The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on February 27, 1982 · Page 28
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 28

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1982
Page 28
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28 The Age, Saturday 27 Feb. 1982 LATHES NEW LATHtb ' s,.ng x 8 5895 IS" $1535: V swing 37" $1695 ' 2" s.trg 16" gas $1795 ic" geared head J2'95 '-.." geared head JI99S geared read. ........ ..$4495 24'' 35" gao x 66". $6950 ?9" . -10" gao a 60".'49S 7 & 4 i.w cjcks. steadies, face p"a"fs At. Re.dv to go Also huge 'arge S-H Se-.iton A Sou'nbeno 9" tioj. 1119a. J4" J" Po'iow '" S27SO it. HERLESS LATHES Ht-rui, 5e-atn. Soj?i-&e:i3. M-M'i-r etc f-om i3?5 BLACKBURN MACHINERY For rtv and used engineering ma-i Waited your surotus machinery LATHE toolroom Jartanese AGH aio bed. KitiCwj chuCK. itfMdie?. coolant. 5 no molo". Camfock VMuCi. mu'tr t-x too' post, 7.5C0. 16.900 w th 4 way loci LATHE ortrt.cion loolmom ACM E-nco luDer M. comoi with 3 and 4 jjw chuck, race 0a.. steady, p'-j'tt i tool poit. caftinet, stand. r.O'asr gara, 4.5u0 nsvs. Aus:r-jn ade. 730919 596 5452 LATHE Ma Fern 7 Nj hirfl: uwa. -wtn 2" J" chucks arc' ciTT'-g D;t$. Oil d"P fay ad tew oTpr access. Kr j j .yu U i An Jy a LATHE Qualos " C.S in. iw:-ig. glared nead. cowc. feed, 3 n t'-c. f. ccm, S9.r0 ONC. LATHE Sheraton 9" C3-!p;te. ? 4-5 4 1$ chucks, stand &c. S'CS. A -so SauthEra. H EPLES5 547 2 T 1 . i- tvtfn n ! r. ftursifn with Chucks ard Access.$4950., UjO'Orratic rrosei iasu w in i; a.e At J-J.tobU ' 3 3919 596S4S2 S?ritt A 5rose oonng and facingl fa tne. clutcn, screw cutting. Offer; w-aniea. woo s&. LATHE Becns 24 a. compete i;,bbo. ,jt to. comoiete .,ybu. LATHE WANTED Churchii! CA9-I6 Crtuck ra Lathe. Pnore 687 636. LATHE suit madel maker, coma! w;th aces- i299. 720 2919 LATHE 24' brand new slightly m-comoi. xc. value at 1250. 720 299 S96S452 LATHE Ward 1A with 4 taw rh, ara Co;'ets. a no bar feed J 800.1 LATHE centre Hercus 4'i m. or OP"? h. I7QQ. pn, 481 0903. LATHE ce:re Ho.Coo 8 -r. . 3'i'4'-edhgaoS850. p--,.48t 0008. LATHE rr-r-e V s5 3 in. S8S0. on. J 9 l p 9 ;T 3 Av:c. LATHI Cj reaa. J2SJ. LATHE PARTS -J Hc-cus. Sera-ro-; or S-B-d utre. 3B& 3808 LIGHTING Pan. 1 10-. 7va. ?5 arrp:., ICtp d-es! c-ven. LOADER. M.crvsa- 8A. 2 vara 4 wu, iv. v. goca tyres a-ia ge"1 coicis. ReasonaD offer. BiJb-f or , 'bia. LOADERS LftiOFP? SCOOPM08HE L04 articulated! sieeripg. 4 wneet anve. ' ' vi fcucket. oowered by 6354 Perkins. Rear mounted nooers. u'i 10 ik uo caDtn, ex.ijcvt. low nour&. As new tyres. HOUGH AH30B govt. 4 wheel u'iwe. 1 j 10. oucKei. canooy, excel, tyres, low hours. NUKM btECMtY MACHINERY. 101 Bell St. Preston LMCT 247 460 3322 An Bt 3WU LOADERS Wo havi uvpimI tn choose from. Chamberlain. Ford Ac. CALL HIRE & SALES. 9 South G'Dos!and H way. Dandenong.J LOADER t MF33B. VGC. One owner. caoTt. blower, '.9 z. yd. bucket was tvrei. few hr;,ir. L:tfl a- 3 T72J",i ' P o-e LOADER Hoij- 1C0C S-Nt ira 1. a- toa., V. tor:-'? .---rrj, S50.0&3. Pi- t05J 23 jf406 c Ah :2; 4,T9 467. LOADER. CLARK BOBCaT'c" 2 ca ijQa 2 t oce's. Oavco rc sr. T-a-.air cor-ares-or. auctrd" saie wo jra Marcn a: H.-MnsA'Cn Sryes Auctions, 67,92 5?. Loader cat 966b. i'wo. 3 vi'd bucket, works wed, JL-:..COO i-wc: tracstar cran- BOURNE. 56 0 7324. Loader letorne au. to,.- Whi dnve. 3 cu yd bucket. 4"ri GM a-rsel. OVEST MACHfNERY P.L.. iwwK lus iccoprpccr e, 4 cyi. UO. Tyres iir. 470CO. LOADER rear end tvoe. 1 977 C-harrberfain R12S0, 1-me:er bckt, 1 rs. S12.000. 72 .S478. tuAutn nougn eu Hay.'oaae'. 1 LOCKSEAMER 20G. C-W power fanger &c. J16SS. -ASHLESS ?47 2 1 1 1 LOCKSEAMERS - HIRED & SOLD. HERLESS 547 2111. LOW LOADER. Rear loading. Tr- , 'yar;a iang?rn. wing MACHINERY FOR SALE Latne. 6" Se-vuT corni, ia;e mod. s t new buyer. J2.6CO. Lat"e He'Cus mad AR. co-of. cr-tks &c on $iei cab, GC. 11.850 1 Litre Macso-t 8" V?S0 I Mittrg Machine Ca?'. $500 M i: Machine Basr''!. jtiim cod. rr.v. S380 P-e:i. 202A He're, S70 I Se8S010 Serrfan J1 Pw'l k t'cren ar-d Wace Pt-'far DM. 2 V'i c-o. taoo-g a"t. GC 1 .1C0 Tool cost grinder. Waidown nodi C2. T HP. $500 ! Bc-ard Mfo.e' Coet; a'tach.i " cac. $450. Pi. 456 2638 Sat. Mon. 1 MACHINE TOOLS. spO. Lal rage ex-stoc. at E.S.P. Macmr- MARIONS AND LIMAS 4 vd rjra. 'nes fo- s--e. Ph.347 tb63 AH.RV-lt Mark 13 DiCT" ALL. trenc-er. w tn unaer road Oor-na atracnrr-erit jr-d tracer, ill m exc fo-d. $2,300 ONO. Phone -0C 4 '9 MF 33. '74 rr-od. 4 WD, nas nad repairs to mc:cr ad d:ft. fra been fjfiy repamted. A straicr ard t'd," ur-t. Pnc b, jyu. s:r-bt.9. Jo9 1719. MF 11 loader. 1-vard hue..' .dal stock pile ioader with cab. VG condition. $14,000 ONO. Fmarce can oe arranged. w& 919804 AH (02) 427 2720. MfG WELDER ESAB LDA200 A9 wire feed, push-ou'i gun. ec cond. $2450 ONO. Pedestal drill $135. 0593 42 5478. AH (059) 97 7326. MIG WELDER S.A.F. 250. as new cond.. best clfcr. 317 7873 or MILLING machine new ver. and hortr. combination Sc. LC 15 IbbD. L- JbsO. LC JO $S50. H.D. floor models $ 1495. Universal vert. horn. $ 1 835. Br'dgeoorr coey 49" tab'e $4935 wtn power teed to taoie. Konda tvoe 49" taoie. $5495. Huge range bigger and smaller in stock. ntnLCJj jftr 1 1 MILLING machine turret tvoe. New neadstock 30INT. New tacie -- x . cxcsi. cono. ao-ibu. MILLING ar-j turret, 1 or 3 pn. BLACK MILLING a-'d kevway cuttmo machine bv Ricnard. C.M.G. ELECTRIC MOTORS 87Q 9333 MILLING Machine Maho 1000. Ex- ce!l. cond.. fully universal w:fh an ang'e table. Phone 580 1794. Milling machine Huron n"u4. Good condition, 3 way readout. rnone 30U 1 MILLING machine Vertical Archd-iie geared head with vice $950, pn. o 1 uyug. MILLING MACHINE horizontal with vertical head and slotting jCLLfNG Machine Horizontal belt j3U. Pn. Qi U3UO KiRLL Bridoeoort coov 49x9 table. pwr feed, toolroom Qual, brand new, 3,3uu inci. looting. MILL DRILL shoo soiled, o 4ji3 aab sas; DIGGERS Wombat little dig ger etc. ah , yiov rteas. oner. (059). MMNG Hoist underarnd con trolled, self dipping, self return to DOT torn 01 snarr, approx nign, rock bucket 80 Itr. 8ho Honda, ladders 6M and 2 1-2M slide out et. Suitable for alluvail or small hard rock, show uo to (180it) n jrv, itvunes uvdi rxeguianonj. Or-'y oulted 18 tons. Replacement vat; m excess of S30UO. price S'200. RMB 569S Woods Po'"t Rd, Kevmgton via Jarmeson MITSUBISHI TRACTOR. 15 rz. 2 cyi. d'esei. d'tt lock, h-gh and iow 3. oox. f.f.u. i-on-p. witn tron: e'd loader, slasher, grader Qudes a-d carrvai?. ymt narci used. $.000 ONO. Ph. (058) 73 2376 a--y fme. MULT I SPINDLE 2 58" Conomat-good cond.. can be seen run rng, with lots of tools and io';cts. 555 7953 McDONALO iot 1012 ton roller. Pqrkins engine. 560 3982 t OPfSCT PRINTING MACHINE A.B. Cck 350. Brand new. never been used, suit new buyer. $5,500 umu. pn aat. anq bun, fa sa. 6SY SET. Comet 3 type, $150. 6ou bQbi OXY SET weld and cut. Comet S ,'CJ. bbb 04.SU, O AND K RH9. unit has had exten- sive repairs, has been repainted in u ana k colors, a aooo ouv. rn 527 66S9. 369 1719. 241 2610. PAUFT TRUCK need atten $50 MALVERN DISPOSALS 211 2599 PANEL BEATING EQUIPMENT wanted. Flat rack or Z rack. - ? Jjo. nr 'Uf Pantographs new and used Vc. agents for Scnpta. HERLESS 547 2111 Pantograph Tayior Hobson 20 n EC. $575 ONO. 720 2919 5 96 5452 PANTOGRAPH 3D Ec. cond. $iC00. Ph. f0S2) 48 2665 BH. C052) 22 3662 Private. PAPER Laminating r-rachire ard . gui.:ot:ne . $2000. 68 25-7. UbO AH McMillan MACHINERY IMPORTERS FULLY TESTED FLJLl Y fl I AO AMTCer) Air como From 8 cfm to 50 crm. Vices - Bench. Drill. Mill. Grinders - 6 m. 8 m. 10 m. and Onus - 8ench No. 2 MT. Floor no. a m i aia no. $ Ml. M'Ws - Mi'! Onus. Vert. Turret. Sandsaw. 1 2 "V cw welder. Hacksaw - 14 in. to 16 n. cv Cooano. Lanes - Bench 24 m. 36 in, 48 ir r.'w r,2D Fln,i. 4ft in Gao. Hscecd Wood 30 in. 40 in. Mu'ti-Co. 5m-1 wood work M.'C. Macn. Acc. - Inde Heads. Ro-tar- Tab'es. Co;'et cnuck seis. 4c. WeC'ig - O v. Arc, MI&, Electrodes. POWER TOOLS TOP DISCOUNTS AEG - Hitachi - Skit Mak:ta - Rupes. MUUHAbtJIN 473 Warhgal Road. 555 0599 THOMASTOWN 36S Settlement Road. gas uu PETROL PUMPS. 2 only. Gilbarco tr?m line duals. Auto reset, exc cond. $3.250 ONO. 729 4321. PIPES and valves used. 3" steam pioe aoDrox. 20 ft lengths, various other szes avaiL. valves and fit-t -gs 4c. Ooen Sat. 649 Victoria Srree:. Abbotsford or phone M. K:air oiy se; c on. PIPE 12" x 38 waii, flanged 1000. 2 x 4 wan. tianged iguo . iz wan. r.ot fianaed 1000 mil c:i tiqc PIPE THREADER 2" CJD. V rjo $1635 547 2! 11 PLASTIC SUPPLY. Pr S43 4022, Acrviic. Lexan. Nvion. fc, DQi'-'n ana Hostaf-cr. PTFE, in sheets, rnan And t..n? O-R ngs. Ny'on Buines and Wash-e'S, P-asr-c Tote Boxes and C-a:es DOTMAR - PLASTIC SUPPLY Cnr. Winter ton Rd. and Buckiand PLASTiC BLOW MGUl DFR. C.;,;r cap. TELFORD SMITH van-soeeo motor. i) $ dbb7 a" PLASTIC INlECTION MOULDER. WINDSOR 4 oz.. 80-ton lock. wt) 2f all, nwa, PORTABLE crushtna and urd plant. 50TPH comprising feed bn. co-ivevors, or and sd crushers. 2 od and 1 sd screeners. screw washer, Lnate sand tank. Cy clone cower and cump. 2 over- neaa storage cms. rowerea oy Cat 110 KW gen. set. Ph. (048) PORTA-POWER 10 ton kit. $240. 