The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1939
Page 6
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^.AgB-BlX 'i T^Ts 7" Has To Quit Calling Joe Bum And Gel Down To Business ' BY HARRY FEKOIISON United Press Sjwrls tailor NEW YOIIK, Jime 28. (UP) — This Is the clay when Tony Galenlo must put up or shut up. Sticks and '• stones will break Joe Louis' bones kul names will never Imrt him, ami time, fa Us slow, steady way, lias brought the fat lilfle bartender from Orange, Ji. J. up to tlie houi when he must, quit calling the brown bomber a bum and start trying t»piove<1t. ITe must try U tonight, come 10 ' o'clock, under the slnrs at Yankee Stadium where n bell will long out the news Uial he and Loui.s arc inside a square of ropes—alone. Alone except for n referee In gray whose only Interest In the pioceed- Ings is that the biawling find bleeding shall stop scnicwhcre this side ot. murder. The odd?: Six to one Ihnl Louis wins. ' Even insncy Dint Galento fails to come up for the fifth louml. Two and a half to one (hat Galento doesn't come up for the tenth.. There probably will be 40,000 persons In the stadium tonight, and they will pay $350,000 on the chance that they will see six or nine mln- , utes of Firpo-Dompsoy stuff—one of those dream fights where each man , can punch hard enough to clout the other guy over the ropes and / bolli can take it \\ell enough to get up and wade In for more. What chance hns Galento got In that kind of n fight? The some chance that the betting odds give him—one clmiicc in six, L.uls lilts like n trip hammer with cither hand; Qnlcnto's light Is Muggish and his left Is slow, but when lie lands will! that left hook he locks the::foiiiJdalions. Louis Is fast, sure mul rolls'in- tuitively .with punches; 'Galenlo waddles and seals up punishment without the ability cr the Inclination (o avoid it. Louis is young- Galento Is 23 and that Is almost middle age for boxeis, Louis is a polished cinftsmau hi" the ring wllh one ot the great left Jabs of all time; dalento scorns boxing and -will lake three on the chin for the chance lo Inml one. Louis Is unmarked"; Calenlo 1ms a crust 1 of scni llssiie moiiml his 1 forehead and n Innclng blow will send •blood gushing ln| 0 hli eyes Louts hns had VI professional fights rintl l;st only one, the knockout he suffered nt the hands of Max Schmeling; Gnlento Iras had 90 bouli and lost 22 of them. Louis is- In superb condition; Cialcnto's past is crammed with hours ct beer drinking, over-eating and cigar smoking and those liouis rise up to haunt a man nloiig about thS fifth round of n hnrd nghl Give Louis all Ihc physical nd- ivanlnges, but sny this fci the little barrel of n man Ihey call Two-Ton—he won't be scaicd. He will come out swinging and If he goes do*n he will go down swinging. That will be something mve\. fcr too many of the men who hnve fought Louis have felt the chill of fear creep up llioir spine as they sit on a slo.) before Hie fight and look nt his dead-pan fnce. Nobod/ is going lo have to shove tougii Tony off the st-col when the bell clangs the summons to battle. He nill be cnlllng Louis a liiim light up to the moment when the first left jab lands like lightning against his leeth and sends his own words rattling back cKn\n his throat. Bsth men go into Ihe ring with n warning from the New York boxing commission lhat excessive fonl- ine will result in cl'-.tuaUncntlon Rumors persisted u,.,i Gnlento would go cut lo make a longshoreman's Saturday night out of Hand would gouge, butt, backhand ;,and use his elbows In tin attempt -to open Louis up for a left hook lo .the belly.,Tony says 'taint so. He swears he will fight fair and if he does it will be a fair nghl, for Louis iiever fouled a man