Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1966
Page 2
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2-AL60NA (i«w«) ADVANCE MONDAY, JUNE 13, 10 -• 20 : 30 Ago By Molly M«eDortild A weekly feature of by-gone days June 7, 1956 A group of •l«vtn girls completed a nurses aid course at Sit. Arin hospital They \vere"Al- , ice Illg and Kay Ann Frideres, Bode; Donna Bergman and Phyllis Mulligan, Bancroft; Charlotte' Wise "and" Julia Raney, Wesley; Judy Newbrough, Lone Rock; Ruth Fox, Bunnie Sheridan, Emelie Bode and Virginia Simon's, Algona.•" Dav* Phillips, Robert Jocuon, Barbara Bourne, Richard Vipond, Marilyn Seller and Sandra Shumway were among the award and scholarship winners an-: nounced by AJgona High School. Over 5.6 million buthclt of corn produced in Kossuth county in 1955 were placed under! government price support by the close of the application period on May,.3l! The total represented If;20 per, cent; increase over the previous ygar.' Ellen Withfm, queen of the Seneca Saddle Club, was crowned queen of the 1956 Barnes World Championship Rodeo at Cherokee. She' won over a field of 20 contestants. The West Bend Centennial was proclaimed a huge success. "Russell Buchanan, ttubart Deal, Dick Pool and Curtis Ward. New Car owner* included John J» Dutton, Myrtle Hist, MW. Al Falketihaincr, E. H. Hutchins and H. Pokes. " The City «e{iool board and the parfiTboafd 'mred Coach MefCer and Naomi Hewitt to supervise two playgrounds for the children during the summer. From the locals: "Mrs. Mary Quinn, Woodstock, Minn., and her son Langhlin spent the weekend with Mrs. QUinn's daughter, Mrs. J. M. Herbst. "William Steele took Georgiana Plendar, local teacher, to her parents' cottage at Spirit Lake Where she Will spend the summer, returning to Algona in the fall." • i .'•,'( . - '•'• \ • t •'•.:'- •••';"• < '' ; Johqnnsens plgn Golden Mallard girl injured when " u'- '- J '••'* / .' - • <? 1,1 "• '• -• . - A Mallard girl was slightly injured^ last-' .Wednesday after' Among the highlights of the two-day celebration were .an alumni banquet and dance, Centennial parade, tractor rodeo and a pageant titled "The Plow and the Prairie" written by Stephen Williams. Two Algona students received degrees' at Drake yniversi ty's 74th annual Spring Com mencement. They were Barbara Jean Galbraith, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and Gerald R. Thuente, Pharmarcy degree. . * * * • June 13, 1946 C. H. "Ch«l" Williaim of the Hub clothing store 'gave his eyewitness account of a huge fire in the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago. Mr. Williams, who was staying at a nearby hotel, saw people plunging 18 and 20 -stories into safety nets. : Ajgona Mayor Frank Kohlhaas proclaimed June 20 Derby Day and requested business houses be closed in the afternoon so all might participate in the Derby events Dick'Wilhel- mi was pictured putting th,e finishing touches on his entry in the Derby, A new building w«» being erected by B. A- Thorpe to the rear of his machine shop to be occupied by Culligan Soft Wa : ter service when completed. Lightning struck a gasoline tank which was being filled near the Milwaukee station and ignited escaping gas. Fire chief Ira Kohl extinguished the flame by climbing on top of the tank and spraying the fire with a new piece of fire-fighting equipment, a carbon dioxide gun. nb|on -;wgln a -car ,driven by par- win Prochaska , Mallard , struck arid killed a horse owned by Jph'n y Henry 2 l k miles west of ' goiu about 1:30 p.m. :' T|i(Bvgi:rl, 15-year-old Rachael Prochaska, suffered cuts which W^rie niotTseripiis. Prpchpska told deputy ;sheriff Larry Hudson tine horse ran out , of the farm lane in' : jrprit ' of the car, which tiad about $400 in damage from tfie criash. • : : : :• '" . -. . . • : •' A two^car crash at the north edge of 'Sexton Tuesday afternoon at about 3:30 p.m. did about $200 damage to a car, driven by Harold J." Tierney, Milfprd, and $250 estimated damage to a car drivieri fey Alison rVMobn, ;Knox- vUle. Moon was charged; with a "speeding restriction" when his machine" slammed into the rear of the Tierney car as the latter had slowed up for a car making a leftturh in front of Jt- She;riflF Ralph U ndhirst checked a 'two-oar crash, at Ledyar : d Thursday morning about 9:30 a. m. when ', carSydriven "by Patricia Hoffman, Ledyard, and Orville W. Beenken, Swea City, collided on the main street. Beenken was backing and struck 'the Hoffman car. Both R.N.A. will m?et on Tliurs- Mr. and Mrs. day night, June 16 at the hom^and Gfetchen of'Mrs. Arthur Livifigstpfl, witft Verne, Mr. aft Spartgler of Fa; r ',is r >^j' tti , . Al .. . ei Oi Mrs. /vruiur i-dvingonjiij wiwi Mrs. iSlnier LSyifigst&H aiid Mrsi 50th MR. AND MRSy-HjBnry; Johannsen of, 517 Lucas Street, Algona. will observe r wedding anniversary v&'tjjij:'-'ju! ppen house Sunday June 19th from two to five p;m. in Fellowship hall at the Methodist cliurch; Hank, as he is:famijiarly known, : has *been a general contractor in Algona since 1914. All^feighbprs,"friends^and'.Telaiives;'are\invited.'