Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1966 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 20, 1966
Page 3
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Chairman, Board of trust*** National Association of Investment Club* Q. I'm attracted by the idea of in vetting, but can't help noting that stock prices in spite of the recent break are a tremendous amount higher than they were in 1929. I'm wondering if there are other comparisons between the present and 1929 that might indicate a new recession or da- pression? A. Let's face it — the stock market is much higher now than in 1929. But there are a good many other factors involved that make most authorities on the market feel the whole economic structure is sounder than it was in 1929. The total income of the nation is many times what is was in 1929, and in the opinion of many economists is more stable. There is not the "borrowed" money in the stock market today that there was in 1929. It's my belief that people getting into the stock market today are a lot more knowledgeable than, they were in the 1920's. True, we still have people getting burned in the market because they buy stocks in the same way they'd bet on the horses — on whim, hot tips or some other unbusi nesslike reason. But these people I believe are now a smaller 0 _^ proportion of the total number £ lo " x balls > >• "•' .. of shareholders. I Bnstows, E. E. Pettes, Hefty-Hefti reunion held at Livermore LuVerne—The Hefty-Hefti re- mion was held at the Legion hall at Livermore June 12 with 20 present. Towns represented 'ere Peterson, Minn,, Sioux .Tails, S. D., Kansas City, Mo., Jsage, Crystal Lake, Corwith, Rusk honors -uVerne, 3elmond, Ottosen, Greene, Mumboldt, Hardy, Renwick, Iowa Falls, Livermore, 3ode. They voted to make this an annual affair the second Sunday in June. Mr*. Harry L, Maw Mr, and Mr! Mick Will visited Friday and Saturday with his parents, Mf. and Mrs. Fred Will, to celebfJrte the Lowell Conrad 48th anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spang- let visited Sunday evening with Mrs. James Darrah at the Belmond hospital. Klrt,Sehichtl of Britt spent Saturday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spangle*-. Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Wil- before going to their home at hite of firemen, Ind., spent Sat< urday to Wednesday visiting his Marshalltown. Mr. and Mrs. George Yeoman of Algona Were Saturday supper guests of Mrs, Esther Rbiiba and Mrs. Lucille Johnson. Mrs. Lucille Johnson returned to her hoine here after a visit parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilhite. and friends at Sheldon and SIEPS IN REUNION A Siep family reunion was held in LuVerne June 12 at the Durwood Burtis's. Attending were the Kelsy Dunns, Kingston, Jamaica, Mrs. Bessie Dunn, Pasco, Wash., the William Kohls and Catherine, Clinton, Minn., the Jerry Hobbs, Omaha, Daryl Burtises, Mrs. Rhoda Burtis, of ALGONA DRUGGIST Bless Rusk holds his first place photograph, "Caterpillar," in one hand and the camera he used to take it in the other. Besides winning first in the photography division, he placed fourth in watercolor at the Algona Sidewalk Art Show. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Blue ribbon drawing Mrs. Another difference from 1929 is the fact that the price/earnr ings ratios of stocks are much lower on the whole. Again it is true that some stocks have extremely high P/E ratios because issues, but a large number of they have turned into glamorous very good grade stocks are selling at relatively low price/earnings ratios. This means that investors are not gambling on "fliers" to the extent they were in 1929. To cite an example of this low P/E ratio, look at Ford Motor Company. This firm with a very excellent record and good prospects is selling at a mere eight times earnings. Radio Corporation today sells about 25 times earnings, in 1929 it sold at 76 times earnings. Some stocks have soared, and many electronics stocks, to name one group, have been over priced in my estimation, with price/ earnings ratios in some instances running as high as 50 or 60 to 1. But the stock market is made up ot thousands of individual stock issues. By becoming informed and investing care fully, it's my belief that your best bet to hedge against our continuing inflation is still care D. A. Fraser, the Lyle Frasers, Deanne and Dale Fraser, Hurt,, Lt. Col. and Mrs William A. Batt Jr. and Pamela, Roger Batt, Algona, Mrs. Carl Siep, Carlene and Charlene Klein, and the Vern Kleins, Irvington. AT GRADUATION The Burtis DeNios and Holly were in Iowa City June 10 to \ttend the 9:30 a.m. graduation of Collyn DeNio from, the miversity. Collyn received his BA degree in business administration. He is associated with Alpha Kappa Psi national business fraternity. He has secured a pos- tion with Caterpillar at Peoria. 