The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1930
Page 3
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g 8[ 1930 Remodel Drug Store i Building at Osceola! OSCEOLA, ARK.—The building cv.ned by Driver & Moore and tccupi^d by the-Davis Uru$ Store BJ WJn . E, .-ncens-wi on the cttncr of Ha!> Ave. and s«Mt»ry Amtrkin BrId E e ilnvay 01, Is being remodeled i, 3v tne Car( i 6 m; t on it' ; • • r- ii r> Hi-.mvay 01, Is being remodeled Lav the ITOSSISSIDPI LountV Has DCStUnd Uie Interior redecorated at face ' OI r/i^JV r J i '" cost of approximately $1,500.00. „]„,. .hi i, . Umdjlion Comared to^i-c store have a «»« n!»n. ?_ lay ,, the _" djlion G)mpared Last Year. on the following liand, and double dummy and r -- .-,.- _ -~j ,., umv ine IIJJKI ouiikue tumuli' ;ll:o store rill have a new piate £CO -, f >ou can II!Bk(! slx „• •la-s front, the floor space will „ a , Mh a 5pade openmg . Kc _ * "l^r,* , ° ," C ""r^ e • member that West will not" tru,np ~~- ' ^cda fcunialn, and the re- ., While the latest census bureau inoval of the side walk aiong the .'..,,, ;port, for the first time this sea- west siile of the building will widen | son, shows cotton ginned in Mis- , - sissippi county this season below the total to the same date a year HBO. this county continues to show « much more favorable comparative condition than other important cotton producing counties of Arkansas. Cotton ginned prior to Novembji- 14.this year and last in the lead- Ing cotton countles,of the slate w>s is follows: 1930 19N Ashley 15,485 20,517 Chlcot 18,161 30,003 Clay, 14,245 30,150 I .Craighead 28,141 Crittenden 48,055 Cross 15.176 41,632 51,172 19,720 24.964 30,003 3V;v> D«sha 14.740 Jact'in ?3 2K Jefferson . . . 34.?OS Lee .:- 18,101 Lftioke- 30,873 40,498 MUsljsJppt .... 89,570 90,307 FillUipfi 24424 28 l^l Poinsett 24^354 35333 ™**i 16,128 19,891 S. Francis ...;.. 28.038 34,526 Great as Is the apparent decline Phown for most counties by these Lie street and..provide ample parking space for the curb service ihc store will eater to. C. A. Davis and S. T. Davis arc (he proprje- tors. Vi'EST S-7-2 , H-J-109-6 C—10-64-2 C-R-10-9 . but at the first , ; 1 discard a diamond. iWRVti S-8 H-K-fl.7-4-2 D-A-K.J-8-3 C-D-* tAS; S-Q-110-9- 3 H—Soas D-U-1-5 0-7-6-53-2 -C odd unless West happens to lioW all of the hearts. As this is the case, It looks as though the declarer's contract is certainly ds- featcd. . . The declarer has one more chance ot successfully making his contract. If he can find C.uee diamonds to the cjueeh in the East hand. H would Uien be possible to set the diamond sull and discard the losing clubs. His next play must be Ihc king of spades ifrom dummy, dlscaidlng a club [hand. , from his own Former Secretary of State Honored for, Pact to Outlaw War. OSLO. Norway, Nov. 28. (UP)— Frank. B. Kellogg, former secrc- 1UU[I1 Dlu wlul llurma , supp ort, tary of state of the United States , v hlle five hearts shows more than and co-author with Aris'.ide Bri- ' a minimum bid. North shows his and of France of the Kcllogg-Bri- • other suit by bidding six diamonds, and pact to outlaw war. has been and South carried the contract to awarded the Nobel peace prize for six hearts 1929. SOUTB— DEALER $_».K-6-54 M-A-8-V3 . C-9 ^ C-«-!