-...•;.-.' drivers-said a pickup truck, nearby obscured their vision .'There wasi f259 damage to the Hoffman car and $100 to the Beenken machine. No charges were filed. Mrs. Alice Ditsworth has been n Algoha for two months visit- rig herjsister, Mrs. Grace Jack- The renewal fee licenses was 50c. for drivers nan."'She "plans to' return to ler homie in Kalispell, Montana, June 28. Injunction stops levee work ^ , . 'i • •' • * Judge G. W. Stillman of .Algona has issued ai temporary inr junction on behalf of the-Jowa Natural Resources Commission restraining two West Bend men from, doing further levee work along the banks of thV, Des Moines River. ; . The Resources Council has filed suit against E. A. Dorweiler and Marvin Laubenthal seek: ing a permanent injunction asking that they not dp a^y ; > further work on; the project and requiring them to remove, any obstructions or excavations" made in the floodway or -flood- plains. The petition charges that levees built by the. two men constitute public .nuisances and threaten injury to''the public interest and properties. ,\; Iowa Code requires anyone wishing to erect a structure in a floodway must file wittr. the Council a written application asking for permission to'do so. The petition contends that no such petition was filed in this case. n T ; ;? ' •*•"" '• .'"" '" TO STUDY IN PARIS ! Harriet (Holly) Benschoter, daughter of Mr. and MrsJHollis Benschoter, left Wednesday for New York City. From there she will go to Europe where/she has DRA(N CONTRACT ^ An ISstherviile firm was low bidder on a drainage contract for Drain 5, west branch, located three miles east of Burt in Portland, township. The Fagre Construction Co. won ,the contract with a bid of a little over, $15,000. The County Board of Supervisors made the decision in a meeting Thursday after-; noon, June 9. ; | Cars crash east of town Tag Day,' an annual event in Algona, is sponsored by the' Auxiliary of Si: Ann's hospital. ^The members of the Auxiliary will be on the streets from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. June 17 selling tags. Proceeds will be used for needs of our local hospital. »••»•»••••»»»»•»•••**»•» A Mustang driven by Nancy Mattopn, 21 of Britt and owned by Robert Slobe, Algona, sustained $100 in estimated damage Friday evening about 6:40 p.m. when it struck a car driven by Harvey Graham, Algona, from the reai on the McGregor street blacktop 3'/4 miles east of Algona. The Graham car had $75 in damage. Graham had come out of his farm drive and the Mustang struck his machine from the rear. Miss Mattoon told Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst a dog in the car distracted her. She was^charged with a- ','s.peed ,«r striction" by the sheriff. ; ''? "{• Hospital tag day) dated June 17 \ . Hiffy Maiv 4^Sting h6k<lsses. MfS. Robert Stroup; who are* moving to pploradp Springs. Mr, and Mrs. Orvills- Ande*: son and Mike and Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Nail and family attended the graduation of Robert An- , derso'n'at Drake M6hday. David Considine 6f SioUx Ci j ty spent the weekend with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Frank Considine. Kenny Robinson of Ackley is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Robinson. Evelyn Dawson of Fort Dodge is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Les Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. Max Sloan attended the wedding of their landlord's daughter, Carol Long at Clarion on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. L?s Gildner and Dee of Davenport were Sunday dinner guests at the W. G. Erdman home. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Lutz and Paula attended the graduation exercises of their son and brother Eugene Lutz at Drake on Monday. Those who attended the wedding of Mick Will and .Barbara Ruprick at the First English Lutheran church in Oshkpsh, Wis Saturday were Mr. and Mrs Fred Will and Mary, Mr. and Mrs. Gotch Will, Mr. and Mrs Charles Sorensen, Mr. and Mrs Robert Trenary, Mr. and Mrs Frank Weber, Mr. and Mrs. La Voy Dawson, Craig and Steven ard of EstHerville, ste kit Ag Mr*. Curtis'Will of Atlantic artd Mf, and Mrs. Roger Will of, '^ aipolis. ;' WUJ graduated Augsburg college on Sunday. , Boyd McCullough, son of the Oral McGuiloughs of Forest Ci< is visitihg at the Mwood home and with other fri- ' EFFECTIVE JUNE 18th Tfc. FoHwItt Will B. Federal North Iowa Grain Co. - Sexton Hemmen Elevator - Oalbrailh :. .- ••'.""' : '. > ..'• " ; . '/ ' '•' Algona Grain ft Feed - Algona Farmer's Service Center - Algona Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw been accepted in the University of Paris for a six weeks.course in French. !: Rfd Cross swimming instruc tors at the local pool for the summer were Mary Amunson Joyce O'Brien and Frances Price. Mr. and Mrs. (Frtnk V«r# and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Post spent 10 days fishing at Lake of the Woods, Canada. Another group of Algona fishermen rented a houseboat there ai the same time. THey were Joe Bloom, Joe Lowe, Joe Lynch, Dr. Hoffman, T. H. ChriscWlles an< i Ralph Miller. Affena's rtprtsentatiyef at Boys State were Merril Walker, Oeraid SHilling and Lee Vander- Waa}. * * * June 4, 1934 Senator L. J. Dickinfon of Algona was successful in his bid for renomination on the Republican ticket in the state primary. The- AJgona sector's cteuwes for the GOP nomination for presidenl were termed good despite an imposing array of votes being piled up by Qov. Land.o/1 of Kansas. The Rev. $. g. ViMff fml P. P. Smith, took H. D. Hutdmis' Sunday school clstps to Lake for an overny^f trip. 3%£ group iocwdwi aid Sniitii, Jamef and Louis Ne- electric your refrigerator-freezer is just like having a super-market right in your own home, Your favorite appliance dealer will be glad tp help yoy ghgpse one. Mgoia Municipal Utilities EXPERT PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Elwood and sons and Dwight Leerar attended the Twins ballgame in Minneapolis on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilhite and family of Waterloo spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Wilhite. John Daniel Jr. and Mrs. John Daniel ST. and Mrs. C. B. Robinson visited John Daniel Sr. and C. B. Robinson at the hospital in Iowa City Sunday. ^JVlr. and Mrs. Elmer Marr, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marr and Mrs. Viola Brown visited Sunday at the Uoyd Stroup home in Hampton. mi! • •••••• •••••• • ••••>• • • • • mm m m,m ••••••• »^« • • • • •.• • • m-m,m.m m m m m m «.• • • — •.• ™ • ™ ™ — w — SAVE UP TO 25% ON CARPETING DURING READ'S BIG SUMMER CLEARANCE You are looking at one good reason why Gilt Edge — >S»"^" & . f^*** 18 "**^ T Paint' (instead of solvenl-thinner-type paint) There are 11 others: 1. Apply in damp or,dry weather—even when surface is wet , ; 2. Faster drying—dust and insect-free in 15 to 45 minutes depending on humidity 3. Slower erosion-no discoloration from chalking 4. Easier to apply—no tiring brush drag 5. Superior color (eteption-far less fading from sunlight 6. Easy clean up with soap and water 7. Thinner coat does the job-reduces danger of failure caused, Ijy weight of build-up in repainting <' 8. Uniform appearance-no lap marks 9. Choice of 1,001 colors i'O. Long wearing—durability equal or superior to the best solvent-triinner-type paints 11. No special primers needed for repaint work 12. Breathes better-helps prevent failure due (9 moisture penetration from within the house Chpict of 1,001 colors for thr longest wearing paint jeb you •Vfr hadl HAMMMMMMtf A FEW EXAMPLES 9x15'RUG, was $92.90 . . . 9x12' ALL WOOL RUG, was $129.95 9x16' NYLON RUG . . . . 8x13'8" NYLON RUfi . . . 9x12' OLIVE RUB ... . 9x12' GOLD RUG .... 12x16'BLUE RUG . . . . , 12x15'GOLD RUG . . . . . 12x15'TWEED RUG ... . 12x15' OLIVE RUB . ... NOW $48.88 NOW $68.88 NOW $98.88 NOW $41.88 NOW $68.88 NOW $88.88 NOW $118.88 NOW $118.88 NOW $118.88 NOW $118.88 FOR FALL AND BEAT THE CftRPCT PRICt I $£95 6 COWAN CORP "Formerly Beady Mi$ Cpqcrete J^urober Co. ALGONA MMMMMMIMMIP ROLL END SALE Martii Bran AORHAN OMPET, Rag. || NOW ».. SQUARE YARD GloNd Bold ALL-WOOL CARPET, ».ry hMvy, R«f-$12 , . . NOW $8.88 SQUARE YARD 90 S* Yds. o« BvrMthri Mi NYLON STORE CARfn,R«|.M ...... NOW $6.88 SQUARE YARP FURNITURE AND WATSON INTERIORS Plm 14111

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