44 1472. POWER PRESS new and used 2 14 Ton $29S 8T. $895. Heme 202A $27S0. Heme 203A $3995. 40T Waiibank $4495. 40T C & C. $4995. 60T $6950. Ac. Huge range. ntMLras . 3 r 1 1 1 POWER CUTTER FUKO 5HP. 3 phas? mtr. T6" round blade. $950. noouu a nyi'me. POWER PRESS WANTED Heme 06A 3. 60T. Good cond. . RV T 1Mb. bO Wi. AH.g3 5J.: POWER Hacksaw 8" cao, hyo. i ft etc. tNct iawanete. tj.'3 unj. PRESSURE POT S aT$Ui: 10 ga;t. (jo. PRESS B aes Cra mers 5 Conner r-,.wrr-er.CAT t-tfC1 ed p-.5 0raki. t": ohc a tp-rat-v 126 r!r-ic-"s A-rn ec. ca3ettt. mu't r" to fc aooro.- .jrn. H E RLE S S 547 2111 PRESS '-3 ton rec-.. Jolnsway. 'Cg bee, 2'j" st-oke. 16" tn,. t i-'e gh. Gd worrrg order. S85C0 CNO. iS? lb?6 AH iUi :fld3 PRESS BRAKES 6' ' r.T $?7SC. B-'ss 8' $6950. Of wilt- approved guards, ra" new 60T m stock HERLESS 547 21 1 1 PRESS BRAKE "We ded Products'. 13' x 90 tons, comoi. witn new electron-; guaros. q PRESS Goetz . mint ennrt $5j00p No offers Sunday only Q33. PRESS Power Heme 35 ton inclm atte. EC. $2,850 ONO. 720 2919 330 33: . 'RESS 200 ton crank. 6" stroke. 48" x 36" daiten. $5900. Offer. PRESS Heme 205 AG. compl. with air cushion and guards. 758 194 aros. bd 1 T C & C PRESS BRAKE 50T C & C 12' $ 1 b.GOO. HERLE5S 547 2111 PRESS 40 ton Inc'inble, $750. PRESS He-ne Smaii tnc'mabie MU. -j 1 PRINTING Of'Vs 'v i?3 tor S4e 3t S'.j'o:us ec.icrteit. O-.Tnrat 0 a"em---. vatuu- f'-t?, tw 'iftt source. A3 D:Ck 3frj cr r. Qj:tfery M.j T.o" te'dr. rr,-i od mod A M. he: waer to' m't wo'" V-tyoe Haa:--e' witn 8 fr.rtts;f pr-. good cec t on PctiPe corrores:o'. icay un;t Lo'Do" arc tamo 5 506C. 53 035C Monday & 12 PRINTING - GRAPHICS CAMERA--PPJOCESSCR. ITEK430. Oayl.g.t ooerat'On. fui'y autor-iat'C, push button en"arg-r-recrer. Pos-t'-.e ard negative images on paper a--d film wth tne same cnesiry. Paper s'ie 12x18". j tone screen-'flg. $5000. Contact Mr Rust, PViB, Bbrwood Education Certre f o f 8 J ir. a Chiidre n. Pn 288 6 42 2 PRINTING fbTTWRiTER. 7300. Typesetting mach-ne wttn founts C'lji 4 bath AGFA processor. Futiy se'veed. as new. genuine offer, $'5,000 or $450 oer month lease. PRINTING MACHINE Davidson 700. 1815" w:th numbering and oe'Joraiir.g attachments and scay unit. Can be seen running. Ph. 63 887? PRINTING PRESS uoiojr, centra' impression Cobden Chadwicx cress m good condition. Enouines Barry Arch-bo'd 359 2244 business hours. PRINTING MC. WANTED. DiSC hul.nlj mc aso Ken Kuimg mc. D. October. 87 Taiara Rd.. Gy-mea. NSW. 2227 fOlS?!??;? PRINTING PRESS. Rotaonnt RA4 pius P'aie maw. in mint cono. used onty 100 hrs. $2,800 ONO Pn. 699 2925 PRINTING Heiflelbera crd sire 89 good cona.. 428 2134. L8182lu47. AH PRINTING. Perfecta 42 nch guiiio- i.r.e. urumi saie :uuu uinu on (yt: PRINTING Mult i'th 12S0 Mclor- a piaten. ana gu'"o:ne. W -I eoarate. Ph 438 2640. PRINTING 0""e B-unmg 2 'CO e'er- rros:a; : p.maer. neacs Supplies. PRINTING Oie ore-washuo He de'- Ltirr n.atgn. 1 : Tb-j. 459 942. PROFILE CUTTING mac.:- v,ith e-ecironic eye traemg. rttted with t cutt-.g r.eadi. Jx5 mis. bed, JtO.COO or offer. 79? 5 37R PTO an Edbro pur--p. Su-t 'o'soee3 Koao ranger, Jb PUMPS Second Hand. Al; Types and v.e;. waic ana u:. tx btoCK. Cheao. 62 5001 PUMPS. A ax 3L Series A lrr,g. Prnp. VG.. $450. Mono l'jin D42. 2 Stage, rew rotor a-id sttor recently, $395. 2 0"ga Tarkj ana Switch K.4 L. I'j.n Med 50 2. had little use. uu. :in 3 orve Ku'iey. IbU. Pnv. Vendor, (03) 792 2150 PUMPS and motors, s'hand. Some new. Best otter acceoted. Call at 7 Hjrker St., B or wood. Mon-Fri. PUMP. Mono. CO30B4 on base. ?3!s.Bn53,6-24-743.h 720 m0:r- PUMP 4 self-onming, 6 cy! engine. modile. $1650. 4! PUNCH A NO SHEARS Muwa cao. 2 x 2 x 1a - 516piate 4c. $1995. New No 8 $5495. No 14 $9750. from $495. .MtKLtbb 547 2 1 '. 1 PUNCH A SHFAft 4'Frtarrt" KF13. Shears '2m plate. 75 x 75 x 10 mis. angie. punches in. 2 cate. ab,,'bu UNO QUARRY Piant. Complete Quai Piant 'nci. primary taw crusher, secondary crusner. Jaques Gyro-tar y crusher, alt conveyors, srr-en. bu b ns. BH879 297S AH 8 '6 3759. QUARRY Canad'an Gzziy Vxkers 3 6 1377 'w.suu RADIAL DRILL. Ooya. RE 1250. :-1655 rpm. 5 MT, 1 S-8 in. m steel. 2" cast iron, $5,250, RADIAL DRILL No 4 MT $2750 Arboga $995. HERLESS 547 211 1 RADIAL ORILLS - See Drills HtKlfcbb 547 2111 Reduction, gearboxes u vaii. j , - , b , o . o pius electric motor if required. 331 I 33. REFRIGERATION Equipment i x u4 -b;A compressor w:m su hp motor and starter $3500. 2 x 30 ton induced draft condensers $500 each. 1 x 25 ton induced draft condenser $400. 4 matched blast freezer fans c-w. cowling and mounting plates and 10 hp motors $500 each. Ph. 376 0333 wee oays on, REFRIG. Service equip. Jjgtool vac. Bu-Tio cnarge sratton, jiu. oacr.a- tjrht rpn-.n-vntiA. tlin 7A 7ftf RICHARDSON DUST Extraction unit, iu oia. outlet, pert. cond. $14Q. 848 5069. RIGEL Concrete pun-o, mod. 15CA mounted on Diahatsu 3 tenne truCK, excel, size tor spraying occis. ia"s. SC.' uutpwt 10 iSc.m. per hr. Price ir.cis. remote control. ?5m. of ojselme, MOO-H-i- reduces 1C0 to 75mm. -5 to SOm. Also 8m. of spray hose wn gun, economical to run. rec-acement parts ro worries, unit 2'- years o'd. light use. $24 000. ftlPPER Standen fo- 920 Cat, late ROAD SWEEPER. 3 ot, linkage. tnewj. iuu. o-jbi ROLLERS Curving. Corrugated and power, rt. norion. iviir., 715-717 Oandenong Rd., Malvern. bua f I u ROLLERS 2-32inch Tandem, at souu eacn ana T-cincn at S4uu. All ready to use. Contact ooQ , jpnnson bb pboo ROLLER McDonald, double drum y-1 1 ton. smootn, excel, cona. ROLLER 28 in Vibrating Davleco. ROLLER 32T tandem diesel $995. 33 UJJO Rolls royce diesel engines: For full repair and maintenance facilities plus spares and sales, contact LINK INDUSTRIES P-L. 2 CHAMBERS RD.. NTH. ALTONA, rn. jj 1 3m i i IOLLS new 3' $495. 4 S69S. 6 $895. 6 x 18 $2995. 8 x 14 $7950. Corrugated rolls horiz. or tert. 11" pitch 4c. 4 ex slock. Huge range HERLESS 547 2111 ROLLS 4Q" x 18G. 50" x ISG 71 manual also 4 1 0G fOW RY owered. BLACKBURN MACHiN- Off ROLLS Curving 6ft x 'jin. mo motor- pg. .iuu on. 4ai ogna. ROTARY Hot. Gtson Cornoift Jjiler, tn excel, cond., Brigos & gtrjupn engine. ZtV. ltibS ROTARY Hoe Gem. 6 HP. 20 in. cm. w. yoetja. ROTARY table H and V. Inc. div RUB8ER MILL. RUWOlT. 66'' tc 22 . motohsed 200 no with switch gear. (02) 37t 85S7 ALL RUBBER Raw 4 bails 3 types at h f '3Q ' iii nr. RUSTON Vr.R fi rvlm-r t7rW KVA 3 chase generator set, fire damaged, suit wrecking for 5Dares. on uo 60i AH SANDBLASTING MACHINE OXWELDINO Model No S24. Cheap S55 9966. SAND BUtma jnrl Inrt.ntrul Din. ir.g. ptant for sale. 600CPM. cort dies, comoressor. twin outlet 800 10. hopper. 5 cub. m. sand bn, 200 ft of btast hose and new ro22ie. new helmut and 2C0 ft of ac. airline, pressure paint pot. two gons and a hnesoius many other ;tems. Ph. Meib. 531 5997 or SAND dredging plant new. 1 6" Thomown jnrt numn la1 Mi. charge, 400 ho motor and starter, 18" Thompson water pump new 225 hp motor and starter. 2,500 ft 16' flanged pip, bends, rubbers, nozzle, winches and suction SAND and Gravel Washing Plant, for removal. SI 5.000. or will rnn. sider (easing 4 acres of land to work Plant, raw materials avail-Si,-, (054)47 5782. SAND Pumos Thomoson 16". 2 10" Inverail, 6x8 Warman new model. 2 x 6 Linatex. All with etec. motors ana starters 10 suit. ivijj ssi SAW BENCH L'in vincible 5l 28. S ft. ro. 4 ft. docking table, sgl. g"5r, ceai smau woricinop, 9 'HUU. T3CJ. SAW BENCH and Bu??r rAmhmi. ron E22y-Cut. J4 hp motor, 9" b'ade, 4'j buzzer, plus all fit nngs.aiu. atjuui bun., only. SAW BENCH. 10" witn 6" bu;?r. Easy-cut combination. Good cond. - WJ. rn o.o SAWBrobo type, 9";f"b!ade. HP niptor. iitwMi Sblb. CUbob j SAW BENCH. 9" blade. Good or- SCOOPMOBILE LD3. Needs repair. SiSOO. 49 3416. 44 1 112. SCRAPER FOR SALE WABCO 222G self-elevating Scraper. Bowl capacity 24 c.yds. Done approximately 4,500 hours. Machine in exce'ient condition. $150,000. Inquiries phone (077) OJ I3JJ. SCRAPER Wabco IMA. 6 trar.s.. ar cond cab. engine and trans, reco., ouu nrs. yiz.guu. rnone am iubajo1 i Or t.U3J BOfcppv SCRAPER 10E2 Wabco 11-yard NO. Phone (056) 28 535M SCRAPER Terre twin nAiwtr TS 1 4. Comnlfteiv A'hauteri. vr cond. $S5,0C0. Further tnforma non aauuT bb V Jv r. SCREW Press. $476. Phone 480 5853. SCREW PRESSES from $445, .ftKL Ebb 3 4111 SHAPER 6" stroke $695. Doualas lO'i with vice S1 195. Invicta to rtHLt;b SHAPER 7" stroke, lock, in EC, $675 ONO. Sut model Engineer, l J V ty 33ai SHOE heelma machine, fully auto. hvgrauiic, makes us own nais, suit new buver $1900 ONO. pn Sat. SHOP SMITH Coov 5 m 1 comhma- lion mach-ne. As new 1.100 ONO rprcea sa'e. Jb8j. SLASHERS brand new. K.rTPittsTl ft. 3 tt.6m, 4 ft. 4ft 6 in. 5 ft. and 6 ft. Immed. del. Second hand S'ashers a'so m stock, trade ins SLASHER Denrner a!th A h n Br-ggs & Straton motor with cast ircn I'eeve. $350.ONO. Phone Sat. 44 3844 or 439 6146 after 6om SLASHER 5ft Page HO 3 P.L. aOQ3. -S3 l. SLIDE. Vertical $96, compound 0, smgie u, mining vice 110. 441 472. SLtMGS AND WIRE P.DPF F.irr 58 or 1 inc. any length at i LUDGC PUMP 3in, gc on wheels LUDGC Pump 3", GC, on wheels. 