111. His training there will be preparatory for foreign service possibly at Geneva, Switzerland. He flew to Peoria June 13 for tests and interviews. He returns there June 21. GETS M. A. DEGREE The John Vosses Jr. visited ful, sensible market. purchases in the Q. In the event one makes a large sum of money in an unorthodox manner, such as by gambling, and then invests this money in a profitable business, is it true that one need not pay the tax on these earnings until the business is sold, meanwhile paying taxes on the profits of the business, of course? If this were anct not so, it would mean that one zes is not supposed to reinvest to increase his earnings during the year. This seems ridiculous since one would be limited in trying to earn as much as he could. A. Let's take your points one at a time. First, concerning gains or profits from gambling they are definitely taxable anc must be included in your income tax on the year in which they are realized. The fact that you might put the money into some other business would have no ef feet on the tax on the gambling gains themselves. Incidentally, gambling losses are not deductible even thougl gambling gains are taxable. Now, when you put money in to a business, your earnings are taxable as they come to you. And when the business is sold, if it is sold for more than you invested in it in the first place, you will have a capital gains tax to pay. There are many complications, of course, to business taxes and we would suggest that you consult an attorney or an accountant for professional advice. Have you a question about your own or your club's investment program? Mr. O'Hara will be glad to answer it. Write to t. E. O'Hara, National Association of Investment Clubs, Department S, Box 1056, Detroit, Saturday to Tuesday in Wichita, Kan., with their daughter Le- Ota Ann, the Rex Lius and Lancy. They went for the graduation of Mr. Liu Sunday at the university at Wichita. Mr. Liu received a MA degree in mech- nical engineering. He received is BA degree in aeronautical ingineering at Ames. He will low work for a doctor's degree. with relatives Correctionville, Rock Valley. Mr. and Mrs, Robert Anderson of Des Moines spent the Weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Nail. Sunday afternoon and supper guests of Mrs. Esther Kouba and Mrs. Lucille Johnson were Mr. and Mrs. Lars Moe of Moorland, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wor- awe, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Faris of Eldora and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reece of New Providence. Mrs. John Adams Sr. visited Wednesday evening at the home of Henry Smidt at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Nash, visited Wednesday with Irene Pitts at Morristown, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Norman Klatt at Waterville, Minn., and they also en- oyed some fishing on Loon lake ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE-^ bet!) *J MONDAY, JUNE M, 1f*cY A BLUE RIBBON drawiriig graph. ^ went to Gary Kelley, Algona, for his : 'Clothed Figure," 'wliic'li is 's'Kow'n in the above photo Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Tops in crafts Mrs. John Babcock attended the wedding of her nephew, Roger, at the Methodist church in Kanawha Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Marr visited his mother, Mrs. Nellie Mafr at Superior on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riggle, Mrs. Mae Riggle and Ray Riggle of Crystal Lake spent severa' days in Denver, Colo, at the Russel Riggle home and to visit with Mrs. Belle Sutcliff and Bob of California. Mrs. Mary Dun lap, who had been visiting here and at Cedar Falls, returned home