Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1966
Page 12
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(Itma) ADVANCI THURSDAY, JUNB 7, 1*6 -l-l I I'M i H ill I I MM I M H H 1 Around Algona iydNitTA DlDRlKSEN n'Unin MM n 11111 ti 11 . Mr. and MM, Robert Arndor* ter teft Monday for Florida taking the former's sister Jane With them as a graduation gift. They Will be away two weeks. Phon.29S.2605 11II l II111 mil I ii I HIM i The lint grandchild for tht Witt. 'Towloffs, Sr. is a girl born May 14, at Sioux City Methodist Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. William Tordoff, Jr. The infant weighed eight pounds, seven ounces, and has been named Miahelle Lynne. Mrs. Tordoflf Sir, drove to Sioux City Saturday for a shower honoring her dau- ghter-ih-law. Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Bohr, Si. gourney, came Sunday to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Webster and were joined Mon* day. by Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rae of Mason City. The women are sisters. Old friends of Mrs, E, A. Bowles, former Algoniah, may be interested to know that she has been visiting her daughters, Lucille at San Francisco, and Ella Ruth at COos Bay, Ore. Mrs. Bowles lives in Memorial Home at Harian, suffers from arthritis and glaucoma, but still gets to see her children quite often and some of her 33 great grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Spong- TNURS. Thra SAT. JUNE 2-3-4 ALGONA I COjrornno g TO sromng A j • "• fames mocarthur martin balsam/wally cox/eric portman SECOND FEATURE Indian Gol and Blood-Red PUMNM ANNOW COUMt LEX BMKER • NEMERTIOM • 60TZ GEORGE • KRRE BRICE SUN. Thra WED. JUNE 5-6-7-8 ALGONA ( * DEAN MARTIN 9s MATT HELM SELASIEVENS-DAUAHUVi -CfflfflARBSE«w HOW.. -THIS If NOT A fOU KIODIK... 8UT IT Will GIV£ MAHY4 MM Y01W6 W£A$! ITS A PEgFCCT glOT OFOAMK, COLUMBIACOLOH berg oatne Satui-diy from Dav- ctrport tuid left on Sunday Uk- ihg his toother, Mrs, Al Spong- bcrg, back with them. They were to have dinner with her son-in-law and daughter, the Tom Thompsons, at Des Moines, enrottte. Mr, and Mr*. Peul Kraft, their daughter Val and two grandchildren, all of Waterloo, came Sunday and remained till Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. George Scuffham. The women are sisters. On the previous Monday the Scuffhams had as guests Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morris of St. Paul who had been at Livermore to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pooch and were enroute home. Mr. Morris is a brother of Mrs. Pooch. DEAN MARTIN IS MATT MlLM IN "THt ilLJNCfftt" STARTING SUNDAY AT THI ALOONA THIATRI Mr. and Mr». John Waggamen came Saturday from Fairfield for an overnight visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolcott and brought with them the women's mother, Mrs. C. F. Wheeler, who will remain here for several weeks. Mrt. Lyl« Mathtt Itft for the West Coast Tuesday, accompanying Mr. and Mrs. William Krause of Fairmont, whose daughter is the wife of Herbert Mathes. They are going first to Hawthorne where the Krauses will visit and Mrs. Mathes will fly to Reding where she will be met by her son Herbert for a stay with his family at Dunsmuir. She also hopes to see Frank Mathes and his wife at Pasadena during the month she is away and will return home with the Krauses. P.arl Walker is visiting her mother, Mrs. Rubie Walker, and will return to Chicago Saturday after a ten day visit here. She is accompanied by Mrs. Gvven Hill, also of Chicago, and they drove through the Ozarks before coming to Algona. Dean Martin as Matt Helm, special agent in "The Silencers," is unexpectedly interrupted in this bucolic romantic scene with Stella Stevens. Daliah Lavi and Cyd Charisse are others in the Columbia Pictures release, an intrigue-and-action comedy in Columbiacolor. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre attended Commencement at Iowa Falls Thursday evening and remained with their daughter Betty's family, the Dennis Gahans, overnight. The Gahans oldest son, Bill, who was one of the graduates, plans to attend Ellsworth College at Iowa Falls next year. party sailed to New Zealand struck a whale enroute and after they had reached their destination it was announced that the Mariposa would remain in dry dock several days for necessary repairs. When she arrived back in California Mrs. Hutchison again visited the John Car* rolls, her daughter's family at San Jose and brought two of her grandchildren, ten year old Steven and Holly Carroll, seven, home with her by train. They visited at the Ted .Hutchi- sons in Des Moines and Tom, the other son, brought them to Algona and remained'for the Holiday weekend. Victor Samson laft by plana Tuesday of last week having remained here for a time following the burial of his wife whose body he had brought from Florida. He was a guest of his sister, Mrs. Vic Parsons, and their mother, Mrs. Claude Samson, at the Good Samaritan Rest Home, Mr. and. Mrs. Parsons went to Chicago earlier to attend a convention of Druggists Mutual and from there Mrs. Parsons flew with Mr. Samson back to Fort Lauderdale. She plans to remain a couple of weeks helping him to get established to living alone in the home where he will continue to live. Vic is engaged in, construction work, doss inside finishing, and is now working on a new 40 story Condiminium at Pompano Beach. Anton Didriksen laft Tuesday morning for International Falls, accompanying his son Roger of Des Moines, who is on a business trip for his firm, Shell Che- .nical, and they hope to get in some fishing. Meantime, tnis reporter is visiting her daughter- in-law and grandsons at Des Moines, and her sister, Mrs. F. B. Seeley, in Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Knupp and daughter, Washington, la., were Sunday guests of the Robert L. Darbyshires and remained for the baccalaureate .service and an open house held afterward by the Darbyshires in honor of their daughter Kathy, one of the graduates. Mrs.: Knupp is Mr. Darbyshire's sister. Three awards for seniors at school LuVerne — At Commencement Tuesday awards were given. Elaine Schnakenberg, daughter of the Thees Schnaken- bergs received the citizenship award. Danforth leadership awards went to. Earl Will, son of the Robert Wills and Jane Hanselman, daughter of the Earle Hanselmans. Mrs. T. C. Hutchison arrived home Saturday after an extended absence during which she spent three months in Califor nia, then went on a cruise the Pacific stopping over of at many interesting places besides spending two weeks in New Zea land and three weeks in Japan, a country she enjoyed very much. The ship on which her Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Anderson drove to Des Moines Saturday going to the graves of his parents, then had lunch with a group of cousins whom they met by pre-arrangement at Merle Hay Plaza. Saturday afternoon Andersons went to Early and remained through Sunday with the Harold Mosh- eVs who now are operating ^heir motel there. Swea Boy's State candidates named Eugene Person and William Mino, both of Swea City, have been named Boy's State candidates by the American Legion and Lions clubs at Swea City. They will attend Hawkeye Boy's State June 5-11 at Des Moines. Person is the son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Person and is a junior. Mino is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Mino. FOOT BONE