1275,. Q4Q I SOFT SERVE ice-cream Machine exc. cond, $3,500. Brunswick sou. consrvaYi6n service of N.S.W. ?io;?i The followtno m ffil Caterotllar D4D Powershift tractors fitted w th 4A B ades and rear mounted ncne's. as snown oeiow, are now a.aiacie ror oy 1 enaer, C'OS-:-g "th March. '.982. at P.O. Bo R2C-. Povjt Exchange. SvC-rev. 2000. Two (2) at Snii Conservation Servce Wcuxshoc, O' Pnnne (063; 63S279. T.o i'2) at Set Conie' bewire warksloo, Lnedh. PHonf ,'0673 4C-C7. Ore (1) at So'i Conse-atpn b'vce wofN shop, rass Pone (0621 6214J3. Or-e (1) at Soil Co-iervat'or Serv-ce Workshop, Wagga Phrtn rnfii 1t77 The n-ghest or any tender wll not necessa"iy be acceoted. inspections mav be made at the So:l CoiseFvat'on Service Workshops as shown, between 9 am to a om. rvtoncay to rTioay. Further tnformjtton Mr C. Rrnnbv or Mr l. r-iooa. tetepnont bydney (02) 27723S. ext. 261 or 203. SOIL MIXER, 'homogenous "type, near rew etec. motor, sate i emu a iu rcuuciion von. .uu. ;oo. Pn. fuse. 1 5f any Tim.. SOIL Screen, trummtl typ. com p eie on o JJU. SPOT WELDER portable new S29S. civir 5va New m KVA .tn timer. SU9S SPOT WELDER. 20 KVA. with lim- )i;ta. pn. mi 356Z, SPRAY BOOTH MODULAR CON- 5IHUUIUN. UKT YOURSELF ERECTION ( PLtTE INSTALLATION BLE EX STOCK. LEASE RENTAL MPJMWlt AVAILAtfLt. MECHANICAL HANDLING PL 29 Sydney Rd, Cohurg. J0S8. SPRAY BOOTHS, dry type. Built to your suecriicai'ons or ou'4. free quote, fty jau. bb.v AAiuVihi-. .n .... Graco airless oumcs. FOSTORIA FANNON MODULES heatina ana drying, large rang, compressors I.P.M. 547?e55. AH 568 5666. '.r.iv,. jqj3, xnjogTii). SPRAY BOOTH. 7 i 7 j f, Dr, Booth B"iks Billows. VGC w'th 30 of ducting. SI250 ONO. Ph. M9 8160. SPRAY BOOtHS Waterwash. ItftT wee. como'ete with fan. motor anp oyer lQUU 1 jjf CPRAV DAIKlTIKjn U..... . ... less. 6 Itrs per' m.n.. 1650, SPRAY UNI PH.fej 517. SPRAY OUTFIT. Tank. gun. JUS. ?19 Lennox St. PienmoM. SPRING TIME Tier i farrows OiK piouqn. so jAr; SPROCKET, see gear cutter. 436 1292. STACKING BINS ?C. 3ft. 18 in 22 of. S3S0 tn, lot. pn. .o i uauq, STEAM f.tNfOAthtl AT3T5 LLtAINtRS, NEW AND RECONDI TIONED limits for ;aif ftB HIRE. READY FOR HOOKUP SPE- CIAL RATES r .K? . rcwuu. LtAbt. HtNlAU FINANCE AVAILA9LF. rLVnF-WFSTFFK I TP1 Ooor 14. 3S Stud Rd. Bayswater. Ph. 720 1 177. STEAM MASTER 600 P.S.I, hot water reayy duty truck washing unit, Portagas operated, in 1st class working condition. Appiy IVORSONS. 1 1 1 Queensdiff fri Newcomb. Geelong (0S2) 46 1552 STEAM GENERATOR BOILER rKtiHA o series steam generator. 25 HP, gas fired DLt unat- tenueu. farncu.ars IU3I fa aag. STEAM PRESHA HTP1S Steam Botier, oil fired, secondhand. Part culars (03) 729 7S98. STEAM PRESHA HTP30 Steam Boner, oil tired, secondhand. STEAM PRESHA HTP50 Steam Bo.ler. oil fired, secondhand, STEAM Generator. PRESHA (.on-.Dacr 150 np oil fired. S-H. 3t3Q. STEAM cleaners, new ancl S-H particulars tui ftl btjfl. STEAM cleaners Andersen, new ij. T '.la. STUMP CUTTER.. (Arps land). Tractor driven, (hyd) 40-65 rif tractor reco. max fheston AUST. AGENT7 (03) 786 4411 SURFACE Grinder-Mill. Also ma. chines, brakes, disc, and drum, fly wheels. P-oiate. Also does some lathe work. It cost. I.e. Ih.n mA.t surlacegrinders. new machines rht.rlr Immediate delivery. HERLES: 547 2111 SURFACE GRINDER, hyd. 'snow'. 24x8, has 12"x6 mag chuck hyd. S2.650. . B78 3723. SWEEPER Wayne 1054 suit factory or whse. S1950. 4392127. SWEEPER WAYNE, Factory. 469 937. ' TANKS STEEL. l6o-4,000 oal., suing inuuiie on wnccis. ia Ibui TAPPING machine, controlled Pitch Warner Swazey. 877 6933 rFkrrnm Tni .k. WANTED URGENTLY. 233 5225 TENTAT MACHINE Neaie sing tHICKNESSER-as new. Emco Re Bio. 8 . 8". Mtr fed Thicknes. ONO. TIMEgCKSandCAWRACKST 4S9 3937. Time CLOCK with 2 boards i(2S pn. .01 uauq TOOL AND CUTTER Grinder, also surface and cylindrical grinder. All "i .one. srana new. aiobO. fOOlAOOM machinery, ol.nt .nri extensive rang of small tools and r'tv.i'y" I u.3. next, ast Keilor. se Mason OMn. A Assoc., Auction col. Phon tCHX. and Cutter grinder new C-W suds pump and equipment SI 395. Must be seen to be appreciated. nijqe ranoe ntKusa Mlflll TOOL and Cutter Grinder, Universal Micson No.2, $3200. phon. TRACTORS. M(f6s diesel, MStSS diesel. MFI48 diesel. Nuffield petrol. Ford 4000 diesel. Inter A414 diesel. Satoh 25 ho petrol. Ferg. TEF diesel and TEA petrol, others in stock, new and used implements, trade-ins acceoted. ph. Em- TRACTORS Ferg. TEA20. suit hob-C 'arm, MF35-35X Dayid Brown 780-880 and 990. Inter 434 Ford Dexta and 3000 Diesels. Leyland 5 3-cvi. diesei. All straight and Clean. fC59) 77 5302. SURFACE GRINDERS 6'' li t2" with mag. chuck II 595. 8 I 18" S297S. Ffyd. Iff' x fe $5950. 14" . 43 'a I hvd. C-W with na wnpY. or i on m. n TRACTORS,). Deere 1010 Fordspn. Senauu.MHiQ, MF35. Al VGC WANTED to buy Tractors in any TRACTOR David Brown linkage ex- ten. mecn. good tyres SSUO Fergy mower .135 Ripper 565 Post hole digger J 150 tipping carry all 30 Crump super spreader J 160 Rear end linkage scoop 1 195. (0FI41 ?R? Tn tRACTOR IH - 8414. JpL 40' ho.Oraw bar. 2 nag, clutch. 30 nrs. on fully recond motor. Repainted. Also Massey Double soring release 9 time chisel plough. tRACTOR NUrVlfLd 35-46 r.Tf PL, draw bar, BP, 2 so. plo. new tsgp. Ak" rgACTOR'.tHAMBERLAlN 95: Reg. $1250. (057)214 943 WanQ.ratta. TRACTOR iKiYtR Farmall lOOT n'in clearance, jpi linkage. 90PC Jj'& la? (P??)H TRACTOR Implements grader 6 rev. $42S. Disc Harrows too conn, mail 53 nm. blade v, ,ju.. TRACTOR. Nutfiald, fMtral. 3 paint S2SigiV?9 tr.v J4?u. :R Ideal for behind trartnr. ton can. Tinnino. with Ixj.hnlc and drootides, brakes, tx Army. As new J IJSp or best offer. NORM BEECHEY MACHINERY, 101,Bell St. Preston LMCT 24z 4jQ 332Z AH 844 3184. TRAILER 8 ton cap. rear loading, new, take bull dozers and droits. J595- .5 yd Bedford Tipper TRAILER built for Backhoe. Over rear wheels load. 6' wide, chequer plate floor, vacc brakes, reg 12 giths RWC. as new. $990. TRAVEL TOWER 40' HanveTT r,rk.l insuiaiea Deam mounteo on t. lAnn. 44 int. Low miles, excellent tyres. Top wi uri vii, uuu.tuui. INUKM BfetCHY Y MACHINERY JOI ,Se?II St. Preston LMCT 242 tlsAVix T6WER - Abbey w orklng L0"' lo' Plumber or Electrician TlVl Ptvnn. R74 47J1 Trevor sTfi or. StAm - boilEr:- megawatt. 1050 KPA. unattended licence, natural oas fired. rariiBiat. with de-aorator pumps and stack. Location: Footseray area. Contact W ""ir"!!!.' 5i4 or 41 S7S7. 1 v 41.. .?rc(Y RAllw.u.r li 3'6 x 10. J200. Sheet piling, short lengths. Steel rollers. 4 6 wide, asstd. diameters, ofler. 874 3631. USED LIFT TRUCKS. Caterpillar V180 - 18.000 lbs diesel. Good cond. Contact Alan Hill phone (059)78 2518. Caterpillar VI 60 - 16.000 lbs diesel with hydraulic fork position. Ere. cond. Contact Bob Fisher 354 8107. Conveyancer P50SS - 5,000 lb. Good ennd. Cont.rt fUrnl. UfA. .ur,T,tci rsujj - 3.UUU id. VALVE-MASTER Refacer JITsT 4.T9 2127. VANE CHASSIS Oynomometer. VP950. Excel cone. See running. SI 1.500. Pn 772 9S3S VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE. 1 S good" 2nd hand aid recond units avail. hp to 5 hp. 3S0 1594. VIBRATOR 24 in. plate, Wacker "d order. J750. Pn. W ACKER, VGC. Robbns motor. ' 1400. Ph. any. 598 2684. WANTED BACK HOE Loader ' Lomo. rtu ana farm tractors, any condit (059) 68 4827. WANTED Backnoe andor Loader. Anv make or mooef. Also buckets. (059) 89 6 1 57. (059) 77 76 1 9. i-raoKston. If earlhmovino. crushino. cranes and drilling equipment re- auireqror torir .TUHIAN Sai AND MINING AUCTi .UCTIOKS. Lot 1. rranKston Koao. uar 791 SS84. AH 783 2 'PtfA-BVSjrone. Pti. WANTED, secondhand sideboom AM OJJJO. track machine hv Conitr ur tin r firm involved in major ptoeline contract threiioht.iit AiMtraiiai. Will consider purchase or hire tor suitable machines. Tel. (02) 774 2266. P. Gutney. Of tnter- r -ww n , yt mr WANTtU Ct KVA IftOO RPM dtlCV SOHa? .8 of 2 bearing a:tenators. J UU PVA A .bay 47 KVaS, 2Mv. 1 k 1000 KVA Ai ibove Pr-. 544 9167. AH 569 9C54 WAMtED TO SELL surp'us to cJr" reo. Ri-.hard mtHmg ad kevway cut macn. Macscn sg e euro. Isthe. Ribon Un-v. gnnder, twin -ea3 3C:al puro. r-!;lir.g T.ach. A -Tip. and ; mic'opn. and var. other eg-jip, CMQ ELEC MOT. 870 WANTED TO BUY. Scab netaf bought, cast iron any mzs, broken or unDroxeT, j per ton. muni c !vic 1 mix Nuns kq,. uariaen ng. 79 WANTED B:t crane or similar. Must be m good cond. R.n r.u ciei or sn iMAv WANTED Dump truck NR Mackt WANTED Hydr. control bank suit Backhoe. pref Cran, el or Vkkers WANTED 24" Thicknesaer. S liquids. 6 4g 1571. Al? 20 5966. VVEiGH Batching Plant, scales. wnvirer ang rouer mixer, OO0 cono. ao.ogu ine 101 or win sepe ate. Bargain. (057)92 2441 week- engs only. WELDERS 140 amp., popu'ar Australian make, 10-yr. guarantee, 24t5 V unt. only $137, p!us tax. WNE SUPPLIES PTY. LTD., 83 Fleming-ton Road. North Melbourne. Phone" 329 6382 WELDERS, soe'cal discount sale, electric ov mig tig, mig wire 0.8, 0.9, 1.2, alum, wre nal! jsrice, r-w bench drills 12 Sod. 2 MT and 3 MT, 0ms bench grinders and North Rd, Carnegie. ; ""-if Tnv Jtu aji.'p wurj ta- IAB D ..... d. . . able aluminium, iteel and stainle.s. exce'l. cond $1,800. I.P.M 547 ja?!5. Ah "tRd crwte WtLOER Lmcolri DC. 250 arntu. trailer mounted, e.c. cord. trxl. leads and fittings. S600. Ph. 690 48i2 WELDER Arc. HD. 140 imp. exc. cond. S120. S78 1223 WELDER Lincoln 400 amps. Parkin ytLut.K Lincoln 400 amps. diesel. 