The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 1
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Served by the United Press Blylheville CruTJeT leader BlyllKvillc Herald THE DOMINANT NEYVSl'APKfi OP NORTHEAST AND SOUTHEAST MISSOU1U j^m™^^ R - C OPIKS'FIVE -CENTS UNCONSTITUf -Man Who'll Demand IfU Lii'<: Chock : Activities of Verne Sankey, Captured in Chicago CIMCACio. R'b. |. iUI>j-Tirst::,s iC'Venii!:-',!: n,an inmf.'rs sparred I'jdiiv v.-iih Vims Sinikey. •.InSu-i- nnd clii.ive kidnaper, ho.jini' for :i!. r ormalio!, iv.-.ich th:v Uiaugat :,,,?hi i-le:,r up tiie murder' and a:xluci:on o; ilit infant on.iri/ Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh-two Sankey freely admitted -he' k-cl bonds which abducted ' ovaries I>oattc.:cr II. of Driver nnS'Hiskel] Homi uf St. pnul. He denied, however Dial he was involved 'in Uie Lindbergh caEC CT „, ll)e v jj sojve( i '•.r-inapliigs of William Harnm jr. and Edw;>;d G. liremer ol S'.. p.iul. Tn<. department of justice aill- ciais who planned t:-.e raid in -.viiich siiiiitey was j»i?.-rd In a nonh.sid'j "rlcr's chair hid ihcir evidence hiding Sankey ..vith the Linuhcrih I'iie. They adinilted, .-.on^vc-r. tha'. •£.i*r:j bad been an i.'i^.inam su.-- . Hurrying here to aid in t;, n (11 ,es- titMinii. '.ias Michel Kinceacl. St.. •'< ! il prcy.-eutor. who bulir-ved San-i K-y not only pj.-pnratcd thc Lind- 52! And Pit! Its Gold Conlcnl at 59.06 Per Cent of Its ci- Weigh!. WASHINCiTON, Fr!) 1 lUI'l- V'ltie H.IIH Hi'.rrfd the interim- lamal money market I :da" with a d ot SJ OOO.CCO.OOi) Vnic u,:. Aini-ru-iin |x-opl,. ticmm doing | )l]s i•' * wiih ;, 55.08 com B nld dollar In .I'liiiforiniiy ivlili the IIKIM. sirik- '"a .ami vilal experiment of fie (i 1: C'i' deal. !! T.-e isiiinedlatj domestic effort of rodent noosiveli's devaluation , el the Kirni!.]- ,.old com-m of Hit- \iH!u r , Wris t ' ! ' lic ' cu ' (l lo IX' nil. Com!'*> : 'Uy Prices nnd the cosl of liv- "2 .'honld n bit. bin IL fiiould U" a gradual process, nccornpiinicd, "if administration believes, by in- "'•a.vd Intomr [ Or the people The flol.jr domestically siill Is worth IW) mil-', mil on i::c basis of 1U for- •m-r gold cement of one tiunre of bul '.vas prcpnrc-d ' Ruth and Jack i kidnapin jo abduct nab Dcmpsey. Sankcy. it was known, w sidered "America'..; No . i enemy" by Josep.i Kecnan ani attorney genera! in char R c o kidnaping prosjmtlcns Kcer-n's- ran-'State Failed lo Prove Ab-l 1 • /-i auction Says Touhy De- p u ),n, fense Counsel FLASHES MOKE All) FOR TF.AC11UIS WASHIVOTOX. Fr-b. l ( n''l- The federal relief adiniimtrallun fcday c-vJcudtd its prugram lo provide relief for mort- unemployed .sdmol Irarhcrs in small communities. Administrator Hopkins uuthor- i«d addlltnual jraiits lo lirlp te In . populJdcn vhere oxistin's s arc irwufnciunl. . _ CT j •"»* " -ii uu ..'-.iJtCKCm -- •• Evidence which lei to Kincrad's ("illusions was said to consist of "cords of a number of long dis- trsncc telephone calls from Sankey's South Dakota ranod 10 an uin'f- >ialed point in New jer« y -lurin^ 'he tim; l- t . nssotlations were be' •»S conducted for the return el the ' ai [-•-•.itlbf-rgh bnby. "'Mn^ i7 =--.:: 'L induction. "There was in rcnl evidence prc-sented in this cose that Factor iieiually v..a.s kidn;.ped." sa ld the (efensc counsel « llic-case nearctl stage of ju.y (i.