Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 2, 1966 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1966
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE J, 1M* Flyer Determined to Keep His Wings By Abigail Van Buren (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune - N. Y. News Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: After my husband had a close call, he promised me he would quit flying for a hobby, but he sneaks off and flies anyway. He's even lied to our insurance man about it. I know he still flies because when the weather is bad and he can't get home, he has to call me. I love him, but I've even threatened to leave him. ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCE-3 at the McNider Museum In Milson City. Marilyn Skow, daughter of the Joe Skows, of the national honorary dramatics fraternity, was one of four students from this area honored for scholastic and extra-curricular achieve* nients at Cedar Falls. The Philip and Cletus Stud- ers attended a reception at the parental J. P. Studer's* Algona, for the graduation of Margaret Studer from Garrigan. The Vern Reddings, Woden, were Sunday guests at the parental Paul Studer's for Muriel Studer's graduation from the parochial school. Robert Kirkpatrick and his mother, Mrs. Lucille Kirkpatrick, Omaha, were Wednesday guests at Bill Koppejn's. They also visited her sisters, Mrs. Paul Flaherty and Mrs. Helen Axness. The Jack Fridereses, Wilmington, 111., were holiday weekend guests at the parental George Ricke's. Other Sunday guests were the Richard Rickes, Grand Meadows, Minn., Wayne Arndorfer, St. Benedict; Marjorie O'Rourke, Algona; Mike We Start work on now gas system at Titonka Construction on the $55,000 to $60,000 gat »y«Um at Titonka began last week and it is expected to be completed in about six weeks. The new gas system, to be made of all-welded steel with plastic covering on the outside, will serve propane vapor the first year but officials of the North Central Public Service Co. of Algona are optimistic of natural gat for the following year. All equipment on the system is sited for natural gas and It it more than adequate for propane. Ledyard will also have natural gas sometime in the near future after approving a franchise recently for North Central. Walter Baade will manage the Titonka operation after construction Is completed. He recently attended a school at Omaha, Nebr., and has had on-the-job training in Algona. Chef tfie Harold fichtyl, Idaho, The Peftr Johnsons ens! Me*! end guest* of their fMfttiet, FaHs, Idaho who came Friday. (Larsons, Sioux City, were week-(Albert Wilhelms. have four children and 1 don't want a divorce, but I can't take worrying about him all the time. What is your advice? FLYING WIFE DEAR WIFE: If you can't persuade your husband to quit flying and you don't want a divorce, your remaining alternative is to learn to live with it. Apparently your man is determined to have wings, and from your description of him, he's not likely to sprout any. DEAR ABBY. I have a sister-in-law who's smart, book- wise, and she doesn't let anybody forget it for a minute. She's a Stanford graduate. Big deal! My complaint: Whenever there is a family gathering, she suggests word games like "Twenty Questions" or "Charades," or something where she can show off how smart she is. We are a fairly intelligent bunch, but nobody except this one sister-in-law is interested in playing these brain games, which are more like contests. She's the bossy type and talks everyone into it every time we get together. How can we get out of playing these games without looking like poor sports? HATES THOSE GAMES DEAR HATES: Speak for yourself. If you don't want to participate in "brain games," say so. And by the way, the rest of the bunch can't be as "intelligent" as you say they are, or they wouldn't permit themselves to be maneuvered into playing games in which they have no interest. Not consistently, anyway. DEAR ABBY: This is to further support your comforting statement that the gestation period of a child can be well over 10 months: There was a case in England early in the century in which the husband, an army officer stationed in India, had sued on the ground that the child could not possibly have been his; the gestation period having been nearly 11 months. The case went to the house of lords, which is the equivalent of our Supreme court, and the LADY finally won. The decision was, "While it is highly unusual, it is NOT impossible to carry a child for nearly 11 months. R. S. CONFIDENTIAL TO J. G. IN ABILENE: Here's a good rule to follow: If you don't know a person wejI enough to borrow money from him, don't lend him any. 90069. For envelope. Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed Wesley man is named Legion district head Wesley — The Bill Goetzes, Ed Johnson, Alvin Becker, Lyle Hirner and Don Studer attended the Legion and Auxiliary conference in Des Moines Saturday. Goetz was elected 8th district commander and Alvin Becker was appointed adjutant. Father Gerald Zeman was elected chaplain. They will take office at the state convention in Des Moines August 1. Lyle Babcock, Ft. Dodge, is present commander. RETURN FROM WEST The Leo Bleichs returned Saturday from California after the winter with two daughters, the Jack Bohns at Palos Verder, and the Willis Bohns at Belveder Tiburon. Leo was hospitalized nine weeks in the Veteran's hospital in San Francisco. The Bleiohs traveled by train. They were brought home from Des Moines by their daughter Lorraine, the Jerry Galloglys, West Dest Moines. will be at 7 and 9 a.m. beginning June 5, instead of 8 and 10 a.m. Guests at Rich Rolling's Sunday for Linda's graduation from Garrigan were the Cyril Rollings and Mrs. Josephine Reiling, Carroll, and the Norman Rows, Fort Dodge. The latter also visited Neuroth relatives. Norma Goetz, daughter of the Joe Goetzes, and Frank Biegger, Des Moines, will be married in St. Joseph's Catholic church Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. The George Johnsons, Denver, Colo., were weekend guests at G. M. Studer's. They also vis ited in Algona and Bancroft. Cliff Carlson will be a guest artist at the Hancock art show to be in conjunction with the Hancock County Dairy day at Klemme Juna 8. He is sculptoi Vitzthums, the Dean Rickes, Marvin Eischens, and Connie Lickteig. The Wilfred Beckers had a group of relatives and friends Monday for the graduation at Garrigan of their daughter Mary Jo. Guests included the Ted Potthoffs, Carroll; John Spangler and Terry Fox, Jamesville, Minn.; the Clarence Pta- ceks, Garner; Fred Kortes, Britt; Anton Beckers, Bode; Ralph Kramers, Livermore; Roman Thills, Algona; Daryl Neuh- rings, Ft. Dodge; Alvin Kaysers, Bancroft; Will Beckers, St. Benedict; Gary Meyers, Garner; Clarence Beenkens, Harold Eischens, Will Hauptlys, Bernard Kunkels, Gerald Kirschs and Ruth and Helen Lickteig. Mary Jo will attend Mankato Com merical college this summer, leaving June 6. Sunday guests of the Beckers were the Don Reddens, Minneapolis, and the Clarence Beenkens. The Wilfred Beckers were guests at Will Becker's, St. Bene diet, Sunday for the son Tony, graduate from Garrigan. The Beckers were also guests that evening at Albin Kayser's, Banr croft, for Ed Kayser's graduation from St. Johns. The Albert Lickteigs had a large group of relatives and friends Sunday for Dennis Pott- hoffs graduation at St. Joseph's parochial, and his brother, Don's graduation from Garrigan. Don will be employed on the Philip Studer farm this sumrrer and plans to attenri junior college at Emmetsburg this fall. Dennis will attend Garrigan. The Bob Yohns, Bloomington, Minn., spent the Memorial day weekend at the parental, Mrs. Mae Carman's. Other guests Sunday were the Lou Garmans, Livermore, and their daughter, Judy and two classmates at Iowa City, Dixie Bond and Louisa Johnson. Mrs. Garman and John were guests at Francis Pierce's May 23 for Barbara Pierce's graduation from the Britt high school. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer had as Memorial day weekend guests her son John, the Ed Pfeffers, Ames, and Marguerite Pfeffer, Des Moines. Bonnie Reising was given a reception at her parental, Andrew Reising's Sunday following graduation from Garrigan. Guests included the Jim Reisings, Garner; Tom Reisings, Bode; Alvin Edens, Britt; Fred Schneider, Bancroft, the Philip and Cletus Studers, and the Luke Youngwirths. Bonnie received a foreign language award. Guests at Kenneth Haverly's alter the first mass in St. Joseph's church for a brunch for Dorothy and Barbara, 8th grade graduates, were Mrs. Clara Haverly and Audra and the Ray Kollasches. The Kenneth and Dennis Ha- verlys and Ray Kollaschs were guests at Mrs. Veronica's, West Bend, Sunday for the graduation of Carol Higgins from high school. Cub scouts who recently received awards were Dale Golwitzer and Jim Studer received Bear Badges; Bob and Ron Reiling, gold arrows; Chuck Robinson, gold and silver; Mike Monson, silver arrow. Frank Bleichs had a large group of relatives and friends Sunday for their twin sons, Bob and Dick, Garrigan graduates Dick will be 'Me guard at the swimming pool and Bob will be employed in Johnny's market during the summer months. Jim Walker came home