The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on June 22, 1963 · Page 46
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 46

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1963
Page 46
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46 Tha Age, Saturday J 22, 1f&3 SITUATIONS VACANT Continued from irev. Tf) pITTU AND TVRNRR. Apply JOHN THOMPSON COMBUSTION ENGINEERING PTY. LTD., Gaelong Road. West Footacrsy. SB 1276. lITTER AND TURN DjlPARTME" Yearly Salary: 103 ER. MINES lfi:3 minimum r 10A1 Mulmiim Duties: Tq carry nut renaira and maintenance of drtUlnx pUnl and H immr it Qualification.: A Qualified Fitter anj Turner tun experience In dteael A", tine . Ami In writlnr statin? are. nrallAcatlnns snl einerienre to Secretary. Public Service Bcurd Trea-eurv Pier" C.2. bv Wednesday. Jul 3. 1963 EMITTER WELDER required. Permanent position. Apply Mr Austin Works SurerMor, DAVID StRACHAN AUST. I PTY. LTD . 23 Edlnburjti St , Hunttngdale. Phont 544 0416. pITTER. We Require ft FIRST-CLASS FITTER AND TURNER Good Wares and Conditions. Buperannuattm Available Alter A Qualifying Period. JAYREE ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.. Prince Hwy. . at Kin? George Par., DANDFNONTT Phone 79 20335 VI TTER - Wei de r. Com 5e en t tradesman, initiative and ability, to warit with minimum superv..! m. t! requ!-ed. must be rood arc welder. Irtretuu and varred wark in clean faenry. T m ney fjr njhr mat. hr. ft'tjm avtllaKe. Permanent. OpenRat. Hall B.-oi.. nift n HH1. FITTER For Interesting work In mainulners and development. Good wages and con-tions. Apply Mr. Dingry, ARK RUBBER PTY. LTD., Burgess Road, BROOKLYN. (Off Gerlong Rd.. opposite Guiding Star Hotel. Phone 314 9.t34. FITTERS and BOILERMAKERS VICTORIAN RAILWAYS Metropolitan Area Half Rail Fare to Work Free Rail Travel In Victoria and Inter-State when on Annual Leave. APPLY : ROOM 215, RAILWAY OFFICES. SPENCER STREET. FITTERS Qualified, Experienced and Enerfetle ELECTRICIANS A GRADE GOOD PAY, OVERTIME MODERN SHOP All amenities. Advancement potential for right men. Apply LINDBERQ ENGINEERING CO. (Australia) Pty. Ltd.. Wellintton Rd.. Clayton. 560 9048. UNILEVER FITTER Applications are invited from flret-class Tradesmen for the above position. This position is of an interesting nature and offers a good commencing salary. Working conditions are excellent with all modem amenities available. A Pension Fund is also available. Duties sill include the Installation and maintenance of processing equipment and maintenance and overhaul of modern nigh speed automatic packing machinery. Apply Employment Officer, UNILEVER AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. INGLES STREET. PORT MELBOURNE. 64 2211 FITTERS We request applications from Fitters interested in the servicing of: CLARK Fork Lift Trucks MICHIGAN 4 Wheel Drive Earthmoving Equipment Previous experience with DieselPetrol Engines and Hydraulics an advantage. Opportunity for advancement to Field Serviceman on completion Workshop Training period. Apply Service Manager CLARK EQUIPMENT (AUST.) PTY. LTD. Princes Highway Springval Nth. PHONE 546 0477 FOREMAN required for CONCRETE STRUCTURES an Ord River, W.A. Irrigation Project. Must be experienced in Irrigation work and hot Climatic conditions. Salary 2300 p.a. with free mess and camping. APPLY KEATH EARTH-MOVING COMPANY Suite 2, 33 Queens Rd., Melbourne. 26 2443. SITUATIONS VACANT jJnttrR Foot ""Maintenance) iutredb antaeraa- mini ntmlrlrl MoiDital. Flnt-clasa tradeaman only need ap-P.y. Superannuation betwfltl available after, qualifying period. Apply to the chief E.igirteer, E A. PR A NO! ManagerSec. EiMlTER AND TURNER far general 7 engineering and maintenance duties in Automotive Acceury Plant, Permanent and secure p4ltlon fr right typ A??ly Monday, ASSOCIATED POWER SEALS PTY. LTD.. T Roranna Rd.. Heidelberg. tci i'i ER, capab'e tradesman aecus- tomtd to lusts! 1st ton of plant and machinery. Imme-Jlals a! art. Overtime svallab'e CITY INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS PTY. LTD.. MO City Rd.. Sooth Mel- m mntt Turn fai-trtrv Irttere..t, Inf. work overtime available Amly i-naay ihlumu ri.Aiin a tit. LTD 37 UUon Rd Bos Hill. 88 FITTER. Engineering tradesman, fcr bench work fitting on gravity diet Permanent pciIMmi. overtime a. .liable. App.v Mwid. ROLLOx PISTON CO. PTY. LTD, Salrasn St . Prt MetOi'rre 8l 1124. urn - nexuiar Reliable, ware 2210 and overtime. Good conditions. Glen Irts Brick Co.. Bulleen. I JITTER -WELDERS. Good Day and rondi'lonv Overtime. BR-KER ENGINEERING. 24 Hare-eaves St.. Hi'ntl-tial 344 1447 JITTER WELDER. Well above r award waseapptv J. S. SMAI.E A COw PTY LTD. Phont Sfl 12W2. I! S4 4A3S FITTER for pip wort reoulrcd. McDonald Corutructiom, D H A. ir'e. Geelonj R4. Contact Mr. R. E71TTER and Turner, rood man. for i team valve repair work. C23 10. 40 houri, 37 4440. EMITTERS AND TURNERS. Yalloum. Morwell. Competent tradeamen with extensive machlnlnc experience required. Slnile accommodatten available lm mediately. Houslnf available after a reasonable short period of service. State Electricity Commission 1st Floor. 33 William street. Melbourne EMITTERS I MECHANICAL). Yalloum and Morwell. Sin lie accommodation available 1m- mediatelv. Hourini available after reasonably short period of service. State Electricity Commission. lit Floor. 33 William Street. Melbourne EMTTraiS, experienced In Blow r Moulding an advantage, but not euentlal. Interesting work In rapidly expanding department. Good waes and condltlohi. BKlflSH XYLONITE ( AUSTRALIAN i PTY. LTD.. 796 Nepean Highway. East Brlrhton. Ap or Mr. Loughlln. 97 2884. A.H.. if 131 1. FITTERS, machine tool L. B. STOCK DALE PTY. Lm, Myrtle mn WavHv SftnDlftl cnXOR Sanding Machine Operator. 