Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 16, 1966 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1966
Page 13
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« *«v V Alqono Kouuth THURSDAY, JUNE 16,1966 — ALOONA. IOWA - Dance Husband Resents a 'Prying Wife BY ABIGAIL VAN BUREN (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune • N. Y. Newt Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: Over a year ago I married a man of means. We are both in our early fifties, and it is the second marriage for each. I gave up a good job, alimony from my previous marriage, and a lovely home of my own to marry him. A year passed and he never discussed his business matters with me. Nor did he mention any provisions he might have made for me in case of his death. When I brought this up he became highly indignant and said such questions were prying and improper, and I had aroused his suspicions of my motives in marrying him. Then he said before he took any action to provide me with the security I felt I was entitled to, I would have to "prove too'"much" work to do myself in the marriage," This has become a grave issue between Then ^ morning Two Algonans witness big typhoon id Formosa (Recently John Clark, son of the Homer Clarks, was in Formosa where his ship spent a few days. He looked up Mrs. Ted Stang, daughter of the Brail Wrights, who with Capt. Stang and their daughter, are about to complete a two-year tour of duty in Formosa. And during the visit a typhoon struck the area. Mrs. Stang, the former Mimi Wright, tells of the experience in a letter to her parents.) "What a weekend this has turned out to be. First of all our 3 day trip to Makung was cancelled because the "fellas" had us. What is your opinion? INSECURE. DEAR INSECURE: This matter should have been discussed and resolved before you married him. He knows that it is his responsibility to provide for you in case of his death, but he probably resented your bringing it up. (A man of means is usually extremely sensitive about his money the second time around.) Steer clear of the subject for awhile. It will come up again. But if you really feel financially insecure, consult a lawyer and find out where you stand. DEAR ABBY: Would you say it was proper to "neck" (or whatever you want to call it) with your ex-husband? And how about going beyond that point? JUST ASKING DEAR JUST: It is just as proper to "neck" (if that's what you mean, that's what I'll call it) with an ex-husband as it is to neck with any other single man. Past relationships confer no special privileges, however. DEAR ABBY: Everytime I read or hear a professional person condemning girls and women who wear curlers in their hair in public, I could scream. I think it's just fine that some women have the time and money to have their hair done in beauty parlors, but there are lots of us who don't. I, for one, am busy with housework and> children during the day, and if I want my hair to look nice in the evening I have to put it up every day. That means I must chauffeur the children to and from school, do my shopping, walk the dog, and do all my outside errands with curlers in my hair. Frankly, Abby, I don't sec that it is such a big crime. Thanks for listening ... I feel better already. MRS. J. B. CONFIDENTIAL TO ANNABELLE: I cannot agree that women lie more than men. They just lie about different things. A woman will lie about her age. A man about his income. at about 9:30 John Clark called saying he was in Tainan and where was our house? And this is Monday night; John is still here and I'm writing this by the light of three candles. After having John with us everyplace for 3 days—dinner at a Chinese restaurant, dinner at the club, a farewell party church, shopping, we took him back to Koashing harbor and his ship. You can imagine 'hi utter amazement when ne fou nd the ship had departed with out him. For awhile we all thought th fellow was kidding when he said >assed just 40 miles south; of icre so for four action-packed lours we had a typhoon! Beides the water being driven in he windows like it always is, we were running from room to room with pans to catch the drips from our leaky roof. At the height of the storm, we had 5 different pans set out, bath towels stuffed at the base of every window and rugs under the door. The wind really howled, we had gusts of only 60-80 mph but I'd hate to see ;hem any stronger. Many trees, TV aerials, telephone and,; of course, electric lines, are