The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on October 6, 1966 · Page 25
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 25

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1966
Page 25
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i, : '.'(', . '.' i ; ' . Of 'i ft .! n to be won SCHOOL. ' OF THE - YEAR TUNE ALL DAY , EVERY DAY vary Tharsaay - t- PROGRAMMES FOIt OCTOKER 7-13 .. EXCLUSIVE ENCEL SOUND EQUIPMENT f ACOUSTKCU amoll Of n . , . CtXKSnoSF loudspeakers CONNOISSkT turntables t . oosiimf'tmpimert KBUilR kpcikcr mttmi FILM IMDt'HTBIEH microphone . . HAMMOND coadenier microphones DKCCA-KELLT lOlldiPCAktn LUX amplifier - LUXOE Ud recorder! MICBO tone rnu and - Nikka tone arms Mel bo urn e, T fg r $ d Yi '.-.Q ctob or 6, I 9 66 SOUND tunerwnplilleri recorder an Encel distribution of the pro duct means. MOKE . VALUE foe shbvo:; Jf':; -. 1 I MICKEY ROOISEY and "Art? Linklette'r . photographed with interview host Tony Charlton in Sydney last week end. The.llJS. show-business personalities ate two of the guests in Interview from GTV-9 at ,10.49 p.m. on Saturday,- October. 8: The other guest is US. vocalist Leslie Vggams; TV compere Ari-Llnkletter, who owns property at av. western Australia, is leading a group of American businessmen on an Investment tour of Esperance Australia. : Rooney, who is appearing In a Sydney floor show, will come to Melbourne thismontlvto star acme xivou aiwuuv. - . ... . ,r .: - .... Enough PRICES WRANGLE CONTINUES U.S. shows to last channels six months - The! American TV product staple diet for many Australian viewers, especially of the commercial channels ; is unlikely jo be reduced appreciably in the near future by the failure to date of negotiators to come to an agree menl on prices to be paid for new season shows. LEN r MAUGEB,.operatbrs,' he said, would eeneral manager of ATV-0, who was one of the ideleaatlon reore' sentlng Australian TV interests that visited the VS. In June to put the Australian ,- case, confirmed this . week that while the dead lock continued, chan nels had sufficient cro grammlng material to last another six to eight montns. He said channels televis ing in the four major cities wouia iook at cne position again next month, after the new shows had gone to air in America. Local Boys in band contest , Boys, most - of them in their early teens, ; who make . up the St. Vincent de : Paul's Band, will compete this . week - against - the -Victorian ; 1Uil-,: ways Institute Band in the ABCs Brass Band com-: petition. . " . The bands will be brass heard from AlVat 4.30 run., Sunday,' October The competition has attracted an unusual number of young'com-petltors. including a few girls, who are members of bands. Tinners of the four heats so far: St. John's Ambulance Brigade , Band, The- Melbourne 'and Metropolitan Tramways Band, . .the Kew Citizens' Band, - and the Dandenong . RSL and Citeens1 Band. . These four brass bands, will again per- - form In the first two heats of the second .. round, starting from November 6. . Sunday showing ior, castaways Tongan - -.The re-enactment for TV by the six Tongan castaways of their ordeal on Ata Island will, be'shown from HSV-7 at a Sunday peak viewing time. .' :-' - " ' .'. tne Australian yacnt just, are an expert: swimmers, Mr. Keith Cairns, general manager of HSV-TTwho promised this, could not give the exact date at the time oi going to press, tne feature was stiu Drerjared in Svdnev. a useiy.