-8. The Biddlnt The hand was played at contracl and South, the dealer, opened with out' spade, North bid three hearts, shoeing more than one and one- half tricks. South carried the declaration to flye hearts. Four hearts voukl have shown simply a minimum bid with normal support. . The ace of diamonds Is led aiid then a small diamond, trumping In the dummy, with Ihe three-; 1 of (hearts. A small heart Is returned and won by the declarer' with the Ojceo/a Society—Personal king. East shows out, discarding if? 1 " 1 Hrlle ' EI "We Smith, Harrj the deuce of clubs. ,m' C<K> W Driver, Earl Qulnn U conceded e that, the final report will- reveal an eren more serious falling off of production. This Is true because the proportion of this year's crop harvested and ginned Is unusually IMge. In Mississippi county, for ex- wnple. cotton still in the fields is almost negligible in quantity Florida Loan Company in Handsome Quarters OSCEOLA, ARKf-The building owned by James Driver and [mown as the old Chevrolet building has recently been remodeled and redecorated at a cost of The award gave the United States her third Nobel prize this year. Sinclair Lewis won the 1930 prize for literature and Dr. Karl Land-, sielner of the Rockefeller Institute hi New York received ,this year's prize for distinguished work'-in medicine. The 1930 peace award was given Archbishop L. O. J. Soderbloom, primate of Sweden, a member of the Swedish academy and author of many theological works. His most recent work was "The Church and Peace," written as a Birge memorial lecture. ihe deuce of clubs. The declarer had fortified himself against this distribution and now hopes to pick up the queen of diamonds by leading the klug,> which he does, discarding a.small club in dummy. The jack,of diamonds Is continued and the jack of clubs discarded. Then the eight of diamonds, discarding the king of clubs from dummy, West trump- inng with the nine of. hearts. West returns the jack of hearts, which the declarer must let ride t othe dummy's ace. A small spade must be returned from dummy ai.u if West discards the nine of clubs, declarer trumps with the four of hearts and leads the queen of clubs, trumping In the dummy with .the eight of hearts. The small spade Is returned from dummy and the declarer lias made his contract of six odd. If the declarer had attempted to lead trump before cashing his king of spades, his contract could not have been made. Abner Driver wns host to a Thankss'iving dinner party entertainment at the home of his sister. Mrs Thus. i>. Florida. and'Mr. Florida Wednesday evening. __ The (iini:cr table was foillve"vlih center|)!cci- of gay chrysanthemums, rid candles In crystal candle sticks and other appointments in keeping w ith (he holiday. A delightful evening ot miscellaneous entertainment following serving ol the delU-ious four course dinner ID the lolloivlne guejUs: Thos, P. Florida, C. B. Driver, Jas. Driver, Dudley Lynch. A. F. Splese, David Travis. Kd Qulim, H. C. Wcathers- y. Dr. L. How ton, Hale Jackson aphn Hale, Elmore Smith, Harry lies as a part of school work was | wllli Mnllory Hum-el! a! UL>!! 13ucV he topic of the aftji-noan't pro- • le, Tenn., where he is a'l«iui!'iz urnm with M^-s, Joiui R. Milter \ school. Mr. I'.nd Mis. K. L. Plilp]:: a;Ki children left Wcdntnlny fL'r fi motor trip to Harrlsbiirg. 111., wlisvj tlioy will tiicml n lew d;;yn v:lt :i iclatlves. Mr. iiiitl Mrs. P. p. Ja;ou? ^n: 1 . Mr. and Mrs. nwifrey W.rtts v;eit Mcmiih!:; viiitois WoJnciday eve- , . on "Why We Need Play- truimd Equipment," and Mrs. Har•y Jones leading n round table discussion on "Keorcnllon." A vocal solo. "Oh Heait o 1 Mine," was rendered by Mrs. Frank llowse. • Announcement was nude cf an unusually inr^c culloctlon of gifts • I'Vi tf i4i (,* j K-rtl i Vf UIIIJJ MUton Pope, Walter Driver sr. ames Carlwrlght, Robl. Sumners . C. Bowcn. A. W, Bowen, Geo 'lorlda. J. s. Dillahunly sr., J. L. Vard, Homer Qulnn. Ben Butler, Herbert Shlppen, Ed Shlppen, Ood- rey White