Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1966
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Four Algona youths leave for Boy's State DICK MULLER DON COURTNEY "UNCONf ISTID CIRCULATION CHAMPION - THI AOVANCI" State Historical Sooiefcy Iowa CUty, Iowa Aldona K of tilth County i ,, "."t • imm Entertd o$ tteond-clast matter, Die. 1, 1901, at AlgdM, t«wdt; MSit :0MAfflM under Art of Cormrttt March t. 1879 VOL. 66-NO. 44 MONDAY, JUNI 4, 1916 - ALOONA, IOWA - 8 PAGES IN 1 SECTION Five more accidents on Kossuth highways ^•i^ ^^-', •"* TOM CLAUDE DAVID GERBER THESE FOUR Algona youths, two from Garrigan and two from Algona high school, left Sunday for a week at Boy's State at Camp Dodge at Des Moines. They were selected by the Hagg-Turner American Legion post here and will attend Boy's State through Saturday of this week. All are juniors. Coffao Break . . . Our coffee klatch agrees that God is alive if > YOU haven't lost consciousness. . . . Will Iowa's choicest collegiate widow marry the choicest bachelor on the campus? . . . My'friendly DM savants praise the 2 paintings I finessed from Fort Dodge's Susan 0Y Cynthia Byram for a pittance. * * * That DM sportsniah has discovered the pretty girl who gave him mouth-to-mouth'resus- citation when he -wavered 8t passed out downtown. . .-She's Sue StouEfer, a data-processor at Iowa Power & Light. This sportsman, a connois- souer of loveliness, thinks she's a blend of Florence Nightingale & Caroline Kennedy. * * * Probably the most critical & cautious driver in Iowa is the renowned Owen Crist, who seei at his auto clinic the worst ol Iowa's smashed-up automobiles He knows what happens when Detroit's fragile metals clash, & he's Iowa's No. 1 back seat driver in the front seat bless him. upport (slim as it is & wit! no bangs) as the boy scouts. * * * . . An lowan who made hi 3rd million ere 40 has turne down an invitation to take hi wife for a month to a cast! n Spain with 26 rooms & 1 bath . . . Another DM yachtsman s keeping his boat on the Mississippi this summer .instead of the lakes. "More action A few,- er neighbors," he says. . . . My family insists that I juy a new summer suit, but it takes 20 years. to .break the durn things in. Sheriff deputies and new highway patrolman Ed Lynn checked three crashes on Kossuth roads last week as accidents continued to plague county drivers. A truck driven by Gary Vas, Jackson, Minn, and owned by the Sather Cookie Co., struck a car driven by Clear Lake salesman Steven Pedelty, Thursday about noon on the Burt main street. Vas was charged with "improper overtaking of anoth- r vehicle" when he struck the arked Clear Lake car as he as passing another. The Vas ruck had no damage while the 'edelty car had about $350 in damage. Cars driven by Irene May- and, Titonka, and Karen Win- ;ert, Minnetonka, Minn., colli led 2Vz miles east of Titonka Dhursday shortly before noon. The Mayland car was travelling south and the cars collided as she was making a left turn. She was charged with "failing to signal a turn" by deputy sheriff ry Hudson. The Mayland ma chine had $200 in damage am the Wingert car had about $150 damage. NEW PATROLMAN Lynn ch ecked a crash seven miles north of Swea City Wednesday about 5 p.m. when a, truck driven by Merlyn Bahmann, Fenton, and a car driven by Helen A. Stenzel, Swea City, collided. Bahmann was charged with a stop sign violation. The Bahmann car had $125 in damage and the Stenzel car had $1200 damage. Helen Stenzel, 19, was taken to a Fairmont doctor for treatment of cuts and bruises of her Coon is new family pet " — tender passion of a brat" I couldn't believe my orbs when I saw one of the neighborhood brats hesitantly give a bouquet to one of the neighborhood angels. Only • few days before they'd been punching A bruising each other, like 2 boys. It's Spring, that jolly insidious thing; it undermines our male mean-ness. * * * SUMMER WARM & QUEENLY Our summer is a stately queen reigns with quiet dignity Music fills her days & nights Broadcast from live fidelity. Processionals precede each day Throated by a feathered choir Whose members solo al\ day long And with recessionals retire. — MARG * * * When the DM fabulous "good will" train tooted out of Jefferson, somebody at the depot sale softly "That's the first passen ger train that's gone through Jeff in 5 years. Children who had never seen a passenger train were taken through the 3 pullmans, the di ners, the club cars. Ah, luxury of a bygone day! luxury § leisure. * * # I fraternized with the