47 experienced man required. Good prospects and permanent position for me nrm man in axpanami wi-lion. Cartd wage with bnus scheme. Phone Eastern Floors, Nunawadtng. wajes and security for the right man Eastern Floors. Nunawadtnr. piione m vvi. ETLOOR Sand lob for right man. 8 Kalymna nr.. c::iaiitonr FLORLsT. top grade make-up Flrrlst required, an excellent alary li available to the right appll-rant Also vacanry for Junlar, preferably experienced but good per-sonallty, liand wrltlnt and education MrnMal Brnushs Floral Stud'o poi REMAN TIMBER. T. rrl IVireman rMiilred be larzc suburban Timber Yard. Permanent poiltion for suitable man. Close all transport, Phont 20 33SS. S. L Snlne Ptv. Ltd.. 34S Tnrrnnta Rd.. Glen Irt. WANTED FOREMAN PATTERNMAKER Applicant! must have estenslve knowledge of alt types of Foundry Pattern requirement and be capable of taking control of Pattern Shop and Staff. Salary In accordance with Qualifications. Apply MOVTPEMER FOUNDRY PTY. LTD., P.O. Boe 73, Moorish, HOBART, Tasmania. FOREMAN Required for motor body repair shop, experience necessary in smash repair assessment and supervision. Please apply Manager, Body Repair Division, MARTIN AND KING 1105 HIGH STREET. ARMADALE. PHONE 20 3241. SITUATIONS VACANT CjA a Better JokT Tram Condue tori wanted. It te 46 yeara. opiv aooia . m. .omn ot. P O R B M A N Ki pwledge In Home Building Construction Required. , Phone tor Appointment or Apply at factory. BLHLCO PTY. LTD., It Fultn Street. Hunting-dale. 544 0530. EMREMAN'" CARPENTER for it rue- tural project. Must be convers ant l.i all thaei. Ring Mr. Beltoit. xwsiu tor interview. CX3RK-LD-T Driver, experience with r timber preferred Apply Monday. ST. CLAIR T1MBFR CO PTY. LTD.. 1 Elm Grove. East Brunswick. iOff Albert lit Brunswick. - FXUNDRY LABORER for rum ferrous foundry. BRONZtTE BRASS FOUNDRY. 101 Kavanagh St.. S. Me lb, ritENCHPOLISHER. exp. trades-17 man for quality furniture. Excellent opportunity for the right nun. PROGRESS FURNITURE. 175 araiy M.. si. Kiioa. vi ime. tin- ervier sunqay morning, iu-i - 'p.m.l BOTANIC ENT OF ROYAL B( nrPiRTifr! uik i a V.'rvi iK'n t?Rvsrv YEARLY SAI-ARY ! Junior; At '15 years of are. 402; at 16 years of aee, 1- at 17 rear of a-e. till: at IS jeers fll lee. 57JJ at 19 years of ue. 685: at 20 years of aie, 787. Adult: 921.; 937. maximum. NOTE: A person shall not be paid a salary in excess or svii a uniesi re nas passed prescribed examination DUTIES: Cardenlng and ether auura as airetica. . . . Ot'AL-nCATiONS: A eood know-lnlce of rardenlng. experience in the cultivation of plants and familiarity with the soli requirements of plants Apoly In writing, stating age. qualifications and experience. to Secretary. Public Service Board. Treasury Place. C.2. by Wednesday. J. 1 10rll ARDENER. PUBUi? WORKS Duties: To be a working gardener, t'nder direction to control the activities of such other labor as Is necessary, and to carry out other duties as reouired Wiii nciLom: tiornrrtcr m ine shrubs, bulbs, the erowine of seedlings. '.V3 of power earden equipment and lniect and fungus sprays; caoable of controlling staff. A current car driver's licence. adpIv in writing, stating age. qualifications and experience to Secretary. Public Service Board. Treasury Place. C.2. by Wednesday, July 3, 1063 GardeKer-hakdvman. This Is a full-time position. Apply In writing, with cqptea of refer encet, not later than Tuesday. June 25. stating age and experience, to the Acting. Principal. Technical Teachers' College, 11 CJeobervle Rd.. IRL. IB to IT years. Smart, In- dallied work on imill machines In uuuxDinainz acpmrimeni. Wm. Caulfleld A Sons. P.L. Prlnlerf. 14-ltt Anthony St.. Melb. C.l. 34 941R sfIRL reaulred foe hnm rltitlM " modern home. Brtjhton. Other nnp sjepi. uwn Denrooou. oatnroom. TV. Phone 98 3170. : TltRX. lTuiYTlor Interesting work In lingerie warehouse. Constant overtime. Good wazes. Apoly warehouse alanager. Glcrowln Ply. Ltd.. 141 Capl St.. North Melbourne. 30 1438. . . fIRL or Woman, wtih overlooking underear, Ai-oly SUNRAY LIN-GrJtlE PTY. LID.. 29 lewart St., G LRL. GIRL. 17-20 rrs,. aft. shift, exam, k'wear. Apply Mon. after 9 a.m. vm. Laurence, au avuis si, a. Tarra. jii. GIRL. Jun, Cashier, butcher's shop, Apply 9 a.m. Mon, 2 Vic torn St N. Richmond. or Youne Woman. dome1te duties, help care children. Uve dQlRL or yung woman as mother's "help, .with 2 Preschool are chlMrr.i, live-in position. 85 9320. dTJIRL or Woman, to help on horse stud farm. Apply 87.917. Ace. J IRL. for live In, help In modern " home. Ring 68 265. Gihl. or woman, lor rruit anop, BJ2R.1 . GlP.i. JuoH for dry (leaning shop, CtrltDt area aff Itta GIRLS to Aft years for cleaning anil rlUlnfiwIIni' telonhnn ser. vice. Pleasant outdoor position. Good conditions and wages Apply after ? ".m. ivionaajr io ittciitrtg; fix. LTD.. 3( Flinders Lane. - - 11RLS reaulred for orintu's book- " binding department. Experi enced or Juniors to learn. Apply Monday, Mr. DanJei30 1. PRINTERS PTY. LTD.. 11 Llthiow St.. Ab-blaford. Phone 42 5537. Uirii-S, jumor. reomrefl rnr cutting department In meh'a cotton underwear factory. Good tondttirn Pre. LTD.. 5 Pitt St.. Brunswick i.Tfon t. i, ,ts vzjn 1IRLS. under 10. to learn trade. krwfl p roe pre n ror capaoie gir s, Slade Broi. Knitting Mills. 102 Dover St.. Richmond. JB1157. GIRLS, (or learning ladles' lingerie trade. Aptly all day Sat.. 22 GLAZIERS are now being selected for training as SALES REPRp. SENTATIVES. Oooortunltles offer excellent future prospects ArB6875 -OOD opportunities available ax a TTam Conductor. 19 to 45 years. Apply Rm 6 616 Lit. Collins St, afjRADI.R DRIVERS. Experienced Grader Drivers are required to onerate Cat. 12 and A.C. Graders on road construction. Apply Mr, Robinson. STAB I USERS LTD.. 230 Blackshawg Rd.. Spouwood. 65 3325. GRADER AND TRAXGAVATOR OPERATORS Required. Own Transport necessary. Apply Monday. GARRETT PLANT HIRE PTY. LTD., 1202 Bydaer Fawkner. 3 32543. INSPECTOR A tradesman perienel In marking off Is required to All an Interesting position In inspection department. Exprtcnct In th rhKktns ef looltnt and dl. Imprrnlonf would be an advuittit. Bonut tctieme. ovemma. Apply Mr. H. Marshall, Monday-Friday, S a.m. -4 p.m. PHONE 546 1604. REPCO ENGINEERING ft FORGE CO. MeNAlGHTON ROAD. CLAYTON INSTRUMENT MAKERS & REPAIRERS ff AZELWOOD Applications are Invited from fully auallfied Instrument Makers and Repairers for vacancies at the new Hazelwood Power Station. Applicant without previous experience on Power Station Instruments mav be required to undertake a period of training at Yalloum or Morwell Power Stations. Service benefits include increased sick leave. Service Grant (up to 20- per week. Long Service Leave six months) and non-contributory Retiring Gratuity. Single Accommodation Available Immediately Homing Available after Reasonably Short Period of Service Write, phan or call STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION 1st Timor, 13 William Street, Melbourne. PHONE CS tS41. EXTENSION S7I. SITUATIONS VACANT Iff- ' TOOBAK SERVICES Tel. 24 0429. Mrs. R. Clark. Mrs. N. Pitman. LIVE-IN AND DAILY HOME HELP. l.COOK. for 'hotel In city, ex- iertenced woman required to co- meals per day for approximately 0 people; 11510 p.w. 9 Hnrnrwerpri) n4M for family home of four people In North Balwyn. A responsible person fond of cnlldren required, as wife goes to work; i 12 p.w. S rvTiWWAfnriH.UWT s reaulrtvl. for one lady, living In a flat In Too-rax. Laundry sent out; 9 p.w. 4 - COOK reaulred for station property. N.S.W.. to cook for manager, w fe and one child. Interviews mioourn. i it p.w. - A PLEASANT GIRL 00-30 yea tt t . required to be one of the family and help with housework and couicmg for none in Patcoe Vale; X IV p.w. I. TEMPORARY HOUSEKEEPER IS wooiiit fnr famlt nt thrre adults, living in Trafalrar. Interviews Id Melbourne; 10 p.w. 7. TEMPORARY HELP ' fweeks, for country property. 