^iberal*h. -fhe :-'a:i; t proven that Factor kidnaped. |p- alone linking | '.he abductions tri Touhy." • 'iinkcy ranch ^ kept track j -. - :. ..uu* earnings of Rabe' J; " 5 ln n lmv cor.vtrsa'K reveal- Ho rpvj ewd the : talc's he annual earnings 01 naoe R ur, and Jack Dempsry as r( . vcal . i'd in newspaper clippings oankcy was captured after a fiv« months .search. Tipped that San- - h°y was in Chicago police an-1 ftc'.r -i-al agents or.niiizeri .-, special -:lr>-1 'a,I lo work solely on his ainrc-' defense tactir,. addrr'swd ' the cor.virsa'.iona] tone, evidence i : lX3i: v.-hich iiic iJiosccuiion has limit a (iemaiid fo- :fie death pen- Cftor LOANS r*v,mhii W.ASHIXGTOX. _ The house aeneulture committee today rc- portsd fzvnrablj- the" JOJMS ,wn prcduclion loans '(o 'frmerT dur^ i"S 19-M. Wireless Operator of Russian Balloon Described Plunge to Earth MOSCOW.'Feb. 1. (UP)-Formation C f ice on the surface of their gondola was believed today u> hav caused Ihe tragic crash and death "'".•'• rai.r INSUM. ^SIIt.VGTOX.-The pa SM ,,,rt of Samuel Iniull. former public utilities magnate of Chlcam, ta s b«n restored lo Kco d standing " facilitate hi, return to I!,,. L'mlcd Slates if |,e desires to do lncl-i'' C SUlC ' 1e ' 1: "'' men ' revealed <o b:> world .shaking. In dcv'nhn'- ing i>,e dollar Mr. Roosevelt cDln- Cidentally crealcd the S2.00D.noi) 000 slablli?alicn fund vv |tti which to t-uy and sell R o!d, foreign oxcha'ij-f and governincn; securities. A..,vor!:l «•':!•-• iwiile for •foreign markcls may develop around that fund and nnu'?^ 0 "' 3 ' Bl ' 1I:lln ;ind "I" United Slain.. The fund's opera-' "on win iy, surrounded by t'-o strictest .secrecy with oiilv Mr Roosevelt and Secretary of the lieasury Hwiry Morgcnthan -iva-» or it, details- under the law t'iisy w isy »«y spend it today cr they choos" .. _ o ..i, i,, iinu ut a til three. Russian balloonists killed after they had established a world's cji .ttllltu*! record of, 12,59 miles .'-^ Messages from the gondola,! her frightful and dramatic in the -x- trenie and picturing ihe crew as helpless and fainting while the bi-1- loon plunged .toward eart'.i we' published today in Russian r>ew.<-|ai papers. |JL A wireless amateur at his ^luro-, m While Russia reporled receiving j .... for three and need not report Mo nth-, , ^ Ior S cnlhl "i simultaneously flxcd -loriU win buy all gold ' foreign and domestic, offered. Gold hoarded in defiance of nol j --..inye ihe price .'ill. II Is sum nVjvn the J'iclce Killough Savs He WH 'Take Case Under Advisement c A .. - £„ I I'-rllons to llie nli-a of .l Ciinnliujhum of tlic Kinnlcinul court for n writ of lml , . dnmits In compel the comity quo- • nini court 10 nuproprlate funds for his romi. nil merged | n on(l drimtiTcr, WC rc DehiK hoard by Circuit- .riid W Nell Klltoush nt an ' C °" rt llcro „ rl7ln? lc- K lslntlve acts ' 1'iovl, rfK-ror crcntlon of the court nnd (he Intention back of them "'• ™niethinq of n "Chinese pu/- •fle. 1 JtnlBc Killongh said that the eute would be tnkcn under ndvi'i?, nient for several dnys before n de- riF-iiin Is rcnched. A statement of facts wns ngreed on with tin., petitioners nnrecini- to niupiul their vcmicst to include an Itemized nccount of (he appropriation Mii,,, nt ft .