-aaie was ww being ber 18 and time 9.30 ' Try. Tonffans all agers were marooned on the island for 13 months. They were rescued three weeks ago by the orew of IMPORTANT NEWS FOR AUSTRALIAN MUSIC LOVERS! EKGEL ELECTRO"ICS APPOINTED AUSTRfiLIAII CISTRUTOSS FOR: COZOISSEUD andJnUVOX! nuim from two of the United Kingdom 1 most famous i will soon be avaUable In all Aicel Stereo-Centree. Baoel The eomoletii : . ; manufacture rx i rtrlcea will make these high quality audio products of more than passing , merest-to the music lover who demands quality and value,. Generally Encel prices will be oarallel to. or 1am than DJC nrlce . . .. a-nriee structure pmitmaij maheard of lb Australia All models are fully.; guaranteed and complete stocks -of spares will be carried In Kneel ervlce Centres in -Melbourne and Sydney. Here are aome Of the components and. their respectlTs Encel prices ' - . Connoisseur ''Cbisalo11 tarnUblc ; i -. , . :. $33.50 3 - Connoisseur "Craftsman U" turntable .. i. $49 ;. ' v-' Connoisseur "Craftsman HT' turnUble .. .. $67.50 Connoissear SAO-1 ksk-np with. Uft ..' $18.50 Connolssenr 8CTJ-1 stereo eenunle eartrldce ' e-tn on. - (diamond) ....... , , , , $10.80 ALL CONNOIBSKUR EQUIPMENT NOW IN STOCK ' : : . $135 Tnivox TSA-lee solid state stereo amplifier .. " $156 " ' - txnis ampuiier eoia previously tor s?ju i -; ..t - y . v .... TBUVOX EQUITMBNT EXPECTED WITHIN 7 DAYS.-"- " 'V-I , --. Prices for Tnirax.B 102, B 104. PD ioj. PD 194 tapo ncordrs hsn not !:. tn flnauaed .as stocks. have not- ben .cleared from the wharves.-' ' '. Ask for complete and unabridged sperttfcaUom at any Encel Stereo Centre. We believe the Melbourne music lover will be thrilled with the availability AND THE ' VALUE in all CONNOISSEUR and TRUVOX products, , now distributed bp Encel Electronics i - Trqvm R44 4 track 3 speed seml-professloiial va trlalist and yachtsman Mr. treier Warner.' . Bv arraneement with Mr. Warner, whose company Electronic industries - is sponsor of the forthcoming TV presentation, a film team. from, atn-7 (Sydney) new' to Nukualofa and there - obtained per mission to re-create the story with the boys on the ueaerwru isiunu. . Their survival story already is regarded an one of the great classic stories ox me sea. . .. . . The TV team comnrisine ureg ui sua jonn i;ar- nemoua - and tne Tongan boys had to swim the last 20 yards to shore because of fear that the boat might be smashed on the rock In the heavy seas. The operation, was -madi. MfliAr hv the -former castaways who V - - I pfor Japan- rMiy ... - u In .... 12 Inquiry . . 13 luest ..14 ... .... 16 . .. .. 24-26 VRESf , lord .. .. 18 I. .. .. .. 2 . 17 t .-. ..' .. S bes ..' .. 16 . .. ..' .. 18 te 16-10 y.ES: 81 Index . . .' 20 .. .. ..14 . . ..... ..14 ; .... .,18 I . Ships .. 14 iher k m TPHE;- INTERPRETARIS - Bix-oart SP wrln for children. In the year 3000 AD, the-space craft InterDretaris is th. fiamjKin of the World Council fleet,! wiuuu - nas explored - tne new galaxies. An- Artransa! Park production (ABV-3,1 5.10. 0.lTl. FnriaVQ afartlncyl v... : J ""RACKERJACK 55-J minute family entertainment series, produced In Sydney, - offering a range of acts from singers to equilibrists Introduced by - - Michael Boddy ; and Reg Uver-more with Sue Walker' and ... Pat .Sullivan who steer he - boys out of embarrassing ; situations (ABVr2, 6;30 p.m. Fridays, starting October 7). and helped ferry equix- Hopes ; guests ; return m ' The latest Bob Hope Show to be presented .from HSV-7 at 70 pjn. on Tuesday, October 11, ieatures return appearances by comedienne Phyllis Diller, Broadway and 'Hollywood dancer-" actress Carol i, Lawrence and actor James .Gamer...