and E. M. jatTe. - Thirty-eight mothers attended he grade school P .T. A. meeting vedn<?.wtay afternoon, fifteen of hem third gmdc mothers, which won Hie monthly attendance or that grade. . The Play North and. South have bid-three suits, and undoubtedly East's best opening Is clubs, the suit that has not been bid, but as it Is so weak, East preferred the spade opening and opened with the queen, the top of a three-card sequence, which the dummy won'with the ace. The de- c)arer can easily see his contract of sented and admired by nil. At a: Texas, Sept. 9 and 10, 1921. The ajoun^ 44,000.00 for occupancy by the FJorida Real Estate Loan Company; who claim for their new quarters one of the handsomest oflice suites in the state. The building has a new front opening into a spacious reception room paneled tn red gum with a composition tile floor. A re-eu- lorced concrete vault opens off the reception room as do two pri- _vate offices, finished in the same •red gum paneling and carpeted in .rich blue velvet. Carpets and harmonizing drap- erle^. were designed by Arnold Bros... & Stubee, decorators, of Memphis, «nd the work of remodeling;' was done by V. 'V. Rittle- meyer & Co.; office building con- trattprs, of Memphis. er. late hour the hostess served refreshments consisting of: sand-1 inches. total rainfall was more than 23 4*c3iij,icilia i.uiuj£ki^£ vi. baiiu* ' .niches, cake, hot chocolate - ; and h'me made candy. j Tha Junior clasu of the ' hJgh ian.- ui more man i,uau,uuo eacn schcol regrets that Laura Belle Ar- year awl repair of more than'4,- no!d, cf Cottonwood Point, lias not 000,000 bags annually is necessary returned tr. Rt^hnnl ' J - ' • Jrfanufacture of niall bags at'the rate of more than 1,000,000" each Cooter News Miss Josephine Holly and brother, Jerry, have lill for an extended visit with relatives in Muskogee Oklahoma. ' Mrs. Lonnie Jordan recently visited Mr.-i Frank Jordan, at Steele. Th,3 Thanksgiving program, by the Brown Owl's society of the local high school, was rendered Mctiday iiii>ht before a large audience, despite the inclement weath- Mlss Bethel Holly was a recent dinner guest of Mrs. Hayes Smtih pf ~ ' —._«,_^ iitmt umiimjils, iviaoei iiiiiuc *i i Polk, and Bethel Holly, \1sited in Monday. Steele, Tuesday. | W. S. Ailred and Eon, Ollie spent Mr. and Mrs. Lendsey Smith, cf Monday in Blytheville. ti^Clp. ."iPf-nt . f hp tuaitf Vi^i liu^n «,. _\]frc f*1.-iir*l 1»T__ J_ . returned tc. school. Members of the Senior class are wearing their rings; the design trey bear, Is the Eagle. I Since vacation the high' school has enrolled two "new ttudeiits, Lora Brigance and Hayward Archer. : Miss Mary Dea Baker,.has written a beautiful and scholastic editorial In the current issue 'of Tli.2 Wild Cat Special. local high school, papjr, on, "Why Our Seniors Are Chas, D. Travis, spent. Monday in Caruthersville, on business. " Toni Halfcrd. and Robinson to provide facilities for transportation and distribution of U. S. mail ~- ivm nauura. ana L;iyae itoomson Misses Nellie Simmons, Mabel made a business trip to Blytheville olk and Bethel Holl 1i M-. ' ' ' , spent . guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vick.' Mis;er. Mary Dea Baker, Evelyn Biggart, and }tuby Spencer •Mr$. Claud Woods and Mrs. Albert .Allred. spent Saturday in . Steele, shopping. - Misies Lydla and lena Haynes, •j-- —af,".^, »,.