12500. Rf.r) Jsfs. WELDING Good ootential for oer- son in welding Trade. Factory sal ud with ail necessary equip, and more aiO.OUO 54& B363 all hours Welding electrodes ana mig" ss. nan once. 655. AH56SS06g. VCM. (farco modal l-IJS SC ex-saovt. as new, 120.000 IBs Una pursuit D-S or similar. 58250 AIm Eico backhoe, bucket l'i cu. yd., hduty cast hp. as new, for mechanical machine. Could bt Ilso'o 'dBt3 Also drum laggings for northeast model 6 excavator. S4QQ. Pnone (0541 25 5523. WMCH RAMSAY.30,000 LB LINE rULL rtTUKAULlL., OHANU NEW, SUIT HEAVY SALVAGE UNIT) MAKE US AN OFFER. KWIKQUIP ENGINEERING, 44 7886. WIRE' 0PE. 62 50QI. ' steal cor. 3Sc ft. WIRE ROPE. Slings a-.d tow ropes u ururr. kit oo ana l rope any length to 1000 mts. at 'a once. 75S 7444 all hrs. WOODTURNERS and earvars. Tim- oer, topis lots oi accessories. Tody 9.30 - 1 2.30. Ph. 497 4S9S . THE WOO6SMITH 4 twr H.,n.lbarn Drt lu.nh.. VfJOOir WORKING Machines. gougnt ana loia. new and used. Power Tools, all makes, sales ana repairs. Try us for that nard to S?tVn?!in!''n:7eA499n!'UlrJ 'Ul,tS, S6c5.-T aSSI wooowoRic(ci i '"Saw bEncH L invincible SI 128. S ft. rip, 4 ft. socising taui, igi. pnast. ideal sil workshop, JtiOO. WOOOVVORTcSeG" combinatii ion 5 In . 720 2919 596 5453 . ui.iru WOOO WORKING Wide Belt Sand- ... . i. . . .nnouei rvtHMb.. Mil w. 56 x 126 ', main motor 60 hp driving single head with contact roller and platen arrangement. Sanding cap 54" wide )i A" high. VG cond. VOLUME THREE Moor-abhin ICCiftni; Auc-Tfltoa WO. pTattorm wanteci. Abbey tvoe. Cash hnv.r. AH'77 7CQ7 WRECKING Ferg. and MF Faro, and other brands, urge stocks, used .'' new pari.. tuo:-J OIOOO, WRECKING FORDSON. PaC tnamoeriain, cat Ph. 792 5348 Dandenong pn .noourn.. A "steel. V 874 363V ' TRAILER Ideal for behind trartnr. 4 TURRET LATHE. Warct 8. compl. tooling. 800 rpm. iu H.S., good order $3.600 ONO. B7fj 3?3. T-SLOTTED WORK TABLES. 2 . wire, iiamie: I.P.M. 5473 WINCHES (3) heavy duty, suit loa- oino. 99 5411. wi&tts! 22RB. rrsoTJT HOLIDAY RESORTS NEW HEBRIDES SYNDICATE wanted to acquire flair or U-Il Shar, in isiano Resort. Vanuatu (New Hebrides). Contac (03) 28 1042 jk first: Instance. MelLx)urne& Suburbs irbs rv ARMADALE. Lovely 3-rm. FF Unit. SI 4B5B. AT ZEBRA SPETICER you will find Motel Suites in centrM cKy location, with privue sttovnrrs. WC. color TVs. allr-cond. trettt.. frigm, tsoffe PABX vnones, free covered parrVlna opj. nsis. elr- y. inn v& ooor Bn - Z!2l,r-,f:2aLj3t- "S - uuri mis ax ooor im i.-j TT t.JL. . . i IOCS, Zebra MoteS. travel aaenti v99i, or telex 'Say 7544. unseat '2 HMtJlZl ?RJ.i . AT ST. KILDA BEACH . F-RONT. s io.,DOla. $18. 4. SJ5. re. uui.ii.wn.iT. rr, urrn .it., re-Triy.; Col. TV jg. barbecue, area, 03 34 417114 a. rtl -SfCAO j tw. BKIGHTON. savov Mote,. Lux. i.2m-?n by- S2 8233. CITY. THE KINGSGATE Tourist' Hotel -Motel, 1-3,1 Kino St Ph. Motel u"a'r co'ndrfrlgf '- C ArTJ-est mVa tafaz $ aci rT a fmait 19". dbie. frorn s24. Hat nra. J budget priced, sgie. from : Jb-e. from STB. Famies wei-i com. In;l. brfcfrt., car pk. Ldry. . facile., central city iocatlort. CITY GATE. Holiday Fiats. 1, and 3 bedrms. 6 Tennyson St. i y Miaa. Pfl. C03 5J4 7550 CLOSE CITY. 3 betfnm. Apart-mente. Folly fens. Short or lorg tenm. S4tuarted em. Arbert Prk. Ci. transot., off-tt. pariJcin. Further dvtalt contact Roseenery Phllo. TALBOT DIAMOND. SJ7 1222. 10B Actend Street, St. KHtJj. GREAT SOUTHERN HOTEL. 16 Specter St. Hot. on a- budge 7 We tave dn. cormr. aworri. from $9 sgto.. SI 2 dbl. Leunrf4ron- waM. -o:or i v ne., aos e-n avrwl all MK. ManWv a- nKro. ISnywetcSSvVr??; for brochure 62 3989. MEL3. GATE. Hoi. Flats. Suit 1 to 4 pers. 17 Alma Rd.. St. K'lda. Ph. (03) SI 5870. WANTED TO RENT. 18-24 MAR. HOUSE OR FLAT. 5 MILE RADIUS CITY. CLOSE PUBLIC; , ' .- r - . . TRANSPUR1. Z ADULTS. Oil rfefcMAN. ROSiSERY. P.O. BOX 103. TASMANIA. 7470. INTER-STATE Ne,vSouth Wales (ATEMAM'S BAY (Seaalda). 2-SECJROOM beicrrtrant U-lcs. Seif-coAt.. epotfess. vacancy Sariopr ifn PO Boot 1-74. fiatftiiera Bay, 2536. 044): 7241194. CRM AG ill (SaMldMi. CARLE Y COURT. New ic 2 - neoroom units. WW carpets, to tumble dryers ...Wa,.Lr,!,CA' L.TlVr views, ymgni. or wcvkjv jar.n., srVrSagorWne KSSR 343B0. BOM Of (5Msid. SHARON Guest Hchi. 264 Bod: RC. Bont. 2026. Phon iOl' 3Ct"149i3. Cn-i. eof-Tf. tffe'e. ad so- ro-'.i. a.-ai: Coo TV. 0. V B. $12 gntiy. It Y RON BAY (SeM)d). BYRON BAY BAY VIEW LOOGE- - la-1. Irar. AparrmenEt 1 rd 2 n-.-rxom"j :.ab!e. Lt-n sun-a'.tirf umn -rerviced wk y. O.N. Wtfv't monttly rit-f-- o re- ores:. Wr.te or pho'-e d;o- .-Ttir ftr !VaQ::-iDC to 12 5aV Bvrn Bar. 3i. mono ivotj: : S57 073. corrs HARBOUR (Seaalde). ! I NAM BU CCA, rod. 5 .beorm turn. House, v ewe. surf, h ach. Vac, Ira. schooi 48 ISS7. ho-s. j MANLT ISW . MANLT. MOOmi owiir-ru' i seu-conraifM . ' da Centre, Box 47, PO Manly. , NSW Z095. tQetj 91 wn. , . : MIR.MBLR.A (SeesMe). ; MERIMBULA'S BesS Position. , COMO LODGE. , 8-ITrvEEN LAKt AN J uuearj. ! I !JLr! 1 yy SEVEN NTW 2-BR LUX. UNITS' JS1625. t.O. BOX 3; MERIMBULA. ,SURFERS "THE MARK". 1 and PH. (0o91 51 tn. ! COMO LODGE. j NAROOMA (Seaside). NAROOMA. 32 NEW BRICX FLATS. -P. '044) 76 24on 1 t: n. wo-rni 0lAoruYl NAROOMA (044) 75 7964. OP3LLO FLATS 2S46. PORT MACQUARIE (Seaside). .w a isHtlAn av HULIUai A.iuiiiiiivu.".-, Eniov our mi.d climate, otr-srason , rates. APP-y I. J- "wc, ly."--!! C!a.-enca S". Phonf i iSTD 06a lum nr tQ2) g091S88 ! MODERATE F.ati to quai. HMNOOjA HEADS. Natu-a n!:er tin.. W. A- THOMAS SONS. PO EOX 25, PORT MACQUARIE. 2444 C065) SS1466. PORT MACQUARIE THE ULTIMATE IN LUXURY BOOK NOW BOOK EARLY FOR YOUR NEXT HOLIDAYS Or the Hastings River, 5 mtns. cei.tre of town, new apartments. 2 br.. 2 bathrmj.. 2 col. TV. superb kitchen, delightfully furnished, sleeps 6. Incl. al! linen and kitchenware. 5 acres delightful grounds Incl. 2 tennis courts, so'ar heated pool, sauna, hot spa squash court, table tennis, billiards, bicycles, golf green and cricket nets, equipt. supplied. Brochure available. Sydney office. 02 699 6458. (Reverse trunk charge,). rvrti aisr-ricnia TE1-rlENS SaMlde. ,Y WATERFRONT Lsrge of 2 and 3 BR holiday ' SHOAL BAY a.W-inn t 9 .nil X UR hOl Idav . ,.i. aamii u n . uixiKitiur I re o'l Tt.v VII ase ", SHOAL BAY. Phonei '0491 81 1993. ' I v-bMfiv ; ,!,.ai,u. i ADLON. WOOLLAHR.A.I Comf. modem sale., dbie. faro-. guests' i.'k!t. Vtnm 3 B. and B S-nglet from 514. -DOUOles from 520. 3d-. tagK-n 6SO TOTS "i rvTTl S80QW.: lay $75 METRO PRIVATE HOTE ,s c.t.. a 14 nhiii. Ti. nr nKli 12 dav. S75 W. Fam. J or more $10 D. Child, spec. tar. 171 Arden St., COOGEE (beach). 2054. (02) 865 1162. SCRVICED ROOM with shower, color TV. haroor viewl. Tariff ssle. $27, dbie. $34. Including tloht hrakfact T.l.ohone f02) 36 1091. Gladeswood Hotel. SYDNEY FLORIDA MOTOR INN. 1 McDonald St, King Cross 2011. Motel, 1 and 2 bedroom ter-vlced apartments. Singles from $47 daily, twins from $51 dally, special wkly. rates, all units self contained, fully equipped kitchen, direct dial phone, radio and color v. quiet garoen setting wnn pool, barbecue, sauna, off street.1 parking. A few minutes from thel city centre and the heart of finm frnet Wr fnr rw hro-f ! chure or Phone (02) 35B68HJ YAM 8 A (Seaside). iHOtiDAY Fists and Colts. Ocean I v:ws. Sale or lets. Send for ' free bro;hurs. Scort. Smith A : Svfitvan R.E., PO Boy 1S0. rh, oe&1 4 2400. Queensland 0 R1lf ISLAND (Seataldal. ACCOM, flrlble Island. 65 km. north of Brisbane. Qual. flats, units, houses with pool and color TV. Sensible rentals. Ph. P. J. SCHRAG REAL ESTATE (STD 075) 48 1006. Write Box S. Bribl. Island. Qld. BROADBEACH (Seaside). BROADBEACH. 12 beautifully apptd. 2-bedroom Ocean-front non oay fiats, competitive rates. Melb. BH 329 7933. BROADBEACH. 2-beoYm. SC Hoi. Unit. TV. close bealh. sftoos & hote.1. $100 pw. Ph. (075) S 7W34. BU SLEIGH HEADS (Seaside). Twe Bedrm. Ur,. row til 3 Aprh $90 wkly. zil 2099. An HT 157. ness trp. Ensulte facilities 8J lH.fiii AesVute beach I bush walk'ng. Book now tor frids... TV. 4c. 4 km to Sydney THE PENTHi ?U5(J a? Hl' Easter. May scM. hols, and ski. centre. Fr .. S130 pw. Jehn.ion t'-ont- Fui.y fn ensulte ' season. Houses avail, to acccmm.i Lodge. 1106 Johnston St., An- ?,ar,V, si,mmq poo'? soa 4-10. MT. BEAUTY HOLIDAY; QUEENSLAND CALOUNDRA (Seaside). A. 1. CARRINGTON REAL ESTATE offers wide range or Ho:;-; day Units and Houses. Write tori details, Buuock St., Caioundr. Phone (071) 91 2844. . Al Accom. and Property Sales. Contact NORM BUTLER (REIQ), 57 Bowman Rd.. Caloun-I dra. Phone 91 1766 (STDl U7i ). HOLIDAY Accommodation ranging from $160 sw. Contact Sunshine Coat ProQ-.-tv 51a. 1 CIA Rn ro.k Struct. r.'minrtya Q'H 4551. Phone (071) 91 2499. COOLANGATTA (Sealld,). ' COQLAMGATTA area Pnr ! r??' ? p"p Ac- ! CS" "ffniuABrf ,i ;j cuiifc t?,. rl,Z. gati'a. Phone (075) 35 2000. PACIFIC VILLAGE. Prlata HMei. surflide Green- mount Beach. 