-. ; Stretches Include one in which Hope portrays Sid-ley Bloater an "accumu lator," whose latest pr ls a cleaning woman. Sa anatha Prune (played -by Miss Diller). : ' . - In other' sketches, Gar ner is seen as a snare cropper who refuses. Federal aid, ' and Miss Law rence depicts a rabble- rousing co-ed. A major production number stars Miss Eaw- rence and a team of male dancers performing to Fascinatin' . Rhythm a I ve Got Rhythm. Also in the cast is the we jnve group wmcn sings You Were On Mv Mind. and Small World from the musical Gypsy. - ; . "Virginia Woolf on VNeml Row and the nit disc paae 5 lxprU on. iv saiM service; Itnprorements. itrnal nrrvtrlnf. rKeptlon, . - . icuairi atiia iruraiiairrana . ' QUOTES WITHOUT OBLIGATION ' ' aNTCNUVBAKOAINS An lpa lYtlUWe from S2. . Kits Iran S4.70. rullT.luilutcei. . ' FREE. ADVICE ON INSTALLATION ' S4S NICHOLSON HTBEET. riTKaOT.-- 4S 7S. have a better idea of what they were buying, apart from the price. In the meantime, the re port from New York which quoted Mr. John McCarthy, president of the U.S. Television Programme Exporters Association, to say: "We refuse to sell our shows at the prices the Australians have offered," is not regarded here as the last wora. Australians do not Want to pay more -than $1500 (American) for a half-hour show, $3000 (American) for an hour, and $10,000 for a feature, properties negotiated with all four-cities Australian rights. t ne ' Dig circulation American show business paper "Variety," commenting recently on the "Australian boycott of the U.S. product," said that it believed a settlement would be reached along these lines: "The Aussies will lose In their camcaien for their sought-after price ceilings; me xanKs won t get tne price boosts they have been getting in past years; the compromise being prices along prevailing lines before the boycott . took "Broadcasting and Television," trade Journal of the Australian - broadcasting industry, on the other ; hand, believes the -present S Cont. pogs 3 - BRASHS FOR RECORDS MOZART: 'Bequlein Mass In - D Minor". Blr Amellng. Marilyn Borne, Ugo Benelll. Vienna y . State Oilers - Chorus Sc Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra con Istvan Kerteez S5.7S. . ; MOZART: "Complete Dances & Marches. Vol. 5." Six German Dances. Six. Minuets, Contredense B Flat. Gavotte In B Plat, March In D, Over-, ture As Three Contredanses. Vienna Moaart Ensemble con WU11 Boskovsky. S3.7S GREAT HEBREW PRAYERS IN SONG: The Rev. Simon Baas With Orchestra & Choir, Adon Alom, - Al Daaa, Kldduah, Kol Nldrel, Sh'ma Ylsroel, ' Vchol Hfichalm. . .. .t ssS. .- BRITTEN: "Curlew Blver. Peter Pears, Tenor, Harold Blackburn, Bass. John Shlrley-Qulrk, . ' Baritone. Bruce Webb. Treble. A Parable Based -On A Medieval Japanese No Play-, . . S).. ' FALLA: 'K1 Amor Brujo". Orchestre Ds la SulaM ' . Romande With Marina De Oabaisln, con Anser- ' . met. "El Retabla De Maese Pedro".. Balmund -Bottes, JuUta Bermeio, The National Orchestra - , - Of Spain con. Argent.. 5 . : .. . . TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 9 In B Minor. ("Pathetlque") Vienna PhUharmonlo Orchestra . - con . Jean Martlnon. . . . . S3.6S. - ' "MUSIC FOR THE THEATRE ORGAN, No. 2. Car. i - . mlnetta. Chanson De Matin Parade Of The Tin- ' Soldiers. Tales Of Hoffman,: Barcarolle. Where '- - The Rainbow Ends Boeamund. . Fairy Frolic. . Frederic Baycq, Organ. ' . ,.. S5.2S. 57 -GREAT CATHEDRAL, ORGAN SERIES:. Choral Preludes. Op 12J. Fugue In G Minor. Three Pre-v-. ludes On'Welsh Hymn. . Variations; On -A Bymn -Tune. Robert Joyce At The Organ, of Llanaal -Cathedral . S5.Z5. ' MARLOWE:' "Dr. Faustus'"" Richard Burton St Members Of The .Oxford University Dramatic '.