Girl Scouts at their camp near Boone, & it dawned on me that Girl Scouts are as important as Boy Scouts. (Especially the tall, slim, straight-standing one frooa the Academy with the reddish bangs & the good complexion.) From now on they got as much of my "— with music yet all night" I remember when our redhead as a teenager hosted a slumber party & 9 girls slept on the carpet. A few lucky ones got extra orientals. And this month a local girl had 19 chums in for a slumber orgy and Mom rented 19 de luxe mattresses so they could all sleep on the living room floor so they wouldn't get any sleep. * * * You probably won't believe Ms, but Massey-Ferguson sent one of its top VIP execs out on the DM-IOWA goodwill tour. They wanted him to reconnoi- ;er, as just one of the 95 goodwill boys on the tour. (Jay Tone II, who took the trip for years as successor to his dad Jay Tone Jie First, has now been succeeded by Jay Tone HI.) The verdict: The Massey-Fer- juson bench must be deep with talent. # * * MUSIC ON A SUMMER NIGHT An orchestra o/ rhythmic fame Plays music for her nightly dance Composed by creatures of the night To weave a spell for her ro- legs and knees. A LUVERNE man was involved in a two-car crash one-half mile south of Sexton on the county .blacktop about 5:30 p.m. Friday. A car driven by Pe<ief Hjelmeiand, LuVerne, was making a left turn just as a car driven by John M. Etzel, Fort Dodge, was starting to pass. Both machines were traveling south and both had about $2(K in estimated damage. Deputy sheriff Larry Hudson investiga ted and no charges were filed City police checked an accident in Algona about 6:30 p.m Friday and charges of an impro- >er left turn were filed against "•hyllis Simons, Algona. The ac cident involved her car and one driven by John Rooney of Al gona on Call and Jones street ntersection. The Simons car had $250 in hjmction, divoni pillions filid Darwin H. Koepke, Burt. d$ ained a temporary injunction, Wednesday against his wife. Beverly Ann Koepke, taking their two sons With her to California. The following day Beverly Ann Koepke filed stilt for ( divorce from Darwin Koepkej asking custody of the two sons and a daughter. They were married at Fenton June 21, 1957. John Schiltz, retired Bancroft farmer, dies John W. Schiltz, 83, long-time Bancroft resident and retired farmer, died Thursday, June 2 at Holy Family Hospital, Estherville, of an acute heart attack. Funeral services will be heidi today (Monday) 10 a.m. at St. John's Catholic Church, Rev. Fr. James Bruch officiating. Burial will be in St. John's cemetery. Garry Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. •">'-, John W. Schiltz was born February 29, 1883 and married Cecelia Budde on November 28, 1906 in Bancroft. She preceded him in death. Survivors include three sons and three daughters: Walter Schiltz, Bancroft; Mrs. John Me Carthy, Lakota; Herbert Schiltz Marshall, Wis.; Lawrence Schiltz, Bode; Mrs. Fra Priester and Mrs. Hoiner MeCar- thy, Bancroft. Forty-eight grano-] children and eleven great j grandchildren also survive. Ai f -*v* „ „? THREE CHILDREN of the Herb Hensley family, who live a mile south of Algona, gaze at their new pet coon which is in the cage at right. The Hensleys saw the coon in a tree in their yard last Wednesday and much to their surprise, found it quite tame. They fed it hamburger on a rake and when it seemed to enjoy that, Mrs. Hensley donned heavy gloves and reached up to feed it by hand. They decided to bring it down and did so by looping a rope around its neck. At first they housed it in an old rural mailbox Mr. Hensley had in the garage and the next day, they got the cage above. A novel family pet. Shown above are Kimberly, 9; Bruce, 2Vz; and Kevin, 10. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. Challenge farm land tax law in district court here *.-,'". .' • • •• 3 :••'. ..,•.-\- v '•'•:-..'.:". ,*••;<••-... . . :•• •• .-. ;•.,.:,'• t • .• .•; . ••.-.