with them. Mrs. Phil Hunget is a patient at the Belmond hospital. Sunday picnic supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Welter were Mr. and Mrs. William Welter and family of Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welter and family of M^son City, Misses Edith and Delia Welter of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeGroote and family and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Welter and Velter, children of the William iVelters, remained for A longer isit. . ', V Miss Janice Widfeti, daughter Jt the Dale Widen's, works' fof he Doctor's Asstt. Clink in DU* jUqUe. Art addition to the, staff n the emergency and industrial section is Miss Suzanne Allendorf Who reported for duty* May 1 3lst, Miss Ailertdorf will be Ift charge of registration and appointments in this section ^tak» ng over the duties formerly handled by Miss Widen, wHo «9istAtit and TIM be*h to floor duty in \ Priscilla and hef Jennfeon of deW cd the graduation £±t "**' !* n. ci <ip A& its*, ^fi bV 1..I.WK UUlp-T ••• *-••** * *mvf v*» " - TWT to work with ths hurfcil ftd tfte doctors in feftfelfJrfcMOft particularly industrial fcrtd 1 •^-- -- cas^f »'*4yiaiiv i** A ind lof college. • t MlSiJh -Jetty jtt«> ' . , Joel hiffer, who i§ attending t i J? * 4 • ^ii"/ A SOCIETY HAS PICNIC The Memorial Society had a pot-luck picnic at the City hall June 9 with Mrs. Earl John and Mrs. Percy Brink in charge, juest was Mrs. Louise Gronbach. Mrs. Anne Smith presided and bingo was played with pri- The Willie Blairs, Superior, Wis., have a 5-lb. son, Christopher William, born June 11. He las four sisters, Mary, Clara, Ju lie and Carolyn. Mrs. Blair, the former Doris Gronbach, is the daughter of the Frank Gron bachs LuVerne. Irvin H. Chapman and daugh ter Cheyenne, Ames, visited on Saturday and Sunday in Lu Verne. They were guests of the Otto Willes. The Kelsey Dunns, Kingston, Jamaica, Mrs. Bessie Dunn, Pasco, Wash., Mrs. Rhoda Burtis, Sioux Falls, S. D., visited Thursday and Friday with the Durwood Burtises. The Frank Gronbachs visited Wednesday at the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, with his bro- her, Elmer Gronbach, Liver- lore, a medical patient there. The Keith Kublys, Berwyn, 11,, visited Friday to Monday yith his parents the Elmer Kub- ys. Dale is home for the sumnv r with his parents. He will be a senior at Ames this fall. Th» Charles Heinkels, of Lu Verne, their daughter Sharon, he Robert Smiths and Larry Lee, of Algona, were Sunday guests at Chester Smith's, parents of Robert Smith, Bancroft. Jane Goodner. Fort Dodge, is at her grandparents the Ralph Dimlers for a summer vacation. Michigan 48231, enclosing stamped, self-addressed ope. tnvtl- Scholarship Midshipman John S. Redd, Sidney, upon, his graduation from the U.S. Nava Academy, Annapolis, Md. re ceived a Fulbright scholarship and will pursue graduate stud> in mathematics for a year in Uruguay. John, is the son of Mr and Mrs. John S. Redd of Sid ney. ear Mankato, Minn. Miss Mary Fellon of Mason Ci- y was honored at a shower on unday afternoon at the Luthern church. Miss Fallon will be- ome the bride of Henry Qber- lelinan Saturday. Mrs. Robert Nutty and family of Sioux Falls, S. D., are visiting ler mother Mrs. Emma Oxley. Mr', and Mrs. Jerry Puffer and 'amily of Algona were Saturday evening callers with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Puffer. Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Buen- ling and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur lobb of Renwick were Tuesday evening callers at the Lester Hash home. Rev. Frank Considine of the Gorwith-Wesley c'aurches is attending conference this week at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Lavoy Dawson and Miss Evelyn Dawson attended the graduation of Craig Dawson Friday at Iowa City. They also visited Bud Daniel and C B. Robinson at the hospita there. Paul Considine, Donna Birk ler and her parents, all of Siou City, were weekend guests at th Rev. and Mrs. Frank Considin home. Kimberly and Kelly White, o Des Moines, are visiting thei grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Lowell Conrad. !T Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ezarski a tended the graduation of thei daughter Carla from Mason City Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams and Mrs. Jessie Romp of Garner attended the graduation of Mrs. Gary Williams from Coe college, Cedar Rapids, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huseman of Ardel and Mrs. Jake Schutzer of Mason City visited Sunday afternoon at the Lester Hash home. Paul Wilhite of Des Moines spent the weekend at the Cecil Wilhite home. Dr. and Mrs. Harold Peggs of San Francisco, Calif., arrived on Thursday to visit at the Lowell Conrad home. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne White and family of Des Moines were weekend guests. Guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Cleon Conrad and family of Kanawha, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mclntire. The occasion was daughter. Susan and Danney 1 1 i 1 1 ii I n n M 1 1 i t l,H,i l\ Hamilton in Mason Cify, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Philip Puffer. BUILD NOW AND 1 1 1 1 Now is your chance to build that dream home on an ideal lot — and save yourself $400! "'' , ""' ^i -, Robinson Construction will reduce the (trice of the choice { lots located'in the beautiful acreige west of Algeria,, near the Country Club, .if you start construction before October '. 1 of this year. ' I 1 , The top lots are still available in this seanjc area. The first three lots sold with this'offer will be reduced MOO each. There are no catches or gimmicks to this bargain, buf build* ing must start by October 1. Act now and save. Remember, only the first three lots Mid will be at this reduced price — so hurry! > CONTRACT EITHER: ROBINSON HERBST CONSTRUCTION or REAL ESTATE Phone 295-3374 Phone 295-3733 '^ j mHH"H"H-l"H"M-l"H"»"l"l"l"l"l"H"l "I I I »1 »"I"H "I 'Ml V order metal § No, we aren't in the metal siding business. But new Gilt Edge Super Latex House Paint is so superior to ordinary paint, we'd almost rather see you put metal siding on your house if we run out of Gilt Edge Super Latex. Read how it compares to solvent-thinner-type paints: \. Apply in damp or dry weather—even when surface is wet 2. Faster drying-dust and insect free in 15 to 45 t minutes depending on humidity 3. Slower erosion—no discoloration from chalking 4. Easier to apply-no tiring brush drag 5. Superior color retention-far less fading from sunlight 6. Easy clean up with soap and water 7. Thinner coat does the job-reduces danger of failure caused by weight of build-up'in repainting 8 Uniform'appearance-no lap marks 9. Choice of 1,001 colors 10. Long wearing-durability equal or superior to the best solvent-thinner-type paints 11. No special primers needed for repaint work 12. Breathes better—helps prevent failure due (o moisture penetration from within the house See what we mean? For a paint job that lasts and lasts $ and lasts, your best value is Gilt Edge Super Latex House 6 95 per gal Paint deeptones slightly higher COWAN CORP "Formerly Ready Mix Concrete & Lumber Co." 5-5266 ALGONA m [weather forecast: KRISTINE PLATHE, Irvington, is pictured above with her hooked rug which took top honors in crafts at the art show last Friday. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. daughter Diane, Beatrice Hill- Ramus, LuVerne. A gift man, Wesley, Mrs. Edward Lenz, white sweater was made. Mrs. Edward Ramus, Elizabeth of Tht Joseph Thorn* hid a* guests Friday an uncle and 9unit of Mrs. Thorn, the L. T. Peter- sens, Denison, and Mrs. Velma Petersen, flumboldit Mr*. Jack R. M<C«II, h.r cjau. ghter Mary Lynn, of Winpepeg, Can*d$, were Wedne$d»y visitor with her aunt and uncle-, the Hugh Shirks. Mrs. gi«ri Wolf w*f tanertd Friday for her birthday June 6. Guests were Mrs. Glajren^ gen&en, Mrs. Harry Fleming, of Corwith, Mrs, Irvin H.illman, CLOSED FOR VACATIONS JUNE 20 through JUNE 25 MODERN DRY CLEANERS TUXEDO RENTALS when it rains,., it won't bother your family laundry schedule Jf you're a jump ahead of the weatherman... if you have installed an electric clothes dryer... The weather is always just what you want for laundry day when you have a dependable electric clothes dryer... safe.,. sure.,, sterile... and economical, too! If weather forecasts worry you, see your faVorite appliance dealer; now about an automatic electric clothes dryer. Municipal Utilities

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