1 auistance required for housework. lu P.w. July for 1 month; 10 p.w. 9. MARRIED COUPLE, for pro perty near Hamilton, husband to be hanoyman-Uf elul f must be able to coitage available. 1 school-age i acceptable; A 22 p.w. 1. DAILY UTTI-P required fnr positions in Toorak. South Yarra and Arm a a ate. Pleas call at 41 Toorak Rnart. Toorag fent. Tintern Av.i for Interview. Tram stop 32. NOT OPEN SATURDAY. aJREEN KEEPER! Ib rinks; salary " t &j pe. weei. ramny accom-maat:un available. Auo.y In wcii-im to Secretary. Caulfleld Central Hs L Bj 2. PO . LAULFTELD - firtlNDtR. - Precision, cyllndrlca!. u c;ood wages, overtime optional. Harvey A -Vn 34 3 A Sydnev Rd.. GROCER. ep. Sen.. Moonee Ponds area. Refrrneces Apply CAK-TER S STOREJ4 PTY. T.TD.. B4 m.. Aioooee ronos. QHOCER. lie, Kew. young man cond 104 Paklngton St. b&' 9)i6. UnuuriuBma.- requireo. ror university Recreation Reserve. Applications in writing should be forwarded to the Secretary Recreation Grounds Committee, Melbourne University. Parkvllle. N.2. not later than Monrlav. Juiv 1. HAIRDRESSER, V'- tor moA' ern salon. 21. Chance for HAiKORLdLk. Continental. Apply Mr. Foil. 7 Paisley St.. Fo.its- crav. 68278, Rf ELP Yourself. Tram Conductors - wanted 19 to 45 vears. Apply Ronni A A1A t.ll fnllln St .. . HIKE car driver, day ahlft. Zone JI-1415. for Emergence Home Helo Service. I i per nour piua travelling ex-peiue". Apple Social Services Office. Tiwn Hall. Hawthnrn. Mondav to Friday. II a m.-l n.m. J R. JOHNSON. TOWN CLERK. HOUSEKEEPER reaulred for new North xWlwyn Home. Live-in Dei It ton for plea.'nt person fond of children. Willing to be part "f a ha any family. Own mom liberal time off and lop salary. 307 2107. A.H. 44 5824. ffOUSEKEEPERT'live in. Prelerably ciaeriy woman, no cmiaren. hnm In munri enurttrv town modern conveniences, TV. Ac. Good home for woman who has raised a family and now left lonely. Wacea i. o per w(Ta ana nvc in. flrjt instance to "Housekeeper. Be 132. Leotigatha. and conditions for experienced I 11 per week and perm, posit ton for suitable applicant References reauirea King iii mo. UOUSEKEEPER. E Required for live-In pnsttlnn in Tonrak. New Australian preferred. Own S.C. quarters. Ring 50 2211 ior appointment. -inittF.KRirPiPR. null h eomDet " ent and good with children. Own Ex cell, conditions. Immed. 52 28ol nOtJSETCEEPER, MONDAY-FRIDAY. 12 to 5 p.m., CLEANING. IRONING. AC. FOR TWO ADULTS. TWO SCHOOL CHILDREN. PERMANENT POSITION. REFERENCES REQUIRED. 8 LANGDON RD.. CAULFIELD. LF590Y A in n m "nntlnentt household In Caulfleld. 2 adults and 2 hleh school children. Ring LB4026 Saturday. 10 a.m. to 2 H" OUSEKEEPER. live tn. "pleasant family home, good wage for suitable applicant, must be fond of children, plain cooking, no washing or ironing, own TV. Other help kept. For Interview ring 52 3201. HOUSEKEEPER required, live In. " love and care for 2 young children while mother works part-time. txp. wtin ennaren essential, tteis. Phone 850 1763. HOUSEKEEPER. Gentlewoman wtth own interests for country home. Suit pensioner. Weekly help. HOUSEKEEPER help. Some cooking. 2 Adults. 2 Child. Other helo kept No laundry. Refs. essential Ph. 20 3994. HOUftEKEEPLR. ingte. for plain cooking and light duties. Ironing essential. Own rojm and bathroom. Phone from 11 a.m-4 p m 20 1345 HOUSEKEEPER and Assistant, suburban Catholic Presbytery, suitable mother and daughter, or 2 anters. or I friends. 82 4639. HOUSEKEEPER, good home. 8 11 p.w. Small mod. flat, good outings, must have rels. Ph. 24 63 M). panics. ajJOUSEKEEPER'S Assistant, sub- urbsn Catholic Pmbytcry. 83 46!t. ( In valid t. live in Apply 180 Smith M , Tnornoury. alter j D.m. - HOUSEKEEPER. Toorak. Own bed-iiom. sitting room, bathroom. Reference e.:senltal. Rlnz BJ4546. HOUSEKEEPER, mid. -seed. rae knowie-ize of b-iJkkeenln-: preferred counlty. Write 86.645. Ae. SITUATIONS VACANT SEKEEPER live in. fond of iren. hlxh wages. ("i i s v v v 1 si n s eood refi. 2T 2.78 EIOUSE Mald-Waltreas " or euest house, exp., req.. am. -12. 30 p.m.: good wages smart fir I or youiiT woman Deva. 444 St. Kllda Rd Tel. 2 4223. HOUSEMAID, domestic, 35-50. experienced. IntelUnent, energetic, no ties, write de'.alls. Minaicr, Mount Victoria Motel, Warburtun HOUSE MAID. Exp, , live in. cue it house, bd. husband, WA4625. HOW DOES 50 A WEEK FOR YOUR SPARE TIME SOUND ? Exp. or car not nec. We train you FREE. See Mr, CHRISTOU. Wlllmore A Randell. 150 Queen St.. Ut Fir. 87 7501 INDUSTRIAL CONTROL. Instrument Assembly. Several Men are reaulred tor hieh ouallty work Men with suitable experience in Electrical nr Mechanical Aiembly work will he trained. Excellent pay ani ccndl-tlnns Anrlv in wrttlne TAYLOR INSTRUMENT COMPANIFS OF AUSTRALIA PTY LTD 275 Mid-r1lho-ou in Rd. . Box Hill ISQ'.'IRE Ror.m 8 818 Lt CMH"' St.. Tram Conduriora wanted. 19 to 45 years, - Must be experienced. Apply Monday. Mr. Per r In. UNITED CARPET MILLS. 04 Oakover Road. Preston. 44 0505. JEWELLERS. Signet ring maker and mounter. F. A K. Bailncham P.L. 2nd. 29 Stewart St.. Rich-mo i, Phone 42 7055. - JOIN the Tramways Board as Tram frmducior. 18 to 45 vears. Ap-Plv Room 8 818 Lit. Collins St. - JOINERS. Good pnsttimu and hi;m for Joiners on the manufacture of timber windows and v-in-dnw walls. Auply Mr. P. Thomi-sn. STtGBAR WINDOW WALLS PTY. LTD.. 13 Rosalie St.. Sprins-vale 54ft 7281. JOINERS and ASSEMBLERS, overtime available. South Eastern Timber Co Pty. Ltd.. McCrae St.. JUNIOR CUTTER. fnr nwn'i rlnthinv This is in excellent opportunity to learn an interesting and lucrative tu de. Apply Monday Personally to the Factory Manager. STAFFORD ELLIN SON PTY. LTD., 723 Swanston St,. Carlton, JUNIOR MALES. Two good energetic lads required for general factory work. Permanent positions. Previous experience unnecessary. Age 16-18 years. Huurs 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.. 5-day week. Apply Mondhy to Mr. Kau. DOMINANT CHEMICALS f'TY. LTD.. W lex lu m Rd. East, Moorabbln. 95 3601. JUNIOR GIRL. To learn the trade. 18-17 years. Snme machining experienced an advantage. Apply ADA OF CALIFORNIA. 