down. We have been without electricity for BVa hours now. I expect to see the ice cream oozing out the refrigerator door any minute. VFW, Auxiliary hold monthly meetings The VFW of Post 2541 and its Bilsborough, Raymond Bilsbor- Auxiliary met Wednesday even* ing, June 8, for their monthly dinner and separate business meetings. Hosts and hostesses were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Goodman, Mrs. Myrtle Etherington, Mrs. Bertha ough, Harvey Goodman, George Vitzthum, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Miller, Glenn Seger, Clifford Teeter, Nels Anderson, Phil Diamond, Gene Kelley, and Arnold Rickleis. There was a good crowd in attendance. Mrs. Lou Wdtt the AtttiJiitty tettUHi it I with 23 women pWipnt. new member* Mfi,* c J«ift --Bit/- motid, was ftWtitfted; tt'intf gttV ed that the organization buy four pairs of Boy Scout tftXttfetl for Troop 71. The silver iWBrdi netted $4.36, the cancer project $2.50. The doof prize went td Darlene Immerfall. Plans were completed for the Spanish-American banquet to be held this evening, June 10, in the Post .dining room, The new officers will take over their du* ties at the next meeting July 13. Later — We have now passed 25 hours without electricty. The refrigerator and all in it has them all the more bothersome. All the base (except the dispensary) has its power on now The dispensary has power bu' a broken part in their air con ditioner, so Ted's not comfor table at work or home. The dubs have been dosed because of power outage too so we have to eat just what we can salvage here at home. Peanut butter sandwiches sure get old fast. Well, back to John Clark. We truly did enjoy him and both thought he was a very mature, sensible young man. Ted commented "he is a lot more mature than I was at 19!" Since I didn't know Ted at 19, I can't! say but felt too that he had a good head on his shoulders— both common sense-wise and in-' tellectually. The few people here that It I completely defrosted, our water could stop any minute. (We have a well and a tank filled by electric pump.) Everything wood in the house is swollen and either won't close or won't open —the curtains all are wet about halfway up from water seeping in, the grass rug is damp (and stinky.) We don't have a dry towel' in this but we soon found out he the house and even the pictures wasn't as all U.S. military ships had left the harbor for the open seas to ride out an approaching typhoon. They left in such a hurry that they were unable to gather up any crew members who didn't happen to be in the immediate area. So, we brought John back home with us, took him to a movie and returned home to find that the typhoon was expected, to hit Tainan the next day. And sure enough, by Monday morning we were in Typhoon Condition 1 (only 12 hours 'til storm hits) and already experiencing much wind and rain. So John called Koashing and received permission to remain here another day. The weather was so bad that we just didn't want to send him out on the highway. His ship wasn't there anyway so couldn't see what the rush was. And then this afternoon we really did experience our first typhoon. The eye of the storm are falling off the wall (we use gummed picture hangers). If you think we're miserable, you're right, and sleeping is just about impossible. Some areas of the city have had their electricity restored but I guess we will just have 1 to wait patiently until they get to us. People who don't ordinarily have air conditioning' may neyer get their houses dried out. '. We don't have any bushes, or banana trees left standing ; in the compound. It looks like a disaster area. But at least we are all safe and even our property didn't suffer much damage. This was just a mild Typhoon but it was quite enough for me. Now, I'm really ready to come home! A few people were to have their household goods packed today. Can you imagine putting all those wet and smelly things in crates to be sealed up for months? The flies and mosquitos are about to take over this house. Being hot and sticky makes told he was 19 were surprised and everyone agreed that he was a very nice young man. Of course, 1 spent more time with him than Ted so had many very | interesting and adult conversations with him. John had no civilian clothes I as they are not allowed on the ship so he wore one pair of Ted's pants that weren't too long and kept borrowing clean shirts. We couldn't very well take him with vis to the officer's club in his