| t |, t]lc d( , rpm |. nnl.s- reserving ri«ht to rpicaMoji the itemized statement. .MaBlslrnlfs I.lctcii Prolmbly n , lown , lln( , tslra ( cs from ovci- the' county, nindo iolnt |>c «m :1 ,,ls with County .Mdge- /•nl I). I!nrrl;oii, ns memlicr.s of the quorum court, were Intcrestetl llslenei-s durine the hour of !n- forrnnl dlscuwion this iv.ornin- Tliey occupied senU In the Jury has whiu., n mlmber or mormy:t ilso sat iii on (he proceedings I wo Ki'Qtnuls for dsmurer by which the defendnnt court seeks ii> have .Iurt B e Ciii,nii: t lmm's pc- tiilon (llMinissed were Jcveloped P llS niorllltl! :. with Hire •' more to it collapsing Dalesman Fined as e Tax Violator i> ~^7~7,~r~ i L'ndbergh of His Day U Ships Imoad i Dies in Obscurity Expedition', Supplies! NEW mRK ~ - ; ^ : Walter Wtllintm flm -nin J Wife and | l; Doctor Found Dead! J . AUSTIN-. Tex.. '* k0dr1[ ' s or '^"•- *ife of a (Jniu Feb. l cUPI — P- A. c. Pen-in, of of ---- - ......... . u, r. :.nd Do-,,- Clnude aial- . • "-" " 1: ''™ d • '•re found in hotel room litre Judge Cmmmzham indicated that ' - -0 license f«-. for the first 193-1. was paid, H:o fint? e lifiecl. Appleby later paid .half c. i would 'the lie vessel B-.ii- of Oakland. t "•'•y. is dead. He retired a number of 5 - e .-ir '-go and th? reiiivmcnt was .< u n'suplrtc thai lib death was not penerallv known until today a l^ t> v t. j on i" nf ii'i L'l^i^/'t • "in 11 uuimy ni- di«'ha,.in r ' ir""tores -5°ye^ 1C oM Cd """^ He ™ IP Arnorii-i ,-,.,i,n.. I ' 1°'"« O.r. step govFtninenl This exclusive c!c ufler :eup was.taken on the president's 5''nd L"r he had fiiyncd ihu bill. In thr white exi^iith'e chnnjljers. the wiilch body, composed of Get the Girl !{<-v. Mr. Wat.son Will Do l he Rest Tills is service lUi should pack .'in In, accorriin- In the Kcv 3 . Wnlson. ' ' Twenty-four hoi.i-s 0:11 of every 'uy the follo.unR M-riiccs may t-e obtained r.l Inj ccinblnatlon livsincss nnd rcsii'Mitial nunrters [c-\ Highway IB. 1-i.n beyond the 1 . wr.stcrn city lin:i:.s: A palm-rending fortune ,.. tA -J,' l ° C10r wlll j. "^'"ined the bod-! 1>lob: (if morphine. j pan\ They had been c'cad about n\ "' fee and .._ for reliof from t • by paying lij s f, :!ie S3cond Individ t« secure n lice ir or ins-t h: r ?. to nsk Tine. for Little Amcrici lapidly. The Rit|>])rrt lisa been nghtini; or more to spcei . •o:ir.s and vm !ns, wen ves-i' 11 '•' clerk's office ••" that i:r»akins iff 'lor "i Mttlr Aincric.-. Brcakin.- 'ice! :,,reatencd (n destroy tho p ,- cs M-'re ride,. c:mm. Wellnmn first v,o.i (nine ns ;i •-'- explore-. Ln.; it was Im (o cross ihr ""I" i nnsiiccefsfiil lln -| Albnilc in SS'edj .M ]9io (| lat the p ... " palm-rending fortune t-conomist Advocates Is-j Iwcr into - vo '"- f"»'fc- sue of Currency Only by --" °'™" C * m "" !c ' ' Federal Authority. teller WASHINGTON. f-Vb. Y °° P "'»- lu i n , I Hughe Profiu by Bank Vale cronomiM. , w f,' s ! 1<!r ' c stiried in favor of a fed- and ciirrenn . — to rend (he marriage vow.