41-43 Stewart St., Richmond. Alonmlde Richmond Railway Station JUNIOR GIRL, for frock matiuiac luring trade, a?ed 15 years. Constant. Partington Modes. 37 Swanton St.. City, turlnc trade. 18 veer. Constant. Partington Mode. 37 Swan- ton St.. City. - YUNIOR Girl, to 18 vears for fruit w shop some previous honwnrk desirable. Good wasea and conditions. Aoplv 281 ClMon Rd.. Clayton, or nnr 544 1162. JUNIOR Girt, for lay-up In ladles " lingerie, to learn trade. Gxd conditions. Apply Wolso Mfg. Co., 678 Sydney Rd.. Brunswick. Open Saturdavs. 8 a.m.-ll a.m. JUNIOR. required for assembly work In licht Industrial machinery. Junior Technical Certificate preferred. Aonlv in wrltlne P.O. Box 1981R EHeaoeth St.. Melbourne. JUNIOR Girl. 14-18 yean Apply jMTionally. NEAT N" TRIM UNI-FORMS. 129 Elliabeth St., City. JUNIOR GIRL. Apply Saturday. 8 e to 11 a.m.. DOVER WEAVING MILLS PTY LTD.. 183 Fulham Rd.. Fairfield 49 6411 JUNIOR Bov. Hcyt Food Maruf. Ind. PL. 1191 Hleh St.. Mai- lion assured. Rapid advancement for Hani applicant. Apply Dt-Lyn Pty. Ltd.. 126 Flinders Lane. MF3247. EEN MEN. . Tram Conductors wanted 19 to 45 vears. appIv Room 6. 616 Lit. Collins St. Ek ITCH EN HELP Female for Chll- drrn's Home. Experience In piep, of Children's Foods an advantage. Live In pnsn Ring for interview. 83 1536 CHILDREN'S PARADISE. 111 Mont Albert Rd.. Canterbury. KITC1IE.VMAN with Full Bd.. for " Kuest house. Sherbrook Paradise. Sherbrook, Ring for appointment. Kalllsla 6S244. If NITTERS, male nr female, for n 12 gauge flat machines. Permanent position. Tram at door. MONTE CARLO KNITTING MILLS. 82 3761, - - i NITTERS. lor 12 gauge flat knlt-ling mach. Permanent pos.: good wages. BP.REX KNlTITNtS MILUS. 3 Brunswick Hd.. E Brunswick. EsTNl IT1NG. " Fully experienced operators for i nit io v. MARBE jithiao Si . North Melbourne. 30 4043. KNITTING. Experienced plain Machinist, or Overlocker. Must be experienced. Top wages. Good conditions and plenty of overtime. TTVOLI KNITWEAR. 50 Glen Eira Ed., R 1 ppon Lea LF9241. KNITTING, Junior Mechanic, ex- perlenced on auto Swift and Komet machines. Excellent prospects In modern factory Marvel-wear Knlttln Mills. 197 Lygon St.. Brunswick. KNITTING OPERATORS. Exp. Circular Machines. n1:ht sh.ft. Special hlsh waj:?. constajit wnrk. 30 cato St., Prahran. 51 3726. KNITTING. - Exp. plain mock fashion, chain Mitch Machinist, exccll condltl-jns constant work. 30 Calo St . Prahran. 51 3726. 1 ABORER. --Cdfual Laborer ie- aulred for Pallet yard. Driver's licence an advantace Apolv to Mr. Dumcll f.OSCAM TRADING CO PTY LTD.. Evans St.. Port Melbourne. - I ABORER. Ppray Painter. Metro Panels. 80 Courtney St.. N. Melhouriie, 30 3732 - LABORER for pick and shovel Annlv 8 Oak St.. Nlddrte. after 6 o'clock LABORERS. Learn to weld. Evrninz and Sat, classes. LW11S4. 57 7205. 877 North Rd.. S.E.9. JOINER -SETTER-OUT FIRST-CLASS MAN required for modern factory In profrressive town amidst beautiful countryside. Modern home supplied. Suit British Migrant. Please write P.O. BOX 178, BEN ALL A. KORAN & CATO Require the following Staff: . JUNIOR BOYS JUNIOR GIRL Thentkary area. SENIOR MALE Tw HNd Qukin, Apply Mr. RANDALL, MORAN & CATO PTY. LTD. 277 Brunswick Street, Fltiroy. JA3134. KNITTING TEXTILE ENGINEER We have a permanent pod Lion for skilled tradesman with experience in making and fit-tin r parts to hosiery and anltUnf machines. APPLY RED ROBIN HOSIERY MILLS PTT. LTD., I l-Yoo frrar.rr. KAAT aatlfSWIIK. K.ll. SR Slllt A.H. SA 34M. SITUATIONS VACANT EABORERS for drainage work. Ap-ply on Bite, Muiday morning. SMITH A MATTHEWS lob. Wel-l!nKton Rd. North Clayton, to Foreman. MORGAN At BERGER PTY. LAD 15-17 years, to learn furniture sales. Must be intelligent, smart in appearance and have a giiod knowledge of elementary arithmetic. Good wages and conditions. Apply In person to the Manager, CLAUSCENS. 847 Sydney Rd.. Brunswick. I AD. about 19, st rone, to assist in store. Apily Mcnday to Mr. Keltett. STARTING UOHTING IGNITION PL.. 15-27 Wrerkyn St.. North Melbourne tnear Royal Melbourne Hospital). 30 32H1. - f AD 16 to 17 years, reoutred to as 1 1 In soare pjrts store Ad-oly to Mr. Du:ntll. LOSCAM TRADING CO, PTY. LTD Evans St,. Port Melbourne. 64 1092. 64 114b. I AD Muit be Intelllwnit. to leain sporting goods trade. UNDSAY HASPETT. 52 Swgnton St. Juniur machinist and for slrl to Iarn Interesting ttade. Apply B;a Ply. Ltd . 2Jl Bay St.. Port Melbourne. 63 J476. f AD1ES' Hairdresser. Jun. girl, f jr apprentice In modern salon. 391 Inkerman St. E, St. Kilaa. Phone 5 172. AMJly M"iiday. A DIES. 23 to 35 yearn, for Tram Co'tductt esses Apply Room 6. IADS. ' 17-20. assistance on furni-- ture van removal Aooly W. J. DOWNARD PTY LTD.. 840 Rd.. E. Caulfleid. 211 7595. f ADY required to serve morning - and afternoon tea fo staff in new offices at Richmond. Siemens. Halske. Siemens. S-huckert i A'ala t Pty. Ltd. Please teleohone 42 2371. F ADY. live in. companion for el-derly ladv. Home duties and wace FW8488 LAUNDRY Packer and Sorter wanted. Must be fully experienced In using Poly mark machines. Atply Kew Launderers Pty. Ltd., II putiurj int.. , mummnu. onjj. man AnnllcaHons for th atove. nirnttonrd position. In own handwriting, addresned to the City Electrical Engineer. Electricity Supply Department, Town Hall. Footscray. will be received un io 4 p m. on Thursdav, July 4, 1963. Wages 25 13 per week. Specification of duties. Ac., obtainable from the City Electrical Engineer. Applicants to state detail, if any. of service In a prescribed theatre of war. Canvass of Ciuncil-lors will disqualify applicants. J. K GALLAUGIIER. City Electrical Engineer. L'eXTHER Good. 1 Machinist, female. 1 bench hand, male or female. cood wages. condition JAi.-OUES I.EAniER GOODS. 85 Brighton Rd. 91 148P. LfeATifERC.OOUd. HAND BAGS. MACHINIS'l. PERM. POS. GOOD COND. HELD, 235 CAMBER WELL RD.. HAW. WB1102. LIT1UX;RAPH1C Negative Duffer and Stripper Interesting work. Good wa?s and conditions. Only ytung perfons need apply. w Lane Ingjien A .-on Pty Ltd.. 207 Car-t., Carlton 34 3S53. 34 38S6 f OOK. Tram Conductors wanted. - 1ft io 45 vears. Apple Room oio I.U. i "inns si. IfRy OPERATOR must have xn - For aopolntment. ring 38 6447. LUBRITORIUM Operator, exp.. 25-35 yeirs. large Caltex station: waee 20. Moonee p-nds Junction LUBRITORIUM OPERATOR, must be exper.. waces over 20 per week for right man, 38 6082. MA. epie. or winow req. nsnt home duties, return rent free SX. flat. refs. Write G.L.. co. 27s Camberwcll Rd.. Camberwell. MACHINE TOOL FITTERS Experienced tradesmen. L. B. STOCKDAI.E PTY LTD.. Myrtle St,,.. Glen Waverley. 