BROKEN Carl Goetsch,'Algona, has his right foot in a cast since May 23. A rail was dropped on his foot breaking the one bone and cracking another. He will carry the cast for six weeks. Mrs. Marie Brown, Omaha, Neb., was a weekend visitor with her daughter, the John Pergandes. Mrs. Howard Swanson was • medical patient in the hospital at Britt the past week. At the Merriam home for Kathy's graduation were the Kenr neth Wagrrrs, Frank Webers, Richard Nails, Jo3 Grandgen- etts, Mrs. Marvin Scheffelmen and Prisci'.lla, Albort Merriam, grandfather, all c<: Corwith, the Jim Tillions, Mrs. Moilie Tillion, Eagle Grove, and Douglas Nelson, Lu Verne. Danny Ellifritz came May 16 after 2Vz years service in the navy. The son of the Bonnie Ellifritzes he received his basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Base, Chicago. Serving in several foreign countries he came from Greece by plane. Arriving in Virginia he visited his sister, the Charles Porters. Mr. Porter is in the Marines. The James Mallorys, sponsors of the youth fellowship of the LuVerne Methodist church, entertained the members at a picnic at their home in LuVerne. Mrs. Earle Hanselman, his mother, Mrs. Anna Hanselman, visited Wednesday with Mrs. Bertha Nelson, 89, Frost, Minn., mother of Mrs. Earle Hanselman, living in the Timely Mis sion Nursing Home in Buffalo Center. The Harold Lichtys, Idaho Falls, Idaho, came to visit Memorial day with his mother Mr*. Ftye Ltetity, They were joined by the soft, the De fay Lillys, Mason City. lMlMtry Oulld met Wed- neiday with Mrs. Carroll Gillespie it her farm northeast of Renwick. Invited guests were Mrs. Peter Ruberg, fort Dodge; Mrs. fiddle Bygness, Mrs. Carl Relllng, Mrs, Edwin Hunt, Mrs. Milford McPeak, Renwick. Mrs Bygness accompanied singing by the group. Mrs. Earl Neal led devotions. Belated poems and readings for Mother's Day were given by Mrs. Hunt and Emma Krause, LuVerne. Mrs. Albert Heft!, Mr*. Law- rehce O. Miller, Mrs. John Stampka and. the women's mother, Mrs. Mathilda Stoddard, visited Wednesday to Friday at Howard Stoddard's, Carthage, S.D. They won't for the gradua tion of David Stoddard. Dway ne Stoddard, 19, older son of the Howard Stoddards, left May 24 for army service. The W. Raymond Leglers, hit parents, the Wilson Leglers, Ft. Dodge, went to Knoxville for the graduation of Ruth Ann Legler, daughter of the Earl Leglers. Mrs. Lena Him, sons Herbert and Frances, LuVerne, daughters Mrs. Bernard Miller, Mrs. Joe Underberg and Dean, Ft. Dodge, attended graduation at Lakota May 23 for Pamela Rusher, daughter of the Harley Rushers. The Allen Blakes attended the graduation of Donna and Dennis, twins of the Verne Raf dais, at Titonka Monday. The Friendly 500 card club met Tuesday with Mrs. Ernest Meyer. Guests were Mrs. Char les Hinz, Mrs. Cecil Jolliffe Mrs. James Gilligan. High, Mrs. Gilligan and low, Mrs. Tillie Stoddard. Mrs. Alta Madden, Ringsted, visited Wednesday to Friday with her sister Mrs. Alma Madden. The William Goetsches, Lu Verne, their daughter, the Jon Putnams, Algona, their guests his parents, the Darel Putnams, Ponca, Neb., spent Sunday and Monday at West Okoboji in the cottage of the Carl Goetsches, daughter the Duane Rileys, Algona. Dean and Ronald Trauger were weekend guests of their parents the Harold and James Traugers. They are students at Mankato State. Fred Baumgartner entered Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Thursday for medical treatment. . .. Mrs. William Goetsch, Lu Verne, her mother Mrs. John Sykes, Livermore, attended the graduation of Marion Wagner at Webster City, Friday. Mrs. Minnie Dickie, Mason City, spent the weekend at her brother the Fred Baumgartners. , ThnTUES. JUNE$.