•. .... . mance. —MARG AAMODT Joice . . . Yep, an Iowa pool owner has erected a refreshment table in the middle of his swim- pool, with 6 bar stools. ... At the old Splar plant they're beating old fighter plane sword« into mechanized plows. BUY SWEEPER Bancroft — The Town Council met in special session last Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. and purchased a used Wayne Sweeper for the city from the Swaney Equipment Co. Purchase price was $6,250. OPEN HOUSE SHQWE.R Ledyard — An open house shower for Gretchen Looft will be held at the Methodist church June 13. at 8:15 p.m. No other invitations are being sent. damage and the Rooney chine $300. Kollasch to sook supervisor post E. J. (Jiggs) Kollasch, St. Joe, last week filed nomination papers for supervisor in the first or south district of the county. He will oppose Charles Plathe, incumbent, for the democratic nomination. Mr. Kollasch is a lifetime resident of the county. He was born at Whittemore, and has operated the Kollasch service station north of St. Joe for 15 years. The Kollasches have six sons and three daughters. He served in the calvary dur ing world war II for five years Three got finos on boor violations Three Kossuth young people ,vere fined on violations involv ng beer in Mayor Bill Finn's court Friday. Fined $15 am costs were Tom Fitzpatriek, Al jona, altering a driver's license iarlan Brown, Algona, drinkin beer on the highway, $15 am costs; and Pat Krebsbach, Swea ity, Uttering the highway, $10 and costs. Herbicide tour on Wednesday Kossuth Extension will sponsor a twilight weed and herbicide tour beginning at the Extension office at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 8, , reports Galen DeValois, County Extension Director. Farms will be toured that have used alanap-plus, ami- ben, atrazine, ramrod, randox, randox T, treflan and possibly ma- others. The farmers will discuss the successes and some iroblems they have had with lerbicides. All farmers and others interested are invited. Burl couple has 48lh wedding Burt — The Will Giffords had their 48th wedding June 1. Present were the Marvin Marlows, Lone Rock, P. W. Marlows, Billy Giffords, Jim Giffords, Bancroft, and Mrs. Lawrence Presthus. The children brought ice cream and a special anniversary cake baked and decorated by Mrs. Kaufman, Swea City. Whitlemore woman gots study grant Whittemore —'A grant for the NDEA Institute for Advanced Study in English at Iowa State University, Ames, has been received by Mrs. Frances O'Brien of Whittemore. The institute will begin on June 13 and end July 22. Mrs. O'Brien is a mem- tier of the Ringsted high school faculty, teaching English, Latin and Home EC. Flnanco company has now namo Omaha — A new name and corporate identification is being announced for the Iowa Finance Company office in Algona. Iowa Finance Company offices will be known as Avco Finance according to R. O. Griffin, Algona manager. Iowa Finance Company has maintained a consumer finance office in Algona since 1963. CREIGHTON GRADUATE Pwight L. Carman was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from Creighton University, Omaha May 30. He is the son ot the Leo F. Garmans, Algona. He majored in political science. He Begins work DENNIS Cumberland, County Extension Assistant, began work June 1 in Kossuth County. He was graduated May 28 from Iowa State University in dairy science. He was a seven year 4-H member in Fayette county, living near Lament. Dennis says he is looking forward to meeting and working with the 1,000 4-H members and leaders in Kossuth. He is also interested in all phases of livestock production. His wife has completed three years at Iowa State University in the science department. They live on the Jack Schulz farm east of Irvington. Summer Carnival dated June 12 Two suits on the constitutionality of a law on the agricultural lattd tax cr'edit of the 1965 legislature were filed last week in district court here: The cases w£fe filed after appeals to the county* board of supervisors, and the cases are brought against the board. The 1965 legislature passed a law which provided no non-resident of Iowa is entitled to receive the agricultural land tax credit. The credit is allowed on property tax for school purposes above 15 mills. The legislature each year appropriates a sum from the state treasury to the counties to absorb a portion of the school tax above 15 mills. Originally this appropriation was to pay all of the property tax above 15 mills, but the money appropriated has had to be pro-rated. The 1965 legislature sought to limit such payments to residents of Iowa only, and land owned by non-residents was not to be entitled to the tax relief. This has caused considerable confusion, particularly in estates, when one heir of several may live outside the state, the others in Iowa, but the one living outside precludes the tax credit being granted. The two suits are brought by two land companies, one the Beverly Land Co., of Rhode Island, on the south half of 27-9929, and the other by the Warwick Land Co. of Rhode Island, on the east half of 26-99-29. The