intentionally In his life. The time has come to stop talk- In? mid start fighting But tradition says tlmt boxers must make bef«rc-thc-bal(!e .statements. So here (hey arc: UiuWI think I will win by n knockout ami will be cut to scoie one os soon ns- possible." Galcmo-~"l know the first good punch I hit Louis will put him en the floor mid (Inisli him; I'm not nil-aid of the bum, I know he can't take It In the stomach." • BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! TIRES, TUBES. RADIOS, CARTS, REPAIRS, I50DY & FENDER WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW-PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE V CHEVROLET CO. Phout Always Ope* 1 Facts On Tonight's ., Heavyweight Battle NEW YORK, June 28. OJP)- Fftets on tonight's fight: Principals—Joe Iicuis, world heavyweight champion from Detroit, and Tony Galci.tb, Orange, N. J. Site—Yankee Btadium. Length of bout—10 round;; lo a decision. 1'rcmoler — Twentieth Century Sporting Club, Mike 'Jacobs, piesl- 'ent, Esllmalcd cr.wd—40,000. Esllmated gute—$J50,000. Louis' share—40 per cent of Ihc let receipts. Oalenlo's share—20 per cent of he net receipts. Time of iiinln bout—8 p.m. CJS.T. Officials—Referee and two judges o be named by New -York lioxlng Commission at Ihe ringside Just before the bout. Price cf tickets—J27.50 ringside town lo $2 general admission. Belting—Louis 0 to 1 fav.ilte; )ven money Galento doesn't, come ip for filth round. Broadcast—Blue network of Ma- i-nal UroaO-asting Co., sinning at 8 p.m. CS.T. , . BLYTHEVIT.LE, "(ARK.)- COUBIER NEWS Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas Linguc Newport at Paragoiild, 'postponed, aln; : CaruthersvIllD 10, Joncsboro 1. • Southern League Mempiils 9, Knox\'llle ; 2. Allniitn 8, nli-inirtj;!mm .4. New Orleans nl Chatlnnoogn, ostiioiied, ruin. Nnshrille V, Little Rack 2. National League New York 13, Philadelphia 5. . Cincinnati 0, Pittsburgh 0. St. Louis fi, Chicago 2. Brooklyn '2, -Boston 2. lie game, ailed end twenty-third'because ol arkness. .'. Amerlcim League Chicago 11, St. Louis 2. lioslotrB, Washington 0.' '• Cleveland 8, Detroit 0. Only- gaincs 'scheduled. The model of lije moon at rillllh Observatory, L:s Angeles. seen by spcclogra'ph, niicl spcc- itors Imvc ,the Illusion of being i n position 000 miles above the 10011. .. . Star! Second Half With Victories Over Fords .-And Goodyear The Coca Cola Bottlers ami Ihe Arkansas Mlsslurl Power Corpora,,i .' . g °. OII > to n nylne st!lrt last nlSht at Haley McHi | n l(l(! <<iCCOJI|1 halt of the city Softball U'ugue race. Cocn Cola won easily over he hapless Phillips Motor company, u lo 7, while hi ii )e second game Ark Mo won over Goodyear l»v Ihe Biimc score, 12 lo 7. The first (jiime was decided by wild pitched balls by Griffin, Ford pitcher. Practically every Bottler who reached Ihlrd scored on passed balls, m the ihlrd inning with two men down nnd three men on base Grifllli pitched wild to the catcher nnd all three men scored on thi> )lay. -Manager Hill Godwin played .lie rest of the fame under protest Packard fielded well for the Hot- -The seccixl gftino \vns fcnlui'c.. hy good pitching by jjoii) Jolm Hums of Aik Mo and Jolm Cox of Gcodycai'. Burns gave up only five nits and Cox only six blows, James Icrry was the baiting star, gettlnie Ihrcc of the Electrics' six "its which Included « ],otne run and' n double. Jerry HanvcJI, league leading batsman, went hltlcss Both gomes were played In n sea of mud First Bamo BASEBALL STANDINGS N'orlh-ast Arkansas Caiuthci'sville .. Newport 1'druijould ...... Joncsboro ...... W. U Pet. 35 i4 FElLtlj PITCHES -HII 29 20 ,558 Southern Memphis 40 'hattiiiiooija /JQ Atlanta 37 34 31 . - o nit n; >UMJII]>-> PCI. Hhltielamlers lookln (irittlll, «f 'i a :i 1 ' •( o •> Nev, r York . Boston v.... Cleveland .. Detroit ....;. Chicago Philadelphia Washington St. Louis ... (j 0 n 2 7 i i - :i 1 I ll n o - » I I- n o o . :n 7 10 IB 19 .