110 units, each to ar TV, shower, toilet, refrig . tea-cofee making, radio, music! Baitonv over ooks heated poo: a-d beach, lift serv. S23 per per- son uer aav inci. 3 tim;4 lb n. rates Xmas-Jan. oius S4 tertalnment. sauna, lie. gr;i avaliable. Contact Travel Agents or write, free bro:hure. BOX 150. Coolarrgatta. (075) 362733: GOLD COAST (Seaside). Beach-front and Central Houses. iA' "'"ind Easter. Mod. Luxury Home Units and Flats. 6V- AM ' "5 1064. evenings. 8ROADBEACH REAL. ESTATE.' Main Place. Broadbeach. Phone : BLAIRGOWRIE (Seaside) .?Z1.39 8f11-. . -j HOLIDAY House. 4 bedrm.. cane. ACCOM, avail. S nilM. Surfers1 Easter. 551 1802. 99 253S. Central GOLD COAST positions.) VICTORIA froadoeach to Burleigh, 'romiMOODY'S OE LUXE BEACH MS- i VJ. ZJi'A Box; 15, Miami. (075) 35 3500 !AVAIl7 Mermaid beach. 2 bedrm. unit ocean tront, March onwards. o;nn ,n-? tA teei , tion surfers; rn uFRMAin ALL SEASONS. CALL PGA. 27 yjJ0R,A AV- BROADBEACH.! i iu.3. w suu wn r-ij. sum-- ' ERS" fC75) 33 5500. , BtACKSi de Holiday Units avail.' icoswiie uiiiiq. rn. 3? 9435. AH . (079)35 OSOI. v.Aa oi-ap(i nonaay units, CASA self contained, week'v or nightly. 2649 Go:d Coast Highway. Broad- beach 4217 Old. Ph. r073) 39 9076. FL!,D5-SV?:JK ' WPl ; ......... v- ...... , ana -ooroom Apartments tu.y se'f-contalned, coior TV su.i terra:? over.ooK'ng POOH c: oreap. i -bedrm. S15S witiv.. 2- bedrm. froni S20o wkly. Motel if YHcludinQ J iac'uoing doubie dai.v uT-(i3, 5rvi-;ea aa not breaVfas:. S30 bedrm.. alt electric: S18.50 dniy. special wkty tariff, 2 swimming- pools, squash court, mini tennis. ; billiard room, restaurant, shop.' take-away food bar. Private walk-- or write for color brochure. rtrvr r rn a c-r urSi tocri ai 7Z. months of Feb.. March. lurte.iFEW days 'Echuca.7 Sto atj b'. i B. SI20 pw C2 'pervoni). Camderil Colonial Motor Inn aebra! motet). 2371 Gold Coast High-1 jrz. and Nov. tgsz. J ' uoo. root, not Spa. Id ni"- Hejd Beach Ph. (07.5) ; Sfl? P'r1'- 1 nim. walk lo beach. 1$. ,"ch- Panadl rise dverlooicimi Nenano River, Surf. hoos resfcaurlrrtx b?10w. Unit hs sw'mm ng poo' sauna.: I A-.-a i A T.t M.'i Tft l jm arru a-i . i. a: rnr. J5 ?2?-9. GOLD COAST COOLANGATTA. v-; have a la'go ra-ge of fiars ann" imiTs. F.cono-v to uyury oeachfront. Boc'c r.o-r for ort-i cwson prices. Pt-ter Hayes. RE 102 GMhth St.. Cooiangana. Ph. 35 161 1. GOLD COAST. TUQUN CURRUM-81 Nl HOLIDAY UNITS. AIL PSICES AND POSITION!. SATISFACTION ASSUREO FRANK MITCHELL REAL F5-TATf. TUGl'N. 4244. PHONE 075-. 34 ' 777. HOLIDAY Flat. Houses and Un'ts - avai'ab:, Irom Currumbin to Tweed Heads. ;!. to a l amen-, t-es and beaches. Reasonable rate ! Contact L. J. Hooker, p.o. Box 3i9. Coo ansatta. Qld. Teiepho-ie, toal io HOLIDAY GOLD COAST. Milton. Realty. Accommodation Soecia,- 1st. Mermaid Beach. 2365. Gold coast H'ohway (PO Box 551. Ph., 38 5538 (STD 075). AH.. is -'?5 - . -.rrrr J u t ar. ji w J c - nt! ""'IaS1', "i"iAce10a " a,M i JOHN SCARR REALTY ALTY PTY LTOiGRJO CANYON MOTEL. 17. romanoatta All. PO !M I4MI " 36 1055. PIBROCH HOLIDAY f LA'5, 2112 Go:d Coast Hwv 4220. Fu'ly serf :o-.r. units. TV. BBQ, ")-n $05 075 594. PENTHOUSE, 3 bednms.. oce- view swn-i-rl- pot. close to stons. .Jva:-. or .dav Jettrnq. PT. 075; 39 AH (07 35 0501 SURFERS PARADISE H. iriav U- or. rl.-fi Lux.rry v u- ; on 1 1 7 . ..l on,y. no vi.dren. Tennis Cfts. s. pao:. saura. Min. 3 wv hooVlno os-er X-naa per 06. Pt :07t) s 1 bna. surfers paradise E-;ce .etT range of ho'tdav t- om. avat aS'e. For fu-i partlcj-!ars write or phone: JAMES WILSON PTY LTD, Box 254 Surfers Paratfise 4217. Pn. 3? 01 33 SURFERS PARADISE HOLIDAYS, ACCOMMODATION PL. offe-5. ! Coast ranging f-om ecpnomv $90 tra luxury. PHONE MEL- BOURNE. 754 1369, 3)1 lOUrs. 5URFCR5 PARADISE. ADjoiure beach frontnge. Se!' - contained Unl.,. ReaSonab rates. Rlrg PARADISE SANDS. 39 9793. 1 075) A3W- SURFERS PAR ADISE. ASio- lute beachfront. 2-berlrrn. units 5' - Angtesea T-ours. . THE HEART OF THE WLD LL Holiday Ho-nes and Fats. tuc ucaot nr tup n rriiT pri-tes and positions. Satisfaction' assured. SM ALES & PURCELL. Agents. ni'ricisin ner.u-.. ru tv. , u WIM variety all-eiettn; fiat! veards tc-a h. f-om S60 pr , j, , B R.airy. 1149 lurleigh Heads. PO Box 76. - ; iectr- T,ai5. aui wee.i Palm BearTi Realty. 1149 God. r-jast H ghway. Pai-n Eeach. Pn 35 1172. 1 j mns, HEADS (Seaside) l A8SOLU T waterfront luxury- units ava l, from 5180 PW. u LAGUNA REALTY, ?mi A7 Toqq ' ce n,M3. unit, frrwrt S 1 1 0 w. ' Write Environmental fs- MELBOURNE SUBURBS, tares P'y Ltd; SunshsneBa;h $TH YARRA. luxury fuiiy equlp-Rcad. Noosa Jun t on. 4j-o.- or f, sr wk, from nnone '0711 47 4311. AH D.D 5JS .,av 241 3995. AH 47 1759. ' 99 34-53 7-87 364. SUNSHINE COAST (Seaside) BEST Bi.Mront ymts at reason- and'a Paraue. ALtXANDRa. HEADLANDS. Q.d. 4572. lun 45 5553 CALOUNORA fSUNSHINE nntn I nvitr Mnlirlav Unl's. from SE5 pe' week PEG S4VPh -5-1) 913553 (AH. - IVioii 913S5TS MOCCOLABA. Alexandra Head-i laid-. Maroocnvoore. n.oo. on"? MR LUXURY and' V.-.. KvinTTn!rve kcu GUY REAL ESTATE. THE ESP-I 7 2AA?raRE(b7!PA?, ?i!"E5,."An ..i3.1S"ijtAne Two'Threei Ni?SH.??i mmI? AMrtt hS'Vontaa:; Contact Noosa D..I F.tar. Hastin-is St". Noosa Heads. Qicl.i Ph. 1071) 47 3434. ; SUNSHINE COAST. QLD. I CM IUC-I unni nnl ara. A, 1 1. 'r. e.,rf anrl hraOS. UhllS. Houses 'or Holiday Rental. Mam to choose from. See us. fo' via' bea-h-frcnt accommodation. K AW a N A REAL ESTATE P 10S The Espanade. Koo,oo-aba. ;07f) 44 1766. i i SURFERS' PARADISE (Seaside!.; ABSOLUTE pearn . i-"- luxurv vnn w-.'i - Situa'ed' midway between Surfers'l and Brtdarh shopping centre.! OIT-5eson rates available. Con-i tact Ooug and Rae White. Man-1 bookings ewailiabi. Easrer. May iaers (dTS 38 9100 Or write1 school ho. A(S Vfttl. Off-Pk 20 Old Burleh Road. Surfej 1 rtx. AOR Pty. Ltd.. (OS) jrari,i 4217. 6T 3795. AH 836 3635. paradise. 441. i.uracnmir Holiday from $40. TUGUN (Gold Goast). BEACH FRONT Flat, and JUTWry I uAiS,ri?if pfai fctatf'I CONNOLLY S .PEAL. ESTATE. Tugun. Rnx 1 65. Coolanaatta. (075 43 2545. WHITSUNDAY PASSAGE (Seaside) SAIL THE WHITSUNDAYS WITH AUSTRALIA'S NEWEST BARE- BOAT CHARTER COMPANY. I We are based at Happy Bay: ' boats' available. February and March bookings. , Sandnngham Travel. 59S 4211. j or Haooy Bay Resort. Wnitsjiaay Passage. Q d. (079 469400. South Australia GLEN ELG (Seaside). i AM ENJOYABLE HOLIDAY. Stay i at SEAFRONT HOLIDAY FLATS.: UIHII C k.n7 ailllT!ia. Phon. 295753S AH 2782459. WEST BEACH (Seaside). TOWN HOUSE Holiday Unit 3. col. TV. WM, fresh linen. Avail, from today. Write for brochure. Booking office open dally. West Beach. SA. 5024. Tasmania HOBART (Seaside). ACCOMMODATION, large city hotel, private facilities, special. $70 p.w. B. and Com. R. Phone (002) 34 2S70. ; I AIRXYS INLET (Seaside), BRICK House. 3 bedrms., eknd. c (052) 89 6292. BRICK House, 3 bedrms., long APOLLO BAY (Seaside) a HOUSE. Vac. Feb. and March.', 596 4101. 596 2033. 1 .FIVE VIEWS. Holiday overnight Victoria Unas, walk beach, shops, golt.iCABINS. WEEKEND VACS. MwM:.Jia5 h,dVv51i..Is, squash. (05Z) 37.67bb. uated Skenes Creek, near ApoMo Bay. Excellent views. fuMV eaulp-i "" Pn. 80 1261 after Sunday, supcfb 3 hedrm. House avail, Mar.h. April. May. 439 0S91. siambra 'jiNDa .Abk hush and farm davl JW S? iccom 6: .-. . r i J . rf;.n ri beach, surf and State Forest, I Book now. Nell Moor (052) 88 7201 and Vicki Tilson.! Melbourne. 67 9461. -Bankcard: accepted. BARWON HEADS (Seaside). TEL. Color TV. Phone (059) ee .act !!!fl!i BRANXHOLM (Country) Horse ' rid'njj and craft instruction tor fi1' l U0$hJm? wfe,5r 'amiIV. Phone (055), - -- . . bkicmt tiouniry, ALL seasons Mais, central, crcen, ' toml. F.S.C.. B-B.Cue. rec. hall.: attract, aarden. (057) 55 1143. AlVIAKUU . UV. l .i. li w. TV. Also modern House. Quiet cent. pos. Pnone (057) 55 1405. FOREST LODGE CHALETS, saline: HM rn rt-iw-i. . ata r,-. wu-vs Quiet; ,-ifirr! nai. ous. erV tac. ' Mountain views. Lux". SC Units. fro.T. . -9 per nigm. rJione .-ua S3 -.583- : a . a .f.r Un1 flat. ate on fcach. after Jan. rSfth. Greenwillows 059 52 2155.- , fcB(U..,.. ,7 tar-r, - !Two br., tuny turn, ror long CARAVANNERS. yearly and sea-: wnd And Easter. 435 S700. son sites availabje. Book ".), ACACIA PARK. Tcmcln St., Dro-j TORQUAY (SmiM). j ' ' raTMUCA. fCtMantrv). the Big River Mote!, enoulrles' special Sunday onice. Ph. (054) EILDON LAKE (Country). uMKtMI&T HOLIDAYS HAT ISHLIHoe-: b0Jt Hoida, on magnificent .LaKoi El, don Write PO Box 9. Elldon FALLS CREEK (Country). lllf rn..K. Flat to let. ,r-...T... ,,! K., Ci .H..,,. AO) 17,7 Snnrtav. SKI. FALLS CREEK. T M kl LODGE. Mt. Beau rttit :nm. nff.rlna wJ.ffi. friend ly atmosphere, open hre. 2 corn- Ti5i loungerms.. 8. & . Eoo r-ow for s: season. i'-"i. tur,i 57 7605. FLINDERS (Seaside). TWO-storev Ho-:day Home; 5400, week. 277 1 301. GIPPSLANO LAKES (Seaside) GIPPSLAND LAKES. Rerrote Cot-caw to iet. Gippsiand Lakes and o ean frontase. Access oiy 3V wiier. Priv. jetty at from door. Comfortaaie acccra. (or 5. Sai! boat and canoe. 0S1 5o 6323. . , GOLDEN BEACH (Seaside) BEACH House avail. Labor Day weekend turn., all elec.. near General Store. 547 9685. , TIVI Wnia .1 GRAMPIANS Country). Situated in the heart ot tne Grampians, in natural bushland t sett 1 ng , 25 spac lous. m odem ground-floor units. coor TV.t d.n'ngioom. convention fad'- Pione (053? 