Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Monday, June 13, 1966
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Water fun faiMt.*4ttS*Ui J^A MARY BETH BURNS, daughter of the John Burns, Algona, thinks that swimming is more fun if you bring your beach ball. Mary Beth was enjoying the water on June 6 — the first day that the wading pool was open. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. "Our competitor never diiptitw this fact — the Advance has the largest PAID circulation in Ko&uth Count?" State Historical ', f... J: Alqona Ho^uth County Entered as second class matter, Dec. 1, 1908, at Algona, Iowa, 50311 BOttOffiM under Act of Corarcu March t. 1S79 VOL, 66—NO. 46 MONDAY, JUNE 13,1966 — ALGONA, IOWA - 8 PAGES IN 1 SECTION Cable TV vote Wednesday '' > ^^^^ Supervisor hearing on voting machines The Kossuth County Board of, the voting machines and then a Supervisors held a public hear- place to store them alter the ing Thursday morning at the elections. Many of the signers of court house concerning the use the petitions 'were city council- ' Coffa« Break A dreamer's fantasies it cost him $105 a day. Next are not Art. If he can't tell with paint what's bothering him, let him try plain English." —Treed critic near Center. . . . Overheard DM Art at Fort Dodge Bar: "Pershing could have licked Ike left handed!" . . . Young farmer near Grinnell avers he wants a 2-seater tractor: "So my girl & I can snuggle." * * * If a rich man pulled a gun on you & forced you to smoke 2 packages of cigarets, you might sue him for $190,000. That's what I think • of, every time I see & hear one of those idiotic, embarrassing cigaret commercials on -TV. - -••>«- -v« * _* This .Iowa girl who married a rich New Yorker remembered one morning that it was- her Dad's birthday out in Iowa. . . She quickly arranged a birthday party for him by phone with 19 guests, & airmailed 20 dinners from Pavillion, one of NY's 3 smartest restaurants. time he vows he will take the pauper's oath and go to the Veterans Hospital. 'I've drunk champagne in better dumps with pretty girls," he says, "& it has cost me less." of voting machines in several townships in, the northern part of Kossuth county. Luke E. LJanan represented lounty Supervisor A. J. Kollasch as legal counsel on behalf of the persons signing petitions from seven.county townships and opposing the procurement of voting machines. The' petition said that the expanse of the voting machines would not justify their procurement, and that there was no adequate, storage available. They requested tnat the voting machines not be installed and that printed ballots be used for the 1966 primary and general elections. The same petitions had been filed in March 1966 and on April 1 the Board of Supervisors rejected them by a vote of 3-2, and 48 voting matehines were leased for $150 each. "—should a man's eyes wander?" .A fiery DM matron has warned her husband that his head mustn't turn more than 90 degrees to look at a pretty woman in a restaurant. And she has-ann*yed-«-hinV" by turning' HER head to peek at handsome men at nearby tables. But only if he twists his nack first to ogle. Some men suffer from a compulsive need to look. men and township trustees. It is the responsibility of the trustees to find a voting place, and several have not as yet. the trustees do not find a voting place, then it is up to the county board of supervisors. Several members of the board said they thought they would be able to locate polling places it the trustees did not. They also said if storage space was not available in the township, the machines could be transferrec to another part of. the county which has such space after the election. Kollasch did not raise any for mal legal question, and letters were being prepared Friday to send to the township trustees asking them to report voting places. Townships filing petitions were: Ledyard, Springfield, Eagle, Grant, Lincoln, Hebron and The main argument seemed to Harrison. A total of 64 persons be that of finding a place to use j signed the petitions. "—squirrel puzzled by human's antics" What is this loving pair planting? Or are they digging it up? Why is the husband wearing a baseball cap? Does the squirrel •hope it will be a nut-bearing tree? Soulful folks like to say one picture equals 1,000 words. Yet it can take 1,000 words to explain a puzzling picture. * * * CLOSET PHOBIA Oj all the ornery things I know Nothing else can irk me so: Jumbled hangers with awry necks, Simple things get so complex Over & under, crosswise too, I tug & tug with much ado; But tangled wires