ceramics. Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, free. 10 am. noon and 3 pm: Qantas presents Kostumob-jektd. Great Hall. National Gallery, free. Noon: International Motor Show. Exhibition Buildings, tickets at door. 12.10 pm. 12.50 pm. 1.10 pm and 1.50 pm: Piano quintets. Assembly Hall. Collins Street, free. 12.30 pm: Startime Circus. Flinders Park. free. ti pm: Arnotts Main Stage. Sam Angeiico. Fi Fi and David. Rolf Harris. Alexandra Gardens, free. 7.30 pm: Moomba Public Speaking Competition. BP Building Theatrette. free. Moves by four unions to reaffliate with the ALP will be examined by an elected committee of the Victorian ALP. Page 1 Alcoa Australia's denial that it had been pressured by the Premier, Mr Cain, to tone down its public criticism of the State Government was contested yesterday by the Opposition Leader, Mr Kennett. Page 4 9 A man aged 72 who died during surgery at the Alfred Hospital had been other Emm POLITICS: The Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee meets in Canberra at 9 am. The Federal Opposition Leader. Mr Peacock, will address members of the Svdnev Chamber of Commerce at the Sydney Hilton Hotel at 1 pm. The Victorian ALP Administrative Committee meets tonight to consider applications by the Federated Ironworkers. Shop Distributive and Allied Employees. Federated Clerks and Carpenters and Joiners unions to rejoin the oartv. CONFERENCE: The Metal Trades Industry Association conference on Finance for Australian Industry begins at the Southern Cross Hotel at 9.15 am. VISIT: Big Bird, of Sesame Street fame, will visit the Lady Huntingfield Child Care Centre. North Melbourne, at 2.30 pm. SPORT: The Australian Welterweight Boxing Championship between Frank Ropis and Russell Sands will be fought at the Sports Entertainment Centre. Swan Street, at 7.30 pm. The TAB covers the Colac gallops, harness racing at Moonee Valley and the Geelong grevhounds. NEWS DIARY Tip-top tap at the Bowl IN EACH of us there is a Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers just dying to get out. The Victorian Ministry for the Arts seems to think so anyway, because it is expecting a big turn-out for a "tap dance symposium" to be held at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday 31 March. If "symposium" sounds rather too daunting, think of it simply as a free tap-dancing class. A Ministry spokesman assures us that everyone secretly wants to tap dance and people of all ages are being encouraged io turn up for the hour-long classes, the first of which will start at 10 am and the last at 4 pm. If you're a slow learner, there is nothing to stop you shuffling through a succession of classes. Betty Pounder, a consultant to the Ministry and an experienced choreographer, says that tapping has zoomed back into popularity after the dark days of the 1960s (when it was very uncool) and is exceeded in popularity only by rap dancing. Tapping is also far less strenuous than rap dancing and does not involve falling on hard surfaces. Not intentionally anyway. Ms Pounder also says that you don't need the special tapping thingos on the bottom of your shoes just to learn. All you require are flat-heeled shoes and -TKt nwwcV 7r ( ALAN ATTWOOP) comfortable clothes. Anyone worried about their fitness (or lack thereof) may feel better knowing that Ms Pounder claims that tapping is not as "physical" as learning ballet or jazz, the work being mainly "from the knees down". Ms Pounder promises "all sorts of lovely tappy tunes" and hopes that the Music Bowl stage will be jammed with people, all moving like never before. You should note that this will be the weekend after the NSW election, when you can expect to see politicians shuffling off the stage with far less grace and style. Tap dancing, incidentally, is