petitions state the legislative act is unconstitutional under bo>th the Iowa and the , United States constitutions. The two Rhode Island compa- can be made for farm work Kenneth C. White, manage of the Fort Dodge office of th :owa State Employment Service las asked area youth looking 'or work as well as farmers :ooking for help this summer ;o contact local volunteer farm abor representatives. Area Volunteer Farm Labor Representatives where students are urged to leave their names and farmers to call when they need help haying, walking soybeans, or whatever the work may be are: Algona — Larry Knoll, Larry's Recreation. Bancroft — Donald Murray, Murray's Elevator. Fenton — Paul Eigler, Fenton Drug. Ledyard — Bernard Reilly, Farmers Co-op. Elevator. LuVerne — Clarence Nielsen, Nielsen's D-X. Swea City — Jack Van Norman, Van Norman Drug. Titonka — John Stott, Farmers Elevator. Wesley — Al Loebig, Al's. West Bend — A. E. Pertle, Pertle's Real Estate and Insurance. It'll be 100 years before you can write today's , (Monday) date using only the ona number six digit. Not until 2066 will this combination come, up again. The last time with a single digit was May 5, „ 1955, (5-5-55), the next is July 7, 1977. (7-7-77) but the number six won't come , for 100 years. Four Algona girls study cheer leading Four local 1 girls left Thursday for a cheerleading cliiiic at Smith-Walbridge Camp, Syracuse, Ind. They are Rose Mino ; Sandy Harms, Barb Knudsen and Marnie Parrott. Accompanying them was Katliy Weber, Algona gym instructor, who will also serve as lifeguard at the camp. The clinic operates all summer long instructing cheerleaders from all over the nation. Lawrence Herkimer, known as Mr. Cheerleader, U.S.A., s in charge. After the clinic the girls will spend a week in Chicago on a sight-seeing trip. Four toachors for Burt school Burt — Paul Espe lias been hired as band teacher at the Burt school. His wife Connie Espe will teach English. Both are attending Lutheran college at Decorah. Mrs. Harold Grover will be the elementary and high school vocal music teacher and also German teacher. Mrs. Marie Wilson will teach art every day for nine weeks. Ellen Stock will continue the remedial language arts program. Queen plans to enter law school. GOES TO WASHINGTON Wist B«nd — Patrick J. Mon tag, son of the John 0. Momtags, West Ben4, left May 26 from Mason City for Washington, D. C. He will have summer employment at the Catholic University office. The Catholic Action Guild of St. Cecelia's, AJgona, will hold Summer Carnival on the parish grounds Sunday, June 12. Various games and a country store will be open at 3 p.m. for entertainment for all ages. A roast beef dinner will be served from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Burt recreation starts Monday Burt .— Alvin Kloppen is in charge of the summer recreational program. Pee Wee anJ Midget baseball practice will be gin June 6. Anyone wishing to participate meet at the basebai" nies have a farm management concern at Sioux City operating .he land and the case is filed jy Sioux City attorneys. Judge Fred Hudson resigns Aug. 1 Whittemore — Delbert Wichtendahl, Meyer's D-X. West Bend G.D.A, elects officers West Bend — C D of A May 24 elected officers. Grand Regent Mary A. Montag; vice grand, Betty Montag; prophe- Judge Fred M. Hudson, Poca- less, Bernadine Girres; financial hontas, announced at the law ohautauqua at the Okobojis Friday that he was resigning effective August 1. Judge Hudson has been in poor health for some time. He was elected judge some 27 years ago. Under the new judicial system in Iowa an appointment will be made by the governor. This judicial dis- tiict includes eight counties including Kossuth and Humboldt field at 1:3.0 p.m. Monday, June ion the east and Buena Vista, 6. sec., Gen Runchey; historian, Loretta Fogarty; monitor, Evelyn Stetzel; sentinel, Agnes Waechter; lecturer, Eleanor Rhue; organist, Gertrude Faber; trustees for three years, Veronica Higgins and Caroline Kemna. LOSES PART OF FINGER Mark, age 6, son of the Joe Rahms, Algona, lost part of his first finger in a machinery acci- Clay and Dickinson on the west. I dent last Saturday afternoon. Miss Julie Olson of Marshalltown, was crowned "Miss Marshall County", winning over ten other contestants. She will conv pete for the title of Mis$ Iowa at Davenport, July 13. Miss Ql- son is the daughter of Mr. aj&d, Mrs. Leonard Olson, 303 East State Street, MarsJj^tQWft, jfoj> medy of Algona.

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