560 9131. TAILORING Hlch war in mehinlt exneri enced In kk1 quality work. Permanent poult Ion. No short time. Next to Myers. CROYDE. 271 Itiiddle St.. 32 4067. M A C H I N I S T. We require an experienced Machinist for men's suits. Also a number of Juniors to learn. Apply Monday Personally to Mr Relss. STAFFORD ElXlNSON PTY. LTD., 723 Swanston St.. Carlton. ExDertence posltion. Good condi Ucns. pleasant wo-kroom R1NA RICCI. rear 5th Floor 50 Flinders Lane. Phone 62 4609. MACHINIST. Competent tradesman for bank and office ft nines. Payment above award, overtime available. Aoaly N. A. Stewart. 54 Iillncton St.. Colling- wood. 416894. VACH1NIST. Exp. Ladies' frockx. Excellent wasen or piece work. PPly Srtturdav morning. PARK TRADING. 271 Lonsdale Street. Next Mviis. MACHINIST, medium frocks, must be experienced. No slack time. Hlrh wanes. on bonus system. G RE BOO MFC 26 Heslon Street. Parkdale XY1B16. ACHINIST. Female, experienced. a required for canvas work or Holland blinds. Must apeak English. M AciiiNisT Wanted for medium ana oeuer cibss itockk. nniy exp. sirl. Apply Monday mornln DAMAU FASHION. 202 Fltnde Bin. Apply Mondav mornlnc. XIACHINIST. 'to mend and repair plain white coats. Brlehtun WATTS. 2nd flri-w. 13 Pat rirx si., My, on Loniaaie s-i op. River a, ..z JTnn MACHINIST, exp. female for men's trousers. 294 Little Collins St. n:n n . m r.s ciotninc. o.t nn. 4 V. HI iNli 67 4429 ACHIN1STS. We Require THREE FIRST-CLASS TRADESMEN To Machine Component Parts of OUT Food Processing Machinery. Above Award Rales will be Paid. Apoly Mr. A. Banfleld. F.M.C t AUSTRALIA LTD . D. W. C BINGHAM DIVISION. 226 Normanby Road. South Melbourne. Phone 64 3451. MACHINISTS, Earn well over award. Modern factory. Ideal conditions. Apply LAURIE MCCARTHY PTY. LTD.. A6 FLINDERS LANE. 63 4670. MACHINISTS. I Fully experienced Plain Machinists ior Deue,r-cia nnxenr. High waes or piece-work rates. Modern wntkroom. Permanent positinuns. KAPLLA MANUFACTURING CO. 743 Glenf'rrle Rd.. Hawthorn. Near Glenferrle station WA3.88. Apply Mrs. Berklem. rmrd'nr tn tnur ahlittv ami iner-d and still have the satisfaction of making auaittv earments luiow- ledge or Eneiisn essential. GI-OHIETTE GOWNS. 104 Flinden Lane. 63 6074. Charleen Frocks. 2 Prospect Hill Rd.. Camberweil Wages or piece work. rnone - LAD For Timber Merchant's office. Good opportunities. Apply BALTIC TIMBER CO-West Street, Glenroy. MACHINISTS FLAT LOCKERS AND 3-NEEDLE MACHINISTS. Required for men's eottoa underwear factory. High piece-work rates and good conditions. BELLCRAFT KNITTING MILLS PTY. LTD. 3 Pitt St., Brunswick (OIT Lycon 8U. 3S KM. SITUATIONS VACANT MACHINISTS, medium frock i. Must be fully experienced. Permaji-ent positions for conscientious at 'lain modem, clean, heated workroom. Wages and excellent bonus. Must speak English. All amenities Apply In person. R1CKI REED, nth floor. 267 Flinders Lane. cor. De- MACHINISTS. for medium to better dar frocks Must b fully experienced. Highest piece - work rates. Constant work. Good conditions. . . . L15NEK A ri J . M", nice riace, 67 5316. MACKTNISTS fJt. axperlenced only, for children'! frcaa. BRIGHT FASHIONS. 300 Lit. Bourse St.. 4th Floor. 67 2685. MACHINISTS, three fully axperl-iT enced machlnlsu and one Junior for children s wear. Ideal conditions Exp. Wages or Hign Piece) Bates. Constajit. JOANNE MODES. 360 LUtl- Botirke Street. 67 2693. f ACHIN15TS. - -- Medium frocks. hlsh piece rates, excel!, conditions. Only experienced need apply. Teelo Fashions Pty. Ltd.. 79 Queens Par.. North Fitxroy, between Smith jnd Brrjswkk sU. 48 1653. A.H. alongside Richmond railway station. MACHINISTS required for medium to better claw frocks. In modern work room, Must be experienced press workers constant employment. Apply NINETTE CREATIONS, 126 rfiniers Lane. Phone 63 5227. MACHINIST, must be fully experienced on medium grade frocks, extremely high piece work rates and good conditions. Apply DUl'AT DRL.SSE3 PTY. LTD.. 1098 High St., Armadale. Phone 50 5638. MACHINISTS, medium - to better " dresses, crazy piece-work rates, all year round work guaranteed. Hlshesl earnings. Apply MER CODA VR ON 49 Flinders Lane. MACHlNiSTS, exp.. for children's blousea inn sportswear. Good fiece-work rates, Apply Rooek ty. Ltd.. 231 Elizabeth St.. City. i L.HI N ho fullv finrritnrnl far me dium to better class frock. Constant. Good wages. Part in Eton ft? Kuramlnn Kt fit . - MACHINISTS, experienced only, for men a sniria. aiso couax ac minute station. MALHiftisia. iTouier nanas. experienced In pockets and sec-tlonil work. Apply B,L. MPTG. CO.. 27 Held St. . N. Fitxroy. MACHINISTS, canvas, males and females, must be experienceo, 5ood wages and conditions. G. V, fULDER PTY. LTD.. 825 Dande- MACHINISTS, exp.. for frocks and lA coats. Good condlttona. bonus system.. M. Beshara A Co., j McKean St N. Fltrr.iv 48 l492 MACHINISTS. for frocks and - coats. iona wai;es ana conai-tlons. Apply 51 Chctwynd St.. N, MACHINISTS for Skirts, Exp. EM Mt Sportswear. 282 Chapef St.. rranran LJKJ3tf(. upen jat, MACHINISTS, medium frocks, good AT Dlece-work rates or wages. MU2248. 41 Hardware St.. Oty. MAi.mmni? exp,. iporxn wrsr; good pay and cond. ALLURE. 133 Glenferrle Rd.. Male. 50 7075. M t B For Si a IT Servery duties required ai uretawru sanaionuni. ivont rut. via Ivanhoe, SAIjIRV- r0't!l per week nlu penalty rates Board and quarters provioea, Anrmlnle renulreri to live' tn 37 days' leave each calendar year. x ie travel to ciiy on ou-uuiy periods. For further particulars telephone Matron. 45 1261. after 9 a.m. MArLROOM AssUUntl See Male T Assistant. MAINTENANCE FITTER required for servicing general construction equipment. Apply McKlN- NEY FOUNDATION DRILLING CO. PTY. LTD., 404 Lonsdale St. Phone Dl JiSI, MAKER-UP. "exp. children's and misses cotton frocks. Medium - oeuer jrora. wine to on.jii. Age. JfALE ASSISTANT. Applications are Invited for fhe position or i.enerai Assistant, iMaiei wun tne country Koaas noara, Head OfBce. 60 Denmark Street, Kew DUTIES: To assist in the snail roam. HOURS Mnnriiv tn Prlrlav AS a.m to 6.18 p.m. with lunch 12.43 p.m.-1.30 p.m. SALARY: Commenctng salary t I ( ' IO' per W nour wrri. APPLICATIONS; In own handwrit ing setting out previous experience, date available to com-nrnrf rtutv and MDles of oer- references should reach the Personnel Officer, Country Road Board, 60 Denmark street, K-ew, b.i,. oy luesoay. MAN. over 30. for general main tenanci and delivery of our own equipment. Welding experience, menaniral knmivleHre an arlvantaee Knowledge suburban area essential. Reference.' required; 22 8 44-hr, eek. FOR HIRE SERVICE. 