-' Society -. ... H.7J. - I LOVE TOU: Romantic' Melodies' Of Edvard --. Grieg. Peer Gynt Snlte No. 3. Concerto In A Minor. Solvelg's Song, The Lest Spring, Holly- v - wood Bowl Symphony. Orchestra, con Carman V .-- Dragon. '. ' . S5.75. x . STRAUSS: "Pour Lest Songs" And Five Other ' Songs. Elisabeth Schwarzkopf ' 4s Berlin Rndlo , Symphony Orch. eon Georg SzeU. - $5.75.. ' MOZART: Piano Sonatas. K. 230. ..281; K 283. K. 545. Irurria Haebler. piano. 13,95. . " GERARD SOUZAV SINGS, OPERATIC ARIAS! - :-. Arias by .Handel; Mozart Bizet, Meyerbeer, - .. Gounod Orchestra des Concerts Lamoureuv enn -' 'Serge Baudo, ' ..' $3.95. VIOLIN MUSIC , OF SCHUBERT: Fantasia In C ,- Major, - Sonatina In D Malor Sonatina' In O :'. . Minor. Zlno Francescattl. VioUn. Egenlo Banii. - " Piano. .-. . $5.75 ' MUSIC FOR TRUMPET AND ORCHESTRA Vol. 1: . , . Haydn: Concerto For Trumpet as' Orch.. Vlvalrtl:' ' Concerto For. Two Trumpets & Orch..- Purcell: .' Trumpet Voluntary. Roger Volsln, Soloist. S.25 U-BrET: L'Arlelenne.: Suite; No. ' 1: -Grieg:' Peer ' . . Gynt. Suite N0...1. The Cleveland Orchestrn ron .. -George Szell. ". .. v-.v $5.75. MAIL ORDERS 'fS--&&?--yZ&-.- . Order with' full conndence. ve'ry record -Is care -: t' -...ftiUy lnspeoted and packed befora niaUlns, Please . - ,. add.35c.zor. first LP and 5c for each, additional one. j.. P 108 ELIZABETH STREET MELBOURNE 63 6701 : .'.'-; POUT PHIUIP ARCAOE CHAOSTONE FRANKSTOH -r-" .. DANOENONO NORTHLAND BALLARAT ' j - -m. i t vr m 'fri ia..t i 'j wtcsiM0Xi sw FROCKS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO COLES STORES i IICE 4c (AIR 5c) i- ?CT. 'i.T CHMAt' CjlOdobef 3W. i i i i ie j 't . e 7 I- ie '11 1e . V If Tin n- t r- to of .ot .ie 1 j se !ln v .ne ia-ild fait if of VJly - lty ,)t," V Gen- Ve and isolated id late ihowerg. jorecasts 4. ... Manila conference on Vietnam. October 24 and 25 have now been set as firm dates for the conference. Mr. Holt sal yesterday he intended to stay in Australia until President Johnson had left for Manila, late on October 22. . ' The President will be flying to Manila in his own aircraft. , Mr. Holt plans to travel on a commercial flight, but some members of his official party may fly in a chartered airuner. said set in At his press briefing IK culdllnes nad Deen sei the acenda for'- the seven' Power discussions at Manila. But the political leaders taking part in the conference would decide the exact subject matter. The talks would cover: Action -already taken in promoting peace negotiations, and consideration of fresh initiatives which might be made; An examination of what could usefully be done In the way of reconstruction in South Vietnam, both while hostilities continued and after they ended; A review of the current military situation. - Mr. Holt said- he would not like to see the talks extended much beyond these "Ihope for some positive results to come out of the conference," he said. "I don't- think we are looking for a conference which is really Just a first tentative step in some direc- -'.' .t: . tion towards new Institutions or anything- of that sort. ."It would be a conference in which, I hope, we get practical discussions on the current problems." LP's icy speech The Leader of the Federal Opposition (Mr. Cal-well) will deliver - the A.L.P. policy speech at St. Hilda town hall at 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 10. Other speakers will be the Deputy Leader (Mr. Whit-lam), the Leader of the Opposition In the Senate (Senator Willesee), the