« ,>vuuj o^jcuuer oamLes i^yuia ana-i^na Haynes, were shopping in Blytheville, Sat-! accompanied by their brother Er"%£-. '«!.,,,. «-,„: •_ . =' " est ' «? Number.Nine, Ark., spent Miss ilattie Holllngsworth speiit FJridav night, at Stejle, as s. gu4t of Miss Evelyn. Biggart. f't Miss' Lorene Eart recently ehter- talned with a bridal shpwerjn hoji : j "Go Forward," first bi-monthly pr of Mrs. John McClure, at tfia issue of- the Holly Grove Baptist Saturady ofternoo here. Mr..and Mrs Amos Hatley made a shopping visit ta Blytheville. Country home r.f-Mr.i.'w! Zahne'r' fatter of Uic bride- . •_'•• After an evening spent hi merrymaking and; enjoying mutec, gifts Civil War Veterim Suffered •Ten Years — Has Hiuh Praise For New Medicine. MR. I,. M. BOWDISR "I v,-as troubled with rheumatism and ^stomach trouble for two ^"2 • said Mr. L. M. Bowdish, *».»™l tW xr r1 . veteran ' 819 Dousrher- ty street. Nebraska City, near Jop- i!vU. .« "' belched undigested ir^f~T meals . and Pain from «£?**?*J*™* My !«•n appeared to rack my entire - . 0 "" nnd I eat »-hat wish without discomfort The Chureh paper of Cooter, has Just come from the hijh tehool press. . tnr*£ "l^ 1 , C " JVJM ' B '""»i;, Bms The heavieit'.rainfall In the' bo-h beautiful and useful were pro- United States occurred at Taylor,. First— in the dough. Then in the oven. You cm bt iur« ... or p«tf«ct bikingi i BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE FOROVER4OYEARS 25 oy/iipes for 25c • "• i..iuii 11^ liu^u L Jill L LLUI1 Ul &UIS -•"'"•j Ecuircd by the school children for'" ln Ba Thanksgiving bsx to be sent to' "' the Crippled Children's liospllnl in Hock, and sixteen tosXels of miscellaneous roads Mr. and Mrs, R. M. Flolchcr ol Einphl^ -pent Thfinksaivlns will: Mr. Fiddler's n.irm'.i, Mr, rmii which were (Mrs. H. u. H:t:htr, lii Osccol.i. dlsUlbtited lo newly families in Os- j Mrs, li;;i Butler rind smifl soil. Clone, nttpiided the matliioo hi Blj-lhevllle 'Thursday nflerncon. Miss Nan Wan on and Miss Alpha Hi'.nscii, members of Ins Osccola grade ami lilgli scluyil facultlM, Announcement wns also maelo of a musical program to bo presented on December 12 by the pupils-of Miss Blanche Cleerc and Miss Catherine Harwell. Tickets will b; accompanied by Miss Warren's sold by numbers o( the I'. T. A.'| niolhcr of Tyronrj, Aik., spent ths and llio proceeds will be used for ''"' l " : " 1 " 1 "" ''"''•' '• '••'--•'- iho purchase of musical equipment for the school. Frank WIIXs. small son of Mrs. Agatha Wllks. Is spending a few days with his cousin, James Lewis I.nforge In Carulhersvillc, Mo. Thanksgiving holidays with friends In Johnson Cit.v, Mo. Miss Kose White Ims relumed from a visit wllli friends In Hush vllte, Tenn. ' Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hughey nncl small daughter, Sue Clay, ot Mcm'•' i, spent Thanksgiving with Mrs n aruei-svc, Mo. *, ien ansgvng w Mrs Hal and Maiy Kills Miller of i Hughey'a parents, Mr. nnd Mio. J Mcnlplils spent Thanksgiving wllh I H.. Lovewell in Osceola. tlietr parents. Mr. and Mrs Harry I Mesdames Malcolmn .Slieddan Miller. Homer Qulnn and Ifevbert Ship- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bchrens i 1>e " wcro alno "S Ihc Osccolans whc and children are spending the nUcl!dci1 'riinnksslvlni; Mstlnco h T "W'^villo. lives in Jackson. Mo. holidays with Ma- C. M. Harwell, .-Mn. -. - ',...; ' Mlu'i^dllh Peters (vas the"2HMl : : gtsa Gladys VftWup 3ii!Ulayy.^'>- Mr. and ;MJ-s.. Charley'• P:{S[i '-," 'Isited Mr. an-J Mrs. H. J. Fbii!ir:n it- Hlgtitowei' Saiurday. ' Miss Edith Peters ErmH o>, v;:^-. n Blytlicville-. vlsltlns rehllvj';." Qcorgc. Morris anj fnntlj-"v,-2ri» he guests ot- Mr. and Mrs. Will .awhorn Sunday nighl. Misj Edith Marr!^ '.vai t'.ie £;i;i- ilay" guest of Miss Vir'jlo .\Ssvrls. Mrs. Earl I.ylcs-of Kw-i ;,•.