Ias1 week from Omaha, where he completed a four year course at Creighton university. He is the oldest son of James Walker and the late Phyllis Walker. Donna Bleich who teaches in Moline, 111., spent the holiday weekend at the parental Frank Bleich's. The Art Haverlys, Bloomer, Wis., were May 14 weekend guests of Mrs. Clara Haverly and Audra. They had visited her brother Albert Davis, a patient in an Osage hospital, and Art's sister, the Casper Coopers, in Hampton. Marie Lynn and Mark Haverly.,spent ...the .May 14 weekend with their grandmother, Mrs. Clara Haverly, while their par- ents were in Minneapolis through the courtesy of the Kossuth Mutual Insurance Co., for whom ~>aul is adjuster. Sunday guests at the parental Mrs. Emma Olson's for Mike's [raduation from Garrigan Sunday were Oscar Wagners, Mason City, the Kay Olsons, Deni son; Don Olsons, Ft. Dodge; Del Gildners, Mason City; Ray Char- bonneauxes, Crystal Lake; Mrs. Clara Haverly, Mrs. Mary Olson, Algona; Mrs. Mae Garman and John, Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer, and her guest, Marguerite Pfeffer, Des Moines. Mike has enrolled in automation training school in Kansas City. Mrs. Paul Kelly, Britt, and her mother, Mrs. Joe Goetz, attended a pre-nuptial shower for Norma Goetz in Des Moines Satr urday. Norma will marry Frank Biegger Saturday in St. Josephs Catholic church. +»»»«»»e««ee»»»ee»eeeeee Lu Verne Fern Bigings *»»+»»»»««e»ee»eeeeeee»e The Laurel Bentleys, Fair field, visited over Memorial day here. They visited her father Phil C. Lichty and his sister Grace Liehty at Rotary Ann Home, Eagle Grove. Miss Lichty accompanied them here and is a guest in the Mrs. Faye Lichty home. George Schnetzer, Connie Cindy and Jane, have gone to visit his father F. G. Schnetzer in Osceola and relatives in Kan sas City, Mo. The De Ray Lichtys, Mason iCityiioame Sunday .for Memorial day with his mother Mrs. Fay Lichty and her guests his bro WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS We are happy to announce that Sjogren's Grocery is back in business and now open. We have a complete stock of groceries, dairy products and other items to serve your needs. We are still in the process of completely stocking our store so please bear with us for a few more days while we are getting settled in our new store (at the same familiar location). Stop in and say hello. We will be most happy to see the same old faces we know so well and invite each of you to stop at SJOGREN'S GROCERY this weekend. Lots of new fixtures, lights, flooring, etc., but the same old friendly service. SJOGREN'S GROCERY Corner of Jones and North Streets ALGONA .VJV.VSM IN DOWNTOWN MINNEAPOLIS 4 ;-• '•••.- '••'," EXTRAORDINARY, .yat inexpensive COMPLETES COURSE Marine Private Thomas Reiling has completed combat training at Camp Pendleton, Calif. The four week course included over 200 hours of instruction under simulated combat conditions, covering squad tactics, guerilla warfare, day and night combat, patrolling and the use of infantry weapons. His next stop is four weeks of basic specialist training. He is a son of the Rich Reilings. TO TEXAS BASE Paul Goetz has been selected for training at Sheppard air force base, Texas as an airforce aircraft maintenance specialist. He is a 1964 graduate of Garrigan and recently completed bar sic training at Lackland, Texas- He attended Hamilton's Business college, Mason City. He is a son of the George Goetzes. Masses in St. Joseph Catholic church Sunday for the summer the ALL NEW HOTEL. mem .Sui-h charming roojp , v gugh . wond^-ful food jus i pi:rfe<;t location aftd:fiw4rm greeting on your amval <'-ojwjletelv air ^coiiditioiierf. 3 FAMOUS DINING AND W*NING ROOMS CHATEAU <te PARIS HURDIB LOUH6I COFFB6 HOUSE 0«« u l Am«.. M 'i. fo.einest for Vow fsyixite Be*. Fiv. Bf««k<«u,t. Unch«m Ft until KesUudnU. S«l«*pd eiag* fcn<J fjliiely Ent«- 9«3 Omnei lui f jcolltttcc by Holiday lammeut ' ',"•• **"""' .. A1KP08I UMOUStNt SERVICE EVER* MU . J1QU8 POPULAR SINGLE ROOMS from 91.50 )PUBH WOMS «rpm "*"° Children under 14 FREE Minneapolis, Minn. 55403 HOIU. EWtRAHCi Hot«l Dyckmcm Minneppolis, Minn. 55402 Please lend me color brochur* and Things to d.o end >*i in Minneapolis NAME When you plan to *ee THE TWINS rn: WRITE FOR SPECIAL GROUP RATES! 1 1 ashions that 'WOLF WHISTLE" look FASHION SWIMWEAR BY PANDORA — DUNE DECK — COLONY BEACH PARTY — BOBBIE BROOKS — BRILLIANT If you can take a whistle in your stride . . . one of these suits is a must . . . but whatever shape you're in nothing does as much for a body as one of these suits. $ 10 00 to $ 20 00

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