253 victoria at.. ADootsiora. Man. part-time cleaner. Glen Ini Malvern Xhhurtrtn dlitrtft: I day week. 3.30 p.m. start. "Cleaner." P.O. Box 76. Fltzroy. N.6. State ase. exp. and phone number. MAN required to work In concrete - yara Monday, WORKS M AN. carpet cleaning. Driver licence. Good w aires and cond. MAN. for fruit shop, must be exp. Can earn 30 p.w. 25 6401. MAN, Afternoons only, firewood aeitv. Driving uc. sngnton area. ii were at., nngmon. MARBLE Sawyer. Ring 60 1649, Man nrserienrert at at Inn hand for Merino sheep on property situated 14 miles from Seymour. Musi have own transport and dogs. Wife required: to ao some cooting. rac rmnllrt farlli tie within 7 ml!e House available, very good condition. Apply witn reierences to t.u Co Younshusband Ltd. , QA Vine Ktrret Meltvillrne MARRIED Cple. required, no chll rlrrn live In S C modern flat wife for housekeeolng, must be fond oi cmiaren. lu-otio. aunnji, oi after hours 51 1239 week days. Hot nam St.. East at. nnaa. jyj E C H A N I C. Up to the Age of 36 Years, But Not Essential. COOD COMMENCING WAGE, PLUS SHIFT ALLOWANCE FOR MORNING AND AFTERNOON SHffT. MUKPAI lJ tKlDAX. Sunerannrjatlon Subsidised Savings Plan and Free Life Assurance acierne. Apply to Mr. K. C. Bailey. CALTEX OIL (AUST.) PTY. LTD., Blackshaws Rd.. Spotswood, 65 2261. MECHANIC, for service station. Good all-round mechanic. Ex cellent salary. Saturday morning won ii requireo. Appiy aau atK waces paid to rlrht man. Start iiiiiiiruiairiy. Apply ito JVll. Alex- MECHANIC, tradesman, to do gene-1a ral repair work: good wages, Apply A A. A Bodyworks. 46 Connell Rd., Oakleigh, 36 6679 MECHANIC, Manager take control 1T small tarare. Burwnod flO vk nurr no fifininrion. WY4U4. Arrange Interview. Body Mechanic, General Repairs. VA-civri itnTnn c AAA ui ii.. ander Rd . Ascot Vale. FU7701. Mtuinnii, wim p, ana rri Good wages. 265 HI git St.. Prah- mfECHANIC Motor Mechanic ur- A,B- gently. Ring 046 0271. MECHANICS are now being selected i?a- for training as SALES REPRE-SCNTATIVES. OooortunlUes offer exec 11, future orospects. MB6875. MEN required by Fruehauf Tralleni T Tor ork In a modern trailer repair section, preferably with some mechanical ability an a or experience In service and repair and semitrailer equipment. Good wages end condition. Contact Mr. Goddard. FRUEHAtF TRAILERS (AASIA) PTY. LTD.. 11 Old Footacray Rd.. Fo-itscray, Phor- 68 5361. MEN AID WOMEN tan earn a much as t 50 wkty. Eveninrs and week ends. Free training. Previous experience NOT necessary. Wlllmcre A Ran dell. b'0 High 8.. THORNBURY. Tel. JJ124S. MALE DESPATCH ASSISTANT Experienced tn handling and despatching TV receivers. Apply with references to A. G. HEALING LTD., 211 RACECOURSE KD KENSINGTON, rnone 33 0213. SITUATIONS VACANT MEN having a background fat fht professional or non-professional industry can apply for this Ltterest-tne amltlon. A ddI lean u must de sire high Income. A full-time opportunity requiring no experience wnatsoever is 0"rA will be aiven. Phone 32 2109,.--- MEN. DRIVING . INSTRUC-nriNR van arfn - TRAILER BY EXPERT LICENSED XNSTRUC- NICHOLSON ST.. rilnui. MEN l2. required for .cutting l M ft, wood. 120 miles Melbourne. Permanent job. uwn equipment. ME utility, wane rag collection ae piy Morway. a a.m.. as Atoen at. Preston. i9 to 45 years. Aooly Room f. 818 ut Collins St Mo Learn IO we a. tiiniii sum 67TNoflh Rd.. 'Ormond. S.E 9. 'AL POLISHERS. Experience n t..auerj. Incentive Scheme. Overtime Available. Permanent Position, RODD t AUST. LTD 39 Crecvts St.. SL Kiftla. METAL POLISHERS. enced Metal Polish erl Metal Polishers reaulred E.r email light die, cast polishln?. ours 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Good commenctng wage, plus bonus r.n nr telenhnn the Per sonnel Officer. 874 0311. Ll.. W WIUW ! an... METAL POLISHERS ape rl enced " Men only in repetition die cast. Piece work or wages to atari: can earn 35 per week. Apply 1A Wlnd-inr Pliee. "Windsor. Phone 51 8405. METAL POLISHER, exp.. Aim B Bl tor flcctropjatloT. Apnly Sa t day. a.m. 544 3803. 12A Fult at., nununxaaic. METAL POLISHERS are now being seiectea ior irai REPRESENTATIVFS traintnr as SALJs fr Oooor. offer earell future DrosoectS. 62 870. METAL POLISHERS, swpenencea "1 in nie Cast and Steel. Good men av earn f 40 oer week. Apply 64 Whlteman St.. aoutn Meiooum. METAL POLISHER. - Exp. Die-Ha cast Piece work or wages. 162 Friward St.. Brunswick. - - MILLER to operate Ciiwlnattl Machine, must be ex.. overtime PUN BnltS, rl-.ii wmvs Hninswicx. an mi, LUN ER, BLOCKER. Male, not hi aWMIswi Permanent oosltion with food waies. Ultra Hats 22 295tTMr. Wood, JJILUNERS. xerfteHenetwl Mllltrters wanted for our roooern worsroom. Permanent Qoaltlona. Good con ai t ions. HARBIG PRODUCTS PTY. LTD., 1 Drill St. HAWTHORN. Phone 81 1216. ILLINBRY Excellent Opportunity for Alert Man or Wnman to take charge of our millinery packing room. Experience essential. Wages abort sward, permanent position. Good Conditions. Apply Mr. Capkln. HARBIG PRODUCTS PTY LTD.. 1 Drill Street. Hawthorn. 1 1216. MILLINERY. Rex Hat Manufac-i't ttirera have varanctf. fnr exoerl- enced Straw Hat Machinists. Full or oart time. F'i-year emoioyment Aopty 12 Dove St.. Richmond, oi .LLinaKi, t-iiri. juruoro, a learn nr witn aome exoerience. Anply to M. E. Sheppard A Co.. 290 Bridge Rd.. Richmond, op. town naii. rnnm j. n ii BjIILUNG MACHINIST Required for New Vertical Mill. We oae f 25 per week plus efficiency bonus and a regular minimum 20 nours overtime is avanaDie. CONTRACT TOOLS A GAUGES. 1 Arnold Street. Cheltenham. 93 67.18. A H.. XL3509. .TNG MACHINIST. ror Mecnine i noi won. aiuas ne nrsi -ciasa Man, G. L. SHERATON. 448 Heidelberg Rd.. Fairfield. 48 4752. MILLING MACHINISTS. LT. STOCK DALE PTY, LTD. Myrtle St.. Glen Waverley. 660 9131. MOTHER'S Help, to Uve In. help mother. 2 little boys, light house wri, new miMtru nwne. every conv. Phone 52 1897. 5OTOR BODY BUILDER. , Btatt Electricity Commlision. 1st Floor. S3 Wlltlam Street. Melbourne. jyjOTOR MECHANIC. (Shirt WActti To be Located at North Fltiroy. .wiiuiiiuna im-iuuc rier i rvct. Lung Service Leave. Generous Gratuity aciiejne. Apply Employment Officer. Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. 616 Little Collins Sreet. JJOTOR MECHANIC. A vacancy extits for a First Class Motor Mechanic. Must be experienced on Trucks and Tractors. Good work- uik tuna ii ions. APPLY W ,c THOMSON. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER. . ALLAN STRKET. KYABRAM. "S Leadln Pnrrl lSatar perlenced Motor Mechanics. Good ment In .excellent conditions. AddIt Service Manarer All am rnti.