--, if its written :n (he books thai you'll wed or ii you wnnt to I'.IK It without -.idvire of the sei-i- A second-hand furniture shop "Hcring articles |oorf eiioiisli for Ihe couple Just .sn.ninj; out. A service statio:: in supply B as foi that ride to !!. r.ew home— or back lo the hntic's folks. i As lo thc •inarryii-.ij' and for- irune telling c'cp.vimrnts. iliese Soula Doling May Obtain Freedom [J nr !er Orclci liy Judge Killotigh Admitted to bond of siO.Oflo by Circuit Judee Neil KilloiiRh nt n hnl»ns corpus hcnr:<i s n t Wvnne yesicrday. Sonla Fiollns; of Manila s nycr of Paul Codny. reninincd in (he county jail here (odny Doling hns so far been unable (o make Before his nppenl lo Judge Kll- oiiRli nt Wynne yesterday Bonne had soueht access to bond from Circuit Judge G. B. Keck of (his city. Judijc Keck, nfier Indicaling . — Quorum >v\ju}, tumptiKen 01 !( j magistrates;, fnllei! (o II' Jnnuuvy session. Hoy N'ckoii, junior membei' of Uie firm of Nelson and r;rlsrm of filydicvllle. look the lend in presentation of the demurrer with his father, R. A. Nelson, senior member. of Ihe firm. Mr-ill Reed another Blythevillc attorney and Coston and Coston. locnl law' firm, also acting ns counsel, c. Hf Buck of niythcville Is cictins (or ' Judge OiinnhKjhnm with Marcus EvranI of thc Him of field. Evrard and Henderson. The defendants' general demurrer set forth (he usual grounds of nllefcd fnllure of the conr.-laint (o constitute n cause of e ...... - " t"u^. ui Hl;LIUn, followed by five spccinc Rrour.ri<i chargliiB violation of the stnte ncnslitulion. dircrirtiination violation of the United States' con-,t'i- li'lion. nn Attempt (o remove the exclusive riijht of the imm . , ang he would refuse, allowed counsel the .stayer to withdmn- his letitlon. It renewed arain before Judge Killougli with two 'surprise" witnesses who did not NEW YORK. Feb. l (UP) — ) Slocks cloyed one to more than two points above Ihe previous clos" 'oday with » late rally featured IV »y soaring prices for nmtl O rd"r ''' shares. The main list closed linger tlic best levels of the clay. Official devaluation of (he American dollar to cent This b • New York Cotton Too Late to Enter World Bridge Olympic Players desiring •liar to a level of 59.00' |-,jj^ ', K dMir '"S (o enter the of its former parity in j '™B C '™nianient at the coiintn- gold wns regarded as a , , thls cv ™Ing. who have no't <.lnhi!l™l!rt,, - "UlCIC reservations rfln K« ,-,.-_ l«ras of gold wns regarded as "a """, lnis cv ™lng. who have temporary .slabillrnllon measure ''escrvalions, can be taken and therefore highly beneficial toi, lc ° ' u wns "'moanccrt this af- "-- ' ' --• ternoon by Harn- w. Halnes and the bond market, which rose one t» seven points in record trading. r j. ^ •• •'• n.illics aiKI [e afar. There is ample equfp me affair IIP™ ,-c- n —,_ ' - NEW YORK. Icb. 1 (UP>-Cotton closed steady. oiXMi higli low close 114S 1152 1139 ]139 HOD 1170 1155 1155 1178 1186 1172 1172 Cc ' 1135 1201 ngo H92 O™ I2CB 1213 1201 1201 Jin 1210 1218 1203 120!1 SpoLs closed sle.idy at, 1175 unchanged. Afar Mny Jll! lakiiur. and trading was the hcavi- e-'i since July 21, when the turnover exceeded 9.000,000 shares. A- T. and T 120 3-3 Anaconda copper •- • " Eethlchem st f (>| /| Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola . General Amor's MI ' Tank G.-noral Electric Gfi'.cral Motors ....... International Haivestc-r' Midrtlewcsl t'tiliiles J.fonlscmnry Waid .. New York Central Packanl ' Phillips Pctroleu;.'! Radio Corp g Simmons Brds 22 St. Loiiis-Snn Fi.'.ncisco 4 Standr.rii of N. J 47 Texas Co .