564230. PO Box 1b. Te.ex 55804 10 rr 3d. onus. 0SJ So 4304. - HEALESVILLE (Country) c NfTLIARV HOUSE. Mew Mote; Houie. 059. 625148. INVr KLLILn 3Mimri. -f t--, m -ur O d. e t. house. Vac. 557 459.. LAKES ENTRANCE (Seaside) EL TOR'TO r.ais ana Ca-a.-an Pari. ModfrM FSC. mC:s. TV and '-nen. garden sett. Apply . re?d. owners for brochure. Box 114. Ph. 0515 55 I6O0. UcCRAE (Seaelde). in ail Lf nn-nKai w onrf sinfl r .. Ciea'n. :omf. home. Ooie to bea'tli. 059) 86 1058- maolo (Saatlda) SEASIDE. SNOWY RIVER Site caOirtS. On-Slte vans, Cottage. ; Some avail, (051) 54 822S. I MARYSVILLE (Country) .... coon hra. all amens. S10G n. c. IT TO . bvs'tf iLLE.-l-Fa-awav Fore.: - Cojy sc H0.,aa, cot! Cosy S C. Ho.ida Cottages and Cab ns. Se;. gardr-. setting. Reas. Da',v and wee'y rates. (059) 63 3232. THE CUMBERLAND. Victorias fi-.eit holiday inn otters every- thing for your tomfort. enter-, ta iling and en.'oymerrt. "Excel-iei-t (ood. complemented by full, icenv-e faciis. In a fuiiy a!r-j ,-ondtionc.i d'ningrm. Swimming pool. bawling green. croquet - law-is. tenns court. Stuated in- b.autifui grounds. Personalised: .oi.duc'rd bus tours, nearoy 18- hcie gof .ourse and r-ding. s nool 'atil. arranged. write. or t Co,m Wood for o c brochure ana runner, n-n--nation n (059'. 633203. For holiday the oeaut ful Cum-iir'.a-.d has It ail. MILDURA (Country) GRAN0 HOTEL, MILDUflA. M:mi.-a' l.arflne horei. aver- 'snVing the Murray River. All I rooms with color televison. pr!-j vate bathrm., refrigerator, radio, o ped music, tea making facliv, electric blankets, s"ent a!rcondl-t Sd pod. spacious gardeni; i!)d lounge. Carpet bowls, table! 'ennis. billiards. Smorgasbord tiomng, heatng sw--nming poo. v tariff card on request. PO Box ROD MUdura. 3 5 00. Teeohone 23 0511 (area code 050). authentic Paddle Steamer cruls-j l"3 beautiful Murray and Darling r-?s. Fully accommodated ... ftve- we V' ifn ".Sd' srf Rni Weekend available also. NC. cruise, tongi 30. Reservstlonst Wnnera. PO Box 1910. Mlidura' 3500. Ph. CUbU) t(- SUNLANO Motel and Ventarama.i lni Rest-Awmle. Flat Comoiex. ; vo-jr choke of 33 su-tes or 2- bedroom luxury SC Holiday Flats! in oeakln -Avenue Coior TV. res-: taurant. heatina. a:r cond.. pool.; (..-. Pnon. (050, 23 2704: orj write Suniand. Bex 101. M.idural Beauty. 3599. 057) 57 2605. AUJJUMN ac Vlwonia s K?',J "2 3599. 057) 57 2605. Gateway to tne sogong Mipin, s. Fi,hlnB. walfclno. National farx. Air cono. . or riding, golf, tennis, bowl , (.iM. j,lin. andcetgan! tng. wineries, skiing. Budget plans four nights mid week: $50. 2 night w ends: $40. Whole unit. KIEWA VALLEY ACCOMM. Ph. Melbourne all hours. 489 1145. MT. MARTHA (Seaside) BAY VIEWS, holiday hse, dose beach, vac. 569 7731. FULLY Furn. SC Units, opp. belt.. .-ni... tv avail Wend, hols, f pates on application. MT. 1 maptHA MOTEL (059)7S156! -HOIICC avaliahi. with maenlf'cent I view. Walk to beach. 20 6101 I 1059) 74 1246. SC Fiat available. Bav glimpses, i : vaik to beach. 20 610' (059) : 74- 1246. : OMEO (Country) BLUE Duck Lodge. Anglers Rest. ; 6. Med. SC Units. B'.-ue. games ! room. Ashing, swimming, hiking. ' gold panning. Close to snowl'ne. ; Sit. on Cobungra Riv. 781 3155 i bus.. 787 2353 AH. 1 OUIILIB I CI A Klr ICHtirt.1 HOUSE new BV 2 BRs TV ii. 1 noS? 553 024. - : SELr - CON.Y. FLATS NOW VAC ALSO MiAIRCH AND EIA1STE.R. Seme colored TV, some sea 'front. Timbered settings and sea views. Ornery ose to strop and beach 4c. BYO linen. ROGAN R45AIL ESTTATE P.IL. S'S Thompson Ave.. COWES. PHVULIP IST 0S9) S2 237H. FT. LEO (Seaalda). PT. LEO. beach front house avail, after March 8. S75 pw. Ring 584 9428. POINT LONSDALE (Seaside). REACH HOUSE. Beachfront. SC unit, view shipping. J. CLAY I MOCE.RK houses and flats avail, for letting durinq March. J. T. KERLEY P L.. Main Rd. Pt. L'dale. (052) 52 1160. POBPUKK4U1 (Counrty). HOUSE for 7 to 8 people, avail. Easter hois. 842 3586 after 6.30 weekdays any time w'enas. MT RFAUTY ffCounti-V. I VICTORIA PORT FAIRY (Seaside), t EASTERN BEACH PLATS. Lux. 1-i BR. FSC. col. TV, B.BQ garden I area. Box 22. (055) 68 1117. ; HOLIDAY UNITS, Vans. Sltea. I Learnean (05S) 61 114S. THE TERRACE. Lux. hoi. tin ts opened inzBO. 79 m Deacn, FSC. Color TV. Prlv. crtyd. Ph. (055) 68 1743 or write Griffith St., Port Fairy. PORTSEA (Seailde) MODERN 3 br. Home avail, for Easter week. 5250. zbzks- ROSEBUD (SauMl). 1 nnunuri nuLiyAT rn. MOOMBA And E.ster Plats. Z 3 DUNEU HU. tl9) bedrm.. fully furn.. very Clean. i CI. beach and shops. 4S9 4202. i two oeorm. mos. House, wu P.w. CiOS peach. 3916476. " RYE (Seaside) HOL. House avail. 6:3(82 an wards. $70 pw. Not avail. Easter! Pn. 346 7090. : OWNEK Own nOllfla. HOUSt'ODD. beach, accom. 7. vac. front 6th March. SS5 pw. ElSter $19S. 560 6904. SORRENTO (Seaside). I A-A. Holiday Houses and Plats. ClAiArt C . jvnnjivn m -wvv Agents. Sorrento. (059) 842266 (No Inspections Sundays). SORRENTO. Above - average furnished beacft house, suit exe cutlve short or long term rental. Comp. 3 bedr.. 3 llvlngrms.. 2 bathrmi.. Vlt d'washeer. color TV and pfione if req. Inoulriea 87? 28SS (Geoff). THREE BR. holiday Itoriw. oae to beach end ehooi. 7582217. twa ji o aTii rvi-. KMfh. Avail. now, Easter, May holde. Phone f ft ft I 3-BEDRM. Hom 'n flulet street. ort wallc Doth beaehei, iargej Sirm with BBQ. Wkly. or fort-! . mgntay. Avau. reo. , i Aon:. P-hOne 439 3.16 Marchi ,2 BEDRS., walk bay beach, ear - oen. vac. mar., pr.. .i.u - 277 4072. said, tne candidate named iherl. jpAn niLL.ABH.n.,: LAKE Charm. Hoi. Home, F.S.C. Mod. cons. Accomm. 10. Handy! tourist attract. Vac. I now (054) 54 5255. TARNAGUtLA (Country). GOLDEN TRt ANGLE CARAVAN i fAKK. Kigni ,n nrr or xn Golden Triang!. al! brand new . WW 7329 Of PO 9 Tarnaau'ia Box 52- TarnaBu.,a. L TOOTGAROOK (Seastde), ! , i GOOD Flats, beach front, Easter l wiend. Cheap now. 052 B12261 VYARATAH BAY (Seaside). i "A" fnmt v House, aval for I weeKend letting. AH 82 7JB9. . nrtilAIAn nvwn MODE8NM Ctage on .creSj yiewl r,r!2';Si Bay. Phone 787 6959. WARRNAMBOOL (Seaside). BAYSIDE Lodge Holiday Fats. ; Modern 2 bedr.. quiet. FSC. C. ceacn, tennis, oowis. son. rer- A toa. noao, ivaa, PUBLIC NOTICES CITY OF BRIGHTON Whereas the Cun-.l! of the Citv of Brignton considers t desirab.e that the fc'iowlns streets be ciosed to thru, trath:. viz.: CaT Strit (lorthem end at Nepean Highway'; Tatong Read ;no;tnern end at Neoean Highway): Hemming Street (northern end at Nepean nignwav; ( B4rr street (northern nd .t r2peari nisnwair'. It ha ereoared a eraposat which Include (a A plan showing (1) The street or pert thereof concerned. (1) Tne point at which It fs proposed to erect barriers to prevent th passage of vehicles. Addresses of properties ab-Jt-t-ns cn tie stret or part .nereof concerned: and A 1st of owners o:cu-piers of such prooerties. TAKE NOTICE ; That oroposal mav he V-soe-ted a, the Mni'-!c: Oftirei, Boxthail St.. :b) That any person may od- Jet ta the proDosal a-d oujections in writ.r.g sho-j-d he ser-t to the Council wit;- !n two (21 wees of tne date of publication hereof. U3 Tat If any objection spe:l-tei that th objector desires to be heard sersona;:y he will have an opportu.-vtv of appearing before the Council or a committee of tr.a Council. V. I. FARAVTJNI. TOWN CLERK. MUNICIPAL OFFICES. BoxshaU St.. Srlgnton. Vic. S1 SB LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY BOARD Th Minister for Local Government, puriuant to tectton 24 of tha Local Government Act 1958. hat referred to tha Local Government Advisory Board tha question of tha advisability of tha re-subdivision of tha municipal district of the SHIRE OF WERRIBEE. Tha Advitory Board will conduct a public Inquiry Into tha matter at tha Council Chamber. Civic Centra. Werribe on Monday. IS March. 1982 commencing at 10.00 am. Retepavere and other interested peraont ar invited to attend and make submissions to tha Board if they ao deiire. (Johr. rt. Hawking) Acting Secretary LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY BOARD 480 Collin Street. MELBOURNE. 3000. Telephone: 817 1230. Th Local Govammant Advitory Board will conduct a public Inquiry into an application by th Shir ef Gliborn. mad pursuant to Section 23 of th Local Govammant Act 19S8. for r-ubdivision of ita municipal dittrict Th inquiry will be held at th Council Chmbrt. Shim of Gitbom on Tueaday 16 March. 1982 commnclnfl at 2.00 pm. Ratepayer and other interested pereont am Invited to attend and mak aubmitaion to the Board If they ao deiire. (John R. Hawking) ACTING SECRETARY LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY BOARD 480 Collins Strttt MELBOURNE, 3000. Tlphon6l7 1230. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY I0ARD Th Local Govammant Advitory Board wilt conduct a publie inquiry into a requeit of certain ratepayer of th Shim of Healaaville. mad purauant to aactlon 21 of th Local Government Act 1958 for th Toolangi-Ceatella dittrict of th Shim of Healeevill to b eerved them from and annexed to th Shim of Yea. Th Inquiry will be conducted at th Council Chamber. Shir of Heeletville on Thuradey. 18 March. 