-.; t>i3' jiti'st of her aunt, firs. Hcuf.n Hc- Knlghl.'Ust week-end. Leborn Lstwliorn- aivl Lnyton Hnrwt-ll motored to BJythcvllb S3t- iivday. Will .warren 'of-Kenn»tt, Mj.. visited Ills daughter,' Mrs. Or.^ ' Perry, last Sunday. Little Wilson News PILES HEALKD , AFTER 25 -YEARS 1 . Mm. Geoffe Wilkinson, !£l Clratnut St., Hlchmonc), Mo., wl:6. was entirely healed of.Piles an.:! other Rectal Trouble after suffer- Ing 25 years, urges all c;iflercr.i to v.rilo iTlic Thornton & rfccr Clinic, Suite 510, 020 McGec' d!., Kansas City, Mo., "for a nsw-ftps copyrighted bock which tells ail-' about hemorrhoids (piles), fistula' and other forms of rectal disepse;* nnd which fully explains a safe, BUi-e, mild treatment l!iat ha', icslorcd more than 40,000 affllctM lieoiile U renewed health... T-hcro I is no cost or obllsatloii, • .. • MltUONSOF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT m irin. i lhout thls medicine in my home" Such a statement from such a source should mean much to every sufferer who reads it For last'"* T * ]M ' i 1 , is recommended thatf six ot eight bottles be taken. f S '2', !ti ln B1 ythevillc, ,, at Kirby Drug Stores, »nd by »11 the best druggists in I »11 towns throughout this entire |_wctlon. —Adv. for your home at Christmas Oocii lHal hovly chofn Iho to- with »««-on*d cMr.M, ciocki Ihot o*» mo|eilicaVy sT!Qnl| c!ockt thai ilrite ever/ ha J-hovt—ti'Ktr K sl«<ki, lua As a gift to the home, few things can equal g good clock. Besides on article of daily ujefulnws, » can also be a beautiful addition to your furnishing*. Ran now this surprise for yom family on Chrlitmoi morning. Here you may choose from marM walV and hali clocb V) both period and modern dwlgru— electficolly operated styles, too— all thoroughly dependable and reasorflbly priced. We urge you to moke you/ selection early and wil 1 gladly issewe a«y clock 'n ow stOie for Christmas delivery. Select Christmas Gifts Early . A Small Deposit Will Hold Them for You Aldridge Jewelry Co. Miss Catherine Harwell and Miss „,,.,,.„.." , »"» wiinmiic narweu aim MISS fcvcrett Petty s visiting his uar Recicatlon and playground actlv-I Nell Rhodes spent Thanksgiving cuts. Mr. and Mrs. W E PcUy I HAVE S Soys IRVIN S. COBB Noted Author "The old time watch-word— *Let the Buyer .Beware' has given way to the modern tlogan of confidence 'Buy in Safety', and this miracle was wrought by the honesty of I manufacture which charac- terises every fine American jM-oduct. A notable example of the modern manufacturers' constant desire to give the twblic the best is your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the ToiistmgWLUCKYSTRIKE tobaccos. Anyone can see this as 1 have seen it on my visit to your LUCKY STRIKE Plant. It's magni/icent." LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you ever smoked, mcde of tfhe finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THE^ TO ASTEDo" Everyone knows that he fles and so TOASTiNG removes' harmfcS irritants that cause throat irritation'end coughing. No wonder 20/679 physidcres have stated LUCKSE5 to be less irritating! Everyone knows fhetf sunshs^e mellows -that's why VOASTING includes the use of the Ultra VioJef Rey. Your Throat Protection-against irritation - qgamsj Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before the public, Tho American Tobacco Company invited Mr, Irvin S. Cobb lo personally witness and to review tlic reports of the distinguished men who have \vitno.=sei! LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process and report his findings. r :iie statement of Mr. Cobb appears on this © 19», TM Afeericin To(>«cco Co., Utn. :his page.

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