- " 2g U. S. Steel 57 ' ™"-i2£ is In United' nnd Bo>-.iii: Ii bill. ie circ P| sner asserted th WASHINGTON Fob Keen, (inic Iranian'-Aircraft corporate',i' ^- J115 . s , ri . Aircraft corporati-,:! brought prof-i'Jp"'.. •Is of more than Sr.500.COO to "l'e '"•, aml "» National City c-mpany of Ne v' "" wamll '8- ?dlalely testify nt (he previous hc.iriiiK ap- '» — Bearing for Doling. Coday was fntnlly n-ounded by IP -----•-" i»n 11 111. i ,i j n;system "continue.., to lark sys- s been iri;-d nml n'.ailabie during usual daytime i by the h'.urs that the R-v. Watson, Bap- . - , have solell'St preacher and frer extraordin- Bolln? on the slrceis' of" U Maut'|'a currency. I ary. now stands ii, t!,o courthouse' shortly before ""!? 0r ..2, clj '' lc ™ [ I".'he marriage! Claude F. Cooper and Oscar •>. P. R,i npiuiy executive vice | P.ey teslified :h ( .. National Cm"~y entered into two undcr- _ agreement; involving Unit- Au-crnfi nncl Eor-ln^ s?o-t in I and 1930. ° nrrngc aue . Cooper nnd 0=nr license oiriee. wh,r, he offers even! Fenrtler, local ntlornevs, rcpresei" milcktr sDrvirr i.,,, ,,-m be onjcd DoliiiB. nnd Hrucc "ivy. of Osre- o ola, acted ns special prosecutor at service, hut full-time schedul' _ --—-_.»„ Mrs. A. B. Revelle, 69 ly^, Males, will - - —- in thc near iMure. Elis ar.-odales ajready ..rep (he other dep: rlmcnUs going !-t all hours yesterdny's i'jnjt.i,j uiitv y. ,n coup,, 0 > In addition to getting to ' ° n in u^ ,» „ ( 47 1-4 curding to party scoring 51 5-8 The affair promises to be an In 3 1-2 rrestlng one. A number of out of 102 3-4 l^'n reservations have been mide 30 i-; 24 1-8 40 7-H 44 3-S 30 I-? 41 7-8 5 18 a 'I Cotton closed barely steady, own hieh IOT close Mar 1142 1152 1135 11.15 May H59 1168 1152 1153 J«l 1H3 1183 1168 11C8 Oct. I19fl 121)1 1187 IU7 Dec 1S05 1203 1202 1198b Jan 1216 121C 1216 1202b Mrs. A. B. Revellc, 60. rt:ed al lier 1( ""C. 132 East Sycamore St.. enrly eaay following n months iliness : ' r ° m hca ». troifd.'e. Sf.e moved here .... ., | IUC >' car s "go from Jonesboro Hold Hearings " r^'l"* 1 scrvlces «•'» fc- hew m An I ft n . - k! oncsbor o f^iday afternoon at til" on Long Uuster Petition-™ m , c of a da "g'i!er. Mrs. Elizabeth S?]" 50 ' 1 - w »h tile Rev. H. Lynn WASHINGTON. Feb. 1 ,U P ,_ i] 10 . Mn " tc - election., committee today decided lo hold hearing en petitions asking the cf s'n- ators Long and Overtoil'of LouiM- ade, pastor of the Jonesboro First •ethodist church, officiating. The deceased Is al™ survived by er husband, another daughter, jtrs Destroyers Recalled Chicago Wheat n;mi high low P T T'^nr |Ma >' - 02 '"• M 9I 1-2 rrom Luban Waters Jul 91 '- 2 915 -« so 1-2 force which',,« b=en „ close 91 3-4 80 1-2 days. said the committee feit " p:tMons as they now stand '!a Foster of clevciai son. John c. Reveiij. nnd and a . . , an Branddaiighter. !\frs. Robert Tay is a suppl • of intoxicating! oi'Verage.s—but, th|-.. anyone know-I • ••E where he lives realizes, he! «>ys. can be in. well, al-' i"ost any given ('m-ction. Grand Lecturer Will 'Visit Masons Tomorrow'ot Has New Corn Popper A ne«- B;irch pciKorn popper has been Installed at the Robinson Drua company, replacing an older model oi the same make vrich had given several year-o of service. nd is called the "Century of • i "."'J ana is railed the "Century of B.iker Clark, grand lecturer of Progress" niotiel. ft prepares bn;V, Ire \fascnic order in Arkaivsas. Basoned and candle:! corns within will be n sncFt, of the local lodge n fow ' nilmitcs. 