one of the very few activities not being planned by Community Aid Abroad to promote their 'One World Walk Against Want' on Sunday 8 April. But comedianRodQnantock and a monkey (Mr Quantock is the one with the beard) have been organised to appear in the City Square some time before then armed with several packing cases of bananas, to make a significant statement about commodity prices and food in the Third World. This year's walk route will take in some of the historic sites of Melbourne. Organisers say that walking is not compulsory. You can jog or cycle and they probably would not mind if you tried tapping all the way. Tunnel vision ONE PLAN that is sometimes resurrected in NSW at election time is the idea of having a tunnel under Sydney Harbor, to ease the pressure of traffic on the Bridge and, presumably, give Japanese tourists something else to take pictures of. Should Neville Wran be thinking of throwing the plan into the ring again before 24 March, even if only to take people's minds off other things, we have a suggestion as to how he might get a line from one side of the harbor to the other. The idea comes all the way from the North Sea where engineers on one of the biggest oil platforms were unsure how to link an underwater well-head to a platform above with an electric cable. A pipe already connected the two; the problem was finding a way to coax a cable through the pipe. Finally a ferret handler was called in from Scotland. He arrived with two ferrets (one being a spare) and a dead rabbit, which was blown through the pipe by an air compressor. A ferret, wearing a harness and pulling the electric cable, then took off after the rabbit Voila! One problem solved. But don't send ferrets to Mr Wran's office until he requests any. Dubious honor WITH elections in the offing, you can expect all politicians to make even more noise than usual about every point gained or lost in the opinion polls. But none of Messrs Hawke, Peacock, Wran, or Greiner can match the achievement of British Labour leader Neil Kinnock, who was recently named 'Man of the Year' by the British publication 'Gay News'. Despite the honor, Mr Kinnock was not sure how to accept it The first Press reports described him having "no printable comment" and he was later said to be both "very heterosexual" and even a "rugby coach." We noticed also that in an article in the 'Sunday Times' of London assessing Bob Hawke's first year in power, Mr Kinnock was advised to fellow Bob's lead. "He could do worse than visit Down Under next time he is thinking of a foreign trip," said the 'ST report. "Better a Hawke than a Wilson or Mitterrand." TV REVIEW 'Nationwide'has mixed success THERE have been times recently when 'Nationwide' has looked more like that grotesquely fascinating showbusiness-news magazine 'Entertainment This Week' than the authoritative and respected current affairs program that one suspects the ABC mandarins believe it to be. It has been partly the presentation, partly the reportage. Tussles with technology, comperes with sniffly noses, embarrassing silences, over-dramatic interview techniques, comic-style graphic boards and back-drops, weak stories, and shallow investigative work, have helped create a disconcerting sense of amateurishness about the program. Last night's edition (Channel 2 at 8.20) offered a share of the usual sins. Geral-dine Doogue juggled her syntax while asking Justice Elizabeth Evatt, Chief Judge of the Family Court, what it was like playing Solomon. RichardXarleton, hunting for a demotic interpretation of the day's theatre in Canberra, delivered his piece like an actor hamming it up in a Victorian melodrama. And Peter Couch-man padded out a report on the success of American Democrat Gary Hart with a trite line about the senator that suggested