intertwined Almost make me lose my mind. —DORIS JEFFERS Des Moines * * * This isn't the first time I've been told this story, & the scene isn't always Davenport— it has been Sioux City or Cedar Rapids or West Des Moines: That a father & his son are enam- oured of the same woman, & have strolled with her along the rived. (We lowans needn't act so smug as if butter wouldn't melt in our mouth.) * * * ... I coffeed in a little Iowa restaurant the size of your parlor which feeds 550 persons * day. , Criticism by * newcomer: Too many merchant! have to send away for the things he needs for the house he's building. later this year a French countess will visit a DM over seas gent who one* bivouacked it her castle. (His wife invited her.) * * * A hale & hearty DM sportsman got trapped in a hospital recently. When he had added un all his bills he discovcre4 9. LOVER'S REBUKE JAP- STYLE Love can be a rose, But yours is made of dusty Paper dipped in wax. —FRAN JONES Boone # jjt lit Though 3 artists named Lasansky exhibit at DM's latest all-Iowa art show, some of the other painting might be called Avante Garde Kindergarten. Shucks, DM really is an overgrown village; barely over 200,000, it turns out, unless some inhabitants hid when it came time to be counted. There's no solution, but don't let THAT worry you; seek it lovingly. Ralph Myers, 65, Livermore, dies Wednesday Livermore — Ralph Myers, 65, of Livermore, died at Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge Wednesday. In ill health for the past year, he was hospitalized Wednesday morning. Born in Des Moines, he moved to Fort Dodge at an early age and attended school there. He was employed by Brady Motor- frate and Safeway truck lines as a long distance driver. For seven years he served in the U.S. Navy. He married Maurine De Witt at Fort Dodge and in 1956, they moved to the Humboldt area. Besides his wife, he is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Kathy Becker of Iowa City, Terri Leigh and Kelly, both living at home; a grandchild; and a brother, Bert Myers of Wilkinson, Mann. Funeral services were held on Saturday at the Livermore Methodist church with the Rev. Roy Biesemeyer officiating. Burial was in Union cemetery at Livermore. BARBERS MEET Thirteen master barbers and 'their wives met for dinner June LuVerne girl gets top honors in Art Show •** -" The Algona Sidewalk Art Show was held Friday, June 10, from, noon until 9 p.m. in the downtown business district with a total of 48 entries. The grand award for the best of the show went to Jane Hanselman, LuVerne, for her drawing entitled "Still Life No. 1" which was displayed in front of the Penney's store. Winners in each of the six divisions of the adult class were: Painting: first, "Reverie," Tim Phalen, Mason City, second, "Linda," Gary Kelley, Algona; third, "Sculptor's Delight," Shirley Griffin, Mason City; fourth, "Sunset," Dorothy Pergande, Lu- Verne. Watercolor: first, "Men and Wood, Catherine Wagner, Mason City; second, "Rushing Water," J. F. Beckley, Northfield, Vermont; third, "Birches," Tim Phalen, Mason City; fourth, "September Flowers," by Bless Rusk. Algona. Drawing: first, "Clothed Figure," Gary Kelley, Algona; second, "A Study in Blue," Tim Phalen, Mason City; third, "Trust In Tomorrow," Shirley Garfin, Mason City. Sculpture: first, "Owl," Charlotte Christie, of Garner, Iowa; second, "Mother's Doorstop," Toby Floy, Thornton, Iowa. Crafts: first, Hooked Rug, by Kristine Plathe, Irvington; second, Cones, Lucille Montgomery, Algona; third, Large Ashtray with red dots, Mrs. Ferdinand Ostwald, Whittemore. Photography: first, Caterpillar, Bless Rusk, Algona. STUDENT DIVISION Painting: first, "White and Wild," Susan Rentz, Algona; second, "Desert Scene," Jane Hanselman, LuVerne; third, "Sea Scape," Bill Bray, Algona; and fourth, "Carnival," John Hamilton, Algona. Watercolor: first, "A Touch of Spring," Mary Bray, Algona; second, "Dandelions" Jean Ewen, Algona; third, "Trio," Susan Rentz, Algona; fourth "The Wine and Water," by Dan-ell Brown, Algona. Drawing: first, "Still Life No. 1," Jane Hanselman, LuVerne; second, "Highlight and Shadow," Arlene Anliker, Whittemore; third, "LuVerne Depot," Jane Hanselman, LuVerne; fourth, "Old Italy," Mary Hosford, Livermore. Sculpture: first, "Eagle In Repose," Bonnie Dahlhauser, Whittern-ore; second, "Stone Man," Susan Rentz, Algona; third, Miller, Burt. Crafts: first, Copper Candelabra, Jane Hanselman, LuVerne; second, Ceramic Lamp, Susan Rentz, Algona; third, Square jug, Pete Frankl, Algona; fourth, Hooked rug, Arlene Anliker, of Whittemore. Frank A. Alhelm, Mason City