•) Art !t II I'd \ K - 2 2 o a o n 'fliwii|isoii, in <ll..v«r, :ll, . wnl.nm, ,„ llarlwl, rt . !>•>•. I' I •' .I o o a , n n " __ ----- :, » •> i B I (i ---- ...... 2 i) Art . Alo •rnyJiir.'-Sb II Mnscl.)-. cf __ _ 11. . Hnrnj, rl «nrriii K ion. J. Hums.: p _-j__..^ 4 a on .11 Knshvllte New Orleans Ultlc Rock 28 29 2H National Cincinnati SI. Louis New York' Chicago Brooklyn 'lttEljin-eh' I'hllndelplila 32 27 24 19 25 27 30 28 3) 34 31 ,1197 .588 dancing lessons. .523 fl .417 werc 1 " McK( -' ci '- s«m q»es- (hey ended . , losing strcnk. They find Is one of the marvels of the f'imles off. G-0, nnd'.season, scored his eighth comccn- ij ve victory by pitching the White .SCO .557 .5111 .401 .450 .I'M American League 4fi 13 T r> • ' , heart . but the men of -- made those tionablc by thc their four-ga nocked the eld . their row-game National League lead intact. Derringer, about whom many iturk's have been circulated since le lost a lawsuit for $8,000, proved ils recent lapse of'form was only emporary. Some were saying Der- 'Injjcr was worrying himself Kick over, the debt hanging over him vhen he was halted out of the jox three times In a row. But ycs- crday's four-lilt performance gave he lie. to lhat assertion. It was 33 33 30 24 17 .524 .417 .283 Today's Games Norlhe.-st Arkansas league Nc«'|)art at Paragaiild. Joncsboro nt Ciinithcrsville. Mc'Cormick, clenn-up man In Ihe leds' attack, had made only one lit during Cincinnati's four-game osing streak and only three hits n his Insl 25 times at bat. But he big first linscimm proved his lump was only temporary when got "4 for 4," driving in four mis with Ills 12th homer and hrce singles. The Cardinals and the Gl.ihts :cpt iecls Soullicrn League Nashville at Memphis, night. ChiUtanooga ut Birmingham. Knoxvillc at Little Rock. •Atlanta-at Now Orleans. National League 1 Brooklyn at Boston. Pittsburgh at Cihcinnntl, night. Chicago at St. Louis. '•"*> Philadelphia nt New York. American League Ne.w York at PhlladclpHlii, two lames. ; v St. Louis at Chicago. : Detroit nl Cleveland. .Boston at Washington. . icld his ex-tcammnles to 'seven ills for His 9th triumph as trie ards licked the Cubs, 5-2. Enos Slaughter hit Ills first homer of he season, with a mate on base. Thc Cubs' only two runs were lomers by Hack and Gleeson, The Giants won a ragged game roin the Phils, 13-5, although out- ill 13 blows to 12. The Philly iltchcrs' allowed 12 walks. Oil, Bonira nnd Ripple lilt Giant homers. lul Schumacher staggered through o win his sixth. 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You 11 be amazed at the value a low price buys in Oldsl O IBS MOBILE THC C** THAT HAS 305 E; Main St. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 1'hnnc ,_29 Dodgers, Bees In 23 Inning Deadlock; Reds Snap Oul 01 Slump By fJKORGE KWKSEY UnHccl Press Siau" Correspondent - ««,. u 28. (UP)— Paul Derringer, -prank McCormlck and the cincnnali Reds all came out of the other with a bang, "" <lifce slumps which liad the worse Hi an Galenlo giving hall room The Giants brought brick tales ' the West that thc neds (lid- Brooklyn battled the Bees 23 innings and five hours and 15 111)11- utes to a 2-2 dDadloclj, The Bees scored two runs off Whit Wyutt on hits by West, Cucclnello and Majcski and Miller's sacrifice fly, and then went scoreless for 21 frames. 