a lack of basic research. But 'Nationwide did have one report that made it worth switching on, a story that with, a nod to the commercial opposition's police drama series, it called Russell Street Blues'. This was about the scandalous lack of cars and vans in police stations around Victoria. Reporter Bruce Woolley spent a day at Kew where there are just two cars, one for each 16,000 residents. Lack of cars makes it easier for the villains; of 3200 local burglaries in six months, fewer than 6 per cent were "cleared". More policemen are being recruited, but there are apparently no plans for transport. The Minister, Race Mathews, nodded his concern while telling Wool-ley that the policeman's lot had been improved under the present Government But he did agree that "we've certainly got a long way to go". Presumably, on foot.. BRIAN COURTIS W Q U A 3-DAY FORMULA FORD DRIVING COURSE! Full details in this issue of AUTO ACTION F.2272 Come to Moomba's Flora! Festival MARCH 10-18 RINGWOOD CULTURAL CENTRE Mines Rd, East Ringwood (Entrance oneway only from Mt Dandenong Rd) ADMISSION: Open daily 10 am 7 pm $4.50 adults S2.50 pensioners (invalid and elderly) $1.00 children (aged 5-16 years inclusive) Children under 5 years admitted free. 7 . -Zf y ZSs, ANOTHER . ursmnien.? Association of icior;i PROMOTION II T i ! 'John Allison MonKrajse FUNERAL DIRhCTORS BcNTLEIGH coburg mornington BRIGHTON RICHMOND SANDHINGHAM CAULRELC FRANKSTCN SPRiNUVALE Al 60S TheTWAQantas Worid Beater Eaie. One ticket can take you to92 cities on fourcc4itinents... See the world with the TWVQantas World Beater Fare. 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( AFTERNOON ) 12.00 A New World. 12.30 Metal Makers. 1.00 News. 1.10 Weather. 1.11 Avventura. 1.35 The Media. 1.55 Music Time. 2.15 Athletics. 3.00 Sesame Street 3.55 Captain Cookaburra's Australia. 4.00 Play School. 4.30 The Machine Gunners. 4.55 Roger Ramjet. 5.25 Danger Mouse. 5.30 Metal Mickey. 5.54 Come And Get It. 5.58 News Headlines. ( EVENING 3 6.00 Home. Lively ABC children's drama series. (R) 6.30 Doctor Who (R) 6.54 Take 5 7.00 News, Sport And Weather with Graham Evens. 7.30 Time Was. Dick Cavett iooks at the 1940s. 8.30 Nationwide 9.00 Squadron. Crisp, entertaining BBC drama series about the activities of a RAF rapid deployment air squadron. Tonight rebels suspect Squadron Leader Mike Fairchild of being an American mercenary. (PGR) (S) S.50 Pot Black. BBC international snooker championship match between Alex Higgins and Eddie Charlton. 10.15 News And Weather 10.25 Just Liz (PGR) 10.50 Close Channel 7 ( MORNING 7.00 Rainbow (R). 7.30 Shazzan (R). 8.00 To Rome With Love (R). 8.30 Petticoat Junction (R). 9.00 Celebrity Tattletales (R). 9.30 Catch Us If You Can (R). 10.00 Romper Room. 11.00 Eleven AM (PGR) ( AFTERNOON ) 12.00 Movie: Generation (PGR) (R) 2.00 Marcus Welby MD (R) 3.00 Eight Is Enough (R) 4.00 Shirl's Neighborhood (R) 4.30 Lassie (R) 5.00 Wheel Of Fortune 5.30 Get Smart (R) ( EVENING 6.00 The New Price Is Right Game show hosted by lan Turpie. 6.30 News, Sport And Weather with Mai Walden. 7.00 Sons And Daughters. Australian soap opera. Tonight Patricia's latest scheme backfires. 7.30 Simon And Simon. Bland American detective series. Tonight, during a plane flight. A. J. is robbed of valuable diamonds. (PGR) 8.30 Movie: Raintree County, a 1958 drama about an idealistic young man who falls in love with a Southern belle after the American Civil War. It stars Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. (PGR) (R) 11.45 News, Sport And Weather AM 12.15 Movie: Ruby, a modified for television version of the 1977 drama starring Piper Laurie and Stuart Whitman. (AO) 2.05 Close Channel 9 ( MOWNfNG 3 6.00 New Space Ghost And Her- culoids (R). 6.25 Go Health (C). 6.30 Rocky And His Friends (R). 