art instructor, awarded the ribbons in the various categories;.. Propose Tilonka school addition Additions to the Titonka Consolidated school building are being considered by the Board of Directors this week. A Forest City architectural firm, Gjelten and Shellburg, has been hired to present architect's ideas on how to incorporate the additions into the present building. The picture of this concept is in the window of the Titonka Savings Bank. Thomas Young dies Friday . A longtime Titonka farmer, Thomas C. Young, died suddenly early Friday morning at his home. Services for Mr. Thomas, 75, will be held today (Monday) at 2 p.m. in the Titonka Methodist church, the Rev. Paul Hansen officiating. Burial will be in the Buffalo township cemetery with military rites. The Blake funeral home is in charge of arrangements. Thomas C. Young was born on April 11, 1890, in Winamac, Ind., the son of Frank and Harriet Oyermeyer Young. He came to Titonka after World War 1 and married Mary Hansen February 8, 1928. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Wanda Hudson, Minneapolis, a granddaughter Tho masa Hudson, Minneapolis, ana three brothers and three sisters $22 stolen from root beer stand About $22 in silver was stolen from Cappy's root beer stand on Diagonal street in Algona early Saturday morning. The money, in paper cups, was left at the front of the stand in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Owner Cappy said a back door on the east side was left open for the bread man to enter and sometime between 1:30 a.m. when they retired and 4 a.m. when the bread man came, the money was stolen. City police were called to investigate. 8 more cases filed on ag tax credit law Eight more cases attacking the contsitutionality of the 196b legislature law on agricultural land tax credit were filed in district court last weekend. The cases concern situations where one party in ownership of land lives outside the state of Iowa. Under the 1965 law this would disqualify the land from receiving the agricultural land tax credit. Filing last week were cases by L. A. Winkel as administrator; Orville Brandt and others; M. G. Bourne and others; Ael- redd A. and Eleanor R. Hildman; Preston M. and Maggie A. Clark Trust; Dorothy Hutchison and Isabel Drummond; Laura Clark Reybold ahd others; and Arlene Arndorfer. In all cases the board of supervisors had rejected appeals. All cases asked the new law be declared unconstitutional under several sections of the state and federal constitutions, i The new law has stirred up a hornet's nest of objections particularly in estate cases where an heir may live outside the state thus depriving the in-state heirs from benefit of the credit. The agricultural land tax cer- dit is an amount appropriated by the state to pay a pro-rated part of school taxes on agricultural land above 15 mills. Gains in sales tax paid by towns in area Most area towns showed increases in the sales tax report for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 1965 as compared with the previous year ending Dec. 31, 1964. Algona jumped from $83,205 to $91,316, and in general all Kossuth towns showed healthy increases. Only exception was Burt which showed a slight loss. The amounts paid in sales tax For area towns exclusive of Kossuth are: Stops for drink DECIDING THAT swimming is pretty hard work, six year old Larry Lovstad, son of the Emil Lovstads, Algona, takes a drink from the man-sized water fountain at the wading pool in Algona. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. S 42,000 crash suit on Dram Shop act Voting machines to be used for first time here Algona voters will go to the polls ^Wednesday to vote on a 'Cable TV" franchise for this community. It will be the third election" here in the past two years on the question. Residents will have an opportunity to' use the new , voti ng machines in Wednesday's special election. The new machines, recently arrived in the county, will be used in the election" to grant, a 25-year non-exclusive franchise to the Community TV Tower Company of Algona. The franchise well permit i the company ,to .use city streets and utility poles to install a television reception and distribution system in Algona. . Vr THE POLLS :will .. /be open from 8 _a. m. to 8 p. f m. Voters in the First ward will cast their ballots, at the Senior high school building;: Second ward at Lucia Wallace;;' Third ward at Third Ward school; and Fourth ward at ;the courthouse. Absentee ballots, will be available at the city clerk's office through Tuesday for those who will be unable to go to the polls. ON THE