Leader of the State Opposition (Mr, Stoneham) and the A.L.P. candidate for Isaacs (Dr. P. R. Wilkinson) . The Prime Minister (Mr. Holt) will make his speech two days before Mr. Cal-well, on November 8. The election will be held on November 26. the State Governments concerned, and all "State" Premiers will probably be Invited to the Parliamentary reception for the President In Canberra. Mr. Holt said at first It appeared the President would visit Australia , after the Manila conference. "But when the1 conference was postponed, I pointed out that in New Zealand and In Australia we would be getting near election campaigns," he said. - "I thought that in the circumstances it would be preferable for the visit to take place before the conference." - Mr. Holt was asked whether the time of the visit would involve the President in Australian politics, because . of the imminence of the election. - - -. Never closes The Prime Minister1 replied: "Well, the political season never closes in this country in my experience. "But there is no political motivation in this, it is a visit of goodwill. I think it illustrates the regard President Johnson has for Aus- "But you seem rather elated about it," a correspondent remarked.- The Prime Minister smiled and replied: "Well, it's a historic visit and I am' glad to have played some part in having added this particular chapter to the Australian story. "And it will focus world attention on the interest the President has been displaying for some time in the problems of Asia." Mr. Holt was asked whether people in Syd- II W' V tJis adventure over Gary Bennett is met 11 by policewomen as he leaves thejplane at Essendon airport last night. PACIFIC Manila Saigon Ar Kuala, yfiWv v Meihauine- ' V - WaihingloirlirT j JV. jp Wellington Ddober I9th-20th SIX Asian nations are so 'far included on the Presi dential tour of Asia, although not all dates have been confirmed. Dates are firm for Mr. Johnson's national visits prior to the Manila conference, ending on October 25. However, there is a gap of six days between, the end of the conference and his scheduled arrival in Malaysia on October 31. His visit to Thailand will come In Itinerary this period. Known details of Mr. Johnson's itinerary are: NEW ZEALAND October 19-20 AUSTRALIA October 20-22. PHILIPPINES October 24-25. THAILAND No date set. MALAYSIA October 30-31. SOUTH KOREA October Nov. 2. 31- High flying stowaway A 14-YEAR-OLD V.I.P. stepped off an Ansett-A.N.A. 727 airliner at 7.50 at the Melbourne Airport last night. He was regarded as a "very important person" by his worried mother, airport officials and three policewomen. The passenger, Gary Bennett, of Regent, was on the return leg of a stowaway adventure,, originally plan ned for unsDane, Dut, cut short by a hostess in Sydney. Gary, a form one student at Preston High School, stowed away on the 727 1.30 p.m. flight to Sydney yesterday.- ' i Last night a -company .spokesman . said the boy walked past the 'plane host ess ana sac in one oi in seven vacant seats 'plane. "When he was asked to produce his ticket, he just shrugged his shoulders and said his mother was handling it," the spokesman said. Gary left the plane in Sydney and then tried to board a second plane for Brisbane, using the same technique. But an air hostess asked him to take her to his mother so that she could check his ticket. When Gary admitted that he was trying to stow away to get to Brisbane, airport officials took him off the plane and contacted his mother and Melbourne police. Well treated The company arranged to fly him