7.00 Today. 9.00 Here's Humphrey. 10.00 Another World (PGR). 11.00 The Richard Sim mons Show (R). 11.30 News ( AFTERNOON ) 12.00 The Mike Walsh Show. 1.30 Days Of Our Lives. 2.30 The Young And The Restless. 3.30 General Hospital (PGR). 4.00 The Curiosity Show. 4.30 Skippy (C) (R). 5.00 Family Feud. 5.30 The Bugs Bunny Show c EVENING 3 6.00 Happy Days 6.30 News, Sport And Weather 7.00 Sale Of The Century 7.30 Happy Days. Lively American comedy series starring Henry Winkler. Tonight, coach Roger Phil lips accepts the principal's position at a tough voca tional high school. 8.30 Movie: The Jungle Book, a 1942 adventure based on Rudyard Kipling's classic story of a boy who grew up with the wolves in the jun gles of India. It stars Sabu and Joseph Calleia. (R) 10.30 S.W.A.T. (PGR) (R) 11.30 WKRP In Cincinnati. Brightly scripted American comedy set in a radio station. AM 12.08 Movie: Lady In Cement (AO) (R) 1.50 Movie: The Secret Life Of An American Wife (AO) (R) 3.35 Movie: Bus Riley's Back In Town (PGR) (R) 5.10 The Best Of The Midnight Special Channel 10 ( MORNING 3 6.00 Felix The Cat (R). 6.05 Courageous Cat (R). 6.30 The Doris Day Show (R). 7.00 Good Morning Australia. 9.00 The Restless Years (R). 10.06 Linus The Lion- hearted (R). 10.30 Fat Cat And Friends. 11.00 Good Morning Melbourne (PGR) ( AFTERNOON ) 12.00 Movie: Death Rides A Horse (AO) (R). 3.80 Emergency (R). 4.00 Simon Townsend's Wonder World (C). 4.30 Fraggle Rock. 5.00 The Brady Bunch (R). 5.30 Perfect Match C evening" D 6.00 Eyewitness News 7.00 M.A.S.H. (R) 7.30 Automan. Mildly entertaining American adventure series in which a computer program comes to life and helps the L.A. police. It stars Desi Arnaz junior and Robert Lansing. (PGR) 8.30 Movie: McQ, a 1974 drama about a police lieutenant who resigns from the force to track down drug dealers. It stars John Wayne and Eddie Allbert. (AO) (R) 10.40 Movie: The Hellfighters, a 1969 drama starring John Wayne and Katharine Ross. (PGR) (R) AM 12.55 Movie: The Sleeping Car Murders (AO) (B&W) (R) 2.40 Close Our TV stars, as selected by 'The Age' TV writer, Brian Courtis, rate as follows: k Worth considering Excellent kirk Not to be missed Channel O And Channel 28 on UHF ( AFTERNOON ") 4.30 World Soccer. Bayem Munich v. Munchengladbach, from West Germany. 5.30 Cartoon Corner. Cartoons from around the world. C evening" 3 6.00 Mr Tau. Adventure series. (Czech) 6.38 Where The Sky Begins (French) (R) 7.08 International Sports Magazine. Les Murray presents a preview of the week's National Soccer League matches. 7.30 News with George Donikian. 8.80 Bobby Solo. The Italian singer filmed during an outdoor concert in Trapani. 8.30 Drunken City. New drama series set during the repressive Metaxas dictatorship in Greece immediately before World War II. In tonight's episode a travelling theatre group arouses suspicion in a small country town. (Greek) 9.28 News And Weather 9.38 Movie: Top Of The Class, a 1981 drama about an unexpected chain of events that mar a proud father's attempts to reward his son for his excellent exam marks. It stars Mario Trevi and Marc Porel. (Italian) 11.65 Rock Around The World (R) AM 1.65 Close THE AGE PRICES Haeomman&ad and Maximum only. MONDAY TO FRIDAY Victoria and Sthn. NSW by road . 30c South-Eastam SA by road 30e Broksn Hill by road 35c ACT. Taamania. King and Flindars la. NSW (Inc. Cooma and Sth. Coaatl. South Auatralia '. 35c Southam Quaansland 40c Nth. Quaansland (bayond Rockhampton). WAvAlica Springs ..55c Someone needs Restoria. Not grey hair. Restoria makes a grey-haired man look younger in 2-3 weeks. Applied like a hair tonic, Restoria slowly replaces ageing grey hair with natural-looking colour. So gradually that no-one notices what's happening. 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