---6 MOTORS. 16 Yarra Bank Road mciuuui nr. da jnti MOTOR MECHANIC, required fo ; ford fleet maintenance on ligh trucks. In Oakletgn area. Good work ... tiusu ana amenities. Excellent wages. Aooly in person or write. CA LLA N D ERS BAKERIES Oiwjlrh. . . niu man. uooo a no lease or engine components. Ani Mr. SlmDSon. MOTOR &PAR i'i.. Engine Reconditioning Dlvi alon. 98 Young St.. Fitxroy. 41 5331 MOTOR MECHANIC. 4 hours i v" uismond creek Reply Box I. P.O.. Greensborough MOTOR CAR REPAIRS PANEL BEATERS. MECHANICS. CHASSIS REPAIRER. ARC WELDER. I-iri. Workshop. Cood opportunity for .drtocc. meat. CITY MOTOR PANEL 21-M O Connell Street. North Melbourne. 34 2144. After Hours. 53 823S. MOTOR MECHANICS We require able men for Fork Truck MBintea-avnee. Frrelotu experience an advantage but not essential, as we will train the successful applicant. With liberal waxes and overtime up to 28 can be earned. Overalls supplied. A story to MB. DUE "El A. LOSCAM TRADING CO. PTT. LTD. VTANft STRKBT. MELAOURNE. M 1002. 64 lit SITUATIONS VACANT iSt Snli n4 Oitull iltcm. bier, mud he exoerlenred In wir ing, rlailng and body finishing work. Overtime available Apply James Flood Pty. Ltd.. cor, sunshine and Gralneer roads, west Footacray. OB OII71 MOTOR Mechanics. We have a perm, position for another tip top an-rouru iraaeaman to cw with Chrysler's Increasing deliveries and our general repairs; wages 25 mln. Also house. Apply to Harrison's, of Shepparton. MOTOR MECHANIC required by Footscrays Chrysler Dealer. Modern Workihoo Too wares and cor.diUons. Chrysler experience pre- lerreo, out not essential, nibnai. AUTO SERVICES, cor. Buckley and Victoria sts.. Footacray. 68 5631. MOTOR Aie:naiUC A uraoe. very high salary for qualified man. Laree uoatairs flat available If re quired. ASHWOOD MOTORS PTY. LTD.. 34 Hlsh Street Rd.. Aihwood OTOR MKLHAnKTi. tXk9 ezpcri-l ence nreferred. but rat essential. Good conditions: 2310 P- nuvitu i u Mwiunn r.-.. 'r- uarepin bb.. inwo-A H 1X1M1 - -- MOTOR MECHANIC for Holden er. overalU supplied Apply Monday Asaociaira i un, a io riaiuu ot. . is'ortn MetDOurne. ati itrw. 17., rmraaaiv. a inij. wv amu. MOTOR Spray Painter. Exp iT- in repair work. Good wares and . jei LAior at., ron MNommw. MOTOR MECHANIC, with VW exn. iT Aoolr Bombers Auto Port. 892 Rd,, Essendon. MOivK Mechanic. Must be exp. "7-Jn u typea of repairs and cars. WF3094. MOTOR MECHANIC exn all I makes 1,1 of vehicles. Good wacea and O.T, Albert Park area 69 5088. MOULDER REQUIRED FOR LEAD-ING NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY. Experienced In Iron or steel foun-rv nrar-tlce tn the uae of strickle boards for castings up to 2 tons an advantage. Top wages, plus overtime, excellent conditions. No obnoxious sine fumes. Mostly tin bronze and 7.30 MOULDER. Working Foreman. "A ROGER WARE INDUSTRIES rlT , L, 1 LI. . Require experienced Non-ferrous Tradesman to supervise all phases in plate and lobbing work. Excellent remuneration In accordance with ability, Good amenities with overtime. Apply 42 Hamreaves St.. Huntdale for appointment, phone MOULDER. ' Machine Moulder for " iron foundry. Excellent wares ror amoiuous man. a. mcmivua x AT SON. 12 Louvaln St.. Coburg. MOULDER. Non ferrous. Must be 1st class tradesman, apply personally BRONZITE BRASS FOUN- dki iui Kavanagn ai.. a. Aieio. MOULDERS, experienced tn air machine moulding bench moulding and Joint moulding. BATES IRON FOUNDRY. Little Miller Street. East Brunswick, FW1825. RfOfjLDERS . Set shops and Fae-1'A torles to Let. VVEWSAGENCY. Exp. Jun. or sen. female. Assist Sales. Ac West. Dtst. town. Accom. avail. so.ow. acc. MOW. Tram Conductors wanted. 19 to 45 years. Apply Room 6. OPERATOR, for Cranvel Hydraulic Jigger, ern. man only. good wages. Apply W. A L. PAhTH, 8 Avon av., Miicnim, riion-874 5314. OPERATOR (North West Shovel) reoutred. Must be experienced. ml 7 .in am. Monday. J. R RAYNER PLANT HIRE PTY. LTD.. Blackshaws Rd. . North Altona. - OPERATOR, for Droll 6. exp. man onlr. Good money for tieht man. Rine Rfl 490 OPPORTUNITY for active. Intelll-eent man in be trained in new ptasttc building processes. Phone 83 7928. OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS. Tram Conductors wanted, 19 to 45 years. Apply ftoom s, oin uitte iTrw-vn wnsxra Rent flral. " buy later. A guar Hi-speed u looter or r. sewer, s w. nam ana l . -ins. r wiukj. rkUTDOOR WORKERS. Rent or v our a Hi-soeeo auent unit bin- ger Machine. HEAFIELD A CO. nVERLOCk ER, fuUy experienced v In lingerie, excellent working conditions. Phone 51 1239, SEL-ZER LINGERIE PTY. LTD.. 27 james at., y. innsor. OVERLOCKER. experienced, for elastic machines, to make panties ana nan sups, run or pan time. Apply all day Sat.. 22 Peverel St.. Brunswick. Q VER LOCKERS PLAIN MACHINISTS For Lingerie. High wages and piece work. N A PELL A MANUFACTURING CO. lu itienierne itoaa. nawinorn. Near Glenferrle station. W A 3588. Apply Mrs. Berklem. Q VER LOCKERS PLAIN MACHINISTS Only truly experienced. PARICHARME PTY. LTD.. 79 Little Oxford Street Colling wood. 41 2215. f VER LOCK ERS , experienced ladles' underwear Hleh wases and All girls earning throuchout the year an average of 20 per 40 hours, but with overtime you can earn mum more, oioarrn. laciory. rer-manent position. Only experienced MOUR KNITTING MILLS' PTY? LTD., 5 Stewart St.. Richmond, op. VER LOCKERS . v Fully experienced on knitted outerwear. Good conditions. Heated Oxle; ev , Road. 81 0221 T V ERLOCK ERS and ZIG v MACHINIST. Expel ZAG Kirenaruvri and IMPROVERS, for ladles' under wear: also JUNIORS to team. Apply SUN RAY LINGERIE PTY. i u., m nt r win at nienmona Od, Mn JB4321. OVERLOCKERS. for ladles' Itn gerle. must be exDerlenced. over time available, good conditions and wases. Apply Wolso Mfg. Co., 678 Sydney Fo. Brunswick. Open Saturdays. 8 a m -11 a m . VERLOLKEKS, exp. in skirts. Rt- lera leisure wear irn.. zu Lonsaaie si. OVERLOCKER S. exp.. sporta wear, good pay and cond. Allure, 133a Glenferrle Rd., Malv. 50 7075 VER LOCKING. PLAIN NlchoUon St.. N. Fltiroy. JW3604. kVERSEER - FOREMAN. Required tn take charse of Chemical Scrub Control Unit, spraying under power lines, operating mostly t,t eastern Victoria Cnrryong to Melbourne. Knowledge of Job not required. Unit: 2 tracks. 2 modern cara- vni. men. Must be rtimw 'tent bushmsn with knr.BTlo.1p nt small good mechanical knowledee nuii'ra. nraxtnaoie. eaucaiion. Salary according to qualifications permanent position. Reply in writing to: Manaeer. APCO Chemical Applications Service Ptv. Ltd . 