'Hie Dodgers picked tip a run off Lou Fette In the third and tied n in Die 8th on singles by Parks, Camllll and Koy. Each side useil four pitchers, Wyatt going the farthest, ic innings. A 'crowd of 55.000 In Municipal Stadium for the'first night game ever played In Cleveland saw the Indians blank the Detroit Tigers, &-0, behind Bob Feller's pn»-hlt pitching. Earl Avcrill, a teammate of Feller's until a few weeks ago, robbed Bob of a place in thc Hall of Paine when he hit a clean single In. the sixth. It was Feller's second one-Jilt game of the season, and the third of his career. He fanned 13 men lo bring his strikeout lotal to 113, and walked six. It was bis 12th victory against Ihree defeats, and thc triumph carried the Lnillans Inlo third place, a half game ahead of Ihe Tigers. Buck Newsom was Belted-for a pair of rucis In the first two innings, and retired. Ted Lyons, who Is going on ~ WEDNESDAY, JUNE as, 1930 Chicks Defeat Smokies; Travelers Hit Hard But Continue Losing The Hy Unltcil I'ress Atlanta Crackers, nndor their distance' behind the by winning. Lon Warnekc Sox to an 11-2 win over the Browns. Lyons retired the Browns In order In seven frames, didn't walk a man, fanned four and gave up only four hits. Eldon Auker blanked Washington as the Red Sox made it" too straight shutouts over .the Senators, 8-0. Lou Finney, subbing for Jimmy Foxx, laid up with a temperature of 102, rapped out three hits, as did Joe Cronln. Ted Williams marie two hits to continue Ills hitting spree. Yesterday's Hero: Bob Feller, Cleveland's kid lircballer, who pilched the Indians into third place with the third one-hit game of his career. School Youths Follow Same Path 16 Years SCHENECTADY, N. .Y. (UP) — William B. Burke and his identical twin brother, Walter E., are wondering when their paths will part. The two youtlis have completed 16 years of schooling togelher during which they had like interests. Both received Bachelor of Arts degrees from Union College, where they belonged to the same clubs, studied like courses, and became members of the same athletic trains. Head Courier News want aas. way at last after many woes today drew liilo position to chal- lenge'the Memphis. Chicks or the Chat ianpoga Lookouts should either of (he leaders falter in the red-hot Southern Association race. The Crackers, 1938 champions, won Iheir sixth straight game ycs- lei.lay to pull Into third place three games behind ChaKanooga and 3% back of the Chicks. Memphis drew away from a virtual lie by winning while (lie Lookouts were Idle because of rain. The Crackers extended their winning streak at the expense of the Birmingham Barons, who bowed, 8 to ., to make four straight losses ut the' hands of last-year's champions. H . was a fairly tight j ball game until the fifth liming, when the Crackers scored six runs. Russ Pelers' double was the telling blow as Jinx Poindexter won his first game for Allanla since joining the team a couple of weeks ago. Carl Doyle pitched Ihe Chicks to an easy D to 2-win over thc Knoxville Smokies. Knoxville stuck in Ihc game until Ihe seventh nniijf, when Meniphs scored three inning, whra Memphis scored three, more Chick- scores in the ninth lur.ied the battle into a rout. Aubrey Epps 'and Hubert Bates were Ihe big guns, behind Doyle's five- hit pitching job. Deep down in the second division, the Nashville Vols walloped the Little Rock Travelers, 7 to 2. Al Baker, Vol .pitcher, was touched for 13 hits but he settled down with merr on the sacks and contributed to his own cause with a double that cleaned lh e ba«es for three runs. New Orleans at Chattanoopa wn%* rained, out. - ,^ Today, the clubs move around Chattanooga taking a Mniui nt Birmingham, Atlanta at New Orleans, Knoxville at LHUe Rock and Nashville at Memphis. Ark Mo Power Team To Play Senath, Mo, The Arkansas Mlssoiirl Power Corporation team of thc City Softball League will go to Seiiath Mo' tonight to ploy an all-star learn. 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