back to Melbourne on the 7 p.m. flight from Sydney. On his arrival here Gary said flying was "nothing new to him." He said he had been well treated on both flights, and had "steak and other things to eat." Policewomen questioned Gary and his mother for more than an hour before the couple were allowed to leave the airport. Later the assistant airport manager of Ansett-ANA said it was unlikely the company would charge Gary for the flight. Police said they were not considering any . action against him. TV mast In another "high adventure," a small boy gave two policemen and a civilian IS minutes of worry in Corack Street, Birchip, yesterday afternoon. The boy, Brett Smith, 2, climbed up an 80-foot television antenna In the side yard of his parents' home at 2 p.m. A neighbor, Mr. ' Jack Schofleld. 27. saw the child climbing the antenna and began to climb up after mm. Two policemen, Senior Constable Ian Daniel, and First Constable Graeme Fishman, were also called In - to heln. But Brett did not want t.n noma down ., As Mr. Schofleld climbed the antenna! trying to get near the boy, Brett kept on climbing out of his reach. The pair climbed o the top of the antenna where Schofleld managed to take hold of the boy and bring him back to ground. During the climb the two policemen held a large blanket at the bottom of the antenna. :: STOP PRESS Yallourn :. workers to meet A mass meeting of SEC wor-ers m the Latrob Valley has b;en celled fcr MTr'y at Yallourn. SEC shop rewards at Yallourn cVc:l the men ng lv n'g'it ti cM"ru"S the wagss anJ 'w? rlM't". Earlier report, Page. 3. CLASSIFIED INDEX P. 20 263 volumes in museum catalogue LONDON, Oct. 8. The British Museum ves terdav announced comple tion of what it claims to be the world's biggest reference book a 263-volume catalogue of the museum's own collection of books. All 750 copies of the catalogue have been sold in nearly w countries, lnciua-lng China, the Soviet Union and the United States. The catalogue lists about four million entries In the 500-page volumes and took six years to produce. AAr-iteuiers. ... , Ifea-JiiBWi''i mmmbsTmmm. Everybody's talking about Nearly' 150 years ago the brothers Cointrean painstakingly perfected the crystalline and superlative liqueur, known proudly as 'COINTREAUY Today you can enjoy the secret recipe of Cointreau ; as a liqueur; on the rocks, in cocktails, or as a long drink with tonic water. For Cocktail and Dettert Recipes Write tot COINTREAU INFORMATION CENTRE 120-130 Queen's Parade. North Fitzroy, Victoria. jVf IV Minolta HI-MATIC 9 THREE -CAMERAS IN ONE AUTOMATIC Just aim , , . focus arid shoot.' Minolta Hl-Matlc 9 gives you th best exposure every time automatically. SEMI-AUTOMATIC . 1 1 -For that special picture, set shutter speed (11500) and the f. atop (M.7f22) sets automatically. Or vice versa. MANUAL ; When you want to experiment Minolta Hl-Matfc 9 gives you complete manual control. Flash has never been so easy. No guide numbers, no calculations. Just line up the viewflnder needle for perfect exposure every time. CONTRAST LIGHT CONTROL (CLC) Minolta World patented CLC eliminates risk of under exposed shadows and other dark areas. Automatically compensates for high contrast to give the moat accurate reeding possible. Minolta "Hl-Metio 9. $119 (CS9.10.0); Minolta Hi-Matlc 7, $99 (49.10.0). Availablo from aelected camera stores. ielinolta . . the name quality mad tamous. niotimport Pty. Ltd.. -1U tintr st., iiminswick, jishj r ...... A Imla Gataha ! comes frss I with every I Minolta. r I

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