376 Victoria St.. North Melbourne, or rtnr Monday. 30 4642. .Suit; Are, maxlul status. Jab history, education, PAINTER. COACH Conditions Include Free Travel. Long Service Leave. Generous Gratuity Scheme. . Apoly Employment Officer. Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. 016 Little Collins Street. pAINTER. good young tradesman. country work. 175 North Rd.. Gardem-ale. Sal., a.m. pA INTER, for training In new f loraved nlastle building process. Phone S3 7928. p A N E L BEATERS. n Were It your Opportunity for Security. Hlsh Famines, Liberal Marring for Skill. Modern and Clean Workshop with Excellent Amenities. Including Canteen. Considerable overtime now available. Personnel Executive. 3 5061. pANEL BEATER- experienced Tn smash work and normal service adluKtments: C 24 '10 p.w. HOL-ROYD MOTORS P.LV 286 Darebln Road. Thornbury. 48 7245. A.H. BX1552. MOULDERS Non ferrous. Top men only. Top wages and conditions. Apply Saturday morning. CRUSADER PLANT FOUNDRY Doonslde Street, Abbotsfoni. SITUATIONS VACamt PANEL Beater ExpertenceT p Beater requited, capable nt4"' body repairs, jood waxes and0', " dltlons. Commercial ""to" P: Dealers. 110-126 CrWercl,. Brtr Prahran, . W , pANKL BEATERS Must rsa Oral "Quire. Tnn a.,J -7.7. "aaein Per maty nt poaltions. Mver v Ltd . S1 m. '.' i'jir Presto.i Phoiie JJ1603. Kt'). BEATER . Orst-clasa t... ' own required lor Insurance ZTT.' Too wages and overtime avaii.M- Daklrls-h EMNEL Bealera (2 a?01. Ml'T and conditions L Panels Pty Ltd U Bell s, AU'n Presion. 44 231T. pANEL Beater, good waaes"ni cunmiiuna. King or ri " BEN A LLA PANEL Works Phone Benalla 1900 J- PANEL Beater, smash work AddIv Kew Brtei. g b-...VH. WM9721. Qn. an iii a u ' V-JJ-. Rine pANTOGRAPH Operator. " ia,- general engraving exoer-.J, Good wage and conditions o-'L' available. BARTLETT lNbuTriT.m-a 07 oover St., Richmond A2uV 42 6867: A.H.. 29 4H72 . .i01- EVENING WORK t rut .,AJfP REE tralnlnx Car nec. Wlllmore A Randell 7fi n," ak i- i-ime semct station Att,n. nlhu sk. btwn. 4.30 ,M' , ltall.n. Blnr 3R 8497. ,r UAH I I IMF Fnniar.nh I. .... f .bit. com, .od nt how , : help you m.k, money. 288 vinr,5 St.. North Melbourne l,t floor " lrlr.1 75d. t i.'" pASTRY COOKS ire 'now fill offer excell. future prospects MBfil-J I rnnif knnn... AT Hneif lines; f 28 week, HERBept' 7Straihalbyn St.. East Kew. ' in Jin riion i 24 5338 A.H 24 8963 industries Pty. Ltd. requiri ! qualified tradesman for wj ,1 metal patterns. A rood opportun'tJ wun amenmep. wages In relitirn ability, with overtime. Aoplj 42 hV- 544 OS 74 -5-6 PATTERN MAKER Cood fiverf 1 mo anal 1 a hla 'k 1 SWi DENSIONER. active farwho, ST SSS Mnelbournne.,,2ooVn?-: PENSIONER, live In p-ialtlm ;m duties, to elderly lady By lenV 5 Rooseve!t St., Coburg '!lf- PLAaTERERS are now being u lectcd lor training ax ALi- REPRESENTATIVES. ODDOrtn-1-. offer encell future prosnects MBiT PLUMBER, accustomed to ,ieA f- work and heating installation.. Preferably with pressure pipe ellini tickets. CTTY INDUSTRIAL 1 aTALLATIONS PTY. LTD., 540 Ot. Urtiilh Uelrwirna ' ' PLUMBER. Heal Ine and Ven-." 1st Inc. maintenance ami rr. Mnat rut first-clau Irailiimin c-- ceiiem wages. kuik J A 20 84 PLUMBER. Good tradesman V.'. end work. 6 per day. 48 1050 PLUMBERS. First-class Heii:ni Tradesmen reaulred for eitv snl aiirulrtiBn con trap I mini lv peient weioers. ituku swintos tfiuiL-irtAW rn. i.iu. ;m u.vs 544 05SB . . PLUMBERS. Licensed M.M.BW Apply in oerson J E. THOM. SON A SON. 247 Hlah Sr Preston Phone 44 6191 ii Rtto PLUMBERS, licensed and rrrtij hlbltlon St . City, PLUMBERS. Apply George M Wo;, bnvs Pty. Ltd., 65 Smith S' , Fltiroy. Must be exp. POLISHER. SPRAY HAND r. oulred by furniture manutir:u'r In Essendon area. Experience ne:n. sary. Excellent conditions In ml- ern factory. Apply Mr. War tin. 170, miai TsOULTRY Farm Married Man w. quired for small, modem !s-t I in uanaenong Ranges. Duties tn ni and manage farm with Junior h!o Attractive modern cottage Remun eration relative to exjerlenre ai1 j t 322. Age. JRESS SETTER. 20 per week. Apply on Monday to Mr I Parftlt NILS EN SINTERED PRODUCTS ri 1. i. 1 kj. . 239 Separation St.. Norther. perlenced in sheet metal nreii am kr Sinrlalr JU p Mantrtn Road. Hunilnadale 544 ZtA' sTlRRSSF.R FEMALE. Experienced hiph ClaS d:ewL I excellent wages, permanrnt p.ii, ir,n. j no ahc--t time. Central locatioo. I must speaa Kiiusn CROYDE. 271 Lonsdale St 32 4567. canvntt 271 Lonsdale St. 32 4567. Experienced, for Belter Frf-U 16. WAGES f 11 Simons steam Iron I Permanent, in Pleasant Wfrkrooat. j very 000a t.,a& GLORIETTE GOWNS, 104 Flinders Lane. 63 6074. TSRESSER. marhlne. male 1 A female Mil it he fullv risen. enred. Good wares and rnndu: 31. 1 Apply Mr. Amey. BKOWX-GOt vil I n.MirEJJ. i.-n surwooa Rd.. 1 thorn. Si 5000. nRrni Vrmtle Mint he ex: enced Frncki Hleh wazei FjJ or oart time. Permanent. As-T ALEX. UCXJDWALH. 14. HlXil .V Preston ibecween Bll St. dresseR. machine, male or fr- male. Must be fully eaoemncH Good ware and eonrlttlr.ns A .-.'If Mr. Rlcardu, BKCjWN-GOt'Ji LIMITED. 642 Vlcturia St., SirU Melbourne. 30 1967. PREaStR. female, exo. med.-cltil frocks Simons steam iren Ptt-manent posn. MARLY N MODES pRlNTER. experienced In open tint Koia-rnni macninp. ani-' -an old -established but procrefiii- with congenial workinx condttiotii 'fit I ngni man. n-nay wees, cnno jr;. Ac. AppIv Personnel Offlrer. MOD- rl rnll 1 mj i-J, l is. i.--, j 34 U-lrettcr St.. Melb N.3. 34 1614 PRINTER. We require tlte fni:f or young intciligeni man hai TmA inwlsnn nr. in.) ftff-" machinery. Tills opportunity- fHfrt excellent DrosDCCti to tne ntm n;". Fnr an a n mini ment rine 62 "A PRINTERS. Guillotine Oper.rt r-oniren. to operate r.e automatic lri,prfltlllS,.?, W. "Lane Ingpen A Snn Pty. U'L. 207 Cardigan St.. Carlton. 3. 3.-.W. " for general work 'in boirtinJ ,nt Ltd.. Royal PUce. off 210 S"l St.. Richmond. Telephone 42 " PALM WOOD MACHINISTS. Must be eiperlencerl ail phases of wood machtninr. CABINET MAKERS. lat Clasa. Must be exoerienced In "ff furniture making. Good wages, condition! i amenities Apply HENRY PALMER & SON PTY. LTD.. Blekett- Boad. N-ltlnc Hill. Phone 544 0371. PLUMBER Licence essential. Weekly production bonus. Merit rating after months. Superannuation after one year. Apply Employment Superintendent. THE COLONIAL Sl11 REFINING CO. I.TP.. Whitehall St.. Yarranlle-Phone MWJ351- PRESSER Experienced Presser required for seam pressing and pressing wen s trousers. Apply H. R. VARLEY & SONS PTY. LTD. St Holmes Street, East Brunswick. Phone 36 St7t.

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