1982 commencing at 1 1.00 am. Ratepayer and other Intereeted pamon am Invited to attend and mak ubmlaion to th Board If they to detir. (John R. Hawking) ACTING SECRETARY LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADVISORY BOARD 480 Collin Street, MELBOURNE, 3000. Teleplion: 6171230 VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AUTHORITY 240 VICTORIA PARADE EAST MELBOURNE TELEPHONE: 6514011 pnELininnnv DETEnuinanons The Envlronmant Protection Authority and it. Dtlegattd Agenda. Determinations In relation to th, applications .ndor licancts to dlsch.rge (Appllctnt). (Addrai.ofOrschare. She) NS,oer)n,,0n State River. Keondrook Road. Water Supply Commlnlon KSHANS HI0017S7I The pra.ld.nt. CunctlortaV . Ratepayers of tne Shir, of Broadferd Zoological Board of Vict oria The Pretldant, CeuncttloraaV . Ratapayarsof tn Shir, of Betlarln, Harvester fto'bli Otf ' Australia Ltd.. CeWn. Street, ORYSDALE Th, l.Di.nade. NORTH SHORI VulHar, Rok), MORNINGTON Preliminary Oltirmlnitlont may be flawed et ne chare, and may b obtained at $1.80 each from th ffke of th. Isiulng body. Any parion may eblect in writing against a Preliminary Determination (Quoting th. Number) to th. Ittulng body wKhln 4S d.y. el this adv.rtTs.rn.nt. Final data for oblectlon I. 13 April I.VaI Invlr.nm.irt Autherlty 240 Vlcterle trade. East Mtlbeurne. 3002, TeteehetMij tV.W.S.V.'lat. Rrrar. Wettr luppty Commlul.n 110 MeaJ. Armadal., 3141 TeletftefMi (0 S11. PUBLIC NOTICES ART SALE. Tha Rotary Club of Belmont will again conduct Sidewalk Art Sal In conjunction with It, Annual Fair on March 27. No ejntry fee. Detail .val!- aoie toaniK,. ox ' . lllRS.nir itn Miinu.i ncunwn Sun. March 7th. 1982. Flaroy Gardens, rear Kiosk. Information B4Z 6bb0 CITY"OF SOUTH MELBOURNE EXTRAORDINARY ELECTION OF ONE COUNCILLOR FOR QUEENS WARD. Notice hereby given thet an Extraordinary -Election for one Councillor for the Quens Ward ot the City of South Melbourne will t.. . i..! i CATIIDHAV th TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY OF MARCH, 1982, to fnt-the vacancy t caused by the resignation of 'Councilor Carl Douglas Bode, and) -I further flive notice that I appoint; Mr 'Neil Leslie MARSHALL. Deoutv Town ClerV. Town HM. I South Melbourne, to the Deputy j Returning umcer. i Anv sermon desirous of nominating a. candidate snail, M-j tn th hours of 10 am and 4 nominating a. candidate snail, be- pm dally (excepting Saturday a-.d: Sunday) and before m on Fn-i day. tne fifth day of March. 1552,' which is nereoy appointed nwii-: NATION DAY. cause to be dei.v-l ered to the Return inq Officer or' Sis Deputy at the office of the twn.ii, iwii tih. nnn airer., : ammunnion. nou.a any oe ei-South .'Melbourne. nomination covered tney wli; be left in paper. In the form preserved in' position and School of Army the Local Government Act. 1958 j Health notihed (Telephone: (059) stating therm the surname and i b2 4166) christian or both name of tuirh i candidate, together with the other) particulars required (n and by the' said Act. Such nomination paper! shall fee signed: ( a) Under the'r own hands by- StiCh an lctfan? anrf ft) By the peraon named there- in as a candidate n token; of -his assent to being col named At the time erf eMfvm-v Returning Officer or Depjty Rc- lymina umter, ai ine on: oi i the Council Town Ha'1, Banx t airtti, aoutn Ffl ei 30'jrne. of any. such nomination paper i tnr.- awyi. luwi r..rn or on n S' bena:f shall pay Into the hendi "ie Returning Other or Deputy Returning Otfrcer. the sum ot: r'Tiy tro.iars ',SS0 ;.1 rasfl O- bv oran ay a sanve- which sne i be paid into the Murvctpa. r-JHQ, Larry M. Jo-e, Return.'na Officer for the Queens 27 Feormry, 1 982. Ward' CITY ,.OP. MOE .... L AUCTION Z$lt'iP FOR RECOVERY 2...UNPAID RATES AND-OTHER MONEYS ON ACCOUNT OF THF rrrv rtm ir.. . SATURDAY. 27 MARCH. at't m" CITY OPflCES. ALb'eRT sTREET. DESCRIPTION AwVi liS SIRTIi. .. i P.rt rS? . . r- m'Vnf AIIOmenf IOC, .. am 'J 0,Jf"agon. situ- Stle LJ6 M 28 Hunterj lSt Tf'.M... AiiSrV,.,, l,',!7L"; Part Crown! r.iotT,tnt. p,rll of Narra- can. .Ituarff Street. NewtMr.n. 133 Torres m.TE1M?L-I0,,i on' fan h,m. By ordeTo, tS, rc"ncT' 1982. R. J. Pugsley . TOWN CLERK. ClTr, OF CAMSERWELL-Notice of Meeting 7fr r'a-r:i-a Notire 1? hereby q;.-en ha amounts of the Munk.wify 2?' Jn ended 30tn A. "."j1' ; f'- nave Camberwe XfKF FLJ BTUFB ; .-t0r r.3V'.. 4N3 StW jo EXAM I N Eninj MEETING o be HELD at7 a: pm on MONDAY. 15th MARCH ; 1982, 1 MART'N VERHOEVEN, j v-m-' carninistJrator. ' rconniry. B2. CITY OF ST. KILDA. NOTICE Is Heresy given that' the accounts of the City of S ' c L "nr reT enoeo 30thl t.-akl. "uc" -si Ir.S-. j!' "ve oeen Ouy audited by the Auditor, appointed for that purpose by tne and the audited Statement of tie sa d accounts has been printed a-3 TteS at r 4.S. Town na'.. Cari:Sie S:reet. s K.Ida. w the i-isoect;on of in- terested paitfes suring oft:- Notfr fs hereby oiven finaily exami.r;.ng snd vtf'no thm aronts wilJ oe he'd at th Town Ha' I. Ca-;ls Street, bt. Ki.da. on Men day. 1 5:i Mar:n. 1952. at 8. CD p.m. W. A. SISSON. Town Cert EDWARDB DUNLOP LIMITED. CO. nosicw ;a nereoy given tna. duly comp-eted transfers of oM dinary shares and convertlh'el u-vsecud notes recred br th. company up tc 15 March. 182 tered before deterrting-i ! menu to the on I Sy Order of the Board K. F. INNS. Acting Secretary I I 2nd OsKieigh Scouts. Hardwork- mg committee, pn. o. uu.- '-"""r, liioi. h,A. . .. j oy the Auditor 9nH .V,;' ""'.'A- uyina aeiore i: an acwouni inuw- irir. men? of su.Jh r ,, hwie' a -ow trte winoinj up has oeen yanc sroxers the p-.ntd nS is iriV L"' conducted and giving any explan- nie ofaFinance8rolcexJt spectn by .ntetisSed SLrJ"' w thereof. Ml Ml. .sect. -8R0A0FORD Ht0017J7 HEfvVLLf- 1X0001.0,4 SW0042S4I rwoo4zstva SW001BC28 jDEPARTMEMT Of DEPENCI (ARMY) FIRINO PRACTICE AT UPPER YARRA VALLEY The public le warned thet firing practice will be carried " M .,.,.1 upper urn vi:t nir:e Range from am to 4 pm j mn.n i .... nnng practices are t b con- ducted. NORTH BOUNDARY O'Shannassy Aqueduct SOUTH BOUNDARY Station Road EAST BOUNDARY Plans Creek WEST BOUNDARY Don Road ENTRY ON BUSINESS Members of the nubile who desire to ente' the above area must obtain the prior, authority ef: I Senior Instructor School of Army Health HEALESVILLE. VIC. 3777. The public !s warned of the! - danger of handling unexploded DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE (ARMY). FIRING PRACTICE AT MAI f & O AT. Tie cud.ic is warned that Bring practice wiii be tarried' out in xhe area of: SaMa-rat Rf-e Range from 7 30 am to 3 pm on It Feb.., 1982. , BOLinda':t of tiie range a. vrrrc. Tir.r 0TCIam le Lo be - conducted t NORTH BOUNDARY. Cay tun Road. CANADIAN. . Baker . BJunOai-y Road. CAN- okj u i n ouuiiy ' AD . i ' goadNocAARNYA0tAN. ENTRY ON BUSINESS; I Mtmcers of the pubic who; des,re to the aoove area1 iruit obtain the prior authority; Mai B. Ryan. 21 RVR, Bal- la rat. Tr.e public Is warned of the danser of handling unexploded ammunition. Should any be discovered tney wil be left In position and 2 RVR Ealiarat . . , . . r-A Act. Notice Is gi.en that Blue Q.O.P. INDUSTRIES LTD. HJ Ho: den. reg. IME-034 (ew..).. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Jn1 rta Moke. ceg. IMO-4u4, THAT (ep.). will be? so:d on fth The Rwlseers of Memoerf will March. 1982. be cioeed from S pm on Tues- belorensnd and e nl owinj) ay 16t Mtrc B ., Paid. ST JO ROAD P'""'. 5 pm en Wednesday. 17th March. Rear J SI Stud Rd.,Dandenoih.. 19,2 f purpose of eeter- C,..T mr.NFLL HOLDINGS! . - ,y LTn ... mut.Vv uninniTinu' Notice :s nereoy b'vm pursuant to section 272 of tne :t that tne attairs ot me com-- nv hav. been fu-ly wound up my nav. seen tu.iy w"". c that a ii.-fA. ot snarc- Kpx-ptr wi't s hftid at te of- nf P R. CHARLWDOD & CO.. 2ND FLOOR. 237 LONS- DALE ST., DANDENONG on the itiTn Uv or MARCH. 1952. Jt j.30 pm lor the purpose of - DATOR. ' riDnu.D C Aiatii v .MV-CT.: MENTS PTY. LTD. m w 'n.i to section 272 of the Companies! Act that the affairs of tne Com-! oany have been fully wound up; ana znai a nnai - mmins or snareholders will be held at the Offices Of P. R. CHARLWOOD & CO.. 2D FLOOR. 237 LONS- DALE ST., DANDENONG on the i:n oay or iv.AK,n, e AO - 1 5 on tor tne nuroos of tavlnol before It an account showing how! the winding up nas been con-' ducted and giving any explanatory t .r-eo' 1 February. 12. ! T. H. iwlnburn. : LIQUIDATOR. rKraf-w GEORGE DYMOCK fcrm:!v Of 60 Hoddle Avenue. CaToceltown NSW. Would the aboverxfrned or any person having any Information (t"Ken-;vj tne of the abovenarred, p,a conta.t "hIGGINS SOLICITORS. 7th Floor. CanDrra House, 40 Mar- t-js Clar. Straer. Canberra Ctv ACT. bD7. 4t 04ES. TesMone (062) 1. WARSICK JOHN FINDLAY ot a rone v.ouri frjnitiion give notice that at the exptrat'on of; seven days, I Intend to lodge an! b Y0r Lourt Frankston give the Estate Agents Board, GPO: Box 2333V Melbourne Vktoia jool. SLAVOU.UB WALTER BECIC. ef 34 Lockhart Street Canvb?r- u.av I Mlvjft n.-il'ifAk fisit s satai ' expiration of fourteen days i i Intend to odga an application: : for an Estate AgenVs licence! ' with the Estate Agents Soard.i ' Any persons having rmor to ; object to this application should ; contact the Secretary of the Es-i tate Agent's Board. GPO Box' ! 2333V. Meiboure. Vic. 3001. t I. HELEN JANE TAYLOR, ef j Flat 2. 