'l) H IllPPMllO' Pr'rfll' *l|-rtll!»lrt r-n,. n> . ___^__ _ o'clock. ay evening, seven s ey now stand did nol present issues which either - ...»>^i SS5? lor. Moss Undertaking company is In charge of arrangements. Note Demands $5,000 I of Ann Pennington He will give Instructions In '.he second chapter of the maker's rt gree. All members are invited Eubanks Child Dies Fern Eubanks. IG months old WEATHER —-"-"""i, iu luunuis OIU vu?d. daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. R. s. Jul 54 7-8 close 52 1-4 _ j ^,530. JS _ ~ •" " iij s oo.vuu 11113 roat- , _ - - - - ,»* v UU.-)lll(Jj 1-8 54 1-8 among (he "smart i „— -,-,. M nt it, iij.t* uc uiivt nets rover to pcistal aiilhorlllos for In- litigation. -Fair tonight and 1 in extreme north . rs. ; Eubanks. died last night at. eight o'clock at the family .:o:n? near Rosoland. Her death'wfls attv;b;il- ed to colitis. Funeral services \\err ho'-i this afternoon at the family lumr> wit;the Rev. W. H. Horn of Manila, ol- >, i . "• ivt -»- "- it. norn of Man Hi o'- Mempha and vicinity-Fair lo-, Relating. Interment was mart"\t ni?lit and Friday. Net nine:-, change i Manila cemolerv The I ~ \V . 111 te "W r «tm:e. r;,,rtn« lW ng company was in c "r'jr in temperature. Thc Charter Oak was in Hart- t'ird. Conn. of funeral arrangements. . Thc deceased is survived hv her anil one sWcr. quortim eourt lo make appropriations as it sees fit. and violation of Amendment i.i ,„ lnc a R rol i, muUou . Challcngrs ConElilutionalily As tlie basts for (lie first count of his demurrer voiing Nelson charcrd thnt the act. creating the municipal court violates uic stale constitution becnuse it does -not 1'iovidc for jury (rial, nnd second. that it discriminates (a) ngaitist residents . of (he Chicknsiuvba district living outside of Blythevillc who have no vote for the munH- pal judge, (b) between justices of the peace in the Osceola and ^lilck-iKnn-ba districts of the county. fc) between justices of the peace in Ihe Chlckasawba township and other town«hins In the Chickasawba district and idi between the constable of Chlcka- s.iwb.i lowiifhip. placed on n parity with the sheriff on fee charges and other constables in the Chiek- asawba district. Further alleged grounds for dismissal to be presented this afternoon charqe that the net conflicts with (he federal constitution guaranty of fair trial because Ihe trial judge has a monetary interest In the result of trial, that members of (lie quorum court hove exclusive ncht to determine what appropriations shall be made, nr.fl because of conflict with Ameiitmein H lo the federal constitution. Will Name High School Athletic Director Soon Definite announcement of to appointment of a new director of athletic.'! at BlythcviHo high school wilt probably bo fcrtheominj next \ve;k. It was said today fcllowin? a m?et- in plaH nijrht of the sr.'ool a:liH:c contrii! board. It is tintlerstend thuf thc fi.-M from which a choice "will b,< r.-.sdo hns br?n n?.rrowc;l do'.in to about two mm despi:,-. a lto?ri of tions beinf received by school officials. The tsiKiimowcr was !n'.Ite;l by A M. Ililk ii-. is,',«.

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