*.7 STAKUti DRIVE-IN SECOND FEATURE HIONY W AN ASTOUNDING fclUl'ARf OVM TMtti UNItlD tTATESt [tfl PMQUCTKWS *t nutil— BURT LANCASTER KIRK DOUGLAS FREDR1C MARCH AVA GARDNER TNURS. Thra SAT. STARLITE JUNE 2-3-4 DRIVE IN National Safety Study reveals: 16.6% CARS FLUNKED ON SAFETY-CHECK Be sure your car is SAFE-se^ your Sinclair Dealer! Faulty lights, hazardous brakes, exhaust systems aj$ tjres - these head the list of safety defects in cars. Have your nearby-Sinclair Dealer give your car a thorough Safety-Check - put it in trip-shape for warm weather driving. He'll change oil, lubricate correctly. You'll be ready to go! Qrivf in tQday at the sign of the Sinclair Dinosaur. Hilton's Sinclair Service 295-3654 State $ Jones Streets Sunday Mrs. Dickie and Mrs. Baumgartner visited Fred Baumgartner at Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge. PLUS SECOND FUN HIT! »«»<i,PAUt.JONES-61«w«,NORM*NTAUROG IMM,lllM<C>*,Cl«WtaMS»,l,r,«.M M « - •MTHUII$CHWMTi-UM*SAMM*CMM THURSDAY IS.. BUCK HIU! I Yes Sir- . . . YOU*.CAR AND I Att ITS OCCUPANTS WILL BE ADMITTED FOR •> ONE BUCK , (A QOLLAR TO YOU] SPECIAL NIDHWHT SHOW SAT., JUNE 4 * MMISCH-CLMIOE PHOOUCTIOM WICAWB THOU UNITED MTIiTS The celebrated play that chocked Broadway comes boldly alive on the screen! ALGON Sunday thru Wednesday, May 2*-June 1 "NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY" Clint Walker — Martha Hy«r Thursday thru Saturday, June 2-4 "BEDFORD INCIDENT" Richard Wldmork — Sidney Peitier Plus "TREASURES OF SILVER LAKE" Sunday thru Wednesday, June 5-1 "THE SILENCERS" Dean Martin — Stella Stevens Thursday thru Saturday, June t-11 "GUNPOINT" Audie Murphy — Jean Staley Plus "WEEKEND AT DUNKIRK" Sunday thru Wednesday, June 11-IS "GHOST and MR, CHICKEN" Don Knotts -^ Joan Staley Thursday thru Saturday, June la-li "BIG HAND FOR A LITTLE LADY" Henry Fonda — Joanne Woodward Sunday thru Tuesday, June H-21 JUDITH" Sophia Loren — Paler Finch Wediujsday thru Saturday, June 22.2S "FIREBALL 50Q" Frankia Avalen -<- Annette Sundfy thiv W«d»eiday, June 2»-2» "THi SINQING NUN" Dchhif «cyn«lds Thuifdgy thru Salurdgy, ^*« 30-July 1-9 "KING HAT" <*eorge SagaJ t* T«« Courtney JUNE-1966 Thursday thru Sunday, May 26-29 "BIKINI BEACH" "SURF PARTY" "GIRLS ON THE BEACH" SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW PREVIEW SUNDAY MAY 29 Monday thru Wednesday, May 30-31—June ] "FATHER GOOSE" Cary Grant — Leslie Caron Plus "ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS" Thursday thru Saturday, June 2-4 "NORTH TO ALASKA" "You're Never Too Young" John Wayne — Stewart Granger Jerry Lewis — Dean Martin SPECIAL MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY JUNE 4 ~~ "TOYS IN THE ATTIC" Qean Martin — Yvette Mimieux Sunday thru Tuesday, June 5-4-7 "DEAR BRIGITTE" '''SEVEN DAYS IN MAY" James Stewart — Irlgitte lardot Kirk Pouglas — Burt Lancaster Wednesday thru Saturday, June i-11 "MAGIC FIRE" "KISS OF THE, VAMPIRE" "FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER" Sunday thru Wednesday, June 11-15 "RED RIVER" "THE ROUNDERS" John Wayne *-r Montgomery Clift Glen Ford — Henry Fonda Thursday thru Saturday, June 16-11 • J»o« Knattf.-r.Jaen .Staley '«E! u f_i B . l <"«* Stewart "SHENANDOAH' W>* •»•«••• 9 - - w^m* v* v*v/ 'Ghost and Mr, Chicken" Special Midnight Show Saturday, June 18 "THE CARETAKER!" Robert Stack — Joan Crawford Sunday thru Tuesday, June 19-21 "DO NOT DISTURB" "MURIETA" Doris Day -~ *od Toylgr J«H Hunter -, Arthur Kennedy Wednesday thru Saturday, June 22-25 "CAPTAIN NEWMAN M. D-" "MsHALJ'S NAVY" Sundoy thru Wedn»»d fy , June Th^sdoy ton "|HANI W AlOO Lidd -w V *"«» >9 't- Jviy 1-} ^WHAT A WAY TO SO SHQW STARTS AT DUSK COME OUT EAR^Y AND ENJOY HOMEMADE

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