39 Vinter Avenue. Croy-i ! don do nereoy owe notice' tn 1 will not be re-E-orisibie' i tor any debu, oilis or other in-- I cuma-anres incurred by W!L- . l"aM TERRENCE TAYLOR, or! I guarantees cr -promissory notesi : whether a- not they appear to btvr my SiO-nature are herefcy re-! i voed. ,1. EDMUND ERMANIS ef Lot 7.1 i ts p.m. ont i,-:er.ce witn tha bstatc Agents; Wid, dW-Aiii-ie reAu-fcS , wiS be nn-i Board. Any persons having rea- NET OONALO? IS rring-irrg errtife- S3n to obHrt to tn I, appl-UT.on ; wHllam, Ra.ii V?aViiiH ST.n. 77 , for Sve ordi-' should contact th. SacStarv of 22";?? 'J??'" Youngs Road. Yarramoat give, TREPOINT. MARKET STREET, notice that at the expiration ef 7 SYDNEY, ON MONDAY, 1STH days I intend to lodge an Applies-! MARCH. 1982, AT 11.00 A.M. t on for an Estate Agents Licence' THE OBJECT OP THE the Estate Agents Board. Any i (NG. AS STATED IN THE RE-persons having reason to ooiect to' QUISITION OF LA MODE IN-ths application s!tetlid CP-tact' DUSTRIES PTY. LIMITED, IS the Secretary of the Estate, TO CONSIDER AND IP tg.'? ,BitrfviPO B-??n?333V-! THOUGHT FIT PASS THE FOL-Me.bourne Victoria. 3001. LOWING RESOLUTION AS AN I. PETER ALAN-COFFEY LOD-! DON. at 2 NkhtV.ton Ave Reservoir. 3073, win not t held responsible for any debt !n-uni in my name, except those incorreO bv me under written order accompanied by my ss- naiure. Mr. P. Lotsdon. I. GRFAEME EDWARDS of 14 Hunter Court North Bayswater, hereby flive notice that it is my :i;ent or to lodge an application with the Registrar of Fln:e Brokers for the issue to me of a Finance Brokers Licence. Railway Construction and Property Board BOX HILL TRANSPORT CENTRE Stition St, Clotwa t S BOX HILL Approval of Box Hill City Council hie been given to dot Station St at th level creating between 12.30 pm Saturday 27th rob. and 4.30 pm Sunday. 28th Fab. 1982. for construction purpose. Treffie will be d toured via Carrington Rd.. Elgar Rd. . and Whit Hon Rd. O.M.JAMES Project Director 3002 mad th. following Pr.llmin.ry wat tothmrlronmnt (Typ. Dtitt! pa of (iMulns dy) I.PJk. rminitl.n) Und-Nr Land-Nn fJJk. Uad-Water-Hew u.PJk. Wafar-Nrw S.R.W4.& Water-New S.R.W.S.C. Wetar-Amendad S.R.W.t.C.' t nrram KETMOR HOLDINGS PTY. LTBL I IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATr3 i Nolle la hereby ghrm .ursuxr to section 272 of tn Companies Act that the affairs of the Company hav. Man fully wound up and that a final meng M share-hotjem wW toe field at ffi. m.-, ' P. R. CHARLWOOO a. CO.. "7tONSDAL ST.. DANDE NONG am the 19tfl day f march, H2. at 2 mm tor th. puree ,f laying tMtor rt an account showing haw th wtraj-up has been conducted ana giving any emptanatJcM tharessf. filv no nitoS ittwiGl. 771,' j Du 16t Fwury, 1M2. i r jQUIDATOM. ,NJ?"T SCHEDULt Plemln Aav- 33-stat;n,,-rel.Un:B-..MS.knn-' mns appeals. .ATO' i'"nJ!' Investmense Pty. Ltd. of 356 Co!Mns St.. Melbourne against the refusal of the City of Coburg under Ita Interim development order and under the : Melbourne metrspelitan plarmin ' sche.-ne to erant . n.-nit ... terations and addition, t. i existlrg corner hote; en lad situated at S0Z. Sydney Road, Coeurg. . The grounds ef tfe refusal ta JT,iin? were the re- ?!!lrec,!,Bt .,ar Patklng ean- L1". T!. i. ,cUB5'i "' IS 'i". 10 J net In the best ';" of the city, as it does nothing to alleviate congested parking. Ail person who mar be efetrt-menrallv ,ecfis k .,. nn. a the permit will be entitled to be I heard upon the hearing oT the l appeal. If tfpre the 24th day ; of March. 1SS2. they In wrhrlne I notify the registrar of the Plan- ; nmg Appea's Board. SCO Colllna I St.. Melbourne, that they wish, to I be heard. The above statement le guuii.nea oy oirecnon ex the Planning Appeals Board. i CARROLL AND DILLON. Solicitors. 450 Lt. CelUns St.. Melbourne. ODE. Sat., 10 AtrH, h!d br fhe Gee!ong Morse Trial commlttM at Koembahla Perk, Ocean Grove Classes: No-ice restricted Nov.c and Freshmans, entries Mns. t. WeCurhm. 72 Laice Ave., Ocean G-ove. (032) 55 1670. ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE RIGHT OR WRONG? RING 384 3763 OR 818 132B AMD FlNO OUT HOW WE a ti l c V t i rfiS rO)T TOU. pbITutTng amp k-Unarn itvi- rillTOIPC llMlrMJ viak-:ss ?I;t3VZJl!LlZlet mH, Ci2 MetropoHean JrjnBiaj ssse 2- . Members wno ana finanetal and eligible to vote and nave not received a ballot paper please eon-tact the Returning Officer at 62 Lygon St.. Carlton. Ballot closes 12 march, 1H1, k p ,n . Hodees. IT: OFFICIR. RETURN mining those eligible for pav- ment on 31st March. 1982 ef an Interim Dividend In reaeect D'mbe'lV"-. 4rtn..ilr D ber, 1 981 of 4 cents per :, 7i7V ' capita, to.). Bv opnse e ru, enaen R. G. HILL SECRETARY. :n J-eDruary, ibz. RAMON ELI JOHN BUTLER. S Box Court. Lower Te,Tplestv. n-reby gives notice that it is n,y intention to lodge an ap-pji- . ne?alJ5irr ot issue ta Licence- .XTRAORDiHARYELECTN I. Terence HUQtl LARKINS. .ififS.SSf. 2T,"C" tfr the tfrtlw T wi y to BII the vacancy caused by the retirement of Dor-ald Diamond that th foH owing i no- vitu vm close, of nominations: IAN HAROLD BENNETT As the number f nomination; does not exceed th vacancy. t Ka A I latH I e-hekrasnVMpak aaakr I eak l.ea Harotd Bennett duly elected- as a Councillor for the Borough Riding for the Council ot th Smre of Glsbom for the term of ofhc explrlna in August 19"- , , T. H. La lit I ns Returmng Officer. WANTED! All ex-Studer.t wigruioc no i-ne.sea nmn Schoo.s who wer in Forma 4. 5 and 6 in 1971. A big reunion is planned. Pleas call Trisn fir details- Ph. 726 7110 efter 6 pm. LAW NOTICES ;ArTR clr .i,. cations w.ti be made to the Su- w.t. rf-.H k, Yk ruj V t. 2Sh.r i t V jmawluA mT-lf-wwam i5Ir rT2JA picm. .,n max rrooate ot tne .7?MVu5T-J!ilJ? BRADMILL INDLtSTRltB LIMITED - .... RMBterad ofRcac 31th Floor. St. Martin Tow fa. " Market Street Sydney. . N4.W. 2000 NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING PURSUANT6 Va A5,V,t.N qmYsiTION BY LA uartm ?m" ?HiT'T.,0-N .5.L LfiJfSJlf RrJSTRATtfTH TnE? Vi'j So;,,...1'-,1 r!.s0,F..IHJl ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. AN EXTRAORDINARY GEN- ERAL MEETING OP THE STOCKHOLDERS OF THE ABOVENAMED COMPANY WILL BE HELD AT THE GRAND HALL, PODIUM LEVEL. CEN- RiS-OLUTJONi "THAT TMt smrkMOLnti, v OF BRADMILL INDUSTRIES LIMITED ("BRADMILL") APPROVE THE REPLACEMENT OF . TOOTAL LIMITED ("TOOTAL") BY 8 RUCK (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED ("BRUCK") At THt MAJOR SHAREHOLDER IN BRADMILL BY APPROVING AND AGREEING TO THt PURCHASE BY BONAN PTY. LIMITED ("BONAN") (A SUBSIDIARY OF BRUCK) FROM TOOTAL OR ANY OP ITS RELATED COMPANIES OF AN ENTITLEMENT (WITHIN THt MEANING OP THAT TERM IN THE COMPANIES (ACQUISITION- OP SHARES) CODE (NEW SOUTH' WALES)) TO THAT NUMBER OF BRADMILL STOCK UNITS WHICH WOULD GIVE BONAN AND ITS RELATED COMPANIES AN ENTITLEMENT OF UP TO S0.S OP THE VOTING SHARES IN BRADMILL: SUCH PURCHASE TO TO BE ON TERMS EQUIVALENT TO THOSE SIT- OUT AND EXPLAINED IN THt CIRCULAR PREPARED BY TOOTAL, AND BRUCK WHICH ACCOMPANIED THI NOTICE CONVENING THIS MEETING (WHICH TERMS INCLUDE ARRANGEMENTS AS DETAILED IN THE CIRCULAR WITH RESPECT TO THE ACQUISITION OP CERTAIN TOOTAL TRADE MARKS IN AUSTRALIA. S4.S M. OF tRADMILLS CONVERTIBLE NOTES AND A RESTRICTIVE COVENANT FROM TOOTALL." By erder f th. Boer. SKretitT. C. t. MURPHY DATED at tydnrv the 26:h day of Febru.ry 192 PROXIES A member e-rtrtid te attend and vote at this meet!. I. entitled to appoint not mere than two proxies to attend and vet. In- hi. place. A prory need not be a member. Where mora than an. proxy 1, appointed, each proxy must be appelnred to represent a neemaot proportion of member', vetin rights. Prex-lca mum km .mai.. ed Jn wrlting. CREDITORS next of Kin and ethers having claim. In raapect f IheWiu of ANDREW JOHN CHEYNE lata of 427 Ciarxa St.. FalrB.ld. Pensioner deceased wha died on Sth June, 1981 ara hereby retruesttd to Send Particular, of such claim, to ttia ExKutor EDWARD JAMES CHEYNE of First St.. SVratii-V e:d. .cw' !n car. of , j.n.t. ai.T.. ao.icitor. Numurfcah. I by th. 30th day of April. 192 I after which date the said ex.- I cutor will proceed to distribute i the assets of the said deceased ifv "? effTd 0I"T w t e:a!nw ef which h. th.. t.-,. ..... JPRANCIS BRACKEN lata JfSt. Roc'. Preabytary ZOO rrka Road Glen lr. to .V4crta (-athoM, rrSa peceaad. Would any .xiun J2 knowing eftSJ wjeraaboote ar a was a tha abovanawned Deceased aMaae rru LEO ROWNM SSZt-tnr of 180 tia-m stret Cart tea (Tat. Mo. 347 1455) THI Paronw ef ARCHER: tHUL. swan e, Co. tvish to advise that aa from tha 26th day ef February. 1982. Mr PAUL C kWaCS wrll ratlr, a. a p.rtrir and Intend, to axan the Roll af Counsel and, to practise aa a Barrister at law. Mr Kovaca wlehea sa tsk. this easnortunlty of -facprasaina h.s ancere appretiatfoi, to all of the Ftrm'e cAents -for their ease support and friend. h-p. Th. busmen of Mesana. Archer Shulman s, Co. wH eontmua to be cau-ried ejn- bv tha remaining Partner., Messrs. Ptviiiia Shurmart. Kerry Duncan and Philip Sneeze, at 140. Ooaan Street. Ma. bourne. Taiaphena 6023422. bv the said W.ll. i e Oft

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