new voting machines only two levers will '• be used. They will be marked "Yes" and "No"..; A. "Yes" vote- will be to grant the firm a franchise. If awarded the,franchise the .conapaj^y pjans' tQ install a system ; to distributeimpfbved television signals, which will be made available to residents of Algona on a rental basis, similar to those in operation, in Estherville, West Bend, Dubuque, and thore planned in Dennison and Fairfield. Use of the system is voluntary on the part of the residents of the community. Habeas Corpus asked for children living in Indiana. His parents and two brothers preceded him in death. Gene Hood's father dies Loyd H. Hood, 76, father of Gene Hood of Algona, died last Thursday morning at the Mercy hospital in Ft. Dodge. He was a longtime Webster county resident. Funeral services were held Saturday at Fort Dodge. He was born at Clare, Iowa and married to Martha Coleman there in 1912. The couple farmed for a time, later moved to the Ldv- "Thelma," Darrell Brown, Algo-j ermore area and had lived in na; fourth, "Solitude," Janotite j Fort Dodge since 1944. 1964 1965 Algona - 83,205 91,316 Humboldt 69,820 79,199 Britt ._ 26,155 30,455 Garner _.. 30,285 34,335 Emmetsburg _ 51,074 54,869 Estherville 86,738 91,301 Storm Lake 116,947 128,158 Spencer ___ 147,952 155,883 Forest City -_.. 34,906 39,668 Eagle Grove _.. 37,938 42,466 Clarion 42,655 44,971 Belmond 32,697 37,238 Kossuth towns reported the following sales tax returns for the period ending in 1964 and Suit for a total in damages of $42,000 was filed in district court last week by Richard E, Davis, Delavan, Minn., against Dean Meyer and Craig Meyer, both of Lakota. The case is based on an Iowa law making sellers and others giving liquor responsible for damages incurred because of injury by an intoxicated person. According to the petition Kenneth Davis and Kathy Davis, both minors, were among a group attending a wedding anniversary party a year ago at the Dean Meyers home for the Craig Meyers. The petition claims both of the Meyers gave intoxicating liquors to a Roger Rieffer, who the petition says became intoxicated The petition says a car driven by Roger went through Elmore at 90 miles an hour and crashed attempting to round a curve north of Elmore at 125 miles an hour. Davis asks $25,000 for death of his son plus $15,000 exemplary damages, and $1000 for injury to liis daughter Kathy plus $1000 exemplary damages. They were passengers in the car. The Iowa law, popularly call- the Dram Shop Act, says: "Every wife, child, parent, Ycung CM victim guardian, employer, or other person who shall be injured in person or property or means of support by any intoxicated person, or in consequence of the intoxication, habitual or otherwise, of any person, shall have a right of action in his or her own name against any person who shall, by selling or giving to another contrary to the provisions of this title any intoxicating liquors, cause the intoxication of such person, for all damages actually sustained, as well as exemplary damages." Hearing on a writ of habeas corpus was set for this Tuesday in district court. The action was brought by Bonita J. Metzen against Raymond W. Metzen for the custody of two children 5 and 3 years old. According to the petition the plaintiff has a separation action in a Wisconsin court which granted custody of the children to her. The petition says her husband removed the children against her will, and she asks the district court to give temporary custody during pendency of her separation action. Towels are needed 1965. 1964 Bancroft 10,536 Burt 4,047 LuVerne 3,149 Swea City 10,383 Titonka 6,849 Wesley 7,310 Whittemore __ 6,013 Under 500 — 12,403 Non Permit __ 420 Rural 3,468 1965 12,415 3,744 3,293 13,072 7,838 8,135 6,129 12,964 614 5,131 1 Total 147,788 16-1,650 Cindy Peterson, 3, daughter of the Don Petersons, Algona, is now recovering from the accident on May 21 in which she ran into the side of a car driven by a Mason City man. Cindy was unconscious for two days after the accident, and received two skull fractures and a concussion. After 10 days in the hospital she is now home with her family and is getting along well. She is able to walk, but must remain quiet for several months. WITH TEMPERATURES in the low 70's,, Donald (left) and Daniel Thilges, sons of the Raphe Thilges, Algona, were glad to have their towels when they stepped out of the water at the wading pool at the old athletic park last Monday afternoon. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike $tiUman,.

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