enlisted sailors uni-| form. We took John to the beach and out to a Chinese meal, floor I show, and officer's club floor I show—those were the special I things we tried to do just for him. Otherwise, he simply went I where we were going. I hope he wasn't bored. I think he played just about every record! in our collection—some we] hadn't heard for a year or more. Since Ted had to work today I and couldn't take John back to| Koashing, he went in a taxi. FREE HEARING AID OPEN HOUSE Every hard-of-hearing person is invited to attend a Special Hearing Aid Open House, whether now wearing a hearing aid or not. THURSDAY, JUNE 23 9a.m. to 5p.m. at the Johnson House Motel Algona Phone 295-2447 If hearing aid docs not perform as desired, return It within thirty days for full refund. If defects occur in material or •workmanship within one year of sale, return it and we will repair it free of charge. Ojiuarautrr FREE ELECTRONIC TESTING. NO OBLIGATION* The world's finest hearing aids, from tiny "all in the ear" to powerful QUALITONE "behind the ear" models for severe losses. OPEN HOUSE SPECIAL Regular so TINY. .. it hides complete!/ inside your ear . SO POWERFUL just slip it in and The FIDELITY F-606 hear again instantly] HEARING AIDS STARTING national hearing aid centers DES MOINES 4041-A Urban dale Ave. Phone 255-3540 CEDAR RAPIDS 1114-1 st Avenue N.E. Phone 364-0263 For our homes... our abundance... LONG COATS Up to $1.75 Value $139 ENDS JUNE 18 PLAIN SKIRTS aur.freedom.,. our faith,,,/ let us be thankful! Anticipated Earning Rate EFFECTIVE JULY lit, 1966 SWEATERS How to succeed in business by really trying Fold sales are at an all-time high. During May Ford outsold all other car makes! 69c EACH Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Acegynt* Fully Injured to $10,000 Save from the 15th—Earn from the 1st SINCE 1917 - AIGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. - CLEANING SPECIAL - Only MARSHALL ft SWIFT SAVE YOU SO MUCH JUST WHEN SAVINGS COUNT THE MOST It makes no difference whether you send one garment or a dozen, you save on each one and enjoy Algona's finest dry cleaning. Marshall & Swift, The word is spreading—fast—that Ford Division is building the best cars it has ever built. And it's true. Never have Ford cars been so good—never have Ford sales been so high. People discovered our 1966 Ford was the strongest Ford ever built. A strong car, well-engineered, is a quiet car—and the '66 Ford has a ride that is quieter even than some of Europe's most expensive hand- built luxury cars. Over a million people have already bought Mustangs. This rare blend of sports-car excitement and solid 'value is the most popular new car in history . . . and iright now it's the world's best-selling hardtop and 'Convertible. Wagon buyers are excited about our Magic Doorgate —the greatest step forward in wagon convenience in years. It opens out like a door for people and swings down like a tailgate for cargo. It's standard equipment on all Ford and Fairlane wagons. Car shoppers discovered a whole new range of comforts and conveniences. The '66 Ford offers power p front disc brakes, a Stereo-Sonic Tape System, Amer-' ica's largest V-8 to perform on regular fuel, Silent-Flo Ventilation that keeps air fresh with all windows closed, and a new Safety/Convenience Control Panel that lets you lock all doors with one switch, has lights to warn if fuel's low or a door's ajar, reminds you to fasten seat belts. A whole new group of sports-minded car buyers has come over to Fairlane. We've redesigned it completely with 30 new models, including GT's, sports-luxury XL's, convertibles, Squire wagons, and an exciting new Sport Shift Cruise-0-Matic Drive (on GT/A models) that gives you the ease of an automatic—or lets you shift manually for the fun of it. People everywhere are finding out just how much extra value we've built into today's Ford cars—extra value that's the reason why Ford sales have soared to an all-time high, And that's why Ford Dealers ... leading from strength ... are now offering you the best deals ever. There are specially equipped, specially priced Fords, Fair- lanes and Mustangs, and special values on all our cars —across the whole line. See them soon. /""" You're ahead in a FORD DIAL 295-3265 1 BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR CAR-FULL . . . START WITH A SAFETY CHECK FORO OAUOCIE 500 2-DOOR HAROTCM? TAYLOR MOTOR CO. 320 EAST STATE STREET

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